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Scarface (9-Dec-1983)

Director: Brian De Palma

Writer: Oliver Stone

From novel: Scarface by Armitage Trail

Music by: Giorgio Moroder

Producer: Martin Bregman

Keywords: Crime, Cuba, Cocaine

Cuban émigré Tony Montana, arrived during the Mariel Boatlift of 1980, climbs to the pinnacle of the world of drug trafficking. Among his first acts in America is to avenge the death of the brother of cocaine kingpin Frank Lopez, killed by the Castro regime. Montana is paid back with a place in Lopez' organization. Modern, violent, and beautifully filmed retelling of Scarface (1932), to which it bears superficial resemblance.

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NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
F. Murray Abraham
24-Oct-1939   Mozart's antagonist in Amadeus
Steven Bauer
2-Dec-1956   Scarface
Richard Belzer
4-Aug-1944   Munch on Homicide, Law & Order: SVU
John Carter
26-Nov-1927 23-May-2016 Lt. John Biddle on Barnaby Jones
Lana Clarkson
5-Apr-1962 3-Feb-2003 Barbarian Queen
Robert Loggia
3-Jan-1930 4-Dec-2015 The Jagged Edge
Mark Margolis
26-Nov-1939   The Fountain
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
17-Nov-1958   The Abyss
Al Pacino
25-Apr-1940   Michael Corleone in The Godfather
Michelle Pfeiffer
29-Apr-1958   The Witches of Eastwick
Paul Shenar
12-Feb-1936 11-Oct-1989 The Secret of NIMH
Harris Yulin
5-Nov-1937   Roger Stanton on 24


Al Pacino   ...   Tony Montana
Steven Bauer   ...   Manny Ray
Michelle Pfeiffer   ...   Elvira
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio   ...   Gina
Robert Loggia   ...   Frank Lopez
Miriam Colon   ...   Mama Montana
F. Murray Abraham   ...   Omar
Paul Shenar   ...   Alejandro Sosa
Harris Yulin   ...   Bernstein
Angel Salazar   ...   Chi Chi
Arnaldo Santana   ...   Ernie
Pepe Serna   ...   Angel
Michael P. Moran   ...   Nick The Pig
Al Israel   ...   Hector The Toad
Dennis Holahan   ...   Banker
Mark Margolis   ...   Shadow
Michael Alldredge   ...   Sheffield
Ted Beniades   ...   Seidelbaum
Richard Belzer   ...   M.C. at Babylon Club
Paul Espel   ...   Luis
John Brandon   ...   Immigration Officer #3
Tony Perez   ...   Immigration Officer #2
Garnett Smith   ...   Immigration Officer #1
Loren Almaguer   ...   Dr. Munoz
Gil Barreto   ...   Cuban Refugee
Heather Benna   ...   Gutierrez Child
Dawnell Bowers   ...   Miriam
Tina Leigh Cameron   ...   Saleslady
Victor Campos   ...   Ronnie Echevierra
Robert Hammer Cannerday   ...   Marielito
Rene Carrasco   ...   Shooter
Albert Carrier   ...   Pedro Quinn
John Carter   ...   Vic Phillips
Richard Caselnova   ...   Driver
Gary Cervantes   ...   Shooter #1
Carlos Cestero   ...   Matos
Johnny Contardo   ...   Miguel Echevierra
Roberto Contreras   ...   Rebenga
Caesar Cordova   ...   Cook
Gregory N. Cruz   ...   Shooter #2
Dante D'André   ...   Gen. Strasser
Richard Delmonte   ...   Fernando
Wayne Doba   ...   Octavio The Clown
Michel François   ...   Maitre D'
Ben Frommer   ...   Male Patron
Edward R. Frommer   ...   Taco Stand Customer
John Gamble   ...   Helicopter Pilot
Troy Isaacs   ...   Cuban Refugee
Ronald Joseph   ...   Car Salesman
Mario Machado   ...   Interviewer
Joe Marmo   ...   Nacho "El Gordo"
Ray Martel   ...   Nacho's Bodyguard
John McCann   ...   Bank Spokesman
Richard Mendez   ...   Gina's Killer
Victor Millan   ...   Ariel Bleyer
Santos Morales   ...   Waldo
Mike Moroff   ...   Gaspar's Bodyguard
Angela Nisi   ...   Gutierrez Child
Manuel Padilla, Jr.   ...   Kid #2
Tony Pann   ...   Driver
Ilka Payan   ...   Mrs. Gutierrez
Barbra Perez   ...   Marta
Michael Rougas   ...   Monsignor
Anthony Saenz   ...   Cuban Refugee
Geno Silva   ...   The Skull
Arnold Tafolla   ...   Kid #1
Chuck Tamburro   ...   Helicopter Pilot
Jim Towers   ...   Cuban Refugee
Robert Van den Berg   ...   Gaspar Gomez
Bob Yanez   ...   Cuban Man
Women at Babylon Club
Angela Aames   ...   Woman at Babylon Club
Nancy Lee Andrews   ...   Woman at Babylon Club
Dona Baldwin   ...   Woman at Babylon Club
Rosa Lee Benton   ...   Woman at Babylon Club
Cynthia Burr   ...   Woman at Babylon Club
Lana Clarkson   ...   Woman at Babylon Club
Karen Criswell   ...   Woman at Babylon Club
Margo Kelly   ...   Woman at Babylon Club
Ava Lazar   ...   Woman at Babylon Club
Emilia Lesniak   ...   Woman at Babylon Club
Marii Mak   ...   Woman at Babylon Club
Shelley Taylor Morgan   ...   Woman at Babylon Club
Catharine Richardson   ...   Woman at Babylon Club
Pat Simmons   ...   Woman at Babylon Club
Terri Taylor   ...   Woman at Babylon Club
Charlie Adiano   ...   Woman at Babylon Club
Lisa Katz   ...   Woman at Babylon Club
Jeanette Linné   ...   Woman at Babylon Club
Margaret Michaels   ...   Woman at Babylon Club
Rhonda Sandberg   ...   Woman at Babylon Club
Kathy Shea   ...   Woman at Babylon Club
Marcia Wolf   ...   Woman at Babylon Club


Review by Bryan (posted on 8-Mar-2005)

This movie is an instant classic. Al Pacino plays Tony Montana in the best gangster movie of all time. It tells why the cocaine era of the 80's was so destructive. It also shows how someone can come from being nothing to becoming a millionaire, and then the downfall of a man and his empire.

Review by anonymous (posted on 24-Jun-2005)

Scarface is one of the all-time greatest movies ever made. This is by far and away Al Pacino's greatest film, even better than Godfather. As "Tony Montana" Pacino starts out with nothing after having a chance to flee Cuba when Fidel Castro opened up the gates allowing Cubans to flee to Miami. Starting out as a small time hustler for "Frank" he later kills his mentor after an assassination attempt on Montana at a night club goes bad. Tony makes it big as a cocaine dealer, but suffers his downfall when a hit is put out on him by his partners in Columbia. As ironic as it is, it's because of Tony's heart and refusal to kill someone when his wife and kids are in the car that leads to Tony's downfall. This movie is quoted in more rap songs than I can even name. Wu Tang Clan quotes him often as do others such as Jay Z. "I told you a long time ago not to f**k me." "Hey, hey who the f**k do you think you're talking to. What am I a f**kin doughboy."

Review by James Richardson (posted on 30-Mar-2005)

This is Al Pacino's most powerful work yet. This and the role of Michael Corleone in the Godfathers are his defining moments.

He stars as Tony Montana a Cuban political refugee who comes to Miami to climb his way to the top of the underworld.

With one of the best scripts in cinematic history this has some of the all time greatest lines such as "Say 'ello to my little friend" and "You need people like me, you need people like me, so you can point the finger and say that's the bad guy" and my personal favorite "I only have two things in this world, my balls and my word, and I don't break em' for no body."

Tony is a ruthless character, but still has scruples in fact they turn out to be his downfall.

This has the best ending ever, with a tense shootout between Tony and a squad of Bolivian hitmen.

Snorting copious amounts of cocaine, screaming obscenitys, firing grenades, Tony blows his way through the majority of them only to be shot in the back with a shotgun by one sneaky Bolivian with sunglasses who u see only two or three times in the whole film.

This is amazing, you havn't seen this yet? Where have you been? 4 out of 4 stars.

Superlatives fall short when it comes to this film.

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