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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (28-Jun-2003)

Director: Gore Verbinski

Writers: Ted Elliott; Terry Rossio; Stuart Beattie; Jay Wolpert

Music by: Klaus Badelt

Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer

Keywords: Action/Adventure, Swashbuckling, Disneyland, Ghost, Curse

Loose film adaptation of the Disneyland ride of the same name follows the perilous adventures of an eccentric pirate and his off-kilter crew.

"Dead men tell no tales!" So sayeth the words at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom's Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, the ride serving as an inspiration for this Johnny Depp vehicle about Captain Jack Sparrow and his offbeat crew of swashbucklers. Teaming up with intelligent blacksmith Will Turner, the saucy Sparrow must help to retrieve Elizabeth Swann, Will's romantic partner, from the undead Captain Barbossa and his team of nefarious nautical wanderers cursed to exist into perpetuity in an undesirable state between life and death.

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Orlando Bloom
13-Jan-1977   Lord of the Rings
Mackenzie Crook
29-Sep-1971   Gareth Keenan on The Office
Jack Davenport
1-Mar-1973   Steve Taylor on Coupling
Johnny Depp
9-Jun-1963   Captain Jack Sparrow
Trevor Goddard
14-Oct-1962 7-Jun-2003 Lt. Cmdr. Mic Brumby on JAG
Keira Knightley
26-Mar-1985   Bend It Like Beckham
Kevin McNally
27-Apr-1956   Pirates of the Caribbean
Jonathan Pryce
1-Jun-1947   Sam Lowry in Brazil
Geoffrey Rush
6-Jul-1951   Shine, Quills
Zoe Saldana
19-Jun-1978   Avatar and Star Trek
Guy Siner
16-Oct-1947   Lt. Gruber on Allo 'Allo!


Johnny Depp   ...   Jack Sparrow
Geoffrey Rush   ...   Barbossa
Orlando Bloom   ...   Will Turner
Keira Knightley   ...   Elizabeth Swann
Jack Davenport   ...   Norrington
Kevin McNally   ...   Joshamee Gibbs
Zoe Saldana   ...   Anamaria
Jonathan Pryce   ...   Gov. Weatherby Swann
Treva Etienne   ...   Koehler
David Bailie   ...   Cotton
Lee Arenberg   ...   Pintel
Mackenzie Crook   ...   Ragetti
Trevor Goddard   ...   Grapple
Isaac C. Singleton, Jr.   ...   Bo'sun
Brye Cooper   ...   Mallot
Damian O'Hare   ...   Lt. Gillette
Giles New   ...   Murtogg
Angus Barnett   ...   Mullroy
Michael Berry, Jr.   ...   Twigg
Guy Siner   ...   Harbormaster
Ralph P. Martin   ...   Mr. Brown
Paula Jane Newman   ...   Estrella
Paul Keith   ...   Butler
Dylan Smith   ...   Young Will
Lucinda Dryzek   ...   Young Elizabeth
Michael Sean Tighe   ...   Seedy Looking Prisoner
Greg Ellis   ...   Officer
Dustin Seavey   ...   Sentry
Christian Martin   ...   Steersman
Vince Lozano   ...   Jacoby
Ben Wilson   ...   Seedy Prisoner #2
Antonio Valentino   ...   Seedy Prisoner #3
Lauren Maher   ...   Scarlett
Mike Babcock   ...   Seedy Prisoner #4
Owen Finnegan   ...   Town Clerk
Ian McIntyre   ...   Sailor
Vanessa Branch   ...   Giselle
Sam & Ben Roberts   ...   Crying Boy
Martin Klebba   ...   Marty
Jack's Crew
Felix Castro   ...   Moises
Mike Haberecht   ...   Kursar
Rudolph McColam   ...   Matelot
Gerard Reyes   ...   Tearlach
M. Scott Shields   ...   Duncan
Chris "Sully" Sullivan   ...   Ladbroc
Craig Thomson   ...   Crimp
Fred Toft   ...   Quartetto
Barbossa's Crew
D. P. FitzGerald   ...   Weatherby
Jerry Gauny   ...   Ketchum
Maxie J. Santillan, Jr.   ...   Maximo
Michael Lane   ...   Monk
Tobias McKinney   ...   Dog Ear
David Patykewich   ...   Clubba
Tommy Schooler   ...   Scarus
Michael A. Thompson   ...   Simbakka
Michael W. Williams   ...   Hawksmoor
Jose G. Zelaya   ...   Katracho
Finneus Egan   ...   Scratch
Don Ladaga   ...   Nipperkin


Review by Akari Chan (posted on 29-May-2007)

A film like that is Disneyís Pirates of the Caribbean: The curse of the Black Pearl. This is an original film that will captivate you. Swashbuckling adventures are a few and far between these days, so it is a great surprise to see one that is greatly made. Too add further delight to the movie, the movie never takes itself too seriously , if there wasnít so many fencing scenes, it would be easily mistaken as a comedy. Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) is a pirate whoís notorious for his incompetence. After rescuing Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley), he is thanked by her father Governor Swann (Jonathan Pryce), while being arrested time and time again for the act of piracy, he escapes, but only to loose to a duel with the dashing blacksmith William Turner (Orlando Bloom), who harbours feelings for Elizabeth. Captain Jack Sparrow is then thrown into jail, but when the town of Port Royal is under attack by the crew of the Black Pearl and the captain himself Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) the beautiful Elizabeth is kidnapped and taken to the island of Isla de Muerta. In order to save his beloved, Will breaks Jack out of prison so the drunken like pirate can lead him to the Black Pearl and Isla de Muerta where Elizabeth is headed. The fact is that Barbossa isnít interested in a ransom, but to free them from the curse to walk the Earth as the living dead until everything is restored and a blood sacrifice is made so they can become human again, but that is not easy as it seems. This movie belongs to Johnny Depp, there is never a scene dull with him in it, whether he is sober or drunk, and some of his drunken drag queen performances were cheerfully over the top. but not in the way that would clash with the overall movie. In one scene for an instance Jack is supposedly drunk, but his actions donít differ much from when he is sober, Depp plays the part with a goofiness that sets the movieís tone and mood. His character is unpredictable and often leaves the viewer wondering if he is siding with the devil or helping the good. From girl next door to A-list movie star Keira Knightley (who also stared in another Disney film Princess of thieves and with a breakthrough role in America in Bend it like Beckham) plays her character with grace and spunk "Iím some kind of modern girl stuck in the world of the 18th century." says Keira Knightley when playing her character. Orlando Bloom (with an appealing performance in the Lord of the rings trilogy) gave an exceptional performance with an American actor playing a British character with a very cute and accurate British accent, while Geoffrey Rush plays the over-the-top bad guy that just wants to enlialate his enemies to oblivion. Rush did an amazing job portraying his character, but sometimes it was too over-the-top with the laughing and the scheming which made the audience find his plans very predictable. As was true with director Gore Verbinskiís previous movie The Ring, Pirates of the Caribbean leaks atmosphere. The humor keeps if from becoming too dark and twisty. The visuals are amazing as well. The effects that were CGI were very hard to pick out, there were flashes of cinematography; sweeping ocean shots and ship battles that would benefit a film that would take itself more seriously. Verbinski gets huge assistance from Cinematographer Dariusz Wolski and composer Klaus Badelt, memorable for many musical scores. The music also was far from quiet, instead going for a grand adventure type mood and it worked perfectly, and of course we got to hear the movieís anthem Yo-ho Yo-ho A pirates life is a life for me. To have thought that this movie started from a theme park ride, Pirates of the Caribbean is scene-to-scene battles, chases, drunkenness and fights. The only pauses need was those that needed to precede the story through speech. Thereís plenty swordplay, including a hilarious and lengthy scene between Will and Jack, even though the weird camera angles gives the hint that they were stunt performers used, but overall a great success for a movie that was based on a ride. Yo-ho, this is a movie worth travelling the seven seas to watch

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