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The Phantom of the Opera (9-Dec-2004)

Director: Joel Schumacher

Writers: Andrew Lloyd Webber; Joel Schumacher

From novel: Le Fantôme de L'Opéra by Gaston Leroux

From a play by: Andrew Lloyd Webber (musical)

Music by: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Producer: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Keywords: Musical

Film adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical of the same name tells of a soprano singer's tortured relationship with a disfigured musician haunting the Paris Opera House.

Christine, a gifted young soprano with dreams of joining the prestigious ranks of the Paris Opera House, enters work on one of the Opera's grandest productions after leading lady Carlotta is gravely injured in a stage accident rumored to be the doing of the building's resident "Phantom". Christine's standout performance draws the attention of the all-too-real Phantom, a horribly-disfigured genius composer living in a lair beneath the Opera House, as he abducts her and offers to write her an opera of his own creation; a budding romance between the pair draws the ire of Christine's lover Raoul and local authorities as the mad Phantom threatens to turn his violence on the object of his obsession.

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Gerard Butler
13-Nov-1969   Dracula 2000
Simon Callow
13-Jun-1949   British theatre actor
Minnie Driver
31-Jan-1970   Good Will Hunting
Ciarán Hinds
9-Feb-1953   Munich
Kevin McNally
27-Apr-1956   Pirates of the Caribbean
Miranda Richardson
3-Mar-1958   The Crying Game
Emmy Rossum
12-Sep-1986   The Day After Tomorrow
Patrick Wilson
3-Jul-1973   The Phantom of the Opera


Gerard Butler   ...   The Phantom
Emmy Rossum   ...   Christine
Patrick Wilson   ...   Raoul
Miranda Richardson   ...   Mme. Giry
Simon Callow   ...   Andre
Ciarán Hinds   ...   Firmin
Jennifer Ellison   ...   Meg Giry
James Fleet   ...   Lefevre
Victor McGuire   ...   Piangi
Kevin McNally   ...   Buquet
Murray Melvin   ...   Reyer
Minnie Driver   ...   Carlotta
Imogen Bain   ...   Carlotta's Maid
Miles Western   ...   Carlotta's Wigmaker
Judith Paris   ...   Carlotta's Seamstress
Halcro Johnston   ...   Passirino
Paul Brooke   ...   Auctioneer
Oliver Chopping   ...   Porter
Alison Skilbeck   ...   Nun / Nurse
Lee Sellers   ...   Chauffeur
Ramin Karimloo   ...   Christine's Father
Chris Overton   ...   Young Phantom
Jesika Cannon   ...   Young Christine
Annabel Porter   ...   Young Meg
Laura Hounsom   ...   Young Mme. Giry
Lucy Casson   ...   Ballet Tart
Lorraine Stewart   ...   Ballet Tart
Jose Tirado   ...   Principal Male Dancer
Jonathan D. Ellis   ...   Fop
David Langham   ...   Fop
Margaret Preece   ...   Confidante
Opera Chorus
David Arneil   ...   Opera Chorus
Annalene Beechey   ...   Opera Chorus
Mark Carroll   ...   Opera Chorus
Valerie Cutko   ...   Opera Chorus
Tricia Deighton   ...   Opera Chorus
John Griffiths   ...   Opera Chorus
Mandy Holliday   ...   Opera Chorus
Terry Kelly   ...   Opera Chorus
Sophie Louise Dann   ...   Opera Chorus
Jackie Marks   ...   Opera Chorus
Graham McDuff   ...   Opera Chorus
Brian Wheeler   ...   Opera Chorus
Julia Worsley   ...   Opera Chorus
Ballet Boys
Chris Jarvis   ...   Ballet Boy
Sebastien Torkia   ...   Ballet Boy
Ballet Girls
Greet Botterman   ...   Ballet Girl
Elena Buda   ...   Ballet Girl
Tess Cunningham   ...   Ballet Girl
Liesl Dowsett   ...   Ballet Girl
Pia Driver   ...   Ballet Girl
Kathryn Dunn   ...   Ballet Girl
Sophia Hurdley   ...   Ballet Girl
Amy Lawson   ...   Ballet Girl
Lucy Potter   ...   Ballet Girl
Kirsty Tapp   ...   Ballet Girl
Opera Populaire Orchestra
Richard Bayliss   ...   Opera Populaire Orchestra
Ralph Broadbent   ...   Opera Populaire Orchestra
Alexander Cameron   ...   Opera Populaire Orchestra
Paul Costin   ...   Opera Populaire Orchestra
Matthew Draper   ...   Opera Populaire Orchestra
Ben Gant   ...   Opera Populaire Orchestra
Jonathon Hill   ...   Opera Populaire Orchestra
Timothy Kipling   ...   Opera Populaire Orchestra
Jonathon Kitchen   ...   Opera Populaire Orchestra
Tristan Keyte   ...   Opera Populaire Orchestra
Michael Mansbridge   ...   Opera Populaire Orchestra
Jeff Moore   ...   Opera Populaire Orchestra
Julian Poole   ...   Opera Populaire Orchestra
James Pullman   ...   Opera Populaire Orchestra
Robert Purvis   ...   Opera Populaire Orchestra
Dave Tosh   ...   Opera Populaire Orchestra
Chris Worsey   ...   Opera Populaire Orchestra
Flamenco Dancers
Andrew Charles Corbett   ...   Flamenco Dancer
Sarah Frasca   ...   Flamenco Dancer
Pascal Langdale   ...   Flamenco Dancer
Damien Lee Stirk   ...   Flamenco Dancer
Isabel Lesto   ...   Flamenco Dancer
Remy Martyn   ...   Flamenco Dancer
Carlos Otera   ...   Flamenco Dancer
Sandra Ramirez   ...   Flamenco Dancer
Beth Sheather   ...   Flamenco Dancer
Annika Strandberg   ...   Flamenco Dancer
Masquerade Dancers
Stephen Berkeley   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Rod Buchanan   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Deborah Bundy   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Philip Catchpole   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Nathan Clarke   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Blake Clayfield   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Dawn Collins   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Gem Collingwood   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Andrew Corbett   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Casper Cornish   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Rachel Crocker   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Janine Davis   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Leigh Daniels   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Damien Delaney   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Simone De La Rue   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Miles Elkington   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Bethany Elliot   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Joanna Ernest   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Candice Evans   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Giulia Florimo   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Ben Garner   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Clinton Goldsmith   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Claire Goodman   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Juliet Gough   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Georgina Hagerty   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Maddy G. Harris   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Damien Jackson   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Luke Jackson   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Ryan Jenkins   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Gavin Lee   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Caroline Lynn   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Alec Mann   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Paul Micha   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Luis Gallo Mudarra   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Marilena Nicolaon   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Gabriel Noble   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Melanie Perks   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Maryam Pourian   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Adam Pudney   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Pippa Raine   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Lorena Randi   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Michael Small   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Aaron Sillis   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Lisa Stevens   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Damien Stirk   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Tom Tanscy   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Marcus Tesch   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Ashley Wallen   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Stephen B. White   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Gavin Wilkinson   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Scott Wyer   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Joanna Woodliffe   ...   Masquerade Dancer
Candelabra Holders
Lee Chapman   ...   Candelabra Holder
Rebekah Dobbins   ...   Candelabra Holder
Ruben Halse   ...   Candelabra Holder
Lea Jerova   ...   Candelabra Holder
Damian Jones   ...   Candelabra Holder
Vanessa Perroncel   ...   Candelabra Holder


Review by Natalie (posted on 22-Jun-2007)

I have seen the stage version and the Movie version, and I have to say, I love the movie far more. For me the comparison is like taking a Home town candy store and chanfing it to a Godiva store. The stage version had everything you could want, but the movie version made it more elegant, lush, emotional, sexually charged. Emmy was perfect for young Christine, Patrick was dashing, Gerry was spledid, and sexy, and gave the perfect emotional, tragic influence needed for the movie version. The supporting cast also excellent.

Review by Tyler (posted on 28-Apr-2007)

I saw the Phantom live in Des Moines, IA, a few months ago, which afterwards drew me to the movie. And let me just say that the music and storyline are amazing. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's the best movie I've ever seen, but it's worth a trip to the movie rental store. However, on a downside, if you are involved in theater or as critical of movies as I am, some choices made in the singing could have been better, and acting is weak at points. Overall, however, it is a very good movie and a lot like the original musical.

Review by anonymous (posted on 2-Nov-2006)

Director Joel Schumacher 2004 adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webbers stage musical The Phantom of the Opera (POTO) was brilliant and flawless. Taking a Broadway hit from stage to film can often result in failure but this was not the case. Bringing POTO to film only made it better because the audience doesn’t have to use their willing suspension of disbelief nearly as much. There is no need to believe that they were underground or outside because the film actually takes you there. With a beautiful score already created and a promising expected audience, Schumacher didn’t have much to worry about there. All he needed to do was find an all star cast to present it to the masses and he succeeded. The leading lady was the beautiful young Emmy Rossum who played the 16 year old soprano Christine perfectly. Rossum showed the naïve and innocent nature of Christine with an ease that makes every audience fall in love with her. The Phantom was played by Gerard Butler in a way that invokes sympathy at the start of the film, making the audience fall in love with him and his lonely but beautiful music, but as the film goes on and his obsession with Christine goes from a sweet admirer to a jealous rage, the audiences emotions will follow that of Christine’s and her lover Raoul played by Patrick Wilson. This rage is ignited by the Phantom feeling betrayed by Christine because he gave her his music and trained her lovely voice for years, anonymously, and she gives her love not to him, once he revealed himself, but to her childhood sweetheart, Raoul. The Phantom doesn’t only share his anger with the two young lovers but with everyone else in his theatre who stands in the way of his goal of spending eternity with his “Angel of Music.” As if the plot wasn’t interesting enough, the set is gorgeous. Taking place in 1870 Paris the costumes reflect the beauty of the city and its great appreciation for opera music. The Phantom’s under-the-opera-house lair is magnificently presented in a way that the stage wouldn’t be able to demonstrate. From the hundreds of candles that rise from the water and ignite automatically to the precise detail of the miniature wax figures the Phantom uses to act out his operas were a visual masterpiece. The rich and colorful costumes that were used in the operas were so elaborate that it will put the audience in awe. Even when the colors on screen where black and white, like in the graveyard scene where the only colors were Christine’s black dress, the white snow and the gray tombstones, they were breath taking. The uses of the multiple camera angles proved that taking the POTO from stage to screen was a must. These shots gave a clearer view of all that was happening so that the audience doesn’t miss a single thing. The emotions that the movie calls for brings the audience in so deep that they might just lose themselves in the world of the Phantom. Any moviegoer can appreciate the pure beauty of POTO regardless if they claim to not like musicals. Exceeding all expectations, the musical is a heart touching story of love, loss, acceptance, and most of all the beauty of music. There is no way every audience wont fall in love the dramatic love fueled romance that is The Phantom of the Opera.

Review by Andrew Lloyld Webber (posted on 12-Nov-2007)

Gerad Butler does a masterful job protraying an arrogant man humbled by love. In the movie's opening numbers, the Phantom is cocky, confident, seemingly in total control of his life as he tells Christine, "my control over you grows stonger." In spite of his belief he is the one in control of their lives, he learns to his distress his belief is in error. He cannot control Christine's heart, try as he will. At movies end, heartsick, Phantom surrenders his claim to Christine's life. Her example of willing sacrifice for the sake of the one she truly loves teaches him what love, in part, is. As the Opera Ghost grows as a person his aching lonliness and need for love are revealed, showing an all too human heart behind the mask. The final scene shows the lifelong adoration he feels for Christine and her memory. In the end, Christine's husband Raoul, no longer fears of resents Phantom's feelings for Christine. Instead, he seemes to understand and share in those feelings. This movie is a visual treat. The photography, settings, costumes and musical score perfectly fit the story. Gerad and Emma deserved awards for their perfet portrayals of the lead characters. Minnie Driver is superb in her role of Charlotta, the egotistical diva. She very nearly stole the entire movie.

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