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Sitcom, broadcast 1988-97.

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Tom Arnold
6-Mar-1959   Ex-Husband of Roseanne Barr
Roseanne Barr
3-Nov-1952   Roseanne
Ned Beatty
6-Jul-1937   Deliverance
Sandra Bernhard
6-Jun-1955   The King of Comedy
Bonnie Bramlett
8-Nov-1944   Delaney & Bonnie
Sarah Chalke
27-Aug-1976   Dr. Reid on Scrubs
George Clooney
6-May-1961   E.R.
Stephen Dorff
29-Jul-1973   Blade
Morgan Fairchild
3-Feb-1950   Jordan Roberts on Falcon Crest
Michael Fishman
22-Oct-1981   D.J. Conner on Roseanne
Johnny Galecki
30-Apr-1975   Leonard on The Big Bang Theory
Sara Gilbert
29-Jan-1975   Darlene on Roseanne
John Goodman
20-Jun-1952   King Ralph
Alicia Goranson
22-Jun-1974   Becky on Roseanne
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
17-Feb-1981   Third Rock From the Sun
Danielle Harris
1-Jun-1977   Halloween 4
Laurie Metcalf
16-Jun-1955   Jackie Harris on Roseanne
Debra Mooney
28-Aug-1947   Edna Harper on Everwood
Martin Mull
18-Aug-1943   Fernwood Tonight
Michael O'Keefe
24-Apr-1955   Caddyshack
Estelle Parsons
20-Nov-1927   Character and TV actress
James Pickens, Jr.
26-Oct-1954   Dr. Richard Webber on Grey's Anatomy
Glenn Quinn
28-May-1970 3-Dec-2002 Mark Healy on Roseanne
Penelope Spheeris
Film Director
2-Dec-1945   Wayne's World
Natalie West
23-Jan-1956   Crystal Anderson-Conner on Roseanne
Joss Whedon
Film/TV Producer
23-Jun-1964   Creator of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly
Fred Willard
18-Sep-1933   Fernwood 2night


Season One (1988)
1  Life and Stuff (18-Oct-1988)
2  We're in the Money (25-Oct-1988)
3  D-I-V-O-R-C-E (1-Nov-1988)
4  Language Lessons (22-Nov-1988)
5  Radio Days (29-Nov-1988)
6  Lovers' Lanes (6-Dec-1988)
7  The Memory Game (13-Dec-1988)
8  Here's to Good Friends (20-Dec-1988)
9  Dan's Birthday Bash (3-Jan-1989)
10  Saturday (10-Jan-1989)
11  Canoga Time (17-Jan-1989)
12  The Monday Through Friday Show (24-Jan-1989)
13  Bridge Over Troubled Sonny (31-Jan-1989)
14  Father's Day (7-Feb-1989)
15  Nightmare on Oak Street (14-Feb-1989)
16  Mall Story (21-Feb-1989)
17  Becky's Choice (28-Feb-1989)
18  The Slice of Life (7-Mar-1989)
19  Workin' Overtime (14-Mar-1989)
20  Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore (28-Mar-1989)
21  Death and Stuff (11-Apr-1989)
22  Dear Mom and Dad (18-Apr-1989)
23  Let's Call It Quits (2-May-1989)

Season Two (1989)
1  Inherit the Wind (12-Sep-1989)
2  The Little Sister (19-Sep-1989)
3  Guilt by Disassociation (26-Sep-1989)
4  Somebody Stole My Gal (3-Oct-1989)
5  House of Grown-Ups (10-Oct-1989)
6  Five of a Kind (24-Oct-1989)
7  BOO! (31-Oct-1989)
8  Sweet Dreams (7-Nov-1989)
9  We Gather Together (21-Nov-1989)
10  Brain-Dead Poets Society (28-Nov-1989)
11  Lobocop (5-Dec-1989)
12  No Talking (12-Dec-1989)
13  Chicken Hearts (2-Jan-1990)
14  One for the Road (9-Jan-1990)
15  An Officer and a Gentleman (23-Jan-1990)
16  Born to Be Wild (30-Jan-1990)
17  Hair (6-Feb-1990)
18  I'm Hungry (13-Feb-1990)
19  All of Me (20-Feb-1990)
20  To Tell the Truth (27-Feb-1990)
21  Fender Bender (20-Mar-1990)
22  April Fool's Day (10-Apr-1990)
23  Fathers and Daughters (1-May-1990)
24  Happy Birthday (8-May-1990)

Season Three (1990)
1  The Test (18-Sep-1990)
2  Friends and Relatives (25-Sep-1990)
3  Like, a Virgin (2-Oct-1990)
4  Like, a New Job (9-Oct-1990)
5  Goodbye, Mr. Right (16-Oct-1990)
6  Becky, Beds and Boys (23-Oct-1990)
7  Trick or Treat (30-Oct-1990)
8  PMS, I Love You (6-Nov-1990)
9  Bird is the Word (13-Nov-1990)
10  Dream Lover (27-Nov-1990)
11  Do You Know Where Your Parents Are? (4-Dec-1990)
12  Confessions (18-Dec-1990)
13  The Courtship of Eddie, Dan's Father (8-Jan-1991)
14  The Wedding (15-Jan-1991)
15  Becky Doesn't Live Here Anymore (22-Jan-1991)
16  Home-Ec (5-Feb-1991)
17  Valentine's Day (12-Feb-1991)
18  Communicable Theater (19-Feb-1991)
19  Vegas Interruptus (26-Feb-1991)
20  Her Boyfriend's Back (12-Mar-1991)
21  Troubles with the Rubbles (26-Mar-1991)
22  Second Time Around (2-Apr-1991)
23  Dances with Darlene (30-Apr-1991)
24  Scenes from a Barbecue (7-May-1991)
25  The Pied Piper of Lanford (14-May-1991)

Season Four (1991)
1  A Bitter Pill to Swallow (17-Sep-1991)
2  Take My Bike... Please! (24-Sep-1991)
3  Why Jackie Becomes a Trucker (1-Oct-1991)
4  Darlene Fades to Black (8-Oct-1991)
5  Tolerate Thy Neighbor (15-Oct-1991)
6  Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down (29-Oct-1991)
7  Vegas (Part 1) (5-Nov-1991)
8  Vegas, Vegas (Part 2) (12-Nov-1991)
9  Stressed to Kill (19-Nov-1991)
10  Thanksgiving '91 (26-Nov-1991)
11  Kansas City, Here We Come (3-Dec-1991)
12  Santa Claus (24-Dec-1991)
13  Bingo (7-Jan-1992)
14  The Bowling Show (21-Jan-1992)
15  The Back Story (4-Feb-1992)
16  Less is More (11-Feb-1992)
17  Breakin' Up is Hard to Do (18-Feb-1992)
18  This Old House (25-Feb-1992)
19  The Commercial Show (3-Mar-1992)
20  Therapy (17-Mar-1992)
21  Lies (24-Mar-1992)
22  Deliverance (31-Mar-1992)
23  Secrets (28-Apr-1992)
24  Don't Make Me Over (5-May-1992)
25  Aliens (12-May-1992)

Season Five (1992)
1  Terms of Estrangement (Part 1) (15-Sep-1992)
2  Terms of Estrangement (Part 2) (22-Sep-1992)
3  The Dark Ages (29-Sep-1992)
4  Mommy Nearest (6-Oct-1992)
5  Pretty in Black (13-Oct-1992)
6  Looking for Loans in All the Wrong Places (20-Oct-1992)
7  Halloween IV (27-Oct-1992)
8  Ladies' Choice (10-Nov-1992)
9  Stand on Your Man (17-Nov-1992)
10  Good Girls, Bad Girls (24-Nov-1992)
11  Of Ice and Men (1-Dec-1992)
12  It's No Place Like Home for The Holidays (15-Dec-1992)
13  Crime and Punishment (Part 1) (5-Jan-1993)
14  War and Peace (Part 2) (12-Jan-1993)
15  Lanford Daze (26-Jan-1993)
16  Wait Till Your Father Gets Home (9-Feb-1993)
17  First Cousin, Twice Removed (16-Feb-1993)
18  Lose a Job, Winnebago (23-Feb-1993)
19  It's a Boy! (2-Mar-1993)
20  It was Twenty Years Ago Today (9-Mar-1993)
21  Playing with Matches (23-Mar-1993)
22  Promises, Promises (6-Apr-1993)
23  Glengarry, Glen Rosey (4-May-1993)
24  Tooth or Consequences (11-May-1993)
25  Daughters and Other Strangers (18-May-1993)

Season Six (1993)
1  Two Down, One to Go (14-Sep-1993)
2  The Mommy's Curse (21-Sep-1993)
3  Party Politics (28-Sep-1993)
4  A Stash from the Past (5-Oct-1993)
5  Be My Baby (19-Oct-1993)
6  Halloween V (26-Oct-1993)
7  Homeward Bound (2-Nov-1993)
8  Guilt by Imagination (9-Nov-1993)
9  Homecoming (16-Nov-1993)
10  Thanksgiving '93 (23-Nov-1993)
11  The Driver's Seat (30-Nov-1993)
12  White Trash Christmas (14-Dec-1993)
13  Suck Up or Shut Up (4-Jan-1994)
14  Busted (11-Jan-1994)
15  David vs. Goliath (1-Feb-1994)
16  Everyone Comes to Jackie's (8-Feb-1994)
17  Don't Make Room for Daddy (15-Feb-1994)
18  Don't Ask, Don't Tell (1-Mar-1994)
19  Labor Day (8-Mar-1994)
20  Past Imperfect (22-Mar-1994)
21  Lies My Father Told Me (29-Mar-1994)
22  I Pray the Lord My Stove to Keep (3-May-1994)
23  Body by Jake (10-May-1994)
24  Isn't It Romantic? (17-May-1994)
25  Altar Egos (24-May-1994)

Season Seven (1994)
1  Nine is Enough (21-Sep-1994)
2  Two for One (28-Sep-1994)
3  Snoop Davey Dave (5-Oct-1994)
4  Girl Talk (12-Oct-1994)
5  Sleeper (19-Oct-1994)
6  Skeleton in the Closet (26-Oct-1994)
7  Follow the Son (2-Nov-1994)
8  Punch and Jimmy (9-Nov-1994)
9  White Men Can't Kiss (16-Nov-1994)
10  Thanksgiving '94 (23-Nov-1994)
11  Maybe Baby (30-Nov-1994)
12  The Parenting Trap (14-Dec-1994)
13  Rear Window (4-Jan-1995)
14  My Name is Bev (11-Jan-1995)
15  Bed and Bored (1-Feb-1995)
16  Sisters (8-Feb-1995)
17  Lost Youth (15-Feb-1995)
18  Single Married Female (22-Feb-1995)
19  The Clip Show: All About Rosey (Part 1) (1-Mar-1995)
20  The Clip Show: All About Rosey (Part 2) (1-Mar-1995)
21  Husbands and Wives (22-Mar-1995)
22  Happy Trailers (29-Mar-1995)
23  The Blaming of the Shrew (3-May-1995)
24  The Birds and the Frozen Bees (10-May-1995)
25  Couch Potatoes (17-May-1995)
26  Sherwood Schwartz: A Loving Tribute (24-May-1995)

Season Eight (1995)
1  Shower the People You Love with Stuff (19-Sep-1995)
2  Let Them Eat Junk (26-Sep-1995)
3  Roseanne in the Hood (17-Oct-1995)
4  The Last Date (24-Oct-1995)
5  Halloween: the Final Chapter (31-Oct-1995)
6  The Fifties Show (7-Nov-1995)
7  The Getaway, Almost (14-Nov-1995)
8  The Last Thursday in November (21-Nov-1995)
9  Of Mice and Dan (28-Nov-1995)
10  Direct to Video (5-Dec-1995)
11  December Bride (12-Dec-1995)
12  The Thrilla Near the Vanilla Extract (2-Jan-1996)
13  The White Sheep of the Family (9-Jan-1996)
14  Becky Howser, M.D. (16-Jan-1996)
15  Out of the Past (6-Feb-1996)
16  Construction Junction (13-Feb-1996)
17  We're Going to Disney World (Part 1) (20-Feb-1996)
18  Disney World War II (Part 2) (27-Feb-1996)
19  Springtime for David (12-Mar-1996)
20  Another Mouth to Shut Up (26-Mar-1996)
21  Morning Becomes Obnoxious (9-Apr-1996)
22  Ballroom Blitz (30-Apr-1996)
23  The Wedding (7-May-1996)
24  Heart & Soul (14-May-1996)
25  Fights and Stuff (21-May-1996)

Season Nine (1996)
1  Call Waiting (17-Sep-1996)
2  Millions from Heaven (24-Sep-1996)
3  What a Day for a Daydream (1-Oct-1996)
4  Honor Thy Mother (8-Oct-1996)
5  Someday My Prince Will Come (15-Oct-1996)
6  Pampered to a Pulp (22-Oct-1996)
7  Satan, Darling (29-Oct-1996)
8  Hoi Polloi Meets Hoiti Toiti (12-Nov-1996)
9  Roseambo (19-Nov-1996)
10  Home is Where the Afghan Is (26-Nov-1996)
11  Mothers and Other Strangers (3-Dec-1996)
12  Home for the Holidays (17-Dec-1996)
13  Say It Ain't So (7-Jan-1997)
14  Hit the Road, Jack (14-Jan-1997)
15  The War Room (28-Jan-1997)
16  Lanford's Elite (Part 1) (11-Feb-1997)
17  Some Enchanted Merger (Part 2) (11-Feb-1997)
18  A Second Chance (18-Feb-1997)
19  The Miracle (25-Feb-1997)
20  Roseanne-Feld (4-Mar-1997)
21  The Truth Be Told (18-Mar-1997)
22  Arsenic and Old Mom (13-May-1997)
23  Into That Good Night (Part 1) (20-May-1997)
24  Into That Good Night (Part 2) (20-May-1997)

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