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AKA Scott Millet

Born: 1979
Died: 13-Aug-1999
Location of death: Newport Beach, CA
Cause of death: Accident - Misc

Gender: Male
Race or Ethnicity: White
Occupation: Victim

Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Died trying to "hack a street light"

Late one August night, Scott Millet and his sister were up watching the Perseid meteor shower through a telescope. Upon deciding that the light from a nearby streetlamp was impeding their view, Millet tried to cut the power to it with a pair of wire cutters. He was electrocuted, dying soon after being taken to the hospital.

Millet's death would have gone unnoticed by the world at large had he not announced his feat ahead of time on an EFnet IRC channel he frequented. As a memorial, his IRC nickname, "skOt", was retired; querying it returns the simple phrase, "[8/13/99 1am] we are all gunna miss you brother". Curiously, a similar memorial was not erected following the drug overdose of 21-year-old Brandon Vedas, alias "ripper", on 11 January 2003. Vedas had chronicled his binge both on IRC and with his webcam, with the famous last words, "I told u I was hardcore".

[00:39] <skOt> omng skell [00:39] <SKeLL> huh [00:39] <skOt> u will fear whut im about to do [00:39] <SKeLL> wha wha [00:39] <SKeLL> heheh [00:39] <skOt> im gunan hack a street light [00:39] <skOt> its too damned briht [00:39] <fudepen> hahah [00:39] <SKeLL> WTF [00:39] <skOt> and my sis wants it off [00:39] <SKeLL> now?!?!? [00:39] <skOt> so im gunan go unwire it [00:39] * crash^ is gone^_(^_log^_/^_on, auto away after 30m^_)^_ [00:39] <skOt> :) [00:39] <SKeLL> now?!?!? [00:39] <SKeLL> now?!?!? [00:39] <skOt> yes [00:39] <skOt> now [00:39] <SKeLL> now?!?!? [00:39] <SKeLL> hahahah [00:39] <fudepen> oh damn [00:39] <SKeLL> get PICS! [00:39] <skOt> brb [00:39] <SKeLL> before and after! [00:39] <SKeLL> get PICS! [00:39] <SKeLL> before and after! [00:39] <skOt> ill tell u if im succeslfull [00:39] <SKeLL> before and after! [00:39] <skOt> k [00:39] <skOt> hehe [00:39] <skOt> brb

[hours later]

[04:57] *** bashy has joined #714 [05:16] <Fall0uT-> blah [05:26] *** phloppy has joined #714 [05:26] <phloppy> anyone awake? [05:26] <Fall0uT-> me [05:26] <phloppy> SKOT DIED [05:26] <Fall0uT-> i think i'm the only one [05:26] <Fall0uT-> skots asleep [05:26] <phloppy> eletrecuted [05:27] <Fall0uT-> wtf [05:27] <phloppy> can someone topic that? [05:27] <phloppy> his mom just called me [05:27] <phloppy> last night [05:27] <Fall0uT-> no shit [05:27] <Fall0uT-> are you shitting me [05:27] <phloppy> she called this just min ago but it happend last night [05:27] <phloppy> yeah [05:27] <Fall0uT-> really [05:27] <Fall0uT-> somehow i don't believe that [05:27] <phloppy> let me reset my ip I will be right bck [05:27] <Fall0uT-> being that i talked to him today [05:27] <phloppy> its true she just clled me [05:27] <Fall0uT-> like around 12:30 pm [05:27] <phloppy> shes callilng agro right now [05:28] <Fall0uT-> wait [05:28] <Fall0uT-> shit [05:28] <Fall0uT-> what happened ? [05:28] <Fall0uT-> tell me [05:28] <phloppy> he was helping her sister with her new telescope [05:28] <phloppy> some street light was too bright so he went wire clipping [05:28] <Fall0uT-> are you serious [05:28] <phloppy> my hands are kinda shakey [05:28] <Fall0uT-> dude [05:28] <Fall0uT-> thats not funny to talk about [05:28] <Fall0uT-> are you serious [05:28] <phloppy> no shit its not [05:29] <phloppy> agro will probably be on soon [05:29] <phloppy> I just gave her his number [05:29] <Fall0uT-> the room is -t [05:29] <Agro> hmmmmm [05:29] <phloppy> there [05:29] <Fall0uT-> afro [05:29] <phloppy> hey bud [05:29] <Fall0uT-> agro [05:29] <Fall0uT-> dude [05:29] <phloppy> ^_A^_gro: she called you too [05:29] <Agro> I was sleeping [05:29] <Agro> It seemed like I was still sleeping [05:29] <phloppy> I know me too [05:29] <Agro> it didnt seem real [05:29] <Fall0uT-> my heart is beating like.. a million miles an hour [05:29] <Fall0uT-> omg [05:29] <Fall0uT-> dude [05:29] <Fall0uT-> this can't be happening [05:29] <phloppy> fuck I wish youd never come onlin agro. [05:30] <phloppy> you were my final confirmation [05:30] <Agro> sorry [05:30] <phloppy> shit [05:30] <Fall0uT-> no way [05:30] <Agro> was anyone with him? [05:30] <phloppy> this is soo fucked [05:30] <Fall0uT-> omg [05:30] <Fall0uT-> omg [05:30] <Fall0uT-> dude [05:30] <phloppy> I cant stop crying [05:30] <Fall0uT-> shit [05:30] <phloppy> she said he wanted to turn that street light off Skot style [05:31] <phloppy> those being my words [05:31] <Fall0uT-> dude [05:31] <Fall0uT-> wait a minute [05:31] <phloppy> I dont know what to do [05:31] <phloppy> ^_A^_gro: can you change the topic? [05:32] <Fall0uT-> what time was it [05:32] <Fall0uT-> phloppy it's -t [05:32] <phloppy> dunno [05:32] <Fall0uT-> what time did it happen [05:32] <Fall0uT-> cuz look [05:32] <phloppy> she said last night [05:32] <Fall0uT-> <skOt> Gnight all [05:32] <Fall0uT-> <Fall0uT-> bleh [05:32] <Fall0uT-> <Fall0uT-> bye skot [05:32] <Fall0uT-> <blky> wh0rd. [05:32] <Fall0uT-> <fudepen> skOt: night nite, sleep tight don't let the bedie bugs bite [05:32] <Fall0uT-> * fudepen pats skOt on the head and turns out the lights for skOt [05:32] <Fall0uT-> <Fall0uT-> i'm going to go for a little while [05:32] <Fall0uT-> <Fall0uT-> bbl [05:32] <Agro> phloppy: who told you [05:32] <Fall0uT-> Session Close: Fri Aug 13 00:24:22 1999 [05:33] <Fall0uT-> see [05:33] *** Fall0uT- was kicked by jAYdEE (flood^O) [05:33] *** Fall0uT- has joined #714 [05:33] <Fall0uT-> friday [05:33] <phloppy> shes in shock so it must have bin this morning [05:33] <Fall0uT-> in the morning [05:33] <Fall0uT-> no [05:33] <Fall0uT-> no [05:33] <Fall0uT-> dued [05:33] <Fall0uT-> omg [05:33] <Fall0uT-> is he in the hostpital [05:33] <phloppy> look agro cant talk. he doesnt call me al iar [05:33] <Fall0uT-> hospital [05:33] <^joker^> ? [05:33] <phloppy> hes GONE [05:33] <Fall0uT-> i don't want to believe it [05:33] <Fall0uT-> omg [05:34] <phloppy> she said 'we lost skot last night, please tell all his friends' [05:34] <Fall0uT-> omg [05:34] <^joker^> am i hearing this right? [05:34] <Agro> yeah thats basically what was told to me [05:34] <Fall0uT-> man [05:34] <Agro> I would think SOMEONE would have to have been with him [05:34] <Agro> like Jason or something [05:34] <Agro> or skell [05:35] <^joker^> this can not be right [05:35] <Fall0uT-> its not [05:35] <Fall0uT-> i don't believe it [05:35] <Fall0uT-> dude [05:35] <Fall0uT-> shit [05:35] <Fall0uT-> ugh [05:37] <Agro> I was thinking if i went to sleep and woke up it wouldnt have happened [05:37] <Agro> like a bad dream [05:37] *** Fall0uT- changes topic to 'insert meaningful quote here,, i'm too shocked to say anything' [05:37] <Fall0uT-> -t [05:37] <Agro> because I am still zonked [05:37] <Fall0uT-> i can't believe it [05:37] <Fall0uT-> dued [05:37] <Fall0uT-> i want to wake up [05:37] <Fall0uT-> this isn't cool [05:37] <Agro> phloppy: I may call you in a couple hours or not on my way to work [05:38] <Agro> phloppy: probably not. [05:38] *** phloppy changes topic to 'Skot passed away , his mom informed phloppy and agro @ 5:30am please dont change topic' [05:38] <Fall0uT-> there you go [05:38] <Fall0uT-> thanks [05:38] <phloppy> ^_A^_gro: its ok. Going to call in myself. I cant focus like this. IF I cant focus I cant get shit done [05:39] <Fall0uT-> dude [05:39] <Fall0uT-> dude [05:39] <phloppy> sometimes I wish I had a braindead job [05:39] <Fall0uT-> i can't believe this [05:40] <^joker^> o.o [05:40] <Agro> I will bbl on. [05:40] <Agro> im goin. [05:40] <phloppy> ok [05:40] * Agro has returned. (ooh, that was fun...^_,^O 10h 46m 47s) [05:40] <phloppy> go to work [05:40] <^joker^> bye agro [05:40] <Agro> no its not work time for a few hrs [05:40] <phloppy> no need for you to lose 2 thigns [05:40] <^joker^> phloppy she jes called [05:40] <^joker^> ? [05:40] <Agro> i am just going. [05:40] <Agro> anyhow. [05:40] * Agro is idle^_,^_ gon. ^_[^O^Bc^Ork^_(^Ol^_/^Oon p^_/^Ooff^_)]^O [05:40] <Fall0uT-> shit [05:40] <phloppy> chrissy bakc? [05:40] <Fall0uT-> bye agro [05:40] <Agro> not yet [05:41] <Agro> tomarrow morning [05:41] <Agro> i already calledher [05:41] <phloppy> ^_A^_gro: give her a call [05:41] <phloppy> k [05:41] <Agro> she didnt believe me [05:41] <phloppy> hehehe shes the optimistic one at least [05:41] <Agro> i said "Girl, you honestly think I would be up this early and bother calling you??" [05:41] <phloppy> hehehe [05:41] <phloppy> I have to call rusty and let him know [05:42] <Agro> wait till morning [05:42] <phloppy> yah [05:42] <phloppy> those guys at beach paint will want to know too [05:42] <Agro> ok im gone [05:42] <phloppy> take care [05:42] <phloppy> I am going too [05:42] <Agro> u2 [05:43] <Fall0uT-> fuck [05:43] <Fall0uT-> i can't believe this [05:43] * phloppy is idle: :[ Will give out funeral info for skot when I get them. Please leave a msg if you want to know ]: pager [on] [05:43] <Fall0uT-> phloppy i want them [05:43] <Fall0uT-> when you get em [05:44] <phloppy> msg me your # [05:44] <^joker^> phloppy the funeral takes place at a church right? [05:44] <^joker^> & burial at cemetary? [05:45] <Fall0uT-> phloppy did you get it [05:45] <phloppy> yes [05:45] <Fall0uT-> ok [05:45] <Fall0uT-> shit [05:45] <Fall0uT-> i have to go [05:45] <Fall0uT-> i can't think [05:45] <phloppy> me neither [05:45] <Fall0uT-> i can't stop crying now [05:45] <Fall0uT-> it just hit me [05:45] <phloppy> ok monitor is too bright [05:46] <phloppy> yah me too [05:46] <phloppy> be back soon [05:46] <phloppy> bye [05:46] <Fall0uT-> see you later [05:46] <Fall0uT-> i'm gonna go to [05:46] <^joker^> im outta here... [05:46] <Fall0uT-> bye joker [05:46] <^joker^> bye

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