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Robocop (17-Jul-1987)

Director: Paul Verhoeven

Writers: Edward Neumeier; Michael Miner

Music by: Basil Poledouris

Producer: Arne Schmidt

Keywords: Sci-Fi, Detroit, Corporate Crime, Robots, Explosions

In a Detroit rife with crime, a young police officer mortally wounded in the line of duty is resurrected as ED209, a police robot combining Alex Murphy's body with the latest cybertechnology. Unfortunately, Robocop retains residual human memories. Received Special Achievement Oscar for Sound Effects Editing, and nominations for Best Editing and Best Sound.

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NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Nancy Allen
24-Jun-1950   RoboCop
Ronny Cox
23-Jul-1938   Lt. Bogomil in Beverly Hills Cop
Robert DoQui
20-Apr-1934 9-Feb-2008 Sgt. Reed in Robocop
Miguel Ferrer
7-Feb-1955 19-Jan-2017 Agent Rosenfield on Twin Peaks
Leeza Gibbons
TV Personality
26-Mar-1957   Host of Entertainment Tonight
Paul McCrane
19-Jan-1961   Dr. Robert Romano on ER
Dan O'Herlihy
1-May-1919 17-Feb-2005 The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
William Shockley
17-Sep-1963   Hank Lawson on Dr. Quinn
Kurtwood Smith
3-Jul-1943   Red on That 70's Show
Peter Weller
24-Jun-1947   The original RoboCop
Ray Wise
29-Aug-1947   Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks


Peter Weller   ...   Murphy / RoboCop
Nancy Allen   ...   Lewis
Dan O'Herlihy   ...   The Old Man
Ronny Cox   ...   Jones
Kurtwood Smith   ...   Clarence
Miguel Ferrer   ...   Morton
Robert DoQui   ...   Sgt. Reed
Ray Wise   ...   Leon
Felton Perry   ...   Johnson
Paul McCrane   ...   Emil
Jesse Goins   ...   Joe
Del Zamora   ...   Kaplan
Calvin Jung   ...   Minh
Rick Lieberman   ...   Walker
Lee DeBroux   ...   Sal
Mark Carlton   ...   Miller
Edward Edwards   ...   Manson
Michael Gregory   ...   Lt. Hedgecock
Freddie Hice   ...   Bobby
Neil Summers   ...   Dougy
Gene Wolande   ...   Prisoner
Gregory Poudevigne   ...   Slimey Lawyer
Charles Carroll   ...   Bail Bondsman
Ken Page   ...   Kinney
Yolonda Williams   ...   Ramirez
Tyress Allen   ...   Starkweather
John Davies   ...   Chessman
Laird Stuart   ...   Cecil the Clerk
Stephen Berrier   ...   Roosevelt
Sage Parker   ...   Tyler
Karen Radcliffe   ...   Technician #1
Darryl Cox   ...   Technician #2
Jerry Haynes   ...   Dr. McNamara
Bill Shockley   ...   Creep
Donna Keegan   ...   Rape Victim
Mike Moroff   ...   Hophead
Marjorie Rynearson   ...   Grocery Mom
Jo Livingston   ...   Grocery Pop
Joan Pirkle   ...   Barbara
Diane Robin   ...   Chandra
Adrianne Sachs   ...   Tawney
Maarten Goslins   ...   Salesman
Angie Bolling   ...   Murphy's Wife
Jason Levine   ...   Murphy's Son
S. D. Nemeth   ...   Bixby Snyder
Bill Farmer   ...   Justin Ballard-Watkins
Michael Hunter   ...   Peter the Homeowner
Spencer Prokop   ...   Gas Station Attendant
Debra Zach   ...   Nurse
L. J. King   ...   Emergency Doctor
David Packer   ...   Emergency Doctor
Leeza Gibbons   ...   Jesse Perkins
Mario Machado   ...   Casey Wong


Review by anonymous (posted on 24-Dec-2006)

Robocop presents a near-future, slightly dystopic sf film. It revolves around the building of the upgraded city of "New Detroit" which ostensibly will be a utopic place without urban crime, scalliwags, and all the "problems" that modern cities are prone to. Along the way, the various groups vie for control of "Old Detroit" (ie, the Detroit of *our* world). To help make New Detroit possible a super mega corp (OCP) plans the roll out of its new "ED-209" (Enforcement Droid) which doesn't get off to the good start that its promoters hope for. An alternative plan (by a competing group of OCP promoters) is given by the new "RoboCop" series. Peter Weller (superb performance) stars as the bionic prototype called by one and all "RoboCop". Along the way, he attempts to recover his (mostly) erased human memories. Needless to say betrayal lies in the path to his redemption. Finally, at the end, he responds to the question "What's your name?" with his name: Murphy. The more-than-just "tongue-in-cheek" criticism (Pop Art, Type II) of our modern world include gas guzzling cars, quick-fix medical solutions, mindless TV and instant news blitzes. Although produced in the mid 1980's (fab musical score!) it still stands well and above most SF film literature of the previous century. Trivia: Portions of the film were filmed in Dallas, Texas, (see map) at the Candien telecommunications company "Northern Telecom/Bell-Northern Research". As part of the deal several NT employees were dressed in uniforms (as cops) in the scene when RoboCop goes to the police computer lab to uncover his own identity. It's probably the cleanest and neatest the DMS-250 lab ever was for that scene. Additionally, NT/BNR "SL-100" telephones were used as props in the OCP board room. The film also features our dear, dear friend Dan O'Herlihy as "The Old Man" (ie, head of OCP) -- also known as "Grig" in "The Last StarFighter". --42-- Frank.

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