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Rent (23-Nov-2005)

Director: Chris Columbus

Writer: Stephen Chbosky

From a play by: Jonathan Larson (book, music, and lyrics)

Producers: Jane Rosenthal; Robert De Niro; Chris Columbus; Mark Radcliffe; Michael Barnathan

Keywords: Musical, Romantic Drama

Film adaptation of the Broadway musical of the same name follows residents of Manhattan's East Village as they struggle with their finances and personal lives.

Friends and artists live the Bohemian life in Manhattan's East Village from 1989 to 1990, experiencing joy and sorrow in equal measure as their bonds are tested by the challenges of rent money, New York City living, and AIDS. Eventually, our motley crew of performance artists, philosophers, poets, and dancers struggle with Benny, a greedy old friend who threatens them with eviction from their rent-free "artist's space" after he marries their landlord's daughter.

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Rosario Dawson
9-May-1979   Josie and the Pussycats
Taye Diggs
2-Jan-1971   How Stella Got Her Groove Back
Wilson Jermaine Heredia
2-Dec-1971   Rent
Jesse L. Martin
18-Jan-1969   Det. Green on Law & Order
Idina Menzel
30-May-1971   Rent
Adam Pascal
25-Oct-1970   Broadway cast of Rent
Anthony Rapp
26-Oct-1971   Broadway cast of Rent
Jennifer Siebel
19-Jun-1974   Wife of Gavin Newsom
Sarah Silverman
1-Dec-1970   The Sarah Silverman Program
Anna Deavere Smith
18-Sep-1950   Nancy McNally on The West Wing
Tracie Thoms
19-Aug-1975   Kat Miller on Cold Case


Rosario Dawson   ...   Mimi Marquez
Taye Diggs   ...   Benjamin Coffin III
Wilson Jermaine Heredia   ...   Angel Dumott Schunard
Jesse L. Martin   ...   Tom Collins
Idina Menzel   ...   Maureen Johnson
Adam Pascal   ...   Roger Davis
Anthony Rapp   ...   Mark Cohen
Tracie Thoms   ...   Joanne Jefferson
Aaron Lohr   ...   Steve
Sarah Silverman   ...   Alexi Darling
Wayne Wilcox   ...   Gordon
Anna Deavere Smith   ...   Mrs. Jefferson
Daryl Edwards   ...   Mr. Jefferson
Daniel London   ...   Paul
Aisha de Haas   ...   Blanket Woman
Julia Roth   ...   Rent Tenant
Porscha Radcliffe   ...   Rent Tenant
Stephen Payne   ...   Homeless Squeegee Man
Darryl Chan   ...   Thug
Ken Clark   ...   Thug
R. C. Ormond   ...   Thug
David Fine   ...   Homeless Man on Range Rover
Mackenzie Firgens   ...   April
Eleanor Columbus   ...   April's Friend
Matthew McCollum   ...   Guy at Bar
Jason Foster   ...   The Man
Brendan Columbus   ...   Punk in Bar
Austin Shea   ...   Punk in Bar
Bianca Sams   ...   Ali
Heather Barberie   ...   Pam
Liisa Cohen   ...   Sue
Sharon Ferrol-Young   ...   Cat Scratch Floor Dancer
Liz Ramos   ...   Cat Scratch Floor Dancer
Kristin Medwick   ...   Cat Scratch Floor Dancer
Katie Weber   ...   Cat Scratch Floor Dancer
Angela McConnell   ...   Cat Scratch Floor Dancer
Jamielyn Duggin   ...   Cat Scratch Floor Dancer
Feleciana Stevenson   ...   Cat Scratch Floor Dancer
Kim Williams   ...   Cat Scratch Floor Dancer
Damia Foti   ...   Cat Scratch Waitress
Laura Padierne   ...   Cat Scratch Waitress
Kevin Hagan   ...   Cop
Brian Delate   ...   Cop
Michael Rosales   ...   Subway Punk
Niyuk Hairell   ...   Subway Punk
Larissa Kiernan   ...   Subway Punk
Marco de la Cruz   ...   Subway Passenger
Ericka Harden   ...   Subway Passenger
Truc Luong   ...   Subway Passenger
Megan Biolchini   ...   Subway Grad Student
Nick Scoggin   ...   Subway Man
John Champion   ...   Subway Stockbroker
Titus West   ...   Subway Stockbroker
Renda Pettis   ...   Slightly Older Subway Woman
Alison De Olivera   ...   Subway Businesswoman
Debbie de Coudreaux   ...   Subway Mom
Chris Chalk   ...   Street Vendor Who Sells Coats
Cory DuVal   ...   Riot Cop
Clarke Devereux   ...   Riot Cop
Corey Rosen   ...   Life Cafe Manager
Shaun Earl   ...   Life Cafe Waiter
Matthew Dickens   ...   Bohemian
Tara Nicole Hughes   ...   Bohemian
Troy Christian   ...   Bohemian
Gigi Hunter   ...   Bohemian
Kevin Stea   ...   Bohemian
Robert Prescott Lee   ...   Bohemian
Sebastien Poffet   ...   Bohemian
Linda Cevallos   ...   Bohemian
Roosevelt Flenoury   ...   Bohemian
Mike Garibaldi   ...   Mr. Grey
Rod Arrants   ...   Mr. Hansen
Jennifer Siebel   ...   Receptionist
Kevin Blackton   ...   Mr. Johnson
Bettina Devin   ...   Mrs. Johnson
Corinne Blum   ...   Female Bartender at Engagement Party
Annie Barnathan   ...   Candy Striper
David Stewart   ...   Mourner
Marcos Estebez   ...   Mourner
Emily Rahe   ...   Mourner
Vivis Colombetti   ...   Angel's Grandmother
Nicole Cherie Flores   ...   Angel's Sister
James Anthony Cotton   ...   Used Car Salesman
Jim Cranna   ...   Pawn Shop Dealer
Randy Graff   ...   Mrs. Cohen
Joel Swetow   ...   Mr. Cohen


Review by anonymous (posted on 11-Jan-2007)

Here are the undeniable truths of life, as they relate to the film version of RENT: 1. The story has not aged well. And no, little RENTies, this does not mean we've cured AIDS and ridden ourselves of poverty in 2006. 2. Spoken dialogue lifted directly from song lyrics is, to the ear, like a 2nd grader's haiku assignment and should be avoided at all costs. 3. Rosario Dawson, not trained as a singer, should never have been allowed to attempt one of the most vocally challenging roles in modern Broadway history. 4. All emotional, social, and political impact was surgically removed from RENT prior to filming. 5. In film, we get to go places and do things, of which a platonic, arm-swinging jaunt through Central Park in our spring finery does NOT count. 6. We can portray orgies on screen (EYES WIDE SHUT, THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE) as long as they're either a. predominately lesbian in nature, or b. a piece of artwork that magically comes to life. If it's AIDS-related dementia, well, even if it propels the story...what would folks in Topeka think? 7. Benjamin Coffin the Third, we hardly knew ye. When the antagonist of any story is all but erased, whatever will the protagonists do? 8. How many unemployed and nearly homeless folks in NYC do YOU know that can afford to while the day away in GAP's winter collection, singing and dancing atop their Pottery Barn stainless steel top dining set? 9. Chris Columbus is a mindless, talentless hack of a director who should never, EVER have been granted the honor of directing what should have been one of the year's most important films. 10. Kudos for casting (mostly) original cast members...and I still love those songs. (D+)

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