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Sergeants 3 (10-Feb-1962)

Director: John Sturges

Writer: W. R. Burnett

Keywords: Western/Comedy

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Joey Bishop
3-Feb-1918 17-Oct-2007 Rat Pack member
Dennis Crosby
13-Jul-1934 7-May-1991 Bing Crosby's son, suicide with shotgun
Lindsay Crosby
5-Jan-1938 11-Dec-1989 Son of Bing Crosby, suicide with rifle
Philip Crosby
13-Jul-1934 13-Jan-2004 Son of Bing Crosby
Sammy Davis, Jr.
8-Dec-1925 16-May-1990 Coolest hepcat in the Rat Pack
Peter Lawford
7-Sep-1923 24-Dec-1984 Rat Pack member
Ruta Lee
30-May-1935   Former hostess, High Rollers
Dean Martin
7-Jun-1917 25-Dec-1995 Member of Rat Pack
Michael Pate
26-Feb-1920 1-Sep-2008 Hondo
Henry Silva
15-Sep-1928   The Manchurian Candidate
Frank Sinatra
12-Dec-1915 14-May-1998 It's Frank's world, we just live in it


Review by Tony Alexander (posted on 6-Oct-2007)

First saw this movie at my local Gaumont (later to be renamed the Odeon) in Parkway, Camden Town, back in 1962 (2 years before the start of the swinging sixties.) I am now in my own sixties! Smashing film, wonderful performances by the players (especially Joey Bishop.) Do we get to view this picture again before we die, or are the copyright owners (whoever they are) still avariciously-bickering amongst themselves. Probably!

Review by Anonymous (posted on 3-Apr-2008)

Finally! A movie that I saw as a kid once, yes once, and loved it. I guess it was that youth mentality and the Indian vs. Army westerns that I grew up with. I enjoyed the movie and laughed at all the corny scenes. Not knowing a plot, it was pure entertainment for me. I've searched for this movie in the past with no results and realizing it was the only Rat Pack movie not available. I only think the reason for release now is the fact that ALL of the Rat Pack are now gone. I'm going to add this to my collection and enjoy it again and again, no matter how silly it seems. I was and still am, a big fan of the early movies with Sinatra, Martin, Davis, and Lawford.

Review by joe (posted on 17-Aug-2007)

I was 9 when this movie came out.....have wondered for years what the name of it was. The most memorable scene of the movie is Sammy Davis Jr. who has climbed to a precarious perch where he blows a warning on the bugle of the pending indian attack/ambush....hit by a couple of arrows but warned the calvary before a dramatic death scene. As someone else has commented, someone should wise up and release it on DVD.....it's a gem....it's 45 years later and I still remember it.

Review by anonymous (posted on 16-May-2006)

I not only seen the movie when it came out on the big screen, but I also had the opportunity to work on the set when it was filmed in my area. I was a young man at the time and was called a "BOY", there were three of us "BOYs" from our area that worked on the set. Our main function was to make sure that the Actors had what ever they needed, such as water, smokes, drinks, food, and etc. I had the opportunity to meet and talk to Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and other actors in the film. It was a very fun experience for me as a young man. Being I was known as a movie worker or a "BOY", I had the opportunity to work on many movies, mostly westerns, and meet many actors many of which are pasted on now. But I still buy the movies for my memories and the times I got to spend the many Actors I was blessed to meet in my young years. Thank you for letting share my memories of the past with you.

Review by sjm519 (posted on 24-Mar-2005)

I have this movie on VHS after recording it when it aired once on late night TV. It is an interesting movie, a re-working of the Gunga Din story starring the Rat Pack and placing them in the old west. It was directed by the great John Sturges, better-known for directing The Great Escape, The Magnificent Seven, Gunfight At OK Corral, and several others of note. Frank Sinatra and company seem to be going through the motions, but that's usually how most of the Rat Pack movies went... my one wish is that whomever controls the right to this little gem will come to their senses and release it on DVD. It has never even been released on VHS! So they might as well skip that format entirely and just put it on DVD now. You would think that with the revival of interest in the Rat Pack a few years ago, the studio that has the rights to this 1962 film would have capitalized on the craze by releasing it. It is a special movie because outside of Ocean's 11, Sergeant's Three is the only other Rat Pack film to star EVERY member, ie: Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford. The other two films: Robin and The 7 Hoods, and 4 For Texas have only Sinatra and Martin in common. Hopefully this review will be read by enough people to start a serious inquiry into getting this movie released on DVD.

Review by anonymous (posted on 17-Feb-2007)

I have only seen this movie twice. Once when it was released in the theatres around 1962 or 63. I saw the film later when it was shown on TV. It is a great movie to watch very entertaining. The rat pack connection makes this film a hot commodity, I watch the oringinal "Gunga Din" with Cary Grant, Victor Mclaglen, and Douglas Fairbanks every chance I get. When I watch that movie it makes me want to see the "rat pack version even more. I wish someone would get this out for public release.

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