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Frankie J Singer Don't Wanna Try 14-Dec-1980 -
LL Cool J Rapper Ladies Love Cool James 14-Jan-1968 -
Violent J Rapper Half of Insane Clown Posse 28-Apr-1972 -
J-Kwon Rapper Tipsy 1986 -
Tony Jaa Actor Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior 05-Feb-1976 -
Ibrahim al-Jaafari Head of State Prime Minister of Iraq, 2005-06 1947 -
Edmond Jabès Poet The Book of Resemblances 06-Apr-1912 02-Jan-1991
Daniel Ernst Jablonski Religion Worked to unite protestantism 20-Nov-1660 25-May-1741
Ze'ev Jabotinsky Military Founder of the Jewish Legion 18-Oct-1880 04-Aug-1940
Michael Jace Actor Det. Julien Lowe on The Shield 13-Jul-1970 -
Wolfman Jack Radio Personality Crusty-throated disc jockey 21-Jan-1939 01-Jul-1995
Carlos the Jackal Terrorist International terrorist 12-Oct-1949 -
Tony Jacklin Golf Winner of 2 Majors 07-Jul-1944 -
Hugh Jackman Actor X-Men 12-Oct-1968 -
Terry Jacks Singer/Songwriter Seasons in the Sun 29-Mar-1944 -
Madlib Music Producer Hip-hop producer, The Unseen 24-Oct-1973 -
Alan Jackson Country Musician Don't Rock The Jukebox 17-Oct-1958 -
Alphonso Jackson Government US Secretary of HUD, 2004-08 09-Sep-1945 -
Andrew Jackson Head of State 7th US President, 1829-37 15-Mar-1767 08-Jun-1845
Anne Jackson Actor Folks! 03-Sep-1926 -
Bo Jackson Baseball Bo Knows 30-Nov-1962 -
Bruce Jackson Government Project on Transitional Democracies ? -
Charles R. Jackson Novelist The Lost Weekend 06-Apr-1903 21-Sep-1968
Cheyenne Jackson Actor 30 Rock 12-Jul-1975 -
Darren R. Jackson Business CEO of Advance Auto Parts c. 1964 -
DeSean Jackson Football Philadelphia Eagles WR 01-Dec-1986 -
Douglas Jackson Film Director The Paper Boy 1938 -
Edward L. Jackson Politician Governor of Indiana, 1925-29 27-Dec-1873 18-Nov-1954
Freddie Jackson Singer Rock Me Tonight 02-Oct-1956 -
Gayle P. W. Jackson Business Energy Global c. 1946 -
George Jackson Criminal Soledad Brother 23-Sep-1941 21-Aug-1971
Glenda Jackson Actor British MP, won Oscar for A Touch of Class 09-May-1936 -
Gordon Jackson Actor Butler on Upstairs, Downstairs 19-Dec-1923 15-Jan-1990
Helen Hunt Jackson Poet Ramona 15-Oct-1830 12-Aug-1885
Henry "Scoop" Jackson Politician US Senator from Washington, 1953-83 31-May-1912 01-Sep-1983
Henry B. Jackson Military Radio telegraphy 21-Jan-1855 14-Dec-1929
Howell Edmunds Jackson Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1893-95 08-Apr-1832 08-Aug-1895
J. Hughlings Jackson Doctor Father of British neurology 04-Apr-1835 07-Oct-1911
J. J. Jackson TV Personality One of five original MTV vj's 08-Apr-1941 17-Mar-2004
Jackie Jackson Musician Tallest of the Jackson Five 04-May-1951 -
Janet Jackson Singer What Have You Done For Me Lately? 16-May-1966 -
Jeanine Jackson Diplomat US Ambassador to Burkina Faso ? -
Jeanne P. Jackson Business CEO of Banana Republic, 1995-2000 10-Aug-1951 -
Jeffery M. Jackson Business CFO of Sabre Holdings c. 1957 -
Jeremy Jackson Actor Hobie on Baywatch 16-Oct-1980 -
Jermaine Jackson Musician The Jackson Five 11-Dec-1954 -
Jesse Jackson Activist Rainbow Coalition 08-Oct-1941 -
Jesse Jackson, Jr. Politician Congressman, Illinois 2nd 11-Mar-1965 -
Joe Jackson Relative Patriarch of the Jackson family 26-Jul-1929 -
Joe Jackson Singer/Songwriter Stepping Out 11-Aug-1954 -
John M. Jackson Actor JAG 01-Jun-1950 -
Jonathan Jackson Actor Lucky Spencer on General Hospital 11-May-1982 -
Joshua Jackson Actor Pacey on Dawson's Creek 11-Jun-1978 -
Kate Jackson Actor Sabrina Duncan on Charlie's Angels 29-Oct-1948 -
Katherine Jackson Relative Matriarch of the Jackson family 04-May-1930 -
La Toya Jackson Singer Sister of Michael Jackson 29-May-1956 -
Laban P. Jackson, Jr. Business Clear Creek Properties c. 1943 -
Lawrence V. Jackson Business Wal-Mart executive c. 1953 -
Lisa P. Jackson Government EPA Administrator 08-Feb-1962 -
Mahalia Jackson Singer Queen of Gospel Music 26-Oct-1911 27-Jan-1972
Mannie L. Jackson Business Owner of the Harlem Globetrotters 04-May-1939 -
Marlon Jackson Musician The Jackson Five 12-Mar-1957 -
Maynard Jackson Politician First black Mayor of Atlanta 23-Mar-1938 23-Jun-2003
Mel Jackson Actor Agent Morton on DAG 13-Oct-1970 -
Michael Jackson Singer King of Pop 29-Aug-1958 25-Jun-2009
Michael J. Jackson Business CEO of AutoNation 1949 -
Prince Michael II Relative Dangled over a fourth-floor hotel balcony 21-Feb-2002 -
Mick Jackson Film Director The Bodyguard 04-Oct-1943 -
Milt Jackson Jazz Musician Vibrophonist, The Modern Jazz Quartet 01-Jan-1923 09-Oct-1999
Paris Jackson Relative Daughter of Michael Jackson 03-Apr-1998 -
Peter Jackson Film Director The Lord of the Rings trilogy 31-Oct-1961 -
Phil Jackson Basketball Big Chief Triangle 17-Sep-1945 -
Rachel Jackson First Lady Wife of US President Andrew Jackson Jun-1767 22-Dec-1828
Randy Jackson TV Personality American Idol judge 23-Jun-1956 -
Rebbie Jackson Singer Eldest of the Jackson family 29-May-1950 -
Reggie Jackson Baseball Baseball player, candy bar 18-May-1946 -
Rich Jackson Football Former Broncos defensive end 22-Jul-1941 -
Robert H. Jackson Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1941-54 13-Feb-1892 09-Oct-1954
Samuel L. Jackson Actor Pulp Fiction 21-Dec-1948 -
Shar Jackson Actor Niecy Jackson on Moesha 04-Sep-1976 -
Sherry Jackson Actor Make Room for Daddy 15-Feb-1942 -
Shirley Jackson Novelist The Lottery 14-Dec-1916 08-Aug-1965
Shirley A. Jackson Physicist NRC Chairman, 1995-99 05-Aug-1946 -
Shoeless Joe Jackson Baseball Say it ain't so, Joe 16-Jul-1889 05-Dec-1951
Steve Jackson Business Game publisher raided by the Secret Service c. 1952 -
Stonewall Jackson Military Robert E. Lee's "right arm" 21-Jan-1824 10-May-1863
Stoney Jackson Actor Character actor, 1980s to present 27-Feb-1960 -
Thomas Penfield Jackson Judge Federal district court judge 10-Jan-1937 -
Tito Jackson Musician Jackson Five 15-Oct-1953 -
Victoria Jackson Comic Saturday Night Live 02-Aug-1959 -
Victoria B. Jackson Business CEO of Victoria Belle, Inc. c. 1955 -
Wanda Jackson Singer United States' first female rock and roll singer 20-Oct-1937 -
Yvonne R. Jackson Business Senior VP at Pfizer, 2002-05 c. 1948 -
Jacob Religion Father of the twelve tribes ? ?
Alaric Jacob Journalist A Window in Moscow 08-Jun-1909 26-Jan-1995
Catherine Jacob Actor Life Is a Long Quiet River 16-Dec-1956 -
François Jacob Scientist Operon theory of genetic control 17-Jun-1920 -
John E. Jacob Business President of Urban League, 1982-94 16-Dec-1934 -
Max Jacob Poet Le Cornet à dés 12-Jul-1876 05-Mar-1944
Derek Jacobi Actor Claudius on I, Claudius 22-Oct-1938 -
Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi Philosopher German Spinozist 25-Jan-1743 18-Mar-1819
Karl Gustav Jacobi Mathematician Investigated elliptical functions 10-Dec-1804 18-Feb-1851
Lou Jacobi Actor Avalon 28-Dec-1913 23-Oct-2009
Andrew Jacobs, Jr. Politician Congressman from Indiana, 1965-97 24-Feb-1932 -
Andrew Jacobs, Sr. Politician Congressman from Indiana, 1949-51 22-Feb-1906 17-Dec-1992
Dennis G. Jacobs Judge 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals 28-Feb-1944 -
Donald P. Jacobs Economist Dean of the Kellogg School, 1975-2001 22-Jun-1927 -
Eli S. Jacobs Baseball Former Baltimore Orioles owner 05-Oct-1937 -
Gary N. Jacobs Business General Counsel for MGM Mirage 12-Jul-1945 -
Gillian Jacobs Actor Britta Perry on Community 20-Oct-1982 -
Glen Jacobs Wrestling Kane, WWE wrestler 26-Apr-1967 -
Harriet Ann Jacobs Author Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl 1813 07-Mar-1897
Helen Hull Jacobs Tennis Winner of 10 Grand Slam titles 06-Aug-1908 02-Jun-1997
Irwin M. Jacobs Business Co-Founder of Qualcomm 18-Oct-1933 -
Jack B. Jacobs Judge Justice, Delaware Supreme Court c. 1942 -
Jane Jacobs Author The Death and Life of Great American Cities 04-May-1916 25-Apr-2006
Kenneth Jacobs Business CEO of Lazard North America c. 1958 -
M. Christine Jacobs Business CEO of Theragenics c. 1950 -
Marc Jacobs Fashion Designer Fired in 1993 after releasing a "Grunge" line 09-Apr-1963 -
Mark M. Jacobs Business CEO of Reliant Energy c. 1962 -
Paul E. Jacobs Business CEO of Qualcomm c. 1963 -
Terry S. Jacobs Business Regent Communications Inc. c. 1942 -
W. W. Jacobs Author The Monkey's Paw 08-Sep-1863 01-Sep-1943
Jens Peter Jacobsen Novelist Niels Lyhne 07-Apr-1847 30-Apr-1885
Harry R. Jacobson Doctor Vice Chancellor for Health at Vanderbilt c. 1947 -
Peter Jacobson Actor Dr. Chris Taub on House 24-Mar-1965 -
Tracey Jacobson Diplomat US Ambassador to Tajikistan ? -
Jeff Jacoby Columnist Boston Globe columnist 10-Feb-1959 -
Lowell Jacoby Military Director, Defense Intelligence Agency, 2002-05 28-Aug-1945 -
Neil H. Jacoby Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 1953-55 19-Sep-1909 31-May-1979
Susan Jacoby Author Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism 04-Jun-1945 -
Joseph-Marie Jacquard Inventor Jacquard loom 07-Jul-1752 07-Aug-1834
Brian Jacques Novelist Redwall 15-Jun-1939 05-Feb-2011
Hattie Jacques Actor Carry on... 07-Feb-1922 06-Oct-1980
Illinois Jacquet Musician Squealing saxophone legend 31-Oct-1922 22-Jul-2004
Benoît Jacquot Film Director The School of Flesh 05-Feb-1947 -
Jadakiss Rapper Why? 27-May-1975 -
Kendra Jade Pornstar Made sex tape with Jerry Springer 19-Apr-1977 -
Ms. Jade Rapper She's a Gangsta 03-Aug-1979 -
Richard Jaeckel Actor Sometimes a Great Notion 10-Oct-1926 14-Jun-1997
Sam Jaeger Actor Joel Graham on Parenthood 29-Jan-1977 -
Rona Jaffe Author Mazes & Monsters 12-Jun-1932 30-Dec-2005
Sam Jaffe Actor Gunga Din 10-Mar-1891 24-Mar-1984
Al Jaffee Cartoonist Invented the Mad fold-in 13-Mar-1921 -
Saeed Jaffrey Actor My Beautiful Laundrette 08-Jan-1929 -
Cheddi Jagan Head of State President of Guyana, 1992-97 22-Mar-1918 06-Mar-1997
Janet Jagan Head of State President of Guyana, 1997-99 20-Oct-1920 28-Mar-2009
Bharrat Jagdeo Head of State President of Guyana 23-Jan-1964 -
Durk I. Jager Business CEO of Procter & Gamble, 1999-2000 c. 1944 -
Bianca Jagger Model First wife of Mick Jagger 02-May-1945 -
Dean Jagger Actor Twelve O'Clock High 07-Nov-1903 05-Feb-1991
Jade Jagger Relative Daughter of Mick and Bianca 21-Oct-1971 -
Mick Jagger Singer/Songwriter Lead singer of the Rolling Stones 26-Jul-1943 -
Henry Jaglom Film Director Déjà Vu 26-Jan-1941 -
Richard Jago Poet The Blackbirds 1715 08-May-1781
Jaromir Jagr Hockey Dallas Stars 15-Feb-1972 -
Ajit Jain Business Berkshire Hathaway Reinsurance Group 1951 -
Dipak C. Jain Educator Dean, Kellogg School of Management 09-Jun-1957 -
Naveen Jain Business Founder of InfoSpace 1959 -
T. D. Jakes Religion Televangelist 09-Jun-1957 -
Lisa Jakub Actor Rambling Rose 27-Dec-1978 -
King James I Royalty King of England, 1603-25 19-Jun-1566 27-Mar-1625
James I Royalty King of Scotland, 1406-37 1394 20-Feb-1437
James I Royalty King of Aragon, 1213-76 02-Feb-1208 27-Jul-1276
King James II Royalty King of England, 1685-88 14-Oct-1633 16-Sep-1701
James III Royalty King of Scotland, 1460-88 May-1452 11-Jun-1488
James IV Royalty King of Scotland, 1488-1513 17-Mar-1473 09-Sep-1513
James V Royalty King of Scotland, 1513-42 10-Apr-1512 14-Dec-1542
James II Royalty King of Scotland, 1437-60 16-Oct-1430 03-Aug-1460
Alex James Bassist Bassist for Blur 21-Nov-1968 -
Art James Game Show Host Announcer for Concentration 15-Oct-1929 28-Mar-2004
Betty James Business Slinky entrepreneur 13-Feb-1918 20-Nov-2008
Brion James Actor Leon the replicant in Blade Runner 20-Feb-1945 07-Aug-1999
Cheryl James Singer Salt of Salt-N-Pepa 08-Apr-1964 -
Clifton James Actor Sheriff J. W. Pepper 29-May-1921 -
Darren James Pornstar Testing HIV+ shut down the porn industry in 2004 25-Feb-1964 -
Dennis James Game Show Host Early TV game show pioneer 24-Aug-1917 03-Jun-1997
Don James Football Huskies Head Coach, 1975-92 31-Dec-1932 -
Donald A. James Business Fred Deeley Imports, Ltd. c. 1944 -
Donald M. James Business CEO of Vulcan Materials 1949 -
Donna A. James Business Former EVP at Nationwide 30-Jun-1957 -
E. L. James Novelist Fifty Shades of Grey 1963 -
Etta James Singer Soul Diva 25-Jan-1938 20-Jan-2012
Fob James Politician Twice Governor of Alabama 15-Sep-1934 -
Frank James Criminal Bank robber, with James Gang 10-Jan-1843 18-Feb-1915
George Payne Rainsford James Novelist Richelieu 09-Aug-1799 09-Jun-1860
Geraldine James Actor Rose Garrity on Band of Gold 06-Jul-1950 -
Hamilton James Business President of Blackstone Group 03-Feb-1951 -
Harry James Musician Big Band-era bandleader 15-Mar-1916 05-Jul-1983
Henry James Author Portrait of a Lady 15-Apr-1843 28-Feb-1916
Jesse James TV Personality Custom motorcycle builder, Monster Garage 19-Apr-1969 -
Jesse James Criminal Bank robber, with James Gang 05-Sep-1847 03-Apr-1882
John James Actor Jeff Colby on Dynasty 18-Apr-1956 -
Joni James Singer Why Don't You Believe Me? 22-Sep-1930 -
Juanita T. James Business Pitney Bowes executive 01-Oct-1952 -
Kay Coles James Government Director of OPM, 2001-05 01-Jun-1949 -
Kevin James Actor The King of Queens 26-Apr-1965 -
Kevin James Radio Personality Conservative talk radio host 1963 -
LeBron James Basketball King James 30-Dec-1984 -
M. R. James Author Ghost Stories of an Antiquary 01-Aug-1862 12-Jun-1936
Mickie James Wrestling WWE wrestler 31-Aug-1979 -
Oliver James Actor What a Girl Wants 01-Jun-1980 -
P. D. James Novelist Adam Dalgliesh series, etc. 03-Aug-1920 -
Renee J. James Business VP at Intel c. 1964 -
Richard D. James Electronic Musician Aphex Twin 18-Aug-1971 -
Rick James Musician Superfreak 01-Feb-1948 06-Aug-2004
Ronald James Business Center for Ethical Business Cultures c. 1950 -
Sharpe James Politician Mayor of Newark, 1986-2006 20-Feb-1936 -
Sid James Actor Carry on... 08-May-1913 26-Apr-1976
Skip James Musician Devil Got My Woman 21-Jun-1902 03-Oct-1969
Stephan A. James Business Vice Chairman of Accenture, 2001-04 c. 1947 -
Steve James Actor American Ninja 19-Feb-1952 18-Dec-1993
Susan Saint James Actor Wife in McMillan and Wife 14-Aug-1946 -
Theo James Actor Jed Harper on Bedlam 16-Dec-1984 -
Tommy James Musician Crimson and Clover 29-Apr-1947 -
Tony James Musician Sigue Sigue Sputnik 12-Apr-1958 -
William James Philosopher The Principles of Psychology 11-Jan-1842 26-Aug-1910
William E. James Business Citizens Energy c. 1946 -
Rob James-Collier Actor Thomas Barrow on Downton Abbey 23-Sep-1976 -
Fredric Jameson Author The Political Unconscious 14-Apr-1934 -
J. Franklin Jameson Historian Dictionary of United States History 19-Sep-1859 28-Sep-1937
Jenna Jameson Pornstar Got naked with Howard Stern in Private Parts 09-Apr-1974 -
Leander Starr Jameson Head of State Last Prime Minister of Capetown 09-Feb-1853 26-Nov-1917
Louise Jameson Actor Leela from Doctor Who 20-Apr-1951 -
Storm Jameson Novelist The Pot Boils 08-Jan-1891 1986
Kathleen Hall Jamieson Scholar Annenberg Public Policy Center 24-Nov-1946 -
Judith Jamison Dancer Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre 10-May-1943 -
Yahya Jammeh Head of State President of The Gambia 25-May-1965 -
Leoš Janácek Composer Her Foster Daughter 03-Jul-1854 12-Aug-1928
Jandek Singer/Songwriter Reclusive Texan songwriter 26-Oct-1945 -
Calamity Jane Performance Artist Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show 01-May-1852 01-Aug-1903
Jesse Jane Pornstar Hooters girl gone porn 16-Jul-1980 -
Thomas Jane Actor The Sweetest Thing 29-Jan-1969 -
Pierre Janet Psychologist Founder of Automatic Psychology 30-May-1859 24-Feb-1947
Conrad Janis Actor Fredzo on Mork & Mindy 11-Feb-1928 -
Kenneth S. Janke Business National Association of Investment Clubs c. 1934 -
Bill Janklow Politician Congressman and Governor of South Dakota 13-Sep-1939 12-Jan-2012
Michael Patrick Jann Film Director Reno 911!, The State 15-May-1970 -
Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati Politician Head of Iran's Guardian Council 1926 -
Allison Janney Actor C. J. Cregg on The West Wing 19-Nov-1959 -
Emil Jannings Actor The Last Command 23-Jul-1884 03-Jan-1950
Edgar D. Jannotta Business Chairman, William Blair & Company c. 1931 -
Merit E. Janow Educator Professor of Int'l Affairs, Columbia University 13-May-1958 -
Vic Janowicz Football Winner, 1950 Heisman Trophy 26-Jan-1930 27-Feb-1996
Bert Jansch Singer/Songwriter Pentangle 03-Nov-1943 05-Oct-2011
Cornelius Jansen Religion Father of Jansenism 28-Oct-1585 06-May-1638
Theo Jansen Sculptor Evolves walking beach sculptures 14-Mar-1948 -
Karl Jansky Astronomer Radio waves from outer space 22-Oct-1905 14-Feb-1950
Mariss Jansons Conductor Conductor, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra 14-Jan-1943 -
Cornelius Janssen Painter Flemish-English painter 14-Oct-1593 05-Aug-1661
David Janssen Actor The Fugitive 27-Mar-1931 13-Feb-1980
Famke Janssen Actor X-Men, Bond Girl 05-Nov-1965 -
Pierre Janssen Astronomer Solar observer 22-Feb-1824 23-Dec-1907
St. Januarius Religion Patron saint of Naples ? c. 305 AD
Don January Golf Winner, 1967 PGA Championship 20-Nov-1929 -
Lee Janzen Golf Winner of the US Open, 1993 and 1998 28-Aug-1964 -
Gabriel Jaramillo Business Grupo Santander c. 1949 -
Jarboe Singer Former Swans vocalist ? -
Xeni Jardin Journalist Serial meta-blogger, Boing Boing 05-Aug-1970 -
Al Jardine Musician Beach Boy 03-Sep-1942 -
William M. Jardine Educator US Secretary of Agriculture, 1925-29 16-Jan-1879 17-Jan-1955
Claude Jarman, Jr. Actor The Yearling 27-Sep-1934 -
Derek Jarman Film Director The Last of England 31-Jan-1942 19-Feb-1994
Joseph Jarman Musician Art Ensemble of Chicago multi-intrumentalist 14-Sep-1937 -
Jim Jarmusch Film Director Permanent Vacation 22-Jan-1953 -
Richard R. Jaros Business President of Level 3 Communications, 1996-97 c. 1952 -
Jean-Michel Jarre Electronic Musician Oxygene and Equinoxe 24-Aug-1948 -
Maurice Jarre Composer Score to Lawrence of Arabia 13-Sep-1924 29-Mar-2009
Al Jarreau Singer We're In This Love Together 12-Mar-1940 -
Randall Jarrell Poet The Woman at the Washington Zoo 06-May-1914 14-Oct-1965
Dale Jarrett Auto Racing Three-time Daytona 500 winner 26-Nov-1956 -
Keith Jarrett Jazz Musician Jazz pianist and composer 08-May-1945 -
Valerie B. Jarrett Business White House Office of Public Liaison 14-Nov-1956 -
Tom Jarriel Journalist ABC News correspondent 29-Dec-1934 -
Charles Jarrott Film Director Anne of the Thousand Days 16-Jun-1927 04-Mar-2011
Alfred Jarry Playwright Ubu roi 08-Sep-1873 01-Nov-1907
Wojciech Jaruzelski Head of State Final communist leader of Poland 06-Jul-1923 -
Neeme Järvi Conductor Principal Conductor, Residentie Orchestra 07-Jun-1937 -
Robert Jarvik Doctor Co-Inventor, Jarvik-7 artificial heart 11-May-1946 -
Eugene Jarvis Computer Programmer Defender, Robotron, Smash TV 1955 -
Graham Jarvis Actor Canadian-American character actor 25-Aug-1930 16-Apr-2003
Howard Jarvis Activist Anti-tax crusader 22-Sep-1903 11-Aug-1986
Jeff Jarvis Blogger Founder of Entertainment Weekly 12-Sep-1954 -
Roger L. Jarvis Business CEO of Spinnaker Exploration, 1996-2005 c. 1954 -
Jerry J. Jasinowski Business National Association of Manufacturers 04-Jan-1939 -
Jacques Jasmin Poet Provençal poet 06-Mar-1798 04-Oct-1864
David Jason Actor Only Fools and Horses 02-Feb-1940 -
Leigh Jason Film Director The Mad Miss Manton 26-Jul-1904 19-Feb-1979
Rick Jason Actor Lt. Gil Hanley on Combat! 21-May-1923 16-Oct-2000
Karl Jaspers Philosopher Existential thinker 23-Feb-1883 26-Feb-1969
Kenneth M. Jastrow II Business CEO of Temple-Inland, 2000-07 c. 1947 -
Robert Jastrow Astronomer Red Giants and White Dwarfs 07-Sep-1925 08-Feb-2008
Oscár Jászi Sociologist The Dissolution of the Habsburg Monarchy 02-Mar-1875 13-Feb-1957
Jean Jaurès Politician French socialist leader 03-Sep-1859 31-Jul-1914
Dick Jauron Football Head Coach, Buffalo Bills 07-Oct-1950 -
Jacob K. Javits Politician US Senator from New York, 1957-81 18-Mar-1904 07-Mar-1986
Leon Jaworski Government Watergate special prosecutor 19-Sep-1905 09-Dec-1982
Ron Jaworski Football Former QB, now ESPN commentator 23-Mar-1951 -
Jam Master Jay Disc Jockey Run-D.M.C. 21-Jan-1965 30-Oct-2002
John Jay Judge First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 12-Dec-1745 17-May-1829
Michael Jay Diplomat UK Ambassador to France, 1996-2001 Jun-1946 -
Ricky Jay Magician Jay's Journal of Anomalies 1948 -
Sylvia Jay Business Food and Drink Federation c. 1947 -
Tony Jay Actor Voice and character actor 02-Feb-1933 13-Aug-2006
Jay-Z Rapper Can I Get A... 04-Dec-1969 -
Jayapradha Actor Bollywood actress, Indian MP 03-Apr-1962 -
Jennifer Jayne Actor The Crawling Eye 14-Nov-1931 23-Apr-2006
Michael Jayston Actor Nicholas and Alexandra 29-Oct-1935 -
Benjamin Todd Jealous Activist President of the NAACP c. 1972 -
Jean I Royalty King of France, 1316 15-Nov-1316 20-Nov-1316
Jean II Royalty King of France, 1350-64 16-Apr-1319 08-Apr-1364
Gloria Jean Actor Never Give a Sucker an Even Break 14-Apr-1926 -
Raymond A. Jean Business CEO of Quanex 23-Aug-1942 -
Wyclef Jean Musician One third of The Fugees, Preacher's Son 17-Oct-1972 -
Marianne Jean-Baptiste Actor Without a Trace 26-Apr-1967 -
Anna T. Jeanes Philanthropist Negro Rural School Fund 07-Apr-1822 24-Sep-1907
Jeanne-Claude Artist Gift-wraps large monuments 13-Jun-1945 18-Nov-2009
Isabel Jeans Actor Easy Virtue 16-Sep-1891 04-Sep-1985
James H. Jeans Astronomer Continuous creation theory 11-Sep-1877 16-Sep-1946
Ursula Jeans Actor The Dam Busters 05-May-1906 21-Apr-1973
Gladwyn Jebb Diplomat Acting UN Secretary General, 1945-46 25-Apr-1900 24-Oct-1996
Philip Jeck Disc Jockey Atmospheric lock-groove turntablist 1952 -
Young Jeezy Rapper Boyz N Da Hood 12-Oct-1977 -
DJ Jazzy Jeff Disc Jockey DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince 22-Jan-1965 -
Robinson Jeffers Poet Tamar and Other Poems 10-Jan-1887 20-Jan-1962
Blind Lemon Jefferson Singer Influential bluesman 24-Sep-1893 Dec-1929
Martha Jefferson First Lady Wife of US President Thomas Jefferson 19-Oct-1748 08-Sep-1782
Thomas Jefferson Head of State 3rd US President, 1801-09 13-Apr-1743 04-Jul-1826
Wallace B. Jefferson Judge Texas Chief Justice 22-Jul-1963 -
William Jefferson Politician Congressman from Louisiana, 1991-2009 14-Mar-1947 -
Reuben Jeffery III Business Under Secy. State, Economic Affairs c. 1953 -
Jim Jeffords Politician US Senator from Vermont, 1989-2007 11-May-1934 -
James F. Jeffrey Diplomat US Ambassador to Iraq 1946 -
Terry Jeffrey Journalist Editor at Large, CNSNews.com 26-Jul-1958 -
Anne Jeffreys Actor Marion Kerby on Topper 26-Jan-1923 -
Leonard Jeffries Scholar Controversial blackademic 19-Jan-1937 -
Lionel Jeffries Actor Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 10-Jun-1926 19-Feb-2010
Chris Jeffs Electronic Musician Cylob, Kinesthesia 1976 -
Warren Jeffs Religion Head of FLDS polygamist clan 03-Dec-1955 -
Noor Jehan Singer Bollywood Diva 21-Sep-1926 23-Dec-2000
Elfriede Jelinek Novelist Die Klavierspielerin 20-Oct-1946 -
Mae C. Jemison Astronaut First African-American woman in space 17-Oct-1956 -
Richard Jeni Comic A Big Steaming Pile of Me 14-Apr-1957 10-Mar-2007
Franklyn G. Jenifer Educator President of UT-Dallas, 1994-2003 26-Mar-1939 -
Patrick Jenkin Politician Former MP, Wanstead and Woodford 07-Sep-1926 -
Allen Jenkins Actor American character actor 09-Apr-1900 20-Jul-1974
Bill Jenkins Politician Congressman, Tennessee 1st 29-Dec-1936 -
Charles H. Jenkins, Jr. Business CEO of Publix, 2001-08 1944 -
Ed Jenkins Politician Congressman from Georgia, 1977-93 04-Jan-1933 01-Jan-2012
Ferguson Jenkins Baseball Winner, 1971 Cy Young Award 13-Dec-1942 -
Holman Jenkins Columnist Wall Street Journal c. 1960 -
Howard M. Jenkins Business CEO of Publix, 1990-2001 c. 1953 -
Jackie "Butch" Jenkins Actor MGM child star 29-Aug-1937 14-Aug-2001
John I. Jenkins Educator President, University of Notre Dame 17-Dec-1953 -
Katherine Jenkins Singer Welsh mezzo-soprano 29-Jun-1980 -
Ken Jenkins Actor Dr. Bob Kelso on Scrubs 28-Aug-1940 -
Lynn Jenkins Politician Congresswoman, Kansas 2nd 10-Jun-1963 -
Megs Jenkins Actor The History of Mr. Polly 21-Apr-1917 05-Oct-1998
Rebecca Jenkins Actor Katherine Hubbard on Black Harbour 1959 -
Richard Jenkins Actor Six Feet Under 02-Dec-1953 -
Robert Jenkins Business War of Jenkins' Ear fl. 1731-45 fl. 1731-45
Robert H. Jenkins Business CEO of Sundstrand, 1995-99 c. 1942 -
Roy Jenkins Politician Twice UK Home Secretary 11-Nov-1920 05-Jan-2003
Stephan Jenkins Musician Lead singer, Third Eye Blind 27-Sep-1964 -
Walter W. Jenkins Government LBJ assistant, outed in gay sex scandal 23-Mar-1918 23-Nov-1985
Tom Jenkinson Electronic Musician Squarepusher 30-Jan-1974 -
Frank Jenks Actor Vaudvillian, character actor 04-Nov-1902 13-May-1962
George A. Jenks Attorney US Solicitor General, 1886-89 25-Mar-1836 10-Feb-1908
Brody Jenner Relative Son of Bruce Jenner 21-Aug-1983 -
Bruce Jenner Track and Field US Olympic track and field star 28-Oct-1949 -
Edward Jenner Doctor Smallpox Vaccination 17-May-1749 26-Jan-1823
Kris Jenner Relative Wife of Bruce Jenner 05-Nov-1955 -
James M. Jenness Business CEO of Kellogg, 2005-06 15-May-1946 -
Lucinda Jenney Actor Rain Man 23-Apr-1954 -
Brent Jennings Actor Character actor 1951 -
Elizabeth Jennings Poet Song for a Birth or a Death 18-Jul-1926 26-Oct-2001
J. Scott Jennings Government Bush political advisor 26-Oct-1977 -
Ken Jennings TV Personality $2.5 Million Jeopardy! Contestant 23-May-1974 -
Lyfe Jennings Singer/Songwriter The Phoenix 1978 -
Mark E. Jennings Business Generation Partners c. 1962 -
Pat Jennings Soccer PFA Player of the Year, 1976 12-Jun-1945 -
Peter Jennings Journalist Former anchor, ABC World News Tonight 29-Jul-1938 07-Aug-2005
Tom Jennings Computer Programmer Author of FidoNet BBS protocols 1955 -
Toni Jennings Politician Lt. Governor of Florida, 2003-07 17-May-1949 -
W. S. Jennings Politician Governor of Florida, 1901-05 24-Mar-1863 27-Feb-1920
Waylon Jennings Country Musician Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys 15-Jun-1937 13-Feb-2002
William Norris Jennings Doctor Jewish Hospital and St. Mary's Healthcare c. 1943 -
John W. Jenrette, Jr. Politician Congressman snagged in ABSCAM 09-May-1936 -
Richard Jenrette Business Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette 05-Apr-1929 -
Salome Jens Actor Angel Baby 08-May-1935 -
D. Lowell Jensen Attorney Associate US Attorney General, 1983-85 03-Jun-1928 -
J. Hans D. Jensen Physicist Shell nuclear model 25-Jun-1907 11-Feb-1973
Jackie Jensen Baseball American League MVP, 1958 09-Mar-1927 14-Jul-1982
Johannes V. Jensen Author The Long Journey 20-Jan-1873 25-Nov-1950
Merrill Jensen Historian The Articles of Confederaton 1905 30-Jan-1980
Nicolas Jenson Engraver Created the Roman miniscule 1420 Sep-1480
Julia Jentsch Actor The Edukators 20-Feb-1978 -
Ken Jeong Actor Señor Chang on Community 15-Jun-1969 -
Carly Rae Jepsen Singer Tug of War 21-Nov-1985 -
Roger Jepsen Politician US Senator from Iowa, 1979-85 23-Dec-1928 -
Penny Johnson Jerald Actor Beverly on The Larry Sanders Show 14-Mar-1961 -
David E. Jeremiah Military Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs, 1990-94 25-Feb-1934 -
Jeremih Rapper Birthday Sex 1988 -
Ron Jeremy Pornstar The Hedgehog 12-Mar-1953 -
Adele Jergens Actor Ladies of the Chorus 26-Nov-1917 22-Nov-2002
Chris Jericho Wrestling WWE wrestler 09-Nov-1970 -
Niels K. Jerne Scientist Immune theory (anti-antibody) 23-Dec-1911 07-Oct-1994
John D. Jernegan Diplomat US Ambassador to Iraq, 1958-62 12-Jun-1911 07-Nov-1980
St. Jerome Religion Church Father, translated Vulgate c. 340 AD 30-Sep-420 AD
Jerome K. Jerome Author Three Men in a Boat 02-May-1859 14-Jun-1927
Jeru the Damaja Rapper Brooklyn rapper, Come Clean 14-Feb-1972 -
Michael E. Jesanis Business CEO of National Grid USA, 2004-06 c. 1955 -
George Jessel Actor Toastmaster General of the United States 03-Apr-1898 24-May-1981
Jessie J Singer/Songwriter Who You Are 27-Mar-1988 -
Young Jessie Musician Hit, Git & Split 28-Dec-1936 -
Jesus Christ Religion Carpenter, evangelist c. 4 BC 7-Apr-30 AD
Derek Jeter Baseball New York Yankees shortstop 26-Jun-1974 -
Michael Jeter Actor Evening Shade 26-Aug-1952 30-Mar-2003
Joan Jett Musician I Love Rock 'N Roll 22-Sep-1958 -
Jean-Pierre Jeunet Film Director Alien: Resurrection 03-Sep-1953 -
William Stanley Jevons Economist Theory of Political Economy 01-Sep-1835 13-Aug-1882
Jewel Singer/Songwriter Who will save her soul 23-May-1974 -
John Jewel Religion Defender of Anglicanism 24-May-1522 23-Sep-1571
Geri Jewell Actor Deadwood 13-Sep-1956 -
Linda Jewell Diplomat US Ambassador to Ecuador c. 1953 -
Richard Jewell Victim Innocent security guard blamed for bombing 17-Nov-1962 29-Aug-2007
Sarah Orne Jewett Author The Country of the Pointed Firs 03-Sep-1849 24-Jun-1909
Norman Jewison Film Director Moonstruck 21-Jul-1926 -
William L. Jews Business CEO of CareFirst c. 1952 -
Jezebel Royalty Wife of King Ahab ? 842 BC
Sanjay Jha Business CEO of Motorola Mobility 1963 -
Ruth Prawer Jhabvala Novelist Heat and Dust 07-May-1927 -
Andrew S. Jhawar Business VP at Apollo Management c. 1972 -
Wen Jiabao Head of State Premier of China Sep-1942 -
Penn Jillette Magician Talking half of the Penn and Teller duo 05-Mar-1955 -
Ann Jillian Actor Ellis Island 29-Jan-1951 -
Diamond Jim Brady Business Larger-than-life millionaire 12-Aug-1856 13-Apr-1917
Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros Religion Ascetic Spanish Cardinal and statesman 1436 08-Nov-1517
Héctor Jiménez Actor Nacho Libre 14-Dec-1973 -
Juan Ramón Jiménez Poet Pastorales 24-Dec-1881 29-May-1958
Deborah S. Jin Physicist Created a fermionic condensate c. 1968 -
Bobby Jindal Politician Governor of Louisiana 10-Jun-1971 -
Larry Jinks Editor San Jose Mercury News publisher, 1989-94 c. 1928 -
Mohammad Ali Jinnah Head of State Founder of Pakistan 25-Dec-1876 11-Sep-1948
Hu Jintao Head of State President of China 21-Dec-1942 -
Jaromil Jires Film Director Valerie and Her Week of Wonders 10-Dec-1935 24-Oct-2001
Lil' JJ Comic Just Jordan 31-Oct-1990 -
Joseph Joachim Violinist Virtuoso violinist, Joachim Quartet 28-Jun-1831 15-Aug-1907
Joan of Arc Religion Maid of Orleans, burned at the stake 06-Jan-1412 30-May-1431
Phil Joanou Film Director Gridiron Gang 20-Nov-1961 -
João I Royalty King of Portugal, 1385-1433 11-Apr-1357 14-Aug-1433
João II Royalty King of Portugal, 1481-95 03-Mar-1455 25-Oct-1495
João IV Royalty King of Portugal, 1640-56 18-Mar-1604 06-Nov-1656
João V Royalty King of Portugal, 1706-50 22-Oct-1689 31-Jul-1750
João VI Royalty King of Portugal, 1816-26 13-May-1767 10-Mar-1826
João III Royalty King of Portugal, 1521-57 06-Jun-1502 11-Jun-1557
Warren Y. Jobe Business CFO of Georgia Power, 1982-98 c. 1941 -
Marlène Jobert Actor Masculin, féminin: 15 faits précis 04-Nov-1943 -
Antonio Carlos Jobim Musician The Girl from Ipanema 25-Jan-1927 08-Dec-1994
Steve Jobs Business Co-Founder of Apple Computer 24-Feb-1955 05-Oct-2011
Yung Joc Rapper New Joc City 02-Apr-1983 -
Alfred Jodl Military Signed Germany's unconditional WWII surrender 10-May-1890 16-Oct-1946
Alejandro Jodorowsky Film Director El Topo 07-Feb-1929 -
Joe the Plumber Activist Unlicensed plumber, political operative 03-Dec-1973 -
Fat Joe Rapper J.O.S.E. (Jealous Ones Still Envy) 19-Aug-1970 -
Judge Larry Joe TV Personality Texas Justice TV judge c. 1946 -
Billy Joel Pianist Didn't start the fire 09-May-1949 -
Jeffrey A. Joerres Business CEO of Manpower 1960 -
Josef Joffe Editor Editor of Die Zeit 15-Mar-1944 -
Robert D. Joffe Attorney Partner, Cravath, Swaine & Moore 26-May-1943 28-Jan-2010
Roland Joffé Film Director The Killing Fields 17-Nov-1945 -
Avan Jogia Actor Beck Oliver on Victorious 09-Feb-1992 -
Gerald B. Johanneson Business CEO of Haworth, 1997-2003 c. 1941 -
Mike Johanns Politician US Senator from Nebraska 18-Jun-1950 -
David Johansen Musician Buster Poindexter, New York Dolls 09-Jan-1950 -
Jon Johansen Computer Programmer Wrote the DeCSS program to decrypt DVDs 18-Nov-1983 -
Donald Johanson Anthropologist Discovered "Lucy" fossils 28-Jun-1943 -
Sue Johanson Talk Show Host Talk Sex With Sue Johanson 29-Jul-1930 -
Ingemar Johansson Boxing World Heavyweight Champion, 1959-60 22-Sep-1932 30-Jan-2009
Leif Johansson Business President and CEO of Volvo 30-Aug-1951 -
Paul Johansson Actor Dan Scott on One Tree Hill 26-Jan-1964 -
Scarlett Johansson Actor Ghost World, Lost in Translation 22-Nov-1984 -
Thomas Johansson Tennis Winner, 2002 Australian Open 24-Mar-1975 -
St. John Religion Author of the fourth Gospel c. 6 AD c. 100 AD
John 5 Guitarist Marilyn Manson guitarist, 1998-2004 31-Jul-1971 -
Pope John I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 523-26 ? 18-May-526 AD
John I Tzimisces Royalty Byzantine Emperor, 969-76 AD 925 AD 10-Jan-976 AD
Pope John II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 533-35 ? 8-May-535 AD
John II Comnenus Royalty Byzantine Emperor, 1118-43 13-Sep-1087 08-Apr-1143
Pope John III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 561-74 ? 13-Jul-574 AD
John III Ducas Vatatzes Royalty Byzantine Emperor, 1222-54 1193 03-Nov-1254
Pope John IV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 640-42 ? 12-Oct-642 AD
Pope John IX Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 898-900 ? Jan-900 AD
King John Lackland Royalty Signed the Magna Carta, then reneged 24-Dec-1166 18-Oct-1216
St. John of Beverley Religion Medieval English saint ? 7-May-721 AD
John of Damascus Religion Early scholastic church father c. 676 AD 4-Dec-749 AD
John of Gaunt Royalty Duke of Lancaster Mar-1340 03-Feb-1399
St. John of Nepomuk Religion Patron saint of Bohemia c. 1345 20-Mar-1393
John of Salisbury Author Policraticus and Metalogicon c. 1120 25-Oct-1180
St. John of the Cross Religion Spanish mystic, Doctor of the Church 24-Jun-1542 14-Dec-1591
Pope John Paul I Religion Pope for 33 days, in summer 1978 17-Oct-1912 28-Sep-1978
Pope John Paul II Religion Roman Catholic Pontiff, 1978-2005 18-May-1920 02-Apr-2005
John Scarlett Spy Head of MI6 18-Aug-1948 -
John the Baptist Religion Precursor to Jesus Christ ? c. 28 AD
Pope John V Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 685-86 ? 2-Aug-686 AD
Pope John VI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 701-05 ? 11-Jan-705 AD
Pope John VII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 705-07 ? 18-Oct-707 AD
Pope John VIII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 872-882 ? 16-Dec-882 AD
Pope John X Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 914-28 ? 928 AD
Pope John XI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 931-936 c. 910 AD 936 AD
Pope John XII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 955-964 c. 937 AD 14-May-964 AD
Pope John XIII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 965-72 ? 6-Sep-972 AD
Pope John XIV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 983-84 ? 20-Aug-984 AD
Pope John XIX Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1024-32 ? 1032
Pope John XV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 985-96 ? 996 AD
Pope John XXI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1276-77 c. 1215 20-May-1277
Pope John XXII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1316-34 1249 04-Dec-1334
Pope John XXIII Religion Roman Catholic Pontiff, 1958-63 25-Nov-1881 03-Jun-1963
Dr. John Musician Right Place, Wrong Time 21-Nov-1940 -
Chris John Politician Congressman from Louisiana, 1997-2005 05-Jan-1960 -
Elton John Singer/Songwriter Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 25-Mar-1947 -
Eric G. John Diplomat US Ambassador to Thailand c. 1960 -
Gottfried John Actor GoldenEye 29-Aug-1942 -
Jill St. John Actor Who's Minding the Store? 19-Aug-1940 -
Little Willie John Singer Fever 15-Oct-1937 26-May-1968
Miriam E. John Scientist VP at Sandia, 1999-2006 c. 1948 -
Tommy John Baseball MLB pitcher, received pioneering surgery 22-May-1943 -
Gordon Johncock Auto Racing Indy car racer 05-Aug-1936 -
Johnny B. Comic Half of The Jerky Boys 08-Aug-1961 -
Charley E. Johns Politician Governor of Florida, 1953-55 27-Feb-1905 23-Jan-1990
Daniel Johns Musician Frontman of Silverchair 22-Apr-1979 -
Glynis Johns Actor Winifred Banks in Mary Poppins 05-Oct-1923 -
Jasper Johns Painter Neo-Dadaist painter of US Flag 15-May-1930 -
John D. Johns Business CEO of Protective Life c. 1951 -
Mervyn Johns Actor Dead of Night 18-Feb-1899 06-Sep-1992
Michael Johns Government Conservative activist, healthcare exec 08-Sep-1964 -
Michael M. E. Johns Educator Chancellor, Emory University c. 1941 -
Dawn E. Johnsen Attorney Indiana University law professor 14-Aug-1961 -
Rupert H. Johnson, Jr. Business Billionaire, Franklin Resources 1941 -
Aaron Johnson Actor Kick-Ass 13-Jun-1990 -
Abigail Johnson Business Fidelity Investments scion, billionaire 19-Dec-1961 -
Alan Johnson Politician UK Minister for Health 17-May-1950 -
Alexz Johnson Actor Jude Harrison on Instant Star 04-Nov-1986 -
Amy Jo Johnson Actor Julie Emrick on Felicity 06-Oct-1970 -
Andrew Johnson Head of State 17th US President, 1865-68 29-Dec-1808 31-Jul-1875
Anne-Marie Johnson Actor In The Heat Of The Night 18-Jul-1960 -
Arte Johnson Comic Veddy interestink 20-Jan-1929 -
Arthur E. Johnson Business Senior VP at Lockheed-Martin c. 1946 -
Ashley Johnson Actor Chrissy Seaver on Growing Pains 09-Aug-1983 -
Avery Johnson Basketball Head Coach, Brooklyn Nets 25-Mar-1965 -
Barry C. Johnson Business Villanova Dean of Engineering, 2002-06 c. 1944 -
Ben Johnson Actor The Last Picture Show 13-Jun-1918 08-Apr-1996
Ben Johnson Track and Field Won 100m dash in 1988 using steroids 30-Dec-1961 -
Beverly Johnson Model Supermodel 13-Oct-1952 -
Bill Johnson Skier Downhill skiing gold medal, 1984 30-Mar-1960 -
Bill Johnson Politician Congressman, Ohio 6th 10-Nov-1954 -
Bob Johnson Hockey Badger Bob, coach and Hall of Famer 04-Mar-1931 26-Nov-1991
Boris Johnson Journalist Mayor of London 19-Jun-1964 -
Brad Johnson Actor Soldier of Fortune, Inc. 24-Oct-1959 -
Brad Johnson Football Dallas Cowboys QB 13-Sep-1968 -
Brenda LaGrange Johnson Business US Ambassador to Jamaica ? -
Brian Johnson Singer Frontman of AC/DC 05-Oct-1947 -
Bruce Johnson Politician Lt. Governor of Ohio, 2005-06 25-May-1960 -
Bryce Johnson Actor Josh Ford on Popular 18-Apr-1977 -
Bunk Johnson Jazz Musician New Orleans jazz trumpeter 27-Dec-1889 07-Jul-1949
Caldwell Johnson Engineer Designer, early NASA space program 1919 -
Celia Johnson Actor Brief Encounter 18-Dec-1908 26-Apr-1982
Charles B. Johnson Business Billionaire, Franklin Resources 06-Jan-1933 -
Charles F. Johnson Blogger Little Green Footballs 13-Apr-1953 -
Charles S. Johnson Sociologist The Negro in Chicago 24-Jul-1893 27-Oct-1956
Charles W. Johnson Judge Justice, Washington Supreme Court c. 1951 -
Chris Johnson Football Tennessee Titans RB 23-Sep-1985 -
Clark Johnson Actor Det. Meldrick Lewis on Homicide 10-Sep-1954 -
Clay Johnson Government OMB Deputy Director c. 1946 -
Curt Johnson Business Billionaire chairman of JohnsonDiversey c. 1955 -
Darrell Johnson Baseball Red Sox, Mariners manager 25-Aug-1928 03-May-2004
Darryl N. Johnson Diplomat US Ambassador to Thailand, 2002-04 ? -
Davey Johnson Baseball Manager, Washington Nationals 30-Jan-1943 -
David W. Johnson Business CEO of Campbell Soup, 1990-97 07-Aug-1932 -
Denis Johnson Novelist Jesus' Son 01-Jul-1949 -
Dennis Johnson Basketball Boston Celtics 18-Sep-1954 22-Feb-2007
Diane Johnson Novelist Fair Game 28-Apr-1934 -
Don Johnson Actor Miami Vice, Nash Bridges 15-Dec-1949 -
Donald C. Johnson Diplomat US Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea c. 1948 -
Dorothy A. Johnson Administrator Council of Michigan Foundations c. 1941 -
Douglas W. Johnson Business Retired Partner, Ernst & Young c. 1944 -
Eddie Bernice Johnson Politician Congresswoman, Texas 30th 03-Dec-1935 -
Eliza Johnson First Lady Wife of US President Andrew Johnson 04-Oct-1810 15-Jan-1876
Eric Johnson Guitarist Ah Via Musicom 17-Aug-1954 -
Eric Johnson Actor Whitney Fordman on Smallville 07-Aug-1979 -
Eric G. Johnson Business CEO of Baldwin Richardson Foods Co. c. 1950 -
Eyvind Johnson Author Rain at Dawn 29-Jul-1900 25-Aug-1976
Frank M. Johnson Judge 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1981-99 30-Oct-1918 23-Jul-1999
Franklin R. Johnson Business Former Partner, Price Waterhouse c. 1937 -
Gary Johnson Politician Governor of New Mexico, 1995-2003 01-Jan-1953 -
Hank Johnson Politician Congressman, Georgia 4th 02-Oct-1954 -
Hiram Johnson Politician Governor and Senator from California 02-Sep-1866 06-Aug-1945
Holly Johnson Musician Frankie Goes to Hollywood 09-Feb-1960 -
Howard Johnson Songwriter We All Scream for Ice Cream 02-Jun-1887 01-May-1941
J. J. Johnson Jazz Musician Jazz trombonist 22-Jan-1924 04-Feb-2001
Jack Johnson Boxing First black heavyweight champion 31-Mar-1878 10-Jun-1946
Jack Johnson Musician Brushfire Fairytales 18-May-1975 -
Jake Johnson Actor Nick on New Girl 20-May-1979 -
James A. Johnson Business CEO of Fannie Mae, 1991-98 24-Dec-1943 -
James C. Johnson Attorney Asst. General Counsel at Boeing c. 1952 -
James M. Johnson Judge Justice, Washington Supreme Court c. 1946 -
James P. Johnson Jazz Musician The father of stride piano 01-Feb-1894 17-Nov-1955
James Weldon Johnson Author God's Trombones 17-Jun-1871 26-Jun-1938
Jay Johnson Politician Congressman from Wisconsin, 1997-99 30-Sep-1943 17-Oct-2009
Jay Kenneth Johnson Actor Days of Our Lives 24-Feb-1977 -
Jay L. Johnson Military US Chief of Naval Operations, 1996-2000 05-Jun-1946 -
Jimmie Johnson Auto Racing NASCAR racer 17-Sep-1975 -
Jimmy Johnson Football Former Cornerback, San Francisco 49ers 31-Mar-1938 -
Jimmy Johnson Football Former Cowboys, Dolphins head coach 16-Jul-1943 -
Joanna Johnson Film/TV Producer Creator of Hope & Faith 31-Dec-1961 -
Joel W. Johnson Business CEO of Hormel, 1993-2005 c. 1943 -
John D. Johnson Business CEO of CHS c. 1949 -
John Henry Johnson Football NFL Hall of Fame Fullback 24-Nov-1929 03-Jun-2011
John Smoke Johnson Politician Mohawk Chief of the Six Nations 02-Dec-1792 26-Aug-1886
Kay Johnson Actor Of Human Bondage 29-Nov-1904 17-Nov-1975
Kelly Johnson Engineer Lockheed Skunk Works plane designer 27-Feb-1910 21-Dec-1990
Kenny Johnson Actor Det. Lemansky on The Shield 13-Jul-1963 -
Kevin Johnson Basketball Mayor of Sacramento 04-Mar-1966 -
Kristina M. Johnson Educator Provost of Johns Hopkins University c. 1958 -
Lady Bird Johnson First Lady Wife of US President Lyndon Baines Johnson 22-Dec-1912 11-Jul-2007
Lamont Johnson Film Director Adventures in the Forbidden Zone 30-Sep-1922 24-Oct-2010
Laura Johnson Actor Falcon Crest 01-Aug-1957 -
Lonnie Johnson Inventor Revolutionized the squirt gun industry 06-Oct-1949 -
Louis A. Johnson Government US Secretary of Defense, 1949-50 10-Jan-1891 24-Apr-1966
Luci Baines Johnson Relative Daughter of LBJ 02-Jul-1947 -
Lynda Bird Johnson Relative Daughter of LBJ 19-Mar-1944 -
Lyndon B. Johnson Head of State 36th US President, 1963-69 27-Aug-1908 22-Jan-1973
Lynn-Holly Johnson Figure Skating Ice Castles 13-Dec-1958 -
Magic Johnson Basketball Lakers star, AIDS spokesman 14-Aug-1959 -
Manuel H. Johnson Economist Federal Reserve Governor, 1986-90 10-Feb-1949 -
Mercedes Johnson Business CFO of Avago Technologies c. 1954 -
Michael Johnson Track and Field Sprinter, 5-time Olympic Gold medalist 13-Sep-1967 -
Michelle Johnson Actor Blame It on Rio 08-Sep-1965 -
Nancy Johnson Politician Congresswoman from Connecticut, 1983-2007 05-Jan-1935 -
Nunnally Johnson Screenwriter The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit 05-Dec-1897 25-Mar-1977
Patrick Read Johnson Film Director Angus 07-May-1962 -
Paul B. Johnson, Jr. Politician Governor of Mississippi, 1964-68 23-Jan-1916 14-Oct-1985
Paul B. Johnson, Sr. Politician Governor of Mississippi, 1940-43 23-Mar-1880 26-Dec-1943
Pauline Johnson Poet Mohawk Canadian poet and actress 10-Mar-1860 07-Mar-1913
Peter R. Johnson Business Credit Management Services c. 1947 -
Phil Johnson Judge Justice, Texas Supreme Court c. 1943 -
Philip Johnson Architect The Glass House 08-Jul-1906 25-Jan-2005
Phillip Johnson Author Intelligent Design theorist 1940 -
R. Milton Johnson Business President and CFO of HCA 15-Dec-1956 -
Rafer Johnson Track and Field Olympic track and field star 18-Aug-1935 -
Randy Johnson Baseball Five-time Cy Young Award winner 10-Sep-1963 -
Reverdy Johnson Politician US Senator and Attorney General 21-May-1796 10-Feb-1876
Richard Johnson Actor Treasure Island 30-Jul-1927 -
Richard Mentor Johnson Politician 9th Vice President of the US 17-Oct-1780 19-Nov-1850
Rita Johnson Actor Here Comes Mr. Jordan 13-Aug-1913 31-Oct-1965
Robert Johnson Guitarist Influential blues guitarist 08-May-1911 16-Aug-1938
Robert B. Johnson Government One America Foundation c. 1945 -
Robert L. Johnson Business CEO of BET 08-Apr-1946 -
Robert M. Johnson Publisher Publisher of Newsday, 1986-94 14-Jul-1945 -
Robert Wood Johnson IV Business Johnson & Johnson heir 12-Apr-1947 -
Ron Johnson Politician US Senator from Wisconsin 08-Apr-1955 -
Roy Lee Johnson Musician R&B guitarist and songwriter 31-Dec-1938 -
Russell Johnson Religion Ohio Restoration Project ? -
Russell Johnson Actor The Professor on Gilligan's Island 10-Nov-1924 -
Sam Johnson Politician Congressman, Texas 3rd 11-Oct-1930 -
Samuel Johnson Lexicographer A Dictionary of the English Language 18-Sep-1709 13-Dec-1784
Shawn Johnson Gymnastics Four Olympic gold medals in 2008 19-Jan-1992 -
Sheila Crump Johnson Business Billionaire 1949 -
Stephen L. Johnson Government EPA Administrator 21-Mar-1951 -
Suzanne Nora Johnson Business Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs, 2004-07 14-May-1957 -
Thomas Johnson Judge Governor of Maryland, 1777-79 04-Nov-1732 22-Feb-1819
Thomas H. Johnson Business CEO of Chesapeake Corporation, 1997-2005 c. 1950 -
Thomas L. Johnson Business Associated General Contractors of Texas c. 1937 -
Thomas S. Johnson Business President of Chemical Bank, 1983-89 c. 1940 -
Tim Johnson Politician US Senator from South Dakota 28-Dec-1946 -
Tim Johnson Politician Congressman, Illinois 15th 23-Jul-1946 -
Tom Johnson Hockey NHL Hall of Famer, coach 18-Feb-1928 21-Nov-2007
Tor Johnson Wrestling Plan 9 from Outer Space 19-Oct-1903 12-May-1971
Travis C. Johnson Business Attorney at Law, El Paso c. 1936 -
U. Alexis Johnson Diplomat Career US Ambassador 17-Oct-1908 24-Mar-1997
Van Johnson Actor The Caine Mutiny 25-Aug-1916 12-Dec-2008
Walter Johnson Baseball American League MVP in 1913 and 1924 06-Nov-1887 10-Dec-1946
Wil Johnson Actor Spencer Jordan on Waking the Dead 1965 -
William Johnson Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1804-34 27-Dec-1771 11-Aug-1834
William D. Johnson Business CEO of Progress Energy c. 1954 -
William J. Johnson Business President of Apache Corporation, 1991-94 c. 1934 -
William R. Johnson Business CEO of Heinz 1949 -
William Samuel Johnson Educator President of Columbia University, 1787-1800 07-Oct-1727 14-Nov-1819
Zach Johnson Golf Winner of 2007 Masters 24-Feb-1976 -
Helen Johnson-Leipold Business CEO of Johnson Outdoors c. 1956 -
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Head of State President of Liberia 29-Oct-1938 -
Alan Johnston Journalist Kidnapped BBC journalist 17-May-1962 -
Albert Sidney Johnston Military Confederate General felled at Shiloh 03-Feb-1803 06-Apr-1862
Archibald Johnston Religion Scottish presbyterian patriot 1611 22-Jul-1663
Bruce Johnston Singer/Songwriter Beach Boy 27-Jun-1942 -
Craig Johnston Soccer Liverpool F.C. retired 25-Jun-1960 -
Daniel Johnston Singer/Songwriter Hi How Are You? 22-Jan-1961 -
David Cay Johnston Journalist Perfectly Legal 24-Dec-1948 -
David L. Johnston Educator President, University of Waterloo c. 1942 -
J. Bennett Johnston Politician US Senator from Louisiana, 1972-97 10-Jun-1932 -
Jay Johnston Comic Mr. Show with Bob and David 22-Oct-1968 -
Joe Johnston Film Director October Sky 13-May-1950 -
Joseph Eggleston Johnston Military Confederate General, surrendered to Sherman 03-Feb-1807 21-Mar-1891
Kristen Johnston Actor 3rd Rock from the Sun 20-Sep-1967 -
Lawrence R. Johnston Business CEO of Albertson's, 2001-06 1949 -
Lynn Johnston Cartoonist For Better or For Worse 28-May-1947 -
Mary Johnston Novelist To Have and To Hold 21-Nov-1870 09-May-1936
Michael F. Johnston Business CEO of Visteon c. 1947 -
Olin D. Johnston Politician Governor and Senator from South Carolina 18-Nov-1896 18-Apr-1965
Russell Johnston Politician Liberal MP from Inverness, 1964-97 28-Jul-1932 27-Jul-2008
William E. Johnston Business President of Morton International, 1995-2000 1940 -
George Johnstone Military British MP, Governor of West Florida 1730 24-May-1787
Jimmy Johnstone Soccer Celtic FC legend 30-Sep-1944 13-Mar-2006
L. Craig Johnstone Diplomat US Ambassador to Algeria, 1985-88 01-Sep-1942 -
Rajive Johri Business First National Bank of Omaha c. 1950 -
Joi Singer Crunk/R&B vocalist 25-Jan-1972 -
Norman Dello Joio Composer Meditation on Ecclesiastes 24-Jan-1913 24-Jul-2008
JoJo Singer Leave (Get Out) 20-Dec-1990 -
Eugene Jolas Editor transition 26-Oct-1894 26-May-1952
Justine Joli Pornstar Carnival Sluts and Circus Dicks 16-Jul-1980 -
Angelina Jolie Actor Tomb Raider 04-Jun-1975 -
Frédéric Joliot Physicist Artificial radioactivity 19-Mar-1900 14-Aug-1958
Irène Joliot-Curie Physicist Artificial radioactivity 12-Sep-1897 17-Mar-1956
Elizabeth Jolley Novelist Mr. Scobie's Riddle 04-Jun-1923 13-Feb-2007
E. Grady Jolly Judge 5th Circuit Court of Appeals 03-Oct-1937 -
Al Jolson Singer The Jazz Singer 26-May-1886 23-Oct-1950
Hubert Joly Business President & CEO of Carlson Companies c. 1960 -
Anand Jon Fashion Designer Designer to the stars 28-Nov-1976 -
Lil' Jon Rapper The King of Crunk 27-Jan-1971 -
Hans Jonas Philosopher Gnostic philosopher 10-May-1903 05-Feb-1993
Joe Jonas Musician The Jonas Brothers 15-Aug-1989 -
Judith Mayhew Jonas Educator Provost of King's College, 2003-06 18-Oct-1948 -
Kevin Jonas Musician The Jonas Brothers 05-Nov-1987 -
Nick Jonas Musician The Jonas Brothers 16-Sep-1992 -
Goodluck Jonathan Head of State President of Nigeria 20-Nov-1957 -
Wesley Jonathan Actor What I Like About You 18-Oct-1978 -
Boisfeuillet Jones, Jr. Publisher Washington Post publisher, 2000-08 1946 -
A. Elizabeth Jones Diplomat US Ambassador to Kazakhstan, 1995-98 1948 -
Adam Jones Guitarist Lead guitarist for Tool 15-Jan-1965 -
Alex Jones Radio Personality Conspiracy theorist for a buck 11-Feb-1974 -
Allan Jones Actor Show Boat 14-Oct-1907 27-Jun-1992
Andruw Jones Baseball Los Angeles Dodgers 23-Apr-1977 -
Angus T. Jones Actor Two and a Half Men 08-Oct-1993 -
Anissa Jones Actor Buffy on Family Affair 11-Mar-1958 28-Aug-1976
Anita K. Jones Educator Professor at University of Virginia c. 1942 -
Anson Jones Politician President of Texas, committed suicide 20-Jan-1798 09-Jan-1858
Aubrey Jones Politician Former MP, Birmingham Hall Green 20-Nov-1911 10-Apr-2003
Ben Jones Actor Cooter from Dukes of Hazzard 30-Aug-1941 -
Bobby Jones Golf Winner of 13 major championships 17-Mar-1902 18-Dec-1971
Brereton C. Jones Politician Governor of Kentucky, 1991-95 27-Jun-1939 -
Brian Jones Guitarist Guitarist for the Rolling Stones 28-Feb-1942 03-Jul-1969
Bryn Jones Musician Muslimgauze 17-Jun-1961 14-Jan-1999
Buck Jones Actor Cowboy actor died at Cocoanut Grove 04-Dec-1889 30-Nov-1942
Carolyn Jones Actor Morticia on The Addams Family 28-Apr-1929 03-Aug-1983
Casey Jones Daredevil Railroad hero, sort of 14-Mar-1863 30-Apr-1900
Cherry Jones Actor The Heiress 21-Nov-1956 -
Chipper Jones Baseball Atlanta Braves third-baseman 24-Apr-1972 -
Chloe Jones Pornstar Where the Boys Aren't 17 17-Jun-1975 02-Jun-2005
Christopher Jones Actor Wild in the Streets 18-Aug-1941 -
Chuck Jones Cartoonist Directed Bugs Bunny cartoons 21-Sep-1912 22-Feb-2002
Clayton M. Jones Business CEO of Rockwell Collins c. 1949 -
D. Paul Jones, Jr. Business CEO of Compass Bancshares, 1991-2008 26-Sep-1942 -
Dale E. Jones Business Vice Chairman of Heidrick & Struggles 1959 -
Danny Jones Singer Vocals and Guitar for McFly 12-Mar-1986 -
David A. Jones, Jr. Business Chrysalis Ventures c. 1958 -
David C. Jones Military Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1978-82 09-Jul-1921 -
Davy Jones Singer Frontman for The Monkees 30-Dec-1945 29-Feb-2012
Deacon Jones Football NFL's Secretary of Defense 09-Dec-1938 -
Dean Jones Actor That Darn Cat! 25-Jan-1931 -
Dean Jones Cricket Australian cricketer 24-Mar-1961 -
Deborah K. Jones Diplomat US Ambassador to Kuwait ? -
Dickie Jones Actor Buffalo Bill Jr. 25-Feb-1927 -
Dot Jones Actor Shannon Beiste on Glee 04-Jan-1964 -
Doug Jones Actor Pan's Labyrinth 24-May-1960 -
Duane Jones Actor Night of the Living Dead 02-Feb-1936 22-Jul-1988
Duncan Jones Film Director Moon 30-May-1971 -
Ed "Too Tall" Jones Football Dallas Cowboys, 106 career sacks 23-Feb-1951 -
Eddie Jones Actor Jonathan Kent on Lois & Clark 1937 -
Edith H. Jones Judge 5th Circuit Court of Appeals 07-Apr-1949 -
Edward Jones Journalist Jones of Dow Jones 1856 1920
Edward P. Jones Author The Known World 1951 -
Ellis B. Jones Business Wasserstein & Co. c. 1954 -
Elvin Jones Drummer Different Drummer 09-Sep-1927 18-May-2004
Emrys Jones Actor One of Our Aircraft Is Missing 22-Sep-1915 10-Jul-1972
Ernest E. Jones Business Philadelphia Workforce Development Corp. c. 1944 -
Felicity Jones Actor Like Crazy 17-Oct-1983 -
Freddie Jones Actor The Caesars 12-Sep-1927 -
G. Lewis Jones Diplomat US Ambassador to Tunisia, 1956-59 18-May-1907 13-Nov-1971
Gemma Jones Actor The Duchess of Duke Street 04-Dec-1942 -
George Jones Country Musician Country singer, White Lightning 12-Sep-1931 -
Gordon Jones Actor The Green Hornet 05-Apr-1911 20-Jun-1963
Grace Jones Singer/Songwriter Slave to the Rhythm 19-May-1952 -
Griff Rhys Jones Actor Alas Smith & Jones 06-Nov-1953 -
Griffith Jones Actor I Became a Criminal 19-Nov-1909 30-Jan-2007
Hank Jones Jazz Musician Jazz Piano Luminary 31-Jul-1918 16-May-2010
Henry Jones Actor The Bad Seed 01-Aug-1912 17-May-1999
Howard Jones Singer/Songwriter New Song 23-Feb-1955 -
Howard P. Jones Diplomat US Ambassador to Indonesia, 1958-65 02-Jan-1899 Sep-1973
Inigo Jones Architect The English Palladio 15-Jul-1573 05-Jul-1651
Jack Jones Singer The Impossible Dream 14-Jan-1938 -
James Jones Author From Here to Eternity 06-Nov-1921 09-May-1977
James Earl Jones Actor Voice of Darth Vader and CNN 17-Jan-1931 -
James L. Jones Military US National Security Advisor, 2009-10 19-Dec-1943 -
James R. Jones Diplomat US Ambassador to Mexico, 1993-97 05-May-1939 -
Janet Jones Actor Wife of Wayne Gretzky 10-Jan-1961 -
January Jones Actor Mad Men 05-Jan-1978 -
Jason Jones Comic The Daily Show 03-Jun-1967 -
Jeffrey Jones Actor Ferris Bueller's principal 28-Sep-1946 -
Jennifer Jones Actor The Song of Bernadette 02-Mar-1919 17-Dec-2009
Jenny Jones Talk Show Host The Jenny Jones Show 07-Jun-1946 -
Jerry Jones Football Owner of the Dallas Cowboys 13-Oct-1942 -
Jesse H. Jones Government US Secretary of Commerce, 1940-45 05-Apr-1874 01-Jun-1956
Jill Marie Jones Actor Toni Childs on Girlfriends 04-Jan-1975 -
Jim Jones Rapper We Fly High, Dipset 15-Jul-1976 -
Jim Jones Religion Led mass People's Temple suicide 13-May-1931 18-Nov-1978
John E. Jones Business CEO of CBI Industries, 1989-96 c. 1935 -
John P. Jones III Business CEO of Air Products, 2000-06 1950 -
John Paul Jones Military Has not yet begun to fight 06-Jul-1747 18-Jul-1792
John Paul Jones Bassist Bassist for Led Zeppelin 03-Jan-1946 -
John Percival Jones Politician US Senator from Nevada, 1873-1903 27-Jan-1829 12-Nov-1912
June Jones Football Hawaii Warriors Head Coach 19-Feb-1953 -
K. C. Jones Basketball Boston Celtics 25-May-1932 -
Kelly Jones Musician Frontman for Stereophonics 03-Jun-1974 -
L. Q. Jones Actor Battle Cry 19-Aug-1927 -
Lauren Jones TV Personality Anchorwoman 27-Aug-1982 -
Lolo Jones Track and Field American hurdler, prominent virgin 05-Aug-1982 -
Maggie Jones Actor Coronation Street 21-Jun-1934 02-Dec-2009
Mandana Jones Actor Nikki Wade on Bad Girls 26-Feb-1967 -
Marion Jones Track and Field Fastest woman on Earth, with an asterisk 12-Oct-1975 -
Mick Jones Musician The Clash 26-Jun-1955 -
Mick Jones Musician Foreigner 27-Dec-1944 -
Mike Jones Rapper Who is Mike Jones? 06-Jan-1981 -
Mother Jones Activist The grandmother of all agitators 01-Aug-1837 30-Nov-1930
Norah Jones Singer Come Away With Me 30-Mar-1979 -
O-Lan Jones Actor Esmeralda in Edward Scissorhands 23-May-1950 -
Oliver Jones Jazz Musician Lights of Burgundy 11-Sep-1934 -
Orlando Jones Actor Drumline 10-Apr-1968 -
Pacman Jones Football Dallas Cowboys 30-Sep-1983 -
Parnelli Jones Auto Racing Winner, 1963 Indianapolis 500 12-Aug-1933 -
Paul Tudor Jones Business Billionaire 1954 -
Paul W. Jones Business CEO of A. O. Smith c. 1949 -
Paula Jones Victim Sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment 17-Sep-1966 -
Quincy Jones Music Producer Musician, Composer, Producer 14-Mar-1933 -
Rashida Jones Actor Ann Perkins on Parks and Recreation 25-Feb-1976 -
Richard H. Jones Diplomat US Ambassador to Israel, 2005-08 26-Aug-1950 -
Richard T. Jones Actor Bruce Van Exel on Judging Amy 16-Jan-1972 -
Rickie Lee Jones Musician Chuck E's in Love 08-Nov-1954 -
Robert W. Jones Business Investment Banker, Morgan Stanley c. 1950 -
Robertson C. Jones Attorney General Counsel at Del Webb, 1992-2001 c. 1944 -
Sam Jones Basketball Boston Celtic, Hall of Famer 24-Jun-1933 -
Sam J. Jones Actor Flash Gordon 12-Aug-1954 -
Sarah Jones Actor Det. Rebecca Madsen on Alcatraz 17-Jul-1983 -
Shirley Jones Actor Mom of The Partridge Family 31-Mar-1934 -
Simon Jones Actor Arthur Dent on radio Hitchhiker's Guide 27-Jul-1950 -
Smarty Jones Racehorse Winner of 2004 Kentucky Derby and Preakness 28-Feb-2001 -
Spike Jones Musician Cocktails for Two 14-Dec-1911 01-May-1965
Stan Jones Football Hall of Fame Lineman, Chicago Bears 24-Nov-1931 21-May-2010
Star Jones TV Personality The View 24-Mar-1962 -
Stephanie Tubbs Jones Politician Congresswoman, Ohio 11th 10-Sep-1949 20-Aug-2008
Stephen Jones Biologist Geneticist and pop science writer 24-Mar-1944 -
Steve Jones Golf Winner, 1996 US Open 27-Dec-1958 -
Steve Jones Guitarist The Sex Pistols 03-Sep-1955 -
Tamala Jones Actor Next Friday 12-Nov-1974 -
Terry Jones Comic Monty Python 01-Feb-1942 -
Thad Jones Jazz Musician Jazz cornet/fluglehorn/trumpeter and bandleader 28-Mar-1923 20-Aug-1986
Theodore T. Jones Judge Judge, NY Court of Appeals 1944 -
Thomas W. Jones Business President of TIAA-CREF, 1993-97 1949 -
Toby Jones Actor Voice of Dobby the Elf 07-Sep-1967 -
Tom Jones Songwriter The Fantasticks 17-Feb-1928 -
Tom Jones Singer It's Not Unusual 07-Jun-1940 -
Tommy Lee Jones Actor Men in Black 15-Sep-1946 -
Vinnie Jones Soccer Footballer turned actor 05-Jan-1965 -
W. Steven Jones Educator Dean of Kenan-Flagler Business School c. 1952 -
Walter Jones Football Offensive Tackle, Seattle Seahawks 19-Jan-1974 -
Walter B. Jones Politician Congressman, North Carolina 3rd 10-Feb-1943 -
William D. Jones Business CityLink Investment Corporation c. 1955 -
Erica Jong Author Fear of Flying 26-Mar-1942 -
Piet de Jong Head of State Prime Minister of the Netherlands, 1967-71 03-Apr-1915 -
Lee Jong-Wook Administrator Director-General of WHO, 2003-06 12-Apr-1945 22-May-2006
Ben Jonson Playwright Volpone 11-Jun-1572 06-Aug-1637
Jim Jontz Politician Congressman from Indiana, 1987-93 18-Dec-1951 14-Apr-2007
Spike Jonze Film Director Being John Malkovich 22-Oct-1969 -
David W. Joos Business CEO of CMS Energy c. 1952 -
Kathryn Joosten Actor Karen McCluskey on Desperate Housewives 20-Dec-1939 02-Jun-2012
Janis Joplin Singer Ball and Chain (Piece of My Heart) 19-Jan-1943 04-Oct-1970
Scott Joplin Musician The King of Ragtime 24-Nov-1868 01-Apr-1917
Jacob Jordaens Painter Flemish painter, associate of Rubens 19-May-1593 18-Oct-1678
Jordan Model British model 22-May-1978 -
Ann Dibble Jordan Educator Professor, University of Chicago c. 1939 -
Barbara Jordan Politician Gave 1976 Democratic keynote speech 21-Feb-1936 17-Jan-1996
David Starr Jordan Biologist Fishes of North and Middle America 19-Jan-1851 19-Sep-1931
Don D. Jordan Business CEO of Reliant Energy, 1977-99 c. 1933 -
Dorothea Jordan Actor Irish stage actress 1762 03-Jul-1816
Eddie Jordan Basketball Retired NBA guard and coach 29-Jan-1955 -
Frank Jordan Politician Mayor of San Francisco 1993-97 20-Feb-1935 -
Glenn Jordan Film Director Barbarians at the Gate 05-Apr-1936 -
Hamilton Jordan Government White House Chief of Staff, 1979-80 21-Sep-1944 20-May-2008
Isaac M. Jordan Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1883-85 05-May-1835 03-Dec-1890
Jeremy Jordan Actor Never Been Kissed 19-Sep-1973 -
Jerry L. Jordan Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 1981-82 12-Dec-1941 -
Jim Jordan Politician Congressman, Ohio 4th 17-Feb-1964 -
Jim Jordan Actor Fibber McGee 16-Nov-1896 01-Apr-1988
June Jordan Poet Who Look At Me 09-Jul-1936 14-Jun-2002
Ken Jordan Electronic Musician Half of The Crystal Method ? -
Kent A. Jordan Judge 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals 24-Oct-1957 -
Leslie Jordan Actor Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel 29-Apr-1955 -
Lewis H. Jordan Business President of AirTran Holdings, 1993-97 c. 1944 -
Marian Jordan Actor Molly of Fibber McGee and Molly 15-Apr-1898 07-Apr-1961
Michael Jordan Basketball God's gift to basketball, clearly 17-Feb-1963 -
Michael B. Jordan Actor Vince Howard on Friday Night Lights 09-Feb-1987 -
Michael H. Jordan Business CEO of EDS, 2003-07 13-Jun-1936 25-May-2010
Neil Jordan Film Director The Crying Game 25-Feb-1950 -
Pascual Jordan Physicist Founder of Quantum Mechanics 18-Oct-1902 31-Jul-1980
Richard Jordan Actor Logan's Run 19-Jul-1938 30-Aug-1993
Robert Jordan Author Wheel of Time series 17-Oct-1948 16-Sep-2007
Robert W. Jordan Diplomat US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, 2001-03 1945 -
Stanley Jordan Guitarist Touch-technique guitarist 31-Jul-1959 -
Vernon Jordan Business Advisor to Bill Clinton 15-Aug-1935 -
Joey Jordison Drummer Slipknot drummer 26-Apr-1975 -
Anker Jørgensen Head of State Twice Prime Minister of Denmark 13-Jul-1922 -
Blake Jorgensen Business CFO of Yahoo c. 1960 -
Christine Jorgensen Photographer First successful surgical transsexual 30-May-1926 03-May-1989
Dale W. Jorgenson Economist Economist at Harvard 07-May-1933 -
L. Daniel Jorndt Business CEO of Walgreens, 1998-2002 c. 1941 -
Victor Jory Actor Cat-Women of the Moon 23-Nov-1902 12-Feb-1982
Gregory P. Josefowicz Business CEO of Borders, 1999-2006 c. 1952 -
Joseph Religion Possessed multicolored dreamcoat ? ?
Joseph of Arimathea Religion Prepared Jesus Christ's cadaver fl. 1st c. AD fl. 1st c. AD
Joseph II Royalty Holy Roman Emperor, 1765-90 13-Mar-1741 20-Feb-1790
Burton Joseph Attorney First Amendment lawyer 23-May-1930 31-Mar-2010
Chief Joseph Government "I will fight no more forever" c. 1840 21-Sep-1904
Father Joseph Religion Confidant of Cardinal Richelieu 04-Nov-1577 18-Dec-1638
Fred Joseph Business CEO of Drexel Burnham Lambert, 1985-90 22-Apr-1937 27-Nov-2009
Geri M. Joseph Journalist US Ambassador to the Netherlands, 1978-81 19-Jun-1923 -
Gregory G. Joseph Business Joseph Automotive Group c. 1962 -
Jackie Joseph Actor Jackie Parker on The Doris Day Show 07-Nov-1933 -
Keith Joseph Politician Conservative UK Minister, Thatcher influence 17-Jan-1918 10-Dec-1994
Nafisa Joseph Model Femina Miss India Universe 1997 28-Mar-1978 29-Jul-2004
St. Joseph Religion Husband of Mary fl. 1st c. AD fl. 1st c. AD
Josephine Royalty Empress of France 23-Jun-1763 29-May-1814
Brian D. Josephson Physicist Discovered the Josephson Effect 04-Jan-1940 -
Erland Josephson Actor The Sacrifice 15-Jun-1923 25-Feb-2012
Matthew Josephson Historian The Robber Barons 15-Feb-1899 13-Mar-1978
Josephus Historian The Jewish War 37 AD 100 AD
Vyomesh Joshi Business EVP Imaging & Printing, Hewlett-Packard c. 1956 -
Josiah Royalty King of Judah c. 649 BC 609 BC
Paul L. Joskow Economist Alfred P. Sloan Foundation c. 1946 -
Roger S. Joslin Business Former Vice Chair, State Farm Auto Insurance c. 1936 -
Allyn Joslyn Actor Only Angels Have Wings 21-Jul-1901 21-Jan-1981
Lionel Jospin Head of State Prime Minister of France, 1997-2002 12-Jul-1937 -
Robert L. Joss Educator Dean, Stanford Business School c. 1941 -
Jon Jost Film Director All the Vermeers in New York 16-May-1943 -
Piet Joubert Military Afrikaaner general, Boer War 20-Jan-1831 27-Mar-1900
Leon Jouhaux Labor Leader Union leader, Nobel Prize recipient 01-Jul-1879 28-Apr-1954
James Prescott Joule Physicist English physicist, Joule's Law 24-Dec-1818 11-Oct-1889
George A. Joulwan Military Supreme Allied Commander, 1993-97 16-Nov-1939 -
Chansoo Joung Business Managing Director at Warburg Pincus c. 1960 -
Jean-Baptiste Jourdan Military Forced Austrians over the Rhine 29-Apr-1762 23-Nov-1833
Louis Jourdan Actor Kamal in Octopussy 19-Jun-1919 -
Al Jourgensen Musician Lead for industrial band Ministry 09-Oct-1958 -
Louis Jouvet Actor The Strange Adventures of Doctor Molyneaux 24-Dec-1887 16-Aug-1951
Jovian Royalty Roman Emperor, 363-64 AD c. 332 AD 17-Feb-364 AD
Milla Jovovich Actor The Fifth Element 17-Dec-1975 -
Benjamin Jowett Scholar Translator of Plato, etc. 15-Apr-1817 01-Oct-1893
Bill Joy Computer Programmer BSD designer, C shell, vi, Java 08-Nov-1954 -
Leatrice Joy Actor The Ace of Hearts 07-Nov-1893 13-May-1985
Robert Joy Actor Dr. Sid Hammerback on CSI: NY 17-Aug-1951 -
Alice Joyce Actor The Green Goddess 01-Oct-1890 09-Oct-1955
Brenda Joyce Actor Tarzan's Jane 25-Feb-1912 04-Jul-2009
Burton M. Joyce Business CEO of Terra Industries, 1991-2001 c. 1942 -
Elaine Joyce Actor Match Game panelist 19-Dec-1945 -
James Joyce Author Ulysses 02-Feb-1882 13-Jan-1941
Michael J. Joyce Business Former Partner, Deloitte & Touche c. 1941 -
Rene R. Joyce Business CEO of Targa Resources c. 1947 -
William H. Joyce Business CEO of Union Carbide, 1995-2001 c. 1935 -
Odette Joyeux Actor Love Story 05-Dec-1914 26-Aug-2000
Al Joyner Track and Field Olympic Gold medalist in 1984 19-Jan-1960 -
Florence Griffith Joyner Track and Field Olympic sprinter 21-Dec-1959 21-Sep-1998
Tom Joyner Radio Personality The Tom Joyner Morning Show 23-Nov-1949 -
Jackie Joyner-Kersee Track and Field Track and Field medalist 03-Mar-1962 -
William Joynson-Hicks Politician UK Home Secretary, 1924-29 23-Jun-1865 08-Jun-1932
Clarence P. Cazalot Jr. Business CEO of Marathon Oil 1951 -
Frank J. Fanzilli Jr. Business Former CIO, Credit Suisse First Boston c. 1957 -
Robert S. Jepson Jr. Business Jepson Associates, Inc. c. 1942 -
William J. Vareschi Jr. Business Retired GE executive c. 1942 -
King Juan Carlos Head of State King of Spain 05-Jan-1938 -
Benito Juárez Head of State President of Mexico, 1861-72 21-Mar-1806 18-Jul-1872
Theodore D. Judah Engineer American Transcontinental Railroad 04-Mar-1826 02-Nov-1863
Judas Iscariot Religion Betrayer of Jesus Christ ? c. 30 AD
Ashley Judd Actor Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood 19-Apr-1968 -
Edward Judd Actor First Men in the Moon 04-Oct-1932 24-Feb-2009
Naomi Judd Country Musician A Judd 11-Jan-1946 -
Wynonna Judd Country Musician Country music star 30-May-1964 -
Arline Judge Actor B-Movie actress, collector of husbands 21-Feb-1912 07-Feb-1974
Christopher Judge Actor Teal'c on Stargate SG-1 13-Oct-1964 -
Jonathan J. Judge Business CEO of Paychex c. 1954 -
Mike Judge Cartoonist Beavis and Butthead 17-Oct-1962 -
Patty Judge Politician Lt. Governor of Iowa 02-Nov-1943 -
Thomas L. Judge Politician Governor of Montana, 1973-81 12-Oct-1934 08-Sep-2006
Adoniram Judson Linguist Missionary, Burmese lexicographer 09-Aug-1788 12-Apr-1850
E. Z. C. Judson Novelist Pulp novelist, pseudonym Ned Buntline 20-Mar-1823 16-Jul-1886
Tony Judt Historian Postwar 02-Jan-1948 06-Aug-2010
Judge Judy TV Personality Telejurist extraordinaire 21-Oct-1942 -
Anerood Jugnauth Head of State President of Mauritius 29-Mar-1930 -
Jerry Juhl Screenwriter Head writer, The Muppet Show 27-Jul-1938 27-Sep-2005
Heidi Julavits Author The Mineral Palace 1968 -
Gaston Julia Mathematician Creator of the Julia Sets 03-Feb-1893 19-Mar-1978
Raul Julia Actor Street Fighter, Addams Family 09-Mar-1940 24-Oct-1994
Julian the Apostate Royalty Roman Emperor, 361-63 AD 331 AD 26-Jun-363 AD
Percy Julian Chemist Physostigmine and cortisone 11-Apr-1899 19-Apr-1975
Robert E. Julian Business CFO of Peter Kiewit Sons, 1992-95 c. 1940 -
Princess Juliana Royalty Crown Princess of the Netherlands 30-Apr-1909 20-Mar-2004
Lois D. Juliber Business COO of Colgate-Palmolive, 2000-04 c. 1949 -
Max Julien Actor The Mack 1945 -
Pope Julius I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 337-52 ? 12-Apr-352 AD
Pope Julius II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1503-13 05-Dec-1443 21-Feb-1513
Pope Julius III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1550-55 10-Sep-1487 23-Mar-1555
DeAnne S. Julius Economist Chairman, Royal Institute of International Affairs 14-Apr-1949 -
Abdallah Jumah Business President and CEO of ARAMCO 1941 -
Kamal Jumblatt Politician Former Leader of the Druze 06-Dec-1917 16-Mar-1977
Walid Jumblatt Politician Lebanese Progressive Socialist Party 07-Aug-1949 -
Gordon Jump Actor Maytag repairman who headed WKRP 01-Apr-1932 22-Sep-2003
John P. Jumper Military USAF Chief of Staff, 2001-05 04-Feb-1945 -
Andrea Jung Business CEO of Avon 1959 -
Carl Jung Psychiatrist Inventor of the collective unconscious 26-Jul-1875 06-Jun-1961
George Jung Criminal Cocaine smuggler 06-Aug-1942 -
Pierre H. Jungels Business CEO of Enterprise Oil, 1997-2001 c. 1945 -
Gil Junger Film Director 10 Things I Hate About You 07-Nov-1954 -
Sebastian Junger Author The Perfect Storm 17-Jan-1962 -
Mark Boone Junior Actor Robert Munson on Sons of Anarchy 17-Mar-1955 -
Wilhelm Junker Explorer Reisen in Afrika 06-Apr-1840 13-Feb-1892
Alain Juppé Head of State Prime Minister of France, 1995-97 15-Aug-1945 -
Katy Jurado Actor Broken Lance 16-Jan-1924 05-Jul-2002
Joseph M. Juran Scientist The Pareto Principle 24-Dec-1904 28-Feb-2008
Nathan Juran Film Director The 7th Voyage of Sinbad 01-Sep-1907 23-Oct-2002
Peter Jurasik Actor Londo Mollari on Babylon 5 25-Apr-1950 -
Curd Jürgens Actor The Spy Who Loved Me 13-Dec-1915 18-Jun-1982
Jerry Jurgensen Business CEO of Nationwide, 2000-09 1952 -
Karen Jurgensen Editor Editor of USA Today 1999-2004 c. 1949 -
Sonny Jurgensen Football NFL Hall of Famer 23-Aug-1934 -
Chris Jury Actor Eric Catchpole on Lovejoy 28-Sep-1956 -
Ernest Just Biologist Cell surfaces and egg fertilization 14-Aug-1883 27-Oct-1941
Norton Juster Author The Phantom Tollbooth 02-Jun-1929 -
David Justice Baseball Outfielder, ex-husband of Halle Berry 14-Apr-1966 -
Donald Justice Poet The Summer Anniversaries 12-Aug-1925 06-Aug-2004
James Robertson Justice Actor Doctor in the House 15-Jun-1907 02-Jul-1975
Victoria Justice Actor Lola Martinez on Zoey 101 19-Feb-1993 -
Justin Martyr Religion Apology c. 100 AD c. 165 AD
John Justin Actor The Thief of Bagdad 24-Nov-1917 29-Nov-2002
Bill Justis Musician Raunchy 14-Oct-1927 15-Jul-1982
Claude Jutra Film Director Mon Oncle Antoine 11-Mar-1930 05-Nov-1986
Juvenal Poet Greatest Roman satiric poet c. 60 AD c. 140 AD
Juvenile Rapper Back That Ass Up 25-Mar-1975 -
JWoww Actor Jersey Shore 27-Feb-1986 -

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