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Something Evil (21-Jan-1972)

Director: Steven Spielberg

Writer: Robert Clouse

Keywords: Horror

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Margaret Avery
20-Jan-1944   The Color Purple
Ralph Bellamy
17-Jun-1904 29-Nov-1991 Trading Places
Jeff Corey
10-Aug-1914 16-Aug-2002 Little Big Man
Sandy Dennis
27-Apr-1937 2-Mar-1992 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Darren McGavin
7-May-1922 25-Feb-2006 A Christmas Story
Steven Spielberg
Film Director
18-Dec-1946   E.T.
Johnny Whitaker
13-Dec-1959   Jody on Family Affair


Review by Pambo (posted on 10-Nov-2007)

Having seen this 1972 made-for-TV movie many, many times, I can tell you that it is NOT about a woman who was hung as a witch! It is a creepy little movie about a couple from New York (Sandy Dennis & Darren McGavin) who move with their two children to a run-down farm house in Pennsylvania Dutch country. Soon after moving into her dream house, Margery (the wonderful Ms. Dennis), a housewife/ artist who enjoys re-creating the Pennsylvania Dutch signs that she finds on her barn, begins to experience strange & unsettling events; she sees the caretaker sprinkling the bllod of a slaughtered chicken in the fields. She hears a baby crying in the barn late at night, the sound emmanating from an old wood stove. (This is very eerie! Later on, the cries come from a pulsating jar of red ooze in a cupboard!) Two guests at a party that the couple throws are killed in a mysterious accident). Eventually, with the help of a new friend, played by Ralph Bellamy, she begins to believe that her home may be inhabited by a devil, and that she is it's target for possession. Her husband (Mr. McGavin, the beloved "Night Stalker"), of course, does not believe her, and the events escalate until the couple's young son (played by "Sigmund & the Sea Monsters" John Whitaker) is caught in the grip of the impending evil. This movie, directed by Steven Spielberg, will bore anyone who is used to special effects & shocking frights. There is no blood, no gore, and you never see a devil. But for those who like a movie with a lighter touch, & with superb actors, will like this one. The frights are subtle, and most of the scenes take place during the bright light of day. It's creepy, rather than scary. I have two copies of this movie, (one VHS & one DVD..try EBay) & they are both terribly blurry. This 70s TV treasure needs to be released, as well as other such movies as "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark"..They knew how to make 'em back then!

Review by Susan Ilkenhans (posted on 9-Jan-2008)

I saw the made-for-TV movie many times throughout the 70s' and a few times in the 80s. I have been wanting to see it again after I got a VCR, but it never showed up on Tv at all to my knowledge through the 90s' to present. I've been wanting to tape it so we can watch it repeatedly. it's a very-well made thriller. I would like to see it closed-captioned and on VHS or DVD. I would say that this was one of the most decent "horror" films I've ever seen and it's not bloody, grisly, violent or anything so sickening like most of today's theater movies. It's not really a "horror" film, but there are scary or eerie events in the movie. It's even decent enough for a family to watch together. I wish somebody would get going and push for this movie to be put on DVD!

Review by David Zimmerly (posted on 14-Mar-2008)

I too remember seeing this movie when it first came out, and it still haunts me. One notable scene was during the screening of the film footage for the banal commercial that was shot in front of the farm house. If I recall, it was the husband who notices something flash by in the window and rolls the film back to find the frame where an evil, glowing pair of eyes looks out towards the camera. Really creepy. Somebody please re-release this film - it's truly a classic; every bit as gripping as good Hitchcock. David

Review by anonymous (posted on 26-Oct-2006)

While I have not seen this film in years, Something Evil left an indelible impression upon me. It nightmarishly details a woman who may or may not be insane, and who may or may not be being pushed towards insanity by the people around her. The plot also concerns (gosh I'm hoping this is correct!) a woman who was hung as a witch and whose spirit inhabits the house that this woman and her husband move into. Something Evil is available on video apparently (a friend told me he saw it on Ebay but I haven't had time to check yet) but is definitely not a title that you will easily find anywhere else. Highly recommended!

Review by Ray (posted on 3-Oct-2007)

Apparantly directed by Steven Spielberg, which would explain my fond scary memory of this 1972 better then usual made for TV movie. It is actually frightning, possibly disturbing and if memory serves, would withstand the test of time visually. Would be great to see again to verify this... very rare!

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