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Aaron Funk
Electronic Musician
11-Jan-1975   Venetian Snares


Greg Hates Car Culture (Oct-1999, History of the Future)
A1 Personal Discourse
A2 Like Tooth Decay
A3 Fuck a Stranger in the Ass
A4 Point Blank
B1 Boiled Angel
B2 Cricket Spine Bin

printf("shiver in eternal darkness/n"); (May-2000, Isolate)
1 Salt
2 Hours
3 Intense Demonic Attacks
4 Cruel Whole
5 Suasive Chess Strategy
7 Mouth
8 C8 Diversity
9 Fire is the Devil
10 Molting
11 Punishing the Atoms
12 Stuck
13 Cruel Whole (Abelcain remix)

Rereleased on Bandcamp in 2013, along with the balance of the Salt 12", and adding "Intense Demonic Attacks (Most Intense Remix)", previously unreleased.

fuck canada // fuck america (Sep-2000, CLFST)
1 A Penis is just a Great Big Clitoris with a Piss Hole
2 Bashing his Head
3 Blister
4 Let the Dog Out
5 Gay
6 New Panties
7 I'm a Fucking Idiot
8 Made of Mark
9-16  (by Stunt Rock)

Venetian Snares vs Stuntrock; first eight tracks by Venetian Snares. Rereleased in 2012 on Bandcamp, including a bonus track from the same era, S.

Salt (Oct-2000, Zhark)
A1 Salt
A2 Mismo Canibalismo
B1 Intense Demonic Attacks
B2 Diffuse Vertigo Jenny

7 Sevens Med EP (Nov-2000, Low Res)
A1 From the Snare
A2 More Drugs N Bass
B1 More Drugs Less Love
B2 Number Seven

Defluxion (Jan-2001, Planet Mu)
A Defluxion
B Boarded Up Swan Entrance


Clearance Bin (Mar-2001, History of the Future)
A Clearance Bin
B Breakbeat Malaria

Released as Snares Man!

Making Orange Things (Mar-2001, Planet Mu)
1 Fire Beats
2 We Hate Russell
3 Pay Me For Sex
4 Cheatin'
5 Unborn Baby
6 Meta Abuse
7 Molly's Reach Around
8 Russell Hates This Track
9 Viva Las Vegas
10 Tushe Love
11 Halfway Up The Stairway Of Mucus (Led Zeppelin cover)

With noise vocalist Speedranch, created by swapping audio files over ICQ.

Shitfuckers!!! (Apr-2001, Dyslexic Response/Isolate)
A1 Roller Coaster Elastic
A2 Crackest
A3 Grind Drug
B1 Good Jungle
B2 One Eye
B3 A Lot of Drugs

Songs About My Cats (Apr-2001, Planet Mu)
1 Chinaski
2 Katzesorge Part 1
3 Nepetalactone
4 Poor Kakarookee
5 For Bertha Rand (the Winnipeg cat lady)
6 Breakfast Time For Baboons
7 Fluff Master
8 Bobo
9 Katzesorge Part 2
10 Pouncelciot
11 Kakenrooken Stivlobits
12 Lioness
13 Cleaning Each Other
14 Look

Doll Doll Doll (Sep-2001, Hymen)
1 Pygmalion
2 Remi
3 I Rent The Ocean
4 Dollmaker
5 Befriend A Childkiller
6 Pressure Torture
7 Macerate & Petrify
8 All The Children Are Dead

First of the two Doll concept albums; the second is Find Candace (2003). Artwork by Trevor Brown.

The Connected Series #2 (Sep-2001, Klangkrieg)
A1 Eleven Million Dollars Worth of Stolen Bearer Bonds (by Cex)
A2 Eleven Million Panda Bears in Bondage (Remix of A1 by Venetian Snares)
B1 How to Steal and Store an Ice Sculpted Bear (by Venetian Snares)
B2 Ice Pirate Not Steeler (Remix of B1 by Cex)

Split 12" with Cex.

Higgins Ultra Low Track Glue Funk Hits 1972-2006 (May-2002, Planet Mu)
1 Dance Like You're Selling Nails (Remix of "Alla Luce Del Giorno" by Ennio Morricone)
2 Banana Seat Girl
3 Fuck Off
4 Make Ronnie Rocket
5 Vokeheads
6 Deadman DJ
7 Cobra Commander
8 Walmer Side
9 Dismantling Five Years
10 We Are Oceans

2370894 (Sep-2002, Planet Mu)
1 Underground Circus Jesus
2 Ornamental Grape Bone
3 Happy Morning Condom Factory
4 Twisting Ligneous
5 Fuck Toronto Jungle
6 We Are Cesspools
7 Sybian Rock
8 Nobody Really Understands Anybody
9 Stamina (Instrumental, feat. Cex)
10 2 Dollars
11 British IDM Preset Fanfare (The Hawaiian Hockey Song)

Released as VSNARES. Tracks selected by Mike Paradinas from a pile of Snares's "outtakes".

Winter in the Belly of a Snake (Oct-2002, Planet Mu)
1 Dad
2 Stairs Song
3 Tattoo
4 Gottrahmen
5 Suffocate
6 January
7 Crawlspace
8 In Quod
9 She (The Misfits cover)
10 Cashew
11 Fraujäger
12 Warm Body
13 Sink Snow Angel
14 Yes Love, My Soul Is Black
15 Icosikaipent
16 Earth

Artwork by Trevor Brown.

A Giant Alien Force More Violent & Sick Than Anything You Can Imagine (Oct-2002, Hymen)
1 A Giant Alien Force More Violent & Sick Than Anything You Can Imagine

3" CD, a single fifteen-minute track. Packaging includes a miniature viewfinder through which one can view the title printed on various objects.

Find Candace (Feb-2003, Hymen)
1 Befriend A Childkiller Remix
2 Mercy Funk
3 Find Candace
4 Yor
5 Children's Limbo
6 Dolleater
7 Bind Candace

The second of the Doll albums. Artwork by Trevor Brown.

Badminton (Apr-2003, Addict)
A Badminton
B Edgewood Park


Nymphomatriarch (May-2003, Hymen)
1 Input
2 Blood on the Rope
3 Amaurophilia
4 Hymen Tramp Choir
5 Pervs
6 Outlet

Collaboration with then-girlfriend Hecate, contructed entirely of manipulated recordings of the pair having sex, taped during their tour of Europe.

Einstein-Rosen Bridge (Oct-2003, Planet Mu)
A1 Einstein-Rosen Bridge
A2 Einstein-Rosen Dub
B1 Epstein-Horshack Lids

Stupid Chocolate Wheelchair (Oct-2003, Planet Mu)
1 Abomination Street (Remix of the theme from Coronation Street)
2 Too Young (Remix of "Too Young to Fall in Love" by Mötley Crüe)
3 Langside
4 Einstein-Rosen Bridge (Remix of the theme from It's About Time)
5 Hand Throw
6 Epidermis
7 Ghetto Body Buddy
8 Sky Painted On Car
9 Marty's Tardis
10 Herbie Goes Ballistic

Leopards of Mass Destruction (2003, Death$ucker (UK))
a Bee In Bunnyhead (Beesnares)
b Gitsch (Fanny)


Moonglow (Feb-2004, Addict)
A Moonglow
B This Bitter Earth


Horse and Goat (Apr-2004, Sublight (Canada), Hymen (Germany))
1 Horse and Goat
2 Prophylactic Eyehead
3 Richard Devine A+ Student
4 Lithium Twatting
5 Weinerpeg Mannertoeba
6 Hepatitis Sundae

Artwork by Trevor Brown. Prophylactic Eyehead is nearly a cover of the Otto Von Schirach track Insectdezyde Juice (2001).

Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding (Jun-2004, Planet Mu)
1 Huge Chrome Peach
2 Bonivital
3 Cadmium Lung Jacket
4 Vida
5 Coke Ajax
6 Li2CO3
7 Ion Divvy
8 Keek
9 Nineteen 1319
10 Destroy Glass Castles
11 Chlorophyll
12 Bent Annick
13 Aaron
14 Bezcitny

Tentatively titled Beauty. Has its hooks in Horse and Goat: compare the second track on each, as well as the two "Lithium" tracks.

Camel Toe / Canned Peas (2-Aug-2004, Planet Mu)
A Camel Toe
B Canned Pees

12", released under the pseudonym Hawerchuk.

Infolepsy (15-Nov-2004, Coredump)
1 Twelve
2 Where's Bill?
3 Absolute Smakatrosmic
4 Americanized
5 Punishing2004 ft. mc skm

Twelve is a remix of the "Pinball Number Count" theme from Sesame Street. Where's Bill? samples heavily from Kill Bill: Vol. 1. Americanized features the schizophrenic ranting of Francis E. Dec, as read by Los Angeles radio DJ Doc on the ROQ. Punishing2004 is a new version of Punishing the Atoms. Rereleased on Bandcamp in 2013, including the former Myspace-only track Ibanchivapalk.

Winnipeg is a Frozen Shithole (20-Jan-2005, Sublight)
1 Winnipeg is a Frozen Shithole
2 Winnipeg is a Dogshit Dildo
3 Winnipeg is Fucking Over
4 Winnipeg is Steven Stapleton's Armpit
5 Die Winnipeg Die Die Die Fuckers Die
6 Winnipeg as Mandatory Scat Feed
7 Winnie the Dog Pooh (Not Half remix)
8 Winnipeg is a Boiling Pot of Cranberries (Fanny remix)
9 Die Winnipeg Die Die Die Fuckers Die (Spreading the Hepatitis SKM-ETR Style)

"Things will be much better for me once I move to Vancouver." Everyone here in Winnipeg is born with these words ready to launch out off their tongues from the first -50° school recess they get that very tongue stuck to the zipper of their parka. This is my tribute to those people! My love for their hate, this is Winnipeg science gabber! Is Winnipeg really that shitty a place to live? Yes, it likely is. It's really fucking cold and people still seem upset about Eric's Trip breaking up. Sometimes I like to go out and listen to the The Sisters of Mercy with like 5 other people that are scared to talk to each other. Mostly we stay inside, sometimes go to Safeway and get some stuff, I like fruit salad and cigarettes, but I can't smoke here anymore anywhere and not much fruit grows here in the warm season, maybe crab apples or something. Never really liked those and Al hates rhubarb with a passion. I hope to die here under the wheels of a transit bus with a picture of Randy Bachman on the side.

Rossz Csillag Alatt Született (14-Mar-2005, Planet Mu)
1 Sikertelenség (Failure)
2 Szerencsétlen (Unlucky)
3 Öngyilkos Vasárnap (Suicide Sunday, Rezsô Seress cover, Billie Holiday singing)
4 Felbomlasztott Mentökocsi (Broken-down Ambulance)
5 Hajnal (Dawn)
6 Galamb Egyedül (Lonely Pigeon)
7 Második Galamb (Second Pigeon)
8 Szamár Madár (Donkey Bird, remix of Edward Elgar's Cello Concerto, first movement)
9 Hiszékeny (Gullible)
10 Kétsarkú Mozgalom (Bipolar Movement)
11 Senki Dala (Nobody's Theme)

Titles are in Hungarian; the album title translates to "Born Under a Bad Star".

What if, for just a day, we could both be pigeons? Sometimes one moment in time can take on such an important signifigance that it becomes an endless world unto itself and everything outside of that moment, past and future spots in time, become the folklore of that world. What if we could both fly over the Királyi Palota and see it just as these pigeons do? A beautiful culture of dissimilar angles as donkey angels above this city. But even in the world of the infinite moment, we cannot choose the feather of our bird and the pigeon may long to be the goose, the donkey the pigeon and so on. Furthermore as our world blossoms out of this single tick in time, it is for one pigeon a swirling romantic flood of euphoric possibility and fascination, for the other an inferior life of shitting on everyone from the sky, awkard and ashamed, resigning themselves to be the wretched nuisance they are painted as by those they shit on. Ultimately, as quickly as our world blooms, our world is discordant, and our pigeons are wounded, and as our world dies, we die, and we are extinct. If only we could kill ourselves over and over until we get it right. So just as an entire genre of music can be born out of one sped up ten second breakbeat, a full symphony orchestra can come together in harmonic unison to create that perfect moment in time, thus every moment can give birth to an entirely new world, and every world can house the perfect moment, and just as that breakbeat may be broken beyond any recognition, that orchestra may combine to bring forth a dissonant barrage of colossal sorrow, and so the moment disintegrates it's world and that world suffocates the moment under it's collapse. These are love songs and grief songs.

Meathole (22-Aug-2005, Planet Mu)
1 Aanguish
2 Choprite
3 Contain (featuring SKM-ETR)
4 Aamelotasis
5 Des Plaines
6 Sinthasomphone (name of the Jeffrey Dahmer victim who briefly escaped)
7 Aaperture
8 Szycag

Apparently predates Huge Chrome Cylinder, sounding more like the peanut shells from Doll Doll Doll, et al.

Cavalcade of Glee and Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms (19-Jun-2006, Planet Mu)
1 Donut
2 Swindon
3 Pwntendo
4 XIII's Dub
5 Vache
6 Plunging Hornets
7 Twirl
8 Tache
9 P
10 Cancel

Authentic Nintendo sounds on "Pwntendo" were produced through the Midines, a MIDI interface for the original Nintendo Entertainment System sound chip built by musician x|k. The poem read in French on "Tache" is "Quand on regarde une montre" by Surrealist poet Philippe Soupault.

Hospitality (25-Sep-2006, Planet Mu)
1 Frictional Nevada
2 Beverly's Potatoe Orchestra
3 Shoot Myself
4 Duffy
5 Cabbage
6 Hospitality

The first US CD release sported proper artwork, but the disc was misprinted with the Bah Samba album The House Mixes 1996-2006.

Four Messengers (18-Sep-2006, Planet Mu)
A Four Messengers
B Mr. Leotardo

12", released under the pseudonym Hawerchuk. "All tracks written and produced by K.Hawerchuk for 110% Nutsack Productions."

Pink+Green (29-Mar-2007, Sublight (Canada), Planet Mu (UK))
1 Pink+Green
2 Nutimik
3 Husikám Rave Dojo
4 Pink+Green VIP
5 Sporto Fucking Sellout Cocksuckerface

Sabbath Dubs (2007, Kriss Records)
A Black Sabbath (remix of Black Sabbath)
B Electric Funeral (remix of Black Sabbath)


My Downfall (Original Soundtrack) (1-Oct-2007, Planet Mu)
1 Colorless
2 The Hopeless Pursuit Of Remission
3 Holló Utca 2
4 Room 379
5 Integraation
6 Holló Utca 5
7 Holló Utca 3
8 My Half
9 Holló Utca 4
10 My Crutch
11 I'm Sorry I Failed You
12 Picturesque Pit
13 If I Could Say I Love You
14 Mentioning It

Miss Balaton (2-Jun-2008, Planet Mu)
A Miss Balaton

Detrimentalist (9-Jun-2008, Planet Mu)
1 Gentleman
2 Sajtban
3 Kyokushin
4 Eurocore MVP
5 Poo Yourself Jason
6 Circle Pit
7 Flashforward
8 Bebikukorica Nigiri

CD version includes "Koonut-Kaliffee" (the rare Venetian Snares track in 4/4) and "Miss Balaton".

Filth (20-Apr-2009, Planet Mu)
1 Deep Dicking
2 Crashing The Yogurt Truck
3 Labia
4 Mongoloid Alien
5 Chainsaw Fellatio
6 Kimberly Clark
7 Calvin Kleining
8 Kakarookee Hates Me
9 Splooj Guzzlers
10 Pussy Skull

Horsey Noises (1-Jun-2009, Planet Mu)
1 Horsey Noises
2 Horsey Vag Island
3 Pig Dync
4 Horsey Noisers

My So-Called Life (23-Aug-2010, Timesig/Planet Mu)
1 Posers And Camera Phones
2 Cadaverous
3 Aaron2
4 Who Wants Cake?
5 Welfare Wednesday
6 Ultraviolent Junglist
7 Goodbye9/Hello10
8 Sound Burglar
9 Hajnal2
10 My So-Called Life

The first release by Aaron's Timesig imprint on Planet Mu.

Cubist Reggae (23-May-2011, Planet Mu)
A1 Ever Apparent All Being Shoulder
A2 Where You Stopped The Heaviest
B1 The Identification Circles Levitate
B2 You Discovered The Secret And Juiced It For All Its Majesty

Affectionate (11-Jan-2012, self-released)
1 Seqsy
2 Lesbians2
3 Chordate
4 Lesbians1

Fool the Detector (5-Mar-2012, Timesig/Planet Mu)
A1 Ego DSP
A2 Fool The Detector
B1 Chriohn
B2 Index Pavilion

My Love is a Bulldozer (16-Jun-2014, Planet Mu)
1 10th Circle Of Winnipeg
2 Deleted Poems
3 1000 Years
4 Your Smiling Face
5 Amazon
6 My Love Is A Bulldozer
7 She Runs
8 8am Union Station
9 Shaky Sometimes
10 Too Far Across
11 Dear Poet
12 Your Blanket

Lions Manor (16-Jun-2014, Planet Mu)
1 (see note)
2 Lions Manor

Preorders from Planet Mu came with a bonus CDR, "Lions Manor". Several versions exist: the first track is one of the following songs: "Away, Away", "Beacon", "Cruel to a Heart that's True", "Heaves Heavy Heart", "Particle of Dust", "Simpleton", and "Soil & Fences". The second track is one of four stems from the song "Lions Manor" - drums, strings, bass, or vocals - released as a puzzle to be re-assembled post hoc. Some versions are more common than others; for instance, only 4 copies containing the track "Simpleton" were pressed.

Your Face (Planet Mu, 24-Jul-2015)
1 Your Face When I Finally
2 Former Eagle
3 Red Orange 2
4 Become Magic Dolphins
5 Stockpiles Of Sentiment
6 Misericordial
7 Your Face When I Finally (Glass Version)

Thank You For Your Consideration (8-Sep-2015, self-released)
1 Smersonality
2 Koopa Cookies
3 Baked Circuses Funk
4 Beside The Past By A Lake
5 Sissy Growl
6 Sweet And Fruitful
7 Burgershot
8 Simpleton
9 09sept09
10 Poking Holes
11 Ötvenöt 3
12 Accidents in Skyland 2
13 Thousand Mile Stare
14 Nestled

Sometimes something really rough can come out of nowhere and flip life upside down. Thanks for having my back and caring about me and the music I make. Here's a special new album for you to enjoy! Thank you for your consideration!

Traditional Synthesizer Music (19-Feb-2016, Timesig/Planet Mu)
Disc 1
1 Dreamt Person v3
2 Everything About You Is Special
3 Slightly Bent Fork Tong v2
4 Magnificent Stumble v2
5 Decembers
6 Can't Vote For Yourself v1
7 You And Shayna v1
8 Goose And Gary v2
9 Anxattack Boss Level19 v3
10 She Married A Chess Computer In The End
11 Health Card10
12 Paganism Ratchets
Disc 2 - Alternative Takes and Bonus Tracks
1 Everything About You Is Ambient
2 You And Shaya Slow Funk v2
3 Your Bounce v1
4 Magnificent Stumble v1
5 Can't Vote For Yourself Video Version
6 Goose and Gary v1
7 Slightly Bent Fork Tong v1
8 You And Shayna Video Version
9 Terrazen 1012nc
10 Resting Tongue

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