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Sitcom based in a Boston bar, broadcast 1982-93.

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Kirstie Alley
12-Jan-1951   Rebecca from Cheers
Harry Anderson
14-Oct-1952   Judge Harry Stone on Night Court
Ted Danson
29-Dec-1947   Bartender on Cheers
Robert Desiderio
9-Sep-1951   Ted Melcher on Knots Landing
Kelsey Grammer
21-Feb-1955   Frasier
Woody Harrelson
23-Jul-1961   Woody from Cheers
Dan Hedaya
24-Jul-1940   Bestubbled character actor, Blood Simple
Shelley Long
23-Aug-1949   Diane on Cheers
Bebe Neuwirth
31-Dec-1958   Dr. Lilith Sternin-Crane on Cheers
Rhea Perlman
31-Mar-1948   Cheers
John Ratzenberger
6-Apr-1947   Postman Cliff Clavin on Cheers
Roger Rees
5-May-1944 10-Jul-2015 Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby
Frances Sternhagen
13-Jan-1930   Misery
Jay Thomas
12-Jul-1948   Jerry Gold on Murphy Brown
George Wendt
17-Oct-1948   Norm on Cheers


Season One (1982)
1  Give Me a Ring Sometime (30-Sep-1982)
2  Sam's Women (7-Oct-1982)
3  The Tortelli Tort (14-Oct-1982)
4  Sam at Eleven (21-Oct-1982)
5  Coach's Daughter (28-Oct-1982)
6  Any Friend of Diane's (4-Nov-1982)
7  Friends, Romans, Accountants (11-Nov-1982)
8  Truce or Consequences (18-Nov-1982)
9  Coach Returns to Action (25-Nov-1982)
10  Endless Slumper (2-Dec-1982)
11  One for the Book (9-Dec-1982)
12  The Spy Who Came in for a Cold One (16-Dec-1982)
13  Now Pitching, Sam Malone (6-Jan-1983)
14  Let Me Count the Ways (13-Jan-1983)
15  Father Knows Last (20-Jan-1983)
16  The Boys in the Bar (27-Jan-1983)
17  Diane's Perfect Date (10-Feb-1983)
18  No Contest (17-Feb-1983)
19  Pick a Con... Any Con (24-Feb-1983)
20  Someone Single, Someone Blue (3-Mar-1983)
21  Showdown (Part 1) (24-Mar-1983)
22  Showdown (Part 2) (31-Mar-1983)

Season Two (1983)
1  Power Play (29-Sep-1983)
2  Little Sister Don't Cha (13-Oct-1983)
3  Personal Business (20-Oct-1983)
4  Homicidal Ham (27-Oct-1983)
5  Sumner's Return (3-Nov-1983)
6  Affairs of the Heart (10-Nov-1983)
7  Old Flames (17-Nov-1983)
8  Manager Coach (24-Nov-1983)
9  They Called Me Mayday (1-Dec-1983)
10  How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Call You Back (8-Dec-1983)
11  Just Three Friends (15-Dec-1983)
12  Where There's a Will (22-Dec-1983)
13  Battle of the Exes (5-Jan-1984)
14  No Help Wanted (12-Jan-1984)
15  And Coachie Makes Three (19-Jan-1984)
16  Cliff's Rocky Moment (26-Jan-1984)
17  Fortune and Men's Weight (2-Feb-1984)
18  Snow Job (9-Feb-1984)
19  Coach Buries a Grudge (16-Feb-1984)
20  Norman's Conquest (23-Feb-1984)
21  I'll Be Seeing You (Part 1) (3-May-1984)
22  I'll Be Seeing You (Part 2) (10-May-1984)

Season Three (1984)
1  Rebound (Part 1) (27-Sep-1984)
2  Rebound (Part 2) (4-Oct-1984)
3  I Call Your Name (18-Oct-1984)
4  Fairy Tales Can Come True (25-Oct-1984)
5  Sam Turns the Other Cheek (1-Nov-1984)
6  Coach in Love (Part 1) (8-Nov-1984)
7  Coach in Love (Part 2) (15-Nov-1984)
8  Diane Meets Mom (22-Nov-1984)
9  An American Family (29-Nov-1984)
10  Diane's Allergy (6-Dec-1984)
11  Peterson Crusoe (13-Dec-1984)
12  A Ditch in Time (20-Dec-1984)
13  Whodunit? (3-Jan-1985)
14  The Heart is a Lonely Snipe Hunter (10-Jan-1985)
15  King of the Hill (24-Jan-1985)
16  Teacher's Pet (31-Jan-1985)
17  The Mail Goes to Jail (7-Feb-1985)
18  Bar Bet (14-Feb-1985)
19  Behind Every Great Man (21-Feb-1985)
20  If Ever I Would Leave You (28-Feb-1985)
21  The Executive's Executioner (7-Mar-1985)
22  Cheerio, Cheers (11-Apr-1985)
23  The Bartender's Tale (18-Apr-1985)
24  The Belles of St. Clete's (2-May-1985)
25  Rescue Me (9-May-1985)

Season Four (1985)
1  Birth, Death, Love and Rice (26-Sep-1985)
2  Woody Goes Belly Up (3-Oct-1985)
3  Someday My Prince Will Come (17-Oct-1985)
4  The Groom Wore Clearasil (24-Oct-1985)
5  Diane's Nightmare (31-Oct-1985)
6  I Will Gladly Pay You Tuesday (7-Nov-1985)
7  2 Good 2 Be 4 Real (14-Nov-1985)
8  Love Thy Neighbor (21-Nov-1985)
9  From Beer to Eternity (28-Nov-1985)
10  The Barstoolie (5-Dec-1985)
11  Don Juan is Hell (12-Dec-1985)
12  Fools and Their Money (12-Dec-1985)
13  Take My Shirt, Please (9-Jan-1986)
14  Suspicion (16-Jan-1986)
15  The Triangle (23-Jan-1986)
16  Cliffie's Big Score (30-Jan-1986)
17  Second Time Around (6-Feb-1986)
18  The Peterson Principle (13-Feb-1986)
19  Dark Imaginings (20-Feb-1986)
20  Save the Last Dance For Me (27-Feb-1986)
21  Fear is My Co-Pilot (13-Mar-1986)
22  Diane Chambers Day (20-Mar-1986)
23  Relief Bartender (27-Mar-1986)
24  Strange Bedfellows (Part 1) (1-May-1986)
25  Strange Bedfellows (Part 2) (8-May-1986)
26  Strange Bedfellows (Part 3) (15-May-1986)

Season Five (1986)
1  The Proposal (25-Sep-1986)
2  The Cape Cad (2-Oct-1986)
3  Money Dearest (9-Oct-1986)
4  Abnormal Psychology (16-Oct-1986)
5  House of Horrors With Formal Dining and Used Brick (30-Oct-1986)
6  Tan N' Wash (6-Nov-1986)
7  Young Dr. Weinstein (13-Nov-1986)
8  Knights of the Scimitar (27-Nov-1986)
9  Thanksgiving Orphans (27-Nov-1986)
10  Everyone Imitates Art (4-Dec-1986)
11  The Book of Samuel (11-Dec-1986)
12  Dance, Diane, Dance (18-Dec-1986)
13  Chambers vs Malone (8-Jan-1987)
14  Diamond Sam (15-Jan-1987)
15  Spellbound (22-Jan-1987)
16  Never Love a Goalie (Part 1) (29-Jan-1987)
17  Never Love a Goalie (Part 2) (5-Feb-1987)
18  One Last Fling (12-Feb-1987)
19  Dog Bites Cliff (19-Feb-1987)
20  Dinner at Eight-ish (26-Feb-1987)
21  Simon Says (5-Mar-1987)
22  The Godfather, Part III (19-Mar-1987)
23  Norm's First Hurrah (26-Mar-1987)
24  Cheers: the Motion Picture (2-Apr-1987)
25  A House is Not a Home (30-Apr-1987)
26  I Do and Adieu (7-May-1987)

Season Six (1987)
1  Home is the Sailor (24-Sep-1987)
2  'I' on Sports (1-Oct-1987)
3  Little Carla, Happy at Last (Part 1) (15-Oct-1987)
4  Little Carla, Happy at Last (Part 2) (22-Oct-1987)
5  The Crane Mutiny (29-Oct-1987)
6  Paint Your Office (5-Nov-1987)
7  The Last Angry Mailman (12-Nov-1987)
8  Bidding on the Boys (19-Nov-1987)
9  Pudd'nhead Boyd (26-Nov-1987)
10  A Kiss is Still a Kiss (3-Dec-1987)
11  My Fair Clavin (10-Dec-1987)
12  Christmas Cheers (17-Dec-1987)
13  Woody For Hire, and Norman of the Apes (7-Jan-1988)
14  And God Created Woodman (14-Jan-1988)
15  Tale of Two Cuties (21-Jan-1988)
16  Yacht of Fools (4-Feb-1988)
17  To All the Girls I've Loved Before (11-Feb-1988)
18  Let Sleeping Drakes Lie (18-Feb-1988)
19  Airport V (25-Feb-1988)
20  The Sam in the Gray Flannel Suit (3-Mar-1988)
21  Our Hourly Bread (10-Mar-1988)
22  Slumber Party Massacre (24-Mar-1988)
23  Bar Wars (31-Mar-1988)
24  The Big Kiss-Off (28-Apr-1988)
25  Backseat Becky, Up Front (5-May-1988)

Season Seven (1988)
1  How to Recede in Business (27-Oct-1988)
2  Swear to God (3-Nov-1988)
3  Executive Sweet (Part 1) (10-Nov-1988)
4  One Happy Chappy in a Sappy Serape (Part 2) (17-Nov-1988)
5  Those Lips, Those Ice (24-Nov-1988)
6  Norm, is That You? (8-Dec-1988)
7  How to Win Friends and Electrocute People (15-Dec-1988)
8  Jumping Jerks (22-Dec-1988)
9  Send in the Crane (5-Jan-1989)
10  Bar Wars II: The Woodman Strikes Back (12-Jan-1989)
11  Adventures in Housesitting (19-Jan-1989)
12  Please Mr. Postman (2-Feb-1989)
13  Golden Boyd (9-Feb-1989)
14  I Kid You Not (16-Feb-1989)
15  Don't Paint Your Chickens (23-Feb-1989)
16  The Cranemakers (2-Mar-1989)
17  Hot Rocks (16-Mar-1989)
18  What's Up, Doc? (30-Mar-1989)
19  The Gift of the Woody (6-Apr-1989)
20  Call Me Irresponsible (13-Apr-1989)
21  Sisterly Love (27-Apr-1989)
22  The Visiting Lecher (4-May-1989)

Season Eight (1989)
1  The Improbable Dream (Part 1) (21-Sep-1989)
2  The Improbable Dream (Part 2) (28-Sep-1989)
3  A Bar is Born (12-Oct-1989)
4  How to Marry a Mailman (19-Oct-1989)
5  The Two Faces of Norm (26-Oct-1989)
6  The Stork Brings a Crane (2-Nov-1989)
7  Death Takes a Holiday on Ice (9-Nov-1989)
8  For Real Men Only (16-Nov-1989)
9  Two Girls for Every Boyd (23-Nov-1989)
10  The Art of the Steal (30-Nov-1989)
11  Feeble Attraction (7-Dec-1989)
12  Sam Ahoy (26-Oct-1989)
13  Sammy and the Professor (4-Jan-1990)
14  What is... Cliff Clavin? (18-Jan-1990)
15  Finally! (Part 1) (25-Jan-1990)
16  Finally! (Part 2) (1-Feb-1990)
17  Woody or Won't He (8-Feb-1990)
18  Severe Crane Damage (15-Feb-1990)
19  Indoor Fun With Sammy and Robby (22-Feb-1990)
20  50-50 Carla (8-Mar-1990)
21  Bar Wars III: The Return of Tecumseh (15-Mar-1990)
22  Loverboyd (29-Mar-1990)
23  The Ghost and Mrs. Lebec (12-Apr-1990)
24  Mr. Otis Regrets (19-Apr-1990)
25  Cry Hard (Part 1) (26-Apr-1990)
26  Cry Harder (Part 2) (3-May-1990)

Season Nine (1990)
1  Love is a Really, Really, Perfectly Okay Thing (20-Sep-1990)
2  Cheers Fouls Out (27-Sep-1990)
3  Rebecca Redux (4-Oct-1990)
4  Where Nobody Knows Your Name (11-Oct-1990)
5  Ma Always Liked You Best (18-Oct-1990)
6  Grease (25-Oct-1990)
7  Breaking in is Hard to Do (1-Nov-1990)
 Cheers 200th Anniversary Special (1 hr Episode) (8-Nov-1990)
8  Bad Neighbor Sam (15-Nov-1990)
9  Veggie-Boyd (22-Nov-1990)
10  Norm and Cliff's Excellent Adventure (6-Dec-1990)
11  Woody Interruptus (13-Dec-1990)
12  Honor Thy Mother (3-Jan-1991)
13  Achilles Hill (10-Jan-1991)
14  The Days of Wine and Neuroses (Part 1) (24-Jan-1991)
15  Wedding Bell Blues (Part 2) (31-Jan-1991)
16  I'm Getting My Act Together and Sticking it in Your Face (7-Feb-1991)
17  Sam Time Next Year (14-Feb-1991)
18  Crash of the Titans (21-Feb-1991)
19  It's a Wonderful Wife (28-Feb-1991)
20  Cheers Has Chili (14-Mar-1991)
21  Carla Loves Clavin (21-Mar-1991)
22  Pitch It Again, Sam (28-Mar-1991)
23  Rat Girl (4-Apr-1991)
24  Home Malone (25-Apr-1991)
25  Uncle Sam Wants You (2-May-1991)

Season Ten (1991)
1  Baby Balk (19-Sep-1991)
2  Get Your Kicks on Route 666 (26-Sep-1991)
3  Madame LaCarla (3-Oct-1991)
4  The Norm Who Came in from the Cold (10-Oct-1991)
5  Ma's Little Maggie (17-Oct-1991)
6  Unplanned Parenthood (24-Oct-1991)
7  Bar Wars V: the Final Judgement (31-Oct-1991)
8  Where Have All the Floorboards Gone? (7-Nov-1991)
9  Head Over Hill (14-Nov-1991)
10  A Fine French Whine (21-Nov-1991)
11  I'm Okay, You're Defective (5-Dec-1991)
12  Go Mate (12-Dec-1991)
13  Don't Shoot... I'm Only the Psychiatrist (2-Jan-1992)
14  No Rest For the Woody (9-Jan-1992)
15  My Son, the Father (16-Jan-1992)
16  One Hugs, the Other Doesn't (30-Jan-1992)
17  A Diminished Rebecca with a Suspended Cliff (6-Feb-1992)
18  License to Hill (13-Feb-1992)
19  Rich Man, Wood Man (20-Feb-1992)
20  Smotherly Love (27-Feb-1992)
21  Take Me Out of the Ball Game (26-Mar-1992)
22  Rebecca's Lover... Not (23-Apr-1992)
23  Bar Wars VI: This Time It's for Real (3-Apr-1992)
24  Heeeeeere's... Cliffy! (7-May-1992)
25  An Old-Fashioned Wedding (14-May-1992)

Seasn Eleven (1992)
1  The Little Match Girl (24-Sep-1992)
2  The Beer is Always Greener (1-Oct-1992)
3  The King of Beers (8-Oct-1992)
4  The Magnificent Six (22-Oct-1992)
5  Do Not Forsake Me O' My Postman (29-Oct-1992)
6  Teaching with the Enemy (Part 1) (5-Nov-1992)
7  The Girl in the Plastic Bubble (Part 2) (12-Nov-1992)
8  Ill-Gotten Gaines (19-Nov-1992)
9  Feelings... Whoa, Whoa, Whoa (3-Dec-1992)
10  Daddy's Little Middle-Aged Girl (10-Dec-1992)
11  Love Me, Love My Car (17-Dec-1992)
12  Sunday Dinner (7-Jan-1993)
13  Norm's Big Audit (14-Jan-1993)
14  It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Bar (21-Jan-1993)
15  Loathe and Marriage (4-Feb-1993)
16  Is There a Doctor in the Howe? (Part 1) (11-Feb-1993)
17  The Bar Manager, The Shrink, His Wife and Her Lover (Part 2) (18-Feb-1993)
18  The Last Picture Show (25-Feb-1993)
19  Bar Wars VII: The Naked Prey (18-Mar-1993)
20  Look Before You Sleep (1-Apr-1993)
21  Woody Gets an Election (22-Apr-1993)
22  It's Lonely on the Top (29-Apr-1993)
23  Rebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses (6-May-1993)
24  The Guy Can't Help It (13-May-1993)
25  One for the Road (20-May-1993)

Finale Special
--  Last Call! A Cheers Celebration (20-May-1993)

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