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Drama at Southfork Ranch, broadcast 1978-91.

Revived in 2012 as Dallas.

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
John Anderson
20-Oct-1922 7-Aug-1992 Harry Jackson on MacGyver
John Ashton
22-Feb-1948   Beverly Hills Cop
Christopher Atkins
21-Feb-1961   The Blue Lagoon
Barbara Babcock
27-Feb-1937   Dorothy Jennings on Dr. Quinn
John Beck
28-Jan-1943   Mark Graison on Dallas
Barbara Bel Geddes
31-Oct-1922 8-Aug-2005 Miss Ellie on Dallas
Morgan Brittany
5-Dec-1951   Katherine Wentworth on Dallas
K Callan
9-Jan-1942   Martha Kent on Lois & Clark
Joseph Campanella
21-Nov-1933   The Colbys
John Carter
26-Nov-1927   Lt. John Biddle on Barnaby Jones
Joanna Cassidy
2-Aug-1945   Snake-charmer in Blade Runner
George Chakiris
16-Sep-1934   West Side Story
Lois Chiles
15-Apr-1947   Moonraker
Frederick Coffin
16-Jan-1943 31-Jul-2003 Character actor
Glenn Corbett
17-Aug-1930 16-Jan-1993 Lincoln Case on Route 66
Barry Corbin
16-Oct-1940   Maurice Minnifield on Northern Exposure
Mary Crosby
14-Sep-1959   Dallas
Jim Davis
26-Aug-1909 26-Apr-1981 Jock Ewing on Dallas
Lesley-Anne Down
17-Mar-1954   The Bold and the Beautiful
Patrick Duffy
17-Mar-1949   Bobby Ewing on Dallas
Barbara Eden
23-Aug-1934   I Dream of Jeannie
Susan Flannery
31-Jul-1940   The Bold and the Beautiful
Steve Forrest
29-Sep-1924 18-May-2013 S.W.A.T.
Don Galloway
27-Jul-1937 8-Jan-2009 Det. Sgt. Ed Brown on Ironside
Paul Gleason
4-May-1939 27-May-2006 The Breakfast Club
Gerrit Graham
27-Nov-1949   Class Reunion
Linda Gray
12-Sep-1940   Sue Ellen on Dallas
Larry Hagman
21-Sep-1931 23-Nov-2012 J.R. Ewing on Dallas
Jenilee Harrison
12-Jun-1959   Cindy Snow on Three's Company
Fay Hauser
28-Dec-1948   Roots: The Next Generations
Ron Hayes
26-Feb-1929 1-Oct-2004 Ben Jones on The Rounders
Art Hindle
21-Jul-1948   Paradise Falls
Susan Howard
28-Jan-1944   Donna Krebbs on Dallas
Laura Johnson
1-Aug-1957   Falcon Crest
Steve Kanaly
14-Mar-1946   Ray Krebbs on Dallas
Omri Katz
30-May-1976   Eerie, Indiana
Howard Keel
13-Apr-1919 7-Nov-2004 Clayton Farlow on Dallas
George Kennedy
18-Feb-1925   Airport, Naked Gun
Ken Kercheval
15-Jul-1935   Cliff Barnes on Dallas
Audrey Landers
18-Jul-1959   Afton Cooper on Dallas
John Larch
4-Oct-1914 16-Oct-2005 Character actor
Tina Louise
11-Feb-1934   Ginger on Gilligan's Island
Susan Lucci
23-Dec-1946   Erica Kane on All My Children
Arthur Malet
24-Sep-1927   The Secret of NIMH
Monte Markham
21-Jun-1935   The Second Hundred Years
Jared Martin
21-Dec-1941   Steven Farlow on Dallas
Leigh McCloskey
21-Jun-1955   Mitch Cooper on Dallas
Patty McCormack
21-Aug-1945   The Bad Seed
Ian McShane
29-Sep-1942   Lovejoy
Sam Melville
20-Aug-1936 9-Mar-1989 Officer Mike Danko on The Rookies
Denny Miller
25-Apr-1934 9-Sep-2014 Duke Shannon on Wagon Train
Sasha Mitchell
27-Jul-1967   Cody on Step by Step
Timothy Patrick Murphy
3-Nov-1959 6-Dec-1988 Dallas
George O. Petrie
16-Nov-1912 16-Nov-1997 Harv Smithfield on Dallas
Priscilla Presley
24-May-1945   Elvis's wife
J. A. Preston
?   Allen Brooks on All's Fair
Victoria Principal
3-Jan-1950   Pamela Barnes Ewing on Dallas
Dack Rambo
13-Nov-1941 21-Mar-1994 Jack Ewing on Dallas
Donna Reed
27-Jan-1921 14-Jan-1986 The Donna Reed Show
Kate Reid
4-Nov-1930 27-Mar-1993 The Andromeda Strain
Alejandro Rey
8-Feb-1930 21-May-1987 Carlos Ramirez on The Flying Nun
Dale Robertson
14-Jul-1923 27-Feb-2013 Tales of Wells Fargo
Kelly Rowan
26-Oct-1965   Kirsten Cohen on The O.C.
Herbert Rudley
22-Mar-1910 9-Sep-2006 Herb Hubbard on The Mothers-in-Law
Jack Scalia
10-Nov-1951   Tequila and Bonetti
Kathryn Leigh Scott
29-Jan-1945   Maggie Evans on Dark Shadows
Martha Scott
22-Sep-1912 28-May-2003 Our Town
Ted Shackelford
23-Jun-1946   Gary Ewing on Knots Landing
Deborah Shelton
21-Nov-1948   Mandy Winger on Dallas
Marc Singer
27-Jan-1948   Beastmaster
Alexis Smith
8-Jun-1921 9-Jun-1993 Here Comes the Groom
William Smithers
10-Jul-1927   Jeremy Wendell on Dallas
Andrew Stevens
10-Jun-1955   Massacre at Central High
Craig Stevens
8-Jul-1918 10-May-2000 Peter Gunn
Gail Strickland
18-May-1947   First Monday
Buck Taylor
13-May-1938   Newly O'Brien on Gunsmoke
Leigh Taylor-Young
25-Jan-1945   I Love You, Alice B. Toklas!
Charlene Tilton
1-Dec-1958   Lucy Ewing on Dallas
Joan Van Ark
16-Jun-1943   Valene Ewing on Dallas
Robert Walker, Jr.
15-Apr-1940   Ensign Pulver
David Wayne
30-Jan-1914 9-Feb-1995 The Andromeda Strain
Sheree J. Wilson
12-Dec-1958   April Stevens on Dallas
Edward Winter
3-Jun-1937 8-Mar-2001 Col. Flagg on M*A*S*H
Ray Wise
29-Aug-1947   Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks
Morgan Woodward
16-Sep-1925   Punk Anderson on Dallas


Season One (1978)
1  Digger's Daughter (2-Apr-1978)
2  The Lesson (9-Apr-1978)
3  Spy in the House (16-Apr-1978)
4  Winds of Vengeance (23-Apr-1978)
5  Barbecue (30-Apr-1978)

Season Two (1978)
1  Reunion (Part 1) (23-Sep-1978)
2  Reunion (Part 2) (30-Sep-1978)
3  Old Acquaintance (7-Oct-1978)
4  Bypass (14-Oct-1978)
5  Black Market Baby (15-Oct-1978)
6  Double Wedding (21-Oct-1978)
7  Runaway (28-Oct-1978)
8  Election (5-Nov-1978)
9  Survival (12-Nov-1978)
10  Act of Love (19-Nov-1978)
11  Triangle (26-Nov-1978)
12  Fallen Idol (3-Dec-1978)
13  Kidnapped (17-Dec-1978)
14  Home Again (7-Jan-1979)
15  For Love or Money (14-Jan-1979)
16  Julie's Return (26-Jan-1979)
17  The Red File (Part 1) (2-Feb-1979)
18  The Red File (Part 2) (9-Feb-1979)
19  Sue Ellen's Sister (16-Feb-1979)
20  Call Girl (23-Feb-1979)
21  Royal Marriage (9-Mar-1979)
22  The Outsiders (16-Mar-1979)
23  John Ewing III (Part 1) (23-Mar-1979)
24  John Ewing III (Part 2) (6-Apr-1979)

Season Three (1979)
1  Whatever Happened to Baby John? (Part 1) (21-Sep-1979)
2  Whatever Happened to Baby John? (Part 2) (28-Sep-1979)
3  The Silent Killer (5-Oct-1979)
4  Secrets (12-Oct-1979)
5  The Kristin Affair (19-Oct-1979)
6  The Dove Hunt (26-Oct-1979)
7  The Lost Child (2-Nov-1979)
8  Rodeo (9-Nov-1979)
9  Mastectomy (Part 1) (16-Nov-1979)
10  Mastectomy (Part 2) (16-Nov-1979)
11  The Heiress (23-Nov-1979)
12  Ellie Saves the Day (30-Nov-1979)
13  Mother of the Year (14-Dec-1979)
14  Return Engagements (20-Dec-1979)
15  Love and Marriage (21-Dec-1979)
16  Power Play (4-Jan-1980)
17  Paternity Suit (11-Jan-1980)
18  Jenna's Return (18-Jan-1980)
19  Sue Ellen's Choice (1-Feb-1980)
20  Second Thoughts (8-Feb-1980)
21  Divorce - Ewing Style (15-Feb-1980)
22  Jock's Trial (Part 1) (22-Feb-1980)
23  Jock's Trial (Part 2) (29-Feb-1980)
24  The Wheeler Dealer (14-Mar-1980)
25  A House Divided (21-Mar-1980)

Season Four (1980)
1  No More Mister Nice Guy (Part 1) (7-Nov-1980)
2  No More Mister Nice Guy (Part 2) (9-Nov-1980)
3  Nightmare (14-Nov-1980)
4  Who Done It? (21-Nov-1980)
5  Taste of Success (28-Nov-1980)
6  The Venezuelan Connection (5-Dec-1980)
7  The Fourth Son (12-Dec-1980)
8  Trouble at Ewing 23 (19-Dec-1980)
9  The Prodigal Mother (2-Jan-1981)
10  Executive Wife (9-Jan-1981)
11  End of the Road (Part 1) (16-Jan-1981)
12  End of the Road (Part 2) (23-Jan-1981)
13  Making of a President (30-Jan-1981)
14  Start the Revolution With Me (6-Feb-1981)
15  The Quest (13-Feb-1981)
16  Lover, Come Back (20-Feb-1981)
17  The New Mrs. Ewing (27-Feb-1981)
18  Mark of Cain (13-Mar-1981)
19  The Gathering Storm (27-Mar-1981)
20  Ewing vs. Ewing (3-Apr-1981)
21  New Beginnings (10-Apr-1981)
22  Full Circle (17-Apr-1981)
23  Ewing-Gate (1-May-1981)

Season Five (1981)
1  Missing Heir (9-Oct-1981)
2  Gone, But Not Forgotten (16-Oct-1981)
3  Showdown at San Angelo (23-Oct-1981)
4  Little Boy Lost (30-Oct-1981)
5  The Sweet Smell of Revenge (6-Nov-1981)
6  The Big Shut Down (13-Nov-1981)
7  Blocked (20-Nov-1981)
8  The Split (27-Nov-1981)
9  Five Dollars a Barrel (4-Dec-1981)
10  Starting Over (11-Dec-1981)
11  Waterloo at Southfork (18-Dec-1981)
12  Barbecue Two (1-Jan-1982)
13  The Search (8-Jan-1982)
14  Denial (15-Jan-1982)
15  Head of the Family (22-Jan-1982)
16  The Phoenix (29-Jan-1982)
17  My Father, My Son (5-Feb-1982)
18  Anniversary (12-Feb-1982)
19  Adoption (19-Feb-1982)
20  The Maelstrom (26-Feb-1982)
21  The Prodigal (5-Mar-1982)
22  Vengeance (12-Mar-1982)
23  Blackmail (19-Mar-1982)
24  The Investigation (26-Mar-1982)
25  Acceptance (2-Apr-1982)
26  Goodbye, Cliff Barnes (9-Apr-1982)

Season Six (1982)
1  Changing of the Guard (1-Oct-1982)
2  Where There's a Will (8-Oct-1982)
3  Billion Dollar Question (15-Oct-1982)
4  The Big Ball (22-Oct-1982)
5  Jock's Will (29-Oct-1982)
6  Aftermath (5-Nov-1982)
7  Hit and Run (12-Nov-1982)
8  The Ewing Touch (19-Nov-1982)
9  Fringe Benefits (26-Nov-1982)
10  The Wedding (3-Dec-1982)
11  Post Nuptial (10-Dec-1982)
12  Barbecue Three (17-Dec-1982)
13  Mama Dearest (31-Dec-1982)
14  The Ewing Blues (7-Jan-1983)
15  The Reckoning (14-Jan-1983)
16  A Ewing is a Ewing (28-Jan-1983)
17  Crash of '83 (4-Feb-1983)
18  Requiem (11-Feb-1983)
19  Legacy (18-Feb-1983)
20  Brothers and Sisters (25-Feb-1983)
21  Caribbean Connection (4-Mar-1983)
22  The Sting (11-Mar-1983)
23  Hell Hath No Fury (18-Mar-1983)
24  Cuba Libre (25-Mar-1983)
25  Tangled Web (1-Apr-1983)
26  Things Ain't Goin' Too Good at Southfork (15-Apr-1983)
27  Penultimate (29-Apr-1983)
28  Ewing Inferno (6-May-1983)

Season Seven (1983)
1  The Road Back (30-Sep-1983)
2  The Long Goodbye (7-Oct-1983)
3  The Letter (14-Oct-1983)
4  My Brother's Keeper (21-Oct-1983)
5  The Quality of Mercy (28-Oct-1983)
6  Check and Mate (4-Nov-1983)
7  Ray's Trial (11-Nov-1983)
8  The Oil Baron's Ball (18-Nov-1983)
9  Morning After (25-Nov-1983)
10  The Buck Stops Here (2-Dec-1983)
11  To Catch a Sly (9-Dec-1983)
12  Barbecue Four (16-Dec-1983)
13  Past Imperfect (23-Dec-1983)
14  Peter's Principles (6-Jan-1984)
15  Offshore Crude (13-Jan-1984)
16  Some Do... Some Don't (20-Jan-1984)
17  Eye of the Beholder (27-Jan-1984)
18  Twelve Mile Limit (3-Feb-1984)
19  Where is Poppa? (10-Feb-1984)
20  When the Bough Breaks (17-Feb-1984)
21  True Confessions (24-Feb-1984)
22  And the Winner Is... (2-Mar-1984)
23  Fools Rush In (9-Mar-1984)
24  The Unexpected (16-Mar-1984)
25  Strange Alliance (23-Mar-1984)
26  Blow Up (6-Apr-1984)
27  Turning Point (13-Apr-1984)
28  Love Stories (4-May-1984)
29  Hush, Hush, Sweet Jessie (11-May-1984)
30  End Game (18-May-1984)

Season Eight (1984)
1  Killer at Large (28-Sep-1984)
2  Battle Lines (5-Oct-1984)
3  If at First You Don't Succeed (12-Oct-1984)
4  Jamie (19-Oct-1984)
5  Family (26-Oct-1984)
6  Shadow of a Doubt (2-Nov-1984)
7  Homecoming (9-Nov-1984)
8  Oil Baron's Ball III (16-Nov-1984)
9  Shadows (23-Nov-1984)
10  Charlie (30-Nov-1984)
11  Barbecue Five (7-Dec-1984)
12  Do You Take This Woman... (14-Dec-1984)
13  Deja Vu (21-Dec-1984)
14  Odd Man Out (28-Dec-1984)
15  Lockup in Laredo (4-Jan-1985)
16  Winds of War (11-Jan-1985)
17  Bail Out (25-Jan-1985)
18  Legacy of Hate (1-Feb-1985)
19  Sins of the Fathers (8-Feb-1985)
20  The Brothers Ewing (15-Feb-1985)
21  Shattered Dreams (22-Feb-1985)
22  Dead Ends (1-Mar-1985)
23  Trial and Error (8-Mar-1985)
24  The Verdict (15-Mar-1985)
25  Sentences (29-Mar-1985)
26  Terms of Estrangement (12-Apr-1985)
27  The Ewing Connection (19-Apr-1985)
28  Deeds and Misdeeds (3-May-1985)
29  Deliverance (10-May-1985)
30  Swan Song (17-May-1985)

Season Nine (1985)
1  The Family Ewing (27-Sep-1985)
2  Rock Bottom (27-Sep-1985)
3  Those Eyes (4-Oct-1985)
4  Resurrection (11-Oct-1985)
5  Saving Grace (18-Oct-1985)
6  Mothers (25-Oct-1985)
7  The Wind of Change (1-Nov-1985)
8  Quandary (8-Nov-1985)
9  Close Encounters (15-Nov-1985)
10  Suffer the Little Children (22-Nov-1985)
11  The Prize (29-Nov-1985)
12  En Passant (6-Dec-1985)
13  Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen (13-Dec-1985)
14  Curiosity Killed the Cat (20-Dec-1985)
15  The Missing Link (3-Jan-1986)
16  Twenty-Four Hours (10-Jan-1986)
17  The Deadly Game (17-Jan-1986)
18  Blame it on Bogota (24-Jan-1986)
19  Shadow Games (31-Jan-1986)
20  Missing (7-Feb-1986)
21  Dire Straits (14-Feb-1986)
22  Overture (21-Feb-1986)
23  Sitting Ducks (28-Feb-1986)
24  Masquerade (7-Mar-1986)
25  Just Desserts (14-Mar-1986)
26  Nothing's Ever Perfect (21-Mar-1986)
27  J.R. Rising (4-Apr-1986)
28  Serendipity (11-Apr-1986)
29  Thrice in a Lifetime (2-May-1986)
30  Hello, Goodbye, Hello (9-May-1986)
31  Blast From the Past (16-May-1986)

Season Ten (1986)
1  Return to Camelot (Part 1) (26-Sep-1986)
2  Return to Camelot (Part 2) (26-Sep-1986)
3  Pari Per Sue (3-Oct-1986)
4  Once and Future King (10-Oct-1986)
5  Enigma (17-Oct-1986)
6  Trompe L'Oeil (24-Oct-1986)
7  Territorial Imperative (31-Oct-1986)
8  The Second Time Around (7-Nov-1986)
9  Bells Are Ringing (14-Nov-1986)
10  Who's Who at the Oil Baron's Ball? (21-Nov-1986)
11  Proof Positive (28-Nov-1986)
12  Something Old, Something New (5-Dec-1986)
13  Bar-B-Cued (12-Dec-1986)
14  The Fire Next Time (19-Dec-1986)
15  So Shall Ye Reap (2-Jan-1987)
16  Tick, Tock (9-Jan-1987)
17  Night Visitor (23-Jan-1987)
18  Cat and Mouse (30-Jan-1987)
19  High Noon For Calhoun (6-Feb-1987)
20  Olio (13-Feb-1987)
21  A Death in the Family (20-Feb-1987)
22  Revenge of the Nerd (27-Feb-1987)
23  The Ten Percent Solution (13-Mar-1987)
24  Some Good, Some Bad (20-Mar-1987)
25  War and Peace (3-Apr-1987)
26  Ruthless People (10-Apr-1987)
27  The Dark at the End of the Tunnel (1-May-1987)
28  Two-Fifty (8-May-1987)
29  Fall of the House of Ewing (15-May-1987)

Season Eleven (1987)
1  After the Fall: Ewing Rise (25-Sep-1987)
2  After the Fall: Digger Redux (25-Sep-1987)
3  The Son Also Rises (2-Oct-1987)
4  Gone with the Wind (9-Oct-1987)
5  The Lady Vanishes (16-Oct-1987)
6  Tough Love (23-Oct-1987)
7  Last Tango in Dallas (30-Oct-1987)
8  Mummy's Revenge (6-Nov-1987)
9  Hustling (13-Nov-1987)
10  Bedtime Stories (20-Nov-1987)
11  Lovers and Other Liars (27-Nov-1987)
12  Brothers and Sons (4-Dec-1987)
13  Brother, Can You Spare a Child? (11-Dec-1987)
14  Daddy's Little Darlin' (18-Dec-1987)
15  It's Me Again (8-Jan-1988)
16  Marriage on the Rocks (15-Jan-1988)
17  Anniversary Waltz (22-Jan-1988)
18  Brotherly Love (5-Feb-1988)
19  The Best Laid Plans (12-Feb-1988)
20  Farlow's Follies (19-Feb-1988)
21  Malice in Dallas (26-Feb-1988)
22  Crime Story (4-Mar-1988)
23  To Have and to Hold (11-Mar-1988)
24  Dead Reckoning (18-Mar-1988)
25  Never Say Never (1-Apr-1988)
26  Last of the Good Guys (8-Apr-1988)
27  Top Gun (15-Apr-1988)
28  Pillow Talk (29-Apr-1988)
29  Things Ain't Goin' So Good at Southfork, Again (6-May-1988)
30  The Fat Lady Singeth (13-May-1988)

Season Twelve (1988)
1  Carousel (28-Oct-1988)
2  No Greater Love (4-Nov-1988)
3  The Call of the Wild (11-Nov-1988)
4  Out of the Frying Pan (18-Nov-1988)
5  Road Work (2-Dec-1988)
6  War and Love and the Whole Damned Thing (9-Dec-1988)
7  Showdown at the Ewing Corral (16-Dec-1988)
8  Deception (6-Jan-1989)
9  Counter Attack (13-Jan-1989)
10  The Sting (20-Jan-1989)
11  The Two Mrs. Ewings (27-Jan-1989)
12  The Switch (3-Feb-1989)
13  He-e-ere's Papa! (10-Feb-1989)
14  Comings and Goings (17-Feb-1989)
15  Country Girl (24-Feb-1989)
16  Wedding Bell Blues (24-Feb-1989)
17  The Way We Were (3-Mar-1989)
18  The Serpent's Tooth (10-Mar-1989)
19  Three Hundred (17-Mar-1989)
20  April Showers (31-Mar-1989)
21  And Away We Go! (7-Apr-1989)
22  Yellow Brick Road (14-Apr-1989)
23  The Sound of Money (28-Apr-1989)
24  The Great Texas Waltz (5-May-1989)
25  Mission to Moscow (12-May-1989)
26  Reel Life (19-May-1989)

Season Thirteen (1989)
1  Phantom of the Oil Rig (22-Sep-1989)
2  The Leopard's Spots (22-Sep-1989)
3  Cry Me a River of Oil (29-Sep-1989)
4  Ka-Booooom! (6-Oct-1989)
5  Sunrise, Sunset (13-Oct-1989)
6  Pride and Prejudice (20-Oct-1989)
7  Fathers and Other Strangers (3-Nov-1989)
8  Black Tide (10-Nov-1989)
9  Daddy Dearest (17-Nov-1989)
10  Hell's Fury (1-Dec-1989)
11  Cally on a Hot Tin Roof (8-Dec-1989)
12  Sex, Lies and Videotape (15-Dec-1989)
13  Tale of Two Cities (5-Jan-1990)
14  Judgment Day (12-Jan-1990)
15  Unchain My Heart (19-Jan-1990)
16  I Dream of Jeannie (2-Feb-1990)
17  After Midnight (9-Feb-1990)
18  The Crucible (16-Feb-1990)
19  Dear Hearts and Gentle People (23-Feb-1990)
20  Paradise Lost (9-Mar-1990)
21  Will Power (16-Mar-1990)
22  The Smiling Cobra (30-Mar-1990)
23  Jessica Redux (6-Apr-1990)
24  Family Plot (13-Apr-1990)
25  The Southfork Wedding Jinx (27-Apr-1990)
26  Three, Three, Three (Part 1) (4-May-1990)
27  Three, Three, Three (Part 2) (11-May-1990)

Season Fourteen (1990)
1  April in Paris (2-Nov-1990)
2  Charade (9-Nov-1990)
3  One Last Kiss (16-Nov-1990)
4  Terminus (23-Nov-1990)
5  Tunnel of Love (30-Nov-1990)
6  Heart and Soul (7-Dec-1990)
7  The Fabulous Ewing Boys (14-Dec-1990)
8  The Odessa File (21-Dec-1990)
9  Sail On (4-Jan-1991)
10  Lock, Stock and Jock (11-Jan-1991)
11  "S" is for Seduction (18-Jan-1991)
12  Designing Women (1-Feb-1991)
13  90265 (8-Feb-1991)
14  Smooth Operator (15-Feb-1991)
15  Win Some, Lose Some (1-Mar-1991)
16  Fathers and Sons and Fathers and Sons (8-Mar-1991)
17  When the Wind Blows (29-Mar-1991)
18  Those Darned Ewings (5-Apr-1991)
19  Farewell, My Lovely (12-Apr-1991)
20  Some Leave, Some Get Carried Out (19-Apr-1991)
21  The Decline and Fall of the Ewing Empire (26-Apr-1991)
22  Conundrum (Part 1) (3-May-1991)
23  Conundrum (Part 2) (3-May-1991)

TV Movies
1  Dallas Reunion: Return to Southfork (7-Nov-2004)
2  Dallas: JR Returns (15-Dec-1996)
3  Dallas ( War of the Ewings:24-Apr-1998)

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