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Police drama, broadcast 1993-2005.

NameOccupationBirthDeathKnown for
Steve Antin
19-Apr-1958   Without You I'm Nothing
Garcelle Beauvais
26-Nov-1966   ADA Heywood on NYPD Blue
Daniel Benzali
20-Jan-1950   Ted Hoffman on Murder One
Steven Bochco
Film/TV Producer
16-Dec-1943   Cop Rock
Amy Brenneman
22-Jun-1964   Judging Amy
Bill Brochtrup
7-Mar-1963   NYPD Blue
David Caruso
17-Jan-1956   Lt. Horatio Caine on CSI: Miami
Gordon Clapp
24-Sep-1948   Det. Greg Medavoy on NYPD Blue
Scott Cohen
19-Dec-1961   The 10th Kingdom
Kim Delaney
29-Nov-1961   Det. Diane Russell on NYPD Blue
Debrah Farentino
30-Sep-1959   Devon Adair on Earth 2
Dennis Franz
28-Oct-1944   Det. Sipowicz on NYPD Blue
Willie Garson
20-Feb-1964   Stanford Blatch on Sex and the City
Jessalyn Gilsig
30-Nov-1971   Terri Schuester on Glee
Lola Glaudini
24-Nov-1971   Criminal Minds
Mark-Paul Gosselaar
1-Mar-1974   Zack on Saved by the Bell
Currie Graham
26-Feb-1967   Nick Balco on Raising the Bar
Greg Grunberg
11-Jul-1966   Matt Parkman on Heroes
Michael Harney
27-Mar-1956   Sam Healy on Orange Is the New Black
Melina Kanakaredes
23-Apr-1967   Det. Bonasera on CSI: NY
Mary Page Keller
3-Mar-1961   Laura Kelly on Duet
Sharon Lawrence
29-Jun-1961   NYPD Blue
Nicholas Lea
22-Jun-1962   Alex Krycek on The X-Files
Dakin Matthews
7-Nov-1940   Character actor
James McDaniel
25-Mar-1958   Lt. Arthur Fancy on NYPD Blue
Jack McGee
2-Feb-1949   Chief Jerry Reilly on Rescue Me
Christopher Meloni
2-Apr-1961   Law & Order: SVU, Oz
David Mills
20-Nov-1961 30-Mar-2010 Writer for The Wire
Debra Monk
27-Feb-1949   Pump Boys and Dinettes
Esai Morales
1-Oct-1962   Lt. Rodriguez on NYPD Blue
Dean Norris
c. 1963   Hank Schrader on Breaking Bad
Gail O'Grady
23-Jan-1963   American Dreams
Jacqueline Obradors
6-Oct-1966   Det. Ortiz on NYPD Blue
Peter Onorati
13-May-1954   Charlie Howell on Civil Wars
Joe Pantoliano
12-Sep-1951   Ralph Cifaretto, Guido the killer pimp
James Pickens, Jr.
26-Oct-1954   Dr. Richard Webber on Grey's Anatomy
Sheeri Rappaport
27-Oct-1977   Officer Franco on NYPD Blue
Andy Romano
15-Jun-1941   Beach Party
Larry Romano
31-Jul-1963   Richie on The King of Queens
Charlotte Ross
21-Jan-1968   Det. McDowell on NYPD Blue
Rick Schroder
13-Apr-1970   Silver Spoons
Casey Siemaszko
17-Mar-1961   Three O'Clock High
Henry Simmons
1-Jul-1970   NYPD Blue
Jimmy Smits
9-Jul-1955   L.A. Law
Bonnie Somerville
24-Feb-1974   Laura Murphy on NYPD Blue
Joe Spano
7-Jul-1946   Hill Street Blues
Sherry Stringfield
24-Jun-1967   Dr. Susan Lewis on ER
Andrea Thompson
6-Jan-1960   Det. Kirkendall on NYPD Blue
Tamara Tunie
14-Mar-1959   Jessica Griffin on As the World Turns
Paige Turco
17-May-1965   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II
Nicholas Turturro
29-Jan-1962   Detective Martinez on NYPD Blue
Chandra West
31-Dec-1970   White Noise
Bradley Whitford
10-Oct-1959   The West Wing


Season One (1993)
1  Pilot (21-Sep-1993)
2  4B or Not 4B (28-Sep-1993)
3  Brown Appetit (5-Oct-1993)
4  True Confessions (12-Oct-1993)
5  Emission Accomplished (19-Oct-1993)
6  Personal Foul (26-Oct-1993)
7  NYPD Lou (2-Nov-1993)
8  Tempest in a C-Cup (16-Nov-1993)
9  Ice Follies (30-Nov-1993)
10  Oscar, Meyer, Weiner (7-Dec-1993)
11  From Hare to Eternity (14-Dec-1993)
12  Up on the Roof (4-Jan-1994)
13  Abandando Abandoned (11-Jan-1994)
14  Jumpin' Jack Fleishman (18-Jan-1994)
15  Steroid Roy (8-Feb-1994)
16  A Sudden Fish (15-Feb-1994)
17  Black Men Can Jump (1-Mar-1994)
18  Zeppo Marks Brothers (22-Mar-1994)
19  Serge the Concierge (29-Mar-1994)
20  Good Time Charlie (3-May-1994)
21  Guns 'n Rosaries (10-May-1994)
22  Rockin' Robin (17-May-1994)

Season Two (1994)
1  Trials & Tribulations (11-Oct-1994)
2  From Whom the Skell Rolls (18-Oct-1994)
3  Cop Suey (25-Oct-1994)
4  Dead and Gone (1-Nov-1994)
5  Simone Says (15-Nov-1994)
6  The Final Adjustment (22-Nov-1994)
7  Double Abandando (29-Nov-1994)
8  You Bet Your Life (6-Dec-1994)
9  Don We Now Our Gay Apparel (3-Jan-1995)
10  In the Butt, Bob (10-Jan-1995)
11  Vishy-Vashy-Vinny (17-Jan-1995)
12  Large Mouth Bass (7-Feb-1995)
13  Travels With Andy (14-Feb-1995)
14  A Murder With Teeth in It (21-Feb-1995)
15  Bombs Away (28-Feb-1995)
16  UnAmerican Grafitti (14-Mar-1995)
17  Dirty Socks (21-Mar-1995)
18  Innuendo (4-Apr-1995)
19  Boxer Rebellion (2-May-1995)
20  The Bookie and Kooky Cookie (9-May-1995)
21  The Bank Dick (16-May-1995)
22  A.D.A. Sipowicz (23-May-1995)

Season Three (1995)
1  E.R. (24-Oct-1995)
2  Torah! Torah! Torah! (31-Oct-1995)
3  One Big Happy Family (7-Nov-1995)
4  Heavin' Can Wait (14-Nov-1995)
5  Dirty Laundry (21-Nov-1995)
6  Curt Russell (28-Nov-1995)
7  Aging Bull (12-Dec-1995)
8  Cold Heaters (19-Dec-1995)
9  Sorry, Wong Suspect (9-Jan-1996)
10  The Backboard Jungle (16-Jan-1996)
11  Burnin' Love (30-Jan-1996)
12  These Old Bones (6-Feb-1996)
13  A Tushful of Dollars (13-Feb-1996)
14  The Nutty Confessor (20-Feb-1996)
15  Head Case (27-Feb-1996)
16  Girl Talk (19-Mar-1996)
17  Hollie and the Blowfish (26-Mar-1996)
18  We Was Robbed (2-Apr-1996)
19  Auntie Maimed (30-Apr-1996)
20  A Death in the Family (7-May-1996)
21  Closing Time (14-May-1996)
22  He's Not Guilty, He's My Brother (21-May-1996)

Season Four (1996)
1  Moby Greg (15-Oct-1996)
2  Thick Stu (22-Oct-1996)
3  Yes, We Have No Cannolis (29-Oct-1996)
4  Where's 'Swaldo? (12-Nov-1996)
5  Where'd the Van Gogh? (19-Nov-1996)
6  Yes Sir, That's My Baby (26-Nov-1996)
7  Ted and Carey's Bogus Adventure (3-Dec-1996)
8  Unembraceable You (10-Dec-1996)
9  Caulksmanship (17-Dec-1996)
10  My Wild Irish Nose (7-Jan-1997)
11  Alice Doesn't Fit Here Anymore (14-Jan-1997)
12  Upstairs, Downstairs (21-Jan-1997)
13  Tom and Geri (28-Jan-1997)
14  A Remington Original (11-Feb-1997)
15  Taillight's Last Gleaming (18-Feb-1997)
16  What a Dump! (25-Feb-1997)
17  A Wrenching Experience (15-Apr-1997)
18  I Love Lucy (22-Apr-1997)
19  Bad Rap (29-Apr-1997)
20  Emission Impossible (6-May-1997)
21  Is Paris Burning? (13-May-1997)
22  A Draining Experience (20-May-1997)

Season Five (1997)
1  As Flies to Careless Boys Are We to the Gods: This Bud's for You (30-Sep-1997)
2  All's Wells That Ends Well (7-Oct-1997)
3  Three Girls and a Baby (14-Oct-1997)
4  The Truth is Out There (28-Oct-1997)
5  It Takes a Village (4-Nov-1997)
6  Dead Man Talking (11-Nov-1997)
7  Sheedy Dealings (18-Nov-1997)
8  Lost Israel (Part 1) (25-Nov-1997)
9  Lost Israel (Part 2) (9-Dec-1997)
10  Remembrance of Humps Past (16-Dec-1997)
11  You're Under a Rasta (6-Jan-1998)
12  A Box of Wendy (13-Jan-1998)
13  Twin Petes (10-Feb-1998)
14  Weaver of Hate (17-Feb-1998)
15  Don't Kill the Messenger (24-Feb-1998)
16  The One That Got Away (3-Mar-1998)
17  Speak For Yourself, Bruce Clayton (24-Mar-1998)
18  I Don't Wanna Dye (31-Mar-1998)
19  Prostrate Before the Law (28-Apr-1998)
20  Hammer Time (5-May-1998)
21  Seminal Thinking (12-May-1998)
22  Honeymoon at Viagra Falls (19-May-1998)

Season Six (1998)
1  Top Gum (20-Oct-1998)
2  Cop in a Bottle (27-Oct-1998)
3  Numb & Number (10-Nov-1998)
4  Brother's Keeper (17-Nov-1998)
5  Hearts and Souls (24-Nov-1998)
6  Danny Boy (1-Dec-1998)
7  Czech Bouncer (8-Dec-1998)
8  Raging Bulls (15-Dec-1998)
9  Grime Scene (5-Jan-1998)
10  Show and Tell (12-Jan-1999)
11  Big Bang Theory (9-Feb-1999)
12  What's Up, Chuck? (16-Feb-1999)
13  Dead Girl Walking (23-Feb-1999)
14  Raphael's Inferno (2-Mar-1999)
15  I Have a Dream (6-Apr-1999)
16  Tain't Misbehavin (13-Apr-1999)
17  Don't Meth With Me (20-Apr-1999)
18  Mister Roberts (27-Apr-1999)
19  Judas Priest (4-May-1999)
20  I'll Draw You a Mapp (11-May-1999)
21  Voir Dire This (18-May-1999)
22  Safe Home (25-May-1999)

Season Seven (2000)
1  Loogie Nights (11-Jan-2000)
2  A Hole in Juan (18-Jan-2000)
3  The Man with Two Right Shoes (25-Jan-2000)
4  The Naked are the Dead (1-Feb-2000)
5  These Shoots are Made for Joaquin (8-Feb-2000)
6  Brothers Under Arms (15-Feb-2000)
7  Along Came Jones (22-Feb-2000)
8  Everybody Plays the Mule (23-Feb-2000)
9  Jackass (29-Feb-2000)
10  Who Murders Sleep (7-Mar-2000)
11  Little Abner (14-Mar-2000)
12  Welcome to New York (21-Mar-2000)
13  The Irvin Files (28-Mar-2000)
14  Sleep Over (4-Apr-2000)
15  Stressed For Success (11-Apr-2000)
16  Goodbye Charlie (18-Apr-2000)
17  Roll Out the Barrel (25-Apr-2000)
18  Lucky Luciano (2-May-2000)
19  Tea and Sympathy (9-May-2000)
20  This Old Spouse (16-May-2000)
21  Bats Off to Larry (23-May-2000)
22  The Last Round Up (23-May-2000)

Season Eight (2001)
1  Daveless in New York (9-Jan-2001)
2  Waking Up is Hard to Do (16-Jan-2001)
3  Franco, My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn (23-Jan-2001)
4  Family Ties (30-Jan-2001)
5  Fools Russian (6-Feb-2001)
6  Writing Wrongs (13-Feb-2001)
7  In-Laws, Outlaws (20-Feb-2001)
8  Russellmania (27-Feb-2001)
9  Oh Golly Goth (6-Mar-2001)
10  In the Still of the Night (13-Mar-2001)
11  Peeping Tommy (20-Mar-2001)
12  Thumb Enchanted Evening (27-Mar-2001)
13  Flight of Fancy (3-Apr-2001)
14  Nariz a Nariz (10-Apr-2001)
15  Love Hurts (17-Apr-2001)
16  Everyone Into the Poole (24-Apr-2001)
17  Dying to Testify (1-May-2001)
18  Lost Time (8-May-2001)
19  Under Covers (15-May-2001)
20  In the Wind (22-May-2001)

Season Nine (2001)
1  Lie Like a Rug (Part 1) (6-Nov-2001)
2  Johnny Got His Gold (Part 2) (6-Nov-2001)
3  Two Clarks in a Bar (13-Nov-2001)
4  Hit the Road, Clark (20-Nov-2001)
5  Cops and Robber (27-Nov-2001)
6  Baby Love (4-Dec-2001)
7  Mom's Away (11-Dec-2001)
8  Puppy Love (18-Dec-2001)
9  Here Comes the Son (8-Jan-2002)
10  Jealous Hearts (15-Jan-2002)
11  Humpty Dumped (5-Feb-2002)
12  Oh, Mama (19-Feb-2002)
13  Safari, So Good (26-Feb-2002)
14  Hand Job (5-Mar-2002)
15  Guns & Hoses (12-Mar-2002)
16  A Little Dad'll Do Ya (19-Mar-2002)
17  Gypsy Woe's Me (26-Mar-2002)
18  Less is Morte (16-Apr-2002)
19  Low Blow (30-Apr-2002)
20  Oedipus Wrecked (7-May-2002)
21  Dead Meat in New Deli (14-May-2002)
22  Better Laid Than Never (Part 1) (21-May-2002)
23  Better Laid Than Never (Part 2) (21-May-2002)

--  Inside NYPD Blue: A Decade on the Job (24-Sep-2002)

Season Ten (2002)
1  Ho Down (24-Sep-2002)
2  You've Got Mail (1-Oct-2002)
3  One in the Nuts (8-Oct-2002)
4  Meat Me in the Park (15-Oct-2002)
5  Death by Cycle (22-Oct-2002)
6  Maya Con Dios (29-Oct-2002)
7  Das Boots (12-Nov-2002)
8  Below the Belt (19-Nov-2002)
9  Half-Ashed (26-Nov-2002)
10  Healthy McDowell Movement (10-Dec-2002)
11  I Kid You Not (7-Jan-2003)
12  Arrested Development (14-Jan-2003)
13  Bottoms Up (4-Feb-2003)
14  Laughlin All the Way to the Clink (11-Feb-2003)
15  Tranny Get Your Gun (18-Feb-2003)
16  Nude Awakening (25-Feb-2003)
17  Off the Wall (8-Apr-2003)
18  Marine Life (15-Apr-2003)
19  Meet the Grandparents (29-Apr-2003)
20  Maybe Baby (6-May-2003)
21  Yo, Adrian (13-May-2003)
22  22 Skidoo (20-May-2003)

Season Eleven (2003)
1  Frickin' Fraker (23-Sep-2003)
2  Your Bus, Ted (30-Sep-2003)
3  Shear Stupidity (7-Oct-2003)
4  Porn Free (14-Oct-2003)
5  Keeping Abreast (21-Oct-2003)
6  Andy Appleseed (28-Oct-2003)
7  It's to Die For (4-Nov-2003)
8  And the Wenner Is... (18-Nov-2003)
9  Only Schmucks Pay Income Tax (25-Nov-2003)
10  You Da Bomb (10-Feb-2004)
11  Passing the Stone (17-Feb-2004)
12  Chatty Chatty Bang Bang (2-Mar-2004)
13  Take My Wife, Please (9-Mar-2004)
14  Colonel Knowledge (16-Mar-2004)
15  Old Yeller (23-Mar-2004)
16  On the Fence (30-Mar-2004)
17  In Goddess We Trussed (6-Apr-2004)
18  The Brothers Grim (13-Apr-2004)
19  Peeler? I Hardly Knew Her (20-Apr-2004)
20  Traylor Trash (27-Apr-2004)
21  What's Your Poison? (4-May-2004)
22  Who's Your Daddy? (11-May-2004)

Season Twelve (2004)
1  Dress for Success (21-Sep-2004)
2  Fish Out of Water (28-Sep-2004)
3  Great Balls of Ire (12-Oct-2004)
4  Divorce Detective Style (19-Oct-2004)
5  You're Buggin' Me (26-Oct-2004)
6  The Vision Thing (9-Nov-2004)


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