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Western, broadcast 1959-66.

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Paul Brinegar
19-Dec-1917 27-Mar-1995 Wishbone on Rawhide
Clint Eastwood
31-May-1930   The Man With No Name
Eric Fleming
4-Jul-1925 28-Sep-1966 Gil Favor on Rawhide
John Hart
13-Dec-1917 20-Sep-2009 Replaced Clayton Moore as TV's Lone Ranger
Bert Remsen
25-Feb-1925 22-Apr-1999 American character actor
Sheb Wooley
10-Apr-1921 17-Sep-2003 The Purple People Eater


Season One (1959)
1  Incident of the Tumbleweed Wagon (9-Jan-1959)
2  Incident at Alabaster Plain (16-Jan-1959)
3  Incident with an Executioner (23-Jan-1959)
4  Incident of the Widowed Dove (30-Jan-1959)
5  Incident On the Edge of Madness (6-Feb-1959)
6  Incident of the Power and the Plow (13-Feb-1959)
7  Incident at Barker Springs (20-Feb-1959)
8  Incident West of Lano (27-Feb-1959)
9  Incident of the Town in Terror (4-Mar-1959)
10  Incident of the Golden Calf (13-Mar-1959)
11  Incident of the Coyote Weed (20-Mar-1959)
12  Incident at Cubasco (3-Apr-1959)
13  Incident of the Curious Street (10-Apr-1959)
14  Incident of the Dog Days (17-Apr-1959)
15  Incident of the Calico Gun (24-Apr-1959)
16  Incident of the Misplaced Indians (1-May-1959)
17  Incident of Fear in the Streets (8-May-1959)
18  Incident Below the Brazos (15-May-1959)
19  Incident of the Dry Drive (22-May-1959)
20  Incident of the Judas Trap (5-Jun-1959)
21  Incident in No Man's Land (12-Jun-1959)
22  Incident of a Burst of Evil (26-Jun-1959)
23  Incident of the Roman Candles (10-Jul-1959)

Season Two (1959)
1  Incident of the Day of the Dead (18-Sep-1959)
2  Incident at Dangerfield Dip (2-Oct-1959)
3  Incident of the Shambling Man (9-Oct-1959)
4  Incident at Jacob's Well (16-Oct-1959)
5  Incident of the Thirteenth Man (23-Oct-1959)
6  Incident at the Buffalo Smokehouse (30-Oct-1959)
7  Incident of the Haunted Hills (6-Nov-1959)
8  Incident of the Stalking Death (13-Nov-1959)
9  Incident of the Valley in Shadow (20-Nov-1959)
10  Incident of the Blue Fire (11-Dec-1959)
11  Incident at Spanish Rock (18-Dec-1959)
12  Incident of the Druid's Curse (8-Jan-1960)
13  Incident at Red River Station (15-Jan-1960)
14  Incident of the Devil and His Due (22-Jan-1960)
15  Incident of the Wanted Painter (29-Jan-1960)
16  Incident at Tinker's Dam (5-Feb-1960)
17  Incident of the Night Horse (19-Feb-1960)
18  Incident of the Sharpshooter (26-Feb-1960)
19  Incident of the Dust Flower (4-Mar-1960)
20  Incident at Sulphur Creek (11-Mar-1960)
21  Incident of the Champagne Bottles (18-Mar-1960)
22  Incident of the Stargazer (1-Apr-1960)
23  Incident of the Dancing Death (8-Apr-1960)
24  Incident of the Arana Sacar (22-Apr-1960)
25  Incident of the Deserter (29-Apr-1960)
26  Incident of the One Hundred Amulets (6-May-1960)
27  Incident of the Murder Steer (13-May-1960)
28  Incident of the Music Maker (20-May-1960)
29  Incident of the Silent Web (3-Jun-1960)
30  Incident of the Last Chance (10-Jun-1960)
31  Incident of the Garden of Eden (17-Jun-1960)

Season Three (1960)
1  Incident at Rojo Canyon (30-Sep-1960)
2  Incident of the Challenge (14-Oct-1960)
3  Incident at Dragoon Crossing (21-Oct-1960)
4  Incident of the Night Visitor (4-Nov-1960)
5  Incident of the Slavemaster (11-Nov-1960)
6  Incident on the Road to Yesterday (18-Nov-1960)
7  Incident at Superstition Prairie (2-Dec-1960)
8  Incident at Poco Tiempo (9-Dec-1960)
9  Incident of the Captive (16-Dec-1960)
10  Incident of the Buffalo Soldier (1-Jan-1961)
11  Incident of the Broken Word (20-Jan-1961)
12  Incident at the Top of the World (27-Jan-1961)
13  Incident Near the Promised Land (3-Feb-1961)
14  Incident of the Big Blowout (10-Feb-1961)
15  Incident of the Fish Out of Water (17-Feb-1961)
16  Incident on the Road Back (24-Feb-1961)
17  Incident of the New Start (3-Mar-1961)
18  Incident of the Running Iron (10-Mar-1961)
19  Incident Near Gloomy River (17-Mar-1961)
20  Incident of the Boomerang (24-Mar-1961)
21  Incident of his Brother's Keeper (31-Mar-1961)
22  Incident in the Middle of Nowhere (7-Apr-1961)
23  Incident of the Phantom Bugler (14-Apr-1961)
24  Incident of the Lost Idol (28-Apr-1961)
25  Incident of the Running Man (5-May-1961)
26  Incident of the Painted Lady (12-May-1961)
27  Incident Before Black Pass (19-May-1961)
28  Incident of the Blackstorms (26-May-1961)
29  Incident of the Night on the Town (2-Jun-1961)
30  Incident of the Wager on Payday (16-Jun-1961)

Season Four (1961)
1  Rio Salado (29-Sep-1961)
2  Sendoff (2-Oct-1961)
3  Long Shakedown (13-Oct-1961)
4  Judgement at Hondo Seco (20-Oct-1961)
5  Lost Tribe (27-Oct-1961)
6  Inside Man (3-Nov-1961)
7  Black Sheep (10-Nov-1961)
8  Prairie Elephant (17-Nov-1961)
9  The Little Fishes (24-Nov-1961)
10  The Blue Spy (8-Dec-1961)
11  Gentleman's Gentleman (15-Dec-1961)
12  Twenty-Five Santa Clauses (22-Dec-1961)
13  The Long Count (5-Jan-1962)
14  The Captain's Wife (12-Jan-1962)
15  Peddler (19-Jan-1962)
16  Woman Trap (26-Jan-1962)
17  Bosses' Daughter (2-Feb-1962)
18  The Deserters' Patrol (9-Feb-1962)
19  The Greedy Town (16-Feb-1962)
20  Grandma's Money (23-Feb-1962)
21  The Pitchwagon (2-Mar-1962)
22  Hostage Child (9-Mar-1962)
23  The Immigrants (16-Mar-1962)
24  The Child - Woman (23-Mar-1962)
25  A Woman's Place (30-Mar-1962)
26  Reunion (6-Apr-1962)
27  The House of the Hunter (20-Apr-1962)
28  Gold Fever (4-May-1962)
29  The Devil and the Deep Blue (11-May-1962)
30  Abilene (18-May-1962)

Season Five (1962)
1  Incident of the Hunter (28-Sep-1962)
2  Incident of the Portrait (5-Oct-1962)
3  Incident at Cactus Wells (12-Oct-1962)
4  Incident of the Prodigal Son (19-Oct-1962)
5  Incident of the Four Horsemen (26-Oct-1962)
6  Incident of the Lost Woman (2-Nov-1962)
7  Incident of the Dogfaces (9-Nov-1962)
8  Incident of the Wolvers (16-Nov-1962)
9  Incident at Sugar Creek (23-Nov-1962)
10  Incident of the Reluctant Bridegroom (30-Nov-1962)
11  Incident of the Querencias (7-Dec-1962)
12  Incident at Quivira (14-Dec-1962)
13  Incident of Decision (28-Dec-1962)
14  Incident of the Buryin' Men (4-Jan-1963)
15  Incident at the Trail's End (11-Jan-1963)
16  Incident at Spider Rock (18-Jan-1963)
17  Incident of the Mountain Man (25-Jan-1963)
18  Incident at Crooked Hat (1-Feb-1963)
19  Incident of Judgement Day (8-Feb-1963)
20  Incident of the Gallows Tree (22-Feb-1963)
21  Incident of the Married Widow (1-Mar-1963)
22  Incident of the Pale Rider (15-Mar-1963)
23  Incident of the Comanchero (22-Mar-1963)
24  Incident of the Clown (29-Mar-1963)
25  Incident of the Black Ace (12-Apr-1963)
26  Incident of the Hostages (19-Apr-1963)
27  Incident of White Eyes (3-May-1963)
28  Incident at Rio Doloroso (10-May-1963)
29  Incident at Alkali Sink (24-May-1963)

Season Six (1963)
1  Incident of the Red Wind (26-Sep-1963)
2  Incident of Iron Bull (3-Oct-1963)
3  Incident at El Crucero (10-Oct-1963)
4  Incident of the Travellin' Man (17-Oct-1963)
5  Incident at Paradise (24-Oct-1963)
6  Incident at Farragut Pass (31-Oct-1963)
7  Incident at Two Graves (7-Nov-1963)
8  Incident of the Rawhiders (14-Nov-1963)
9  Incident of the Prophecy (21-Nov-1963)
10  Incident at Confidence Creek (28-Nov-1963)
11  Incident of the Death Dancer (5-Dec-1963)
12  Incident of the Wild Deuces (12-Dec-1963)
13  Incident of the Geisha (19-Dec-1963)
14  Incident at Ten Trees (2-Jan-1964)
15  Incident of the Rusty Shotgun (9-Jan-1964)
16  Incident of the Midnight Cave (16-Jan-1964)
17  Incident of the Dowry Dundee (23-Jan-1964)
18  Incident at Gila Flats (30-Jan-1964)
19  Incident of the Pied Piper (6-Feb-1964)
20  Incident of the Swindler (20-Feb-1964)
21  Incident of the Wanderer (27-Feb-1964)
22  Incident at Zebulon (5-Mar-1964)
23  Incident at Hourglass (12-Mar-1964)
24  Incident at the Odyssey (26-Mar-1964)
25  Incident of the Banker (2-Apr-1964)
26  Incident of El Toro (9-Apr-1964)
27  Incident at Deadhorse (Part 1) (16-Apr-1964)
28  Incident at Deadhorse (Part 2) (23-Apr-1964)
29  Incident of the Gilded Goddess (30-Apr-1964)
30  Incident at Seven Fingers (7-May-1964)
31  Incident of the Peyote Cup (14-May-1964)

Season Seven (1964)
1  Race (25-Sep-1964)
2  Enormous Fist (2-Oct-1964)
3  Piney (9-Oct-1964)
4  Lost Herd (16-Oct-1964)
5  A Man Called Mushy (23-Oct-1964)
6  Canliss (30-Oct-1964)
7  Damon's Way (Part 1) (13-Nov-1964)
8  Damon's Way (Part 2) (30-Nov-1964)
9  Backshooter (27-Nov-1964)
10  Corporal Dasovik (4-Dec-1964)
11  Photographer (11-Dec-1964)
12  No Dogs or Drovers (18-Dec-1964)
13  The Meeting (1-Jan-1965)
14  Book (8-Jan-1965)
15  Josh (15-Jan-1965)
16  A Time for Waiting (22-Jan-1965)
17  Moment in the Sun (29-Jan-1965)
18  Texas Fever (5-Feb-1965)
19  Blood Harvest (12-Feb-1965)
20  Violent Land (5-Mar-1965)
21  Winter Soldier (12-Mar-1965)
22  Prairie Fire (19-Mar-1965)
23  Retreat (26-Mar-1965)
24  Empty Sleeve (2-Apr-1965)
25  The Last Order (9-Apr-1965)
26  Mrs. Harmon (16-Apr-1965)
27  The Calf Women (30-Apr-1965)
28  The Spanish Camp (7-May-1965)
29  El Hombre Bravo (14-May-1965)
30  The Gray Rock Hotel (21-May-1965)

Season Eight (1965)
1  Encounter at Boot Hill (14-Sep-1965)
2  Ride a Crooked Mile (21-Sep-1965)
3  Six Weeks to Bent Fork (28-Sep-1965)
4  Walk into Terror (5-Oct-1965)
5  Escape to Doom (12-Oct-1965)
6  Hostage for Hanging (19-Oct-1965)
7  Vasquez Woman (26-Oct-1965)
8  Clash at Broken Bluff (2-Nov-1965)
9  Pursuit (9-Nov-1965)
10  Duel at Daybreak (16-Nov-1965)
11  Brush War at Buford (23-Nov-1965)
12  Testing Post (30-Nov-1965)
13  Crossing at White Feather (7-Dec-1965)

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