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Alaric I Royalty Goth, sacked Rome in 410 AD c. 370 AD 410 AD
Amenhotep I Royalty Second Pharaoh of 18th Dynasty c. 1550 BC c. 1504 BC
David I Royalty King of Scotland, 1124-53 c. 1084 24-May-1153
Joseph I Royalty Holy Roman Emperor, 1705-11 26-Jul-1678 17-Apr-1711
Justinian I Royalty Byzantine Emperor, 527-565 AD 11-May-483 AD 13-Nov-565 AD
Kenneth I Royalty King of Scotland, 832-58 AD ? 858 AD
Oscar Hammerstein I Theatre Producer Olympia Theatre 08-May-1847 01-Aug-1919
T. I. Rapper Dirty south rapper, Trap Muzik 25-Sep-1980 -
NO I.D. Musician Hip-hop producer and artist ? -
Lee Iacocca Business Former chairman, Chrysler Corporation 15-Oct-1924 -
Paul Iams Business Pet food manufacturer 11-Aug-1915 26-Oct-2004
Janis Ian Singer/Songwriter Society's Child 07-Apr-1951 -
Scott Ian Guitarist Guitarist for Anthrax 31-Dec-1963 -
Stanislav Ianevski Actor Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 16-May-1985 -
Thomas J. Iannotti Business Managing Director Americas, HP c. 1957 -
Armando Iannucci Screenwriter The Thick of It 28-Nov-1963 -
Marc Iavaroni Basketball Head Coach, Memphis Grizzlies 15-Sep-1956 -
Hank Iba Basketball Oklahoma A&M Head Coach, 1934-70 06-Aug-1904 15-Jan-1993
Alberto Ibargüen Publisher President of the Knight Foundation c. 1944 -
Tony Ibargüen Business President of Tech Data, 1996-99 c. 1959 -
Jacques Ibert Composer Escales 15-Aug-1890 05-Feb-1962
Zlatan Ibrahimovic Soccer AC Milan forward 03-Oct-1981 -
Henrik Ibsen Playwright Peer Gynt 20-Mar-1828 23-May-1906
Carl Icahn Business Billionaire, took over TWA 16-Feb-1936 -
Miguel de Icaza Computer Programmer Founder of Gnome project c. 1973 -
Vanilla Ice Rapper Ice Ice Baby 31-Oct-1968 -
Ice-T Rapper Pimp, Cop Killer 16-Feb-1958 -
David Icke Author Uncovered global cabal of reptilian ET's 29-Apr-1952 -
Harold Ickes Government US Secretary of the Interior, 1933-46 15-Mar-1874 03-Feb-1952
Jack Idema Military Green Beret wannabe 30-May-1956 21-Jan-2012
Eric Idle Comic Monty Python 29-Mar-1943 -
Billy Idol Musician Sneering faux punk rocker 30-Nov-1955 -
Frank Iero Guitarist My Chemical Romance 31-Oct-1981 -
Rhys Ifans Actor Notting Hill 22-Jul-1968 -
Gwen Ifill Journalist Washington Week, Lehrer News Hour 29-Sep-1955 -
Robert Iger Business CEO of Disney 10-Feb-1951 -
Álex de la Iglesia Film Director The Oxford Murders 04-Dec-1965 -
David Iglesias Government US Attorney, New Mexico, 2001-06 c. 1962 -
Enrique Iglesias Singer Balladeer 08-May-1975 -
Gabriel Iglesias Comic Fluffy comic 15-Jul-1976 -
Julio Iglesias Singer International pop star 23-Sep-1943 -
Karen Ignagni Business America's Health Insurance Plans PAC c. 1953 -
Louis J. Ignarro Scientist Nitric oxide as a cardiovascular signal 31-May-1941 -
Michael Ignatieff Author Blood and Belonging 12-May-1947 -
Ignatius of Antioch Religion Early Church Father c. 35 AD c. 110 AD
David Ignatius Columnist Washington Post op-ed columnist 1950 -
David Ignatow Poet Rescue the Dead 07-Feb-1914 17-Nov-1997
James Iha Guitarist Guitarist for Smashing Pumpkins 26-Mar-1968 -
Stanley O. Ikenberry Educator University of Illinois President, 1979-95 1935 -
Sandra S. Ikuta Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 24-Jun-1954 -
Kim Jong Il Head of State Dictator of North Korea, 1994-2011 16-Feb-1941 17-Dec-2011
Robert Iler Actor Anthony 'A.J.' Soprano Jr. 02-Mar-1985 -
Greg Iles Novelist Black Cross 1960 -
Ion Iliescu Head of State Twice President of Romania 03-Mar-1930 -
Richard C. Ill Business CEO of Triumph Group c. 1943 -
Ivan Illich Philosopher Deschooling Society 04-Sep-1926 02-Dec-2002
Peter Illing Actor Against the Wind 04-Mar-1899 29-Oct-1966
Josefa Iloilo Head of State President of Fiji, 2000-09 29-Dec-1920 06-Feb-2011
Toomas Hendrik Ilves Head of State President of Estonia 26-Dec-1953 -
Iman Model Somali supermodel wife of David Bowie 25-Jul-1955 -
Annabelle Clinton Imber Judge Justice, Arkansas Supreme Court c. 1949 -
Natalie Imbruglia Singer/Songwriter Torn 04-Feb-1975 -
Roger Imhof Actor This Gun for Hire 15-Aug-1875 15-Apr-1958
Imhotep Architect Commoner who became a God c. 3000 BC c. 2950 BC
Punch Imlach Hockey NHL Coach, Hall of Famer 15-Mar-1918 01-Dec-1987
Trevor Immelman Golf Winner of 2008 Masters Tournament 16-Dec-1979 -
Jeffrey R. Immelt Business CEO of General Electric 19-Feb-1956 -
Carlo Imperato Actor Danny Amatullo on Fame 03-Aug-1963 -
Michael Imperioli Actor Christopher on The Sopranos 26-Mar-1966 -
Celia Imrie Actor Gloria Millington on Kingdom 15-Jul-1952 -
Don Imus Radio Personality Imus in the Morning 23-Jul-1940 -
Carrie Ann Inaba Dancer Judge, Dancing with the Stars 05-Jan-1968 -
Vanessa Incontrada TV Personality Italian model, actress, TV host 24-Nov-1978 -
Mark Indelicato Actor Justin Suarez on Ugly Betty 16-Jul-1994 -
India.Arie Singer Acoustic Soul 03-Oct-1975 -
Robert Indiana Artist Creator of the "LO/VE" sculpture 12-Sep-1928 -
Miguel Induráin Cyclist Five-time Tour de France winner 16-Jul-1964 -
Martin Indyk Diplomat US Ambassador to Israel, 1995-97, 2000-01 c. 1951 -
Frieda Inescort Actor A Place in the Sun 29-Jun-1901 26-Feb-1976
Guillermo Cabrera Infante Novelist Tres Tristes Tigres 22-Apr-1929 21-Feb-2005
Pedro Infante Actor Idolo de Guamúchil 18-Nov-1917 15-Apr-1957
Laura Ingalls Aviator Aviatrix and Nazi sympathizer 14-Dec-1893 10-Jan-1967
Lord Inge Military British Field Marshal 05-Aug-1935 -
William Inge Playwright Come Back, Little Sheba 03-May-1913 10-Jun-1973
Marty Ingels Comic Comic-husband of Shirley Jones 09-Mar-1936 -
Jared Ingersoll Politician Signed the US Constitution 24-Oct-1749 31-Oct-1822
Robert G. Ingersoll Author Orator, politician, agnostic 11-Aug-1833 21-Jul-1899
Robert S. Ingersoll Diplomat CEO of Borg-Warner, 1958-72 28-Jan-1914 22-Aug-2010
Samuel D. Ingham Politician US Secretary of the Treasury, 1829-31 16-Sep-1779 05-Jun-1860
Andy Inglis Business BP's head of exploration & production, 2007-10 c. 1960 -
Bob Inglis Politician Congressman from South Carolina, 1993-98, 2005-11 11-Oct-1959 -
Hubert Ingraham Head of State Prime Minister of the Bahamas 04-Aug-1947 -
Laura Ingraham Pundit The Hillary Trap 19-Jun-1964 -
Prentiss Ingraham Novelist Dime novelist wrote 600 Old West novels 22-Dec-1843 16-Aug-1904
Orrin H. Ingram II Business CEO of Ingram Industries 05-Jul-1960 -
Bobby Ingram Guitarist Lead Guitarist, Molly Hatchet 1957 -
John R. Ingram Business Ingram Book Group c. 1963 -
Martha R. Ingram Business Chairman of Ingram Industries c. 1936 -
Rex Ingram Film Director The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 15-Jan-1892 21-Jul-1950
Robert A. Ingram Business Glaxo SmithKline executive 06-Dec-1942 -
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres Painter Odalisque 29-Aug-1780 14-Jan-1867
James Inhofe Politician US Senator from Oklahoma 17-Nov-1934 -
Bobby Ray Inman Military Admiral, NSA Director, Deputy CIA Director 04-Apr-1931 -
John Inman Actor Are You Being Served? 28-Jun-1935 08-Mar-2007
Inna Singer Hot 16-Oct-1986 -
Laura Innes Actor Dr. Kerry Weaver on ER 16-Aug-1959 -
Neil Innes Musician The Rutles 09-Dec-1944 -
George Inness Painter American landscape painter 01-May-1825 03-Aug-1894
Roy Innis Activist Congress of Racial Equality 06-Jun-1934 -
Pope Innocent I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 402-17 ? 12-Mar-417 AD
Pope Innocent II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1130-43 ? 22-Sep-1143
Pope Innocent III Religion Pope, launched two Crusades c. 1160 16-Jun-1216
Pope Innocent IX Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1591 20-Jul-1519 30-Dec-1591
Pope Innocent V Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1276 c. 1225 22-Jun-1276
Pope Innocent VI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1352-62 ? 12-Sep-1362
Pope Innocent VII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1404-06 1336 06-Nov-1406
Pope Innocent VIII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1484-92 1432 25-Jul-1492
Pope Innocent X Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1644-55 06-May-1574 07-Jan-1655
Pope Innocent XI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1676-89 16-May-1611 12-Aug-1689
Pope Innocent XII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1691-1700 13-Mar-1615 27-Sep-1700
Pope Innocent XIII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1721-24 13-May-1655 07-Mar-1724
Pope Innocent IV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1243-54 ? 07-Dec-1254
Ismet Inonu Head of State President, Prime Minister of Turkey 25-Sep-1884 25-Dec-1973
Daniel Inouye Politician US Senator from Hawaii 07-Sep-1924 -
Jay Inslee Politician Congressman from Washington, 1999-2012 09-Feb-1951 -
Lux Interior Musician Lead singer of The Cramps 21-Oct-1946 04-Feb-2009
Vincent J. Intrieri Business Icahn Associates Corporation c. 1956 -
Tony Iommi Guitarist Guitar player for Black Sabbath 19-Feb-1948 -
Eugène Ionesco Playwright The Bald Soprano 26-Nov-1912 28-Mar-1994
Jimmy Iovine Music Producer President of Interscope Records 11-Mar-1953 -
Ray R. Irani Business CEO of Occidental Petroleum 13-Jan-1935 -
Alton F. Irby III Business Tricorn Partners c. 1941 -
Andy Ireland Politician Congressman from Florida, 1977-93 23-Aug-1930 -
Jill Ireland Actor Love and Bullets 24-Apr-1936 18-May-1990
John Ireland Actor All the King's Men 30-Jan-1914 21-Mar-1992
John Ireland Religion Catholic Archbishop of St. Paul, 1888-1918 11-Sep-1838 25-Sep-1918
John Ireland Composer The Holy Boy 13-Aug-1879 12-Jun-1962
Kathy Ireland Model 1989 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 20-Mar-1963 -
Patricia Ireland Activist NOW president, 1991-2001 19-Oct-1945 -
Roderick L. Ireland Judge Justice, Massachusetts Supreme Court 03-Dec-1944 -
William Henry Ireland Hoaxer Forger of Shakespearian manuscripts 1777 1835
Irenaeus Religion Ante-Nicene theologian c. 130 AD c. 200 AD
Henry Ireton Military Soldier under Oliver Cromwell 1611 28-Nov-1651
Donnie Iris Musician Ah! Leah! 28-Feb-1943 -
George B. Irish Business President of Hearst Newspapers ? -
Jack Irons Drummer Drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers 18-Jul-1962 -
Jeremy Irons Actor Dead Ringers 19-Sep-1948 -
Michael Ironside Actor Scanners, Top Gun, Starship Troopers 12-Feb-1950 -
John Irvin Film Director Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy 07-May-1940 -
Michael Irvin Football Dallas Cowboys #88 wide receiver 05-Mar-1966 -
Monte Irvin Baseball Negro Leagues player, MLB Hall of Famer 25-Feb-1919 -
Reed Irvine Activist Founder, Accuracy in Media 29-Sep-1922 16-Nov-2004
Robert Irvine Chef Dinner: Impossible 24-Sep-1965 -
Amy Irving Actor Carrie and Yentl 10-Sep-1953 -
Clifford Irving Hoaxer Howard Hughes autobiography hoax 05-Nov-1930 -
David Irving Activist Notorious Holocaust denier 24-Mar-1938 -
Edward Irving Religion Holy Catholic Apostolic Church 04-Aug-1792 07-Dec-1834
Sir Henry Irving Actor English actor, Theater manager 06-Feb-1838 13-Oct-1905
John Irving Novelist The World According to Garp 02-Mar-1942 -
Margaret Irving Actor Animal Crackers 18-Jan-1898 05-Mar-1988
Washington Irving Author Legend of Sleepy Hollow 03-Apr-1783 28-Nov-1859
Bill Irwin Actor My Blue Heaven 11-Apr-1950 -
Bob Irwin Relative Infant son of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin 01-Dec-2003 -
Douglas A. Irwin Economist Free Trade Under Fire c. 1962 -
Hale Irwin Golf Three-time US Open winner 03-Jun-1945 -
Harriet Irwin Architect Designer of hexagonal houses 1828 1897
James Irwin Astronaut 8th to walk on the Moon 17-Mar-1930 08-Aug-1991
Jennifer Irwin Actor Linda Michaels on Still Standing 17-Jun-1975 -
John N. Irwin II Diplomat US Deputy Secretary of State, 1970-73 31-Dec-1913 28-Feb-2000
John N. Irwin III Business Arizona land baron c. 1954 -
Steve Irwin Naturalist The Crocodile Hunter 22-Feb-1962 04-Sep-2006
Jason Isaacs Actor Black Hawk Down 06-Jun-1963 -
Steve Isaacs Singer Lead singer of The Panic Channel 18-Jun-1969 -
Walter Isaacson Author Former Managing Editor for Time 20-May-1952 -
Chris Isaak Musician The Chris Isaak Show 26-Jun-1956 -
George Isaak Astronomer Resonant scattering spectroscopy 07-Mar-1933 05-Jun-2005
Azim Isabekov Head of State Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, 2007 04-Apr-1960 -
Queen Isabella Royalty Bankrolled Columbus, persecuted Jews 22-Apr-1451 26-Nov-1504
Katharine Isabelle Actor Ginger Snaps 10-Mar-1982 -
Johnny Isakson Politician US Senator from Georgia 24-Dec-1944 -
Robert Iscove Film Director She's All That 04-Jul-1947 -
E. Neville Isdell Business CEO of Coca Cola, 2004-08 08-Jun-1943 -
Vicki Iseman Business Lobbyist, Alcalde & Fay 1967 -
Joanne O. Isham Government Career CIA, now at HPTi 27-Oct-1955 -
Christopher Isherwood Author The Berlin Stories 26-Aug-1904 04-Jan-1986
Ishi Oddity Last of an extinct tribe c. 1860 25-Mar-1916
Kazuo Ishiguro Novelist The Remains of the Day 08-Nov-1954 -
Hiroshi Ishikawa Business EVP at Penske Automotive Group c. 1963 -
Yutake Ishinabe Chef The original Iron Chef French 1948 -
Isidore of Seville Encyclopaedist Originum sive Etymologiarum c. 560 AD 4-Apr-636 AD
Michael Isikoff Journalist NBC reporter c. 1952 -
Ronald Isley Musician An Isley brother 21-May-1941 -
Hastings Ismay Military Churchill's chief military assistant 21-Jun-1887 17-Dec-1965
Isocrates Educator Rhetoric opponent of Plato 436 BC 338 BC
Menasseh ben Israel Religion Vindiciae Judaeorum c. 1604 20-Nov-1657
Steve Israel Politician Congressman, New York 2nd 30-May-1958 -
Jozef Israëls Painter Dutch scene painter 27-Jan-1824 12-Aug-1911
Darrell Issa Politician Congressman, California 49th 01-Nov-1953 -
Dan Issel Basketball Nuggets Hall of Famer, Coach 25-Oct-1948 -
Alec Issigonis Engineer Designer of the Mini Cooper 18-Nov-1906 02-Oct-1988
Verne G. Istock Business President of Bank One, 1999-2000 c. 1940 -
Eugene Istomin Pianist American piano prodigy 26-Nov-1925 10-Oct-2003
Ernest Istook Politician Congressman from Oklahoma, 1993-2007 11-Feb-1950 -
Taisuke Itagaki Politician Founder of Japan's Liberal party 17-Apr-1837 11-Jul-1919
Ito Hirobumi Government Began the modernization of Japan 14-Oct-1841 26-Oct-1909
Itcho Ito Politician Mayor of Nagasaki, 1995-2007 23-Aug-1945 18-Apr-2007
Joi Ito Business Creative Commons, Technorati 19-Jun-1966 -
Kiyoshi Ito Mathematician Ito Calculus 07-Sep-1915 10-Nov-2008
Lance Ito Judge Presided over the OJ Simpson trial 02-Aug-1950 -
William H. Itoh Diplomat US Ambassador to Thailand, 1996-99 30-May-1943 -
José Iturbi Pianist Spanish pianist, conductor at Rochester 28-Nov-1895 28-Jun-1980
Agustín de Iturbide Military Emperor of Mexico, 1822-23 27-Sep-1783 19-Jul-1824
Gregory Itzin Actor President Charles Logan on 24 20-Apr-1948 -
Tsar Ivan III Royalty Tsar of Russia, 1462-1505 22-Jan-1440 27-Oct-1505
Ivan the Terrible Royalty Russian Tsar, 1533-84 25-Aug-1530 18-Mar-1584
Zeljko Ivanek Actor Gov. James Devlin on Oz 15-Aug-1957 -
Goran Ivanisevic Tennis Winner, 2001 Wimbledon 13-Sep-1971 -
Igor Ivanov Government Russia Minister of Foreign Affairs 23-Sep-1945 -
Ana Ivanovic Tennis Winner, 2008 French Open 06-Nov-1987 -
Jony Ive Designer Senior VP of Industrial Design, Apple Feb-1967 -
Allen Iverson Basketball Detroit Pistons point guard 07-Jun-1975 -
Ann Iverson Business International Link c. 1946 -
Burl Ives Singer Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 14-Jun-1909 14-Apr-1995
Charles Ives Composer Third Symphony (The Camp Meeting) 20-Oct-1874 19-May-1954
Frederic Eugene Ives Inventor Halftone process 17-Feb-1856 27-May-1937
Herbert E. Ives Physicist Facsimile machine 21-Jul-1882 13-Nov-1953
Irving M. Ives Politician US Senator from New York, 1947-59 24-Jan-1896 24-Feb-1962
M. Douglas Ivester Business CEO of Coca Cola, 1997-2000 26-Mar-1947 -
Dana Ivey Actor Eleanor Standard on Easy Street 12-Aug-1942 -
Judith Ivey Actor Designing Women 04-Sep-1951 -
Susan M. Ivey Business CEO of Reynolds American c. 1959 -
Bruce Ivins Biologist Anthrax researcher and suspect 22-Apr-1946 29-Jul-2008
Michael Ivins Bassist Bassist for The Flaming Lips 17-Mar-1963 -
Molly Ivins Columnist Loudmouthed Texas dame 30-Aug-1944 31-Jan-2007
Sir James Ivory Mathematician Ivory's Theorem 17-Feb-1765 21-Sep-1842
James Ivory Film/TV Producer The Remains of the Day 07-Jun-1928 -
Ivy Queen Rapper Queen of Reggaeton 04-Mar-1972 -
Toru Iwatani Business Created Pacman 25-Jan-1955 -
Ub Iwerks Cartoonist First to animate Mickey Mouse 24-Mar-1901 07-Jul-1971
Christian IX Royalty King of Denmark, 1863-1906 08-Apr-1818 29-Jan-1906
Eddie Izzard Comic Bloke in a dress going on and on 07-Feb-1962 -
Ralph Izzo Business CEO of PSEG c. 1957 -
Tom Izzo Basketball Head Coach, Michigan State 30-Jan-1955 -

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