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Bill W. Activist Alcoholics Anonymous cofounder 26-Nov-1895 24-Jan-1971
Andrew W.K. Singer/Songwriter It's Time To Party 09-May-1979 -
Johannes Diderik van der Waals Physicist Investigated states of matter 23-Nov-1837 09-Mar-1923
Murray Waas Journalist Washington reporter c. 1960 -
Marvin Wachman Educator Temple University President, 1973-83 24-Mar-1917 22-Dec-2007
Andy Wachowski Film Director The Matrix 29-Dec-1967 -
Larry Wachowski Film Director The Matrix 21-Jun-1965 -
Caitlin Wachs Actor Chloe Waters on Profiler 15-Mar-1989 -
George Wackenhut Business Founder of Wackenhut 1919 31-Dec-2004
Frederick H. Waddell Business CEO of Northern Trust c. 1954 -
Helen Waddell Author The Wandering Scholars 31-May-1889 05-Mar-1965
John C. Waddell Business CEO of Arrow Electronics, 1980-86 c. 1937 -
Justine Waddell Actor Tess of the D'Urbervilles 04-Nov-1976 -
M. Keith Waddell Business President of Robert Half International c. 1957 -
David Waddington Politician UK Home Secretary, 1989-90 02-Aug-1929 -
Abdoulaye Wade Head of State President of Senegal 29-May-1926 -
Benjamin F. Wade Politician US Senator from Ohio, 1851-69 27-Oct-1800 02-Mar-1878
Dwyane Wade Basketball Miami Heat guard 17-Jan-1982 -
Sir Thomas Francis Wade Diplomat British envoy to China 25-Aug-1818 31-Jul-1895
Virginia Wade Tennis Winner of 7 Grand Slam titles 10-Jul-1945 -
Wallace Wade Football Alabama and Duke Head Coach 15-Jun-1892 07-Oct-1986
William E. Wade, Jr. Business President of ARCO, 1998-2000 c. 1943 -
Timothy Wadhams Business CEO of Masco c. 1949 -
Lanny Wadkins Golf Winner, 1977 PGA Championship 05-Dec-1949 -
Robert Wadlow Oddity Tallest documented individual 22-Feb-1918 15-Jul-1940
James W. Wadsworth, Jr. Politician US Senator from New York, 1915-27 12-Aug-1877 21-Jun-1952
Mark L. Wagar Business President of Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield ? -
Lyle Waggoner Actor Wonder Woman, owns Star Waggons 13-Apr-1935 -
Alex Wagner Journalist Now with Alex Wagner c. 1977 -
Ann L. Wagner Diplomat US Ambassador to Luxembourg c. 1958 -
Anthony G. Wagner Business Former healthcare executive c. 1943 -
Harold A. Wagner Business CEO of Air Products, 1992-2000 c. 1935 -
Honus Wagner Baseball Pittsburgh shortstop on valuable baseball card 24-Feb-1874 06-Dec-1955
Jack Wagner Actor Frisco Jones on General Hospital 03-Oct-1959 -
James W. Wagner Educator President, Emory University c. 1953 -
Kristina Wagner Actor General Hospital 30-Oct-1963 -
Lindsay Wagner Actor The Bionic Woman 22-Jun-1949 -
Natasha Gregson Wagner Actor First Love, Last Rites 29-Sep-1970 -
Raymond Wagner, Jr. Business Enterprise Rent-A-Car 1959 -
Richard Wagner Composer Ride of the Valkyries 22-May-1813 13-Feb-1883
Robert Wagner Actor Jonathan Hart on Hart to Hart 10-Feb-1930 -
Robert F. Wagner, Jr. Politician Mayor of New York City, 1954-65 20-Apr-1910 12-Feb-1991
Robert F. Wagner, Sr. Politician US Senator from New York, 1927-49 08-Jun-1877 04-May-1953
Julius Wagner-Jauregg Psychiatrist Cured syphilis with malaria, pioneered shock therapy 07-Mar-1857 27-Sep-1940
Porter Wagoner Country Musician The Thin Man from West Plains 12-Aug-1927 28-Oct-2007
Rick Wagoner Business CEO of General Motors, 2000-09 09-Feb-1953 -
Marcelle M. Wahba Diplomat US Ambassador to the UAE, 2001-04 1948 -
Abdurrahman Wahid Head of State President of Indonesia, 1999-2001 04-Aug-1940 30-Dec-2009
Ken Wahl Actor Wiseguy 31-Oct-1954 -
Donnie Wahlberg Singer New Kids on the Block 17-Aug-1969 -
Mark Wahlberg Actor Formerly of the Funky Bunch 05-Jun-1971 -
Becky Wahlstrom Actor Grace Polk on Joan of Arcadia 25-Apr-1975 -
John D. Waihee III Politician Governor of Hawaii, 1986-94 19-May-1946 -
Bunny Wailer Singer Co-founder of The Wailers 10-Apr-1947 -
Edward T. Wailes Diplomat US Ambassador to Iran, 1958-61 16-Feb-1903 25-Jun-1969
David Wain Actor The State 01-Aug-1969 -
Louis Wain Painter The Man Who Drew Cats 05-Aug-1860 04-Jul-1939
Binyavanga Wainaina Author One Day I Will Write About This Place 18-Jan-1971 -
James L. Wainscott Business CEO of AK Steel Holding c. 1956 -
Dale Wainwright Judge Justice, Texas Supreme Court 19-Jun-1961 -
Jonathan M. Wainwright Military Commander of the Philippines 23-Aug-1883 02-Sep-1953
Loudon Wainwright III Singer/Songwriter Rufus was a Tit-Man 05-Feb-1947 -
Rufus Wainwright Singer/Songwriter Gay Messiah 22-Jul-1973 -
Rupert Wainwright Film Director Stigmata 30-Nov-1961 -
Carol Cox Wait Business Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget c. 1943 -
Charles V. Wait Business CEO of Adirondack Trust 28-May-1951 -
Donald C. Waite III Business Former Partner, McKinsey c. 1943 -
Arthur Edward Waite Paranormal Created the Rider-Waite Tarot deck 02-Oct-1857 19-May-1942
John Waite Singer The Babys and Bad English 04-Jul-1952 -
Leslie A. Waite Business Waite & Correnti c. 1946 -
Morrison Waite Judge US Chief Justice, 1874-88 29-Nov-1816 23-Mar-1888
Ralph Waite Actor John Walton, Sr. on The Waltons 22-Jun-1928 -
Terry Waite Victim Hostage negotiator, then hostage 31-May-1939 -
Tom Waits Singer/Songwriter Heartattack and Vine 07-Dec-1949 -
Ted Waitt Business Co-Founder of Gateway 18-Jan-1963 -
Andrzej Wajda Film Director The Promised Land 06-Mar-1926 -
Thomas C. Wajnert Business CEO of AT&T Capital, 1984-97 c. 1943 -
Waka Flocka Flame Rapper Flockaveli 31-May-1986 -
Andrew Wakefield Doctor Bogus study linked vaccines and autism 1957 -
Edward Gibbon Wakefield Government Colonizer of Australia, New Zealand 20-Mar-1796 16-May-1862
Ruth Graves Wakefield Chef Accidental inventor of chocolate chip cookies 17-Jun-1903 10-Jan-1977
Tim Wakefield Baseball Pitcher, Boston Red Sox 02-Aug-1966 -
John Wakeham Politician Baron Wakeham of Maldon 22-Jun-1932 -
Rick Wakeman Pianist Keyboards, Yes 18-May-1949 -
Diane Wakoski Poet Coins & Coffins 03-Aug-1937 -
Sam Waksal Business CEO, ImClone 08-Sep-1947 -
Selman A. Waksman Scientist Streptomycin and other antibiotics 22-Jul-1888 16-Aug-1973
Walafrid Strabo Religion Glosa ordinaria c. 808 AD 18-Aug-849 AD
Garry Walberg Actor Lt. Frank Monahan on Quincy 10-Jun-1921 27-Mar-2012
Tim Walberg Politician Congressman, Michigan 7th 12-Apr-1951 -
Anton Walbrook Actor The Red Shoes 19-Nov-1896 09-Aug-1967
Raymond Walburn Actor Mr. Deeds Goes to Town 09-Sep-1887 26-Jul-1969
Collin Walcott Jazz Musician Jazz sitar player 24-Feb-1945 08-Nov-1984
Derek Walcott Poet In a Green Night 23-Jan-1930 -
George Wald Biologist Physiology of the retina 18-Nov-1906 12-Apr-1997
Jerry Wald Film/TV Producer Peyton Place 16-Sep-1911 13-Jul-1962
Lillian Wald Activist Henry Street Settlement 10-Mar-1867 01-Sep-1940
Greg Walden Politician Congressman, Oregon 2nd 10-Jan-1957 -
Robert Walden Actor Joe Rossi on Lou Grant 25-Sep-1943 -
Kurt Waldheim Government UN Secretary General, 1972-82 21-Dec-1918 14-Jun-2007
Jerome R. Waldie Politician Congressman from California, 1966-75 15-Feb-1925 03-Apr-2009
Martin Waldseemuller Cartographer Put America on the map 1475 1522
Anna Walentynowicz Activist Catalyst for the Solidarnosc union 13-Aug-1929 10-Apr-2010
Jimbo Wales Encyclopaedist Co-Founder of Wikipedia 08-Aug-1966 -
Lech Walesa Head of State Polish labor leader, president 29-Sep-1943 -
Sonya Walger Actor The Mind of the Married Man 06-Jun-1974 -
Charles Walgreen Business Founder of Walgreen Co. 09-Oct-1873 11-Dec-1939
Charles R. Walgreen Business Former CEO, Walgreen's drugstores 11-Nov-1935 -
Doug Walgren Politician Congressman from Pennsylvania, 1977-91 28-Dec-1940 -
Christopher Walken Actor The Dead Zone 31-Mar-1943 -
Alice Walker Author The Color Purple 09-Feb-1944 -
Ally Walker Actor Dr. Sam Waters on Profiler 25-Aug-1961 -
Brian C. Walker Business CEO of Herman Miller ? -
Clifford M. Walker Politician Governor of Georgia, 1923-27 04-Jul-1877 09-Nov-1954
Clint Walker Actor Movie cowboy 30-May-1927 -
Daniel Walker Politician Governor of Illinois, 1973-77 06-Aug-1922 -
David F. Walker Business Former Partner, Arthur Andersen c. 1953 -
David M. Walker Government US Comptroller General 02-Oct-1951 -
Doak Walker Football Detroit Lions, Hall of Famer 01-Jan-1927 27-Sep-1998
Dreama Walker Actor June on Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 20-Jun-1986 -
Eamonn Walker Actor Kareem Said on Oz 30-Nov-1959 -
Edward Walker TV Personality Interior decorator on Trading Spaces 04-Jan-1964 -
Edward S. Walker Diplomat US Ambassador to Israel, 1997-99 13-Jun-1940 -
Edwin A. Walker Military Ultraconservative activist 10-Nov-1909 31-Oct-1993
F. Borden Walker Business EVP at Hess Corporation c. 1953 -
Francis A. Walker Economist The Wages Question 02-Jul-1840 05-Jan-1897
George Herbert Walker III Diplomat US Ambassador to Hungary, 2003-06 c. 1931 -
Hal Walker Film Director Road to Bali 20-Mar-1896 03-Jul-1972
Helen Walker Actor Call Northside 777 17-Jul-1920 10-Mar-1968
Herschel Walker Football NFL Running back, 1986-97 03-Mar-1962 -
Jerry Jeff Walker Country Musician Mr. Bojangles 16-Mar-1942 -
Jimmie Walker Comic Dyn-o-Mite 25-Jun-1947 -
John Walker Chemist Invented the friction match 29-May-1781 01-May-1859
John E. Walker Chemist ATP process 07-Jan-1941 -
John H. Walker Business CEO of Global Brass and Copper c. 1958 -
John M. Walker, Jr. Judge 2nd Circuit Appeals Court, 1992-2006 26-Dec-1940 -
Johnnie Walker Business Whiskey maker 25-Jul-1805 1857
Jonathan Walker Activist The Man with the Branded Hand 22-Mar-1799 30-Apr-1878
Junior Walker Musician Soul vocalist and sax player 14-Jun-1931 23-Nov-1995
Margaret Walker Novelist Jubilee 07-Jul-1915 30-Nov-1998
Mary Edwards Walker Doctor First female US Army surgeon 26-Nov-1832 21-Feb-1919
Mort Walker Cartoonist Beetle Bailey 03-Sep-1923 -
Nancy Walker Actor Rhoda's mother 10-May-1922 25-Mar-1992
Nella Walker Actor Mack and Walker 06-Mar-1886 22-Mar-1971
Olene Walker Politician Governor of Utah, 2003-05 15-Nov-1930 -
Patrick Gordon Walker Politician UK Foreign Secretary, 1964-66 07-Apr-1907 02-Dec-1980
Paul Walker Business CEO of The Sage Group plc May-1957 -
Paul Walker Actor 2 Fast 2 Furious 12-Sep-1973 -
Peter Walker Politician Vice Chairman, Dresdner Kleinwort, Former MP 25-Mar-1932 -
Polly Walker Actor Atia of the Julii on Rome 19-May-1966 -
Richard H. Walker Attorney General Counsel, Deutsche Bank c. 1950 -
Richard L. Walker Scholar US Ambassador to South Korea, 1981-86 13-Apr-1922 22-Jul-2003
Robert Walker, Jr. Actor Ensign Pulver 15-Apr-1940 -
Robert Walker Actor Strangers on a Train 13-Oct-1918 28-Aug-1951
Robert J. Walker Politician Mississippi Senator, Treasury Secretary 23-Jul-1801 11-Nov-1869
Robert S. Walker Politician Congressman from Pennsylvania, 1977-97 23-Dec-1942 -
Scott Walker Politician Governor of Wisconsin 02-Nov-1967 -
T-Bone Walker Guitarist Highly influential blues guitarist 28-May-1910 16-Mar-1975
William Walker Military American "filibuster" 08-May-1824 12-Sep-1860
Bob Walkup Politician Mayor of Tucson 14-Nov-1936 -
Art Wall, Jr. Golf Winner, 1959 Masters Tournament 25-Nov-1923 31-Oct-2001
John Wall Basketball Washington Wizards point guard 06-Sep-1990 -
Larry Wall Computer Programmer Creator of Perl programming language 27-Sep-1954 -
Paul Wall Rapper Sittin' Sidewayz 30-Mar-1980 -
Robert Wall Business Co-Founder of MIPS c. 1946 -
Alfred Russel Wallace Naturalist Co-Discovered Theory of Evolution 08-Jan-1823 07-Nov-1913
Ben Wallace Basketball Cleveland Cavaliers 10-Sep-1974 -
Chris Wallace Journalist Fox News Sunday 12-Oct-1947 -
David Foster Wallace Novelist Infinite Jest 21-Feb-1962 12-Sep-2008
DeWitt Wallace Business Founder of Reader's Digest 12-Nov-1889 30-Mar-1981
Edgar Wallace Novelist Highly prolific English novelist 01-Apr-1875 10-Feb-1932
George Wallace Politician Governor of Alabama, crippled by assassin 25-Aug-1919 13-Sep-1998
George Wallace Comic Vegas standup comic 21-Jul-1952 -
Henry A. Wallace Politician US Vice President, 1941-45 07-Oct-1888 18-Nov-1965
Henry C. Wallace Government US Secretary of Agriculture, 1921-24 11-May-1866 25-Oct-1924
Henry D. G. Wallace Business CFO of Ford Motor, 2000-01 c. 1946 -
Ian Wallace Drummer Ex-Crimson and active session drummer 29-Sep-1946 22-Feb-2007
Irving Wallace Author The Book of Lists 19-Mar-1916 29-Jun-1990
J. Clifford Wallace Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1972-96 11-Dec-1928 -
Jean Wallace Actor The Big Combo 12-Oct-1923 14-Feb-1990
John E. Wallace, Jr. Judge Justice, New Jersey Supreme Court 1942 -
Lew Wallace Novelist Civil War General, wrote Ben-Hur 10-Apr-1827 15-Feb-1905
Lila Wallace Business Readers Digest co-founder 25-Dec-1889 08-May-1984
Lurleen Burns Wallace First Lady Wife and surrogate governor of George Wallace 19-Sep-1926 07-May-1968
Marcia Wallace Actor The Simpsons 01-Nov-1942 -
Mike Wallace Journalist Veteran 60 Minutes correspondent 09-May-1918 07-Apr-2012
Nicolle Wallace Government Republican strategist c. 1972 -
Randall Wallace Screenwriter The Man in the Iron Mask 28-Jul-1949 -
Rasheed Wallace Basketball Boston Celtics forward 17-Sep-1974 -
Sir Richard Wallace Aristocrat The Wallace Collection 26-Jul-1818 20-Jul-1890
Richard P. Wallace Business CEO of KLA-Tencor c. 1960 -
Roger Wallace Business Lobbyist, Investamex ? -
Spamford Wallace Criminal Notorious spammer c. 1968 -
William Wallace Military Basis of fictional biopic Braveheart 1272 23-Aug-1305
Dee Wallace-Stone Actor E.T.: The Extraterrestrial 14-Dec-1948 -
Eli Wallach Actor The Magnificent Seven 07-Dec-1915 -
Otto Wallach Chemist Terpenes and essential oils 27-Mar-1847 26-Feb-1931
Stephen A. Wallach Labor Leader Airline Pilots Association International ? -
Raoul Wallenberg Activist Worked to save Hungarian Jews 04-Aug-1912 16-Jul-1947
Nik Wallenda Daredevil Crossed Niagara Falls on a highwire 24-Jan-1979 -
Alfred Wallenstein Cellist Music Director, LA Philharmonic, 1943-56 07-Oct-1898 08-Feb-1983
Anthony Waller Film Director An American Werewolf in Paris 24-Oct-1959 -
Debra S. Waller Business CEO of Jockey International c. 1957 -
Edmund Waller Poet Go, Lovely Rose 03-Mar-1606 21-Oct-1687
Fats Waller Jazz Musician Influential jazz pianist 21-May-1904 15-Dec-1943
Gordon Waller Musician Half of Peter and Gordon 04-Jun-1945 17-Jul-2009
John H. Waller, Jr. Judge Justice, South Carolina Supreme Court 31-Oct-1937 -
Robert James Waller Novelist The Bridges of Madison County 01-Aug-1939 -
William L. Waller, Jr. Judge Justice, Mississippi Supreme Court c. 1952 -
William Lowe Waller Politician Governor of Mississippi, 1972-76 21-Oct-1926 29-Nov-2011
Jacob Walles Diplomat US Consul General in Jerusalem ? -
Deborah Walley Actor Gidget Goes Hawaiian 12-Aug-1943 10-May-2001
Monrad C. Wallgren Politician Governor of Washington, 1945-49 17-Apr-1891 18-Sep-1961
David Walliams Comic Little Britain 20-Aug-1971 -
Marc Wallice Pornstar HIV+ pornstar 03-Oct-1959 -
Henry C. Wallich Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 1959-61 10-Jun-1914 16-Sep-1988
Hal B. Wallis Film/TV Producer Casablanca 14-Sep-1899 05-Oct-1986
John Wallis Mathematician Arithmetica Infinitorum 23-Nov-1616 28-Oct-1703
Peter J. Wallison Government White House Counsel, 1986-87 06-Jun-1941 -
Amy Wallman Business Retired Partner, Ernst & Young c. 1950 -
Richard F. Wallman Business CFO of Honeywell, 1999-2003 1951 -
Malcolm Wallop Politician US Senator from Wyoming, 1977-95 27-Feb-1933 14-Sep-2011
George H. Walls, Jr. Business Retired USMC Brigadier General c. 1942 -
Josiah Walls Politician Congressman from Florida, 1871-76 30-Dec-1842 15-May-1905
Nancy Walls Comic SNL, The Daily Show 19-Jul-1966 -
Jon Walmsley Actor Jason Walton on The Waltons 06-Feb-1956 -
Robert Walmsley Military Retired Royal Navy Admiral 01-Feb-1941 -
Horace Walpole Author Wrote the first Gothic novel 24-Sep-1717 02-Mar-1797
Robert Walpole Head of State UK's first Prime Minister 26-Aug-1676 18-Mar-1745
Sir Spencer Walpole Historian History of England from 1815 07-Feb-1839 07-Jul-1907
St. Walpurgis Religion English missionary to Germany c. 710 AD 25-Feb-779 AD
Léon Walras Economist Founded the marginalist school of economics 16-Dec-1834 05-Jan-1910
Eric Walrond Author Tropic Death 18-Dec-1898 08-Aug-1966
Bill Walsh Football 49ers Head Coach, 1979-88 30-Nov-1931 30-Jul-2007
David I. Walsh Politician Governor and Senator from Massachusetts 11-Nov-1872 11-Jun-1947
Donnie Walsh Basketball President of the New York Knicks 01-Mar-1941 -
Dylan Walsh Actor Dr. Sean McNamara on Nip/Tuck 17-Nov-1963 -
J. T. Walsh Actor A Few Good Men 28-Sep-1943 27-Feb-1998
James D. Walsh Diplomat US Ambassador to Argentina, 2000-03 09-Aug-1946 -
Jim Walsh Politician Congressman from New York, 1989-2009 19-Jun-1947 -
Joan Walsh Editor Editor-in-Chief of Salon, 2005-10 18-Sep-1958 -
Joe Walsh Politician Congressman, Illinois 8th 27-Dec-1961 -
Joe Walsh Musician Life's Been Good To Me 20-Nov-1947 -
John Walsh TV Personality America's Most Wanted 26-Dec-1945 -
John L. Walsh Business President of UGI c. 1956 -
Kate Walsh Actor Dr. Montgomery on Private Practice 13-Oct-1967 -
Kay Walsh Actor The Horse's Mouth 27-Aug-1911 16-Apr-2005
Kerri Walsh Sports Figure Top beach volleyball player 15-Aug-1978 -
Lawrence E. Walsh Government Independent Prosecutor for Iran-Contra 08-Jan-1912 -
Louis Walsh Business Judge, The X Factor 05-Aug-1952 -
M. Emmet Walsh Actor Grizzled character actor 22-Mar-1935 -
Maiara Walsh Actor Meena on Cory in the House 18-Feb-1988 -
Paul F. Walsh Business CEO of eFunds c. 1950 -
Paul S. Walsh Business CEO of Diageo 15-May-1955 -
Raoul Walsh Film Director The Naked and the Dead 11-Mar-1887 31-Dec-1980
Stella Walsh Track and Field Olympic sprinter found to be actually male 03-Apr-1911 04-Dec-1980
Thomas J. Walsh Politician US Senator from Montana, 1913-33 12-Jun-1859 02-Mar-1933
William Walsh Poet Letters and Poems, Amorous and Gallant 1663 1708
William D. Walsh Business Sequoia Associates c. 1930 -
Sir Francis Walsingham Government Secretary to Elizabeth I c. 1532 06-Apr-1590
Thomas Walsingham Historian Historia Anglicana ? c. 1422
Ray Walston Actor My Favorite Martian 02-Dec-1914 01-Jan-2001
Amy Walter Journalist Cook Political Report c. 1969 -
Bruno Walter Conductor Conductor, Leipzig Gewandhaus, 1929-33 15-Sep-1876 17-Feb-1962
Hubert Walter Judge Justiciar, Archbishop of Canterbury ? 13-Jul-1205
Jessica Walter Actor Lucille Bluth on Arrested Development 31-Jan-1941 -
John R. Walter Business CEO of RR Donnelley, 1989-96 c. 1948 -
Lucy Walter Relative Mistress of English king Charles II c. 1630 1658
Matthew D. Walter Business CEO of Bound Tree Medical c. 1969 -
Robert D. Walter Business CEO of Cardinal Health c. 1944 -
Tracey Walter Actor Miller in Repo Man 25-Nov-1942 -
W. Edward Walter Business CEO of Host Hotels c. 1955 -
Weasel Walter Composer The Flying Luttenbachers 1972 -
William G. Walter Business CEO of FMC 20-Sep-1945 -
Barbara Walters Journalist 20/20, The View 25-Sep-1929 -
Charles Walters Film Director Please Don't Eat the Daisies 17-Nov-1911 13-Aug-1982
David Walters Politician Governor of Oklahoma, 1991-95 20-Nov-1951 -
Farah M. Walters Business CEO of UHHS, 1992-2002 1945 -
John Walters Government American Drug Czar, 2001-2009 c. 1951 -
Julie Walters Actor Educating Rita 22-Feb-1950 -
Kathleen A. Walters Business EVP at Georgia Pacific c. 1951 -
Laurie Walters Actor Joannie Bradford on Eight Is Enough 08-Jan-1947 -
Martha Lee Walters Judge Justice, Oregon Supreme Court 1950 -
Melora Walters Actor Boogie Nights 21-Oct-1968 -
Susan Walters Actor The Young and the Restless 28-Sep-1963 -
Vernon Walters Government US Ambassador to the UN, 1985-89 03-Jan-1917 10-Feb-2002
Kim Walther TV Personality Anna Nicole Smith's dykey assistant 26-Jul-1977 -
Roger O. Walther Business Tusker Corporation 1935 -
Steven T. Walther Government US FEC Commissioner c. 1943 -
Howard L. Waltman Business Founder of Express Scripts c. 1933 -
Alice Walton Relative World's 13th richest person, 2005 07-Oct-1949 -
Bill Walton Basketball NBA Most Valuable Player, 1978 05-Nov-1952 -
Ernest T. S. Walton Physicist Split the atom 06-Oct-1903 25-Jun-1995
Helen Robson Walton Relative World's 13th richest person, 2005 03-Dec-1919 19-Apr-2007
Izaak Walton Author The Compleat Angler 09-Aug-1593 15-Dec-1683
Jess Walton Actor The Young and the Restless 18-Feb-1949 -
Jim Walton Relative World's 11th richest man, 2005 c. 1948 -
John T. Walton Relative World's 11th richest man, 2005 08-Oct-1946 27-Jun-2005
Reggie Walton Judge US District Court Judge 08-Feb-1949 -
Rob Walton Business Wal-Mart Chairman, world's 12th richest man 28-Oct-1944 -
Sam Walton Business America's richest man, founded Wal-Mart 29-Mar-1918 05-Apr-1992
William Walton Composer Troilus and Cressida 29-Mar-1902 08-Mar-1983
Michael Waltrip Auto Racing Two-time Daytona 500 Winner 30-Apr-1963 -
Robert L. Waltrip Business Founder, Service Corporation International c. 1930 -
William H. Waltrip Business CEO of Bausch & Lomb, 1996-2002 ? -
Christoph Waltz Actor Inglourious Basterds 04-Oct-1956 -
Tim Walz Politician Congressman, Minnesota 1st 06-Apr-1964 -
Michael Walzer Philosopher Just and Unjust Wars 03-Mar-1935 -
Joseph Wambaugh Novelist The Onion Field 22-Jan-1937 -
Zach Wamp Politician Congressman from Tennessee, 1995-2011 28-Oct-1957 -
Gok Wan TV Personality How to Look Good Naked 09-Oct-1974 -
Sam Wanamaker Actor Rebuilt Globe Theatre 14-Jun-1919 19-Dec-1993
Zoë Wanamaker Actor Susan Harper on My Family 13-May-1949 -
Herbert S. Wander Attorney Katten Muchin Rosenman c. 1935 -
Anthony Wang Business President of Computer Associates, 1979-92 1943 -
Charles Wang Business Founder, Computer Associates 19-Aug-1944 -
Cher Wang Business CEO of HTC, VIA Technologies c. 1958 -
David C. Wang Business President of Boeing China c. 1945 -
Garrett Wang Actor Harry Kim on Star Trek: Voyager 15-Dec-1968 -
James L. K. Wang Business President Asia of Expeditors Intl. c. 1948 -
Lulu Wang Philanthropist Tupelo Capital Management c. 1944 -
Shawn Wang Business CFO of Baidu, 2004-07 c. 1947 27-Dec-2007
Vera Wang Fashion Designer Designer of wedding dresses 27-Jun-1949 -
Wayne Wang Film Director The Joy Luck Club 12-Jan-1949 -
Y. C. Wang Business Taiwanese plastics billionaire 18-Jan-1917 15-Oct-2008
Larry W. Wangberg Business CEO of Ziff-Davis, 1997-2002 c. 1944 -
Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck Royalty King of Bhutan 21-Feb-1980 -
Jigme Singye Wangchuck Royalty King of Bhutan, 1972-2006 11-Nov-1955 -
Walter Wanger Film/TV Producer Joan of Arc 11-Jul-1894 18-Nov-1968
Jude Wanniski Columnist Supply-side theorist 17-Jun-1936 29-Aug-2005
Judge Wapner TV Personality People's Court 15-Nov-1919 -
John War Eagle Actor The Man from Laramie 08-Jun-1901 07-Feb-1991
Perkin Warbeck Hoaxer Pretender to English throne c. 1474 23-Nov-1499
Aby Warburg Scholar Founder of the Warburg Institute 13-Jun-1866 26-Oct-1929
Felix M. Warburg Business Kuhn, Loeb and Co. 14-Jan-1871 20-Oct-1937
Max M. Warburg Business M. M. Warburg & Company 05-Jun-1867 26-Dec-1946
Otto Warburg Scientist Effect of oxygen on cancer 08-Oct-1883 01-Aug-1970
Paul M. Warburg Business The Federal Reserve System 10-Aug-1868 24-Jan-1932
Patrick Warburton Actor Puddy on Seinfeld 14-Nov-1964 -
William Warburton Religion Divine Legation 24-Dec-1698 07-Jun-1779
Aaron Montgomery Ward Business Founded Montgomery Ward company 17-Feb-1844 07-Dec-1913
Artemas Ward Military Major General of the Continental Army 26-Nov-1727 28-Oct-1800
Artemus Ward Columnist Humorist 23-Apr-1834 06-Mar-1867
Bernie Ward Radio Personality Former KGO talk show host 05-Apr-1951 -
Bill Ward Drummer Drummer for Black Sabbath 05-May-1948 -
Burt Ward Actor Robin the Boy Wonder 06-Jul-1946 -
Charlie Ward Basketball NY Knicks, also 1993 Heisman Trophy 12-Oct-1970 -
Claire Ward Politician British MP, Watford 09-May-1972 -
David S. Ward Film Director The Sting 25-Oct-1945 -
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward Novelist The Story of Avis 31-Aug-1844 28-Jan-1911
Fred Ward Actor Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins 30-Dec-1942 -
Hines Ward Football Pittsburgh Steelers 08-Mar-1976 -
Jackie M. Ward Business CEO of Computer Generation, 1968-2000 c. 1939 -
Jonathan P. Ward Business CEO of ServiceMaster, 2001-06 c. 1954 -
Joseph Ward Head of State Twice Prime Minister of New Zealand 26-Apr-1856 08-Jul-1930
Lalla Ward Actor Romana #2 from Doctor Who 28-Jun-1951 -
Lester Frank Ward Sociologist Dynamic Sociology 18-Jun-1841 18-Apr-1913
Lloyd D. Ward Business CEO of Maytag, 1999-2000 c. 1948 -
Lynd Ward Engraver Gods' Man 26-Jun-1905 28-Jun-1985
Megan Ward Actor Kimberly Sayers on Dark Skies 24-Sep-1969 -
Michael Ward Business Bain Capital c. 1964 -
Michael J. Ward Business CEO of CSX c. 1950 -
Nathaniel Ward Religion Wrote Massachusetts' Body of Liberties c. 1578 Oct-1652
Rachel Ward Actor The Thorn Birds 12-Sep-1957 -
Scooter Ward Musician Frontman for the band Cold 07-May-1970 -
Sela Ward Actor Lily Sammler on Once and Again 11-Jul-1956 -
Shayne Ward Singer Winner of The X Factor, 2005 15-Oct-1984 -
Simon Ward Actor Sir Monty Everard on Judge John Deed 19-Oct-1941 20-Jul-2012
Sophie Ward Actor Dr. Helen Trent on Heartbeat 30-Dec-1964 -
Susan Ward Actor Meg Cummings on Sunset Beach 15-Apr-1976 -
George E. Wardeberg Business CEO of WICOR, 1994-2000 c. 1935 -
Fred Wardell Business Founder of Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Co. 30-Mar-1866 1952
Jack Warden Actor 12 Angry Men 18-Sep-1920 19-Jul-2006
Kim M. Wardlaw Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 02-Jul-1954 -
Richard Ware II Business Amarillo National Bank c. 1946 -
Andre Ware Football Winner, 1989 Heisman Trophy 31-Jul-1968 -
Carl Ware Business Former Coca-Cola executive 30-Sep-1943 -
Chris Ware Cartoonist The ACME Novelty Library 28-Dec-1967 -
Helen Ware Actor Theater actress 15-Oct-1877 25-Jan-1939
Marilyn Ware Business US Ambassador to Finland, 2006-08 c. 1944 -
John P. Wareham Business CEO of Beckman Coulter, 1998-2005 c. 1941 -
Eric Wareheim Comic Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! 07-Apr-1976 -
Peter S. Wareing Business Wareing, Athon & Company c. 1951 -
Marsha Warfield Actor Roz on Night Court 05-Mar-1954 -
Paul Warfield Football NFL Hall of Famer 28-Nov-1942 -
William Warfield Singer Porgy and Bess 22-Jan-1920 25-Aug-2002
J. David Wargo Business New Mountain Capital 01-Oct-1953 -
William Warham Religion Archbishop of Canterbury, 1504-32 c. 1450 22-Aug-1532
Andy Warhol Artist Pop Art movement 06-Aug-1928 22-Feb-1987
Fred Waring Conductor Innovative bandleader and musician 09-Jun-1900 29-Jul-1984
Billy Warlock Actor General Hospital 26-Mar-1961 -
Murray Warmath Football Minnesota Head Coach, 1954-71 16-Oct-1912 16-Mar-2011
Daniel J. Warmenhoven Business CEO of Network Appliance c. 1950 -
Randy Warmer Musician Just When I Needed You Most 30-Mar-1955 12-Jan-2004
Amelia Warner Actor Lorna Doone 04-Jun-1982 -
Charles Dudley Warner Author Harper's editorialist 12-Sep-1829 20-Oct-1900
David Warner Actor The Omen 29-Jul-1941 -
Douglas A. Warner III Business CEO of JP Morgan, 1995-2000 09-Jun-1946 -
H. B. Warner Actor The King of Kings 26-Oct-1875 21-Dec-1958
Jack L. Warner Business Co-Founder, Warner Bros. 02-Aug-1892 09-Sep-1978
Jane L. Warner Business Illinois Tool Works executive c. 1948 -
John Warner Politician US Senator from Virginia, 1979-2009 18-Feb-1927 -
Julie Warner Actor The Puppet Masters 09-Feb-1965 -
Kurt Warner Football Un-drafted NFL star quarterback 22-Jun-1971 -
Malcolm-Jamal Warner Actor Theo Huxtable on The Cosby Show 18-Aug-1970 -
Margaret Warner Journalist PBS News Hour Correspondent c. 1949 -
Mark Warner Politician US Senator from Virginia 15-Dec-1954 -
Michael Warner Scholar Fear of a Queer Planet c. 1958 -
Pop Warner Football Coach and kids' football namesake 05-Apr-1871 07-Sep-1954
Silas Warner Computer Programmer Castle Wolfenstein 18-Aug-1949 26-Feb-2004
Sylvia Townsend Warner Author Lolly Willowes 06-Dec-1893 01-May-1978
Jennifer Warnes Singer/Songwriter The Time of My Life 03-Mar-1947 -
John Warnock Computer Programmer Co-Founder of Adobe 06-Oct-1940 -
Anna Waronker Musician Frontwoman for that dog. 10-Jul-1972 -
Earl Warren Judge US Chief Justice, 1953-69 19-Mar-1891 09-Jul-1974
Elizabeth Warren Educator Law professor, bankruptcy expert 22-Jun-1949 -
Estella Warren Model Synchronized swimmer turned model 23-Dec-1970 -
Fletcher Warren Diplomat US Ambassador to Turkey, 1956-60 03-Mar-1896 08-Jan-1992
Fuller Warren Politician Governor of Florida, 1949-53 03-Oct-1905 23-Sep-1973
Gouverneur Kemble Warren Military Union Army General 08-Jan-1830 08-Aug-1882
Harry Warren Composer Forty-Second Street 24-Dec-1893 22-Sep-1981
J. Robin Warren Doctor H. pylori bacteria causes ulcers 11-Jun-1937 -
Jennifer Warren Actor Night Moves 12-Aug-1941 -
Joseph Warren Government American patriot killed at Bunker Hill 11-Jun-1741 17-Jun-1775
Kelcy L. Warren Business CEO of Energy Transfer Partners c. 1956 -
Kiersten Warren Actor Saved by the Bell: The College Years 04-Nov-1965 -
Leonard Warren Singer Operatic baritone, NY Metropolitan Opera 21-Apr-1911 04-Mar-1960
Lesley Ann Warren Actor The Limey 16-Aug-1946 -
Marc Warren Actor Danny Blue on Hustle 20-Mar-1967 -
Mercy Otis Warren Historian History of the American Revolution 25-Sep-1728 19-Oct-1814
Michael Warren Actor Bobby Hill on Hill Street Blues 05-Mar-1946 -
Neil Clark Warren Business Founder, eHarmony 18-Sep-1934 -
Rick Warren Religion The Purpose-Driven Life 28-Jan-1954 -
Robert Penn Warren Poet First US Poet Laureate 24-Apr-1905 15-Sep-1989
Rusty Warren Singer/Songwriter Songs for Sinners 17-Mar-1931 -
William C. Warren Educator Dean of Columbia Law School, 1952-70 03-Feb-1909 11-Sep-2000
Ruth Warrick Actor Phoebe Tyler on All My Children 29-Jun-1915 15-Jan-2005
Padmasree Warrior Business CTO of Motorola c. 1961 -
Kevin M. Warsh Economist Federal Reserve Governor, 2006-11 13-Apr-1970 -
Thomas Warton Poet English Poet Laureate, 1785-90 09-Jan-1728 21-May-1790
Dee Dee Warwick Singer Influential but obscure soul singer 25-Sep-1945 19-Oct-2008
Dionne Warwick Singer Walk On By 12-Dec-1940 -
Robert Warwick Actor Alias Jimmy Valentine 09-Oct-1878 06-Jun-1964
Don Was Musician Half of the music duo Was (Not Was) 13-Sep-1952 -
Cadwallader Colden Washburn Politician Wisconsin Governor and Congressman 22-Apr-1818 15-May-1882
Margaret Floy Washburn Psychologist First female American psychologist 25-Jul-1871 29-Oct-1939
Elihu Benjamin Washburne Politician Congressman and Ambassador to France 23-Sep-1816 22-Oct-1887
Booker T. Washington Educator Founder, Tuskegee Institute 05-Apr-1856 14-Nov-1915
Bushrod Washington Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1799-1829 05-Jun-1762 26-Nov-1829
Craig Washington Politician Congressman from Texas, 1989-95 12-Oct-1941 -
Denzel Washington Actor Training Day 28-Dec-1954 -
Dinah Washington Singer Queen of the Blues 29-Aug-1924 14-Dec-1963
George Washington Head of State 1st US President, 1789-97 22-Feb-1732 14-Dec-1799
Harold Washington Politician First black Mayor of Chicago 15-Apr-1922 25-Nov-1987
Isaiah Washington Actor Dr. Burke on Grey's Anatomy 03-Aug-1963 -
Kerry Washington Actor Save the Last Dance 31-Jan-1977 -
Martha Washington First Lady Wife of US President George Washington 02-Jun-1731 22-May-1802
Ned Washington Songwriter When You Wish Upon a Star 15-Aug-1901 20-Dec-1976
Ron Washington Baseball Manager, Texas Rangers 29-Apr-1952 -
Essie Mae Washington-Williams Relative Strom Thurmond's half-black daughter 12-Oct-1925 -
Donald E. Washkewicz Business CEO of Parker Hannifin c. 1950 -
Alan H. Washkowitz Business Former Partner, Lehman Brothers c. 1940 -
Mia Wasikowska Actor Alice in Wonderland 14-Oct-1989 -
Donald L. Wass Business William Oncken Company 29-Jul-1932 -
Ted Wass Actor Nick Russo on Blossom 27-Oct-1952 -
David H. Wasserman Business Partner, Clayton, Dubilier & Rice c. 1967 -
Lew Wasserman Business Chairman and CEO of MCA, 1946-95 22-Mar-1913 03-Jun-2002
August von Wassermann Biologist Syphilis test 21-Feb-1866 16-Mar-1925
Bruce Wasserstein Business Wall Street dealmaker 25-Dec-1947 14-Oct-2009
Wendy Wasserstein Playwright The Heidi Chronicles 18-Oct-1950 30-Jan-2006
Craig Wasson Actor Body Double 15-Mar-1954 -
Gedde Watanabe Actor Long Duk Dong in Sixteen Candles 26-Jun-1955 -
Katsuaki Watanabe Business CEO of Toyota 13-Feb-1942 -
Ken Watanabe Actor The Last Samurai 21-Oct-1959 -
Kenneth I. Watchmaker Business CFO of Reebok, 1996-2006 c. 1943 -
John William Waterhouse Painter British Pre-Raphaelite painter 06-Apr-1849 10-Feb-1917
Keith Waterhouse Novelist Billy Liar 06-Feb-1929 04-Sep-2009
Matthew Waterhouse Actor Adric from Doctor Who 19-Dec-1961 -
Dennis Waterman Actor Terry McCann on Minder 24-Feb-1948 -
Lewis Waterman Inventor Fountain pen 20-Nov-1836 01-May-1901
Willard Waterman Actor The Great Gildersleeve 29-Aug-1914 02-Feb-1995
Alice Waters Chef Chez Panisse 28-Apr-1944 -
Crystal Waters Singer Gypsy Woman 10-Oct-1964 -
Ethel Waters Singer Sweet Mama Stringbean 31-Oct-1896 01-Sep-1977
John Waters Film Director Hairspray 22-Apr-1946 -
Mark Waters Film Director Mean Girls 30-Jun-1964 -
Maxine Waters Politician Congresswoman, California 35th 15-Aug-1938 -
Muddy Waters Musician Hoochie Coochie Man 04-Apr-1915 30-Apr-1983
Roger Waters Songwriter Bassist for Pink Floyd 09-Sep-1943 -
Sam Waterston Actor Asst DA Jack McCoy on Law & Order 15-Nov-1940 -
Thomas R. Watjen Business CEO of Unum c. 1954 -
Pierre Watkin Actor Adventures of Superman 29-Dec-1887 03-Feb-1960
Hays T. Watkins, Jr. Business CEO of CSX, 1980-89 26-Jan-1926 -
H. Thomas Watkins Business CEO of Human Genome Sciences c. 1952 -
Ian Watkins Singer Lead singer of Lostprophets 30-Jul-1979 -
Ian Watkins Singer H from STEPS 08-May-1976 -
James Watkins Government US Secretary of Energy, 1989-93 07-Mar-1927 26-Jul-2012
Peter Watkins Film Director Punishment Park 29-Oct-1935 -
Sara Watkins Musician Bluegrass fiddler 08-Jun-1981 -
Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins Singer Founding member of TLC 26-Apr-1970 -
Tuc Watkins Actor One Life to Live 02-Sep-1966 -
Wes Watkins Politician Congressman from Oklahoma 15-Dec-1938 -
William D. Watkins Business CEO of Seagate c. 1953 -
Harold Watkinson Politician UK Minister of Defence, 1959-62 25-Jan-1910 19-Dec-1995
Jody Watley Singer/Songwriter Hasta la vista, baby 30-Jan-1959 -
Jack Watling Actor We Dive at Dawn 13-Jan-1923 22-May-2001
Cynthia Watros Actor Erin Fitzpatrick on Titus 02-Sep-1968 -
Prem Watsa Business Founder, Fairfax Financial Holdings 1950 -
H. Mitchell Watson, Jr. Business President of Sigma Group, 1992-2005 c. 1938 -
Alberta Watson Actor Madeline on La Femme Nikita 06-Mar-1955 -
Alexander F. Watson Diplomat US Ambassador to Peru, 1986-89 08-Aug-1939 -
Angela Watson Actor Karen Foster on Step by Step 12-Nov-1975 -
Anthony Watson Business CEO of HIP Health Plan of New York c. 1941 -
Arthur K. Watson Business Past President of IBM World Corp. 23-Apr-1919 26-Jul-1974
Barry Watson Actor Matt Camden on 7th Heaven 23-Apr-1974 -
Bubba Watson Golf Winner, 2012 Masters Tournament 05-Nov-1978 -
Charles L. Watson Business CEO of Dynegy, 1989-2002 c. 1949 -
Chris Watson Head of State Prime Minister of Australia, 1904 09-Apr-1867 18-Nov-1941
Chris Watson Electronic Musician Field and wildlife recordist ? -
Colin D. Watson Business CEO of Vector Aerospace, 2003-04 c. 1941 -
Diane Watson Politician Congresswoman from California, 2001-11 12-Nov-1933 -
Doc Watson Guitarist Two Days in November 02-Mar-1923 29-May-2012
Douglas G. Watson Business CEO of Novartis USA, 1996-99 c. 1945 -
Emily Watson Actor Angela's Ashes 14-Jan-1967 -
Emma Watson Actor Hermione in Harry Potter films 15-Apr-1990 -
Jack Watson Government Carter's Chief of Staff ? -
Jack Watson Actor The Wild Geese 14-May-1915 04-Jul-1999
James Watson Scientist Co-Discoverer of DNA 06-Apr-1928 -
James Craig Watson Astronomer Claimed to discover the planet Vulcan 28-Jan-1838 23-Nov-1880
James E. Watson Politician US Senator from Indiana, 1916-33 02-Nov-1864 29-Jul-1948
John Watson Psychologist Founder of Behaviorism 09-Jan-1878 25-Sep-1958
John D. Watson Business CFO of EnCana Corporation, 2002-06 c. 1946 -
John S. Watson Business CEO of Chevron Oct-1956 -
Johnny "Guitar" Watson Guitarist Gangster of Love 03-Feb-1935 17-May-1996
Lucile Watson Actor Watch on the Rhine 27-May-1879 24-Jun-1962
Max P. Watson, Jr. Business CEO of BMC Software, 1990-2001 c. 1946 -
Minor Watson Actor Guadalcanal Diary 22-Dec-1889 28-Jul-1965
Muse Watson Actor Mike Franks on NCIS 20-Jul-1948 -
Noel G. Watson Business CEO of Jacobs Engineering, 1992-2006 06-Jul-1936 -
Paul Watson Activist Environmental activist 02-Dec-1950 -
Peter S. Watson Government CEO of OPIC, 2001-05 1953 -
Russell Watson Singer People's Tenor 24-Nov-1966 -
Stephen E. Watson Business President of Dayton Hudson, 1990-96 c. 1944 -
Steve Watson Game Show Host Host of Monster House 11-Jun-1972 -
Tex Watson Criminal Honor student turned to Manson Family 02-Dec-1945 -
Thomas Watson Poet The Tears of Fancie c. 1557 26-Sep-1592
Thomas A. Watson Engineer Assistant to Alexander Graham Bell 18-Jan-1854 13-Dec-1934
Thomas J. Watson Business Led IBM into the computer era 17-Feb-1874 19-Jun-1956
Thomas J. Watson, Jr. Business CEO of IBM, 1956-71 14-Jan-1914 31-Dec-1993
Tom Watson Golf Three-time Vardon Trophy winner 04-Sep-1949 -
Tom Watson Journalist Co-Founder of @NY news service 21-Feb-1962 -
Robert Watson-Watt Physicist Radar 13-Apr-1892 05-Dec-1973
James Watt Government Reagan's Secretary of the Interior 31-Jan-1938 -
James Watt Inventor Invented modern steam engine 19-Jan-1736 19-Aug-1819
Joseph M. Watt Judge Justice, Oklahoma Supreme Court 08-Mar-1947 -
Linda E. Watt Diplomat US Ambassador to Panama, 2002-05 c. 1951 -
Mel Watt Politician Congressman, North Carolina 12th 26-Aug-1945 -
Mike Watt Musician fIREHOSE, Minutemen 20-Dec-1957 -
Antoine Watteau Painter Rococo painter of fêtes galantes 10-Oct-1684 18-Jul-1721
Ben Wattenberg Pundit Think Tank moderator 26-Aug-1933 -
Bill Watterson Cartoonist Reclusive creator of Calvin and Hobbes 05-Jul-1958 -
Henry Watterson Journalist Founder of Louisville Courier-Journal 16-Feb-1840 22-Dec-1921
John Wattin Business Chairman of MySQL 1947 -
Richard Wattis Actor English comic actor 25-Feb-1912 01-Feb-1975
Faye Wattleton Activist President, Planned Parenthood, 1978-92 08-Jul-1943 -
Alan Watts Philosopher Zen beat counterculture sage 06-Jan-1915 16-Nov-1973
André Watts Pianist American piano prodigy 20-Jun-1946 -
Charlie Watts Drummer Drummer for the Rolling Stones 02-Jun-1941 -
Coral Eugene Watts Criminal Maybe America's most prolific serial killer 07-Nov-1953 21-Sep-2007
J. C. Watts Politician Congressman from Oklahoma, 1995-2003 18-Nov-1957 -
Naomi Watts Actor First you see The Ring, then you die 28-Sep-1968 -
Ivo Watts-Russell Business Founder of 4AD Records 1954 -
Alec Waugh Author The Loom of Youth 08-Jul-1898 03-Sep-1981
Auberon Waugh Columnist Columnist for Private Eye 17-Nov-1939 16-Jan-2001
Evelyn Waugh Novelist Brideshead Revisited 28-Oct-1903 10-Apr-1966
Seth H. Waugh Business CEO of Deutsche Bank Americas ? -
Steve Waugh Cricket Captain, Australian Test Cricket, 1999-2004 02-Jun-1965 -
Archibald Wavell Military British Field Marshal in WWII 05-May-1883 24-May-1950
Lorne R. Waxlax Business Retired EVP, Gillette c. 1934 -
Al Waxman Actor Lt. Samuels on Cagney and Lacey 02-Mar-1935 18-Jan-2001
Henry Waxman Politician Congressman, California 30th 12-Sep-1939 -
Seth P. Waxman Government US Solicitor General, 1997-2001 28-Nov-1951 -
Gerard Way Musician My Chemical Romance 09-Apr-1977 -
Kenneth L. Way Business CEO of Lear, 1988-2000 c. 1939 -
Mikey Way Bassist My Chemical Romance 10-Sep-1980 -
Damon Wayans Comic My Wife and Kids 04-Sep-1960 -
Keenen Ivory Wayans Comic A Wayans Brother 08-Jun-1958 -
Kim Wayans Actor A Wayans sister 16-Oct-1961 -
Marlon Wayans Comic A Wayans Brother 23-Jul-1972 -
Shawn Wayans Comic A Wayans Brother 19-Jan-1971 -
Fee Waybill Musician Frontman for The Tubes 17-Sep-1950 -
Edgar Wayburn Activist Conservationist, Sierra Club president 17-Sep-1906 05-Mar-2010
Robert P. Wayman Business CFO of Hewlett-Packard c. 1945 -
Anthony Wayne Military Revolutionary War general 01-Jan-1745 15-Dec-1796
Carol Wayne Actor Art Fern's Tea-Time Movie Lady 06-Sep-1942 13-Jan-1985
David Wayne Actor The Andromeda Strain 30-Jan-1914 09-Feb-1995
Earl Anthony Wayne Diplomat US Ambassador to Argentina, 2006-09 c. 1950 -
James Moore Wayne Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1835-67 1790 05-Jul-1867
John Wayne Actor The Duke 26-May-1907 11-Jun-1979
Lil' Wayne Rapper Tha Carter 27-Sep-1982 -
Naunton Wayne Actor Obsession 22-Jun-1901 17-Nov-1970
Patrick Wayne Actor Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger 15-Jul-1939 -
George Weah Soccer Liberian footballer, candidate 01-Oct-1966 -
Rembert Weakland Religion Archbishop of Milwaukee, 1977-2002 02-Apr-1927 -
Ben Weasel Musician Screeching Weasel ? -
Teddy Weatherford Jazz Musician Jazz ambassador to the Far East 11-Oct-1903 25-Apr-1945
Bernard Weatherill Politician Speaker of the House of Commons, 1983-92 25-Nov-1920 06-May-2007
Michael Weatherly Actor Navy NCIS 08-Jul-1968 -
Carl Weathers Actor Action Jackson 14-Jan-1948 -
Dennis Weatherstone Business CEO of JP Morgan, 1990-94 29-Nov-1930 13-Jun-2008
Craig E. Weatherup Business CEO of Pepsi Bottling Group, 1999-2003 c. 1945 -
Ken Weatherwax Actor Pugsley on The Addams Family 29-Sep-1955 -
Arthur J. Weaver Politician Governor of Nebraska, 1929-31 18-Nov-1873 17-Oct-1945
Dennis Weaver Actor Sam McCloud in McCloud 04-Jun-1924 24-Feb-2006
Doodles Weaver Radio Personality Professor Feetlebaum 11-May-1911 17-Jan-1983
Earl Weaver Baseball Cantankerous Orioles Manager 14-Aug-1930 -
Elizabeth A. Weaver Judge Justice, Michigan Supreme Court c. 1940 -
Fritz Weaver Actor Fail Safe 19-Jan-1926 -
James B. Weaver Politician Congressman from Iowa, 1885-89 12-Jun-1833 06-Feb-1912
James H. Weaver Politician Congressman from Oregon, 1975-87 08-Aug-1927 -
Jason Weaver Actor Marcus Henderson on Smart Guy 18-Jul-1979 -
Randy Weaver Victim Ruby Ridge Incident 03-Jan-1948 -
Robert C. Weaver Government US HUD Secretary, 1966-68 29-Dec-1907 17-Jul-1997
Scott D. Weaver Business CFO of Western Refining, 2000-05 c. 1958 -
Sigourney Weaver Actor Alien 08-Oct-1949 -
William Weaver Translator Translator from the Italian 24-Jul-1923 -
Hugo Weaving Actor Agent Smith in The Matrix 04-Apr-1960 -
Alan Webb Actor English character actor 02-Jul-1906 22-Jun-1982
Charles Webb Novelist The Graduate 09-Jun-1939 -
Chick Webb Jazz Musician The Chick Webb Orchestra 10-Feb-1905 16-Jun-1939
Chloe Webb Actor Sid and Nancy 25-Jun-1956 -
Clifton Webb Actor Laura 11-Nov-1889 13-Oct-1966
Darrell Webb Business CEO of Jo-Ann Stores c. 1958 -
Gary Webb Journalist Exposed CIA Nicaragua/drugs angle 31-Aug-1955 10-Dec-2004
Jack Webb Actor Joe Friday in Dragnet 02-Apr-1920 23-Dec-1982
James H. Webb Military US Senator from Virginia 09-Feb-1946 -
Jimmy Webb Songwriter Up, Up, and Away! 15-Aug-1946 -
John Webb Judge NC State Supreme Court Justice, 1986-98 18-Sep-1926 18-Sep-2008
Karrie Webb Golf Winner of 7 majors 21-Dec-1974 -
Matthew Webb Swimmer First to swim the English Channel 18-Jan-1848 24-Jul-1883
Maynard G. Webb Business CEO of LiveOps, Inc. 1955 -
O. Glenn Webb Agriculturalist President of ADM/GROWMARK, 1980-2000 c. 1935 -
Richard Webb Actor Captain Midnight 09-Sep-1915 10-Jun-1993
Robert Webb Comic Peep Show 29-Sep-1972 -
Veronica Webb Model Model, Revlon spokeswoman 23-Feb-1965 -
Wellington Webb Politician Mayor of Denver, 1991-2003 17-Feb-1941 -
Chris Webber Basketball 2003 NBA All-star, Sacramento Kings 01-Mar-1973 -
Frederick L. Webber Government Washington trade rep c. 1939 -
Mark Webber Actor Snow Day 19-Jul-1980 -
Robert Webber Actor 12 Angry Men 14-Oct-1924 19-May-1989
Webbie Rapper Savage Life 06-Sep-1985 -
Alan J. Weber Business CEO of US Trust, 2002-05 1949 -
Bruce Weber Basketball Head Coach, Fighting Illini 19-Oct-1956 -
Carl Maria von Weber Composer Oberon 18-Nov-1786 05-Jun-1826
Charlotte C. Weber Business Campbell Soup scion 19-Nov-1942 -
Dick Weber Bowling Professional bowler 23-Dec-1929 13-Feb-2005
Eberhard Weber Bassist Accomplished German bassist and composer 22-Jan-1940 -
Eugen Weber Historian The Western Tradition 24-Apr-1925 17-May-2007
Jake Weber Actor Joe Dubois on Medium 19-Mar-1964 -
Marianne Dolan Weber Business Dolan Family Foundation c. 1958 -
Max Weber Sociologist The Protestant Ethic 21-Apr-1864 14-Jun-1920
Stephen L. Weber Educator President, San Diego State University 17-Mar-1942 -
Steven Weber Actor Brian Hackett on Wings 04-Mar-1961 -
Vin Weber Politician Congressman from Minnesota, 1981-93 24-Jul-1952 -
Wilhelm Weber Physicist Student of electromagnetism 24-Oct-1804 23-Jun-1891
Anton Webern Composer Atonal composer 03-Dec-1883 15-Sep-1945
Daniel Webster Politician The completest man 18-Jan-1782 24-Oct-1852
Daniel A. Webster Politician Congressman, Florida 8th 27-Apr-1949 -
John Webster Playwright The Duchess of Malfy c. 1580 1634
Mike Webster Football Hall of Fame Center, Pittsburgh Steelers 18-Mar-1952 24-Sep-2002
Noah Webster Lexicographer Webster's Dictionary 16-Oct-1758 28-May-1843
Paul Francis Webster Songwriter Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing 20-Dec-1907 22-Mar-1984
Victor Webster Actor Brennan Mulwray on Mutant X 07-Feb-1973 -
William Webster Government FBI Director 1978-87, CIA Director 1987-91 06-Mar-1924 -
Georg Rudolf Weckherlin Poet Geistliche und weltliche Gedichte 15-Sep-1584 13-Feb-1653
Frank Wedekind Playwright Playwright born before his time 24-Jul-1864 09-Mar-1918
Albert C. Wedemeyer Military Victory Program 09-Jul-1897 17-Dec-1989
Eric Wedge Baseball Seattle Mariners manager 27-Jan-1968 -
Ann Wedgeworth Actor Lana Shields on Three's Company 21-Jan-1935 -
Josiah Wedgwood Artist Greatest potter of all time 1730 03-Jan-1795
Thurlow Weed Journalist Newspaperman and Anti-Mason 15-Nov-1797 22-Nov-1882
Lauren Weedman Comic The Daily Show correspondent 1969 -
Weegee Photographer Crime photographer 12-Jun-1899 26-Dec-1968
Frank B. Weeks Politician Governor of Connecticut, 1909-11 20-Jan-1854 02-Oct-1935
John W. Weeks Politician US Secretary of War, 1921-25 11-Apr-1860 12-Jul-1926
Sinclair Weeks Government US Commerce Secretary, 1953-58 15-Jun-1893 07-Feb-1972
Wendell P. Weeks Business CEO of Corning c. 1960 -
Mason Locke Weems Author Life of George Washington 11-Oct-1759 23-May-1825
Dean Ween Guitarist Ween 25-Sep-1970 -
Gene Ween Singer/Songwriter Ween 17-Mar-1970 -
Alfred Wegener Scientist Continental drift 01-Nov-1880 Nov-1930
Timothy T. Weglicki Business ABS Capital Partners c. 1952 -
Haifa Wehbe Singer The Arab world's Madonna c. 1974 -
Helge H. Wehmeier Business CEO of Bayer Corporation, 1995-2002 1943 -
Peter H. Wehner Government Director, Office of Strategic Initiatives c. 1961 -
Lowell P. Weicker, Jr. Politician Governor of Connecticut, 1991-95 16-May-1931 -
Thomas H. Weidemeyer Business COO of UPS, 2001-03 c. 1948 -
Murray L. Weidenbaum Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 1981-82 10-Feb-1927 -
Virginia Weidler Actor The Philadelphia Story 21-Mar-1927 01-Jul-1968
David N. Weidman Business CEO of Celanese 23-May-1955 -
George Weigel Activist Ethics and Public Policy Center 1951 -
Helene Weigel Actor The Berliner Ensemble 12-May-1900 06-May-1971
Teri Weigel Pornstar Lips Wide Shut, Whores R Us 24-Feb-1962 -
Andrew Weil Author New age ethnopharmacologist 08-Jun-1942 -
Cynthia Weil Songwriter Half of songwriting duo Mann and Weil 18-Oct-1937 -
Liza Weil Actor Paris Geller on Gilmore Girls 05-Jun-1977 -
Simone Weil Philosopher The Iliad, or the Poem of Force 03-Feb-1909 24-Aug-1943
John H. Weiland Business COO of C. R. Bard c. 1955 -
Scott Weiland Singer Frontman, Stone Temple Pilots 27-Oct-1967 -
Kurt Weill Composer The Threepenny Opera 02-Mar-1900 03-Apr-1950
Sanford I. Weill Business CEO of Citigroup, 1998-2003 16-Mar-1933 -
Arthur F. Weinbach Business CEO of ADP, 1996-2006 c. 1943 -
Lawrence A. Weinbach Business CEO of Unisys, 1997-2005 c. 1939 -
Alvin M. Weinberg Physicist Nuclear scientist 20-Apr-1915 18-Oct-2006
John L. Weinberg Business Chairman of Goldman Sachs, 1976-90 25-Jan-1925 07-Aug-2006
Max Weinberg Drummer Drummer for Springsteen and Conan 13-Apr-1951 -
Steven Weinberg Physicist Electroweak Theory 03-May-1933 -
Caspar Weinberger Government Iran-Contra figure pardoned by Bush 18-Aug-1917 28-Mar-2006
Anthony Weiner Politician Congressman from New York, 1999-2011 04-Sep-1964 -
Tim Weiner Journalist Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA 20-Jun-1956 -
Gene Weingarten Columnist Below the Beltway 02-Oct-1951 -
Randi Weingarten Labor Leader President, United Federation of Teachers 1957 -
Felix Weingartner Conductor Conductor, Vienna Philharmonic, 1919-27 02-Jun-1863 07-May-1942
Scott Weinger Actor Steve Hale on Full House 05-Oct-1975 -
Chris Weinke Football Winner, 2000 Heisman Trophy 31-Jul-1972 -
John Giffen Weinmann Attorney White House Chief of Protocol, 1991-93 29-Aug-1928 -
Stephen D. Weinroth Business Drexel Burnham Lambert c. 1936 -
Allen Weinstein Historian US National Archivist 01-Sep-1937 -
Bob Weinstein Film/TV Producer Miramax and Dimension Films 1954 -
Harvey Weinstein Film/TV Producer Miramax and The Weinstein Co. 19-Mar-1952 -
Michael F. Weinstein Business CEO of Snapple, 1997-2000 c. 1948 -
Mikey Weinstein Activist With God on Our Side c. 1955 -
Ellen L. Weintraub Government US FEC Commissioner ? -
Jerry Weintraub Film/TV Producer Hollywood producer 29-Sep-1937 -
William H. Weintraub Business Senior VP at Coors, 1993-2002 c. 1943 -
Bob Weir Guitarist Rhythm guitar for Grateful Dead 16-Oct-1947 -
Johnny Weir Figure Skating Olympic figure skater 02-Jul-1984 -
Mike Weir Golf Winner of 2003 Masters 12-May-1970 -
Peter Weir Film Director The Truman Show 08-Aug-1944 -
Charlie Weis Football Head Coach, University of Kansas 30-Mar-1956 -
Don Weis Film Director The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini 13-May-1922 25-Jul-2000
Jacob Weisberg Journalist Slate Group chairman 1964 -
Mark Weisbrot Economist Center for Economic and Policy Research 1954 -
Ronald Weiser Diplomat US Ambassador to Slovakia, 2001-04 07-Jul-1945 -
Adam Weishaupt Activist Founder of the Bavarian Illuminati 06-Feb-1748 18-Nov-1811
Tom Weiskopf Golf Winner, 1973 British Open 09-Nov-1942 -
Jonathan Weisman Journalist Wall Street Journal c. 1966 -
Walter L. Weisman Business American Medical International c. 1935 -
August Weismann Biologist Theory of Germ Plasm 17-Jan-1834 05-Nov-1914
Cora Weiss Activist Samuel Rubin Foundation ? -
Jeffrey Weiss Business President and COO of American Greetings c. 1964 -
Michael T. Weiss Actor The Pretender 02-Feb-1962 -
Morry Weiss Business CEO of American Greetings, 1987-2003 1940 -
Stephen H. Weiss Business Co-Founder, Weiss, Peck & Greer c. 1935 16-Apr-2008
Theodore S. Weiss Politician Congressman from New York, 1977-92 17-Sep-1927 14-Sep-1992
Zev Weiss Business CEO of American Greetings c. 1966 -
Alberto Weisser Business CEO of Bunge 26-Jun-1955 -
Norbert Weisser Actor Midnight Express 09-Jul-1946 -
Victor Weisskopf Physicist Head of CERN, 1961-65 19-Sep-1908 21-Apr-2002
George Weissman Business CEO of Philip Morris, 1978-84 12-Jul-1919 24-Jul-2009
Robert E. Weissman Business CEO of IMS Health, 1997-2000 c. 1942 -
Johnny Weissmuller Actor Gold Medalist became Tarzan 02-Jun-1904 20-Jan-1984
Rachel Weisz Actor The Constant Gardener 07-Mar-1971 -
Bruce Weitz Actor Sgt. Belker on Hill Street Blues 27-May-1943 -
Paul Weitz Film Director American Pie 19-Nov-1965 -
Ai Weiwei Artist Chinese contemporary artist 18-May-1957 -
Joseph Weizenbaum Computer Programmer ELIZA 08-Jan-1923 05-Mar-2008
Ezer Weizman Head of State President of Israel, 1993-2000 15-Jun-1924 24-Apr-2005
Chaim Weizmann Head of State First President of Israel 27-Nov-1874 09-Nov-1952
Richard von Weizsäcker Head of State President of Germany, 1984-94 15-Apr-1920 -
Bob Welch Guitarist Guitarist for Fleetwood Mac, 1971-74 31-Aug-1945 07-Jun-2012
Brian "Head" Welch Guitarist Ex-Guitarist for Korn 19-Jun-1971 -
C. David Welch Diplomat US Ambassador to Egypt, 2001-05 1953 -
Denise Welch Actor British TV soap actress 22-May-1958 -
Florence Welch Singer Florence and the Machine 28-Aug-1986 -
Gillian Welch Singer/Songwriter Revival 02-Oct-1967 -
Jack Welch Business CEO of GE, 1981-2001 19-Nov-1935 -
John K. Welch Business CEO of USEC c. 1951 -
Joseph Welch Attorney Have you no sense of decency? 22-Oct-1890 06-Oct-1960
Larry D. Welch Military USAF Chief of Staff, 1986-90 09-Jun-1934 -
Louie Welch Politician Mayor of Houston, 1964-73 09-Dec-1918 27-Jan-2008
Martin E. Welch Business CFO of United Rentals c. 1948 -
Michael Welch Actor Luke on Joan of Arcadia 25-Jul-1987 -
Peter Welch Politician Congressman from Vermont 02-May-1947 -
Raquel Welch Actor Cocktail waitress turned 60s sexpot 05-Sep-1940 -
Robert Welch Activist Founder, John Birch Society 01-Dec-1899 06-Jan-1985
Suzy Welch Journalist HBR Editor, now wife of Jack Welch 1959 -
Tahnee Welch Actor Raquel's daughter 26-Dec-1961 -
Thomas B. Welch Business Grape juice magnate 31-Dec-1825 29-Dec-1903
William H. Welch Scientist Johns Hopkins School of Medicine 08-Apr-1850 30-Apr-1934
Bill Weld Politician Governor of Massachusetts, 1991-97 31-Jul-1945 -
Tuesday Weld Actor Looking for Mr. Goodbar 27-Aug-1943 -
Paul Welday Business Lobbyist, Strategic Public Affairs c. 1959 -
Curt Weldon Politician Congressman from Pennsylvania, 1987-2007 22-Jul-1947 -
Dave Weldon Politician Congressman from Florida, 1995-2009 31-Aug-1953 -
Fay Weldon Novelist Life and Loves of a She-Devil 22-Sep-1931 -
Joan Weldon Actor Them! 05-Aug-1933 -
William C. Weldon Business CEO of Johnson & Johnson 26-Nov-1948 -
Roy Welensky Head of State Rhodesian Prime Minister, 1956-63 20-Jan-1907 05-Dec-1991
Walter Welford Politician Governor of North Dakota, 1935-36 21-May-1868 28-Jun-1952
Per Welin Business Chairman, L-E Lundberg-företagen AB 1936 -
Lawrence Welk Conductor Big band leader, TV champagne music host 11-Mar-1903 17-May-1992
Frank Welker Actor Voice actor, Transformers 16-Feb-1945 -
Herman Welker Politician US Senator from Idaho, 1951-57 11-Dec-1906 30-Oct-1957
Wes Welker Football New England Patriots WR 01-May-1981 -
W. Christopher Wellborn Business COO of Mohawk Industries c. 1955 -
Alex Wellen TV Personality CNN Legal Analyst ? -
Frederick Weller Actor Marshall Mann on In Plain Sight 1966 -
Jerry Weller Politician Congressman from Illinois, 1995-2009 07-Jul-1957 -
Paul Weller Musician Frontman for The Jam and The Style Council 25-May-1958 -
Peter Weller Actor The original RoboCop 24-Jun-1947 -
Thomas H. Weller Scientist Cultured the polio virus 15-Jun-1915 23-Aug-2008
Orson Welles Actor Citizen Kane 06-May-1915 10-Oct-1985
Sumner Welles Diplomat US Under Secretary of State, 1937-43 14-Oct-1892 24-Sep-1961
Tori Welles Pornstar Girligan's Island 17-Jun-1967 -
Arthur Wellesley Military 1st Duke of Wellington 01-May-1769 14-Sep-1852
Curtis R. Welling Business CEO of AmeriCares c. 1949 -
Tom Welling Actor Superboy on Smallville 26-Apr-1977 -
David Wellington Film Director I Love a Man in Uniform 1963 -
Titus Welliver Actor Silas Adams on Deadwood 12-Mar-1961 -
William A. Wellman Film Director The High and the Mighty 29-Feb-1896 09-Dec-1975
James M. Wells III Business CEO of SunTrust Banks c. 1947 -
Charles T. Wells Judge Justice, Florida Supreme Court 04-Mar-1939 -
Claudia Wells Actor Back to the Future 05-Jul-1966 -
Cory Wells Singer Three Dog Night 05-Feb-1942 -
David Wells Baseball MLB pitcher, wrote Perfect I'm Not 20-May-1963 -
Dawn Wells Actor Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island 18-Oct-1938 -
H. G. Wells Author The War of the Worlds 21-Sep-1866 13-Aug-1946
Henry Wells Business Co-Founder of Wells Fargo, American Express 12-Dec-1805 10-Dec-1878
Horace Wells Scientist Nitrous oxide as a surgical anesthetic 21-Jan-1815 24-Jan-1848
Jonathan Wells Religion Moonie for Intelligent Design c. 1956 -
Kitty Wells Country Musician First Queen of Country Music 30-Aug-1919 16-Jul-2012
Mary Wells Singer My Guy 13-May-1943 26-Jul-1992
Melissa F. Wells Diplomat US Ambassador to Estonia, 1998-2001 18-Nov-1932 -
Robb Wells Actor Ricky on Trailer Park Boys 1971 -
Simon Wells Film Director The Time Machine 1961 -
Ted Wells Attorney Washington lawyer 28-Apr-1950 -
Vernon Wells Actor Capt. Bennett in Commando 31-Dec-1945 -
Ida B. Wells-Barnett Activist Civil rights advocate 16-Jul-1862 25-Mar-1931
Paul Wellstone Politician US Senator from Minnesota, 1991-2002 21-Jul-1944 25-Oct-2002
Franz Welser-Möst Conductor Music Director, Cleveland Orchestra 16-Aug-1960 -
John E. Welsh III Business Avalon Capital Partners c. 1951 -
Irvine Welsh Novelist Trainspotting 27-Sep-1961 -
Kenneth Welsh Actor Windom Earle on Twin Peaks 30-Mar-1942 -
Matthew E. Welsh Politician Governor of Indiana, 1961-65 15-Sep-1912 28-May-1995
Anthony Welters Business AmeriChoice c. 1955 -
Eudora Welty Author The Optimist's Daughter 13-Apr-1909 23-Jul-2001
Papa Wemba Musician King of Rhumba Rock 14-Jun-1949 -
Señor Wences Performance Artist Ventriloquist 17-Apr-1896 20-Apr-1999
Peter C. Wendell Business Venture capitalist, Sierra Ventures c. 1950 -
Wim Wenders Film Director Wings of Desire 14-Aug-1945 -
Paul Wendkos Film Director Gidget 20-Sep-1922 12-Nov-2009
George Wendt Actor Norm on Cheers 17-Oct-1948 -
Arsène Wenger Soccer Arsenal manager 22-Oct-1949 -
David Wenham Actor Faramir in Lord of the Rings 21-Sep-1965 -
Jann Wenner Business Publisher of Rolling Stone magazine 07-Jan-1946 -
Ali Wentworth Actor Elizabeth Goode on Head Case 12-Jan-1965 -
W. C. Wentworth Government Australian patriot 1790 20-Mar-1872
Howard B. Wentz, Jr. Business CEO of Amstar Company, 1983-89 10-Jan-1930 -
Peter Wentz Bassist Bassist for Fall Out Boy 05-Jun-1979 -
Chuck Wepner Boxing Supposed inspiration for Rocky 26-Feb-1939 -
Kathryn M. Werdegar Judge Justice, California Supreme Court 1936 -
Alfred L. Werker Film Director The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 02-Dec-1896 28-Jul-1975
Devon Werkheiser Actor Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide 08-Mar-1991 -
Abraham Gottlob Werner Geologist Neptunist school of geology 25-Sep-1750 30-Jun-1817
Alfred Werner Chemist Coordination theory of chemistry 12-Dec-1866 15-Nov-1919
Oskar Werner Actor Jules et Jim 13-Nov-1922 23-Oct-1984
Linda Wertheimer Journalist NPR 19-Mar-1943 -
Thomas C. Wertheimer Business Retired Audit Partner, PWC 1940 -
Lina Wertmüller Film Director The Seduction of Mimi 14-Aug-1928 -
Glenway Wescott Novelist The Pilgrim Hawk 11-Apr-1901 22-Feb-1987
Arnold Wesker Playwright The Kitchen 24-May-1932 -
John Wesley Religion Founder of Methodism 17-Jun-1703 02-Mar-1791
Norman H. Wesley Business CEO of Fortune Brands, 1999-2008 1949 -
Paul Wesley Actor Tommy Callahan on Everwood 23-Jul-1982 -
Richard C. Wesley Judge 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals 01-Aug-1949 -
David Wessel Journalist Wall Street Journal c. 1953 -
Horst Wessel Activist Nazi martyr 09-Oct-1907 23-Feb-1930
Michael R. Wessel Government Longtime aide to Dick Gephardt c. 1959 -
Daniel B. Wesson Business Repeating pistol 18-May-1825 04-Aug-1906
Dick Wesson Actor Destination Moon 19-Nov-1922 25-Apr-1996
Adam West Actor Batman, Mayor of Quahog 19-Sep-1928 -
Allen West Politician Congressman, Florida 22nd 07-Feb-1961 -
Benjamin West Painter British-American portrait, scene painter 10-Oct-1738 10-Mar-1820
Billy West Actor Futurama voices, Ren and Stimpy 16-Apr-1952 -
Bob West Actor Voice of Barney the Purple Dinosaur 12-Jan-1959 -
Chandra West Actor White Noise 31-Dec-1970 -
Cornel West Activist Prominent blackademic 02-Jun-1953 -
David J. West Business CEO of Del Monte c. 1964 -
Dominic West Actor Det. McNulty on The Wire 03-Sep-1969 -
Dorothy West Novelist The Wedding 02-Jun-1907 16-Aug-1998
Dottie West Country Musician Country Sunshine 11-Oct-1932 04-Sep-1991
James E. West Politician Former Mayor of Spokane 28-Mar-1951 22-Jul-2006
Jerry West Basketball Los Angeles Lakers 28-May-1938 -
Jessamyn West Author The Friendly Persuasion 18-Jul-1902 23-Feb-1984
John C. West Politician Governor of South Carolina, 1971-75 27-Aug-1922 21-Mar-2004
Kanye West Music Producer The College Dropout 08-Jun-1977 -
Leslie West Musician Mountain bandleader and guitarist 22-Oct-1945 -
Mae West Actor Go up and see her sometime 17-Aug-1893 22-Nov-1980
Mary Beth West Business Chief Marketing Officer, Kraft Foods c. 1962 -
Natalie West Actor Crystal Anderson-Conner on Roseanne 23-Jan-1956 -
Nathanael West Author The Day of the Locust 17-Oct-1903 22-Dec-1940
Randy West Pornstar Up N Cummers, Confession of Emmanuelle 12-Oct-1947 -
Rebecca West Author Reporter on the Nuremburg Trials 21-Dec-1892 15-Mar-1983
Red West Actor Baa Baa Black Sheep 1936 -
Robert H. West Business CEO of Butler Manufacturing, 1986-99 c. 1939 -
Roland West Film Director The Bat Whispers 20-Feb-1885 31-Mar-1952
Rosemary West Criminal British serial killer, along with husband Fred 29-Nov-1953 -
Roy Owen West Attorney US Secretary of the Interior, 1928-29 27-Oct-1868 29-Nov-1958
Samuel West Actor Howard's End 19-Jun-1966 -
Shane West Actor Eli Sammler on Once and Again 10-Jun-1978 -
Shelly West Country Musician José Cuervo 23-May-1958 -
Simon West Film Director Con Air 1961 -
Steven M. West Business COO of nCUBE, 2001-03 c. 1957 -
Timothy West Actor Edward the King 20-Oct-1934 -
Togo West Government US Secretary of the Army, Veterans Affairs 21-Jun-1942 -
Brian Westbrook Football Pro Bowl running back 02-Sep-1979 -
Dan A. Westbrook Business Former executive, BP China c. 1953 -
Kelvin R. Westbrook Business Millenium Digital Media 1955 -
Russell Westbrook Basketball Oklahoma City Thunder point guard 12-Nov-1988 -
Edward Noyes Westcott Novelist David Harum 27-Sep-1846 31-Mar-1898
Gordon Westcott Actor Heroes for Sale 06-Nov-1903 31-Oct-1935
James Westcott Politician US Senator from Florida, 1845-49 10-May-1802 19-Jan-1880
Lars Westerberg Business Chairman of Autoliv 1948 -
Paul Westerberg Musician The Replacements 31-Dec-1960 -
James Westerfield Actor On the Waterfront 22-Mar-1913 20-Sep-1971
Randolph W. Westerfield Educator Business Professor, USC c. 1941 -
David A. Westerlund Business EVP at Ball Corporation c. 1950 -
Edvard Westermarck Anthropologist The Origin & Development of Moral Ideas 20-Nov-1862 03-Sep-1939
Jennifer Westfeldt Actor Notes from the Underbelly 02-Feb-1970 -
Paul Westhead Basketball LA Lakers coach 1979-82 21-Feb-1939 -
Ruth Westheimer Talk Show Host 4'7" of concentrated sex 04-Jun-1928 -
David Westin Business President of ABC News c. 1952 -
George Westinghouse Inventor Air brake and A/C power 06-Oct-1846 12-Mar-1914
Helen Westley Actor Death Takes a Holiday 28-Mar-1875 12-Dec-1942
Peter Westmacott Diplomat UK Ambassador to France c. 1950 -
Nydia Westman Actor Mrs. Featherstone on Going My Way 19-Feb-1902 23-May-1970
Lynn Westmoreland Politician Congressman, Georgia 3rd 02-Apr-1950 -
William Westmoreland Military Commanded US Army in Vietnam War 26-Mar-1914 18-Jul-2005
Jack Weston Actor Wait Until Dark 21-Aug-1924 03-May-1996
Kim Weston Musician It Takes Two 30-Dec-1939 -
Stanley I. Westreich Business Westfield Realty, Inc. c. 1937 -
Ed Westwick Actor Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl 27-Jun-1987 -
Vivienne Westwood Fashion Designer Popularized punk rock fashion 08-Apr-1941 -
T. K. Wetherell Politician President, Florida State University 22-Dec-1945 -
Charles T. Wethington, Jr. Educator President, University of Kentucky, 1990-2001 02-Jan-1936 -
Olin L. Wethington Government Chairman of AIG China 17-Nov-1948 -
Patricia Wettig Actor thirtysomething 04-Dec-1951 -
John Wetton Musician Singer for Asia and King Crimson 12-Jun-1949 -
Merritt Wever Actor Zoey on Nurse Jackie 1980 -
Haskell Wexler Cinematographer Medium Cool 06-Feb-1922 -
Rob Wexler Politician Former Congressman from Florida 02-Jan-1961 -
Abigail S. Wexner Relative Wife of Leslie H. Wexner c. 1962 -
Leslie H. Wexner Business CEO of Limited Brands 08-Sep-1937 -
Frederick C. Weyand Military US Army Chief of Staff, 1974-76 15-Sep-1916 10-Feb-2010
Rogier van der Weyden Painter Flemish Renaissance painter c. 1400 18-Jun-1464
Frederick Weyerhaeuser Business Founder of Weyerhaeuser Company 21-Nov-1834 04-Apr-1914
Larry L. Weyers Business CEO of Intergrys Energy c. 1946 -
Robert Weygand Politician Congressman from Rhode Island, 1997-2001 10-May-1948 -
Katharine Weymouth Publisher Washington Post publisher c. 1966 -
Lally Weymouth Journalist The Washington Post 03-Jul-1943 -
Tina Weymouth Bassist Bassist for Talking Heads 22-Nov-1950 -
Paul Weyrich Columnist Conservative activist 07-Oct-1942 18-Dec-2008
James Whale Film Director Frankenstein 22-Jul-1889 29-May-1957
Charles W. Whalen, Jr. Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1967-79 31-Jul-1920 27-Jun-2011
James W. Whalen Business President of Finance, Targa Resources c. 1941 -
Michael Whalen Actor Wee Willie Winkie 30-Jun-1902 14-Apr-1974
Philip Whalen Poet Canoeing up Carbaga Creek 20-Oct-1923 26-Jun-2002
Frank Whaley Actor The Jimmy Show 20-Jul-1963 -
Justin Whalin Actor Jimmy Olsen on Lois and Clark 06-Sep-1974 -
Joanne Whalley Actor Willow 25-Aug-1964 -
Clifton R. Wharton Diplomat First Black Career US Ambassador 11-May-1899 23-Apr-1983
Clifton R. Wharton, Jr. Business CEO of TIAA-CREF, 1987-92 13-Sep-1926 -
Edith Wharton Novelist The Age of Innocence 24-Jan-1862 11-Aug-1937
J. Ernest Wharton Politician Congressman from New York, 1951-65 04-Oct-1899 19-Jan-1990
J. Taylor Wharton Doctor Gynecological oncologist c. 1938 -
William Wharton Novelist Birdy 07-Nov-1925 29-Oct-2008
Kevin Whately Actor Inspector Lewis 06-Feb-1951 -
Alan Wheat Politician Congressman from Missouri, 1983-95 16-Oct-1951 -
Bill W. Wheat Business CFO of D. R. Horton c. 1966 -
Phillis Wheatley Poet First prominent African-American poet c. 1743 05-Dec-1784
Wil Wheaton Actor Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: TNG 29-Jul-1972 -
Charles Wheatstone Physicist Inventor of the telegraph 06-Feb-1802 19-Oct-1875
Joss Whedon Film/TV Producer Creator of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly 23-Jun-1964 -
Anne Wheeler Film Director Better Than Chocolate 22-Nov-1946 -
Carrie Wheeler Business Texas Pacific Group c. 1970 -
Earle G. Wheeler Military Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1964-70 13-Jan-1908 18-Dec-1975
John Archibald Wheeler Physicist The Mechanism of Nuclear Fission 09-Jul-1911 13-Apr-2008
Maggie Wheeler Actor Janice Litman on Friends 07-Aug-1961 -
Mortimer Wheeler Archaeologist Archaeology from the Earth 10-Sep-1890 22-Jul-1976
Robert Wheeler Musician Plays keyboards, theremin for Pere Ubu 1957 -
Roger Wheeler Military Head of the British Army, 1997-2000 1943 -
Thomas B. Wheeler Business CEO of Massachusetts Mutual Life, 1988-99 c. 1936 -
William A. Wheeler Politician Vice President under Hayes 30-Jun-1819 04-Jun-1887
Arleen Whelan Actor Castle in the Desert 01-Sep-1914 07-Apr-1993
M. Edward Whelan III Activist Ethics and Public Policy Center c. 1959 -
Tim Whelan Film Director The Divorce of Lady X 02-Nov-1892 12-Aug-1957
Lisa Whelchel Actor Blair Warner on The Facts of Life 29-May-1963 -
Dan Wheldon Auto Racing Two-time Indianapolis 500 winner 22-Jun-1978 16-Oct-2011
Paul W. Whetsell Business CapStar Hotel Company c. 1952 -
Deryck Whibley Singer Vocalist, Sum 41 21-Mar-1980 -
Robert Whilden Business Former Partner, Vinson & Elkins 1935 -
Fred Whipple Astronomer Comet Guy 05-Nov-1906 30-Aug-2004
George H. Whipple Scientist Bile, hemoglobin, and the liver 28-Aug-1878 02-Feb-1976
Kenneth Whipple Business Retired Ford Motor executive 1934 -
Shannon Whirry Actor Softcore star 07-Nov-1964 -
Ken Whisenhunt Football Head Coach, Arizona Cardinals 28-Feb-1962 -
Ben Whishaw Actor Perfume: The Story of a Murderer 14-Oct-1980 -
J. Steven Whisler Business CEO of Phelps Dodge, 2000-07 23-Nov-1954 -
James Whistler Painter Whistler's Mother 14-Jul-1834 17-Jul-1903
William Whiston Religion Apostolical Constitutions 09-Dec-1667 22-Aug-1752
Ed Whitacre, Jr. Business Chairman and CEO of General Motors, 2009-10 04-Nov-1941 -
Forest Whitaker Actor Ghost Dog 15-Jul-1961 -
John C. Whitaker, Jr. Business CEO of Inmar Enterprises 07-Aug-1937 -
Johnny Whitaker Actor Jody on Family Affair 13-Dec-1959 -
Mark Whitaker Journalist CNN managing editor 07-Sep-1957 -
Edgar Whitcomb Politician Governor of Indiana, 1969-73 06-Nov-1917 -
Alan White Drummer Drummer for Yes 14-Jun-1949 -
Alice White Actor The Widow from Chicago 25-Aug-1904 19-Feb-1983
B. Joseph White Educator President, University of Illinois 06-Apr-1947 -
Barry White Singer Soulful R&B singer 12-Sep-1944 04-Jul-2003
Betty White Actor TV sitcom and game show mainstay 17-Jan-1922 -
Bill White Politician Mayor of Houston, 2004-10 16-Jun-1954 -
Brett White Business CEO of CB Richard Ellis c. 1960 -
Brian J. White Actor Stomp the Yard 21-Apr-1973 -
Bryan White Country Musician Someone Else's Star 17-Feb-1974 -
Byron White Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1962-93 08-Jun-1917 15-Apr-2002
Carole Ita White Actor Big Rosie on Laverne and Shirley 24-Aug-1949 -
Charles White Football Winner, 1979 Heisman Trophy 22-Jan-1958 -
Dan White Assassin Assassinated George Moscone and Harvey Milk 02-Sep-1946 21-Oct-1985
Dana White Business UFC President 28-Jul-1969 -
David White Actor Larry Tate on Bewitched 04-Apr-1916 27-Nov-1990
E. B. White Author Charlotte's Web 11-Jul-1899 01-Oct-1985
Ed White Astronaut First American to walk in space 14-Nov-1930 27-Jan-1967
Edmund White Author The Joy of Gay Sex 13-Jan-1940 -
Edward Douglass White Judge US Chief Justice, 1910-21 03-Nov-1845 19-May-1921
Ellen G. White Religion Adventist seer of visions 26-Nov-1827 16-Jul-1915
Frank White Politician Governor of North Dakota, 1901-05 12-Dec-1856 23-Mar-1940
Frank D. White Politician Governor of Arkansas, 1981-83 04-Jun-1933 21-May-2003
George White Politician Governor of Ohio, 1931-35 21-Aug-1872 15-Dec-1953
George Henry White Politician Congressman from North Carolina, 1897-1901 18-Dec-1852 28-Dec-1918
Gilbert White Naturalist Natural History of Selborne 18-Jul-1720 26-Jun-1793
Helene N. White Judge 6th Circuit Court of Appeals 02-Dec-1954 -
Jack White Musician Frontman for The White Stripes 09-Jul-1975 -
Jacqueline White Actor The Narrow Margin 23-Nov-1922 -
Jaleel White Actor Urkel 27-Nov-1976 -
Jamie White Radio Personality KYSR radio host in Los Angeles 06-Dec-1968 -
Jason White Football Winner, 2003 Heisman Trophy 19-Jun-1980 -
Jeremy Allen White Actor Lip Gallagher on Shameless 18-Feb-1991 -
Jesse White Actor The Maytag Repairman, 1967-88 03-Jan-1917 09-Jan-1997
Jo Jo White Basketball Boston Celtics, 1969-79 16-Nov-1946 -
John A. White Business Chancellor, University of Arkansas c. 1940 -
John P. White Government US Deputy Secretary of Defense, 1995-97 27-Feb-1937 -
Karen Malina White Actor The Proud Family 07-Jul-1965 -
Kathy Brittain White Business Rural Sourcing c. 1950 -
Kelli White Track and Field Gold medalist sprinter, banned for drug use 01-Apr-1977 -
Kevin H. White Politician Mayor of Boston, 1968-84 25-Sep-1929 27-Jan-2012
Lawrence K. White Spy Executive Comptroller for DCI's 10-Jun-1912 05-Apr-2006
Leslie A. White Anthropologist The Science of Culture 19-Jan-1900 31-Mar-1975
Margita E. White Government FCC Commissioner, 1976-79 27-Jun-1937 20-Nov-2002
Mark White Politician Governor of Texas, 1983-87 17-Mar-1940 -
Maureen White Activist DNC National Finance Chair ? -
Maurice White Musician Founder, Earth, Wind & Fire 19-Dec-1941 -
Meg White Drummer Drummer for The White Stripes 10-Dec-1974 -
Michael D. White Business CEO of DirecTV c. 1952 -
Michael Jai White Actor Spawn 10-Nov-1967 -
Mike White Screenwriter Writer of School of Rock 28-Jun-1970 -
Mike White Football Fighting Illini Head Coach, 1980-87 04-Jan-1936 -
Miles D. White Business CEO of Abbott Laboratories 1955 -
Patrick White Novelist Riders in the Chariot 28-May-1912 30-Sep-1990
Paula White Religion Without Walls International Church 20-Apr-1966 -
Pearl White Actor Heroine of silent serial films 04-Mar-1889 04-Aug-1938
Persia White Actor Lynn Searcy on Girlfriends 25-Oct-1972 -
R. Elton White Business President of NCR, 1991-93 c. 1943 -
Reggie White Football NFL's Minister of Defense 19-Dec-1961 26-Dec-2004
Robert E. White Diplomat US Ambassador to El Salvador, 1980-81 21-Sep-1926 -
Ron White Comic Tater Salad 18-Dec-1956 -
Ronnie White Singer/Songwriter The Miracles 05-Apr-1939 26-Aug-1995
Ryan White Victim Suburban kid, AIDS activist 06-Dec-1971 08-Apr-1990
Shaun White Sports Figure The Flying Tomato 03-Sep-1986 -
Slappy White Comic The First Black Vice President 20-Sep-1921 07-Nov-1995
T. H. White Author The Once and Future King 29-May-1906 17-Jan-1964
Tam White Singer Scottish blues singer and actor c. 1944 -
Theodore H. White Historian The Making of the President 06-May-1915 15-May-1986
Thomas D. White Military USAF Chief of Staff, 1957-61 06-Aug-1901 22-Dec-1965
Tony L. White Business CEO of Applera c. 1947 -
Vanna White Game Show Host Letter turner, Wheel of Fortune 18-Feb-1957 -
Wallace H. White, Jr. Politician US Senator from Maine, 1931-49 06-Aug-1877 31-Mar-1952
Walter White Activist Worked against lynchings 01-Jul-1893 21-Mar-1955
William Allen White Journalist The Emporia Gazette 10-Feb-1868 29-Jan-1944
William J. White Business CEO of Bell & Howell, 1993-97 c. 1939 -
George Whitefield Religion Evangelist, early Methodist 27-Dec-1714 30-Sep-1770
Alfred North Whitehead Mathematician Metaphysical mathematician 15-Feb-1861 30-Dec-1947
Bob Whitehead Computer Programmer Chopper Command, Stampede ? -
Douglas W.G. Whitehead Business CEO of Finning International, 2000-08 c. 1947 -
John Whitehead Musician Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now 02-Jul-1948 11-May-2004
John C. Whitehead Business US Deputy Secretary of State, 1985-89 02-Apr-1922 -
Mary Whitehouse Activist British anti-pornography crusader 13-Jun-1910 23-Nov-2001
Sheldon Whitehouse Politician US Senator from Rhode Island 20-Oct-1955 -
James M. Whitehurst Business CEO of Red Hat c. 1967 -
Billie Whitelaw Actor The Krays 06-Jun-1932 -
William Whitelaw Politician UK Deputy Prime Minister, 1979-88 28-Jun-1918 01-Jul-1999
Richard H. Whiteley Politician Congressman from Georgia, 1870-76 22-Dec-1830 26-Sep-1890
Paul Whiteman Musician The King of Jazz 28-Mar-1890 29-Dec-1967
George M. Whitesides Chemist Harvard chemist, highest H-Index 03-Aug-1939 -
Andy Whitfield Actor Spartacus: Blood and Sand 17-Jul-1974 11-Sep-2011
Dennis E. Whitfield Activist American Conservative Union c. 1950 -
Dondre Whitfield Actor All My Children 27-May-1969 -
Ed Whitfield Politician Congressman, Kentucky 1st 25-May-1943 -
June Whitfield Actor Terry and June 11-Nov-1925 -
Lynn Whitfield Actor The Josephine Baker Story 06-May-1953 -
Bradley Whitford Actor The West Wing 10-Oct-1959 -
Leonard Whiting Actor Romeo and Juliet 30-Jun-1950 -
Margaret Whiting Singer That Old Black Magic 22-Jul-1924 10-Jan-2011
Richard A. Whiting Composer Ain't We Got Fun? 12-Nov-1891 10-Feb-1938
William F. Whiting Business US Commerce Secretary, 1928-29 20-Jul-1864 31-Aug-1936
Gough Whitlam Head of State Prime Minister of Australia, 1972-75 11-Jul-1916 -
Keith Whitley Country Musician Don't Close Your Eyes 01-Jul-1955 09-May-1989
Kym Whitley Actor Deliver Us from Eva 07-Jun-1961 -
Brand Whitlock Diplomat US Ambassador to Belgium, 1914-21 04-Mar-1869 24-May-1934
Charles Whitman Criminal University Tower sharpshooter 24-Jun-1941 01-Aug-1966
Christine Todd Whitman Government GWB's first head of EPA 26-Sep-1946 -
Keith Fullerton Whitman Electronic Musician Hrvatski 29-May-1973 -
Mae Whitman Actor Ann on Arrested Development 09-Jun-1988 -
Marina v.N. Whitman Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 1972-73 06-Mar-1935 -
Meg Whitman Business CEO of Hewlett-Packard 04-Aug-1956 -
Slim Whitman Country Musician Western singer, balladeer and yodeler 20-Jan-1924 -
Stuart Whitman Actor Cimarron Strip 01-Feb-1926 -
Walt Whitman Poet Leaves of Grass 31-May-1819 26-Mar-1892
John L. Whitmire Business Chairman of CONSOL Energy c. 1940 -
Kathryn J. Whitmire Politician Mayor of Houston, 1982-91 15-Aug-1946 -
James Whitmore Actor Give 'em Hell, Harry! 01-Oct-1921 06-Feb-2009
Jon Whitmore Educator President, San Jose State University 22-Mar-1945 -
Amos Whitney Business Co-Founder of Pratt & Whitney 08-Oct-1832 05-Aug-1928
Benson K. Whitney Diplomat US Ambassador to Norway 1956 -
Eli Whitney Inventor Inventor of the cotton gin 08-Dec-1765 08-Jan-1825
Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney Business Whitney Museum of American Art 09-Jan-1875 18-Apr-1942
Grace Lee Whitney Actor Yeoman Rand on Star Trek 01-Apr-1930 -
John Hay Whitney Business New York Herald Tribune 17-Aug-1904 08-Feb-1982
William C. Whitney Business US Secretary of the Navy, 1885-89 05-Jul-1841 02-Feb-1904
Bob Whittaker Politician Congressman from Kansas, 1979-91 18-Sep-1939 -
Charles E. Whittaker Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1957-62 22-Feb-1901 26-Nov-1973
Jack Whittaker unspecified Powerball winner, $111,681,349 after taxes c. 1947 -
Anne Marie Whittemore Business Partner, McGuireWoods LLP c. 1945 -
Frederick B. Whittemore Business Former Partner, Morgan Stanley c. 1931 -
Reed Whittemore Poet Heroes & Heroines 11-Sep-1919 06-Apr-2012
Jamie L. Whitten Politician Congressman from Mississippi, 1941-95 18-Apr-1910 09-Sep-1995
John Greenleaf Whittier Poet American abolitionist poet 17-Dec-1807 07-Sep-1892
Dick Whittington Politician Mayor of London ? 1423
Harry Whittington Attorney Shot by Dick Cheney 03-Mar-1927 -
Marna C. Whittington Business COO of Allianz Global Investors c. 1947 -
Chris Whittle Business Edison Schools 23-Aug-1947 -
Faith Ryan Whittlesey Diplomat Twice US Ambassador to Switzerland 21-Feb-1939 -
Margaret Whitton Actor The Secret of My Succe$s 30-Nov-1950 -
May Whitty Actor Night Must Fall 19-Jun-1865 29-May-1948
David R. Whitwam Business CEO of Whirlpool, 1987-2004 30-Jan-1942 -
Johnny Whitworth Actor Empire Records 31-Oct-1975 -
Kathy Whitworth Golf Winner of 6 major titles 27-Sep-1939 -
Ralph V. Whitworth Business Chairman of Apria Healthcare, 1998-2005 c. 1954 -
Wendy Whoppers Pornstar 80HHH-21-34, 38E-21-34 post reduction 13-Aug-1968 -
Edward Whymper Explorer Scrambles among the Alps 27-Apr-1840 16-Sep-1911
Bob Wian Business Founder of Bob's Big Boy 15-Jun-1914 31-Mar-1992
Casey Wian Journalist CNN correspondent c. 1961 -
Otto Wichterle Chemist Invented soft contact lenses 27-Oct-1913 18-Aug-1998
Charles Z. Wick Government Director of the USIA, 1981-89 12-Oct-1917 20-Jul-2008
Claude R. Wickard Government US Secretary of Agriculture, 1940-45 28-Feb-1893 29-Apr-1967
Roger Wicker Politician US Senator from Mississippi 05-Jul-1951 -
Tom Wicker Journalist The New York Times 18-Jun-1926 25-Nov-2011
George W. Wickersham Government US Attorney General, 1909-13 19-Sep-1858 26-Jan-1936
Mary Wickes Actor Sister Act 13-Jun-1910 22-Oct-1995
John A. Wickham, Jr. Military US Army Chief of Staff, 1983-87 25-Jun-1928 -
Michael W. Wickham Business Roadway Corporation c. 1947 -
Kathleen Widdoes Actor Emma on As the World Turns 21-Mar-1939 -
John Edgar Wideman Novelist Sent for You Yesterday 14-Jun-1941 -
Mary Lee Widener Business Neighborhood Housing Services c. 1939 -
Richard Widmark Actor Kiss of Death 26-Dec-1914 24-Mar-2008
Charles-Marie Widor Composer Toccata 21-Feb-1844 12-Mar-1937
Michelle Wie Golf Young pro golfer 11-Oct-1989 -
Jordyn Wieber Gymnastics Olympic gymnast 12-Jul-1995 -
Kent M. Wiedemann Diplomat US Ambassador to Cambodia, 1999-2002 1946 -
Jane Wiedlin Musician Guitarist / vocalist for The Go-Go's 20-May-1958 -
James Wieghart Journalist Editor, NY Daily News, 1982-84 16-Aug-1933 21-Feb-2010
John P. Wiehoff Business CEO of C. H. Robinson Worldwide c. 1962 -
Heinrich Wieland Chemist Studied acids of bile 04-Jun-1877 05-Aug-1957
Carl E. Wieman Physicist Bose-Einstein Condensates 26-Mar-1951 -
Byron Wien Business Investment strategist, Blackstone c. 1933 -
Wilhelm Wien Physicist Blackbody radiation 13-Jan-1864 30-Aug-1928
Robert Wiene Film Director The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 24-Apr-1873 17-Jul-1938
Jacques L. Wiener, Jr. Judge 5th Circuit Court of Appeals 02-Oct-1934 -
Norbert Wiener Mathematician Cybernetics 26-Nov-1894 18-Mar-1964
Henryk Wieniawski Violinist Polish violinist and composer 10-Jul-1835 31-Mar-1880
H. Robert Wientzen Business Direct Marketing Association ? -
Johannes Wier Doctor First modern physician 1515 24-Feb-1588
Eric F. Wieschaus Scientist Embryonic development of fruit flies 08-Jun-1947 -
John Wiese Musician Power noise musician 18-Apr-1977 -
Elie Wiesel Activist Anti-Holocaust and human-rights activist 30-Sep-1928 -
Torsten N. Wiesel Scientist Neurophysiology of vision 03-Jun-1924 -
Leon Wieseltier Editor The New Republic 14-Jun-1952 -
Simon Wiesenthal Activist Nazi hunter 31-Dec-1908 20-Sep-2005
Dianne Wiest Actor Footloose 28-Mar-1948 -
Jeffrey Wigand Scientist Tobacco industry whistleblower 17-Dec-1942 -
James B. Wigdale Business CEO of Marshall & Ilsley, 1992-2001 c. 1937 -
Kate Douglas Wiggin Novelist Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm 28-Sep-1856 24-Aug-1923
David Wiggins Judge Justice, Iowa Supreme Court c. 1951 -
Michael Wigglesworth Poet The Day of Doom 18-Oct-1631 10-Jun-1705
Richard B. Wigglesworth Government Congressman from Massachusetts, 1928-58 25-Apr-1891 22-Oct-1960
Pete Wiggs Musician Saint Etienne songwriter 15-May-1966 -
Eugene Wigner Physicist Law of conservation of parity 17-Nov-1902 01-Jan-1995
Kristen Wiig Actor Saturday Night Live 22-Aug-1973 -
Mats Wilander Tennis Winner of 9 Grand Slam titles 22-Aug-1964 -
Ken Wilber Author Founder, Integral Institute 31-Jan-1949 -
William Wilberforce Activist Abolitionist activist and author 24-Aug-1759 29-Jul-1833
Michael Wilbon Journalist Co-host of Pardon the Interruption 19-Nov-1958 -
Ray Lyman Wilbur Educator President of Stanford University, 1916-43 13-Apr-1875 26-Jun-1949
Richard Wilbur Poet Second U.S. Poet Laureate 01-Mar-1921 -
James Wilby Actor Maurice 20-Feb-1958 -
Ella Wheeler Wilcox Poet Poems of Passion 05-Nov-1850 30-Oct-1919
Fred M. Wilcox Film Director Forbidden Planet 22-Dec-1907 23-Sep-1964
Herbert Wilcox Film/TV Producer Forever and a Day 19-Apr-1892 15-May-1977
Larry Wilcox Actor Officer Jon Baker on CHiPS 08-Aug-1947 -
Robert Wilcox Actor The Man They Could Not Hang 19-May-1910 11-Jun-1955
Henry Wilcoxon Actor Lionheart in Hollywood 08-Sep-1905 06-Mar-1984
Frank Wilczek Physicist Deep structure of matter 15-May-1951 -
Gina Wild Pornstar German pornstar 16-Dec-1970 -
Jack Wild Actor Oliver! 30-Sep-1952 01-Mar-2006
Robert A. Wild Educator President, Marquette University c. 1940 -
Cornel Wilde Actor A Song to Remember 13-Oct-1915 16-Oct-1989
Kim Wilde Musician Kids in America 18-Nov-1960 -
Olivia Wilde Actor Skin 10-Mar-1984 -
Oscar Wilde Playwright The Picture of Dorian Gray 16-Oct-1854 30-Nov-1900
Daniel Wildenstein Business Wildenstein & Company 11-Sep-1917 23-Oct-2001
Alan Wilder Musician Depeche Mode 01-Jun-1959 -
Billy Wilder Film Director Sunset Blvd. 22-Jun-1906 27-Mar-2002
C. John Wilder Business CEO of TXU, 2004-07 c. 1958 -
Gene Wilder Actor Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 11-Jun-1933 -
James Wilder Actor A Face to Die For 05-Aug-1968 -
John S. Wilder Politician Lt. Governor of Tennessee, 1971-2007 03-Jun-1921 01-Jan-2010
L. Douglas Wilder Politician Governor of Virginia, 1990-94 17-Jan-1931 -
Laura Ingalls Wilder Novelist Little House on the Prairie 07-Feb-1867 10-Feb-1957
Thornton Wilder Novelist The Bridge of San Luis Rey 17-Apr-1897 07-Dec-1975
Maggie Wilderotter Business CEO of Citizens Communications 09-Feb-1955 -
Geert Wilders Politician Dutch Freedom Party 06-Sep-1963 -
Michael Wilding Actor Torch Song 23-Jul-1912 08-Jul-1979
Don Wildmon Activist Moral crusader 18-Jan-1938 -
David M. Wilds Business Managing Partner, 1st Avenue Partners c. 1941 -
Tristan Wilds Actor Dixon Wilson on 90210 15-Jul-1989 -
Gail R. Wilensky Activist Health care official 14-Jun-1943 -
Sean Wilentz Historian The Rise of American Democracy c. 1950 -
Andrew Wiles Mathematician Proved Fermat's Last Theorem 11-Apr-1953 -
Jason Wiles Actor Third Watch 25-Apr-1970 -
Fletcher H. Wiley Attorney Of Counsel, Bingham McCutchen 29-Nov-1942 -
John D. Wiley Educator Chancellor, UW-Madison 23-Mar-1942 -
Michael E. Wiley Business CEO of Baker Hughes, 2000-04 1951 -
Richard E. Wiley Attorney FCC Chairman, 1974-77 20-Jul-1934 -
Hoyt Wilhelm Baseball Knuckleball relief pitcher 26-Jul-1923 23-Aug-2002
Kaiser Wilhelm Head of State Last of the German emperors 27-Jan-1859 04-Jun-1941
Wilhelmina Royalty Queen of the Netherlands, 1890-1948 31-Aug-1880 28-Nov-1962
Kathleen Wilhoite Actor Lorenzo's Oil 29-Jun-1964 -
Max Wilk Author Don't Raise the Bridge: Lower the River 03-Jul-1920 19-Feb-2011
Lenny Wilkens Basketball Winningest coach in NBA history 28-Oct-1937 -
Larry Wilkerson Government Former aide to Colin Powell c. 1946 -
Brent Wilkes Business Defense contractor, bribed Duke Cunningham May-1954 -
John Wilkes Politician Colorful London radical 17-Oct-1725 26-Dec-1797
Malcolm R. Wilkey Judge US Ambassador to Uruguay, 1985-90 06-Dec-1918 15-Aug-2009
C. Howard Wilkins, Jr. Business US Ambassador to the Netherlands, 1989-92 1938 -
David Wilkins Politician US Ambassador to Canada 12-Oct-1946 -
Dominique Wilkins Basketball NBA Hall of Famer 12-Jan-1960 -
John Wilkins Author Essay towards a Real Character 1614 19-Nov-1672
Maurice Wilkins Biologist Took X-ray pictures of DNA 15-Dec-1916 05-Oct-2004
Michael J. Wilkins Judge Justice, Utah Supreme Court 1948 -
Roger Wilkins Educator Author, blackademic 25-Mar-1932 -
William W. Wilkins, Jr. Judge 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1986-2007 29-Mar-1942 -
Bruce W. Wilkinson Business CEO of McDermott International c. 1944 -
Bud Wilkinson Football Sooners Head Coach, 1947-63 23-Apr-1916 09-Feb-1994
Geoffrey Wilkinson Chemist Organometallic "sandwich" compounds 14-Jul-1921 26-Sep-1996
J. Harvie Wilkinson III Judge 4th Circuit Court of Appeals 29-Sep-1944 -
James Wilkinson Military Duplicitous soldier and adventurer 1757 28-Dec-1825
Jemima Wilkinson Religion The Universal Friend 29-Nov-1752 01-Jul-1819
Jonny Wilkinson Sports Figure Rugby player, Newcastle Falcons 25-May-1979 -
Kendra Wilkinson TV Personality The Girls Next Door 12-Jun-1985 -
Steven V. Wilkinson Business Former Partner, Arthur Andersen c. 1941 -
Tom Wilkinson Actor Shakespeare in Love 12-Dec-1948 -
Wallace Wilkinson Politician Governor of Kentucky, 1987-91 12-Dec-1941 05-Jul-2002
Lee Wilkof Actor Broadway actor 25-Jun-1951 -
Steve Wilkos Talk Show Host The Steve Wilkos Show 09-Mar-1964 -
Brad Will Journalist American journalist murdered in Oaxaca 14-Jun-1970 27-Oct-2006
George Will Columnist Conservative pundit, baseball lover 04-May-1941 -
will.i.am Rapper Black Eyed Peas 15-Mar-1975 -
Robert Willan Doctor Dermatologist, On cutaneous diseases 12-Nov-1757 17-Apr-1812
Fred Willard Actor Fernwood 2night 18-Sep-1933 -
Robert F. Willard Military Commander-in-Chief, US Pacific Fleet c. 1951 -
Pamela Willeford Government US Ambassador to Switzerland 2003-06 Mar-1950 -
Mark H. Willes Business CEO of Times Mirror, 1995-2000 16-Jul-1941 -
Don R. Willett Judge Justice, Texas Supreme Court 16-Jul-1966 -
Frank P. Willey Business Fidelity National Title Insurance Company c. 1954 -
King William II Royalty King of England, 1087-1100 c. 1056 02-Aug-1100
King William IV Royalty King of England, 1830-37 21-Aug-1765 20-Jun-1837
William of Auvergne Religion Bishop of Paris, 1228-49 c. 1180 1249
William of Auxerre Religion Summa Aurea c. 1150 03-Nov-1231
Prince William of Wied Royalty Prince of Albania, 1914 26-Mar-1876 18-Apr-1945
William the Conqueror Royalty Invaded, conquered England in 1066 c. 1027 09-Sep-1087
Prince William Royalty Charles and Diana's first-born son 21-Jun-1982 -
Warren William Actor Imitation of Life 02-Dec-1894 24-Sep-1948
Wesley S. Williams, Jr. Attorney Former Partner, Covington & Burling 13-Nov-1942 -
Andy Williams Singer Moon River 03-Dec-1927 -
Ann C. Williams Judge 7th Circuit Court of Appeals 16-Aug-1949 -
Anré D. Williams Business EVP at American Express c. 1964 -
Anson Williams Actor Potsie on Happy Days 25-Sep-1949 -
Anthony A. Williams Politician Mayor of Washington DC, 1999-2007 28-Jul-1951 -
Armstrong Williams Columnist Black conservative pundit on the take 05-Feb-1959 -
Ashley Williams Actor Good Morning Miami 12-Nov-1978 -
Barry Williams Actor Greg on The Brady Bunch 30-Sep-1954 -
Barry Lawson Williams Business Williams Pacific Ventures c. 1944 -
Bernard Williams Philosopher Leading moral philosopher 21-Sep-1929 10-Jun-2003
Bernie Williams Baseball New York Yankees 13-Sep-1968 -
Betty Williams Activist Peace activist, Nobel Prize recipient 22-May-1943 -
Bill Williams Actor The Adventures of Kit Carson 21-May-1915 21-Sep-1992
Billy Williams Baseball Chicago Cubs hitter 15-Jun-1938 -
Billy Dee Williams Actor Lando Calrissian, Colt-45 malt liquor pitchman 06-Apr-1937 -
Brian Williams Journalist Tom Brokaw's successor at NBC News 05-May-1959 -
C. K. Williams Poet Repair 04-Nov-1936 -
Cara Williams Actor The Cara Williams Show 29-Jun-1925 -
Christopher J. Williams Business Williams Capital Group c. 1958 -
Cindy Williams Actor Shirley of Laverne and Shirley 22-Aug-1947 -
Clarence Williams III Actor Linc in The Mod Squad 21-Aug-1939 -
Clayton W. Williams, Jr. Business Texas oilman, rancher 08-Oct-1931 -
Cliff Williams Bassist Bassist for AC/DC 14-Dec-1949 -
Cootie Williams Jazz Musician Cootie Williams and His Orchestra 10-Jul-1910 15-Sep-1985
Cress Williams Actor Lavon Hayes on Hart of Dixie 26-Jul-1970 -
Cynda Williams Actor One False Move 1966 -
Darnell Williams Actor Jesse Hubbard on All My Children 03-Mar-1955 -
Darrent Williams Football Murdered Denver Broncos cornerback 27-Sep-1982 01-Jan-2007
David Williams Philosopher Founder, Royal Literary Fund 1738 29-Jun-1816
Delaney Williams Actor Det. Landsman on The Wire 12-Dec-1962 -
Deniece Williams Singer Let's Hear It For The Boy 03-Jun-1951 -
Dennis K. Williams Business CEO of IDEX Corporation, 2000-05 c. 1946 -
Deron Williams Basketball Brooklyn Nets 26-Jun-1984 -
Dick Anthony Williams Actor What the Wine Sellers Buy 09-Aug-1938 16-Feb-2012
Doug Williams Football Former NFL and USFL quarterback 09-Aug-1955 -
Edward Bennett Williams Attorney Washington Superlawyer 31-May-1920 13-Aug-1988
Edward P. Williams Business The Williams of Sherwin-Williams 10-May-1843 04-May-1903
Emlyn Williams Playwright Night Must Fall 26-Nov-1905 25-Sep-1987
Eric Williams Head of State Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, 1956-81 25-Sep-1911 29-Mar-1981
Esther Williams Actor Aquatic thespian of the '40s and '50s 08-Aug-1921 -
Evan Williams Business Co-Founder of Twitter 31-Mar-1972 -
Frank Williams Actor Vicar on Dad's Army 02-Jul-1931 -
Frank J. Williams Judge Rhode Island Chief Justice 24-Aug-1940 -
G. Mennen Williams Politician Governor of Michigan, 1949-61 23-Feb-1911 02-Feb-1988
George Williams Business Williams Partners, Inc. c. 1950 -
Grant Williams Actor The Incredible Shrinking Man 18-Aug-1930 28-Jul-1985
Guinn Williams Actor Santa Fe Trail 26-Apr-1899 06-Jun-1962
Guy Williams Actor Prof. John Robinson on Lost in Space 14-Jan-1924 07-May-1989
Hal Williams Actor Lester Jenkins on 227 14-Dec-1938 -
Hank Williams, Jr. Country Musician Monday Night Football theme 26-May-1949 -
Hank Williams III Musician Grandson of Hank Williams 12-Dec-1972 -
Hank Williams, Sr. Country Musician Take These Chains From My Heart 17-Sep-1923 01-Jan-1953
Harland Williams Actor Rocket Man 14-Nov-1962 -
Hayley Williams Singer Lead vocals, Paramore 27-Dec-1988 -
Houston L. Williams Business CEO of Pacific Network Supply ? -
Hugh Williams Actor One of Our Aircraft Is Missing 06-Mar-1904 07-Dec-1969
J. McDonald Williams Business CEO of Trammell Crow, 1990-94 c. 1941 -
Jack Williams Politician Governor of Arizona, 1967-75 29-Oct-1909 24-Aug-1998
Jack Williams Business CEO of Eos Airlines c. 1950 -
James B. Williams Business CEO of SunTrust Banks, 1991-98 21-Mar-1933 -
Jason Williams Basketball White Chocolate 18-Nov-1975 -
Jayson Williams Basketball Retired and imprisoned NBA player 22-Feb-1968 -
Jesse Williams Actor Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey's Anatomy 05-Aug-1981 -
Jesse T. Williams, Sr. Business VP at Goodyear, 1988-98 c. 1940 -
Jett Williams Country Musician Daughter of Hank Williams, Sr. 06-Jan-1953 -
Jimy Williams Baseball MLB Manager 04-Oct-1943 -
JoBeth Williams Actor Poltergeist 06-Dec-1948 -
Jody Williams Activist Anti-landmine activist 09-Oct-1950 -
Joe Williams Singer Baritone jazz vocalist 12-Dec-1918 29-Mar-1999
John Williams Composer Composer for Jaws, E.T. 08-Feb-1932 -
John Bell Williams Politician Governor of Mississippi, 1968-72 04-Dec-1918 25-Mar-1983
John F. Williams, Jr. Business VP Health Affairs, George Washington University c. 1948 -
John H. Williams, Jr. Business Former VP at Everen Securities c. 1936 -
John J. Williams Politician US Senator from Delaware, 1947-70 17-May-1904 11-Jan-1988
John Patrick Williams Politician Congressman from Montana, 1979-97 30-Oct-1937 -
John Sharp Williams Politician US Senator, Representative from Mississippi 30-Jul-1854 27-Sep-1932
John Y. Williams Business Grubb & Williams c. 1943 -
Juan Williams Pundit Fox News commentator 10-Apr-1954 -
Karen Hastie Williams Business Retired Partner, Crowell & Moring c. 1944 -
Katt Williams Comic The Pimp Chronicles 02-Sep-1973 -
Keith E. Williams Business CEO of Underwriters Laboratories c. 1953 -
Kelli Williams Actor Lindsay Dole on The Practice 08-Jun-1970 -
Kellie Williams Actor Laura Winslow on Family Matters 22-Mar-1976 -
Kenneth Williams Actor Carry on... 22-Feb-1926 15-Apr-1988
Kiely Williams Singer The Cheetah Girls 09-Jul-1986 -
Kim Williams Business Wellington Management Company c. 1956 -
Kimberly Williams Actor Father of the Bride 14-Sep-1971 -
Kristen Gibney Williams Business Caremark Rx c. 1946 -
Larry Williams Musician Bony Moronie and Dizzy Miss Lizzie 10-May-1935 07-Jan-1980
Lisa Williams Paranormal Life Among the Dead ? -
Lucinda Williams Musician Car Wheels on a Gravel Road 26-Jan-1953 -
Maggie Williams Government Hillary Clinton's former chief of staff 25-Dec-1954 -
Malinda Williams Actor Tracy Van Adams on Soul Food 03-Dec-1975 -
Mark Williams Actor The Borrowers 1959 -
Michael Williams Actor Educating Rita 09-Jul-1935 11-Jan-2001
Michael C. Williams Actor The Blair Witch Project 25-Jul-1973 -
Michelle Williams Singer One-third of Destiny's Child 23-Jul-1980 -
Michelle Williams Actor Jen Lindley on Dawson's Creek 09-Sep-1980 -
Montel Williams Talk Show Host The Montel Williams Show 03-Jul-1956 -
Olivia Williams Actor The Sixth Sense 26-Jul-1968 -
Otis Williams Singer Founder of The Temptations 30-Oct-1939 -
Patricia J. Williams Scholar The Alchemy of Race and Rights 28-Aug-1951 -
Paul Williams Singer/Songwriter Just an Old Fashioned Love Song 19-Sep-1940 -
Paul Williams Singer The Temptations 02-Jul-1939 17-Aug-1973
Pete Williams Politician US Senator snagged in ABSCAM 10-Dec-1919 17-Nov-2001
Pharrell Williams Music Producer The Neptunes 05-Apr-1973 -
R. Sanders Williams Educator Dean of Duke's Medical School 1948 -
Raymond Williams Critic Culture and Society 31-Aug-1921 26-Jan-1988
Rev. Cecil Williams Religion Glide Memorial Church 22-Sep-1929 -
Rhys Williams Actor The Bells of St. Mary's 31-Dec-1897 28-May-1969
Ricky Williams Football Long-time Miami Dolphins RB 21-May-1977 -
Robbie Williams Singer Former member of Take That 13-Feb-1974 -
Roberta Williams Artist Queen of the Graphic Adventure 16-Feb-1953 -
Robin Williams Comic Mork from Ork 21-Jul-1952 -
Roger Williams Religion Founder of Rhode Island Colony c. 1604 1684
Roger Williams Politician Texas Secretary of State 13-Sep-1949 -
Ronald A. Williams Business CEO of Aetna, 2006-10 c. 1950 -
Rowan Williams Religion Archbishop of Canterbury 14-Jun-1950 -
Roy Williams Basketball Head Coach, UNC-Chapel Hill 01-Aug-1950 -
Roy Williams Talk Show Host Portly Mickey Mouse Club host 30-Jul-1907 07-Nov-1976
Saul Williams Rapper Slam 29-Feb-1972 -
Serena Williams Tennis Winner of 28 Grand Slam titles 26-Sep-1981 -
Steven Williams Actor Capt. Fuller on 21 Jump Street 07-Jan-1949 -
Ted Williams Baseball Cryonically preserved .400 hitter 30-Aug-1918 05-Jul-2002
Tennessee Williams Playwright The Glass Menagerie 26-Mar-1911 25-Feb-1983
Tookie Williams Criminal Co-Founder, West Side Crips 29-Dec-1953 13-Dec-2005
Treat Williams Actor Prince of the City 01-Dec-1951 -
Tyler James Williams Actor Everybody Hates Chris 09-Oct-1992 -
Van Williams Actor The Green Hornet 27-Feb-1934 -
Vanessa Williams Actor First black Miss America 18-Mar-1963 -
Vanessa Williams Actor Maxine Chadway on Soul Food 12-May-1963 -
Venus Williams Tennis Winner of 17 Grand Slam titles 17-Jun-1980 -
Vesta Williams Singer Congratulations 01-Dec-1957 22-Sep-2011
Victor Williams Actor The King of Queens 19-Sep-1970 -
Virginia Williams Actor Lauren Reed on Fairly Legal 19-Mar-1978 -
Walter E. Williams Economist Conservative economist 31-Mar-1936 -
Walter Jon Williams Novelist Hardwired 15-Oct-1953 -
Wayne Williams Criminal Atlanta child murders 27-May-1958 -
Wendy O. Williams Singer Singer for The Plasmatics 28-May-1949 06-Apr-1998
William Appleman Williams Historian The Tragedy of American Diplomacy 12-Jun-1921 06-Mar-1990
William Carlos Williams Poet Pictures from Brueghel 17-Sep-1883 04-Mar-1963
Bruce A. Williamson Business CEO of Dynegy 1959 -
Charles R. Williamson Business CEO of Unocal, 2001-05 1948 -
Fred Williamson Football Football star, Original Gangstas 05-Mar-1938 -
Keith H. Williamson Business General Counsel at Centene c. 1952 -
Kevin Williamson Screenwriter Scream 14-Mar-1965 -
Mykelti Williamson Actor Bubba in Forrest Gump 04-Mar-1960 -
Nicol Williamson Actor Merlin in Excalibur 14-Sep-1938 16-Dec-2011
Oliver E. Williamson Economist Transaction cost economics 27-Sep-1932 -
Richard S. Williamson Diplomat Special Envoy to Sudan 09-May-1949 -
Boxcar Willie Country Musician World's favorite hobo 01-Sep-1931 12-Apr-1999
Mollie B. Williford Business Williford Companies c. 1937 -
Noble Willingham Actor Hard-working supporting actor 31-Aug-1931 17-Jan-2004
Tyrone Willingham Football Head Football Coach, Washington Huskies 30-Dec-1953 -
Austin Willis Actor Adm. Fox on Seaway 1917 04-Apr-2004
Bill Willis Football Cleveland Browns, NFL Hall of Famer 05-Oct-1921 27-Nov-2007
Bruce Willis Actor Die Hard 19-Mar-1955 -
Connie Willis Author Doomsday Book, Lincoln's Dreams 31-Dec-1945 -
Dave Willis Actor Meatwad & Carl on Aqua Teen Hunger Force 01-May-1976 -
Dontrelle Willis Baseball Philadelphia Phillies pitcher 12-Jan-1982 -
Frances E. Willis Diplomat First Female US Ambassador 20-May-1899 1983
Frank B. Willis Politician Governor and Senator from Ohio 28-Dec-1871 30-Mar-1928
Nathaniel Parker Willis Journalist Pencillings by the Way 20-Jan-1806 20-Jan-1867
Rumer Willis Actor Daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore 16-Aug-1988 -
Victor Willis Singer/Songwriter Original cop in The Village People 01-Jul-1951 -
Wesley Willis Musician Schizophrenic street musician 31-May-1963 21-Aug-2003
Bruce G. Willison Business President, Home Savings and Loan, 1996-98 c. 1949 -
Wendell Willkie Politician Defeated by Roosevelt in 1940 18-Feb-1892 08-Oct-1944
Peter S. Willmott Business President of Federal Express, 1980-83 1937 -
Bob Wills Musician King of Western Swing 06-Mar-1905 13-May-1975
Chill Wills Actor The Alamo 18-Jul-1903 15-Dec-1978
E. Ashley Wills Diplomat US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, 2000-03 1949 -
Garry Wills Historian Lincoln at Gettysburg 22-May-1934 -
Maury Wills Baseball Stole 104 bases in 1962 02-Oct-1932 -
Henry Willson Business Talent agent, cultivated gay clientele 31-Jul-1911 02-Nov-1978
Meredith Willson Composer The Music Man 18-May-1902 15-Jun-1984
Richard Willstätter Chemist Plant pigments 13-Aug-1872 03-Aug-1942
Robert B. Willumstad Business CEO of American International Group, 2008 c. 1946 -
Douglas Wilmer Actor Sherlock Holmes 08-Jan-1920 -
Larry Wilmore Comic Daily Show Senior Black Correspondent 1962 -
John Wilmot Poet Sodom, or the Quintessence of Debauchery 01-Apr-1647 26-Jul-1680
Fred Wilpon Business New York Mets owner c. 1936 -
Ernest J. Wilson III Educator Dean, Annenberg School for Communication c. 1948 -
A. N. Wilson Novelist The Lampitt Papers 27-Oct-1950 -
Andrew Wilson Actor Actor brother of Luke and Owen 22-Aug-1964 -
Angus Wilson Novelist Hemlock and After 11-Aug-1913 31-May-1991
Ann Wilson Musician Heart 19-Jun-1950 -
August Wilson Playwright The Piano Lesson 27-Apr-1945 02-Oct-2005
Barry W. Wilson Business Senior VP at Medtronic c. 1945 -
Blair Wilson Politician Canadian MP, West Vancouver 18-May-1962 -
Blenda J. Wilson Business Nellie Mae Education Foundation c. 1941 -
Brian Wilson Singer/Songwriter Troubled Beach Boy 20-Jun-1942 -
Bridgette Wilson Actor Mortal Kombat 25-Sep-1973 -
C. T. R. Wilson Physicist Cloud chamber 14-Feb-1869 15-Nov-1959
Carl Wilson Musician Beach Boy 21-Dec-1946 06-Feb-1998
Carnie Wilson Singer Wilson Phillips 29-Apr-1968 -
Casey Wilson Actor Penny Hartz on Happy Endings 24-Oct-1980 -
Cassandra Wilson Singer New Moon Daughter 04-Dec-1955 -
Chandra Wilson Actor Dr. Bailey on Grey's Anatomy 27-Aug-1969 -
Charles E. Wilson Government US Secretary of Defense, 1953-57 18-Jul-1890 26-Sep-1961
Charles R. Wilson Judge 11th Circuit Court of Appeals 14-Oct-1954 -
Charlie Wilson Singer R&B singer, The Gap Band 29-Jan-1953 -
Charlie Wilson Politician Congressman from Texas, 1973-96 01-Jun-1933 10-Feb-2010
Charlie Wilson Politician Congressman from Ohio, 2007-11 18-Jan-1943 -
Cindy Wilson Musician Vocalist for the B-52s 28-Feb-1957 -
Debra Wilson Comic MADtv 26-Apr-1970 -
Demond Wilson Actor Lamont on Sanford and Son 13-Oct-1946 -
Dennis Wilson Musician Founding member, The Beach Boys 04-Dec-1944 28-Dec-1983
Dick Wilson Actor Mr. Whipple 30-Jul-1916 19-Nov-2007
Don Wilson Radio Personality Jack Benny's announcer 01-Sep-1900 25-Apr-1982
Dooley Wilson Actor Sam in Casablanca 03-Apr-1886 30-May-1953
Dorien Wilson Actor Prof. Oglevee on The Parkers 05-Jul-1963 -
Douglas Wilson TV Personality Interior decorator on Trading Spaces 04-Nov-1964 -
Edith Wilson First Lady Second wife of US President Woodrow Wilson 15-Oct-1872 28-Dec-1961
Edmund Wilson Author Axel's Castle 08-May-1895 12-Jun-1972
Edmund Beecher Wilson Biologist X and Y chromosomes 19-Oct-1856 03-Mar-1939
Edward O. Wilson Biologist Father of Sociobiology 10-Jun-1929 -
Elizabeth Wilson Actor The Graduate 04-Apr-1921 -
Ellen Wilson First Lady First wife of US President Woodrow Wilson 15-May-1860 06-Aug-1914
Flip Wilson Comic The Flip Wilson Show 08-Dec-1933 25-Nov-1998
Frederica Wilson Politician Congresswoman, Florida 17th 05-Nov-1942 -
Gary L. Wilson Business Chairman of Northwest Airlines, 1991-2007 c. 1941 -
George A. Wilson Politician Governor of Iowa, 1939-43 01-Apr-1884 08-Sep-1953
Gretchen Wilson Musician Here for the Party 26-Jun-1973 -
Hack Wilson Baseball Hit 56 home runs and 191 RBI's in 1930 26-Apr-1900 23-Nov-1948
Harold Wilson Head of State Two-time Prime Minister of Britain 11-Mar-1916 24-May-1995
Harriet E. Wilson Novelist Our Nig 15-Mar-1825 28-Jun-1900
Harry Leon Wilson Novelist Ruggles of Red Gap 01-May-1867 28-Jun-1939
Heather Wilson Politician Congresswoman from New Mexico, 1998-2009 30-Dec-1960 -
Henry Wilson Politician Vice President under Grant 16-Feb-1812 22-Nov-1875
Hugh Wilson Film Director Police Academy 21-Aug-1943 -
J. Lawrence Wilson Business CEO of Rohm and Haas, 1988-99 02-Mar-1936 -
Jack M. Wilson Educator President, University of Massachusetts c. 1945 -
Jackie Wilson Singer Lonely Teardrops 09-Jun-1934 21-Jan-1984
James Wilson Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1789-98 14-Sep-1742 28-Aug-1798
James Wilson Government US Secretary of Agriculture, 1897-1913 16-Aug-1835 26-Aug-1920
James Wilson Publisher Founder of The Economist 03-Jun-1805 11-Aug-1860
James Q. Wilson Scholar The Moral Sense 27-May-1931 02-Mar-2012
Joe Wilson Politician Congressman, South Carolina 2nd 31-Jul-1947 -
Joseph Wilson Diplomat Ambassador to Gabon, Valerie Plame's husband 06-Nov-1949 -
Kemmons Wilson Business Founder of Holiday Inn 05-Jan-1913 12-Feb-2003
Kenneth G. Wilson Physicist Second-order phase transitions 08-Jun-1936 -
Kristen Wilson Actor Walking Tall 11-Nov-1969 -
Lambert Wilson Actor The Merovingian 03-Aug-1958 -
Lanford Wilson Playwright The Hot L Baltimore 13-Apr-1937 24-Mar-2011
Larry Wilson Football St. Louis Cardinal, NFL Hall of Famer 24-May-1938 -
Louis H. Wilson, Jr. Military 26th USMC Commandant, 1975-79 11-Feb-1920 21-Jun-2005
Loyal W. Wilson Business Primus Venture Partners c. 1948 -
Luke Wilson Actor Owen Wilson's handsome brother 21-Sep-1971 -
Malcolm Wilson Politician Governor of New York, 1973-75 26-Feb-1914 13-Mar-2000
Mara Wilson Actor Matilda 24-Jul-1987 -
Margaret Bush Wilson Activist NAACP Chairman, 1975-83 30-Jan-1919 11-Aug-2009
Marie Wilson Actor My Friend Irma 19-Aug-1916 23-Nov-1972
Mary Wilson Singer The Supremes 06-Mar-1944 -
Michael H. Wilson Politician Canadian Ambassador to the US 04-Nov-1937 -
Mike Wilson Film Director Michael Moore Hates America 18-Feb-1976 -
Nancy Wilson Guitarist Heart 16-Mar-1954 -
Nancy Wilson Singer Jazz and pop diva 20-Feb-1937 -
Owen Wilson Actor Zoolander 18-Nov-1968 -
Patrick Wilson Drummer Weezer 01-Feb-1969 -
Patrick Wilson Actor The Phantom of the Opera 03-Jul-1973 -
Peta Wilson Actor La Femme Nikita 18-Nov-1970 -
Pete Wilson Journalist KGO -TV and AM anchor/host Apr-1945 20-Jul-2007
Pete Wilson Politician Governor of California, 1991-99 23-Aug-1933 -
Peter M. Wilson Business Chairman, Gallaher Group, 1997-2004 c. 1941 -
Rainn Wilson Actor Dwight on The Office 20-Jan-1966 -
Ralph Wilson, Jr. Football Founding Owner, Buffalo Bills 17-Oct-1918 -
Richard Wilson Actor Gaius on Merlin 07-Jul-1936 -
Ricky Wilson Guitarist Guitarist for the B-52's 19-Mar-1953 12-Oct-1985
Rita Wilson Actor Runaway Bride 26-Oct-1956 -
Rita P. Wilson Business Former VP at Allstate c. 1947 -
Rob Wilson Politician British MP, Reading East 04-Jan-1965 -
Robert Wilson Theater Director Experimental theater director, designer 04-Oct-1941 -
Robert Anton Wilson Author Illuminatus Trilogy 18-Jan-1932 11-Jan-2007
Robert N. Wilson Business Vice Chairman of Johnson & Johnson, 1989-2003 c. 1941 -
Robert Woodrow Wilson Astronomer Detected primordial radiation 10-Jan-1936 -
Roger B. Wilson Politician Governor of Missouri, 2000-01 10-Oct-1948 -
Ross Wilson Diplomat US Ambassador to Turkey 1955 -
Scott Wilson Actor The Ninth Configuration 29-Mar-1942 -
Sheree J. Wilson Actor April Stevens on Dallas 12-Dec-1958 -
Sid Wilson Musician Turntablist for Slipknot 15-Mar-1978 -
Spence L. Wilson Business President, Kemmons Wilson, Inc. 10-Nov-1942 -
Stuart Wilson Actor Death and the Maiden 25-Dec-1946 -
Teddy Wilson Actor Earl Chambers on That's My Mama 10-Dec-1943 21-Jul-1991
Terry Wilson Actor Bill Hawks on Wagon Train 03-Sep-1923 30-Mar-1999
Thomas F. Wilson Actor Biff Tannen in Back to the Future 15-Apr-1959 -
Thomas J. Wilson Business CEO of Allstate c. 1957 -
Tony Wilson TV Personality Founder of Factory Records 20-Feb-1950 10-Aug-2007
Torrie Wilson Wrestling Diva WWE wrestler, manager 24-Jul-1975 -
Wendy Wilson Singer Wilson Phillips 16-Oct-1969 -
William B. Wilson Government US Secretary of Labor, 1913-21 02-Apr-1862 25-May-1934
William Julius Wilson Sociologist Poverty in America's inner cities 20-Dec-1935 -
Woodrow Wilson Head of State 28th US President, 1913-21 28-Dec-1856 03-Feb-1924
Yvette Wilson Actor Andell Wilkerson on Moesha 06-Mar-1964 14-Jun-2012
Penelope Wilton Actor Ann on Ever Decreasing Circles 03-Jun-1946 -
CeCe Winans Singer Alone in His Presence 08-Oct-1964 -
John G. Winant Politician New Hampshire governor, committed suicide 23-Feb-1889 03-Nov-1947
Simon Wincer Film Director Free Willy 1943 -
April Winchell Actor Voice of Clarabelle Cow 04-Jan-1960 -
Paul Winchell Actor Ventriloquist and inventor 21-Dec-1922 24-Jun-2005
Verne Winchell Business Founder of Winchell's Donuts 30-Oct-1915 26-Nov-2002
Walter Winchell Radio Personality Gossip commentator 07-Apr-1897 20-Feb-1972
James R. Winchester Judge Oklahoma Chief Justice 23-Mar-1952 -
Sarah Winchester Relative Winchester Mystery House Sep-1839 05-Sep-1922
Simon Winchester Journalist The Professor and the Madman 28-Sep-1944 -
Johann Winckelmann Archaeologist Geschichte der Kunst des Alterthums 09-Dec-1717 08-Jun-1768
Michael Wincott Actor The Crow 21-Jan-1958 -
Jerry Wind Educator Director, SEI Center, Wharton c. 1939 -
Adolf Windaus Chemist Investigated cholesterol, Vitamin D 25-Dec-1876 09-Jun-1959
Danny J. Windham Business CEO of Digium c. 1959 -
Kathryn Tucker Windham Author Alabama: One Big Front Porch 02-Jun-1918 12-Jun-2011
Terri Windling Novelist The Wood Wife 1958 -
Steve Windom Politician Lt. Governor of Alabama, 1999-2003 06-Nov-1949 -
William Windom Politician US Secretary of the Treasury 1881, 1889-91 10-May-1827 29-Jan-1891
William Windom Actor Glen Morley on The Farmer's Daughter 28-Sep-1923 16-Aug-2012
Barbara Windsor Actor EastEnders 06-Aug-1937 -
Marie Windsor Actor The Killing 11-Dec-1919 10-Dec-2000
Sherwin T. Wine Religion Humanistic Judaism 25-Jan-1928 21-Jul-2007
Amy Winehouse Singer Rehab 14-Sep-1983 23-Jul-2011
Dave Winer Computer Programmer Co-Creator of RSS, Scripting News 02-May-1955 -
Dave Winfield Baseball Twelve-time All Star 03-Oct-1951 -
Paul Winfield Actor Jim in the 1974 Huckleberry Finn 22-May-1941 07-Mar-2004
Daniel E. Winfree Judge Justice, Alaska Supreme Court c. 1953 -
Oprah Winfrey Talk Show Host The Oprah Winfrey Show 29-Jan-1954 -
Debra Winger Actor An Officer and a Gentleman 16-May-1955 -
Kip Winger Musician Winger 21-Jun-1961 -
Peter Wingfield Actor Dan Clifford on Holby City 05-Sep-1962 -
Gary Winick Film Director 13 Going on 30 31-Mar-1961 27-Feb-2011
Jon Winkelried Business Formerly Co-COO of Goldman Sachs c. 1959 -
Sophie Winkleman Actor The Trial of Tony Blair 05-Aug-1980 -
Henry Winkler Actor Fonz on Happy Days 30-Oct-1945 -
Irwin Winkler Film/TV Producer Rocky 25-May-1931 -
Albert M. Winn Politician First mayor of Sacramento 1810 26-Aug-1883
Philip D. Winn Criminal HUD scandal figure pardoned by Clinton 01-Feb-1925 -
Michael Winner Film Director Death Wish 30-Oct-1935 -
Gary Winnick Business Founder of Global Crossing 13-Oct-1947 -
Charles Winninger Actor Show Boat 26-May-1884 27-Jan-1969
Mare Winningham Actor Georgia 16-May-1959 -
Terry Winograd Scientist Understanding Natural Language 24-Feb-1946 -
Herbert S. Winokur, Jr. Business Capricorn Holdings c. 1942 -
Marissa Jaret Winokur Actor Hairspray 02-Feb-1973 -
Kate Winslet Actor Titanic 05-Oct-1975 -
Edward Winslow Government American pilgrim leader 18-Oct-1595 08-May-1655
Michael Winslow Actor Man of 10,000 Sound Effects in Police Academy 06-Sep-1958 -
Justin Winsor Curator Librarian of Harvard University 02-Jan-1831 22-Oct-1897
Arthur Winstead Politician Congressman from Mississippi, 1943-65 06-Jan-1904 14-Mar-1995
Lizz Winstead Comic Daily Show co-creator 05-Aug-1961 -
Mary Elizabeth Winstead Actor Final Destination 3 28-Nov-1984 -
Hattie Winston Actor The Electric Company 03-Mar-1945 -
Mary A. Winston Business CFO of Scholastic, 2004-07 c. 1961 -
Stan Winston Artist Special effects artist 07-Apr-1946 15-Jun-2008
Ray Winstone Actor Vincent 19-Feb-1957 -
Alex Winter Actor Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 17-Jul-1965 -
Alison A. Winter Business Personal Financial Services, Northern Trust c. 1947 -
Ariel Winter Actor Alex Dunphy on Modern Family 28-Jan-1998 -
Donald C. Winter Government US Secretary of the Navy, 2006-09 c. 1947 -
Edgar Winter Musician Albino rock star 28-Dec-1946 -
Edward Winter Actor Col. Flagg on M*A*S*H 03-Jun-1937 08-Mar-2001
Eric Winter Actor Days of Our Lives 17-Jul-1976 -
Johnny Winter Guitarist Blues guitarist 23-Jan-1944 -
Ralph D. Winter Religion US Center for World Mission ? -
Tex Winter Basketball KSU Head Coach, 1953-68 25-Feb-1922 -
William Winter Politician Governor of Mississippi, 1980-84 21-Feb-1923 -
Michael Winterbottom Film Director 24 Hour Party People 29-Mar-1961 -
Gary G. Winterhalter Business CEO of Sally Beauty Holdings c. 1952 -
Dean Winters Actor Ryan O'Reily on Oz 20-Jul-1964 -
Jonathan Winters Comic Mearth, son of Mork 11-Nov-1925 -
Robert H. Winters Politician Canadian Minister of Trade, 1966-68 18-Aug-1910 10-Oct-1969
Roland Winters Actor Charlie Chan 22-Nov-1904 22-Oct-1989
Shelley Winters Actor Method actress and camp queen 18-Aug-1920 14-Jan-2006
Yvor Winters Poet Primitivism & Decadence 17-Oct-1900 25-Jan-1968
Jeanette Winterson Novelist Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit 27-Aug-1959 -
John Winthrop Politician Governor of Massachusetts Colony 12-Jan-1588 26-Mar-1649
Robert Charles Winthrop Politician Speaker of the 30th Congress 12-May-1809 16-Nov-1894
Anna Wintour Journalist Vogue Editor in Chief 03-Nov-1949 -
Jay S. Wintrob Business CEO, AIG Retirement Services 1958 -
Estelle Winwood Actor The Producers 24-Jan-1883 20-Jun-1984
Steve Winwood Musician Keyboardist, Traffic, Blind Faith 12-May-1948 -
William Wirt Attorney US Attorney General, 1817-29 08-Nov-1772 18-Feb-1834
Ray Wirta Business CEO of CB Richard Ellis, 2001-05 c. 1944 -
Billy Wirth Actor The Lost Boys 23-Jun-1962 -
Joseph Wirth Head of State German Chancellor 06-Sep-1879 03-Jan-1956
Niklaus Wirth Computer Programmer Inventor of Pascal, Modula-2 15-Feb-1934 -
Timothy E. Wirth Politician US Senator from Colorado, 1987-93 22-Sep-1939 -
Richard B. Wirthlin Business Pollster for Ronald Reagan 15-Mar-1931 16-Mar-2011
Willard Wirtz Government US Secretary of Labor, 1962-69 14-Mar-1912 24-Apr-2010
John Minor Wisdom Judge 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1957-77 17-May-1905 15-May-1999
Norman Wisdom Actor The Great British Clown 04-Feb-1915 04-Oct-2010
Allen F. Wise Business CEO of Coventry Health Care, 1996-2004 c. 1942 -
Bob Wise Politician Governor of West Virginia, 2001-05 06-Jan-1948 -
David Wise Author The Invisible Government 10-May-1930 -
Ernie Wise Comic Morecambe and Wise 27-Nov-1925 21-Mar-1999
Frederick The Wise Government Elector of Saxony 17-Jan-1463 05-May-1525
Greg Wise Actor Sense and Sensibility 15-May-1966 -
John Wise Religion A Vindication of New England Churches 1652 08-Apr-1725
Ray Wise Actor Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks 29-Aug-1947 -
Robert Wise Film Director The Sound of Music 10-Sep-1914 14-Sep-2005
Adele Wiseman Author The Sacrifice 21-May-1928 01-Jun-1992
Eric C. Wiseman Business CEO of VF Corporation c. 1955 -
Frederick Wiseman Film Director Titicut Follies 01-Jan-1930 -
Joseph Wiseman Actor Dr. No 15-May-1918 19-Oct-2009
Len Wiseman Film Director Underworld 04-Mar-1973 -
George Wishart Religion Scottish religious reformer and martyr c. 1513 01-Mar-1546
Frank G. Wisner Diplomat US Ambassador to India, 1994-97 1938 -
Owen Wister Author The Virginian 14-Jul-1860 21-Jul-1938
Jules Witcover Columnist Longtime Baltimore Sun columnist 16-Jul-1927 -
Bill Withers Singer/Songwriter Lean on Me 04-Jul-1938 -
Googie Withers Actor One of Our Aircraft Is Missing 12-Mar-1917 15-Jul-2011
Grant Withers Actor American character actor 17-Jan-1904 27-Mar-1959
Jane Withers Actor Once-superstar child actor 12-Apr-1926 -
John L. Withers II Diplomat US Ambassador to Albania ? -
Cora Witherspoon Actor The Bank Dick 05-Jan-1890 17-Nov-1957
John Witherspoon Comic Killer Tomatoes Strike Back! 27-Jan-1942 -
Reese Witherspoon Actor Legally Blonde 22-Mar-1976 -
Neil R. Withington Attorney General Counsel, British American Tobacco c. 1957 -
Joel-Peter Witkin Photographer Photographer of the macabre 13-Sep-1939 -
William Witney Film Director Master of the World 15-May-1915 17-Mar-2002
Alicia Witt Actor Cecil B. DeMented 21-Aug-1975 -
James Lee Witt Government FEMA Director, 1993-2001 06-Jan-1944 -
Johan de Witt Politician Leader of Holland, 1653-72 24-Sep-1625 20-Aug-1672
Katarina Witt Figure Skating Figure skater 03-Dec-1965 -
Robert E. Witt Educator President, University of Alabama 16-Sep-1940 -
Edwin E. Witte Economist Father of Social Security 04-Jan-1887 20-May-1960
Edward Witten Physicist String theorist at Princeton 26-Aug-1951 -
Ludwig Wittgenstein Philosopher Destroyed metaphysics 26-Apr-1889 29-Apr-1951
Georg Wittig Chemist Wittig Reaction 16-Jun-1897 26-Aug-1987
Randy Wittman Basketball Head Coach, Minnesota Timberwolves 28-Oct-1959 -
Sam Witwer Actor Being Human 20-Oct-1977 -
James Wlcek Actor Sons of Thunder 22-Feb-1964 -
Jah Wobble Musician PiL co-founder, World music innovator 1958 -
Frank G. Wobst Business CEO of Huntington Bancshares, 1981-2001 c. 1934 -
P. G. Wodehouse Author Jeeves novels 15-Oct-1881 14-Feb-1975
Patricia A. Woertz Business CEO of Archer Daniels Midland 17-Mar-1953 -
Harris Wofford Politician US Senator from Pennsylvania, 1991-95 09-Apr-1926 -
Terry Wogan Radio Personality BBC's Wake Up To Wogan 03-Aug-1938 -
Friedrich Wöhler Chemist Artificial creation of urea 31-Jul-1800 23-Sep-1882
Albert Wohlstetter Author Nuclear strategist 19-Dec-1913 10-Jan-1997
John Wohlstetter Activist Discovery Institute c. 1947 -
Peter Woit Physicist String Theorist c. 1957 -
Larry Woiwode Novelist What I'm Going to Do, I Think 30-Oct-1941 -
Alex Wojciechowicz Football NFL Hall of Famer 12-Aug-1915 13-Jul-1992
David Wojnarowicz Artist One Day This Kid 14-Sep-1955 22-Jul-1992
John Wojtowicz Criminal Bank robber inspired Dog Day Afternoon 09-Mar-1945 02-Jan-2006
James Wolcott Journalist Vanity Fair cultural critic 10-Dec-1952 -
Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Politician Connecticut Governor, Treasury Secretary 11-Jan-1760 01-Jun-1833
Oliver Wolcott Politician Governor of Connecticut, 1796-97 01-Dec-1726 01-Dec-1797
Girma Wolde-Giorgis Head of State President of Ethiopia 1924 -
Robert Wolders Actor Erik Hunter on Laredo 28-Sep-1936 -
Christa Wolf Novelist Divided Heaven 18-Mar-1929 01-Dec-2011
Dale B. Wolf Business CEO of Coventry Health Care c. 1954 -
Dale E. Wolf Politician Governor of Delaware for 20 days 06-Sep-1924 -
Dick Wolf Film/TV Producer Producer of Law and Order 20-Dec-1946 -
Frank Wolf Politician Congressman, Virginia 10th 30-Jan-1939 -
Hazel Wolf Activist Seattle environmental activist 10-Mar-1898 19-Jan-2000
Henry C. Wolf Business CFO of Norfolk Southern, 1993-2007 c. 1942 -
Howlin' Wolf Singer/Songwriter Blues guitarist 10-Jun-1910 10-Jan-1976
Hugo Wolf Composer 19th century German songwriter 13-Mar-1860 22-Feb-1903
Linda S. Wolf Business CEO of Leo Burnett Worldwide, 2001-05 c. 1948 -
Naomi Wolf Author The Beauty Myth 12-Nov-1962 -
Robert Wolf Business Chairman of UBS Group Americas 08-Mar-1962 -
Scott Wolf Actor Bailey Salinger on Party of Five 04-Jun-1968 -
Stephen M. Wolf Business Chairman of US Airways, 1996-2003 1941 -
Timothy V. Wolf Business CFO of Molson Coors Brewing c. 1952 -
Bertram D. Wolfe Historian Three Who Made a Revolution 19-Jan-1896 21-Feb-1977
Gene Wolfe Novelist The Book of the New Sun 07-May-1931 -
Ian Wolfe Actor Bedlam 04-Nov-1896 23-Jan-1992
James Wolfe Military Hero of Quebec 02-Jan-1727 13-Sep-1759
Kenneth L. Wolfe Business CEO of Hershey, 1994-2001 c. 1940 -
Thomas Wolfe Novelist Look Homeward, Angel 03-Oct-1900 15-Sep-1938
Tom Wolfe Author Bonfire of the Vanities 02-Mar-1931 -
Werner F. Wolfen Attorney Former Partner, Irell & Manella 15-May-1930 -
James Wolfensohn Business World Bank president, 1995-2005 01-Dec-1933 -
Alex Wolff Drummer The Naked Brothers Band 01-Nov-1997 -
Christian Wolff Philosopher Philosopher of the Leibniz model 24-Jan-1679 09-Apr-1754
Christian Wolff Composer Burdocks 08-Mar-1934 -
Francis De Wolff Actor The Hound of the Baskervilles 07-Jan-1913 18-Apr-1984
Nat Wolff Musician The Naked Brothers Band 17-Dec-1994 -
Sherman M. Wolff Business Health Care Service Corporation c. 1940 -
Tobias Wolff Author The Barracks Thief 19-Jun-1945 -
Richard Wolffe Journalist Newsweek Senior White House Correspondent 17-Sep-1968 -
Donald Wolfit Actor Svengali 20-Apr-1902 17-Feb-1968
Marv Wolfman Cartoonist Former Editor-In-Chief of Marvel Comics 13-May-1946 -
Paul Wolfowitz Government President of the World Bank, 2005-07 22-Dec-1943 -
Wolfram von Eschenbach Poet Parzival c. 1170 c. 1220
Stephen Wolfram Mathematician Creator of Mathematica 29-Aug-1959 -
Howard Wolfson Government Hillary Clinton campaign spokesman c. 1967 -
Louis Wolfson Business Business criminal, horse breeder 28-Jan-1912 30-Dec-2007
Sheldon Wolin Philosopher Politics and Vision 04-Aug-1922 -
James Wolk Actor Front of the Class 22-Mar-1985 -
Deborah Ann Woll Actor Jessica Hamby on True Blood 07-Feb-1985 -
David A. Wollard Business Former President, Bank One Colorado NA c. 1937 -
William Wollaston Philosopher The Religion of Nature Delineated 26-Mar-1659 29-Oct-1724
William Hyde Wollaston Chemist Discovered palladium, rhodium 06-Aug-1766 22-Dec-1828
Harvey L. Wollman Politician Governor of South Dakota, 1978-79 14-May-1935 -
Roger L. Wollman Judge 8th Circuit Court of Appeals 29-May-1934 -
Mary Wollstonecraft Author Vindication of the Rights of Women 27-Apr-1759 10-Sep-1797
Howard Wolpe Government Congressman from Michigan, 1979-83 02-Nov-1939 25-Oct-2011
David L. Wolper Film/TV Producer Roots 11-Jan-1928 10-Aug-2010
Thomas Wolsey Religion Powerful English cardinal c. 1475 29-Nov-1530
Basil Wolverton Artist Mad magazine artist 09-Jul-1909 31-Dec-1978
Melvin B. Wolzinger Business Las Vegas investor, W. W. Investment Co. c. 1920 -
Bobby Womack Musician R&B guitarist and songwriter 04-Mar-1944 -
Lee Ann Womack Country Musician I Hope You Dance 19-Aug-1966 -
Robert R. Womack Business CEO of Zurn Industries, 1994-99 c. 1937 -
Steve Womack Politician Congressman, Arkansas 3rd 18-Feb-1957 -
Stevie Wonder Singer/Songwriter Signed, Sealed, and Delivered 13-May-1950 -
Wayne Wonder Musician Jamaican Dancehall star 22-Jul-1966 -
Anna May Wong Actor Shanghai Express 03-Jan-1905 03-Feb-1961
B. D. Wong Actor Oz, Law & Order: SVU 24-Oct-1960 -
Faye Wong Singer Easily Hurt Woman 08-Aug-1969 -
Russell Wong Actor Takedown 01-Mar-1963 -
Victor Wong Actor Egg Shen 31-Jul-1927 12-Sep-2001
Paul Wonnacott Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 1991-93 16-Mar-1933 -
Carolyn Y. Woo Educator Dean, Mendoza College of Business c. 1953 -
John Woo Film Director Director of Hong Kong action films 22-Sep-1948 -
Roh Tae Woo Head of State President of South Korea, 1988-93 04-Dec-1932 -
Anthony à Wood Historian Oxford historian 17-Dec-1632 29-Nov-1695
Barry Wood Designer Interior decorator on Trading Spaces c. 1971 -
Beatrice Wood Artist Mama of Dada 03-Mar-1893 12-Mar-1998
Corinne Wood Politician Lt. Governor of Illinois, 1999-2003 28-May-1954 -
Craig Wood Golf Winner, 1941 Masters and US Open 18-Nov-1901 07-May-1968
Danny Wood Singer New Kids on the Block 14-May-1969 -
Dennis Wood Business C-MAC Industries c. 1939 -
Diane P. Wood Judge 7th Circuit Court of Appeals 04-Jul-1950 -
Ed Wood Film Director Plan 9 From Outer Space 10-Oct-1924 10-Dec-1978
Elijah Wood Actor Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings 28-Jan-1981 -
Evan Rachel Wood Actor S1m0ne 07-Sep-1987 -
Frank Wood Business Secret Communications LLC c. 1941 -
Gordon S. Wood Historian The Creation of the American Republic 27-Nov-1933 -
Grant Wood Painter American Gothic 13-Feb-1892 12-Feb-1942
James N. Wood Administrator President of Art Institute of Chicago, 1980-2004 20-Mar-1941 11-Jun-2010
John Wood Actor Dr. Falken in WarGames 05-Jul-1930 06-Aug-2011
Lana Wood Actor Diamonds Are Forever 01-Mar-1946 -
Michael B. Wood Doctor CEO of the Mayo Foundation, 1999-2003 c. 1944 -
Michael M. Wood Business US Ambassador to Sweden 1947 -
Natalie Wood Actor Rebel Without A Cause 20-Jul-1938 29-Nov-1981
Peggy Wood Actor The Sound of Music 09-Feb-1892 18-Mar-1978
Peter M. Wood Business Former Managing Director, JP Morgan c. 1938 -
Phoebe A. Wood Business CFO of Brown-Forman, 2001-08 c. 1953 -
Robert E. Wood Business Chairman of Sears, 1939-54 13-Jun-1879 06-Nov-1969
Robert L. Wood Business CEO of Chemtura c. 1954 -
Robert W. Wood Physicist Physical Optics 02-May-1868 11-Aug-1955
Ron Wood Guitarist Guitarist for The Rolling Stones 01-Jun-1947 -
Roy Wood Musician ELO and Wizzard 08-Nov-1947 -
Sam Wood Film Director Goodbye, Mr. Chips 10-Jul-1883 22-Sep-1949
William B. Wood Diplomat US Ambassador to Afghanistan, 2007-09 07-Aug-1950 -
Jerry M. Woodall Inventor Inventor of the red LED c. 1938 -
Rob Woodall Politician Congressman, Georgia 7th 11-Feb-1970 -
Thomas A. Woodall Judge Justice, Alabama Supreme Court 1950 -
Alfre Woodard Actor K-PAX 08-Nov-1953 -
Jack D. Woodard Business Southern Nuclear Operating Company c. 1944 -
Joan B. Woodard Scientist EVP at Sandia National Laboratories c. 1951 -
Ronald B. Woodard Business Former Boeing Executive c. 1944 -
Bokeem Woodbine Actor The Big Hit 13-Apr-1973 -
Edwina D. Woodbury Business CFO of Avon, 1993-98 c. 1952 -
Levi Woodbury Politician NH Senator, Governor, US Supreme Court 22-Dec-1789 04-Sep-1851
Leonard Woodcock Labor Leader 5th UAW President, 1970-77 15-Feb-1911 16-Jan-2001
John Wooden Basketball Winningest-ever college basketball coach 14-Oct-1910 04-Jun-2010
Cecil Woodham-Smith Historian Florence Nightingale 29-Apr-1896 16-Mar-1977
Victoria Woodhull Activist First woman candidate for US President 23-Sep-1838 09-Jun-1927
William H. Woodin Business US Treasury Secretary, 1933 27-May-1868 03-May-1934
Shailene Woodley Actor Amy Juergens on The Secret Life 15-Nov-1991 -
Woody Woodmansey Drummer Drummer for The Spiders From Mars c. 1951 -
Harry H. Woodring Politician US Secretary of War, 1936-40 31-May-1890 09-Sep-1967
Jim Woodring Cartoonist Frank 11-Oct-1952 -
Patrick Woodroffe Artist English fantasy artist 1940 -
Kenneth B. Woodrow Business President of Target Stores, 1994-99 c. 1944 -
Bob Woodruff Journalist Co-Anchor, World News Tonight 18-Aug-1961 -
George W. Woodruff Business Continental Gin Company 27-Aug-1895 04-Feb-1987
Judy Woodruff Journalist PBS newscaster 20-Nov-1946 -
Robert W. Woodruff Business President of Coca-Cola, 1923-54 06-Dec-1889 07-Mar-1985
Rollin S. Woodruff Politician Governor of Connecticut, 1907-09 14-Jul-1854 30-Jun-1925
Betty Woods Business CEO of Premera Blue Cross, 1992-2000 c. 1939 -
Donald Woods Actor The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms 02-Dec-1906 05-Mar-1998
Edward Woods Actor The Public Enemy 05-Jul-1903 08-Oct-1989
Harry Woods Actor Perpetual Hollywood villain 05-May-1889 28-Dec-1968
Jacqueline F. Woods Business President of Ameritech Ohio, 1993-2000 c. 1949 -
James Woods Actor Casino, Any Given Sunday 18-Apr-1947 -
James D. Woods Business CEO of Baker Hughes, 1987-97 c. 1931 -
Leona Woods Physicist Physicist at University of Chicago 09-Aug-1919 10-Nov-1986
Rose Mary Woods Government Blamed for 18.5 minute Watergate tape erasure 26-Dec-1917 22-Jan-2005
Simon Woods Actor Pride & Prejudice 1980 -
Tiger Woods Golf Greatest living golfer 30-Dec-1975 -
William Burnham Woods Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1881-87 03-Aug-1824 14-May-1887
D. B. Woodside Actor President Wayne Palmer on 24 25-Jul-1969 -
Charles Woodson Football Winner, 1997 Heisman Trophy 07-Oct-1976 -
Mike Woodson Basketball Coach, New York Knicks 24-Mar-1958 -
Bob Woodward Journalist Broke the Watergate story 26-Mar-1943 -
C. Vann Woodward Historian The Strange Career of Jim Crow 13-Nov-1908 17-Dec-1999
Edward Woodward Actor The Equalizer 01-Jun-1930 16-Nov-2009
Joanne Woodward Actor The Three Faces of Eve 27-Feb-1930 -
Morgan Woodward Actor Punk Anderson on Dallas 16-Sep-1925 -
Robert B. Woodward Chemist Synthesized cholesterol, Vitamin B12, etc. 10-Apr-1917 08-Jul-1979
Robert F. Woodward Diplomat US Ambassador to Costa Rica, 1954-58 01-Oct-1908 18-May-2001
Shaun Woodward Politician British MP, St. Helens South 26-Oct-1958 -
Louis E. Woodworth Business Alpine Corporation c. 1933 -
Norman Wooland Actor Shakespearean stage actor 16-Mar-1910 03-Apr-1989
Chuck Woolery Game Show Host The Love Connection, etc. 16-Mar-1941 -
Jeffrey I. Wooley Business Asbury Automotive Tampa, 1998-2005 c. 1945 -
Sheb Wooley Actor The Purple People Eater 10-Apr-1921 17-Sep-2003
Douglas Woolf Novelist Fade Out 23-Mar-1922 18-Jan-1992
Leonard Woolf Author British memoirist, husband of Virginia 25-Nov-1880 14-Aug-1969
Virginia Woolf Novelist Suicidal English novelist 25-Jan-1882 28-Mar-1941
Eric Woolfson Musician Former Alan Parsons Project collaborator 18-Mar-1945 01-Dec-2009
Alexander Woollcott Critic The Man Who Came to Dinner 18-Jan-1887 23-Jan-1943
Monty Woolley Actor The Man Who Came to Dinner 17-Aug-1888 06-May-1963
John Woolman Religion American Quaker preacher 19-Oct-1720 07-Oct-1772
Cornell Woolrich Novelist The Bride Wore Black 04-Dec-1903 25-Sep-1968
James Woolsey Government CIA Director, 1993-95 21-Sep-1941 -
Lynn Woolsey Politician Congresswoman, California 6th 03-Nov-1937 -
Suzanne H. Woolsey Business National Academies c. 1942 -
F. W. Woolworth Business Five and dime magnate 13-Apr-1852 08-Apr-1919
Ian Woosnam Golf Winner, 1991 Masters 02-Mar-1958 -
Tom Wopat Actor Luke Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard 09-Sep-1951 -
Hank Worden Actor The Searchers 23-Jul-1901 06-Dec-1992
William Wordsworth Poet English romantic poet laureate 07-Apr-1770 23-Apr-1850
Henry Clay Work Composer Marching Through Georgia 01-Oct-1832 08-Jun-1884
Hubert Work Government US Interior Secretary, 1923-28 03-Jul-1860 14-Dec-1942
Jo Anne Worley Comic Laugh-In 06-Sep-1937 -
Manfred Wörner Diplomat NATO Secretary General, 1988-94 24-Sep-1934 13-Aug-1994
Mary Woronov Actor Eating Raoul 08-Dec-1943 -
Bernie Worrell Musician Blacktronic Scientist 19-Apr-1944 -
Irene Worth Actor Lost in Yonkers 23-Jun-1916 10-Mar-2002
Nicholas Worth Actor Don't Answer the Phone! 04-Sep-1938 07-May-2007
William Jenkins Worth Military Namesake of Fort Worth, TX 01-Mar-1794 07-May-1849
Cal Worthington Business Will eat a bug to make a deal 27-Nov-1920 -
Sam Worthington Actor Avatar 02-Aug-1976 -
James Worthy Basketball Forward, LA Lakers 27-Feb-1961 -
George C. Wortley Politician Congressman from New York, 1981-89 08-Dec-1926 -
Larry M. Wortzel Government China specialist, military analyst c. 1949 -
Aldona Wos Diplomat US Ambassador to Estonia, 2004-06 ? -
Herman Wouk Novelist The Caine Mutiny 27-May-1915 -
Bow Wow Rapper Beware of Dog 09-Mar-1987 -
John Wozniak Musician Frontman for Marcy Playground 19-Jan-1971 -
Steve Wozniak Computer Programmer Co-Founder of Apple Computer 11-Aug-1950 -
Dennis R. Wraase Business CEO of Pepco Holdings, 2001-09 c. 1944 -
Jack Wrangler Pornstar Eyes of a Gay Stranger 11-Jul-1946 07-Apr-2009
Fay Wray Actor King Kong 15-Sep-1907 08-Aug-2004
Link Wray Guitarist Rumble 02-May-1929 05-Nov-2005
Christopher Wren Architect Designed St. Paul's Cathedral 20-Oct-1632 25-Feb-1723
John D. Wren Business CEO of Omnicom Group 26-Mar-1952 -
D'arcy Wretzky Bassist Former bass player for Smashing Pumpkins 01-May-1968 -
Ben G. Wright Publisher Publisher, Field and Stream c. 1911 10-Apr-2001
Bonnie Wright Actor Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter 17-Feb-1991 -
Carroll D. Wright Sociologist The Industrial Evolution of the United States 25-Jul-1840 20-Feb-1909
Chely Wright Country Musician Shut Up And Drive 25-Oct-1970 -
David Wright Baseball 3rd Base, New York Mets 20-Dec-1982 -
Deborah C. Wright Business CEO of Carver Bancorp c. 1957 -
Donald R. Wright Judge California Chief Justice, 1970-77 02-Feb-1907 21-Mar-1985
Doreen A. Wright Business Senior VP and CIO of Campbell Soup 27-Feb-1957 -
Douglas T. Wright Educator President, University of Waterloo, 1981-93 04-Oct-1927 -
Edgar Wright Film Director Shaun of the Dead 18-Apr-1974 -
Frances Wright Activist Utopian abolitionist 06-Sep-1795 13-Dec-1852
Frank Lloyd Wright Architect Fallingwater 08-Jun-1867 09-Apr-1959
Gary Wright Musician Dream Weaver 26-Apr-1943 -
Gridley Wright Religion Shiva Lila cult founder 19-Jan-1934 22-Dec-1979
Harold Bell Wright Novelist The Winning of Barbara Worth 04-May-1872 24-May-1944
James Wright Poet The Branch Will Not Break 13-Dec-1927 25-Mar-1980
James Wright Educator President, Dartmouth College 1939 -
Jay Wright Basketball Villanova Head Coach 24-Dec-1961 -
Jeffrey Wright Actor Basquiat 07-Dec-1965 -
Jenny Wright Actor Out of Bounds 23-Mar-1962 -
Jerauld Wright Military US Atlantic Fleet Commander, 1954-60 04-Jun-1898 27-Apr-1995
Jeremiah Wright Religion Trinity United Church of Christ 22-Sep-1941 -
Jim Wright Politician Congressman from Texas, 1955-89 22-Dec-1922 -
Judith Wright Poet The Moving Image 31-May-1915 26-Jun-2000
Laura Wright Actor General Hospital 11-Sep-1970 -
Lawrence Wright Author The Looming Tower 02-Aug-1947 -
Max Wright Actor The dad on ALF 02-Aug-1943 -
Melvin O. Wright Business Former Dean Witter Reynolds VP 29-Jul-1928 -
Michael Wright Actor Elias Taylor on V 30-Apr-1956 -
Michael W. Wright Business CEO of Supervalu, 1981-2001 c. 1939 -
Mickey Wright Golf Winner of 13 Majors 14-Feb-1935 -
O. V. Wright Singer Southern gospel and soul singer 09-Oct-1939 16-Nov-1980
Orville Wright Aviator Co-Inventor of the airplane 19-Aug-1871 30-Jan-1948
Richard Wright Author Native Son 04-Sep-1908 28-Nov-1960
Rick Wright Musician Keyboardist for Pink Floyd 28-Jul-1943 15-Sep-2008
Robert Wright Songwriter Kismet 25-Sep-1914 27-Jul-2005
Robert C. Wright Business CEO of NBC Universal 1943 -
Robert L. Wright Business Dimension International c. 1938 -
Sewall Wright Biologist Mathematics of evolution 21-Dec-1889 03-Mar-1988
Silas Wright Politician US Senator from New York, 1833-44 24-May-1795 27-Aug-1847
Steven Wright Comic King of Wry 06-Dec-1955 -
Teresa Wright Actor Shadow of a Doubt 27-Oct-1918 06-Mar-2005
Wendy Wright Activist President, Concerned Women for America ? -
Wilbur Wright Aviator Co-Inventor of the airplane 16-Apr-1867 30-May-1912
Will Wright Actor Character actor 26-Mar-1894 19-Jun-1962
Will Wright Computer Programmer Created SimCity, The Sims 20-Jan-1960 -
Mark S. Wrighton Educator Chancellor, Washington University in St. Louis 1949 -
William Wrigley, Jr. Business Chewing gum magnate 30-Sep-1861 26-Jan-1932
William Wrigley, Jr. II Business Chairman of Wrigley c. 1964 -
Julie A. Wrigley Business Wrigley Investments, LLC c. 1949 -
Henry M. Wriston Educator President of Brown University, 1937-55 04-Jul-1889 07-Mar-1978
Kathryn D. Wriston Attorney Wife of Walter B. Wriston c. 1939 -
Walter B. Wriston Business CEO of Citibank, 1967-84 03-Aug-1919 19-Jan-2005
Magdalena Wrobel Model Wonderbra model 13-Dec-1975 -
David Wu Politician Congressman from Oregon, 1999-2011 08-Apr-1955 -
Harry Wu Activist Human rights activist 08-Feb-1937 -
Vivian Wu Actor The Pillowbook 05-Feb-1966 -
Danny Wuerffel Football Winner, 1996 Heisman Trophy 27-May-1974 -
Donald W. Wuerl Religion Archbishop of Washington DC 12-Nov-1940 -
Peter Wuffli Business CEO of UBS, 2003-07 26-Oct-1957 -
Robert Wuhl Actor Arliss on Arli$$ 09-Oct-1951 -
Kari Wuhrer Actor Capt. Beckett on Sliders 28-Apr-1967 -
Christian Wulff Politician President of Germany, 2010-12 19-Jun-1959 -
John K. Wulff Business CFO of Union Carbide, 1996-2001 c. 1949 -
Wilhelm Wundt Psychologist Father of Experimental Psychology 16-Aug-1832 31-Aug-1920
Stephen J. Wuori Business VP at Enbridge Energy Partners c. 1958 -
Charles Wuorinen Composer Time's Encomium 09-Jun-1938 -
Aileen Wuornos Criminal Notorious serial killer 29-Feb-1956 09-Oct-2002
Robert J. Wussler Business President of CBS Television, 1976-78 08-Sep-1936 05-Jun-2010
Kurt Wüthrich Chemist Magnetic resonance spectroscopy 04-Oct-1938 -
Sir Thomas Wyat Poet Introduced sonnet to England 1503 06-Oct-1542
Jane Wyatt Actor Father Knows Best 12-Aug-1910 20-Oct-2006
Joe B. Wyatt Educator Chancellor of Vanderbilt University, 1982-2000 c. 1935 -
Oscar Wyatt Business Oilman snagged in oil-for-food scandal 07-Jul-1924 -
Robert Wyatt Musician Songcraftsman and outstanding beard farmer 28-Jan-1945 -
Wendell Wyatt Politician Congressman from Oregon, 1964-75 15-Jun-1917 28-Jan-2009
William Wycherley Playwright The Plain Dealer 1640 01-Jan-1716
Margaret Wycherly Actor Sergeant York 26-Oct-1881 06-Jun-1956
John Wycliffe Religion Translated the bible into English c. 1330 31-Dec-1384
Ron Wyden Politician US Senator from Oregon 03-May-1949 -
Andrew Wyeth Painter American painter, Christina's World 12-Jul-1917 16-Jan-2009
John Wyeth Business Founder of Wyeth 1841 30-Mar-1907
Kathryn S. Wylde Administrator Partnership for New York City c. 1946 -
Zakk Wylde Guitarist Power guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne 14-Jan-1967 -
Noah Wyle Actor Dr. John Carter on ER 04-Jun-1971 -
William Wyler Film Director Ben-Hur 01-Jul-1902 27-Jul-1981
Chalmers P. Wylie Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1967-93 23-Nov-1920 14-Aug-1998
Elinor Wylie Poet Nets to Catch the Wind 07-Sep-1885 16-Dec-1928
Meg Wyllie Actor The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters 15-Feb-1917 01-Jan-2002
Charles Wyly Business Billionaire, Michael's Stores 13-Oct-1933 07-Aug-2011
Sam Wyly Business Early computer entrepreneur 1934 -
Bill Wyman Bassist Former Rolling Stones bassist 24-Oct-1936 -
Jane Wyman Actor Falcon Crest 05-Jan-1917 10-Sep-2007
Louis C. Wyman Politician Congressman from New Hampshire, 1963-74 16-Mar-1917 05-May-2002
Patrick Wymark Actor Where Eagles Dare 11-Jul-1920 20-Oct-1970
Patrice Wymore Actor Ocean's Eleven 17-Dec-1926 -
John Wyndham Author The Day of the Triffids 10-Jul-1903 11-Mar-1969
George Wyner Actor ADA Irwin Bernstein on Hill Street Blues 20-Oct-1945 -
Tammy Wynette Country Musician Stand By Your Man 05-May-1942 06-Apr-1998
Peter Wyngarde Actor Jason King 23-Aug-1933 -
Phail Wynn, Jr. Educator Durham Technical Community College c. 1947 -
Albert Wynn Politician Congressman, Maryland 4th 10-Sep-1951 -
Barry D. Wynn Business CEO, South Colonial Group c. 1945 -
Early Wynn Baseball MLB Hall of Famer 06-Jan-1920 04-Apr-1999
Ed Wynn Actor Requiem for a Heavyweight 09-Nov-1886 19-Jun-1966
Keenan Wynn Actor Col. Bat Guano in Dr. Strangelove 27-Jul-1916 14-Oct-1986
May Wynn Actor The Caine Mutiny 08-Jan-1928 -
Steve Wynn Business Las Vegas billionaire 27-Jan-1942 -
Will Wynn Politician Mayor of Austin 10-Sep-1961 -
Michael W. Wynne Government US Secretary of the Air Force, 2005-08 04-Sep-1944 -
Jim Wynorski Film Director Prolific B movie director 14-Aug-1950 -
Dana Wynter Actor Sink the Bismarck! 08-Jun-1931 05-May-2011
Sarah Wynter Actor Kate Warner on 24 15-Feb-1973 -
Diana Wynyard Actor Gaslight 16-Jan-1906 13-May-1964
Amanda Wyss Actor A Nightmare On Elm Street 24-Nov-1960 -

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