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Star Trek: Deep Space 9


Science fiction drama, broadcast 1993-99.

See also Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise, and the Star Trek movies.

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
René Auberjonois
1-Jun-1940   Changeling on Star Trek: DS9
Majel Barrett
23-Feb-1932 18-Dec-2008 Widow of Gene Roddenberry
Nicole de Boer
20-Dec-1970   Lt. Dax on Star Trek: DS9
Avery Brooks
2-Oct-1948   Sisko on Star Trek: DS9
Rosalind Chao
23-Sep-1957   Keiko on Star Trek: DS9
Jeffrey Combs
9-Sep-1954   Herbert West in Re-Animator
Michael Dorn
9-Dec-1952   Worf on Star Trek: TNG
Terry Farrell
19-Nov-1963   Jadzia Dax on Star Trek: DS9
Louise Fletcher
22-Jul-1934   Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Penny Johnson Jerald
14-Mar-1961   Beverly on The Larry Sanders Show
Cirroc Lofton
7-Aug-1978   Jake Sisko on Star Trek: DS9
William Lucking
17-Jun-1941   Piney on Sons of Anarchy
Chase Masterson
26-Feb-1963   Leeta on Star Trek: DS9
Colm Meaney
30-May-1953   Transporter Chief O'Brien in Star Trek: TNG
Brock Peters
2-Jul-1927 23-Aug-2005 To Kill a Mockingbird
Andrew Robinson
14-Feb-1942   Garak on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Wallace Shawn
12-Nov-1943   Ate dinner with Andre
Armin Shimerman
5-Nov-1949   Quark on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Alexander Siddig
21-Nov-1965   Dr. Julian Bashir on DS9
Nana Visitor
26-Jul-1957   Maj. Kira Nerys on Star Trek: DS9


Season One (1993)
1  Emissary (Part 1) (3-Jan-1993)
2  Emissary (Part 2) (3-Jan-1993)
3  Past Prologue (10-Jan-1993)
4  A Man Alone (17-Jan-1993)
5  Babel (24-Jan-1993)
6  Captive Pursuit (31-Jan-1993)
7  Q-Less (7-Feb-1993)
8  Dax (14-Feb-1993)
9  The Passenger (21-Feb-1993)
10  Move Along Home (14-Mar-1993)
11  The Nagus (21-Mar-1993)
12  Vortex (18-Apr-1993)
13  Battle Lines (25-Apr-1993)
14  The Storyteller (25-Apr-1993)
15  Progress (9-May-1993)
16  If Wishes were Horses (16-May-1993)
17  The Forsaken (23-May-1993)
18  Dramatis Personae (30-May-1993)
19  Duet (13-Jun-1993)
20  In the Hands of the Prophets (20-Jun-1993)

Season Two (1994)
1  The Homecoming (Part 1) (26-Sep-1993)
2  The Circle (Part 2) (3-Oct-1993)
3  The Siege (Part 3) (10-Oct-1993)
4  Invasive Procedures (17-Oct-1993)
5  Cardassians (24-Oct-1993)
6  Melora (31-Oct-1993)
7  Rules of Acquisition (7-Nov-1993)
8  Necessary Evil (14-Nov-1993)
9  Second Sight (21-Nov-1993)
10  Sanctuary (28-Nov-1993)
11  Rivals (2-Jan-1994)
12  The Alternate (9-Jan-1994)
13  Armageddon Game (30-Jan-1994)
14  Whispers (6-Feb-1994)
15  Paradise (13-Feb-1994)
16  Shadowplay (20-Feb-1994)
17  Playing God (27-Feb-1994)
18  Profit and Loss (20-Mar-1994)
19  Blood Oath (27-Mar-1994)
20  The Maquis (Part 1) (24-Apr-1994)
21  The Maquis (Part 2) (1-May-1994)
22  The Wire (8-May-1994)
23  Crossover (15-May-1994)
24  The Collaborator (22-May-1994)
25  Tribunal (5-Jun-1994)
26  The Jem'Hadar (12-Jun-1994)

Season Three (1995)
1  The Search (Part 1) (26-Sep-1994)
2  The Search (Part 2) (3-Oct-1994)
3  The House of Quark (16-Oct-1994)
4  Equilbrium (23-Oct-1994)
5  Second Skin (30-Oct-1994)
6  The Abandoned (6-Nov-1994)
7  Civil Defence (13-Nov-1994)
8  Meridian (20-Nov-1994)
9  Defiant (27-Nov-1994)
10  Fascination (4-Dec-1994)
11  Past Tense (Part 1) (8-Jan-1995)
12  Past Tense (Part 2) (15-Jan-1995)
13  Life Support (5-Feb-1995)
14  Heart of Stone (12-Feb-1995)
15  Destiny (19-Feb-1995)
16  Prophet Motive (26-Feb-1995)
17  Visionary (5-Mar-1995)
18  Distant Voices (16-Apr-1995)
19  Through the Looking Glass (23-Apr-1995)
20  Improbable Cause (Part 1) (7-May-1995)
21  The Die is Cast (Part 2) (7-May-1995)
22  Explorers (14-May-1995)
23  Family Business (21-May-1995)
24  Shakaar (28-May-1995)
25  Facets (18-Jun-1995)
26  The Adversary (25-Jun-1995)

Season Four (1996)
1  The Way of the Warrior (Part 1) (7-Oct-1995)
2  The Way of the Warrior (Part 2) (7-Oct-1995)
3  The Visitor (14-Oct-1995)
4  Hippocratic Oath (21-Oct-1995)
5  Indiscretion (28-Oct-1995)
6  Rejoined (4-Nov-1995)
7  Starship Down (18-Nov-1995)
8  Little Green Men (11-Nov-1995)
9  The Sword of Kahless (25-Nov-1995)
10  Our Man Bashir (2-Dec-1995)
11  Homefront (Part 1) (6-Jan-1996)
12  Paradise Lost (Part 2) (13-Jan-1996)
13  Crossfire (3-Feb-1996)
14  Return to Grace (10-Feb-1996)
15  The Sons of Mogh (17-Feb-1996)
16  Bar Association (24-Feb-1996)
17  Accession (2-May-1996)
18  Rules of Engagement (13-Apr-1996)
19  Hard Time (20-Apr-1996)
20  Shattered Mirror (27-Apr-1996)
21  The Muse (4-May-1996)
22  For the Cause (11-May-1996)
23  To the Death (18-May-1996)
24  The Quickening (25-May-1996)
25  Body Parts (15-Jun-1996)
26  Broken Link (22-Jun-1996)

Season Five (1997)
1  Apocalypse Rising (30-Sep-1996)
2  The Ship (7-Oct-1996)
3  Looking for par'Mach in all the Wrong Places (14-Oct-1996)
4  ...Nor the Battle to the Strong (21-Oct-1996)
5  The Assignment (28-Oct-1996)
6  Trials and Tribble-ations (4-Nov-1996)
7  Let He Who Is Without Sin... (11-Nov-1996)
8  Things Past (18-Nov-1996)
9  The Ascent (25-Nov-1996)
10  Rapture (30-Dec-1996)
11  The Darkness and the Light (6-Jan-1997)
12  The Begotten (27-Jan-1997)
13  For the Uniform (3-Feb-1997)
14  In Purgatory's Shadow (10-Feb-1997)
15  By Inferno's Light (17-Feb-1997)
16  Doctor Bashir, I Presume? (24-Feb-1997)
17  A Simple Investigation (31-Mar-1997)
18  Business as Usual (7-Apr-1997)
19  Ties of Blood and Water (14-Apr-1997)
20  Ferengi Love Songs (21-Apr-1997)
21  Soldiers of the Empire (28-Feb-1997)
22  Children of Time (5-May-1997)
23  Blaze of Glory (12-May-1997)
24  Empok Nor (19-May-1997)
25  In The Cards (9-Jun-1997)
26  Call to Arms (16-Jun-1997)

Season Six (1997)
1  A Time to Stand (29-Sep-1997)
2  Rocks and Shoals (6-Oct-1997)
3  Sons and Daughters (13-Oct-1997)
4  Behind the Lines (20-Oct-1997)
5  Favor the Bold (27-Oct-1997)
6  Sacrifice of Angels (3-Nov-1997)
7  You are Cordially Invited... (10-Nov-1997)
8  Resurrection (17-Nov-1997)
9  Statistical Probabilities (24-Nov-1997)
10  The Magnificent Ferengi (1-Jan-1998)
11  Waltz (8-Jan-1998)
12  Who Mourns for Morn? (4-Feb-1998)
13  Far Beyond the Stars (11-Feb-1998)
14  One Little Ship (18-Feb-1998)
15  Honor Among Thieves (25-Feb-1998)
16  Change of Heart (4-Mar-1998)
17  Wrongs Darker than Death or Night (1-Apr-1998)
18  Inquisition (8-Apr-1998)
19  In the Pale Moonlight (15-Apr-1998)
20  His Way (22-Apr-1998)
21  The Reckoning (29-Apr-1998)
22  Valiant (6-May-1998)
23  Profit and Lace (13-May-1998)
24  Time's Orphan (20-May-1998)
25  The Sound of Her Voice (10-Jun-1998)
26  Tears of the Prophets (17-Jun-1998)

Season Seven (1998)
1  Image in the Sand (30-Sep-1998)
2  Shadows and Symbols (7-Oct-1998)
3  Afterimage (14-Oct-1998)
4  Take Me Out to the Holo-Suite (21-Oct-1998)
5  Chrysalis (28-Oct-1998)
6  Treachery, Faith, and the Great River (4-Nov-1998)
7  Once More Unto the Breach (11-Nov-1998)
8  The Siege of AR-558 (18-Nov-1998)
9  Covenant (25-Nov-1998)
10  It's Only a Paper Moon (30-Dec-1998)
11  Prodigal Daughter (6-Jan-1999)
12  The Emperor's New Cloak (3-Feb-1999)
13  Field of Fire (10-Feb-1999)
14  Chimera (17-Feb-1999)
15  Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang (24-Feb-1999)
16  Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges (3-Mar-1999)
17  Penumbra (Part 1) (7-Apr-1999)
18  'Til Death Do Us Part (Part 2) (14-Apr-1999)
19  Strange Bedfellows (Part 3) (21-Apr-1999)
20  The Changing Face of Evil (Part 4) (28-Apr-1999)
21  When It Rains... (5-May-1999)
22  Tacking Into the Wind (12-May-1999)
23  Extreme Measures (19-May-1999)
24  The Dogs of War (26-May-1999)
25  What You Leave Behind (Part 1) (2-Jun-1999)
26  What You Leave Behind (Part 2) (2-Jun-1999)

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