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Happy Days


Sitcom spinoff of Love, American Style, broadcast 1974-84.

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Scott Baio
22-Sep-1961   Chachi on Happy Days
Frances Bay
23-Jan-1919 15-Sep-2011 Happy Gilmore
Crystal Bernard
30-Sep-1961   Helen Hackett on Wings
Tom Bosley
1-Oct-1927 19-Oct-2010 Dad on Happy Days
Jack Dodson
16-May-1931 16-Sep-1994 The Andy Griffith Show
Lynda Goodfriend
31-Oct-1953   Lori Beth on Happy Days
Ron Howard
1-Mar-1954   Richie Cunningham on Happy Days
Penny Marshall
15-Oct-1942   Laverne on Laverne and Shirley
Ted McGinley
30-May-1958   Married with Children
Al Molinaro
24-Jun-1919 30-Oct-2015 Alfred on Happy Days
Erin Moran
18-Oct-1960   Joanie on Happy Days
Pat Morita
28-Jun-1932 24-Nov-2005 Miyagi on Karate Kid
Donny Most
8-Aug-1953   Ralph Malph on Happy Days
Linda Purl
2-Sep-1955   Charlene on Matlock
Suzi Quatro
3-Jun-1950   Can the Can
Marion Ross
25-Oct-1928   Mrs. Cunningham on Happy Days
Misty Rowe
1-Jun-1952   Hee Haw
Ellen Travolta
6-Oct-1940   Louisa Arcola on Happy Days
Billy Warlock
26-Mar-1961   General Hospital
Anson Williams
25-Sep-1949   Potsie on Happy Days
Cindy Williams
22-Aug-1947   Shirley of Laverne and Shirley
Henry Winkler
30-Oct-1945   Fonz on Happy Days


Season One (1974)
1  All the Way (15-Jan-1974)
2  The Lemon (22-Jan-1974)
3  Richie's Cup Runneth Over (29-Jan-1974)
4  Guess Who's Coming to Visit (5-Feb-1974)
5  Hardware Jungle (12-Feb-1974)
6  The Deadly Dares (19-Feb-1974)
7  Fonzie Drops In (26-Feb-1974)
8  The Skin Game (5-Mar-1974)
9  Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (12-Mar-1974)
10  Give the Band a Hand (26-Mar-1974)
11  Because She's There (2-Apr-1974)
12  In the Name of Love (9-Apr-1974)
13  Great Expectations (16-Apr-1974)
14  The Best Man (23-Apr-1974)
15  Knock Around the Block (30-Apr-1974)
16  Be the First on Your Block (7-May-1974)

Season Two (1974)
1  Richie Moves Out (10-Sep-1974)
2  Richie's Car (17-Sep-1974)
3  Who's Sorry Now? (24-Sep-1974)
4  You Go to My Head (1-Oct-1974)
5  ROTC (8-Oct-1974)
6  Haunted (29-Oct-1974)
7  Wish Upon a Star (12-Nov-1974)
8  Not with My Sister, You Don't (19-Nov-1974)
9  Big Money (26-Nov-1974)
10  A Star Is Bored (3-Dec-1974)
11  Guess Who's Coming to Christmas (17-Dec-1974)
12  Open House (7-Jan-1975)
13  Fonzie's Getting Married (14-Jan-1975)
14  The Cunningham Caper (21-Jan-1975)
15  The Not Making of the President (28-Jan-1975)
16  Cruisin' (11-Feb-1975)
17  The Howdy Doody Show (18-Feb-1975)
18  Get a Job (25-Feb-1975)
19  Fonzie Joins the Band (4-Mar-1975)
20  Fish and the Fins (11-Mar-1975)
21  Richie's Flip Side (18-Mar-1975)
22  Kiss Me Sickly (29-Apr-1975)
23  Goin' to Chicago (6-May-1975)

Season Three (1975)
1  Fonzie Moves In (9-Sep-1975)
2  The Motorcycle (16-Sep-1975)
3  Fearless Fonzarelli (Part 1) (23-Sep-1975)
4  Fearless Fonzarelli (Part 2) (30-Sep-1975)
5  The Other Richie Cunningham (7-Oct-1975)
6  Richie Fights Back (14-Oct-1975)
7  Jailhouse Rock (21-Oct-1975)
8  Howard's 45th Fiasco (28-Oct-1975)
9  Fonzie the Flatfoot (4-Nov-1975)
10  A Date with Fonzie (11-Nov-1975)
11  Fonzie the Salesman (13-Nov-1975)
12  Three on a Porch (18-Nov-1975)
13  Fonzie's New Friend (25-Nov-1975)
14  They Call It Potsie Love (2-Dec-1975)
15  Tell It to the Marines (16-Dec-1975)
16  Dance Contest (6-Jan-1976)
17  The Happy Days 2nd Anniversary Special (12-Jan-1976)
18  Football Frolics (20-Jan-1976)
19  Fonzie the Superstar (27-Jan-1976)
20  Two Angry Men (3-Feb-1976)
21  Beauty Contest (10-Feb-1976)
22  Bringing Up Spike (17-Feb-1976)
23  A Sight for Sore Eyes (24-Feb-1976)
24  Arnold's Wedding (2-Mar-1976)

Season Four (1976)
1  Fonzie Loves Pinky (Part 1) (21-Sep-1976)
2  Fonzie Loves Pinky (Part 2) (21-Sep-1976)
3  Fonzie Loves Pinky (Part 3) (28-Sep-1976)
4  A Mind of His Own (5-Oct-1976)
5  Fonzie the Father (19-Oct-1976)
6  Fonzie's Hero (26-Oct-1976)
7  A Place of His Own (9-Nov-1976)
8  They Shoot Fonzies, Don't They? (16-Nov-1976)
9  The Muckrakers (23-Nov-1976)
10  A.K.A. the Fonz (30-Nov-1976)
11  Richie Branches Out (7-Dec-1976)
12  Fonzie's Old Lady (4-Jan-1977)
13  Time Capsule (11-Jan-1977)
14  The Book of Records (18-Jan-1977)
15  A Shot in the Dark (25-Jan-1977)
16  Marion Rebels (1-Feb-1977)
17  The Third Anniversary Show (4-Feb-1977)
18  Graduation (Part 1) (8-Feb-1977)
19  Graduation (Part 2) (15-Feb-1977)
20  The Physical (22-Feb-1977)
21  Joanie's Weird Boyfriend (1-Mar-1977)
22  Fonz-How, Inc. (8-Mar-1977)
23  Spunky Come Home (15-Mar-1977)
24  The Last of the Big Time Malphs (22-Mar-1977)
25  Fonzie's Baptism (29-Mar-1977)

Season Five (1977)
1  Hollywood (Part 1) (13-Sep-1977)
2  Hollywood (Part 2) (13-Sep-1977)
3  Hollywood (Part 3) (20-Sep-1977)
4  Hard Cover (27-Sep-1977)
5  My Cousin, the Cheat (4-Oct-1977)
6  Fonsillectomy (25-Oct-1977)
7  The Apartment (1-Nov-1977)
8  Fonzie and Leather Tuscadero (Part 1) (8-Nov-1977)
9  Fonzie and Leather Tuscadero (Part 2) (15-Nov-1977)
10  My Fair Fonzie (22-Nov-1977)
11  Bye Bye Blackball (29-Nov-1977)
12  Requiem for a Malph (6-Dec-1977)
13  Nose for News (13-Dec-1977)
14  Grandpa's Visit (3-Jan-1978)
15  Potsie Gets Pinned (10-Jan-1978)
16  Joanie's First Kiss (17-Jan-1978)
17  Marion's Misgivings (24-Jan-1978)
18  Richie Almost Dies (31-Jan-1978)
19  Spunkless Spunky (7-Feb-1978)
20  Be My Valentine (14-Feb-1978)
21  Our Gang (21-Feb-1978)
22  My Favorite Orkan (28-Feb-1978)
23  4th Anniversary Special (23-Mar-1978)
24  Do You Want to Dance? (9-May-1978)
25  Second Wind (16-May-1978)
26  Rules to Date By (23-May-1978)
27  Fonzie for the Defense (30-May-1978)

Season Six (1978)
1  Westward Ho (Part 1) (12-Sep-1978)
2  Westward Ho (Part 2) (12-Sep-1978)
3  Westward Ho (Part 3) (19-Sep-1978)
4  Fonzie's Blindness (26-Sep-1978)
5  Casanova Cunningham (5-Oct-1978)
6  Kid Stuff (10-Oct-1978)
7  Sweet Sixteen (17-Oct-1978)
8  Fearless Malph (24-Oct-1978)
9  The Evil Eye (31-Oct-1978)
10  The Claw Meets the Fonz (3-Nov-1978)
11  The Fonz Is Allergic to Girls (14-Nov-1978)
12  The First Thanksgiving (21-Nov-1978)
13  The Kissing Bandit (28-Nov-1978)
14  The Magic Show (5-Dec-1978)
15  Richie Gets Framed (12-Dec-1978)
16  Christmas Time (19-Dec-1978)
17  Smokin' Ain't Cool (16-Jan-1979)
18  Ralph Versus Potsie (23-Jan-1979)
19  Stolen Melodies (2-Feb-1979)
20  Married Strangers (6-Feb-1979)
21  Marion, Fairy Godmother (13-Feb-1979)
22  Fonzie's Funeral (Part 1) (20-Feb-1979)
23  Fonzie's Funeral (Part 2) (27-Feb-1979)
24  Mork Returns (6-Mar-1979)
25  The Duel (13-Mar-1979)
26  Chachi's Incredo-Wax (8-May-1979)
27  Potsie Quits School (15-May-1979)

Season Seven (1979)
1  Shotgun Wedding (11-Sep-1979)
2  Chachi Sells His Soul (18-Sep-1979)
3  Fonzie Meets Kat (25-Sep-1979)
4  Marion Goes to Jail (2-Oct-1979)
5  Richie's Job (9-Oct-1979)
6  Richie Falls in Love (23-Oct-1979)
7  Fonzie's a Thespian (30-Oct-1979)
8  Burlesque (6-Nov-1979)
9  Joanie Busts Out (13-Nov-1979)
10  King Richard's Big Night (20-Nov-1979)
11  Fonzie Versus the She Devils (27-Nov-1979)
12  The Mechanic (4-Dec-1979)
13  They're Closing Inspiration Point (11-Dec-1979)
14  Here Comes the Bride Again (18-Dec-1979)
15  Ah, Wilderness (8-Jan-1980)
16  Joanie's Dilemma (15-Jan-1980)
17  Hot Stuff (22-Jan-1980)
18  The New Arnold's (29-Jan-1980)
19  The Hucksters (5-Feb-1980)
20  Allison (12-Feb-1980)
21  Fools Rush In (26-Feb-1980)
22  Father & Son (4-Mar-1980)
23  A Potsie Is Born (11-Mar-1980)
24  The Roaring Twenties (25-Mar-1980)
25  Ralph's Family Problem (6-May-1980)

Season Eight (1980)
1  No Tell Motel (11-Nov-1980)
2  Live & Learn (18-Nov-1980)
3  Dreams Can Come True (25-Nov-1980)
4  Hello, Roger (2-Dec-1980)
5  Joanie Gets Wheels (9-Dec-1980)
6  White Christmas (16-Dec-1980)
7  And the Winner Is (30-Dec-1980)
8  If You Knew Rosa (6-Jan-1981)
9  The Sixth Sense (13-Jan-1981)
10  It Only Hurts When I Smile (27-Jan-1981)
11  Welcome to My Nightmare (3-Feb-1981)
12  Broadway It's Not (10-Feb-1981)
13  Bride & Gloom (17-Feb-1981)
14  Hello, Mrs. Arcola (24-Feb-1981)
15  Fonzie Gets Shot (3-Mar-1981)
16  Potsie on His Own (17-Mar-1981)
17  Tall Story (7-Apr-1981)
18  Scholarship (14-Apr-1981)
19  R. C. & L. B. Forever (5-May-1981)
20  Howard's Bowling Buddy (12-May-1981)
21  Mother and Child Reunion (19-May-1981)
22  American Musical (26-May-1981)

Season Nine (1981)
1  Home Movies (Part 1) (6-Oct-1981)
2  Home Movies (Part 2) (6-Oct-1981)
3  Not with My Mother You Don't (13-Oct-1981)
4  Another Night at Antoine's (27-Oct-1981)
5  Little Baby Cunningham (3-Nov-1981)
6  The Other Guy (10-Nov-1981)
7  Fonzie, the Substitute (17-Nov-1981)
8  Just a Piccalo (24-Nov-1981)
9  No Thank You (1-Dec-1981)
10  Baby, It's Cold Inside (8-Dec-1981)
11  Hello, Tough Guy (15-Dec-1981)
12  To Beanie or Not to Beanie (5-Jan-1982)
13  Southern Crossing (12-Jan-1982)
14  Grandma Nussbaum (19-Jan-1982)
15  Poobah Doo Dah (26-Jan-1982)
16  A Touch of Classical (2-Feb-1982)
17  Hi Yo Fonzie, Away (9-Feb-1982)
18  Great Expectations (16-Feb-1982)
19  Hello, Flip (23-Feb-1982)
20  Chachi's Future (2-Mar-1982)
21  Tell-Tale Tart (16-Mar-1982)
22  Love and Marriage (23-Mar-1982)

Season Ten (1982)
1  A Woman Not Under the Influence (28-Sep-1982)
2  Letting Go (12-Oct-1982)
3  Empty Nest (19-Oct-1982)
4  A Night at the Circus (26-Oct-1982)
5  Little Case of Revenge (9-Nov-1982)
6  Who Gives a Hootenanny? (16-Nov-1982)
7  Going Steady (23-Nov-1982)
8  Such a Nice Girl (30-Nov-1982)
9  There's No Business Like No Business (7-Dec-1982)
10  All I Want for Christmas (14-Dec-1982)
11  Since I Don't Have You (28-Dec-1982)
12  Hello, Pfisters (4-Jan-1983)
13  I Drink Therefore I Am (11-Jan-1983)
14  Prisoner of Love (18-Jan-1983)
15  Life Is More Important Than Show Business (25-Jan-1983)
16  Nervous Romance (1-Feb-1983)
17  I'm Not at Liberty (8-Feb-1983)
18  Wild Blue Yonder (15-Feb-1983)
19  May the Best Man Win (22-Feb-1983)
20  Babysitting (1-Mar-1983)
21  Turn Around and You're Home (15-Mar-1983)
22  Affairs of the Heart (22-Mar-1983)

Season Eleven (1983)
1  Because It's There (27-Sep-1983)
2  The Ballad of Joanie and Chachi (4-Oct-1983)
3  Where the Guys Are (18-Oct-1983)
4  Welcome Home (Part 1) (25-Oct-1983)
5  Welcome Home (Part 2) (1-Nov-1983)
6  Glove Story (8-Nov-1983)
7  Vocational Education (22-Nov-1983)
8  Arthur, Arthur (6-Dec-1983)
9  You Get What You Pay For (13-Dec-1983)
10  Kiss Me, Teach (10-Jan-1984)
11  The People vs. The Fonz (17-Jan-1984)
12  Like Mother, Like Daughter (24-Jan-1984)
13  Social Studies (31-Jan-1984)
14  The Spirit Is Willing (24-Apr-1984)
15  Fonzie Moves Out (1-May-1984)
16  Passages (Part 1) (8-May-1984)
17  Passages (Part 2) (8-May-1984)
18  So How Was Your Weekend? (28-Jun-1984)
19  Low Notes (5-Jul-1984)
20  School Dazed (12-Jul-1984)
21  Good News, Bad News (19-Jul-1984)
22  Fonzie's Spots (24-Sep-1984)

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