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Nicholas D'Agosto Actor Fired Up! 17-Apr-1980 -
Jean le Rond d'Alembert Mathematician Early work in partial differential equations 17-Nov-1717 29-Oct-1783
David F. D'Alessandro Business CEO of John Hancock, 1996-2004 06-Jan-1951 -
Dominic D'Alessandro Business CEO of Manulife Financial 18-Jan-1947 -
M. Walter D'Alessio Business Legg Mason Real Estate Services c. 1933 -
G. Peter D'Aloia Business CFO of Trane c. 1944 -
Joe D'Amato Film Director Ator the Invincible 15-Dec-1936 23-Jan-1999
Louis J. D'Ambrosio Business CEO of Avaya c. 1964 -
Frank A. D'Amelio Business CFO of Pfizer c. 1958 -
Norman D'Amours Politician Congressman from New Hampshire, 1975-85 14-Oct-1937 -
D'Angelo Singer Grammy-winning Sexy R&B Singer 11-Feb-1974 -
Mike D'Antoni Basketball New York Knicks head coach, 2008-12 08-May-1951 -
Patti D'Arbanville Actor Rose Boscorelli on Third Watch 25-May-1951 -
Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne Military Turenne 11-Sep-1611 27-Jul-1675
Donna D'Errico Actor Donna Marco on Baywatch 30-Mar-1968 -
Ambrose D'évreux Historian L'Estoire de la Guerre Sainte fl. 1190 fl. 1190
Sir Simonds D'Ewes Curator Journals of all the Parliaments 18-Dec-1602 18-Apr-1650
Vincent d'Indy Composer Symphonie Cévenole 27-Mar-1851 01-Dec-1931
Gaston, duc d'Orléans Royalty Treacherous heir of Louis XIII 25-Apr-1608 02-Feb-1660
Brooke D'Orsay Actor Caitlin Cooke on 6Teen 17-Feb-1982 -
Dinesh D'Souza Author Conservative author 25-Apr-1961 -
Genelia D'Souza Actor Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na 05-Aug-1987 -
Chuck D Rapper The rhyme animal 01-Aug-1960 -
Disco D Music Producer Ghetto-tech DJ 21-Sep-1980 23-Jan-2007
Heavy D Rapper Heavy D & the Boyz 24-May-1967 08-Nov-2011
Howie D Singer The Backstreet Boys 22-Aug-1973 -
Mike D Rapper Beastie Boys 20-Nov-1965 -
D.M.C. Rapper Run-D.M.C. 31-May-1964 -
Isaac da Costa Poet De Verlossing van Nederland 14-Jan-1798 28-Apr-1860
Vasco da Gama Explorer Portuguese explorer, conqueror, privateer c. 1469 24-Dec-1524
Leonardo Da Vinci Artist Mona Lisa, The Last Supper 15-Apr-1452 02-May-1519
Ivo Daalder Diplomat US Ambassador to NATO 20-Mar-1960 -
David A. Daberko Business CEO of National City, 1995-2007 c. 1945 -
Maryam d'Abo Actor The Living Daylights 27-Dec-1960 -
Olivia d'Abo Actor Point of No Return 22-Jan-1969 -
Mark Dacascos Actor Only the Strong 26-Feb-1964 -
Simon Dach Poet German lyrical poet 29-Jul-1605 15-Apr-1659
André Dacier Scholar French classical scholar 06-Apr-1651 18-Sep-1722
Morton DaCosta Theater Director The Music Man 07-Mar-1914 29-Jan-1989
Charlotte Dacre Novelist Zofloya c. 1771 07-Nov-1825
Amy Dacyczyn Author The Tightwad Gazette c. 1956 -
Emilio Daddario Politician Congressman from Connecticut, 1959-71 24-Sep-1918 06-Jul-2010
Trick Daddy Rapper Thug 1973 -
Kim Dae-Jung Head of State South Korean President, 1998-2003 03-Dec-1925 18-Aug-2009
Bjørn Daehlie Skier Cross country skier, 12 Olympic Medals 19-Jun-1967 -
Willem Dafoe Actor Last Temptation of Christ 22-Jul-1955 -
Douglas N. Daft Business CEO of Coca Cola, 2000-04 1943 -
Meir Dagan Spy Chief of the Israeli Mossad, 2002-11 30-Jan-1945 -
Harry K. Daghlian Physicist Casualty of the Manhattan Project 04-May-1921 15-Sep-1945
Don Daglow Computer Programmer Utopia for the Intellivision c. 1953 -
Dagobert I Royalty King of the Franks, 629-39 605 AD 19-Jan-639 AD
Lil Dagover Actor The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 30-Sep-1887 24-Jan-1980
Louis Daguerre Inventor Invented Daguerreotype photography 18-Nov-1787 10-Jul-1851
Arlene Dahl Actor Three Little Words 11-Aug-1928 -
John Dahl Film Director Rounders 1956 -
Roald Dahl Author James and the Giant Peach 13-Sep-1916 23-Nov-1990
Sophie Dahl Model Notorious Opium advertisement 15-Sep-1977 -
Claes Dahlbäck Business CEO of Investor AB, 1978-99 c. 1948 -
A. William Dahlberg Business CEO of Southern Company, 1995-2001 c. 1940 -
Edward Dahlberg Novelist Because I Was Flesh 22-Jul-1900 27-Feb-1977
Kenneth C. Dahlberg Business CEO of SAIC c. 1945 -
Blag Dahlia Musician Frontman for The Dwarves 08-May-1966 -
Kathy Dahlkemper Politician Congresswoman from Pennsylvania, 2009-11 10-Dec-1957 -
Jeffrey Dahmer Criminal Homosexual serial killer cannibal 21-May-1960 28-Nov-1994
Gary J. Daichendt Business EVP at Cisco, 1998-2000 c. 1951 -
Dan Dailey Actor When My Baby Smiles at Me 14-Dec-1913 16-Oct-1978
Dell L. Dailey Diplomat State Dept. Coordinator for Counterterrorism c. 1949 -
Bill Daily Actor Roger Healey on I Dream of Jeannie 30-Aug-1928 -
Elizabeth Daily Actor Voice of Tommy Pickles on Rugrats 11-Sep-1961 -
Gottlieb Daimler Engineer Invented the motorcycle 17-Mar-1834 06-Mar-1900
Nadia Dajani Actor Amanda Moyer on Ned and Stacey 26-Dec-1965 -
Édouard Daladier Head of State Three-time Prime Minister of France 18-Jun-1884 10-Oct-1970
Dalai Lama Religion 14th incarnation of the Dalai Lama 06-Jul-1935 -
Stephen Daldry Film Director The Hours 02-May-1961 -
Alan Dale Actor Caleb Nichol on The O.C. 06-May-1947 -
Charles M. Dale Politician Governor of New Hampshire, 1945-49 08-Mar-1893 28-Sep-1978
Dick Dale Guitarist Surf music guitarist, Deltones 04-May-1937 -
Esther Dale Actor Curly Top 10-Nov-1885 23-Jul-1961
Henry Dale Scientist Acetylcholine as a neurotransmitter 09-Jun-1875 23-Jul-1968
Jim Dale Actor Me and My Girl 15-Aug-1935 -
Gustaf Dalén Inventor Automatic sun valve 30-Nov-1869 09-Dec-1937
Robert D. Daleo Business CFO of Thomson Reuters c. 1950 -
Clayton C. Daley, Jr. Business Vice Chairman of Procter & Gamble c. 1951 -
James E. Daley Business CFO of EDS, 1999-2003 c. 1941 -
John Francis Daley Actor Dr. Lance Sweets on Bones 20-Jul-1985 -
Richard J. Daley Politician Mayor of Chicago, 1955-76 15-May-1902 20-Dec-1976
Richard M. Daley Politician Mayor of Chicago, 1989-2011 24-Apr-1942 -
William M. Daley Government White House Chief of Staff, 2011-12 08-Aug-1948 -
Kenny Dalglish Soccer Celtic and Liverpool FC great 04-Mar-1951 -
James Ramsay, Marquess of Dalhousie Government Governor-General of India 12-Apr-1812 19-Dec-1860
Salvador Dali Painter Surrealist painter 11-May-1904 23-Jan-1989
Marcel Dalio Actor The Sun Also Rises 17-Jul-1900 20-Nov-1983
Richard Dalitz Physicist Dalitz pairs and Dalitz plots 28-Feb-1925 13-Jan-2006
Bobby Dall Bassist Bassist for Poison 02-Nov-1963 -
Curtis B. Dall Military Liberty Lobby 24-Oct-1896 28-Jun-1991
John Dall Actor Rope 26-May-1918 15-Jan-1971
Luigi Dallapiccola Composer Canti di Prigionia 03-Feb-1904 19-Feb-1975
Alexander J. Dallas Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1814-16 21-Jun-1759 16-Jan-1817
George M. Dallas Politician Vice President under James Knox Polk 10-Jul-1792 31-Dec-1864
H. James Dallas Business CIO of Medtronic c. 1958 -
Josh Dallas Actor David Nolan on Once Upon a Time 18-Dec-1981 -
Matt Dallas Actor Kyle XY 21-Oct-1982 -
Terry G. Dallas Business CFO of Unocal, 2000-05 c. 1950 -
Béatrice Dalle Actor La belle histoire 19-Dec-1964 -
Brody Dalle Musician The Distillers frontwoman 01-Jan-1979 -
Joe Dallesandro Actor Took a walk on the wild side 31-Dec-1948 -
Jack Dalrymple Politician Governor of North Dakota 16-Oct-1948 -
Theodore Dalrymple Author Life at the Bottom 11-Oct-1949 -
Abby Dalton Actor Julia Cumson on Falcon Crest 15-Aug-1935 -
Audrey Dalton Actor Titanic 21-Jan-1934 -
John Dalton Chemist Early proponent of Atomic Theory 06-Sep-1766 27-Jul-1844
John H. Dalton Military US Secretary of the Navy, 1993-98 31-Dec-1941 -
John M. Dalton Politician Governor of Missouri, 1961-65 09-Nov-1900 07-Jul-1972
John N. Dalton Politician Governor of Virginia, 1978-82 11-Jul-1931 30-Jul-1986
Lacy J. Dalton Singer/Songwriter Crazy Blue Eyes 13-Oct-1948 -
Timothy Dalton Actor Played James Bond briefly 21-Mar-1944 -
Roger Daltrey Singer Vocalist for The Who 01-Mar-1944 -
Carson Daly TV Personality MTV Total Request Live 22-Jun-1973 -
Chuck Daly Basketball Won 2 NBA Championships with the Pistons 20-Jul-1930 09-May-2009
Fred Daly Golf Winner, 1947 British Open 11-Oct-1911 18-Nov-1990
George G. Daly Educator Business School Dean, Georgetown c. 1940 -
James Daly Actor Dr. Paul Lochner on Medical Center 23-Oct-1918 03-Jul-1978
Jim Daly Activist President and CEO, Focus on the Family Jul-1961 -
John Daly Golf Alcoholic golfer 28-Apr-1966 -
John Charles Daly Game Show Host Host of What's My Line? 20-Feb-1914 24-Feb-1991
Ronald E. Daly Business CEO of Oce USA Holding c. 1947 -
Timothy Daly Actor Seven Girlfriends 01-Mar-1956 -
Tyne Daly Actor Lacey on Cagney and Lacey 21-Feb-1946 -
Henrik Dam Scientist Discovered Vitamin K 21-Feb-1895 Apr-1976
Kenneth W. Dam Government Deputy Treasury Secretary, 2001-03 10-Aug-1932 -
Damascius Philosopher Last Neoplatonist philosopher 480 AD ?
Pope Damasus I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 366-84 AD c. 304 AD 11-Dec-384 AD
Pope Damasus II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1048 ? 09-Aug-1048
Al D'Amato Politician US Senator from New York, 1981-99 01-Aug-1937 -
Michael Damian Actor The Young and the Restless 26-Apr-1962 -
Pietro Damiani Religion 11th c. Doctor of the Chuch 1007 22-Feb-1072
Father Damien Religion Attended to lepers at Molokai 03-Jan-1840 15-Apr-1889
Robert-François Damiens Assassin Attacked Louis XV of France 09-Jan-1715 28-Mar-1757
Lili Damita Actor The Bridge of San Luis Rey 19-Jul-1901 21-Mar-1994
Helene von Damm Government Reagan's personal secretary 04-May-1938 -
Dennis D. Dammerman Business CFO of GE, 1998-2005 1945 -
Damocles Socialite Sword of Damocles fl. 4th c. BC fl. 4th c. BC
Damon Philosopher Pythagorean philosopher fl. 4th c. BC fl. 4th c. BC
Cathryn Damon Actor Mary Campbell on Soap 11-Sep-1930 04-May-1987
Johnny Damon Baseball "Caveman" outfielder 05-Nov-1973 -
Matt Damon Actor Good Will Hunting 08-Oct-1970 -
Stuart Damon Actor Alan Quartermaine on General Hospital 05-Feb-1937 -
Vic Damone Singer Singer of ballads 12-Jun-1928 -
William Dampier Explorer New Voyage Round the World 1651 1715
Walter Damrosch Conductor Conductor, popularizer of music 30-Jan-1862 22-Dec-1950
Dan the Automator Music Producer Handsome Boy Modeling School ? -
Michael T. Dan Business CEO of Brink's c. 1950 -
Bill Dana Actor My name José Jiménez 05-Oct-1924 -
James Dwight Dana Geologist Manual of Geology 12-Feb-1813 14-Apr-1895
Leora Dana Actor Some Came Running 01-Apr-1923 13-Dec-1983
Richard Henry Dana Author Two Years Before the Mast 01-Aug-1815 06-Jan-1882
Vic Dana Singer Red Roses for a Blue Lady 26-Aug-1942 -
Charles Dance Actor Good Morning, Babylon 10-Oct-1946 -
Hugh Dancy Actor Galahad in King Arthur 19-Jun-1975 -
Evan Dando Musician Lemonheads frontman 04-Mar-1967 -
Dorothy Dandridge Actor Carmen Jones 09-Nov-1922 08-Sep-1965
Ray Dandridge Baseball Negro Leagues 3rd Baseman, Hall of Famer 31-Aug-1913 12-Feb-1994
Eric Dane Actor Dr. Mark Sloan on Grey's Anatomy 09-Nov-1972 -
Claire Danes Actor My So-Called Life 12-Apr-1979 -
John Danforth Politician US Ambassador to the UN, 2004 05-Sep-1936 -
Frank E. Dangeard Business CEO of Thomson SA c. 1958 -
Beverly D'Angelo Actor National Lampoon's Vacation 15-Nov-1951 -
George Dangerfield Historian The Strange Death of Liberal England 28-Oct-1904 26-Dec-1986
Rodney Dangerfield Comic Never did get no respect 22-Nov-1921 05-Oct-2004
Thomas Dangerfield Criminal English conspirator 1650 1685
Pierre-Jean David d'Angers Sculptor Sculpted pediment of the Panthéon 12-Mar-1789 04-Jan-1856
Jack Dangers Electronic Musician Meat Beat Manifesto 1967 -
Lloyd Dangle Cartoonist Troubletown 13-May-1961 -
John G. Danhakl Business Leonard Green & Partners c. 1956 -
William J. Danhof Attorney Miller, Canfield, Paddock, & Stone c. 1949 -
Beth Daniel Golf Winner, 1990 LPGA Championship 14-Oct-1956 -
Brittany Daniel Actor Jessica on Sweet Valley High 17-Mar-1976 -
Dan Daniel Politician Congressman from Virginia, 1969-88 12-May-1914 23-Jan-1988
Drew Daniel Electronic Musician Half of Matmos 1971 -
Jack Daniel Business Moonshine magnate 05-Sep-1846 10-Oct-1911
John Moncure Daniel Editor Richmond Examiner 24-Oct-1825 30-Mar-1865
Karen L. Daniel Business CFO of Black & Veatch c. 1959 -
Peter Vivian Daniel Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1842-60 24-Apr-1784 31-May-1860
Price Daniel Politician Governor of Texas, 1957-63 10-Oct-1910 25-Aug-1988
Samuel Daniel Poet The First Four Books of the Civil Wars 1562 14-Oct-1619
Henry Daniell Actor British-American character actor 05-Mar-1894 31-Oct-1963
Roy Daniells Poet The Chequered Shade 06-Apr-1902 13-Apr-1979
Anthony Daniels Actor C-3PO 21-Feb-1946 -
Bebe Daniels Actor 42nd Street 14-Jan-1901 16-Mar-1971
Charlie Daniels Country Musician The Devil Went Down to Georgia 28-Oct-1936 -
Dee Jay Daniels Actor Michael Hughley on The Hughleys 17-Oct-1988 -
Erin Daniels Actor The L Word 09-Oct-1973 -
Gary Daniels Actor Fist of the North Star 09-May-1963 -
Jeff Daniels Actor Dumb and Dumber 19-Feb-1955 -
John W. Daniels, Jr. Attorney Partner, Quarles & Brady 11-Jun-1948 -
Jonathan Daniels Government FDR and Truman's press secretary 26-Apr-1902 06-Nov-1981
Josephus Daniels Government Secretary of the Navy, 1913-21 18-May-1862 15-Jan-1948
Lisa Daniels TV Personality MSNBC anchor ? -
Mitch Daniels Politician Governor of Indiana 07-Apr-1949 -
Patrice M. Daniels Business Blue Sky Advisors c. 1961 -
Paul Daniels Magician You'll like it, not a lot, but you'll like it 06-Apr-1938 -
Stormy Daniels Pornstar Space Nuts: Episode 69 17-Mar-1979 -
William Daniels Actor Voice of K.I.T.T. on Knight Rider 31-Mar-1927 -
Paul E. Danielson Judge Justice, Arkansas Supreme Court c. 1946 -
Nicholas Daniloff Journalist Journalist jailed by Soviet Union 30-Dec-1934 -
John J. Danilovich Diplomat US Ambassador to Costa Rica, 2001-04 1950 -
Rick Danko Singer The Band 09-Dec-1943 10-Dec-1999
Marc Dann Politician Attorney General of Ohio 12-Mar-1962 -
Godfried Danneels Religion Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels 04-Jun-1933 -
William E. Dannemeyer Politician Congressman from California, 1979-93 22-Sep-1929 -
Blythe Danner Actor Futureworld 03-Feb-1943 -
Pat Danner Politician Congresswoman from Missouri, 1993-2001 13-Jan-1934 -
Sybil Danning Actor Howling II 24-May-1947 -
Gabriele D'Annunzio Author Anarchist Dictator of Fiume, 1919-20 12-Mar-1863 01-Mar-1938
Linda Dano Actor Another World 12-May-1943 -
Paul Dano Actor Little Miss Sunshine 19-Jun-1983 -
Royal Dano Actor The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao 16-Nov-1922 15-May-1994
Laurence Danon Business CEO of France Printemps, 2001-06 1956 -
Paul Danos Educator Dean, Tuck School of Business c. 1942 -
Cesare Danova Actor Mean Streets 01-Mar-1926 19-Mar-1992
Ted Danson Actor Bartender on Cheers 29-Dec-1947 -
Dante Poet La Divina Commedia 1265 14-Sep-1321
Joe Dante Film Director The 'burbs 28-Nov-1946 -
Edwidge Danticat Author The Dew Breaker 19-Jan-1969 -
Helmut Dantine Actor Edge of Darkness 07-Oct-1917 02-May-1982
Adrian Dantley Basketball Former NBA small forward 28-Feb-1956 -
Georges Jacques Danton Activist Key figure in French Revolution 26-Oct-1759 05-Apr-1794
Ray Danton Actor The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond 19-Sep-1931 11-Feb-1992
Mark Dantonio Football Head Coach, Michigan State 09-Mar-1956 -
Tony Danza Actor Who's The Boss? 21-Apr-1951 -
Glenn Danzig Musician The Misfits, Danzig, Samhain 23-Jun-1955 -
Richard Danzig Government US Secretary of the Navy, 1998-2001 08-Sep-1944 -
Bei Dao Poet Exiled Chinese poet of the Misty School 02-Aug-1949 -
Marco Dapper Actor Chiseled actor, Eating Out 2 09-Jul-1983 -
Frank Darabont Film Director The Shawshank Redemption 28-Jan-1959 -
Borzou Daragahi Journalist Los Angeles Times reporter c. 1966 -
Peter A. Darbee Business CEO of PG&E, 2005-11 ? -
Christopher A. R. Darby Business CEO of In-Q-Tel c. 1959 -
John Nelson Darby Religion Father of Dispensationalism 18-Nov-1800 29-Apr-1882
Kim Darby Actor True Grit 08-Jul-1947 -
Rhys Darby Actor Murray on Flight of the Conchords 21-Mar-1974 -
Terence Trent D'Arby Musician Introducing The Hardline 15-Mar-1962 -
Mireille Darc Actor Week End 15-May-1938 -
Denise Darcel Actor Vera Cruz 08-Sep-1925 23-Dec-2011
Dame Darcy Cartoonist Meat Cake, Suckdog 11-Jun-1971 -
Georgine Darcy Actor Miss Torso in Rear Window 14-Jan-1931 18-Jul-2004
James D'Arcy Actor Revelation 24-Aug-1975 -
Buddy Darden Politician Congressman from Georgia, 1983-95 22-Nov-1943 -
Calvin Darden Business VP at UPS, 1998-2005 05-Feb-1950 -
Colgate W. Darden, Jr. Politician Governor of Virginia, 1942-46 11-Feb-1897 09-Jun-1981
Severn Darden Actor Second City 09-Nov-1929 27-May-1995
Martin Dardis Journalist Followed the Watergate money to Nixon c. 1922 16-May-2006
Virginia Dare Oddity Firstborn white child of the New World 18-Aug-1587 ?
Nader F. Darehshori Publisher CEO of Houghton Mifflin, 1990-2002 c. 1936 -
Bobby Darin Singer Mack the Knife 14-May-1936 20-Dec-1973
Ricardo Darín Actor The Secret in Their Eyes 16-Jan-1957 -
Rubén Darío Poet Cantos de vida y esperanza 18-Jan-1867 06-Feb-1916
Darius the Great Royalty King of Persia, 521-486 BC 521 BC Oct-485 BC
Darius II Ochus Royalty King of Persia, 423-404 BC ? 404 BC
Darius III Codomannus Royalty King of Persia, 336-330 BC ? 330 BC
Alvin Dark Baseball Retired MLB Shortstop and Manager 07-Jan-1922 -
George Darley Poet Nepenthe 1795 23-Nov-1846
Jessica Darlin Pornstar Extreme hardcore blonde 22-Mar-1976 -
Alistair Darling Politician Chancellor of the Exchequer 28-Nov-1953 -
Grace Darling unspecified Rescuer of wreck Forfarshire 24-Nov-1815 20-Oct-1842
Paul J. Darling Business CEO of Corey Steel c. 1938 -
Ron Darling Baseball Commentator, New York Mets 19-Aug-1960 -
Richard Darman Government Carlyle Group member, former OMB Director 10-May-1943 25-Jan-2008
Robert J. Darnall Business CEO of Inland Steel, 1992-98 c. 1938 -
Linda Darnell Actor Star Dust 16-Oct-1923 10-Apr-1965
Lord Darnley Royalty Husband of Mary, Queen of Scots 07-Dec-1545 09-Feb-1567
Tamás Darnyi Swimmer Medley swimmer, four Olympic Gold Medals 03-Jun-1967 -
Lisa Darr Actor Jane McPherson on Popular 21-Apr-1963 -
Dimebag Darrell Guitarist Lead guitarist for Pantera 20-Aug-1966 08-Dec-2004
James Darren Actor The Time Tunnel 08-Jun-1936 -
Racquel Darrian Pornstar Doggie Me Deeply, Hershe Highway #3 21-Jul-1968 -
Danielle Darrieux Actor 8 Femmes 01-May-1917 -
Frankie Darro Actor The Phantom Empire 22-Dec-1917 25-Dec-1976
Clarence Darrow Attorney Scopes Monkey Trial (monkey side) 18-Apr-1857 13-Mar-1938
Henry Darrow Actor The High Chaparral 15-Sep-1933 -
Paul Darrow Actor Avon in Blakes 7 02-May-1941 -
Justin Dart Business Drug store magnate 17-Aug-1907 26-Jan-1984
Justin Dart, Jr. Activist Father of the Americans with Disabilities Act 29-Aug-1930 22-Jun-2002
Arthur Darvill Actor Rory Williams on Doctor Who 17-Jun-1982 -
Jane Darwell Actor The bird woman in Mary Poppins 15-Oct-1879 13-Aug-1967
Charles Darwin Naturalist Proposed theory of evolution via natural selection 12-Feb-1809 19-Apr-1882
Erasmus Darwin Naturalist English naturalist, very bad poet 12-Dec-1731 18-Apr-1802
George Darwin Astronomer Evolution of the Sun-Earth-Moon system 09-Jul-1845 07-Dec-1912
John H. Dasburg Business CEO of ASTAR Air Cargo c. 1943 -
Linda Hall Daschle Lobbyist Washington lobbyist 15-May-1955 -
Tom Daschle Politician US Senator from South Dakota, 1987-2005 09-Dec-1947 -
Damon Dash Business Co-Founder, Roc-A-Fella Records 03-May-1971 -
Julie Dash Film Director Daughters of the Dust 22-Oct-1952 -
Sam Dash Government Chief counsel, Senate Watergate committee 27-Feb-1925 29-May-2004
Stacey Dash Actor Dee Davenport on TV's Clueless 20-Jan-1966 -
Murray H. Dashe Business CEO of Cost Plus, 1998-2005 c. 1943 -
Ram Dass Religion Be Here Now 05-Apr-1931 -
Jules Dassin Film Director Topkapi 18-Dec-1911 31-Mar-2008
Adi Dassler Business Founder of Adidas 03-Nov-1900 06-Sep-1978
Jean Dasté Actor L'Atalante 18-Aug-1904 15-Oct-1994
Rachida Dati Politician French Minister of Justice 27-Nov-1965 -
Thomas A. Dattilo Business CEO of Cooper Tire & Rubber, 2000-06 c. 1951 -
Hal Daub Politician Mayor of Omaha, 1995-2001 23-Apr-1941 -
Louis-Jean-Marie Daubenton Naturalist French comparative anatomist 29-May-1716 01-Jan-1800
Charles-François Daubigny Painter French painter of landscapes, ducks 15-Feb-1817 19-Feb-1878
Alphonse Daudet Novelist Lettres de mon moulin 13-May-1840 16-Dec-1897
Dennis Daugaard Politician Governor of South Dakota 11-Jun-1953 -
Duffy Daugherty Football MSU Head Coach, 1954-72 08-Sep-1915 25-Sep-1987
Harry M. Daugherty Government US Attorney General, 1921-24 26-Jan-1860 12-Oct-1941
Richard L. Daugherty Business Former IBM executive 18-Oct-1935 -
Chris Daughtry Singer American Idol 26-Dec-1979 -
Edmund Daukoru Government Secretary General of OPEC 13-Oct-1943 -
Philippe P. Dauman Business CEO of Viacom c. 1952 -
Honoré Daumier Artist Caricaturist and satirist 20-Feb-1808 11-Feb-1879
Wolfgang Dauner Jazz Musician Innovative jazz bandleader and pianist 30-Dec-1935 -
Claude Dauphin Actor Barbarella 19-Aug-1903 16-Nov-1978
Jean Daurat Poet French Pléiade poet 1508 01-Nov-1588
Jean Dausset Scientist Recognition of HLA antigens 19-Oct-1916 06-Jun-2009
Kent P. Dauten Business President of Keystone Capital c. 1955 -
Alexa Davalos Actor Defiance 28-May-1982 -
Sir William Davenant Poet Gondibert 1606 07-Apr-1668
Guy Davenport Author Thasos and Ohio 23-Nov-1927 04-Jan-2005
Harry Davenport Actor Gone with the Wind 19-Jan-1866 09-Aug-1949
Jack Davenport Actor Steve Taylor on Coupling 01-Mar-1973 -
Lindsay Davenport Tennis Winner of 6 Grand Slam titles 08-Jun-1976 -
Nigel Davenport Actor Chariots of Fire 23-May-1928 -
Ronald R. Davenport Business Sheridan Broadcasting Corporation c. 1936 -
Delmer Daves Film Director Destination Tokyo 24-Jul-1904 17-Aug-1977
Martin L. Davey Politician Governor of Ohio, 1935-39 25-Jul-1884 31-Mar-1946
Robert Davi Actor Agent Malone on Profiler 26-Jun-1954 -
St. David Religion Patron saint of Wales c. 500 AD c. 580 AD
David II Royalty King of Scotland, 1329-71 05-Mar-1324 22-Feb-1371
Charlie David Actor Dante's Cove 09-Aug-1980 -
Craig David Singer Slicker Than Your Average 05-May-1981 -
Félicien-César David Composer Le Désert 13-Apr-1810 29-Aug-1876
George David Business CEO of United Technologies 07-Apr-1942 -
Gerard David Painter Last master of the Bruges school c. 1460 13-Aug-1523
Hal David Songwriter Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head 25-May-1921 -
Jacques-Louis David Painter French Neoclassical painter 30-Aug-1748 29-Dec-1825
Keith David Actor DCI in Agent Cody Banks 04-Jun-1956 -
Larry David Film/TV Producer Seinfeld co-creator, Curb Your Enthusiasm 02-Jul-1947 -
Mack David Songwriter La vie en rose 05-Jul-1912 30-Dec-1993
Thayer David Actor Jergens in Rocky 04-Mar-1927 17-Jul-1978
Gareth David-Lloyd Actor Ianto Jones on Torchwood 28-Mar-1981 -
Lolita Davidovich Actor The Agency 15-Jul-1961 -
Mario Davidovsky Composer Synchronisms 04-Mar-1934 -
Jeffrey Davidow Diplomat US Ambassador to Mexico, 1998-2001 26-Jan-1944 -
Amy Davidson Actor Kerry Hennessy on 8 Simple Rules 15-Sep-1979 -
Bruce Davidson Photographer East 100th Street 05-Sep-1933 -
Donald Davidson Poet Agrarian, Southern American poet 08-Aug-1893 25-Apr-1968
Donald Davidson Philosopher Actions, Reasons And Causes 06-Mar-1917 30-Aug-2003
Doug Davidson Actor The Young and the Restless 24-Oct-1954 -
Eileen Davidson Actor The Bold and the Beautiful 15-Jun-1959 -
George A. Davidson, Jr. Business CEO of Consolidated Natural Gas, 1987-2000 c. 1939 -
James A. Davidson Business Silver Lake Partners c. 1959 -
Jaye Davidson Actor The Crying Game 21-Mar-1968 -
Jim Davidson Comic Stand Up Jim Davidson 13-Dec-1953 -
John Davidson Talk Show Host That's Incredible! 13-Dec-1941 -
Michael C. Davidson Business Chief Marketing Officer of State Farm ? -
Richard K. Davidson Business CEO of Union Pacific, 1991-2006 09-Jan-1942 -
Robert C. Davidson, Jr. Business Surface Protection Industries c. 1945 -
Thomas Davidson Paleontologist British Fossil Brachiopoda 17-May-1817 14-Oct-1885
Tommy Davidson Actor The Proud Family 18-Dec-1965 -
Embeth Davidtz Actor Matilda 11-Aug-1965 -
Alan Davies Actor Jonathan Creek 06-Mar-1966 -
Bob Davies Basketball Rochester Royals, Hall of Famer 15-Jan-1920 22-Apr-1990
Clement Davies Politician Leader of the UK Liberal Party, 1945-56 19-Feb-1884 23-Mar-1962
Dave Davies Singer/Songwriter The Kinks 03-Feb-1947 -
Gavyn Davies Business Ex-BBC Chairman 27-Nov-1950 -
Howard J. Davies Business Director, London School of Economics c. 1951 -
Jeremy Davies Actor Saving Private Ryan 08-Oct-1969 -
Sir John Davies Poet Orchestra, or a Poem of Dancing 16-Apr-1569 08-Dec-1626
Joseph E. Davies Diplomat US Ambassador to the USSR, 1937-38 29-Nov-1876 09-May-1958
Libby Davies Politician Canadian NDP House Leader 27-Feb-1953 -
Marion Davies Actor When Knighthood Was in Flower 03-Jan-1897 22-Sep-1961
Norman Davies Historian God's Playground 08-Jun-1939 -
Paul Davies Physicist The Mind of God 22-Apr-1946 -
Ray Davies Musician Frontman for The Kinks 21-Jun-1944 -
Robertson Davies Author Fifth Business 28-Aug-1913 03-Dec-1995
Rodger P. Davies Diplomat US Ambassador to Cyprus, 1974 07-May-1921 19-Aug-1974
Ron Davies Politician Former MP, Caerphilly 06-Aug-1946 -
Ron Davies Singer/Songwriter Southern singer/songwriter 15-Jan-1946 30-Oct-2003
Rupert Davies Actor Inspector Maigret 22-May-1916 22-Nov-1976
Terence Davies Film Director The House of Mirth 10-Nov-1945 -
W. H. Davies Poet Tramp-Poet, The Soul's Destroyer 03-Jul-1871 26-Sep-1940
Arrigo Caterino Davila Historian Istoria delle guerre civili di Francia 30-Oct-1576 26-May-1631
Al Davis Football Owner of the Oakland Raiders 04-Jul-1929 08-Oct-2011
Andrew Davis Conductor Music Director, Lyric Opera of Chicago 02-Feb-1944 -
Andrew Davis Film Director The Fugitive 21-Nov-1946 -
Angela Davis Activist Black Panther, teacher, professor 26-Jan-1944 -
Ann B. Davis Actor Alice from The Brady Bunch 05-May-1926 -
Artur Davis Politician Congressman from Alabama, 2003-11 09-Apr-1967 -
Baron Davis Basketball Golden State Warriors 13-Apr-1979 -
Bette Davis Actor All About Eve 05-Apr-1908 06-Oct-1989
Bob Davis Politician Congressman from Michigan, 1979-93 31-Jul-1932 16-Oct-2009
Brad Davis Actor Midnight Express 06-Nov-1949 08-Sep-1991
Brandon Davis Socialite Oil heir, pal of Paris Hilton 1979 -
Butch Davis Football Former football coach, University of North Carolina 17-Nov-1951 -
Charles A. Davis Business Vice Chairman of Marsh & McLennan, 1999-2004 c. 1949 -
Chris A. Davis Business Partner at Forstman Little & Co. c. 1950 -
Christopher C. Davis Business Davis Selected Advisers c. 1965 -
Clifton Davis Actor That's My Mama 04-Oct-1945 -
Clive Davis Business Founder of Arista Records 04-Apr-1932 -
Colin Davis Conductor Principal Conductor, LSO, 1995-2006 25-Sep-1927 -
Crispin Davis Business CEO of Reed Elsevier c. 1949 -
Cushman Kellogg Davis Politician Governor and Senator from Minnesota 16-Jun-1838 27-Nov-1900
D. Scott Davis Business CEO of UPS c. 1952 -
Daniel Davis Actor Niles the Butler on The Nanny 26-Nov-1945 -
Danny Davis Politician Congressman, Illinois 7th 06-Sep-1941 -
David Davis Judge US Supreme Court Justice, Senator 09-Mar-1815 26-Jun-1886
David Davis Politician Congressman from Tennessee, 2007-09 06-Nov-1959 -
David Davis Politician MP for Haltemprice and Howden 23-Dec-1948 -
Deane C. Davis Politician Governor of Vermont, 1969-73 07-Nov-1900 08-Dec-1990
Don H. Davis, Jr. Business CEO of Rockwell, 1997-2005 c. 1939 -
Don S. Davis Actor Lt. Gen. Hammond on Stargate SG-1 04-Aug-1942 29-Jun-2008
Erroll B. Davis, Jr. Business Chancellor, University System of Georgia c. 1943 -
Eric Davis Baseball Former Cincinnati Reds Outfielder 29-May-1962 -
Ernie Davis Football Winner, 1961 Heisman Trophy 14-Dec-1939 18-May-1963
Eugene I. Davis Business Pirinate Consulting Group c. 1953 -
F. Elwood Davis Attorney Prominent Washington lawyer 15-Dec-1915 17-Jan-2012
Fred Davis Business Strategic Perception Inc. c. 1953 -
Frenchie Davis Musician BBW booted from American Idol 09-May-1979 -
Gail Davis Actor Annie Oakley 05-Oct-1925 15-Mar-1997
Geena Davis Actor Earth Girls Are Easy 21-Jan-1956 -
Geoff Davis Politician Congressman, Kentucky 4th 26-Oct-1958 -
Glenn Davis Football Winner, 1946 Heisman Trophy 26-Dec-1924 09-Mar-2005
Gordon J. Davis Attorney Partner, Dewey & LeBoeuf 07-Aug-1941 -
Gray Davis Politician Governor of California, 1999-2003 26-Dec-1942 -
H. L. Davis Novelist Honey in the Horn 18-Oct-1894 31-Oct-1960
Harry L. Davis Politician Governor of Ohio, 1921-23 25-Jan-1878 21-May-1950
Henry G. Davis Politician US Senator from West Virginia, 1871-83 16-Nov-1823 11-Mar-1916
Henry Winter Davis Politician Congressman from Maryland, 1855-65 16-Aug-1817 30-Dec-1865
Hope Davis Actor American Splendor 23-Mar-1964 -
Ian Davis Business Managing Partner of McKinsey & Co. c. 1951 -
James J. Davis Government US Secretary of Labor, 1921-30 27-Oct-1873 22-Nov-1947
Jason Davis Actor Prison Break 1982 -
Jefferson Davis Head of State President of the Confederacy 03-Jun-1808 06-Dec-1889
Jerome L. Davis Business Jerome L. Davis & Associates, LLC c. 1955 -
Jim Davis Politician Congressman from Florida, 1997-2007 11-Oct-1957 -
Jim Davis Actor Jock Ewing on Dallas 26-Aug-1909 26-Apr-1981
Jim Davis Cartoonist Garfield 28-Jul-1945 -
Jimmie Davis Singer/Songwriter You Are My Sunshine 11-Sep-1899 05-Nov-2000
Jo Ann Davis Politician Congresswoman from Virginia, 2001-07 29-Jun-1950 06-Oct-2007
Joan Davis Actor I Married Joan 29-Jun-1907 22-May-1961
John Davis Explorer Discovered Falkland Islands c. 1550 29-Dec-1605
John E. Davis Politician Governor of North Dakota, 1957-61 18-Apr-1913 12-May-1990
John R. Davis, Jr. Diplomat US Ambassador to Poland, 1983-90 25-Jul-1927 -
John W. Davis Attorney US Solicitor General, 1913-18 13-Apr-1873 24-Mar-1955
Jonathan Davis Musician Korn frontman 18-Jan-1971 -
Joseph S. Davis Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 1955-58 05-Nov-1885 1975
Josie Davis Actor Sarah Powell on Charles in Charge 16-Jan-1973 -
Judy Davis Actor A Passage to India 23-Apr-1955 -
Julia Davis Actor Nighty Night 1966 -
Kelvin Davis Business Texas Pacific Group c. 1965 -
Kristin Davis Actor Good girl Charlotte on Sex and the City 23-Feb-1965 -
Lanny J. Davis Government White House Counsel, 1996-98 c. 1946 -
LaVan Davis Actor Curtis Payne on House of Payne 21-Sep-1966 -
Lincoln Davis Politician Congressman from Tennessee, 2003-11 13-Sep-1943 -
Mac Davis Singer/Songwriter Rock/Country Singer/Songwriter 21-Jan-1942 -
Martha Davis Singer Lead Singer, The Motels 19-Jan-1951 -
Marvin Davis Business Oil magnate, former owner of 20th Century Fox 31-Aug-1925 25-Sep-2004
Matthew Davis Actor What About Brian 08-May-1978 -
Mildred Davis Actor Silent film actress 22-Feb-1901 18-Aug-1969
Miles Davis Jazz Musician Jazz trumpeter, Kind of Blue 26-May-1926 28-Sep-1991
Nathaniel Davis Diplomat US Ambassador to Chile, 1971-73 12-Apr-1925 16-May-2011
Nathaniel A. Davis Business President of XM Radio c. 1954 -
Ossie Davis Actor Do The Right Thing 18-Dec-1917 04-Feb-2005
Paige Davis Game Show Host Katie Couric lookalike on Trading Spaces 15-Oct-1969 -
Patti Davis Relative Reagan's prodigal daughter 21-Oct-1952 -
Paul Davis Singer/Songwriter I Go Crazy 21-Apr-1948 22-Apr-2008
Phyllis Davis Actor Beatrice Travis on Vega$ 17-Jul-1940 -
Ray C. Davis Business Co-CEO of Energy Tranfer Partners, 2004-07 c. 1943 -
Raymond Davis, Jr. Scientist Detected solar neutrinos 14-Oct-1914 31-May-2006
Richard Allen Davis Criminal Murderer of Polly Klaas 02-Jun-1954 -
Richard Harding Davis Author Yellow-era journalist 18-Apr-1864 11-Apr-1916
Richard K. Davis Business CEO of US Bancorp ? -
Ruth A. Davis Diplomat US Ambassador to Benin, 1992-95 28-Mar-1942 -
Sammy Davis, Jr. Singer Coolest hepcat in the Rat Pack 08-Dec-1925 16-May-1990
Skeeter Davis Country Musician Country vocalist at Grand Ole Opry 30-Dec-1931 19-Sep-2004
Steven A. Davis Business CEO of Bob Evans Farms c. 1959 -
Stuart Davis Painter American cubist painter 07-Dec-1894 24-Jun-1964
Susan Davis Politician Congresswoman, California 53rd 13-Apr-1944 -
Tamra Davis Film Director Billy Madison 22-Jan-1962 -
Terrell Davis Football Former Denver Broncos RB 28-Oct-1972 -
Tom Davis Politician Congressman, Virginia 11th 05-Jan-1949 -
Tom Davis Basketball Iowa Hawkeyes Head Coach, 1986-99 03-Dec-1938 -
Tom C. Davis Business Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette c. 1949 -
Victor Davis Swimmer Olympic Gold medalist, killed in hit-and-run 10-Feb-1964 13-Nov-1989
Viola Davis Actor Nurse Peeler on City of Angels 11-Aug-1965 -
W. Eugene Davis Judge 5th Circuit Court of Appeals 18-Aug-1936 -
Warwick Davis Actor Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 03-Feb-1970 -
Wendy Davis Actor Joan Burton on Army Wives ? -
Westmoreland Davis Politician Governor of Virginia, 1918-22 21-Aug-1859 07-Sep-1942
William B. Davis Actor Cancer Man on The X-Files 13-Jan-1938 -
William G. Davis Politician Premier of Ontario, 1971-85 30-Jul-1929 -
William L. Davis Business CEO of RR Donnelley, 1997-2004 c. 1943 -
Willie D. Davis Football Businessman, former football player 24-Jul-1934 -
Bruce Davison Actor Harry and the Hendersons 28-Jun-1946 -
Frank Dalby Davison Author Dusty 23-Jun-1893 24-May-1970
Peter Davison Actor The Fifth Doctor Who 13-Apr-1951 -
William Davison Government Secretary to Queen Elizabeth I c. 1541 21-Dec-1608
Clinton Davisson Physicist Diffraction of electrons 22-Oct-1881 01-Feb-1958
Ken Davitian Actor Borat: Cultural Leanings 19-Jun-1953 -
Michael Davitt Politician Irish Nationalist, Land League 25-Mar-1846 31-May-1906
Louis-Nicolas Davout Military Napoleonic General 10-May-1770 01-Jun-1823
Humphry Davy Chemist Leading early 19th century chemist 17-Dec-1778 29-May-1829
Pam Dawber Actor Mork and Mindy 18-Oct-1951 -
Charles G. Dawes Politician US Vice President, 1925-29 27-Aug-1865 23-Apr-1951
Dominique Dawes Gymnastics Olympic gymnast, Magnificent Seven 20-Nov-1976 -
Henry Laurens Dawes Politician US Senator from Massachusetts, 1875-93 30-Oct-1816 05-Feb-1903
Richard Dawes Scholar Miscellanea Critica 1708 21-Mar-1766
Pete Dawkins Football Winner, 1958 Heisman Trophy 08-Mar-1938 -
Richard Dawkins Biologist Zoologist and evolutionary biologist 26-Mar-1941 -
Carol G. Dawson Government Conservative activist 08-Sep-1937 -
John R. Dawson Diplomat US Ambassador to Peru, 2002-03 1950 01-Aug-2003
John William Dawson Geologist Air Breathers of the Coal Period 30-Oct-1820 20-Nov-1899
Len Dawson Football KC Chiefs Quarterback 20-Jun-1935 -
Richard Dawson Game Show Host Host of Family Feud, 1976-85 20-Nov-1932 02-Jun-2012
Rosario Dawson Actor Josie and the Pussycats 09-May-1979 -
Roxann Dawson Actor B'Elanna on Star Trek: Voyager 11-Sep-1958 -
Shane Dawson YouTube Personality YouTube comic 19-Jul-1988 -
Danielle Dax Musician Unique multi-media artist and performer ? -
Bobby Day Singer Rockin' Robin 01-Jul-1928 27-Jul-1999
Bud Day Activist Former POW 24-Feb-1925 -
Charlie Day Actor It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 09-Feb-1976 -
Clarence Day Author Life with Father 18-Nov-1874 28-Dec-1935
Darren Day TV Personality British tabloid fodder 17-Jul-1968 -
Dennis Day Radio Personality On Jack Benny's radio show 21-May-1918 22-Jun-1988
Doris Day Actor The Man Who Knew Too Much 03-Apr-1924 -
Dorothy Day Activist Founder of the Catholic Worker movement 08-Nov-1897 29-Nov-1980
Felicia Day Actor The Guild 28-Jun-1979 -
Howie Day Singer/Songwriter Stop All the World Now 15-Jan-1981 -
James C. Day Business CEO of Noble Corporation, 1984-2007 c. 1946 -
John Day Playwright The Parliament of Bees 1574 c. 1640
Julian C. Day Business CEO of Radio Shack 14-May-1952 -
Laraine Day Actor Foreign Correspondent 13-Oct-1920 10-Nov-2007
Laura Day TV Personality Interior decorator on Trading Spaces 28-Aug-1972 -
Morris Day Musician Frontman for The Time 13-Dec-1957 -
Pat Day Jockey Winner of 9 triple crown races 13-Oct-1953 -
Robert A. Day Business Billionaire, Founder of TCW 1943 -
Samuel H. Day Activist Antinuke crusader 05-Oct-1926 26-Jan-2001
Stockwell Day Politician Canadian Minister of Public Safety 16-Aug-1950 -
William R. Day Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1903-22 17-Apr-1849 09-Jul-1923
Cecil Day-Lewis Poet UK Poet Laureate, 1968-72 27-Apr-1904 22-May-1972
Daniel Day-Lewis Actor My Left Foot 29-Apr-1957 -
Moshe Dayan Politician Israeli military leader 20-May-1915 16-Oct-1981
Ron Dayne Football Houston Texans RB 14-Mar-1978 -
Taylor Dayne Singer Tell It to My Heart 07-Mar-1962 -
Drew S. Days III Government US Solicitor General, 1993-96 1941 -
George Draper Dayton Business Founder of what is now Target Stores 06-Mar-1857 18-Feb-1938
Mark Dayton Politician Governor of Minnesota 26-Jan-1947 -
Juan Bautista de Anza Explorer Spanish explorer Jul-1736 19-Dec-1788
Yves C. de Balmann Business Former Vice Chairman of Bankers Trust c. 1947 -
Isaach De Bankolé Actor Casino Royale 12-Aug-1957 -
Jan de Bont Film Director Minority Report 22-Oct-1943 -
Arnaud De Borchgrave Journalist Washington Times, Insight magazine 26-Oct-1926 -
Theodor de Bry Engraver German book engraver 1528 27-Mar-1598
Yvonne De Carlo Actor Lily on The Munsters 01-Sep-1922 08-Jan-2007
Samuel de Champlain Explorer Namesake of Lake Champlain 1567 25-Dec-1635
Frans G. De Cock Business President-Unilin, Mohawk Industries c. 1942 -
Aart J. de Geus Business CEO of Synopsys c. 1954 -
Michel de Ghelderode Playwright Surrealistic Belgian playwright 03-Apr-1898 01-Apr-1962
Jean-Baptiste de Gribeauval Military French artillery general 15-Sep-1715 09-May-1789
Olivia de Havilland Actor Gone With the Wind 01-Jul-1916 -
Rolf de Heer Film Director Bad Boy Bubby 04-May-1951 -
Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda Religion International Ministry Growing in Grace, Inc. 22-Apr-1942 -
Wanda De Jesus Actor The Glass Shield 26-Aug-1960 -
Willem de Kooning Painter Abstract expressionist 24-Apr-1904 19-Mar-1997
Reginald De Koven Composer Oh, Promise Me 03-Apr-1859 16-Jan-1920
Henry de la Beche Geologist Created first Geologic Survey 1796 13-Apr-1855
Walter de la Mare Poet Memoirs of a Midget 25-Apr-1873 22-Jun-1956
John de Lancie Actor Q on Star Trek: TNG 20-Mar-1948 -
Jacques de Larosiere Government IMF Director 1978-87 12-Nov-1929 -
Dino De Laurentiis Film/TV Producer Prodigious film producer 08-Aug-1919 11-Nov-2010
Ron de Lugo Government Congressman, Virgin Islands 02-Aug-1930 -
Catherine de Medici Royalty De facto ruler of France, 1547-59 13-Apr-1519 05-Jan-1589
Augustus De Morgan Mathematician De Morgan's Laws 27-Jun-1806 18-Mar-1871
Paul J. De Muniz Judge Oregon Chief Justice c. 1947 -
Robert De Niro Actor The Godfather: Part II 17-Aug-1943 -
Manoel de Oliveira Film Director I'm Going Home 11-Dec-1908 -
Brian De Palma Film Director Carrie 11-Sep-1940 -
Thomas De Quincey Author Confessions of an English Opium-Eater 15-Aug-1785 08-Dec-1859
Theo de Raadt Computer Programmer Developer of OpenBSD operating system 19-May-1968 -
Marquis de Sade Author 120 Days of Sodom 02-Jun-1740 02-Dec-1814
Jose de San Martin Military Knight of the Andes 25-Feb-1778 17-Aug-1850
Willem de Sitter Astronomer Expanding space 06-May-1872 19-Nov-1934
Domenico De Sole Business CEO of Gucci, 1994-2004 1944 -
Edward de Souza Actor The Man in Black 04-Sep-1932 -
André de Toth Film Director House of Wax 15-May-1912 27-Oct-2002
Eamon de Valera Head of State President of Ireland, 1959-73 14-Oct-1882 29-Aug-1975
Donna de Varona Swimmer Swimmer, two Olympic Gold medals in 1964 26-Apr-1947 -
Roberto De Vicenzo Golf Winner, 1967 British Open 14-Apr-1923 -
Frank De Vol Musician Happy Kyne on Fernwood 2 Nite 20-Sep-1911 27-Oct-1999
Peter De Vries Novelist The Tunnel of Love 27-Feb-1910 28-Sep-1993
Billy De Wolfe Actor The Doris Day Show 18-Feb-1907 05-Mar-1974
Cliff De Young Singer Former lead singer, Clear Light 12-Feb-1946 -
John Deacon Bassist Bassist for Queen 19-Aug-1951 -
Richard Deacon Actor The Dick Van Dyke Show 14-May-1921 08-Aug-1984
deadmau5 Electronic Musician For Lack of a Better Name 05-Jan-1981 -
Ferenc Deák Politician Architected Austria-Hungary union 17-Oct-1803 28-Jan-1876
Nicholas L. Deak Business Deak-Perera 08-Oct-1905 18-Nov-1985
Alfred Deakin Head of State 2nd Prime Minister of Australia 03-Aug-1856 07-Oct-1919
Kelley Deal Guitarist Sometime guitarist for The Breeders 10-Jun-1961 -
Kim Deal Bassist Pixies, Breeders bassist 10-Jun-1961 -
Nathan Deal Politician Governor of Georgia 25-Aug-1942 -
Dizzy Dean Baseball MVP in 1934, won two World Series 16-Jan-1910 17-Jul-1974
Fred Dean Football NFL Hall of Famer 24-Feb-1952 -
Howard Dean Politician Chairman of the Democratic Party 17-Nov-1948 -
Howard M. Dean Business CEO of Dean Foods, 1987-2001 27-Jun-1937 25-Mar-2012
James Dean Actor Lived fast, died young 08-Feb-1931 30-Sep-1955
Jimmy Dean Country Musician Singer, songwriter, sausage-maker 10-Aug-1928 13-Jun-2010
John Dean Government Nixon's White House Counsel 14-Oct-1938 -
John Gunther Dean Diplomat US Ambassador to India, 1985-88 24-Feb-1926 -
Karl Dean Politician Mayor of Nashville 20-Sep-1955 -
Lloyd H. Dean Business CEO of Catholic Healthcare West c. 1951 -
Loren Dean Actor Mumford 31-Jul-1969 -
Mark Dean Engineer Computer architecture 02-Mar-1957 -
Paula DeAnda Singer Mexican-American pop singer 03-Nov-1989 -
Richard Deane Military Signed Charles I's death warrant 08-Jul-1610 01-Jun-1653
Silas Deane Diplomat First accredited US diplomat 24-Dec-1737 23-Sep-1789
William Dear Film Director Angels in the Outfield 30-Nov-1943 -
Basil Dearden Film Director Khartoum 01-Jan-1911 23-Mar-1971
John Cardinal Dearden Religion Archbishop of Detroit, 1958-80 15-Oct-1907 01-Aug-1988
Justin Deas Actor Buzz Cooper on Guiding Light 30-Mar-1948 -
Darwin Deason Business Founder of Affiliated Computer Systems c. 1940 -
Brady J. Deaton Educator President, University of Missouri c. 1944 -
Chad C. Deaton Business CEO of Baker Hughes c. 1952 -
Earnest W. Deavenport, Jr. Business CEO of Eastman Chemical, 1994-2001 c. 1938 -
E. Allen Deaver Business Former EVP, Armstrong World Industries c. 1935 -
Michael Deaver Government Reagan Deputy Chief of Staff 11-Apr-1938 18-Aug-2007
Michael DeBakey Doctor Father of cardiovascular surgery 07-Sep-1908 11-Jul-2008
Bunny DeBarge Singer/Songwriter Member of the band DeBarge 15-Mar-1955 -
El DeBarge Singer Lead singer of DeBarge 04-Jun-1961 -
James DeBarge Musician Janet's Ex Husband and member of DeBarge 22-Aug-1963 -
Mark DeBarge Musician Member of the band Debarge 19-Jun-1959 -
Randy DeBarge Musician Member of the band Debarge 06-Aug-1958 -
Eddie DeBartolo, Jr. Football Former owner, San Francisco 49ers 06-Nov-1946 -
Heinrich Anton de Bary Botanist Founder of modern mycology 26-Jan-1831 19-Jan-1888
Kristine Debell Pornstar Star of Alice in Wonderland porno 1954 -
James DeBello Actor Cabin Fever 09-Jun-1980 -
Nicholas DeBenedictis Business Aqua America 15-Sep-1945 -
Fisher DeBerry Football Air Force Head Coach, 1984-2006 09-Jun-1938 -
Simon D. deBree Business CEO of Royal DSM NV, 1993-99 1937 -
Gerard Debreu Economist Supply and demand theorist 04-Jul-1921 31-Dec-2004
Eugene V. Debs Labor Leader Labor leader ran for President five times 05-Nov-1855 20-Oct-1926
Dave DeBusschere Basketball NBA Hall of Famer 16-Oct-1940 14-May-2003
Claude Debussy Composer French Impressionist composer 22-Aug-1862 25-Mar-1918
Peter Debye Physicist Studied molecular structure, dipoles 24-Mar-1884 02-Nov-1966
Rosemary DeCamp Actor Yankee Doodle Dandy 14-Nov-1910 20-Feb-2001
Alexandre Decamps Painter French romanticist, painted monkeys 03-Mar-1803 22-Aug-1860
Stephen Decatur Military US Naval commander, fought at Tripoli 05-Jan-1779 22-Mar-1820
Robert W. Decherd Business CEO of Belo, 1987-2007 c. 1951 -
Decius Royalty Roman Emperor, 249-51 AD 201 AD 251 AD
Inspecta Deck Musician Wu-Tang Clan 06-Jul-1968 -
Brooklyn Decker Model Cover, 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 12-Apr-1987 -
Sharon Allred Decker Business Former VP, Duke Power c. 1958 -
Susan Decker Business President of Yahoo c. 1963 -
Dennis DeConcini Politician US Senator from Arizona, 1977-95 08-May-1937 -
David DeCoteau Film Director Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama 05-Jan-1962 -
Midge Decter Journalist Neoconservative maven 25-Jul-1927 -
Roxanne J. Decyk Business Executive at Shell Oil c. 1951 -
Richard Dedekind Mathematician Developed theory of irrational numbers 06-Oct-1831 12-Feb-1916
Eldon Dedini Cartoonist Playboy, New Yorker cartoonist 29-Jun-1921 12-Jan-2006
Horace Dediu Pundit Tech industry analyst 15-Feb-1968 -
Frances Dee Actor Finishing School 26-Nov-1907 06-Mar-2004
John Dee Mathematician Mathematician and mystic 13-Jul-1527 26-Mar-1609
Kool Moe Dee Rapper Rap artist 08-Aug-1963 -
Ruby Dee Actor The Jackie Robinson Story 27-Oct-1924 -
Sandra Dee Actor Gidget 23-Apr-1942 20-Feb-2005
Simon Dee Talk Show Host Dee Time 28-Jul-1935 30-Aug-2009
Gail Deegan Business CFO of Houghton Mifflin, 1996-2001 c. 1946 -
Deelishis TV Personality Flavor of Love 02-Jan-1978 -
Paula Deen Chef Paula's Home Cooking 19-Jan-1947 -
John Deere Business Invented the self-scouring plow 07-Feb-1804 17-May-1886
Morris Dees Activist Bankrupted the Klan 16-Dec-1936 -
Rick Dees Radio Personality Disco Duck 14-Mar-1950 -
Eddie Deezen Actor Mr. Potato Head in Wargames 06-Mar-1957 -
Mos Def Rapper Black On Both Sides 11-Dec-1973 -
Peter DeFazio Politician Congressman, Oregon 4th 27-May-1947 -
Ronald M. DeFeo Business CEO of Terex c. 1952 -
Daniel Defoe Author Robinson Crusoe Sep-1660 24-Apr-1731
Don DeFore Actor Mr. B. on Hazel 25-Aug-1913 22-Dec-1993
Calvert DeForest Actor Larry "Bud" Melman on Letterman 23-Jul-1921 19-Mar-2007
Donald DeFosset Business CEO of Walter Industries, 2000-05 c. 1948 -
Buddy DeFranco Jazz Musician Jazz clarinetist, led The Glenn Miller Orchestra 17-Feb-1923 -
James DeFranco Business Co-Founder of Echostar c. 1952 -
Donald DeFreeze Criminal Symbionese Liberation Army 16-Nov-1943 17-May-1974
Edgar Degas Painter Impressionist painter 19-Jul-1834 27-Sep-1917
Ellen DeGeneres Comic Ellen 26-Jan-1958 -
Vance DeGeneres TV Personality The Daily Show 02-Sep-1954 -
Diana DeGette Politician Congresswoman, Colorado 1st 29-Jul-1957 -
John J. DeGioia Educator President, Georgetown University 1957 -
Edward F. Degraan Business Vice Chairman of Gillette, 2003-06 c. 1944 -
James H. DeGraffenreidt, Jr. Business CEO of WGL Holdings 08-May-1953 -
Gavin DeGraw Singer/Songwriter I Don't Wanna Be 04-Feb-1977 -
Jean-Luc Dehaene Head of State Prime Minister of Belgium, 1992-99 07-Aug-1940 -
Melissa DeHart Victim 58-pound celebrity anorexic Jul-1974 -
Gloria DeHaven Actor Summer Holiday 23-Jul-1925 -
Hans G. Dehmelt Physicist Co-Inventor of the ion trap 09-Sep-1922 -
John Dehner Actor Carousel 23-Nov-1915 04-Feb-1992
Nicole DeHuff Actor Meet the Parents 06-Jan-1974 16-Feb-2005
Len Deighton Novelist The Ipcress File 18-Feb-1929 -
Linnet F. Deily Business Deputy US Trade Representative, 2001-05 1945 -
Johann Deisenhofer Chemist Proteins of photosynthesis 30-Sep-1943 -
Tim DeKay Actor Carnivàle 12-Jun-1963 -
Albert Dekker Actor The Wild Bunch 20-Dec-1905 05-May-1968
Desmond Dekker Singer/Songwriter Israelites 16-Jul-1941 25-May-2006
Thomas Dekker Actor Adam Conant on The Secret Circle 28-Dec-1987 -
Thomas Dekker Playwright The Gentle Craft c. 1572 c. 1632
Marijn E. Dekkers Business CEO, Thermo Fisher Scientific c. 1957 -
Mark Deklin Actor Blake Reilly on GCB 03-Dec-1967 -
Frank DeKova Actor Chief Wild Eagle on F Troop 17-Mar-1910 15-Oct-1981
Michael J. Del Giudice Business Former Partner, Lazard Freres & Co. c. 1942 -
Lana Del Rey Singer/Songwriter Born to Die 21-Jun-1986 -
Lester del Rey Author Founder of Del Rey Books 02-Jun-1915 10-May-1993
Dolores del Rio Actor Flying Down to Rio 03-Aug-1905 11-Apr-1983
Jack Del Rio Football Former Coach, Jacksonville Jaguars 03-Apr-1963 -
Roy Del Ruth Film Director The Phantom of the Rue Morgue 18-Oct-1893 27-Apr-1961
Lawrence A. Del Santo Business CEO of Vons, 1994-97 c. 1935 -
Christopher Del Sesto Politician Governor of Rhode Island, 1959-61 10-Mar-1907 23-Dec-1973
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien Rapper Deltron 3030 12-Aug-1972 -
Benicio Del Toro Actor Traffic 19-Feb-1967 -
Guillermo del Toro Film Director Hellboy 09-Oct-1964 -
Eugène Delacroix Painter 19th century French painter 26-Apr-1798 13-Aug-1863
Eddie Delahoussaye Jockey Winner, 1982 and 1983 Kentucky Derby 21-Sep-1951 -
Bill Delahunt Politician Congressman from Massachusetts, 1997-2011 18-Jul-1941 -
Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Delambre Astronomer Histoire de l'Astronomie 19-Sep-1749 19-Aug-1822
Joe DeLamielleure Football NFL Hall of Famer 16-Mar-1951 -
Margaret Deland Author Old Chester Tales 23-Feb-1857 13-Jan-1945
John Delaney Politician Mayor of Jacksonville, 1995-2003 29-Jun-1956 -
Kim Delaney Actor Det. Diane Russell on NYPD Blue 29-Nov-1961 -
Dana Delany Actor China Beach 13-Mar-1956 -
Martin R. Delany Activist Black nationalist 06-May-1812 24-Jan-1885
Samuel R. Delany Author Triton 01-Apr-1942 -
Paul Delaroche Painter French academic painter; The Young Martyr 17-Jul-1797 04-Nov-1856
Tim DeLaughter Musician Polyphonic Spree choragus 18-Nov-1965 -
Giada De Laurentiis Chef Everyday Italian 22-Aug-1970 -
Rosa DeLauro Politician Congresswoman, Connecticut 3rd 02-Mar-1943 -
Casimir Delavigne Poet La Parisienne 04-Apr-1793 11-Dec-1843
Tom DeLay Politician Former House Majority Leader, convicted felon 08-Apr-1947 -
Max Delbrück Scientist Molecular structure of viral genes (phages) 04-Sep-1906 10-Mar-1981
Grazia Deledda Author Novels of Sardinia 27-Sep-1871 15-Aug-1936
Georges Delerue Composer French film composer 12-Mar-1925 20-Mar-1992
Jessica Delfino Comic Dirty Folk Rock 08-Jun-1976 -
Majandra Delfino Actor Maria DeLuca on Roswell 20-Feb-1981 -
Léo Delibes Composer Lakmé 21-Feb-1836 16-Jan-1891
Miguel Delibes Novelist Five Hours With Mario 17-Oct-1920 12-Mar-2010
Jacques Delille Poet French translator of Virgil 22-Jun-1738 01-May-1813
Don DeLillo Novelist White Noise 20-Nov-1936 -
Grey DeLisle Singer/Songwriter Singer and voice actress 24-Aug-1973 -
Joseph-Nicolas Delisle Astronomer Founded St. Petersburg observatory 04-Apr-1688 11-Sep-1768
Frederick Delius Composer Over the Hills and Far Away 29-Jan-1862 10-Jun-1934
Gary Dell'Abate Radio Personality Howard Stern Show producer 14-Mar-1961 -
Christopher W. Dell Diplomat US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, 2004-07 1956 -
Floyd Dell Journalist Moon-Calf 28-Jun-1887 23-Jul-1969
Gabriel Dell Actor Dead End Kid 08-Oct-1919 03-Jul-1988
Michael Dell Business Founder of Dell Computer 23-Feb-1965 -
Stefano Della Bella Engraver Florentine engraver 17-May-1610 12-Jul-1664
Giovanni Della Casa Poet Galateo 28-Jun-1503 14-Nov-1556
Jacopo Della Quercia Sculptor Influential early Renaissance sculptor c. 1374 20-Oct-1438
Walter Dellinger Attorney Duke University law professor 15-May-1941 -
Ron Dellums Politician Mayor of Oakland, 2007-11 24-Nov-1935 -
Gayla J. Delly Business President of Benchmark Electronics c. 1960 -
Harris E. DeLoach, Jr. Business CEO of Sonoco Products c. 1944 -
Thomas C. DeLoach, Jr. Business EVP at Mobil, 1998-2000 c. 1947 -
Alain Delon Actor Le Samouraï 08-Nov-1935 -
Tom DeLonge Musician Blink-182, Angels and Airwaves 13-Dec-1975 -
John DeLorean Business Automobile designer and entepreneur 06-Jan-1925 19-Mar-2005
Fran DeLorenzo Historian Hobo ethnographer 09-Oct-1929 -
Michael DeLorenzo Actor A Few Good Men 31-Oct-1959 -
Danièle Delorme Actor Gigi 09-Oct-1926 -
Jacques Delors Politician EU Commission President, 1985-94 20-Jul-1925 -
Brad Delp Singer Lead singer of Boston 12-Jun-1951 09-Mar-2007
Julie Delpy Actor Europa Europa 21-Dec-1969 -
Brad Delson Guitarist Guitarist for Linkin Park 01-Dec-1977 -
Jean-André Deluc Geologist Lettres... sur les montagnes 08-Feb-1727 07-Nov-1817
David DeLuise Actor Bug Pollone on Third Rock 11-Nov-1971 -
Dom DeLuise Actor Cannonball Run 01-Aug-1933 04-May-2009
Peter DeLuise Actor Officer Penhall on 21 Jump Street 06-Nov-1966 -
Kat DeLuna Singer/Songwriter Whine Up 17-Nov-1987 -
Demades Diplomat Brokered Macedonian/Athenian peace c. 380 BC 319 BC
Jay DeMarcus Country Musician Vocalist, Rascal Flatts 26-Apr-1971 -
William Demarest Actor The Great McGinty 27-Feb-1892 28-Dec-1983
Jimmy Demaret Golf Winner of three Masters Tournaments 24-May-1910 28-Dec-1983
Ovid Demaris Author The Last Mafioso 06-Sep-1919 12-Mar-1998
Bruce DeMars Military Director, Naval Nuclear Propulsion 03-Jun-1935 -
Daniel A. DeMatteo Business Vice Chairman and COO of Gamestop c. 1948 -
William Dembski Religion Intelligent Design proponent 18-Jul-1960 -
William S. Demchak Business CFO of PNC Financial c. 1963 -
Dr. Demento Radio Personality Novelty DJ 02-Apr-1941 -
Stephen R. Demeritt Business Vice Chairman of General Mills, 1999-2005 c. 1943 -
Steven J. Demetriou Business CEO of Aleris International c. 1959 -
Cecil B. DeMille Film Director Pioneering film director 12-Aug-1881 21-Jan-1959
Nelson DeMille Novelist The General's Daughter 23-Aug-1943 -
Claiborne P. Deming Business CEO of Murphy Oil c. 1955 -
Olcott H. Deming Diplomat First US Ambassador to Uganda, 1963-66 28-Feb-1909 20-Mar-2007
Rust M. Deming Diplomat US Ambassador to Tunisia, 2001-03 c. 1942 -
W. Edwards Deming Mathematician Quality Control guru 14-Oct-1900 20-Dec-1993
Jim DeMint Politician US Senator from South Carolina 02-Sep-1951 -
Suleyman Demirel Head of State President of Turkey, 1993-2000 01-Nov-1924 -
Wolfgang H. Demisch Business Demisch Associates LLC c. 1945 -
John Demjanjuk Criminal Retired auto worker convicted for Nazi past 03-Apr-1920 17-Mar-2012
Wolfgang Deml Business CEO of BayWa Corporation 31-Jul-1945 -
Jonathan Demme Film Director The Silence of the Lambs 22-Feb-1944 -
Ted Demme Film Director Blow 26-Oct-1963 13-Jan-2002
Demochares Politician Athenian orator and statesman c. 355 BC 275 BC
Democritus Philosopher Early atomic theorist c. 460 BC c. 370 BC
Jacques DeMolay Military Last Grand Master of the Knights Templar c. 1244 18-Mar-1314
Mylène Demongeot Actor The Crucible 29-Sep-1935 -
Demosthenes Author Attic orator and statesman 384 BC 12-Oct-322 BC
Will Demps Football Houston Texans 07-Nov-1979 -
Jack Dempsey Boxing Heavyweight champ 24-Jun-1895 31-May-1983
John N. Dempsey Politician Governor of Connecticut, 1959-61 03-Jan-1915 16-Jul-1989
Martin E. Dempsey Military Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff 14-Mar-1952 -
Patrick Dempsey Actor Dr. McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy 13-Jan-1966 -
Tom Dempsey Football Retired NFL Placekicker 12-Jan-1947 -
Thomas Dempster Historian Scotia Illustrior 1579 06-Sep-1625
Jeffrey DeMunn Actor Citizen X 25-Apr-1947 -
Charles Demuth Painter I Saw the Figure Five in Gold 08-Nov-1883 23-Oct-1935
Christopher DeMuth Activist American Enterprise Institute 05-Aug-1946 -
Jacques Demy Film Director The Umbrellas of Cherbourg 05-Jun-1931 27-Oct-1990
Mathieu Demy Actor Our Precious Children 15-Oct-1972 -
Joop den Uyl Head of State Prime Minister of the Netherlands, 1973-77 09-Aug-1919 24-Dec-1987
Bob Denard Military French mercenary 07-Apr-1929 13-Oct-2007
Lori Beth Denberg Actor Lydia Liza Gutman on The Steve Harvey Show 02-Feb-1976 -
Judi Dench Actor Mrs. Brown 09-Dec-1934 -
Henry T. DeNero Business CEO of HomeSpace, Inc., 1999-2000 c. 1946 -
Catherine Deneuve Actor Dancer in the Dark 22-Oct-1943 -
Luol Deng Basketball Chicago Bulls forward 16-Apr-1985 -
Dixon Denham Explorer English explorer of Central Africa 01-Jan-1786 08-May-1828
Jeff Denham Politician Congressman, California 19th 29-Jul-1967 -
Sir John Denham Poet Cooper's Hill 1615 10-Mar-1669
John Denham Politician British MP, Southampton Itchen 15-Jul-1953 -
Robert E. Denham Attorney Partner, Munger, Tolles & Olson 27-Aug-1945 -
T. Kevin DeNicola Business CFO of Lyondell Chemical, 2002-08 c. 1954 -
Marianne Denicourt Actor La Belle noiseuse 14-May-1966 -
Carlo Denina Historian Delle revoluzioni d'Italia 1731 05-Dec-1813
St. Denis Religion Patron saint of France ? c. 250 AD
Claire Denis Film Director Beau travail 21-Apr-1948 -
Diane Denish Politician Lt. Governor of New Mexico c. 1950 -
Alexis Denisof Actor Wesley Wyndam-Pryce on Angel 25-Feb-1966 -
Anthony John Denison Actor Det. Andy Flynn on The Closer 20-Sep-1949 -
Duane Denison Guitarist Guitarist for Tomahawk ? -
Michael Denison Actor Shadowlands 01-Nov-1915 22-Jul-1998
Susan S. Denison Business Partner, Cook Associates c. 1946 -
Brian Dennehy Actor First Blood 09-Jul-1938 -
Daniel C. Dennett Philosopher Leading Darwinist and philosopher 28-Mar-1942 -
Dorothy Denning Scientist Professor, interest in encryption 12-Aug-1945 -
Richard Denning Actor Gov. Grey on Hawaii 5-O 27-Mar-1914 11-Oct-1998
Kat Dennings Actor Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist 13-Jun-1986 -
James L. Dennis Judge 5th Circuit Court of Appeals 09-Jan-1936 -
John Dennis Critic The Usefulness of the Stage 1657 06-Jan-1734
Kimberly O. Dennis Activist Searle Freedom Trust ? -
Martine Dennis Journalist BBC World presenter 29-Jan-1961 -
Nigel Dennis Novelist Cards of Identity 16-Jan-1912 19-Jul-1989
Patricia Diaz Dennis Attorney FCC Commissioner 1986-89 02-Oct-1946 -
Patrick Dennis Novelist Auntie Mame 18-May-1921 06-Nov-1976
Sandy Dennis Actor Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 27-Apr-1937 02-Mar-1992
Martin Denny Musician King of the Tiki Hut 10-Apr-1911 02-Mar-2005
Reginald Denny Actor English actor and RC airplane popularizer 20-Nov-1891 16-Jun-1967
Reginald Denny Victim Truck driver beaten in Rodney King riots 21-Apr-1953 -
Thomas G. Denomme Business Vice Chairman of Chrysler, 1994-97 c. 1940 -
Dominique Vivant, Baron Denon Artist Napoleonic archaeologist 04-Jan-1747 27-Apr-1825
John Densmore Drummer Drummer for The Doors 01-Dec-1944 -
Bucky Dent Baseball Former MLB shortstop, Yankees manager 25-Nov-1951 -
Catherine Dent Actor Danni Sofer on The Shield 14-Apr-1965 -
Charlie Dent Politician Congressman, Pennsylvania 15th 24-May-1960 -
Frederick B. Dent Government US Commerce Secretary, 1973-75 17-Aug-1922 -
Harry S. Dent, Sr. Government Devised Nixon's Southern Strategy 21-Feb-1930 28-Sep-2007
Vernon Dent Actor Frequent foil to The Three Stooges 16-Feb-1895 05-Nov-1963
Herbert A. Denton Business Providence Capital c. 1947 -
James Denton Actor Mike Delfino on Desperate Housewives 20-Jan-1963 -
Jeremiah Denton Military US Senator from Alabama, 1981-87 15-Jul-1924 -
Nick Denton Publisher Gawker Media 24-Aug-1966 -
Sandra Denton Singer Pepa of Salt-N-Pepa 09-Nov-1969 -
Ralph D. DeNunzio Business CEO of Kidder Peabody, 1980-87 17-Nov-1931 -
Bob Denver Actor Gilligan on Gilligan's Island 09-Jan-1935 02-Sep-2005
John Denver Country Musician Rocky Mountain High 31-Dec-1943 12-Oct-1997
Jewel De'Nyle Pornstar Bend Over and Say Ahh 3 05-Aug-1977 -
Ruggero Deodato Film Director Cannibal Holocaust 07-May-1939 -
Bobby Deol Actor Gupt: The Hidden Truth 27-Jan-1967 -
Sunny Deol Actor Gadar: Ek Prem Katha 19-Oct-1956 -
Gerard Depardieu Actor Cyrano de Bergerac 27-Dec-1948 -
Nancy-Ann DeParle Business Health care administrator 17-Dec-1956 -
Chauncey Depew Politician Co-Founder of the Pilgrims Society 23-Apr-1834 05-Apr-1928
Joseph M. DePinto Business President and CEO of 7-Eleven c. 1963 -
Charles J. Van Depoele Inventor Trolley car pioneer 27-Apr-1846 18-Mar-1892
Johnny Depp Actor Captain Jack Sparrow 09-Jun-1963 -
Agostino Depretis Head of State Three-time Prime Minister of Italy 13-Jan-1813 29-Jul-1887
André Derain Painter Fauvist 10-Jun-1880 08-Sep-1954
Delia Derbyshire Electronic Musician Constructed the Doctor Who theme 05-May-1937 03-Jul-2001
John Derbyshire Author Conservative pundit 03-Jun-1945 -
Bo Derek Actor 10 20-Nov-1956 -
John Derek Film Director Tarzan, the Ape Man 12-Aug-1926 22-May-1998
James M. Derham Diplomat US Ambassador to Guatemala ? -
Joe DeRita Actor The Three Stooges 12-Jul-1909 03-Jul-1993
Bruce Dern Actor Silent Running 04-Jun-1936 -
George H. Dern Government Governor of Utah, 1925-33 08-Sep-1872 27-Aug-1936
Laura Dern Actor Blue Velvet 10-Feb-1967 -
Thomas J. Derosa Business Former CFO, The Rouse Company c. 1958 -
Steven B. Derounian Politician Congressman from New York, 1953-65 06-Apr-1918 17-Apr-2007
Peter A. Derow Business Institutional Investor, Inc. c. 1940 -
Kenneth T. Derr Business CEO of Chevron, 1989-99 04-Aug-1936 -
Richard Derr Actor When Worlds Collide 15-Jun-1918 08-May-1992
Butler Derrick Politician Congressman from South Carolina, 1975-95 30-Sep-1936 -
Cleavant Derricks Actor Rembrandt Brown on Sliders 15-May-1953 -
Jacques Derrida Philosopher Deconstructionism, Intellectual Terrorist 15-Jul-1930 09-Oct-2004
Rick Derringer Musician Rock and Roll Hoochie-Koo 05-Aug-1947 -
Anne E. Derse Diplomat US Ambassador to Azerbaijan 1954 -
Alan Dershowitz Attorney Lawyer, represented Klaus von Bulow 01-Sep-1938 -
Jason Derülo Singer/Songwriter Watcha Say 21-Sep-1989 -
Peter B. Dervan Chemist DNA Researcher 28-Jun-1945 -
Kemal Derviş Government Head of the UNDP 10-Jan-1949 -
Edward J. Derwinski Politician US Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 1989-92 15-Sep-1926 15-Jan-2012
Mark Dery Author Culture Jamming 1959 -
Gavriil Derzhavin Poet Greatest Russian 18th-century poet 03-Jul-1743 08-Jul-1816
Michael Des Barres Actor Murdoc on MacGyver 24-Jan-1948 -
Anita Desai Novelist Cry, the Peacock 24-Jun-1937 -
Morarji Desai Head of State Prime Minister of India, 1977-79 29-Feb-1896 10-Apr-1995
Albert DeSalvo Criminal Rapist, confessed Boston Strangler 03-Sep-1931 25-Nov-1973
Pierre-Joseph Desault Doctor Surgeon at Hôtel Dieu 06-Feb-1738 01-Jun-1795
John P. DesBarres Business Transco Energy Company c. 1939 -
René Descartes Philosopher Discours de la Méthode 31-Mar-1596 11-Feb-1650
Eustache Deschamps Poet L'Art de Dictier c. 1346 c. 1406
Emily Deschanel Actor Temperance Brennan on Bones 11-Oct-1976 -
Zooey Deschanel Actor New Girl 17-Jan-1980 -
Réné Louiche Desfontaines Botanist Flora Atlantica Tunetano et Algeriensi 14-Feb-1750 16-Nov-1833
Jackie DeShannon Singer/Songwriter Put a Little Love in Your Heart 21-Aug-1944 -
Gérard Paul Deshayes Geologist Mollusques de l'Algérie 13-May-1797 09-Jun-1875
Antoinette Deshoulières Poet French poet-socialite 01-Jan-1638 17-Feb-1694
Scott DesJarlais Politician Congressman, Tennessee 4th 21-Feb-1964 -
Henri Alexandre Deslandres Astronomer Spectroheliograph 24-Jul-1853 15-Jan-1948
Jacques Amand Deslongchamps Paleontologist Discovered Teleosaurus 17-Jan-1794 17-Jan-1867
André Desmarais Business Co-CEO, Power Corporation of Canada 26-Oct-1956 -
Paul G. Desmarais, Jr. Business Co-CEO of Power Corporation of Canada 03-Jul-1954 -
Paul G. Desmarais Business CEO, Power Corporation of Canada, 1968-96 04-Jan-1927 -
Nicolas Desmarest Geologist Proved rocks can be igneous 16-Sep-1725 28-Sep-1815
Jean Desmarets Playwright Les Visionnaires 1595 28-Oct-1676
Paul Desmond Jazz Musician Jazz alto saxophonist, Dave Brubeck Quartet 25-Nov-1924 30-May-1977
Susan Desmond-Hellmann Doctor Chancellor of UCSF 1958 -
Camille Desmoulins Author Touched off the French Revolution 02-Mar-1760 05-Apr-1794
Ivan Desny Actor Pan-European character actor 28-Dec-1922 13-Apr-2002
Kent Desormeaux Jockey 3-Time Kentucky Derby Winner 27-Feb-1970 -
Olivier Despax Singer Les Gamblers 28-Feb-1939 10-Apr-1974
Hugh le Despenser Aristocrat Favorite of King Edward II 1262 27-Oct-1326
David Desrosiers Bassist Bassist for Simple Plan 29-Aug-1980 -
Natalie Dessay Singer Coloratura soprano 19-Apr-1965 -
Philippe Destouches Playwright Le Glorieux 09-Apr-1680 04-Jul-1754
Buddy DeSylva Songwriter DeSylva, Brown, and Henderson 27-Jan-1895 11-Jul-1950
Joseph M. DeThomas Diplomat US Ambassador to Estonia, 2001-04 ? -
Amanda Detmer Actor Deena Greco on What About Brian 27-Sep-1971 -
Ty Detmer Football Heisman Trophy Winner, 1990 30-Oct-1967 -
Maruschka Detmers Actor Prénom Carmen 16-Dec-1962 -
Joseph R. DeTrani Diplomat Director, National Counterproliferation Center ? -
Erik von Detten Actor Odd Man Out 03-Oct-1982 -
George Deukmejian Politician Governor of California, 1983-91 06-Jun-1928 -
João de Deus Poet Flores do Campo 08-Mar-1830 11-Jan-1896
Howard Deutch Film Director Pretty in Pink 14-Sep-1950 -
John Deutch Government CIA Director, 1995-96 27-Jul-1938 -
Theodore E. Deutch Politician Congressman, Florida 19th 07-May-1966 -
Donny Deutsch TV Personality CNBC talk show host 22-Nov-1957 -
Martin Deutsch Physicist Discovered positronium 29-Jun-1917 16-Aug-2002
Patti Deutsch Actor Laugh-In 16-Dec-1945 -
Peter Deutsch Politician Congressman from Florida, 1993-2005 01-Apr-1957 -
William Devane Actor Greg Sumner on Knots Landing 05-Sep-1937 -
Bob Devaney Football Cornhuskers Head Coach, 1962-72 13-Apr-1915 09-May-1997
Paul A. Dever Politician Governor of Massachusetts, 1949-53 15-Jan-1903 11-Apr-1958
Trish Van Devere Actor One Is a Lonely Number 09-Mar-1943 -
Gail Devers Track and Field Olympic runner 19-Nov-1966 -
Ajay Devgan Actor Khakee 02-Apr-1967 -
Paula Devicq Actor Kirsten Bennett on Party of Five 07-Jul-1965 -
C.C. DeVille Guitarist Guitarist for Poison 14-May-1962 -
Henri-Étienne Sainte-Claire Deville Chemist Process for obtaining aluminum 11-Mar-1818 01-Jul-1881
Michel Deville Film Director La Lectrice 13-Apr-1931 -
Willy DeVille Singer/Songwriter Frontman, Mink DeVille 27-Aug-1950 06-Aug-2009
Adam DeVine Comic Adam on Workaholics 07-Nov-1983 -
Andy Devine Actor Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok 07-Oct-1905 18-Feb-1977
C. Maury Devine Business Former Exxon Mobil executive c. 1950 -
Dan Devine Football Packers, NCAA head coach 22-Dec-1924 09-May-2002
Donald Devine Government Director, Office of Personnel Management, 1981-85 c. 1937 -
Grant Devine Politician Premier of Saskatchewan, 1982-91 05-Jul-1944 -
John M. Devine Business Vice Chairman of GM, 2001-06 13-May-1944 -
Joseph M. Devine Politician Governor of North Dakota, 1898-99 15-Mar-1861 31-Aug-1938
Loretta Devine Actor Marla Hendricks on Boston Public 21-Aug-1949 -
Danny DeVito Actor Short loudmouth from Taxi 17-Nov-1944 -
Dinyar S. Devitre Business CFO of Altria, 2002-08 c. 1946 -
Blake E. Devitt Business Retired Partner, Ernst & Young c. 1946 -
Bernadette Devlin Politician Northern Ireland nationalist 23-Apr-1947 -
Robert M. Devlin Business CEO of American General, 1996-2001 c. 1941 -
David F. DeVoe Business CFO of News Corporation c. 1947 -
Laura Devon Actor Red Line 7000 23-May-1931 19-Jul-2007
David W. Devonshire Business CFO of Motorola, 2002-07 c. 1945 -
Betsy DeVos Activist Wife of Dick DeVos c. 1958 -
Daniel DeVos Business Amway scion c. 1958 -
Dick DeVos Business Amway scion 21-Oct-1955 -
Doug DeVos Business CEO of Alticor c. 1964 -
Helen DeVos Activist Wife of Amway founder c. 1925 -
Richard DeVos Business Co-Founder of Amway 04-Mar-1926 -
Howard Devoto Singer Buzzcocks and Magazine vocalist 1955 -
Patrick Dewaere Actor Les valseuses 26-Jan-1947 16-Jul-1982
Jenna Dewan Actor Tamara 03-Dec-1980 -
James Dewar Physicist Researcher of low temperatures 20-Sep-1842 27-Mar-1923
Elizabeth Dewberry Playwright Break the Heart of Me 1963 -
George Dewey Military Sank the Spanish fleet at Manila 26-Dec-1837 16-Jan-1917
John Dewey Educator Pragmatist philosopher, education reformer 20-Oct-1859 01-Jun-1952
Londa J. Dewey Business Private Client Group, US Bank c. 1960 -
Melvil Dewey Curator Dewey Decimal System 10-Dec-1851 26-Dec-1931
Thomas E. Dewey Politician Did not defeat Truman 24-Mar-1902 16-Mar-1971
Colleen Dewhurst Actor Murphy Brown's mother 03-Jun-1924 02-Aug-1991
David Dewhurst Politician Lt. Governor of Texas 18-Aug-1945 -
Brandon De Wilde Actor Shane! Come back! 09-Apr-1942 06-Jul-1972
Adrian W. DeWind Attorney Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison 01-Dec-1913 07-Aug-2009
Mike DeWine Politician US Senator from Ohio, 1995-2007 05-Jan-1947 -
Joyce DeWitt Actor Janet on Three's Company 23-Apr-1949 -
Rosemarie DeWitt Actor Emily Lehman on Standoff 26-Oct-1974 -
William O. DeWitt, Jr. Business Reynolds DeWitt & Co. 31-Aug-1941 -
Chris DeWolfe Business Co-Founder of MySpace 1966 -
Anthony Dexter Actor Valentino 19-Jan-1913 27-Mar-2001
Brad Dexter Actor The Magnificent Seven 09-Apr-1917 12-Dec-2002
Samuel Dexter Politician US Secretary of War, Treasury 14-May-1761 04-May-1816
Susan Dey Actor The Partridge Family 10-Dec-1952 -
Dennis DeYoung Singer/Songwriter Former lead singer, Styx 18-Feb-1947 -
Dharmendra Actor Phool Aur Patthar 08-Dec-1935 -
Caroline Dhavernas Actor Jaye Tyler on Wonderfalls 15-May-1978 -
Khigh Dhiegh Actor Wo Fat on Hawaii 5-O 1910 25-Oct-1991
Laurie Dhue TV Personality Fox News presenter, 2000-08 10-Feb-1969 -
Lawrence Di Rita Government Rumsfeld chief of staff ? -
Toumani Diabaté Musician Master of the Kora 10-Aug-1965 -
Diablo Cody Author Candy Girl 14-Jun-1978 -
Persi Diaconis Mathematician Science of random numbers 31-Jan-1945 -
Nikki Dial Pornstar White Men Can't Hump 05-Oct-1973 -
Amadou Diallo Victim Shot dead by the NYPD 02-Sep-1975 04-Feb-1999
Peter Diamandis Activist Chairman of the X-Prize Foundation 20-May-1961 -
Fra Diamante Painter Italian fresco painter 1400 c. 1485
Chris Diamantopoulos Actor Rodney on The Starter Wife 09-May-1975 -
Bob Diamond Business Group CEO at Barclays, 2011-12 27-Jul-1951 -
Bobby Diamond Actor Joey Newton on Fury 23-Aug-1943 -
Dustin Diamond Actor Screech on Saved by the Bell 07-Jan-1977 -
Jared Diamond Scientist Collapse of societies 10-Sep-1937 -
King Diamond Musician Death metal pioneer, Mercyful Fate 14-Jun-1956 -
Larry Diamond Government Foreign policy expert 02-Oct-1951 -
Neil Diamond Singer/Songwriter Sweet Caroline 24-Jan-1941 -
Peter Diamond Economist Diamond paradox in economics 29-Apr-1940 -
Reed Diamond Actor Det. Mike Kellerman on Homicide 20-Jul-1967 -
Selma Diamond Actor Selma Hacker on Night Court 05-Aug-1920 13-May-1985
Don Diamont Actor The Young and the Restless 31-Dec-1962 -
Lady Diana Royalty Princess of Wales 01-Jul-1961 31-Aug-1997
Mike Diana Artist Boiled Angel 05-Jun-1969 -
Diane de France Royalty Daughter of Henri II 1538 11-Jan-1619
Diane de Poitiers Aristocrat Mistress of Henri II 03-Sep-1499 22-Apr-1566
Bartholomew Diaz Explorer Found the Cape of Good Hope c. 1450 29-May-1500
Cameron Diaz Actor There's Something About Mary 30-Aug-1972 -
Melonie Diaz Actor Be Kind Rewind 25-Apr-1984 -
Nelson A. Diaz Judge Of Counsel, Cozen O'Connor c. 1947 -
Oliver E. Diaz, Jr. Judge Justice, Mississippi Supreme Court c. 1959 -
Paul J. Diaz Business CEO of Kindred Healthcare c. 1961 -
Porfirio Díaz Head of State Twice President of Mexico 15-Sep-1830 02-Jul-1915
Yamila Diaz Model Argentine supermodel 1978 -
Lincoln Diaz-Balart Politician Congressman from Florida, 1993-2011 13-Aug-1954 -
Mario Diaz-Balart Politician Congressman, Florida 21st 25-Sep-1961 -
Rob Dibble Baseball Sportscaster, former Cincinnati Reds pitcher 24-Jan-1964 -
Charles Dibdin Songwriter The Comic Mirror 04-Mar-1745 25-Jul-1814
Michael Dibdin Novelist Aurelio Zen novels 21-Mar-1947 30-Mar-2007
Thomas Frognall Dibdin Author English bibliographer 1776 18-Nov-1847
Klaus Dibiasi Diver Platform diver, 3 Olympic Gold Medals 06-Oct-1947 -
Brandon DiCamillo TV Personality Jackass and Viva La Bam 15-Nov-1976 -
Gary T. DiCamillo Business CEO of Polaroid, 1995-2002 c. 1951 -
Kate DiCamillo Author The Tale of Despereaux 25-Mar-1964 -
Leonardo DiCaprio Actor Titanic 11-Nov-1974 -
Richard D. DiCerchio Business COO of Costco c. 1944 -
Tom DiCillo Film Director Living in Oblivion 14-Aug-1953 -
Andy Dick Comic Matthew from NewsRadio 21-Dec-1965 -
Douglas Dick Actor Carl Herrick on Waterfront 20-Nov-1920 -
John W. Dick Business Chairman of Hooper Industries, 1984-2007 09-Jan-1938 -
Kirby Dick Film Director This Film Is Not Yet Rated 23-Aug-1952 -
Philip K. Dick Novelist Blade Runner 16-Dec-1928 02-Mar-1982
Robert H. Dicke Physicist Dicke radiometer 06-May-1916 04-Mar-1997
Charles Dickens Novelist Oliver Twist 07-Feb-1812 09-Jun-1870
Kim Dickens Actor Joanie Stubbs on Deadwood 18-Jun-1965 -
Little Jimmie Dickens Country Musician May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose 19-Dec-1925 -
Fredric Dicker Journalist New York Post 1944 -
George A. Dickerman Business President of Spalding, 1976-2000 c. 1939 -
Eric Dickerson Football NFL Hall of Famer 02-Sep-1960 -
Ernest R. Dickerson Film Director Bulletproof 25-Jun-1951 -
John Dickerson Journalist Time White House correspondent 06-Jul-1968 -
Bill Dickey Baseball Eleven-time American League All-Star 06-Jun-1907 12-Nov-1993
Dale Dickey Actor Patty on My Name Is Earl 29-Sep-1961 -
Eric Jerome Dickey Novelist Waking With Enemies 07-Jul-1961 -
Frank Graves Dickey Educator President, University of Kentucky, 1956-63 01-Dec-1917 07-Aug-2009
James Dickey Poet Deliverance 02-Feb-1923 19-Jan-1997
Jay Dickey Politician Congressman from Arkansas, 1993-2001 14-Dec-1939 -
Lynn Dickey Football Green Bay Packers QB, 1976-85 19-Oct-1949 -
Angie Dickinson Actor Police Woman 30-Sep-1931 -
Bruce Dickinson Musician Frontman of Iron Maiden 07-Aug-1958 -
Daniel A. Dickinson Business Thayer Capital Partners c. 1961 -
Emily Dickinson Poet Perplexing American poet 10-Dec-1830 15-May-1886
Janice Dickinson Model 1970s supermodel 15-Feb-1955 -
Jess H. Dickinson Judge Justice, Mississippi Supreme Court 1947 -
John Dickinson Politician Founder of Dickinson College 08-Nov-1732 14-Feb-1808
Thorold Dickinson Film Director Gaslight 16-Nov-1903 14-Apr-1984
William L. Dickinson Politician Congressman from Alabama, 1965-93 05-Jun-1925 31-Mar-2008
Norm Dicks Politician Congressman, Washington 6th 16-Dec-1940 -
Brent E. Dickson Judge Justice, Indiana Supreme Court 1941 -
Gloria Dickson Actor They Won't Forget 13-Aug-1916 10-Apr-1945
Gordon R. Dickson Novelist Dorsai 01-Nov-1923 31-Jan-2001
John T. Dickson Business CEO of Agere Systems, 2000-05 c. 1946 -
Reginald D. Dickson Business Buford, Dickson, Harper & Sparrow c. 1947 -
William K. L. Dickson Inventor Motion picture camera 03-Aug-1860 28-Sep-1935
Bo Diddley Guitarist Blues diddler and rectangular guitarist 30-Dec-1928 02-Jun-2008
C. Diddy Performance Artist World Air Guitar Champion, 2003 23-Dec-1971 -
Denis Diderot Philosopher L'Encyclopédie 05-Oct-1713 31-Jul-1784
Joan Didion Author Slouching Toward Bethlehem 05-Dec-1934 -
Didius Julianus Royalty Roman Emperor, 193 AD c. 135 AD 1-Jun-193 AD
Dido Musician No Angel 25-Dec-1971 -
Charles Diebold Business Founder of Diebold 24-Oct-1824 05-Mar-1894
John Diebold Author Advocate of automation 08-Jun-1926 26-Dec-2005
John Diefenbaker Head of State Prime Minister of Canada, 1957-63 18-Sep-1895 16-Aug-1979
William M. Diefenderfer III Government Deputy Director of OMB, 1989-91 03-May-1945 -
Leo Diegel Golf Winner, 1928 and 1929 PGA Championships 27-Apr-1899 08-May-1951
John Diehl Actor Larry Zito on Miami Vice 01-May-1950 -
Anthony Diekema Educator President of Calvin College, 1976-95 03-Dec-1933 -
Otto Diels Chemist Diels-Alder Reaction 23-Jan-1876 07-Mar-1954
Walter Diemer Business Invented bubble gum 08-Jan-1905 08-Jan-1998
Casper Van Dien Actor Watch Over Me 18-Dec-1968 -
Dan Dierdorf Football NFL Hall of Famer, commentator 29-Jun-1949 -
Larry Dierker Baseball Houston Astros Manager, 1997-2001 22-Sep-1946 -
Martin Dies, Jr. Politician Congressman from Texas 05-Nov-1900 14-Nov-1972
Rudolf Diesel Inventor Inventor of the diesel engine 18-Mar-1858 30-Sep-1913
Vin Diesel Actor Riddick from Pitch Black 18-Jul-1967 -
Robert J. Dieter Diplomat US Ambassador to Belize c. 1946 -
William Dieterle Film Director The Hunchback of Notre Dame 15-Jul-1893 08-Dec-1972
Bo Dietl Business Ex-NYPD homicide detective c. 1950 -
Cortland S. Dietler Business CEO of TransMontaigne, 1995-99 19-Sep-1921 10-Jul-2008
Marlene Dietrich Actor The Blue Angel 27-Dec-1901 06-May-1992
Sepp Dietrich Military Nazi general, guilty of war crimes 28-May-1892 22-Apr-1966
Howard Dietz Songwriter MGM songwriter, publicity chief 08-Sep-1896 30-Jul-1983
W. Ronald Dietz Business Former Citicorp VP c. 1943 -
Paul Dietzel Football South Carolina Head Coach, 1966-74 05-Sep-1924 -
Brian Dietzen Actor Jimmy Palmer on NCIS 14-Nov-1977 -
Whitfield Diffie Scientist Invented public key cryptography 05-Jun-1944 -
Anton Diffring Actor Where Eagles Dare 20-Oct-1918 20-May-1989
Donald T. DiFrancesco Politician Governor of New Jersey, 2001-02 1944 -
Ani DiFranco Singer/Songwriter Bisexual folk/punk icon 23-Sep-1970 -
Everard Digby Criminal Gunpowder Plot 16-May-1578 30-Jan-1606
Kenelm Digby Scientist Founding member of the Royal Society 11-Jul-1603 11-Jun-1665
Joseph E. diGenova Government US Attorney, District of Columbia, 1983-88 c. 1945 -
Charles Diggs, Jr. Politician Congressman from Michigan, 1955-80 02-Dec-1922 24-Aug-1998
James C. Diggs Attorney General Counsel, PPG Industries c. 1948 -
Taye Diggs Actor How Stella Got Her Groove Back 02-Jan-1971 -
Edsger Dijkstra Computer Programmer Enemy of the goto statement 11-May-1930 06-Aug-2002
Wim Dik Business PTT Telecom 1939 -
Charles M. Diker Business Diker Management LLC 1934 -
Clarence C. Dill Politician US Senator from Washington, 1923-35 21-Sep-1884 14-Jan-1978
J Dilla Music Producer Hip-hop producer, Donuts 07-Feb-1974 10-Feb-2006
Garret Dillahunt Actor Burt Chance on Raising Hope 24-Nov-1964 -
Stephen Dillane Actor Welcome to Sarajevo 30-Nov-1956 -
Alex Dillard Business President of Dillard's c. 1949 -
Annie Dillard Author Pilgrim at Tinker Creek 30-Oct-1945 -
Harrison Dillard Track and Field Olympic hurdler 08-Jul-1923 -
Mike Dillard Business Dillard's executive c. 1951 -
Victoria Dillard Actor Janelle Cooper on Spin City 20-Sep-1969 -
William Dillard II Business CEO of Dillard's 16-Jun-1945 -
William T. Dillard Business Founder of Dillard's 02-Sep-1914 08-Feb-2002
Barry Diller Business CEO of USA Interactive Corp. 02-Feb-1942 -
James V. Diller Business CEO of PMC-Sierra, 1983-97 c. 1936 -
Phyllis Diller Comic The original female stand-up comic 17-Jul-1917 20-Aug-2012
John Dillinger Criminal Public Enemy Number One 22-Jun-1903 22-Jul-1934
Bradford Dillman Actor Sudden Impact 14-Apr-1930 -
C. Douglas Dillon Government US Treasury Secretary, 1961-65 21-Aug-1909 10-Jan-2003
David B. Dillon Business CEO of Kroger 1951 -
Donald F. Dillon Business Information Technology, Inc. c. 1940 -
Hugh Dillon Actor Ed Lane on Flashpoint 31-May-1963 -
John T. Dillon Business CEO of International Paper, 1996-2003 07-Sep-1938 -
Kevin Dillon Actor Johnny "Drama" on Entourage 19-Aug-1965 -
Matt Dillon Actor Drugstore Cowboy 18-Feb-1964 -
Melinda Dillon Actor A Christmas Story 13-Oct-1939 -
Robert Sherwood Dillon Diplomat US Ambassador to Lebanon, 1981-83 07-Jan-1929 -
Veronica Dillon Attorney Washington Post General Counsel c. 1949 -
Evelyn S. Dilsaver Business Former Schwab executive c. 1956 -
Wilhelm Dilthey Philosopher Methodology of the humanities 19-Nov-1833 01-Oct-1911
Joe DiMaggio Baseball Where have you gone 25-Nov-1914 08-Mar-1999
John DiMaggio Actor Voice of Bender on Futurama 04-Sep-1968 -
Daniel R. DiMicco Business CEO of Nucor c. 1950 -
James Dimon Business CEO of JP Morgan Chase 13-Mar-1956 -
Thomas P. DiNapoli Politician Comptroller, State of New York 10-Feb-1954 -
Daniel Cardinal DiNardo Religion Archbishop of Galveston-Houston 23-May-1949 -
S. S. Van Dine Novelist The Canary Murder Case 15-Oct-1888 11-Apr-1939
Robert E. Dineen, Jr. Attorney Former Partner, Shearman & Sterling 1940 -
Alan Dinehart Actor Born to Dance 03-Oct-1889 17-Jul-1944
Paul Dinello Comic Geoffrey Jellineck on Strangers with Candy 28-Nov-1962 -
John Dingell Politician US Congressman, Michigan 15th 06-Jul-1926 -
Klaus Dinger Drummer Neu!, La Dusseldorf 24-Mar-1946 20-Mar-2008
Larry Miles Dinger Diplomat US Ambassador to Fiji 1946 -
Charles Dingle Actor The Little Foxes 28-Dec-1887 19-Jan-1956
Nelson Dingley, Jr. Politician Congressman from Maine, 1881-99 15-Feb-1832 13-Jan-1899
Viet Dinh Government USA PATRIOT Act mastermind 22-Feb-1968 -
Carol E. Dinkins Attorney Vinson & Elkins 09-Nov-1945 -
David Dinkins Politician Mayor of New York City, 1989-93 10-Jul-1927 -
Peter Dinklage Actor Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones 11-Jun-1969 -
Traci Dinwiddie Actor Dead Heist 22-Dec-1973 -
Ronnie James Dio Singer Black Sabbath and Dio 10-Jul-1942 16-May-2010
Diocletian Royalty Roman Emperor, 284-305 AD 245 AD 316 AD
Diogenes Philosopher Cynic 412 BC 323 BC
Diogenes Laërtius Historian Lives of Philosophers fl. 3rd c. AD fl. 3rd c. AD
Luisa Diogo Head of State Prime Minister of Mozambique 11-Apr-1958 -
Joseph J. DioGuardi Politician Congressman from New York, 1985-89 20-Sep-1940 -
Kara DioGuardi Songwriter Former judge, American Idol 09-Dec-1970 -
Dion Musician Runaround Sue 18-Jul-1939 -
Dion Royalty Tyrant of Syracuse 408 BC 353 BC
Celine Dion Singer Canadian diva 30-Mar-1968 -
Stefano Dionisi Actor Farinelli 01-Oct-1966 -
John M. Dionisio Business CEO of AECOM Technology c. 1949 -
Annette Dionne Victim Canadian quintuplets put on display 28-May-1934 -
Cecile Dionne Victim Canadian quintuplets put on display 28-May-1934 -
E. J. Dionne Journalist The Washington Post 23-Apr-1952 -
Emilie Dionne Victim Canadian quintuplets put on display 28-May-1934 06-Aug-1954
Marcel Dionne Hockey NHL Hall of Famer 03-Aug-1951 -
Marie Dionne Victim Canadian quintuplets put on display 28-May-1934 27-Feb-1970
Yvonne Dionne Victim Canadian quintuplets put on display 28-May-1934 23-Jun-2001
Dionysius Areopagiticus Religion Converted by St. Paul fl. 1st c. AD fl. 1st c. AD
Dionysius Exiguus Religion 6th century chronologer c. 470 AD c. 540 AD
Dionysius Halicarnassus Historian Roman Antiquities fl. 20 BC fl. 20 BC
Dionysius the Elder Royalty Tyrant of Syracuse c. 432 BC 367 BC
Dionysius the Younger Royalty Tyrant of Syracuse 397 BC 343 BC
Dionysius Thrax Scholar Authored first Greek grammar 170 BC 90 BC
Diophantus Mathematician Arithmetica fl. 3rd c. AD fl. 3rd c. AD
Christian Dior Fashion Designer The 1947 New Look 21-Jan-1905 23-Oct-1957
Abdou Diouf Head of State President of Senegal, 1981-2000 07-Sep-1935 -
Nicholas DiPaolo Business CEO of Salant, 1991-97 c. 1942 -
Samuel A. DiPiazza, Jr. Business Vice Chairman, Pricewaterhouse Coopers c. 1951 -
Edward D. DiPrete Politician Governor of Rhode Island, 1985-91 08-Jul-1934 -
Paul Dirac Physicist The Principles of Quantum Mechanics 08-Aug-1902 20-Oct-1984
Dirk Dirksen Business Godfather of San Francisco punk 25-Aug-1937 20-Nov-2006
Everett Dirksen Politician US Senator from Illinois, 1951-69 04-Jan-1896 07-Sep-1969
Mike Dirnt Bassist Bassist for Green Day 04-May-1972 -
Gerald V. Dirvin Business EVP at Procter & Gamble, 1989-94 c. 1937 -
Michael V. DiSalle Politician Governor of Ohio, 1959-63 06-Jan-1908 14-Sep-1981
Bob Dishy Actor Stage actor 1934 -
Roy E. Disney Business Walt Disney's nephew 10-Jan-1930 16-Dec-2009
Roy O. Disney Business Walt Disney's brother 24-Jun-1893 20-Dec-1971
Walt Disney Business Founder of Disney empire 05-Dec-1901 15-Dec-1966
Rocco DiSpirito Chef The Restaurant 19-Nov-1966 -
Benjamin Disraeli Head of State UK Prime Minister, 1874-80 21-Dec-1804 19-Apr-1881
Mike Ditka Football Chicago Bears Head Coach, 1982-92 18-Oct-1939 -
Steve Ditko Cartoonist Drew Spider-Man like nobody else has or can 02-Nov-1927 -
Raymond V. Dittamore Business Former Partner, Ernst & Young c. 1942 -
Beth Ditto Singer The Gossip 1981 -
Janine DiTullio Comic Brendon's mom on Home Movies ? -
Dave Ditzel Engineer Founder of Transmeta c. 1956 -
Teri Diver Pornstar What's Up, Tiger Pussy? 06-Sep-1971 02-Jan-2001
Divine Actor Poodle poop-eating drag queen 19-Oct-1945 07-Mar-1988
Father Divine Religion Founder of the International Peace Mission 1880 1965
Andrew Divoff Actor Wishmaster 02-Jul-1955 -
Dorothea Dix Activist Activist for the insane 04-Apr-1802 17-Jul-1887
John Adams Dix Politician Governor of New York, 1873-75 24-Jul-1798 21-Apr-1879
Otto Dix Painter Expressionist vividly depicted WWI 02-Dec-1891 25-Jul-1969
Richard Dix Actor Cimarron 18-Jul-1893 20-Sep-1949
Madhuri Dixit Actor Devdas 15-May-1967 -
Alan J. Dixon Politician US Senator from Illinois, 1981-93 07-Jul-1927 -
Alesha Dixon Singer R&B singer, formerly in Mis-Teeq 07-Oct-1978 -
Donna Dixon Actor Bosom Buddies, Dan Aykroyd's wife 20-Jul-1957 -
Geoffrey J. Dixon Business CEO of Qantas, 2001-08 c. 1939 -
Ivan Dixon Actor Sgt. Kinchloe on Hogan's Heroes 06-Apr-1931 16-Mar-2008
Jeane Dixon Paranormal High profile astrologer 05-Jan-1918 25-Jan-1997
Jeremiah Dixon Astronomer Mason-Dixon Line 07-Aug-1733 22-Jan-1777
Julian C. Dixon Politician Congressman from California, 1979-2000 08-Aug-1934 08-Dec-2000
Lee Dixon Actor Ready, Willing and Able 22-Jan-1914 08-Jan-1953
Scott Dixon Auto Racing Winner, 2008 Indianapolis 500 22-Jul-1980 -
Sheila Dixon Politician Baltimore Mayor, resigned in disgrace 17-Dec-1953 -
Thomas Dixon Author The Clansman 11-Jan-1864 03-Apr-1946
DJ AM Disc Jockey New York Club DJ 30-Mar-1973 28-Aug-2009
DJ Honda Disc Jockey Japanese-born turntablist ? -
DJ Olive Disc Jockey The Audio Janitor ? -
DJ Premier Disc Jockey Pri-Pri-Pri-Premier, Premier 21-Mar-1966 -
DJ Shadow Disc Jockey Favorite DJ savior 01-Jan-1973 -
DJ Spooky Disc Jockey That Subliminal Kid 1970 -
Assia Djebar Author So Vast the Prison 04-Aug-1936 -
Edward Djerejian Diplomat US Ambassador to Israel, 1994 06-Mar-1939 -
Milovan Djilas Government Yugoslavian revolutionary 12-Jun-1911 20-Apr-1995
Novak Djokovic Tennis Winner, 2008 Australian Open 22-May-1987 -
Djoser Government Second Pharaoh, Third Egyptian Dynasty fl. 27th Century BC c. 2649 BC
Charles K. Djou Politician Congressman from Hawaii, 2010-11 09-Aug-1970 -
DMX Rapper What's My Name? 18-Dec-1970 -
Edward Dmytryk Film Director The Caine Mutiny 04-Sep-1908 01-Jul-1999
William N. Doak Government US Secretary of Labor, 1930-33 12-Dec-1882 23-Oct-1933
Herbert D. Doan Business CEO of Dow Chemical, 1962-71 05-Sep-1922 16-May-2006
Lurita Alexis Doan Government General Services Administration 04-Jan-1958 -
James F. Dobbins Diplomat US Ambassador to the EU, 1991-93 31-May-1942 -
Lou Dobbs TV Personality CNN anchor, Lou Dobbs Tonight 24-Sep-1945 -
Alfred Döblin Novelist Berlin Alexanderplatz 10-Aug-1878 26-Jun-1957
Nina Dobrev Actor Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries 09-Jan-1989 -
Anatoly Dobrynin Diplomat Soviet Ambassador to the US, 1962-86 19-Nov-1919 06-Apr-2010
James Dobson Radio Personality Focus on the Family 21-Apr-1936 -
Julie A. Dobson Business Former Bell Atlantic executive c. 1956 -
Kevin Dobson Actor Det. Crocker on Kojak 18-Mar-1943 -
Peter Dobson Actor Nowhere Land 16-Jul-1964 -
Tom Dobson Business CEO of Whataburger ? -
Vernon Dobtcheff Actor Priceless 14-Aug-1934 -
Larry Doby Baseball First African-American in AL 13-Dec-1923 18-Jun-2003
T. G. Dobzhansky Scientist Genetics and the Origin of Species 25-Jan-1900 18-Dec-1975
Alphonse Dochez Doctor Scarlet fever, pneumonia, common cold 21-Apr-1882 30-Jun-1964
Michelle Dockery Actor Lady Mary Crawley on Downton Abbey 15-Dec-1981 -
George Docking Politician Governor of Kansas, 1957-61 23-Feb-1904 20-Jan-1964
Robert Docking Politician Governor of Kansas, 1967-75 09-Oct-1925 08-Oct-1983
Jan L. Docter Business CFO of Getronics NV, 1998-2003 c. 1950 -
Cory Doctorow Blogger Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom 17-Jul-1971 -
E. L. Doctorow Author The Book of Daniel 06-Jan-1931 -
Carol Doda Performance Artist Stripper at San Francisco's Condor Club 29-Aug-1937 -
Bobby Dodd Football Georgia Tech Head Coach, 1945-67 11-Nov-1908 21-Jun-1988
Chris Dodd Politician US Senator from Connecticut, 1981-2011 27-May-1944 -
Claire Dodd Actor Footlight Parade 29-Dec-1908 23-Nov-1973
Jimmie Dodd Talk Show Host Winsome Mickey Mouse Club host 28-Mar-1910 10-Nov-1964
Ken Dodd Comic British comedian, ventriloquist 08-Nov-1927 -
Thomas J. Dodd Politician US Senator from Connecticut, 1958-71 15-May-1907 24-May-1971
William E. Dodd Diplomat US Ambassador to Nazi Germany 27-Oct-1869 09-Feb-1940
E. C. Dodds Scientist Diethylstilbestrol 13-Oct-1899 16-Dec-1973
Harold W. Dodds Educator President, Princeton University, 1932-57 28-Jun-1889 25-Oct-1980
Cleveland H. Dodge Business Woodrow Wilson's financier and advisor 1860 1926
Mary Mapes Dodge Editor Editor of St. Nicholas, 1873-1905 26-Jan-1831 21-Aug-1905
Betty Dodson Author Sex for One 24-Aug-1929 -
Jack Dodson Actor The Andy Griffith Show 16-May-1931 16-Sep-1994
John Doe Musician X 25-Feb-1954 -
Samuel Doe Head of State President of Liberia, 1980-90 06-May-1951 09-Sep-1990
Karl Doenitz Military U-Boat admiral 16-Sep-1891 02-Dec-1980
Ronald J. Doerfler Business CFO of Hearst c. 1942 -
Anthony Doerr Author The Shell Collector 1973 -
John Doerr Business Silicon Valley venture capitalist 29-Jun-1951 -
Nate Dogg Singer G-funk singer 19-Aug-1969 15-Mar-2011
Snoop Dogg Rapper Sippin' on gin, juice 20-Oct-1971 -
Lloyd Doggett Politician Congressman, Texas 25th 06-Oct-1946 -
Denny Doherty Singer The Mamas and the Papas 29-Nov-1940 19-Jan-2007
Pete Doherty Musician Ex-frontman for The Libertines 12-Mar-1979 -
Peter C. Doherty Scientist T-cells and antigens 15-Oct-1940 -
Shannen Doherty Actor Brenda Walsh on Beverly Hills 90210 12-Apr-1971 -
Ernst von Dohnányi Composer Opus 25 27-Jul-1877 09-Feb-1960
Jason Dohring Actor Logan Echolls on Veronica Mars 30-Mar-1982 -
Bernardine Dohrn Activist Weather Underground leader 12-Jan-1942 -
Lexa Doig Actor Andromeda 08-Jun-1973 -
Edward A. Doisy Scientist Chemical structure of Vitamin K 03-Nov-1893 23-Oct-1986
Don Dokken Singer Lead singer of Dokken 29-Jun-1953 -
Anthony R. Dolan Government President Reagan's chief speechwriter 07-Jul-1948 -
Charles F. Dolan Business CEO of Cablevision, 1985-95 16-Oct-1926 -
James L. Dolan Business CEO of Cablevision 1956 -
Janet M. Dolan Business Tennant Company c. 1950 -
Michael J. Dolan Business CEO of Young & Rubicam, 2001-03 c. 1947 -
Michael J. Dolan Business Senior VP at Exxon Mobil c. 1953 -
Patrick F. Dolan Business President, News 12 Networks c. 1952 -
Peter R. Dolan Business CEO of Bristol-Myers Squibb, 2001-06 06-Jan-1956 -
Terry Dolan Activist Conservative activist 1950 28-Dec-1986
Thomas C. Dolan Business EVP at Cablevision c. 1953 -
Timothy M. Dolan Religion Catholic Archbishop of New York 06-Feb-1950 -
Edward C. Dolby Business Former Carolinas President, Bank of America c. 1945 -
Ray Milton Dolby Inventor Inventor of Dolby stereo 18-Jan-1933 -
Thomas Dolby Musician She Blinded Me With Science 14-Oct-1958 -
Robert Dold Politician Congressman, Illinois 10th 23-Jun-1969 -
Bob Dole Politician US Senator from Kansas, 1969-96 22-Jul-1923 -
Burton A. Dole, Jr. Business CEO of Puritan Bennett, 1980-95 c. 1938 -
Elizabeth Dole Politician US Senator from North Carolina, 2003-09 29-Jul-1936 -
Sanford Ballard Dole Politician Governor of Hawaii, 1900-03 23-Apr-1844 09-Jun-1926
Ami Dolenz Actor She's Out of Control 08-Jan-1969 -
Micky Dolenz Actor Drummer for The Monkees 08-Mar-1945 -
Dixon R. Doll Business Doll Capital Management c. 1942 -
Robert C. Doll Business Vice Chairman of Blackrock c. 1955 -
Creflo Dollar Religion World Changers Church International c. 1962 -
Robert Dollar Business Grand Old Man of the Pacific 20-Mar-1844 16-May-1932
Jason Dolley Actor PJ Duncan on Good Luck Charlie 05-Jul-1991 -
Engelbert Dollfuss Head of State Austrian Chancellor murdered by Nazis 04-Oct-1892 25-Jul-1934
John Dollond Physicist Invented achromatic lenses 10-Jun-1706 30-Nov-1761
Dolly the sheep Oddity World's first cloned mammal 05-Jul-1996 14-Feb-2003
Lynn G. Dolnick Naturalist National Zoological Park c. 1951 -
Eric Dolphy Jazz Musician Jazz saxophonist, clarinetist 20-Jun-1928 29-Jun-1964
Gerhard Domagk Scientist Sulfa drugs for strep, stapf infections 30-Oct-1895 24-Apr-1964
John Doman Actor Ad exec turned prolific character actor 09-Jan-1945 -
Arielle Dombasle Actor Pauline at the Beach 27-Apr-1955 -
Domenichino Painter Baroque Italian painter 21-Oct-1581 06-Apr-1641
Pete Domenici Politician US Senator from New Mexico, 1973-2009 07-May-1932 -
Faith Domergue Actor Where Danger Lives 16-Jun-1924 04-Apr-1999
Placido Domingo Singer Tenorissimo! 21-Jan-1941 -
Cari M. Dominguez Government Chairman of the EEOC, 2001-06 08-Mar-1949 -
Michael J. Dominguez Business Providence Equity Partners c. 1970 -
St. Dominic Religion Founder of the Dominican Order 1170 06-Aug-1221
Fats Domino Singer/Songwriter Ain't That A Shame 26-Feb-1928 -
Domitian Royalty Roman Emperor, 81-96 AD 24-Oct-51 AD 18-Sep-96 AD
Don John of Austria Royalty Defeated Turks at Lepanto 24-Feb-1547 01-Oct-1578
Don John the Younger Royalty Illegitimate son of Philip IV 1629 16-Sep-1679
A. Victor Donahey Politician Governor of Ohio, 1923-29 07-Jul-1873 08-Apr-1946
John Donahoe Business CEO of eBay c. 1960 -
Douglas A. Donahue, Jr. Business Managing Partner, Brown Brothers Harriman c. 1951 -
Elinor Donahue Actor Father Knows Best 19-Apr-1937 -
Heather Donahue Actor The Blair Witch Project 22-Dec-1974 -
Michael J. Donahue Business COO of Bearingpoint, 2000-05 c. 1958 -
Phil Donahue Talk Show Host The Phil Donahue Show 21-Dec-1935 -
Terry Donahue Football UCLA Head Coach, 1976-95 24-Jun-1944 -
Timothy M. Donahue Business CEO of Nextel, 1999-2005 1949 -
Troy Donahue Actor A Summer Place 27-Jan-1936 02-Sep-2001
Arnold W. Donald Business CEO of Merisant, 2000-03 c. 1955 -
James Donald Actor Third Man on the Mountain 18-May-1917 03-Aug-1993
Jim Donald Business President and CEO of Starbucks ? -
Odie C. Donald Business President of DirecTV, 2000-01 c. 1949 -
Bill Donaldson Government SEC Chairman, 2003-05 02-Jun-1931 -
Mary Elizabeth Donaldson Royalty Future Queen of Denmark 05-Feb-1972 -
Roger Donaldson Film Director Dante's Peak 15-Nov-1945 -
Sam Donaldson Journalist ABC newscaster, sheep rancher 11-Mar-1934 -
Stephen R. Donaldson Author Author of the Thomas Covenant series 13-May-1947 -
Walter Donaldson Songwriter Yes, Sir, That's My Baby 15-Feb-1893 15-Jul-1947
Robert Donat Actor Goodbye, Mr. Chips 18-Mar-1905 09-Jun-1958
Frank Donatelli Activist McGuireWoods Consulting 04-Jul-1949 -
Donatello Sculptor Italian Renaissance sculptor 1386 13-Dec-1466
Robert J. Donato Business Former UBS, PaineWebber executive c. 1940 -
Mark Donegan Business CEO of Precision Castparts c. 1956 -
Patrick F. Donelan Business Dresdner Kleinwort c. 1942 -
Tanya Donelly Musician Throwing Muses, Belly, solo artist 14-Jul-1966 -
Stanley Donen Film Director Singin' in the Rain 13-Apr-1924 -
Lee Dong-Won Politician Foreign Minister of South Korea, 1964-66 1926 18-Nov-2006
Marion Dönhoff Journalist Die Zeit 02-Dec-1909 11-Mar-2002
Thomas E. Donilon Government US National Security Advisor c. 1955 -
Gaetano Donizetti Composer Lucia di Lammermoor 29-Nov-1797 08-Apr-1848
J. P. Donleavy Novelist The Ginger Man 23-Apr-1926 -
Brian Donlevy Actor The Great McGinty 09-Feb-1901 05-Apr-1972
Michael B. Donley Military Acting Secretary, US Air Force 04-Oct-1952 -
John Donne Poet Anniversaries 1572 31-Mar-1631
Forrest C. Donnell Politician Governor and Senator from Missouri 20-Aug-1884 03-Mar-1980
Lloyd H. Donnell Engineer Donnell's thin shell theory 20-May-1895 07-Nov-1997
Brian J. Donnelly Politician Congressman from Massachusetts, 1979-93 02-Mar-1946 -
Ignatius Donnelly Author Atlantis, the Antediluvian World 03-Nov-1831 01-Jan-1901
Joe Donnelly Politician Congressman, Indiana 2nd 28-Sep-1955 -
Phil M. Donnelly Politician Twice Governor of Missouri 16-Mar-1891 12-Sep-1961
Richard M. Donnelly Business Former President, GM Europe c. 1942 -
Ruth Donnelly Actor A Slight Case of Murder 17-May-1896 17-Nov-1982
Shaun E. Donnelly Diplomat US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, 1997-2000 ? -
Timothy Donnelly Poet Twenty-Seven Props 1969 -
Clive Donner Film Director What's New, Pussycat 21-Jan-1926 07-Sep-2010
Richard Donner Film Director Superman 24-Apr-1930 -
Robert Donner Actor Exidor on Mork and Mindy 27-Apr-1931 08-Jun-2006
Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck Film Director The Lives of Others 02-May-1973 -
Nicholas M. Donofrio Business EVP at IBM 07-Sep-1945 -
Vincent D'Onofrio Actor Star of Law & Order: Criminal Intent 30-Jun-1959 -
Amanda Donohoe Actor Castaway 29-Jun-1962 -
Craig S. Donohue Business CEO of Chicago Mercantile Exchange c. 1961 -
Peter M. Donohue Educator President, Villanova University c. 1953 -
Thomas J. Donohue Business US Chamber of Commerce 1938 -
William Donohue Activist Catholic League president 18-Jul-1947 -
Donovan Singer/Songwriter Mad about saffron 10-May-1946 -
Art Donovan Football Baltimore Colts defensive tackle 05-Jun-1925 -
Billy Donovan Basketball Head Coach, Florida Gators 30-May-1965 -
Elisa Donovan Actor Clueless 03-Feb-1971 -
Jason Donovan Singer Australian singer/actor, MDA 01-Jun-1968 -
Jeffrey Donovan Actor Michael Westen on Burn Notice 11-May-1968 -
King Donovan Actor Character actor husband of Imogene Coca 25-Jan-1918 30-Jun-1987
Landon Donovan Soccer Forward, Los Angeles Galaxy 04-Mar-1982 -
Martin Donovan Actor The Portrait of a Lady 19-Aug-1957 -
Raymond J. Donovan Politician US Secretary of Labor, 1981-85 31-Aug-1930 -
Shaun Donovan Government US Secretary of HUD 24-Jan-1966 -
Tate Donovan Actor Jimmy Cooper on The O.C. 25-Sep-1963 -
Wild Bill Donovan Government Founded the OSS 01-Jan-1883 08-Feb-1959
Steve Doocy Journalist Fox & Friends 19-Oct-1956 -
Alison Doody Actor Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 11-Nov-1966 -
James Doohan Actor Scotty on Star Trek 03-Mar-1920 20-Jul-2005
Victor H. Doolan Business CEO of Volvo North America, 2002-05 07-Nov-1940 -
Cal Dooley Politician Congressman from California, 1991-2005 11-Jan-1954 -
Jim Dooley Football Chicago Bears Head Coach, 1968-71 08-Feb-1930 08-Jan-2008
Paul Dooley Actor Grace Under Fire 22-Feb-1928 -
Taylor Dooley Actor Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl 26-Feb-1993 -
Thomas E. Dooley Business CFO of Viacom c. 1957 -
Tom Dooley Activist Deliver Us from Evil 17-Jan-1927 18-Jan-1961
Vince Dooley Football Georgia Bulldogs Head Coach, 1964-88 04-Sep-1932 -
Ducky DooLittle Author Crackpot sexologist 03-Jun-1970 -
James Doolittle Aviator Doolittle Raid against Tokyo in 1942 14-Dec-1896 27-Sep-1993
John Doolittle Politician Congressman from California, 1991-2009 30-Oct-1950 -
Julie Doolittle Relative Wife of Congressman John Doolittle ? -
Melinda Doolittle Singer American Idol 01-Dec-1977 -
MF Doom Rapper Rapper of many masks 09-Jan-1971 -
Shaggy 2 Dope Rapper Half of Insane Clown Posse 14-Oct-1974 -
Mathias Döpfner Business CEO of Axel Springer AG 15-Jan-1963 -
Christian Doppler Physicist Discovered the Doppler Effect 29-Nov-1803 17-Mar-1853
Robert DoQui Actor Sgt. Reed in Robocop 20-Apr-1934 09-Feb-2008
Ann Doran Actor Rio Grande 28-Jul-1911 19-Sep-2000
Walter F. Doran Military C-in-C, US Pacific Fleet, 2002-05 15-Oct-1945 -
Antal Doráti Conductor Conductor, Minneapolis Symphony, 1949-60 09-Apr-1906 13-Nov-1988
Gustave Doré Engraver Book illustrator on steelplate 06-Jan-1832 23-Jan-1883
Stephen Dorff Actor Blade 29-Jul-1973 -
Richard Dorfmeister Electronic Musician Kruder and Dorfmeister ? -
Byron Dorgan Politician US Senator from North Dakota 14-May-1942 -
Andrea Doria Military Genoese condottiere admiral 30-Nov-1466 25-Nov-1560
Joel Dorius Educator Professor fired for gay porn arrest 04-Jan-1919 14-Feb-2006
Françoise Dorléac Actor Cul-de-sac 21-Mar-1942 26-Jun-1967
David W. Dorman Business CEO of AT&T, 2002-06 1954 -
Jürgen Dormann Business Chairman of ABB 12-Jan-1940 -
Natalie Dormer Actor Anne Boleyn on The Tudors 11-Feb-1982 -
Michael Dorn Actor Worf on Star Trek: TNG 09-Dec-1952 -
Philip Dorn Actor Random Harvest 30-Sep-1901 09-May-1975
William J. B. Dorn Politician Congressman from South Carolina, 1947-74 14-Apr-1916 13-Aug-2005
Bob Dornan Politician Congressman from California, 1977-97 03-Apr-1933 -
K. Terry Dornbush Business US Ambassador to the Netherlands, 1994-98 1933 -
Robert Dornhelm Film Director Anne Frank: The Whole Story 17-Dec-1947 -
Bennett Dorrance Business Campbell Soup scion 1947 -
John T. Dorrance Business Invented condensed soup 11-Nov-1873 21-Sep-1930
Karl Dorrell Football UCLA Head Football Coach, 2003-07 18-Dec-1963 -
Nadine Dorries Politician British MP, Mid Bedfordshire 21-May-1957 -
Diana Dors Actor Yield to the Night 23-Oct-1931 04-May-1984
Caroline Dorsa Business CFO of Gilead Sciences 1959 -
Tony Dorsett Football Dallas Cowboys RB 07-Apr-1954 -
Gail Ann Dorsey Bassist Bowie bassist and solo artist 20-Nov-1962 -
Hugh M. Dorsey Politician Governor of Georgia, 1917-21 10-Jul-1871 11-Jun-1948
Jimmy Dorsey Musician Popular bandleader and swing musician 29-Feb-1904 12-Jun-1957
Thomas A. Dorsey Musician The father of gospel music 01-Jul-1899 23-Jan-1993
Tommy Dorsey Musician Popular bandleader 19-Nov-1905 26-Nov-1956
José Eduardo dos Santos Head of State President of Angola 28-Aug-1942 -
T. Michael Dossey Business Former Shell Oil executive c. 1942 -
Fyodor Dostoevsky Novelist Crime and Punishment 30-Oct-1821 28-Jan-1881
Mary C. Doswell Business Senior VP at Dominion Resources c. 1958 -
James L. Doti Educator President of Chapman University 26-Sep-1946 -
John L. Dotson, Jr. Publisher Akron Beacon Journal publisher, 1992-2001 ? -
Abner Doubleday Military Didn't invent baseball 26-Jun-1819 26-Jan-1893
Frank Doubleday Business Publisher 08-Jan-1862 30-Jan-1934
Julie Doucet Cartoonist Dirty Plotte 31-Dec-1965 -
Doug E. Doug Actor Griffin Vesey on Cosby 07-Jan-1970 -
Diana Lady Dougan Diplomat Former US Ambassador 13-Jan-1943 -
Brian Dougans Electronic Musician The Future Sound of London 1968 -
Jon Dough Pornstar Pornstar with split-stream ejaculations 12-Nov-1962 27-Aug-2006
David F. Dougherty Business CEO of Convergys c. 1956 -
Chuck Douglas Politician Congressman from New Hampshire, 1989-91 02-Dec-1942 -
Donald W. Douglas Business Founder of Douglas Aircraft Co. 06-Apr-1892 01-Feb-1981
Donna Douglas Actor Elly May on The Beverly Hillbillies 26-Sep-1933 -
Gabby Douglas Gymnastics Olympic gymnast 31-Dec-1995 -
George Douglas Novelist The House With the Green Shutters 26-Jan-1869 28-Aug-1902
Gordon Douglas Film Director Them! 15-Dec-1907 29-Sep-1993
Illeana Douglas Actor Grace of My Heart 25-Jul-1965 -
James Douglas Politician Governor of Vermont, 2003-11 21-Jun-1951 -
Kirk Douglas Actor Spartacus 09-Dec-1916 -
Kyan Douglas TV Personality Grooming Queer Eye guy 05-May-1970 -
Lewis W. Douglas Politician US Ambassador to the UK, 1947-50 02-Jul-1894 07-Mar-1974
Lewis W. Douglas, Jr. Business Christiana Oil Corporation c. 1925 -
Melvyn Douglas Actor Being There 05-Apr-1901 04-Aug-1981
Michael Douglas Actor Wall Street 25-Sep-1944 -
Mike Douglas Talk Show Host The Mike Douglas Show 11-Aug-1925 11-Aug-2006
Paul Douglas Actor Angels in the Outfield 11-Apr-1907 11-Sep-1959
Paul H. Douglas Politician US Senator from Illinois, 1949-67 26-Mar-1892 24-Sep-1976
Paul W. Douglas Business CEO of Freeport Minerals, 1975-81 12-Sep-1926 -
Richard W. Douglas Business The Staubach Company c. 1947 -
Robert Douglas Actor Homicide 09-Nov-1909 11-Jan-1999
Sarah Douglas Actor Pamela Lynch on Falcon Crest 12-Dec-1952 -
Shirley Douglas Actor May Bailey on Wind at My Back 02-Apr-1934 -
Stephen A. Douglas Politician US Senator, debated Lincoln 23-Apr-1813 03-Jun-1861
Suzzanne Douglas Actor Jeri Peterson on The Parent Hood 12-Apr-1957 -
William O. Douglas Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1939-75 16-Oct-1898 19-Jan-1980
Alec Douglas-Home Head of State UK Prime Minister, 1963-64 02-Jul-1903 09-Oct-1995
Frederick Douglass Activist Anti-slavery activist and autobiographer Feb-1817 20-Feb-1895
Linda Douglass Journalist Former journalist, Obama spokeswoman ? -
Robert R. Douglass Attorney Vice Chairman of Chase Manhattan, 1985-93 16-Oct-1931 -
Truman B. Douglass Religion United Church of Christ 15-Jul-1901 27-May-1969
Giulio Douhet Military Father of strategic air power 30-May-1869 15-Feb-1930
Gary Dourdan Actor Warrick Brown on CSI 11-Dec-1966 -
Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri Government Saddam Hussein's number 2 01-Jul-1942 12-Nov-2005
Brad Dourif Actor Billy Bibbit in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest 18-Mar-1950 -
Ross Douthat Columnist New York Times columnist 28-Nov-1979 -
Jean Douville Business Chairman of UAP, Inc. c. 1943 -
Billie Dove Actor The Black Pirate 14-May-1903 31-Dec-1997
Rita Dove Poet 7th US Poet Laureate, 1993-95 28-Aug-1952 -
Kenneth Dover Scholar Greek Homosexuality 11-Mar-1920 07-Mar-2010
Charles Dow Journalist Dow of Dow Jones 05-Nov-1851 04-Dec-1902
Ellen Albertini Dow Actor Rapping Granny in The Wedding Singer 16-Nov-1918 -
Harold Dow Journalist 48 Hours 28-Sep-1947 21-Aug-2010
Herbert Dow Business Founder of Dow Chemical 26-Feb-1866 15-Oct-1930
Peggy Dow Actor Harvey 18-Mar-1928 -
Tony Dow Actor Wally on Leave It to Beaver 13-Apr-1945 -
Jeff Dowd Film/TV Producer The Dude 20-Nov-1949 -
Matthew Dowd Government Bush/Cheney Chief Campaign Strategist c. 1962 -
Maureen Dowd Columnist New York Times columnist 14-Jan-1952 -
Wayne Dowdy Politician Congressman from Mississippi, 1981-89 27-Jul-1943 -
Suraj ud Dowlah Royalty Black Hole of Calcutta 1728 04-Jul-1757
John Dowland Composer Lachrimae, Lutenist c. 1562 21-Jan-1626
Boyd Dowler Football Former Green Bay Packers WR 18-Nov-1937 -
Doris Dowling Actor The Lost Weekend 15-May-1923 18-Jun-2004
Walter C. Dowling Diplomat US Ambassador to Germany, 1959-63 04-Aug-1905 1977
John Langdon Down Doctor Down's syndrome 18-Nov-1828 07-Oct-1896
Lesley-Anne Down Actor The Bold and the Beautiful 17-Mar-1954 -
Alexander Downer Government Foreign Minister of Australia, 1996-2007 09-Sep-1951 -
Geoff Downes Musician Keyboardist for The Buggles and Asia 25-Aug-1952 -
Morton Downey, Jr. Talk Show Host Mort the Mouth 09-Dec-1933 12-Mar-2001
Robert Downey, Jr. Actor The Gingerbread Man 04-Apr-1965 -
Robert Downey, Sr. Film Director Greaser's Palace 24-Jun-1936 -
Roma Downey Actor Monica in Touched by an Angel 06-May-1960 -
Sheridan Downey Politician US Senator from California, 1939-50 11-Mar-1884 25-Oct-1961
Thomas J. Downey Politician Congressman from New York, 1975-93 28-Jan-1949 -
Hugh Downs Journalist 20/20 14-Feb-1921 -
Ernest Dowson Poet English Decadent poet 02-Aug-1867 23-Feb-1900
Arthur Conan Doyle Novelist Creator of Sherlock Holmes 22-May-1859 07-Jul-1930
David Doyle Actor Bosley on Charlie's Angels 01-Dec-1929 26-Feb-1997
Francis A. Doyle Business Connell Limited Partnership c. 1948 -
Jerry Doyle Actor Michael Garibaldi on Babylon 5 16-Jul-1956 -
Jim Doyle Politician Governor of Wisconsin, 2003-11 23-Nov-1945 -
Joseph T. Doyle Business CFO of Foster Wheeler, 2002-03 c. 1947 -
Mike Doyle Politician Congressman, Pennsylvania 14th 05-Aug-1953 -
Noreen Doyle Business European Bank for Reconstruction and Development 1949 -
Patti Solis Doyle Government Hillary Clinton campaign strategist ? -
Roddy Doyle Novelist The Commitments 1958 -
Brian Doyle-Murray Comic SNL 31-Oct-1945 -
Kimberly Dozier Journalist CBS Correspondent, injured in Iraq 06-Jul-1966 -
Margaret Drabble Novelist The Millstone 05-Jun-1939 -
Mario Draghi Business President, European Central Bank 03-Sep-1947 -
Billy Drago Actor The Untouchables 18-Sep-1949 -
Eleonora Rossi Drago Actor Violent Summer 23-Sep-1925 02-Dec-2007
Daryl Dragon Musician The Captain and Tennille 27-Aug-1942 -
Drake Rapper I'm On One 24-Oct-1986 -
Alfred Drake Actor Broadway actor, Kismet 07-Oct-1914 25-Jul-1992
Betsy Drake Actor Every Girl Should Be Married 11-Sep-1923 -
Charles Drake Actor You Never Can Tell 02-Oct-1917 10-Sep-1994
Dona Drake Actor Road to Morocco 15-Nov-1914 20-Jun-1989
Ervin Drake Songwriter It Was a Very Good Year 03-Apr-1919 -
Frances Drake Actor WWII pinup girl, also actress 22-Oct-1912 18-Jan-2000
Sir Francis Drake Explorer Defeated Spanish Armada c. 1540 28-Jan-1596
Larry Drake Actor Benny Stulwicz on LA Law 21-Feb-1950 -
Nick Drake Singer/Songwriter Pink Moon 19-Jun-1948 25-Nov-1974
Thelma Drake Politician Congresswoman from Virginia, 2005-09 20-Nov-1949 -
Tom Drake Actor Meet Me In St. Louis 05-Aug-1918 11-Aug-1982
Wiley Drake Religion Buena Park, California pastor c. 1944 -
E. Linn Draper, Jr. Business CEO, American Electric Power, 1993-2003 06-Feb-1942 -
Henry Draper Astronomer Early astrophotographer 07-Mar-1837 20-Nov-1882
John William Draper Chemist Radiant energy and portrait photography 05-May-1811 04-Jan-1882
Polly Draper Actor Ellyn Warren on thirtysomething 15-Jun-1955 -
Rachel Dratch Actor Saturday Night Live 22-Feb-1966 -
Michael Drayton Poet Poly-Olbion 1563 23-Dec-1631
Dr. Dre Music Producer Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang 18-Feb-1965 -
Mac Dre Rapper Vallejo Rapper 05-Jul-1970 01-Nov-2004
David Dreier Politician Congressman, California 26th 05-Jul-1952 -
R. Chad Dreier Business CEO of Ryland Homes c. 1948 -
Theodore Dreiser Novelist An American Tragedy 27-Aug-1871 28-Dec-1945
Sidney D. Drell Physicist In the Shadow of the Bomb 13-Sep-1926 -
Frank M. Drendel Business CEO of CommScope c. 1948 -
Fran Drescher Actor The Nanny 30-Sep-1957 -
Paul Dresser Songwriter My Gal Sal 21-Apr-1857 30-Jan-1906
Marie Dressler Actor Min and Bill 02-Nov-1868 28-Jul-1934
Dr. Drew Radio Personality Loveline 04-Sep-1958 -
Charles Drew Doctor First to separate blood plasma 03-Jun-1904 01-Apr-1950
Elizabeth Drew Journalist The New Yorker 16-Nov-1935 -
Ellen Drew Actor If I Were King 23-Nov-1915 03-Dec-2003
Ernest H. Drew Business Former Hoechst executive c. 1936 -
J. D. Drew Baseball Boston Red Sox 20-Nov-1975 -
Patrick H. Drewry Politician Congressman from Virginia, 1920-47 24-May-1875 21-Dec-1947
Clyde Drexler Basketball NBA Hall of Famer 22-Jun-1962 -
K. Eric Drexler Scientist Nanotechnology primer Engines of Creation 25-Apr-1955 -
Millard Drexler Business CEO of J. Crew c. 1944 -
Carl Theodor Dreyer Film Director Greatest Danish film director 03-Feb-1889 20-Mar-1968
Alfred Dreyfus Victim Dreyfus Affair scapegoat 09-Oct-1859 12-Jul-1935
Jean-Claude Dreyfus Actor Delicatessen 18-Feb-1946 -
Lee S. Dreyfus Politician Governor of Wisconsin, 1979-83 20-Jun-1926 02-Jan-2008
Henry Dreyfuss Inventor Product designer, human factors engineer 02-Mar-1904 05-Oct-1972
Richard Dreyfuss Actor Close Encounters of the Third Kind 29-Oct-1947 -
Steve Driehaus Politician Congressman from Ohio, 2009-11 24-Jun-1966 -
Robert Drinan Politician Jesuit priest, Massachusetts Congressman 15-Nov-1920 28-Jan-2007
Bobby Driscoll Actor Child actor, succumbed to drugs 03-Mar-1937 30-Mar-1968
Paddy Driscoll Football NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback, Halfback 11-Jan-1895 28-Jun-1968
Robert Drivas Actor Bad Habits 21-Nov-1938 29-Jun-1986
Walter W. Driver, Jr. Attorney Chairman Southeast, Goldman Sachs c. 1946 -
Donald Driver Football Green Bay Packers WR 02-Feb-1975 -
Minnie Driver Actor Good Will Hunting 31-Jan-1970 -
Young Dro Rapper Best Thang Smokin' 15-Jan-1979 -
John G. Drosdick Business CEO of Sunoco 09-Aug-1943 -
Michael Drosnin Journalist The Bible Code c. 1944 -
Steven Drozd Drummer Drummer for The Flaming Lips 11-Jun-1969 -
William M. Drozdiak Journalist American Council on Germany c. 1949 -
Joanne Dru Actor She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 31-Jan-1922 10-Sep-1996
Daniel C. Drucker Engineer Drucker's stability postulate 1918 25-Aug-2001
Mort Drucker Cartoonist Mad Magazine illustrator 29-Mar-1929 -
Myra R. Drucker Business Former Chief Investment Officer, GM Trust Bank c. 1948 -
Peter Drucker Business Management guru 19-Nov-1909 11-Nov-2005
Matt Drudge Blogger The Drudge Report 27-Oct-1966 -
Kevin Drum Blogger Washington Monthly's Political Animal 19-Oct-1958 -
Don Drummond Musician The Skatalites 12-Mar-1932 06-May-1969
Jere A. Drummond Business Vice Chairman of Bellsouth, 2000-01 23-Jul-1939 -
Everett F. Drumright Diplomat US Ambassador to Taiwan, 1958-62 15-Sep-1906 24-Apr-1993
Allen Drury Novelist Advise and Consent 02-Sep-1918 02-Sep-1998
David J. Drury Business Poblocki & Sons c. 1948 -
James Drury Actor The Virginian 18-Apr-1934 -
Robert Druskin Business CFO of Shearson Lehman Brothers, 1984-91 c. 1947 -
Ann Druyan Author Co-wrote Cosmos with husband Carl Sagan 13-Jun-1949 -
John Dryden Poet Absalom and Achitophel 19-Aug-1631 01-May-1700
Ken Dryden Hockey NHL Hall of Famer, Canadian MP 08-Aug-1947 -
Spencer Dryden Drummer Jefferson Airplane drummer 07-Apr-1938 11-Jan-2005
Fred Dryer Actor Hunter 06-Jul-1946 -
Orvil Dryfoos Publisher New York Times Publisher, 1961-63 08-Nov-1912 26-May-1963
Don Drysdale Baseball Dodgers pitcher, 1962 Cy Young Award winner 23-Jul-1936 03-Jul-1993
W. E. B. Du Bois Sociologist Civil rights activist 23-Feb-1868 27-Aug-1963
John E. du Pont Criminal Lunatic, murdered wrestler David Schultz 22-Nov-1938 09-Dec-2010
Pete du Pont Politician Governor of Delaware, 1977-85 22-Jan-1935 -
Jacqueline du Pré Cellist Cellist 26-Jan-1945 19-Oct-1987
William J. Duane Attorney US Secretary of the Treasury, 1833 09-May-1780 27-Sep-1865
José Napoleón Duarte Head of State President of El Salvador, 1984-89 23-Nov-1925 23-Feb-1990
Don Dubbins Actor The D.I. 28-Jun-1928 17-Aug-1991
Alexander Dubcek Head of State Leader of Czechoslovakia, 1968-69 27-Nov-1921 07-Nov-1992
Lucky Dube Singer South African reggae star 03-Aug-1964 18-Oct-2007
Ken Duberstein Government Reagan's Chief of Staff, 1988-89 21-Apr-1944 -
Brian Dubie Politician Lt. Governor of Vermont 09-Mar-1959 -
Al Dubin Songwriter Lullaby of Broadway 10-Jun-1891 11-Feb-1945
Joel F. Dubina Judge 11th Circuit Court of Appeals 26-Oct-1947 -
Dina Dublon Business CFO of JP Morgan Chase, 1998-2004 1953 -
Ja'net DuBois Actor Willona Woods on Good Times 05-Aug-1945 -
Marie Dubois Actor La Menace 12-Jan-1937 -
Lou Dubose Journalist Editor, The Texas Observer, 1987-99 16-Apr-1949 -
Craig A. Dubow Business CEO of Gannett 26-Oct-1954 -
Kevin DuBrow Singer Lead singer, Quiet Riot 29-Oct-1955 25-Nov-2007
Adolph Dubs Diplomat US Ambassador to Afghanistan, 1978-79 04-Aug-1920 14-Feb-1979
Leatrice Ducat Business National Disease Research Interchange c. 1932 -
Duccio di Buoninsegna Painter Founder of the Sienese school c. 1260 c. 1318
Gilles Duceppe Politician Leader, Bloc Québécois 22-Jul-1947 -
Marcel Duchamp Artist Lead proponent of Dadaism 28-Jul-1887 02-Oct-1968
Michel Duchaussoy Actor French character actor 29-Nov-1938 13-Mar-2012
Eddy Duchin Pianist The Magic Fingers of Radio 01-Apr-1909 09-Feb-1951
Peter Duchin Pianist Rebel Rouser 28-Jul-1937 -
David Duchovny Actor Mulder on The X-Files 07-Aug-1960 -
Connie K. Duckworth Business Former Partner, Goldman Sachs 03-Nov-1954 -
Tammy Duckworth Military Blackhawk pilot, wounded in Iraq 12-Mar-1968 -
Élie Ducommun Journalist Peace activist, Nobel Prize recipient 19-Feb-1833 07-Dec-1906
Dzhokhar Dudayev Military Head of the Chechen rebellion 15-Apr-1944 21-Apr-1996
William Duddell Physicist Electronic music 1872 04-Nov-1917
Patrick D. Duddy Diplomat US Ambassador to Venezuela c. 1950 -
Anne Dudek Actor Dr. Amber Volakis on House 22-Mar-1975 -
James J. Duderstadt Educator President, University of Michigan, 1988-96 05-Dec-1942 -
Michael Dudikoff Actor American Ninja 08-Oct-1954 -
Anne Dudley Musician Founding member of Art of Noise 07-May-1956 -
Bill Dudley Football NFL Hall of Famer 24-Dec-1921 04-Feb-2010
Edward R. Dudley Diplomat First Black US Ambassador 11-Mar-1911 08-Feb-2005
Robert Dudley Business CEO of BP 14-Sep-1955 -
Peter Duel Actor Alias Smith and Jones 24-Feb-1940 31-Dec-1971
James S. Duesenberry Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 1966-68 18-Jul-1918 05-Oct-2009
Guillaume Dufay Composer Composer of the Burgundian school c. 1400 27-Nov-1474
Anne-Marie Duff Actor The Virgin Queen 08-Oct-1970 -
Haylie Duff Actor Hilary Duff's sister 19-Feb-1985 -
Hilary Duff Actor Manufactured pop star 28-Sep-1987 -
Howard Duff Actor Sam Spade on old time radio 24-Nov-1913 08-Jul-1990
James H. Duff Politician Governor of Pennsylvania, 1947-51 21-Jan-1883 20-Dec-1969
Patricia Duff Socialite Ron Perelman's ex-wife Apr-1954 -
Philip N. Duff Business Front Point Partners c. 1958 -
Nicola Duffett Actor EastEnders, Family Affairs 22-Jan-1963 -
Duffy Singer/Songwriter Rockferry 23-Jun-1984 -
Billy Duffy Guitarist The Cult 12-May-1961 -
Carol Ann Duffy Poet Mean Time 23-Dec-1955 -
Julia Duffy Actor Stephanie on Newhart 27-Jun-1951 -
Karen Duffy Actor MTV VJ turned Dumb & Dumber actress 23-May-1962 -
Michael Duffy Journalist TIME reporter 07-Sep-1958 -
Patrick Duffy Actor Bobby Ewing on Dallas 17-Mar-1949 -
Sean Duffy Politician Congressman, Wisconsin 7th 03-Oct-1971 -
Wylie Dufresne Chef WD-50 1970 -
Raoul Dufy Painter French Fauvist painter 03-Jun-1877 23-Mar-1953
Alan Dugan Poet Poems 12-Feb-1923 03-Sep-2003
Dennis Dugan Actor Happy Gilmore 05-Sep-1946 -
Michael J. Dugan Military USAF Chief of Staff, 1990 22-Feb-1937 -
Tom Dugan Actor To Be or Not to Be 01-Jan-1889 07-Mar-1955
Richard J. Dugas, Jr. Business CEO of Pulte Homes c. 1964 -
Andrew Duggan Actor Bourbon Street Beat 28-Dec-1923 15-May-1988
Ervin S. Duggan Government CEO of PBS, 1994-99 30-Jun-1939 -
Thomas K. Duggan Business Durham Asset Management c. 1952 -
Christian Duguay Film Director Screamers 1957 -
Christian Duguay Comic MADtv 03-Jan-1970 -
Georges Duhamel Novelist Civilisation 30-Jun-1884 13-Apr-1966
Josh Duhamel Actor All My Children 14-Nov-1972 -
John Duigan Film Director Sirens 19-Jun-1949 -
Wim Duisenberg Business President, European Central Bank, 1998-2003 09-Jul-1935 31-Jul-2005
Jean Dujardin Actor The Artist 19-Jun-1972 -
Kitty Dukakis First Lady Wife of Michael Dukakis 26-Dec-1936 -
Michael Dukakis Politician Twice Governor of Massachusetts 03-Nov-1933 -
Olympia Dukakis Actor Tales of the City 20-Jun-1931 -
Paul Dukas Composer The Sorcerer's Apprentice 01-Oct-1865 17-May-1935
Angier Biddle Duke Diplomat US Ambassador to Spain, 1965-68 30-Nov-1915 29-Apr-1995
Bill Duke Actor Sister Act 2 26-Feb-1943 -
Charles Duke Astronaut 10th to walk on the Moon 03-Oct-1935 -
David Duke Activist Former KKK Grand Wizard 13-Jul-1950 -
Doris Duke Philanthropist Heiress to Duke fortune 22-Nov-1912 28-Oct-1993
Elizabeth A. Duke Government Federal Reserve Governor c. 1952 -
George Duke Jazz Musician Jazz/Funk keyboardist 12-Jan-1946 -
James Buchanan Duke Business American Tobacco Company 23-Dec-1856 10-Oct-1925
Michael T. Duke Business President and CEO of Wal-Mart 07-Dec-1949 -
Patty Duke Actor The Patty Duke Show 14-Dec-1946 -
Robin Chandler Duke Activist Former president of NARAL 13-Oct-1923 -
Vernon Duke Composer April in Paris 10-Oct-1903 16-Jan-1969
David Dukes Actor War and Remembrance 06-Jun-1945 09-Oct-2000
Edmund Dulac Artist Children's book illustrator 22-Oct-1882 25-May-1953
Renato Dulbecco Scientist Tumor viruses and host genetics 22-Feb-1914 20-Feb-2012
Keir Dullea Actor 2001: A Space Odyssey 30-May-1936 -
Allen W. Dulles Spy CIA Director, 1953-61 07-Apr-1893 29-Jan-1969
Avery Cardinal Dulles Religion Fordham Professor, Roman Catholic Cardinal 24-Aug-1918 12-Dec-2008
John Foster Dulles Government Eisenhower's Secretary of State 25-Feb-1888 24-May-1959
Jane Dulo Actor Liz Murray on Hey, Jeannie! 13-Oct-1917 22-May-1994
Joe Dumars Basketball NBA Hall of Famer 24-May-1963 -
Alexandre Dumas père Novelist The Three Musketeers 24-Jul-1802 05-Dec-1870
Amy Dumas Wrestling WWE diva, ex of Matt Hardy 14-Apr-1975 -
Jean-Baptiste-André Dumas Chemist Pioneer of organic chemistry 14-Jul-1800 10-Apr-1884
Daphne Du Maurier Author Rebecca 13-May-1907 19-May-1989
Douglass Dumbrille Actor The Three Musketeers 13-Oct-1889 02-Apr-1974
Allen B. DuMont Inventor TV picture tube and TV network 29-Jan-1901 14-Nov-1965
Margaret Dumont Actor Foil to the Marx Brothers 20-Oct-1882 06-Mar-1965
Charles-François Dumouriez Military French general, intriguer 25-Jan-1739 14-Mar-1823
Tan Dun Composer Heaven, Earth, Mankind 18-Aug-1957 -
Steffi Duna Actor Hungarian-American character actress 08-Feb-1910 22-Apr-1992
Henry Dunant Activist Red Cross founder 08-May-1828 30-Oct-1910
Cambria W. Dunaway Business EVP at Nintendo of America c. 1962 -
Faye Dunaway Actor Network 14-Jan-1941 -
Adrian Dunbar Actor Hear My Song 01-Aug-1958 -
Aynsley Dunbar Drummer Prolific drummer, ex-Zappa, Bowie, Journey 10-Jan-1946 -
Charles F. Dunbar Diplomat US Ambassador to Yemen, 1988-91 01-Apr-1931 -
Dixie Dunbar Actor 1930s actress 19-Jan-1919 29-Aug-1991
Paul Laurence Dunbar Poet Lyrics of a Lowly Life 27-Jun-1872 09-Feb-1906
Rockmond Dunbar Actor Kenny Chadway on Soul Food 11-Jan-1973 -
W. Roy Dunbar Business CEO of Network Solutions 1961 -
William Dunbar Poet The Thrissil and the Rois c. 1460 c. 1520
Alice Dunbar-Nelson Author Harlem Renaissance influence 19-Jul-1875 18-Sep-1935
Duncan I Royalty King of Scotland, 1034-40 15-Aug-1001 01-Aug-1040
Duncan II Royalty King of Scotland, 1093-94 ? 1094
Allyson K. Duncan Judge 4th Circuit Court of Appeals 05-Sep-1951 -
Arne Duncan Educator US Secretary of Education 06-Nov-1964 -
Bruce W. Duncan Business CEO of Equity Residential, 2002-05 c. 1951 -
Charles W. Duncan, Jr. Government US Secretary of Energy, 1979-81 09-Sep-1926 -
Dan L. Duncan Business Billionaire, Enterprise Products 02-Jan-1933 28-Mar-2010
Deborah L. Duncan Business Fremont Investment Advisers ? -
Isadora Duncan Dancer Mother of modern dance 26-May-1877 14-Sep-1927
John Duncan Politician Congressman, Tennessee 2nd 21-Jul-1947 -
Lesley Duncan Singer/Songwriter British vocalist, Love Song 12-Aug-1943 -
Lindsay Duncan Actor Perfect Strangers 07-Nov-1950 -
Lois Duncan Author I Know What You Did Last Summer 28-Apr-1934 -
Michael Clarke Duncan Actor The Green Mile 10-Dec-1957 -
Mike Duncan Activist RNC Chairman, 2007-09 1951 -
Robert Duncan Poet Bending the Bow 07-Jan-1919 03-Feb-1988
Sam K. Duncan Business CEO of OfficeMax c. 1951 -
Sandy Duncan Actor Valerie 20-Feb-1946 -
Tim Duncan Basketball San Antonio Spurs forward 25-Apr-1976 -
William Duncan Actor Silent film actor 16-Dec-1879 08-Feb-1961
Jean-Benoit Dunckel Musician Half of the duo Air 07-Sep-1969 -
Angelo Dundee Boxing Always in Muhammad Ali's corner 30-Aug-1921 01-Feb-2012
Tony Dungy Football Indianapolis Colts head coach, 2002-08 06-Oct-1955 -
Archie W. Dunham Business CEO of Conoco, 1996-2002 1938 -
Jeff Dunham Comic Ventriloquist, Arguing With Myself 18-Apr-1962 -
John L. Dunham Business CEO of May Department Stores, 2004-05 ? -
Katherine Dunham Dancer Dunham School of Dance 22-Jun-1910 21-May-2006
Lena Dunham Actor Tiny Furniture 13-May-1986 -
Richard Dunham Journalist Business Week c. 1956 -
Stanley Ann Dunham Relative Mother of President Barack Obama 29-Nov-1942 07-Nov-1995
James L. Dunlap Business President and COO of Ocean Energy, 1996-99 c. 1938 -
William Dunlap Playwright Fountainville Abbey 19-Feb-1766 28-Sep-1839
Mike Dunleavy, Sr. Basketball Head Coach, Los Angeles Clippers 21-Mar-1954 -
Becky Norton Dunlop Government Conservative activist 02-Oct-1951 -
John T. Dunlop Government US Secretary of Labor, 1975-76 05-Jul-1914 02-Oct-2003
Brian J. Dunn Business CEO of Best Buy, 2009-12 c. 1962 -
David B. Dunn Diplomat US Ambassador to Togo ? -
Donald "Duck" Dunn Bassist Booker T & the M.G.'s 24-Nov-1941 13-May-2012
Emma Dunn Actor The Talk of the Town 26-Feb-1874 14-Dec-1966
Jack B. Dunn IV Business CEO of FTI Consulting c. 1951 -
James Dunn Actor A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 02-Nov-1901 01-Sep-1967
James Clement Dunn Diplomat Career US Ambassador 27-Dec-1890 1979
Jeffrey D. Dunn Business Group COO, Nickelodeon Networks c. 1955 -
Jennifer Dunn Politician Congresswoman from Washington, 1993-2005 29-Jul-1941 05-Sep-2007
Kenneth B. Dunn Business Dean, Tepper School of Business, CMU 02-Nov-1951 -
Kevin Dunn Actor American character actor 26-Feb-1956 -
Michael Dunn Actor Dr. Miguelito Loveless 20-Oct-1934 30-Aug-1973
Nora Dunn Comic SNL alumna 29-Apr-1952 -
Patricia Dunn Business Hewlett Packard chair, 2005-06 27-Mar-1953 04-Dec-2011
Ronnie Dunn Country Musician Brooks & Dunn 01-Jun-1953 -
Ryan Dunn Daredevil Viva La Bam 11-Jun-1977 20-Jun-2011
Trevor Dunn Bassist Mr. Bungle and Trio-Convulsant bassist 30-Jan-1968 -
Winfield Dunn Politician Governor of Tennessee, 1971-75 01-Jul-1927 -
Dominick Dunne Novelist High society novelist, true crime writer 29-Oct-1925 26-Aug-2009
Dominique Dunne Actor Poltergeist 23-Nov-1959 04-Nov-1982
Edward F. Dunne Politician Governor of Illinois, 1913-17 12-Oct-1853 24-May-1937
Finley Peter Dunne Author Creator of Mr. Dooley 10-Jul-1867 24-Apr-1936
Griffin Dunne Actor An American Werewolf in London 08-Jun-1955 -
Irene Dunne Actor Penny Serenade 20-Dec-1898 04-Sep-1990
John Gregory Dunne Novelist True Confessions 25-May-1932 30-Dec-2003
Robin Dunne Actor Borderline Normal 19-Nov-1976 -
James F. Dunnigan Historian Military historian, wargame designer Aug-1943 -
T. Kevin Dunnigan Business CEO of Thomas & Betts, 2000-04 c. 1938 -
Debbe Dunning Actor Home Improvement 11-Jul-1966 -
Mildred Dunnock Actor Death of a Salesman 25-Jan-1901 05-Jul-1991
Dermot Dunphy Business CEO of Sealed Air, 1971-99 15-Apr-1932 -
John Duns Scotus Religion 14th century Scottish scholar c. 1265 08-Nov-1308
Kirsten Dunst Actor Mary-Jane in Spider-Man 30-Apr-1982 -
Gary C. Dunton Business CEO of MBIA, 2004-08 c. 1956 -
Gwyneth Dunwoody Politician British MP, Crewe and Nantwich 12-Dec-1930 17-Apr-2008
Brian Duperreault Business CEO of Marsh & McLennan c. 1947 -
Mark Duplass Actor Pete on The League 07-Dec-1976 -
Maurice Duplessis Politician Premier of Quebec, 1936-39 & 1944-59 20-Apr-1890 07-Sep-1959
Thère du Pont Business CFO of Drugstore.com c. 1966 -
E. A. Dupont Film Director Piccadilly 25-Dec-1891 12-Dec-1956
Albert Dupontel Actor Bernie 11-Jan-1964 -
Jules Dupré Painter Barbizon school 05-Apr-1811 06-Oct-1889
Marcel Dupré Organist French organist and composer 03-May-1886 30-May-1971
June Duprez Actor The Thief of Bagdad 14-May-1918 30-Oct-1984
Jermaine Dupri Music Producer CEO of So So Def Records 23-Sep-1972 -
Roy Dupuis Actor Michael Samuelle on La Femme Nikita 21-Apr-1963 -
Pierre Dupuy Historian Historian, Librarian to Louis XIV 27-Nov-1582 14-Dec-1651
Robert A. DuPuy Attorney President of Major League Baseball, 2002-10 c. 1946 -
Henry C. Duques Business CEO of First Data 1943 -
Roberto Duran Boxing Middleweight boxing champ 16-Jun-1951 -
Erica Durance Actor Lois Lane on Smallville 21-Jun-1978 -
Kevin Durand Actor Joshua on Dark Angel 14-Jan-1974 -
Steve Durand Guitarist Guitarist for Tinker ? -
William F. Durand Engineer National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics 05-Mar-1859 09-Aug-1958
Santiago Durango Guitarist Big Black guitarist c. 1957 -
Ariel Durant Historian The Story of Civilization 10-May-1898 25-Oct-1981
Kevin Durant Basketball Oklahoma City Thunder 29-Sep-1988 -
Will Durant Historian The Story of Civilization 05-Nov-1885 07-Nov-1981
William C. Durant Business Founder of General Motors 08-Dec-1861 18-Mar-1947
Francesco Durante Composer Pastoral Mass 15-Mar-1684 13-Aug-1755
Jimmy Durante Comic Everybody wants ta get inta da act 10-Feb-1893 20-Jan-1980
Marguerite Duras Novelist Hiroshima mon Amour 04-Apr-1914 03-Mar-1996
Deanna Durbin Actor It Started with Eve 04-Dec-1921 -
Dick Durbin Politician US Senator from Illinois 21-Nov-1944 -
James Durbin Singer Memories of a Beautiful Disaster 06-Jan-1989 -
David Durenberger Politician US Senator from Minnesota, 1978-95 19-Aug-1934 -
Albrecht Dürer Engraver German Renaissance artist 21-May-1471 06-Apr-1528
Louis Durey Composer Carillons 27-May-1888 03-Jul-1979
Minta Durfee Actor Actress-Wife of Fatty Arbuckle 01-Oct-1889 09-Sep-1975
Christine M. Durham Judge Utah Chief Justice 03-Aug-1945 -
Michael J. Durham Business Former CFO, American Airlines c. 1951 -
Robert D. Durham Judge Justice, Oregon Supreme Court c. 1947 -
Romain Duris Actor L'auberge Espagnole 28-May-1974 -
Adam Duritz Musician Frontman for Counting Crows 01-Aug-1964 -
Émile Durkheim Sociologist Rules of the Sociological Method 15-Apr-1858 15-Nov-1917
John A. Durkin Politician US Senator from New Hampshire, 1975-80 29-Mar-1936 -
Junior Durkin Actor Huckleberry Finn 02-Jul-1914 04-May-1935
Martin P. Durkin Government US Secretary of Labor, 1953 18-Mar-1894 19-Jan-1955
Patrick Durkin Business Credit Suisse First Boston c. 1957 -
Charles Durning Actor The Muppet Movie 28-Feb-1923 -
Leo Durocher Baseball Leo the Lip 27-Jul-1905 07-Oct-1991
Matthew B. Durrant Judge Justice, Utah Supreme Court ? -
Gerald Durrell Naturalist My Family and Other Animals 07-Jan-1925 30-Jan-1995
Lawrence Durrell Novelist The Alexandria Quartet 27-Feb-1912 07-Nov-1990
Michael Durrell Actor Alex Nikolas on Santa Barbara 06-Oct-1943 -
Richard J. Durrell Publisher First publisher, People magazine c. 1925 07-Mar-2008
Buenaventura Durruti Anarchist Spanish anarchist, killed in Civil War 14-Jul-1896 20-Nov-1936
Fred Durst Musician Lead singer of Limp Bizkit 20-Aug-1970 -
Seymour Durst Business New York real estate mogul c. 1913 19-May-1995
Stanley H. Durwood Business Father of the multi-screen movie theater 05-Aug-1920 15-Jul-1999
Ian Dury Musician Ian Dury and the Blockheads 12-May-1942 27-Mar-2000
John Dury Religion The Reformed Librarie-Keeper 1596 26-Sep-1680
Dan Duryea Actor The Little Foxes 23-Jan-1907 07-Jun-1968
Eleanora Duse Actor Most famous Italian actress of her time 03-Oct-1858 21-Apr-1924
Eliza Dushku Actor Tru Calling 30-Dec-1980 -
Nancy Dussault Actor Too Close for Comfort 30-Jun-1936 -
André Dussollier Actor Tais-toi! 17-Feb-1946 -
Robert Dutkowsky Business CEO of Tech Data 02-Jan-1955 -
Olin Dutra Golf Winner of 2 Majors 17-Jan-1901 05-May-1983
Jacques Dutronc Singer/Songwriter Les Cactus 28-Apr-1943 -
Marc Dutroux Criminal Child murderer 06-Nov-1956 -
Sanjay Dutt Actor Mission Kashmir 29-Jul-1959 -
Sunil Dutt Actor Mother India 06-Jun-1930 25-May-2005
Lara Dutta Actor Miss Universe 2000 16-Apr-1978 -
Rajiv Dutta Business President of PayPal, 2006-08 05-May-1960 31-Jan-2011
Charles Dutton Actor Roc 30-Jan-1951 -
Jane E. Dutton Educator UMich Business Psychologist c. 1951 -
Kenton Duty Actor Gunther Hessenheffer on Shake It Up! 12-May-1995 -
Daniel W. Duval Business CEO of Robbins & Myers, 1986-98 c. 1937 -
David Duval Golf Winner, 2001 British Open 09-Nov-1971 -
James Duval Actor Go 10-Sep-1972 -
François Duvalier Head of State Ruthless "President for Life" of Haiti 14-Apr-1907 21-Apr-1971
Jean-Claude Duvalier Head of State "Baby Doc" Haitian dictator 03-Jul-1951 -
Carol Duvall TV Personality HGTV's Carol Duvall Show ? -
Clea DuVall Actor Carnivale 25-Sep-1977 -
Gabriel Duvall Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1811-34 06-Dec-1752 06-Mar-1844
John L. Duvall Politician Indianapolis mayor, took Klan bribes 29-Nov-1874 25-Feb-1962
Robert Duvall Actor Tom Hagen in The Godfather 05-Jan-1931 -
Shelley Duvall Actor The Shining 07-Jul-1949 -
Christian de Duve Scientist Microstructure of the cell 02-Oct-1917 -
Denis Duverne Business CFO of AXA 31-Oct-1953 -
Julien Duvivier Film Director Pépé le Moko 03-Oct-1896 30-Oct-1967
Ann Dvorak Actor Cesca in Scarface 02-Aug-1912 10-Dec-1979
Antonin Dvorak Composer From the New World 08-Sep-1841 01-May-1904
August Dvorak Inventor Dvorak Simplified Keyboard 05-May-1894 10-Oct-1975
John Dvorak Columnist Crusty Geek PC Magazine Columnist 1952 -
Allan Dwan Film Director Sands of Iwo Jima 03-Apr-1885 28-Dec-1981
Timothy Dwight Educator President of Yale, 1795-1817 14-May-1752 11-Jan-1817
Lane Dwinell Politician Governor of New Hampshire, 1955-59 14-Nov-1906 27-Mar-1997
Andrea Dworkin Activist Anti-pornography activist 26-Sep-1946 09-Apr-2005
Ronald Dworkin Philosopher Taking Rights Seriously 11-Dec-1931 -
Leslie Dwyer Actor Mr Partridge in Hi-de-Hi! 28-Aug-1906 29-Dec-1986
R. Budd Dwyer Government Suicided in front of TV cameras 21-Nov-1939 22-Jan-1987
Simon Dwyer Editor Rapid Eye Movement 1959 1997
Cameron Dye Actor Joy of Sex 13-Dec-1959 -
Dale Dye Actor Warriors, Inc. 08-Oct-1944 -
John Dye Actor Andrew on Touched by an Angel 31-Jan-1963 10-Jan-2011
Danny Dyer Actor Human Traffic 24-Jul-1977 -
David F. Dyer Business CEO of Tommy Hilfiger, 2003-06 c. 1949 -
David W. Dyer Judge 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1966-76 28-Jun-1910 07-Jun-1998
Wayne Dyer Religion The father of motivation 10-May-1940 -
William J. Dyess Diplomat US Ambassador to the Netherlands, 1982-83 01-Aug-1929 06-Jan-1996
Timothy B. Dyk Judge US Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit 14-Feb-1937 -
Henry van Dyke Author The Unknown Quantity 10-Nov-1852 10-Apr-1933
W. S. Van Dyke Film Director The Thin Man 21-Mar-1889 05-Feb-1943
Archie R. Dykes Educator Former Chancellor, University of Kansas 20-Jan-1931 -
Ronald M. Dykes Business CFO of BellSouth, 1995-2005 c. 1946 -
Lenny Dykstra Baseball Philadelphia Phillies Outfielder 10-Feb-1963 -
Bob Dylan Musician The Times They Are A-Changin' 24-May-1941 -
Jakob Dylan Musician Head Wallflower and Bob Dylan's son 09-Dec-1969 -
Mervyn M. Dymally Politician Congressman from California, 1981-93 12-May-1926 -
Ms. Dynamite Singer London-based MC, Booo! 26-Apr-1981 -
Robert C. Dynes Educator President, University of California, 2003-08 08-Nov-1942 -
Rob Dyrdek Skateboarder Rob & Big 28-Jun-1974 -
Richard Dysart Actor Leland McKenzie on L.A. Law 30-Mar-1929 -
Esther Dyson Business EDventure Holdings, former ICANN director 14-Jul-1951 -
Frank W. Dyson Astronomer Six pips on the BBC 08-Jan-1868 25-May-1939
Freeman Dyson Physicist Theoretical physicist at Institute for Advanced Study 15-Dec-1923 -
George Dyson Author Darwin Among the Machines 1953 -
James Dyson Inventor Dyson vacuum cleaner 02-May-1947 -
Michael Eric Dyson Scholar Know What I Mean? 23-Oct-1958 -
Roy P. Dyson Politician Congressman from Maryland, 1981-91 15-Nov-1948 -
Oscar Dystel Publisher Bantam Books 31-Oct-1912 -
Victor J. Dzau Doctor CEO of Duke University Health System 1946 -
Felix Dzerzhinsky Government The Black Pope of Bolshevism 11-Sep-1877 20-Jul-1926
Nikolai Dzhurmongaliev Criminal Cannibal serial killer 1952 -
Richard S. Dziadzio Business CFO of AXA Financial c. 1964 -
Alexis Dziena Actor Kira Underlay on Invasion 08-Jul-1984 -
George Dzundza Actor Max Greevey on Law & Order 19-Jul-1945 -

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