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Sin City (1-Apr-2005)

Directors: Frank Miller; Robert Rodriguez; Quentin Tarantino

Writers: Frank Miller; Robert Rodriguez

Based on a book by: Frank Miller

Keywords: Crime, Comic Book

Film adaptation of the Frank Miller graphic novel series of the same name follows the storylines of three individuals caught up in corruption in a crime-ridden metropolis.

Basin City, a blighted hotbed of crime and corruption located somewhere in the United States and almost exclusively referred to by its nickname, "Sin City", serves as the setting for this epic neo-noir film adaptation of Frank Miller's popular series of graphic novels, following storylines concerning a man's transformation into a vigilante borne out of discontent with law enforcement, a hitman eager for his next job, and a police officer's life-risking attempt to save a young girl from a torturous pedophile.

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NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Jessica Alba
28-Apr-1981   Dark Angel
Devon Aoki
10-Aug-1982   Sin City
Alexis Bledel
16-Sep-1981   Rory on Gilmore Girls
Powers Boothe
1-Jun-1948 14-May-2017 Guyana Tragedy: The Story Of Jim Jones
Rosario Dawson
9-May-1979   Josie and the Pussycats
Benicio Del Toro
19-Feb-1967   Traffic
Michael Clarke Duncan
10-Dec-1957 3-Sep-2012 The Green Mile
Tommy Flanagan
3-Jul-1965   Dead Dogs Lie
Carla Gugino
29-Aug-1971   Spy Kids
Josh Hartnett
21-Jul-1978   The Virgin Suicides
Rutger Hauer
23-Jan-1944   Blade Runner
Nicky Katt
11-May-1970   Harry Senate on Boston Public
Jaime King
23-Apr-1979   White Chicks
Michael Madsen
25-Sep-1958   Reservoir Dogs' Mr. Blonde
Frank Miller
27-Jan-1957   The Dark Knight Returns
Brittany Murphy
10-Nov-1977 20-Dec-2009 Clueless
Nick Offerman
26-Jun-1970   Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation
Clive Owen
3-Oct-1964   The Bourne Identity assassin
Mickey Rourke
16-Sep-1952   The Wrestler
Marley Shelton
12-Apr-1974   Sin City
Nick Stahl
5-Dec-1979   Carnivāle
Bruce Willis
19-Mar-1955   Die Hard
Elijah Wood
28-Jan-1981   Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings


Review by anonymous (posted on 16-Apr-2005)

This movie was so awesome. I didn't even think I would like it but my boyfriend talked me into seeing it and now I'm obsessed. I knew nothing of Frank Miller's graphic novels before this but now I own them all and have just started reading them. The whole black and white thing with only select parts in color is totally cool. Alexis Bledel's eyes are hypnotizing with this effect. I can't wait to buy it on DVD. I think I'll go see it in the theater again tonight for the umpteenth time.

Review by The Badger (posted on 1-Oct-2005)

Let me get this out of the way right off the bat: I've never read Frank Miller's "Sin City." That being said, this movie is probably one of the most simply fun-to-watch movies put on film. The exaggerations are just right, the action, sex and violence are there, and the plot is just strange enough to keep you into the movie. Reading too much into this movie ruins it. Just sit back and watch Jessica Alba shake it and Mickey Rourke bust some heads, with some awesome acting on Bruce Willis' part. From the viewpoint of someone whose never read the comics, this movie's crazy, unbelievable at times, and plain weird... which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Review by anonymous (posted on 6-Apr-2005)

You won't get any argument from me that Sin City, pseudo-iconoclastic filmmaker Robert Rodriguez's adaptation of Frank Miller's cult comic book series, isn't "eye popping." Part Dick Tracy, part Pulp Fiction, part Rumble Fish, part Batman, this film is a fanboy's delight. Rodriguez found so much inspiration in Miller's stark black and white visuals that he apparently used the Sin City comics as storyboards for his film, giving Miller a co-director credit in the process. (Quentin Tarantino -- no surprise seeing him here -- has a cheeky "special guest director" credit for his hand in the sequences between stars Clive Owen and Benicio Del Toro.) But make no mistake: This is control freak Rodriguez's film all the way through. (I counted no fewer than eight different screen credits for the guy, including editor, cinematographer, composer and visual effects supervisor.) I was briefly surprised to realize that this is the first of the director's titles that I've actually seen: On the one hand, he is a hero to me -- as he is to many independent filmmakers -- for being able to make successful movies outside of Hollywood while retaining complete control over his work. (He even quit the Directors Guild after they refused to allow Miller a co-directing credit.) And yet, for all his talent and energy, he channels it into these callow exercises in style over substance. Which may explain why I never bothered to rush out to see his earlier movies. To be fair, Rodriguez doesn't aspire to make anything other than Big Dumb Bloody Entertainment, he sure seems to be having a great time playing with all his digital toys, and the film itself is so completely over-the-top that it's hard to heap any real criticism on it. This may, in fact, be Rodriguez's ready-made justification for everything that he does: Call it irresponsibly violent, call it hopelessly juvenile - he'll only smile and shrug, "Hey, it's just a movie!" He may be right, but what's the point then? I mean, I enjoyed Sin City to a degree: There's good fun to be had in its hard-boiled campiness, it certainly is stylish, and, though the quality of the cast's work is variable, Bruce Willis adds his usual gravitas and Mickey Rourke (under pounds of make-up) is nothing short of fantastic as the toughest guy that ever lived. But it's all just so vapid. I'm sure film geeks will treasure Sin City just as they do the overrated Fight Club and Natural Born Killers. Everybody else will probably feel like me: Momentarily dazzled by the visuals and amused by the bombast, but in the end: "Eh!"

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