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Bruce Haack Musician The Electric Lucifer 04-May-1932 26-Sep-1988
Haakon I Adalsteinsfostre Royalty King of Norway, 946-61 AD c. 920 AD 961 AD
Haakon IV Haakonsson Royalty King of Norway, 1217-63 1204 15-Dec-1263
Geir Haarde Head of State Prime Minister of Iceland, 2006-09 08-Apr-1951 -
David W. Haas Business Chairman, The William Penn Foundation c. 1956 -
Hugo Haas Actor King Solomon's Mines 18-Feb-1901 01-Dec-1968
Lukas Haas Actor Amish boy in Witness 16-Apr-1976 -
Philip Haas Film Director Angels and Insects 06-Aug-1954 -
Thomas W. Haas Business Board of Directors, Rohm & Haas c. 1956 -
Hugo Haase Politician German parliamentarian, Marxist, pacifist 29-Sep-1863 07-Nov-1919
Richard Haass Government President, Council on Foreign Relations 28-Jul-1951 -
Trygve Haavelmo Economist Economic forecasting 13-Dec-1911 28-Jul-1999
George Habash Activist Founder of the PFLP 02-Aug-1926 26-Jan-2008
Jeff Habay Politician Pennsylvania State Legislator, 1996-2006 09-May-1966 -
Fritz Haber Chemist Synthesized ammonia, chemical warfare 09-Dec-1868 29-Jan-1934
Judith R. Haberkorn Business Former Bell Atlantic executive c. 1947 -
Jürgen Habermas Philosopher The Theory of Communicative Action 18-Jun-1929 -
H. William Habermeyer, Jr. Business CEO of Progress Energy Florida 1942 -
Philip C. Habib Diplomat US Ambassador to South Korea, 1971-74 25-Feb-1920 24-May-1992
B. J. Habibie Head of State President of Indonesia, 1998-99 25-Jun-1936 -
Matthias Habich Actor Enemy at the Gates 12-Jan-1940 -
William Habington Poet Castara 04-Nov-1605 30-Nov-1654
Louis-Christophe-François Hachette Publisher French textbook publisher 05-May-1800 31-Jul-1864
Kirk S. Hachigian Business CEO of Cooper Industries c. 1959 -
Jefferson Hack Publisher Editor of Dazed & Confused 20-Jun-1971 -
Shelley Hack Actor Replacement Charlie's Angel for 1 season 06-Jul-1947 -
Richard A. Hackborn Business Former HP Vice President c. 1937 -
Douglas A. Hacker Business EVP at United Air Lines, 1999-2006 1955 -
Marilyn Hacker Poet Presentation Piece 27-Nov-1942 -
Ann Fritz Hackett Business Horizon Consulting Group c. 1954 -
Bobby Hackett Jazz Musician Played with Glenn Miller, Jackie Gleason 31-Jan-1915 07-Jun-1976
Buddy Hackett Comic Abrasive old school comic 31-Aug-1924 30-Jun-2003
Grant Hackett Swimmer Australian distance swimmer 09-May-1980 -
James P. Hackett Business CEO of Steelcase c. 1955 -
James T. Hackett Business CEO of Anadarko Petroleum c. 1953 -
Joan Hackett Actor Only When I Laugh 01-Mar-1934 08-Oct-1983
Paul Hackett Football USC Head Coach, 1998-2000 05-Jul-1947 -
Paul Hackett Politician Former Marine, ran for Congress 30-Mar-1962 -
Raymond Hackett Actor Theater and silent film actor 15-Jul-1902 07-Jul-1958
Steve Hackett Guitarist Guitarist for Genesis, 1970-7 12-Feb-1950 -
Taylor Hackford Film Director An Officer and a Gentleman 31-Dec-1944 -
Ian Hacking Philosopher The Taming of Chance 18-Feb-1936 -
Lloyd V. Hackley Educator Chancellor of Fayetteville State University c. 1940 -
Gene Hackman Actor The Conversation 30-Jan-1930 -
Jacques-Salomon Hadamard Mathematician Prime number theorem 08-Dec-1865 17-Oct-1963
Rabih Haddad Religion Deported imam, purported terrorist 1960 -
Tammy Haddad Film/TV Producer Hardball producer c. 1957 -
Haddaway Singer What Is Love 09-Jan-1965 -
Harvey Haddix Baseball MLB pitcher 18-Sep-1925 08-Jan-1994
Margaret Peterson Haddix Author Juvenile novelist, Among the... series 09-Apr-1964 -
Mark Haddon Author The Curious Incident 1962 -
Charlie Haden Jazz Musician Jazz bassist 06-Aug-1937 -
Pat Haden Football LA Rams Quarterback, Investor 23-Jan-1953 -
Petra Haden Violinist Indie rock violinist 11-Oct-1971 -
Rachel Haden Musician One of the musical Haden triplets 11-Oct-1971 -
Sara Haden Actor The Shop Around the Corner 17-Nov-1899 15-Sep-1981
Bill Hader Actor Saturday Night Live 07-Jun-1978 -
Jerry Hadley Singer Operatic tenor 16-Jun-1952 18-Jul-2007
Reed Hadley Actor Radio star of Red Ryder 01-Jan-1911 11-Dec-1974
Stephen Hadley Government National Security Advisor, 2005-09 13-Feb-1947 -
Tony Hadley Singer Frontman, Spandau Ballet 02-Jun-1960 -
Hadrian Royalty Roman Emperor, 117-138 AD 24-Jan-76 AD 10-Jul-138 AD
Ernst Haeckel Zoologist Proponent of evolution 16-Feb-1834 09-Aug-1919
Ludwig Haetzer Religion Translator of Prophets c. 1500 04-Feb-1529
Hafez Poet Prominent Persian poet 1326 1389
David S. Haffner Business CEO of Leggett & Platt c. 1953 -
Joseph A. Hafner, Jr. Business CEO of Riviana Foods, 1984-2005 c. 1945 -
Travis Hafner Baseball Cleveland Indians 03-Jun-1977 -
Kay Hagan Politician US Senator from North Carolina 26-May-1953 -
Molly Hagan Actor Angel on Herman's Head 03-Aug-1961 -
Sammy Hagar Musician Can't Drive 55 13-Oct-1947 -
Friedrich von Hagedorn Poet German Anacreontic poet 23-Apr-1708 28-Oct-1754
Jessica Hagedorn Author Dogeaters 1949 -
John Hagee Religion John Hagee Ministries 12-Apr-1940 -
Michael W. Hagee Military 33rd USMC Commandant, 2003-06 01-Dec-1944 -
Chuck Hagel Politician US Senator from Nebraska, 1997-2009 04-Oct-1946 -
John Hagelin Activist Natural Law Party 09-Jun-1954 -
Rebecca Hagelin Columnist Heritage Foundation spokesperson c. 1961 -
Jean Hagen Actor Singin' in the Rain 03-Aug-1923 29-Aug-1977
Kevin Hagen Actor Little House on the Prairie 03-Apr-1928 09-Jul-2005
Nina Hagen Singer Unbehagan 11-Mar-1955 -
Uta Hagen Actor Renowned thespian and acting teacher 12-Jun-1919 14-Jan-2004
Veronica M. Hagen Business Polymer Group c. 1947 -
Walter Hagen Golf Won 11 major championships 21-Dec-1892 05-Oct-1969
Edward E. Hagenlocker Business Vice Chairman of Ford, 1996-99 c. 1940 -
David Hager Doctor Gynecologist, conservative activist c. 1946 -
David A. Hager Business COO of Kerr-McGee, 2005-06 14-Oct-1956 -
George Hager Journalist USA Today economics reporter c. 1950 -
John H. Hager Politician Lt. Governor of Virginia, 1998-2002 28-Aug-1936 -
James C. Hagerty Government Eisenhower's press secretary 09-May-1909 11-Apr-1981
Julie Hagerty Actor Airplane! 15-Jun-1955 -
Thomas M. Hagerty Business Thomas H. Lee Partners c. 1963 -
John A. Hagg Business Co-Founder, Canadian Northstar Corporation c. 1946 -
E. R. Haggar Business President/CEO of Haggar Clothing Co. 18-Sep-1916 29-Sep-2004
H. Rider Haggard Novelist King Solomon's Mines 22-Jun-1856 14-May-1925
Merle Haggard Country Musician Okie From Muskogee 06-Apr-1937 -
Ted Haggard Religion Outed evangelist 27-Jun-1956 -
Charles A. Haggerty Business CEO of Western Digital, 1993-2000 c. 1942 -
Dan Haggerty Actor Grizzly Adams 19-Nov-1941 -
Rosanne Haggerty Administrator Common Ground Community c. 1960 -
Paul Haggis Screenwriter Crash 10-Mar-1953 -
Joe Hagin Government White House Deputy Chief of Staff, 2001-08 06-Jan-1956 -
Marvin Hagler Boxing Retired boxing champ, lives in Italy 23-May-1954 -
Dean Haglund Actor Langly on The X-Files 29-Jul-1965 -
Larry Hagman Actor J.R. Ewing on Dallas 21-Sep-1931 -
Garrick Hagon Actor Gavin Jones in The Adventurer 27-Sep-1939 -
D. Maybank Hagood Business William M. Bird & Co. 04-Aug-1961 -
Albert Hague Composer Redhead 13-Oct-1920 12-Nov-2001
William Hague Politician UK Foreign Secretary 26-Mar-1961 -
David Hahn Inventor Do-it-yourself nuclear reactor 30-Oct-1976 -
James K. Hahn Politician Mayor of Los Angeles 2001-05 03-Jul-1950 -
Janice Hahn Politician Congresswoman, California 36th 30-Mar-1952 -
Jess Hahn Actor Topkapi 29-Oct-1921 29-Jun-1998
Jessica Hahn Victim Had sex with Jim Bakker 07-Jul-1959 -
Joseph Hahn Disc Jockey Linkin Park DJ, video director 15-Mar-1977 -
Kathryn Hahn Actor Lily Lebowski on Crossing Jordan 23-Jul-1974 -
Otto Hahn Chemist Demonstrated fission 08-Mar-1879 28-Jul-1968
Samuel Hahnemann Doctor Founder of homeopathy 10-Apr-1755 02-Jul-1843
Charles Haid Actor Renko on Hill Street Blues 02-Jun-1943 -
Jörg Haider Politician Austrian extreme rightist 26-Jan-1950 11-Oct-2008
Stacy Haiduk Actor Seaquest DSV 24-Apr-1968 -
Alexander Haig Government US Secretary of State, 1981-82 02-Dec-1924 20-Feb-2010
Douglas Haig Military British Field Marshall in WWI 19-Jun-1861 29-Jan-1928
Sid Haig Actor House of 1000 Corpses 14-Jul-1939 -
Arthur Hailey Novelist Hotel and Airport 05-Apr-1920 24-Nov-2004
Leisha Hailey Singer The L Word 11-Jul-1971 -
V. Ann Hailey Business Former EVP at Limited Brands c. 1952 -
Corey Haim Actor The Lost Boys 23-Dec-1971 10-Mar-2010
Jules Haimovitz Business Dick Clark Productions c. 1949 -
Peter Hain Politician British MP, Neath 16-Feb-1950 -
Marshall B. Haines Business Tarrant Partners c. 1968 -
Randa Haines Film Director Children of a Lesser God 20-Feb-1945 -
William Haines Actor Hollywood's first openly gay leading man 02-Jan-1900 26-Dec-1973
John E. Haire Business EVP at Time, 2001-05 c. 1953 -
Fred Haise Astronaut Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 13 14-Nov-1933 -
Bernard Haitink Conductor Conductor, Chicago Symphony Orchestra 04-Mar-1929 -
Ralph F. Hake Business CEO of Maytag, 2001-06 25-Jan-1949 -
Mika Häkkinen Auto Racing Formula 1 World Champion, 1998-99 28-Sep-1968 -
Richard Hakluyt Author Voiages and Discoveries of the English nation c. 1552 23-Nov-1616
Peter Paul Halajian Business Candy maker 1850 1927
George Halas Football Founder of the Chicago Bears 02-Feb-1895 31-Oct-1983
Paul S. Halata Business CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA, 1999-2006 c. 1951 -
David Halberstam Journalist The Powers That Be 10-Apr-1934 23-Apr-2007
Elizabeth Sanderson Haldane Author Descartes: His Life and Times 27-May-1862 24-Dec-1937
J. B. S. Haldane Biologist Haldane's principle 05-Nov-1892 01-Dec-1964
John Scott Haldane Doctor Breathing regulated by CO2 03-May-1860 14-Mar-1936
Richard Burdon Haldane Government Lord Chancellor, 1912-15 and 1924 30-Jul-1856 19-Aug-1928
H. R. Haldeman Government Nixon's Chief of Staff 27-Oct-1926 12-Nov-1993
Joe Haldeman Novelist The Forever War 09-Jun-1943 -
Franz Halder Military Nazi general 30-Jun-1884 02-Apr-1972
Alan Hale, Sr. Actor The Adventures of Robin Hood 10-Feb-1892 22-Jan-1950
Alan Hale, Jr. Actor The Skipper on Gilligan's Island 08-Mar-1921 02-Jan-1990
Barbara Hale Actor Della Street on Perry Mason 18-Apr-1921 -
David Hale Diplomat US Ambassador to Jordan ? -
Edward Everett Hale Author The Man Without a Country 03-Apr-1822 10-Jun-1909
George Ellery Hale Astronomer Palomar Observatory founder, astronomer 29-Jun-1868 21-Feb-1938
Horatio Hale Anthropologist Ethnologist studied polynesia 03-May-1817 28-Dec-1896
Jennifer Hale Actor Sam on Totally Spies! 30-Jan-1972 -
John Hale Novelist The Whistle Blower 05-Feb-1926 -
John Parker Hale Politician Anti-slavery US Senator from NH 31-Mar-1806 19-Dec-1873
Jonathan Hale Actor J. C. Dithers 21-Mar-1891 28-Feb-1966
Lucretia Peabody Hale Author The Peterkin Papers 02-Sep-1820 12-Jun-1900
Lucy Hale Actor Aria Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars 14-Jun-1989 -
Matt Hale Religion White supremacist 27-Jul-1971 -
Sir Matthew Hale Judge Lord Chief Justice of England 01-Nov-1609 25-Dec-1676
Nathan Hale Spy Had but one life to give for his country 1756 22-Sep-1776
Roger W. Hale Business CEO of LG&E Energy, 1990-2001 c. 1943 -
Ruth Hale Activist Maiden name crusader 1886 18-Sep-1933
Sarah Josepha Hale Author Editor, Godey's Lady's Book 24-Oct-1788 30-Apr-1879
Suzanne K. Hale Diplomat US Ambassador to Micronesia 21-Apr-1948 -
Tony Hale Actor Buster on Arrested Development 30-Sep-1970 -
Stephen Hales Scientist Statical Essays 07-Sep-1677 04-Jan-1761
Judah ben Samuel Halevi Poet Hebrew Poet of the Middle Ages c. 1085 c. 1140
Efraim Halevy Spy Head of the Mossad, 1998-2003 1934 -
Fromental Halévy Composer La Juive 27-May-1799 17-Mar-1862
Ludovic Halévy Author French vaudevillain author 01-Jan-1834 08-May-1908
Alex Haley Novelist Roots 11-Aug-1921 10-Feb-1992
Bill Haley Musician Rock Around the Clock 06-Jul-1925 09-Feb-1981
Charles Haley Football Five winning Superbowls 06-Jan-1964 -
Jack Haley Actor Tin Man on The Wizard of Oz 10-Aug-1898 06-Jun-1979
Jackie Earle Haley Actor Breaking Away 14-Jul-1961 -
John J. Haley Business CEO of Watson Wyatt Worldwide c. 1950 -
Nikki Haley Politician Governor of South Carolina 20-Jan-1972 -
Roy W. Haley Business CEO of WESCO International c. 1947 -
Todd Haley Football Head Coach, Kansas City Chiefs, 2009-11 28-Feb-1967 -
Rob Halford Musician Lead singer of Judas Priest 25-Aug-1951 -
Anthony W. Hall, Jr. Politician CAO, Houston, TX c. 1944 -
Adele Hall Philanthropist Hallmark Cards ? -
Alaina Reed Hall Actor Sesame Street 10-Nov-1946 17-Dec-2009
Alexander Hall Film Director Here Comes Mr. Jordan 11-Jan-1894 30-Jul-1968
Anthony Michael Hall Actor Sixteen Candles 14-Apr-1968 -
Arsenio Hall Talk Show Host Former talk show host 12-Feb-1955 -
Asaph Hall Astronomer Discovered the moons of Mars 15-Oct-1829 22-Nov-1907
Brad Hall Actor Saturday Night Live 21-Mar-1958 -
Bridget Hall Model Supermodel with IMG Models, Inc. 12-Dec-1977 -
Bug Hall Actor Alfalfa in Little Rascals remake 04-Feb-1985 -
Cynthia H. Hall Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1984-97 19-Feb-1929 26-Feb-2011
Dante Hall Football St. Louis Rams Wide Receiver 20-Sep-1978 -
Daryl Hall Singer/Songwriter Half of Hall and Oates 11-Oct-1949 -
David Hall Politician Governor of Oklahoma, 1971-75 20-Oct-1930 -
Deidre Hall Actor Days of Our Lives 31-Oct-1947 -
Donald Hall Poet The One Day 20-Sep-1928 -
Donald J. Hall Business CEO of Hallmark, 1966-86 09-Jul-1928 -
Edward Hall Historian English chronicler c. 1495 1547
Edward T. Hall Anthropologist The Silent Language 16-May-1914 20-Jul-2009
Edwin Hall Physicist Discovered the Hall Effect 07-Nov-1855 20-Nov-1938
Fawn Hall Government Shredded Ollie North's documents 1959 -
Glenn Hall Hockey Mr. Goalie, NHL Hall of Famer 03-Oct-1931 -
Grayson Hall Actor The Night of the Iguana 18-Sep-1922 07-Aug-1985
Gus Hall Activist Leader, Communist Party USA 08-Oct-1910 13-Oct-2000
H. Tracy Hall Chemist Synthetic diamonds 20-Oct-1919 25-Jul-2008
Huntz Hall Actor Dead End Kids 15-Aug-1919 30-Jan-1999
Ira D. Hall Business Utendahl Capital Management c. 1945 -
Irma P. Hall Actor Soul Food 03-Jun-1935 -
James Hall Actor Hell's Angels 22-Oct-1900 07-Jun-1940
Jane Hall Journalist Fox News Watch commentator ? -
Jerry Hall Model Second wife of Mick Jagger 02-Jul-1956 -
Joe B. Hall Basketball Kentucky Head Coach, 1972-85 30-Nov-1928 -
John Hall Politician Congressman from New York, 2007-11 23-Jul-1948 -
John L. Hall Physicist Quantum optics 21-Aug-1934 -
John R. Hall Business CEO of Ashland, 1981-96 c. 1933 -
Jon Hall Actor The Hurricane 23-Feb-1915 13-Dec-1979
Joseph Hall Author Virgidemiarum 01-Jul-1574 08-Sep-1656
Joyce C. Hall Business Founder of Hallmark Cards 29-Aug-1891 29-Oct-1982
Kathryn Walt Hall Diplomat US Ambassador to Austria, 1997-2001 1947 -
Katie Hall Politician Congresswoman from Indiana, 1982-85 03-Apr-1938 20-Feb-2012
Kevin Peter Hall Actor Predator 09-May-1955 10-Apr-1991
Lani Hall Musician The voice of Brasil '66 06-Nov-1948 -
Manly P. Hall Paranormal The Secret Teachings of All Ages 18-Mar-1901 29-Aug-1990
Marshall Hall Doctor Theory of reflex action 18-Feb-1790 11-Aug-1857
Michael C. Hall Actor David Fisher on Six Feet Under 01-Feb-1971 -
Monty Hall Game Show Host Let's Make a Deal 25-Aug-1921 -
Peter Hall Theater Director Work Is a 4-Letter Word 22-Nov-1930 -
Peter W. Hall Judge 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals 09-Nov-1948 -
Philip Baker Hall Actor Magnolia 10-Sep-1931 -
Pooch Hall Actor Derwin Davis on The Game 08-Feb-1976 -
Porter Hall Actor Going My Way 19-Sep-1888 06-Oct-1953
Ralph Hall Politician Congressman, Texas 4th 03-May-1923 -
Rebecca Hall Actor Vicky Cristina Barcelona 03-May-1982 -
Regina Hall Actor Scary Movie 12-Dec-1970 -
Rich Hall Comic Creator of Sniglets 1954 -
Rob Hall Business Adventure Consultants 14-Jan-1961 11-May-1996
Robert David Hall Actor Dr. Al Robbins on CSI 09-Nov-1947 -
Ruth Hall Actor Monkey Business 29-Dec-1910 09-Oct-2003
Tamron Hall Journalist NewsNation with Tamron Hall 16-Sep-1970 -
Thurston Hall Actor Mr. Schuyler on Topper 10-May-1882 20-Feb-1958
Tom T. Hall Country Musician Harper Valley PTA 25-May-1936 -
Tony P. Hall Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1979-2002 16-Jan-1942 -
Vera Hall Singer Troubled So Hard 1902 1964
Virginia Hall Spy American spy 06-Apr-1906 14-Jul-1982
William K. Hall Business CEO of Procyon Technologies, 2000-03 c. 1943 -
Brian L. Halla Business CEO of National Semiconductor c. 1947 -
Henry Hallam Historian View of the Middle Ages 09-Jul-1777 21-Jan-1859
Sir Charles Hallé Pianist Founder, Hallé Orchestra 11-Apr-1819 25-Oct-1895
Henry W. Halleck Military Commander of US Army, 1862-64 16-Jan-1815 09-Jan-1872
Albrecht von Haller Doctor Elementa Physiologiae Corporis Humani 16-Oct-1708 12-Dec-1777
Edmund Halley Astronomer Predicted return of Halley's Comet 08-Nov-1656 14-Jan-1742
Erle P. Halliburton Business Founder of Halliburton 22-Sep-1891 13-Oct-1957
John Halliday Actor The Philadelphia Story 14-Sep-1880 17-Oct-1947
Andrew Smith Hallidie Inventor Designed the first cable car system 16-Mar-1836 24-Apr-1900
Geri Halliwell Singer Ginger Spice 06-Aug-1972 -
Michael R. Hallman Business President and COO of Microsoft, 1990-92 c. 1944 -
Lasse Hallstrom Film Director My Life as a Dog 02-Jun-1946 -
Johnny Hallyday Singer French rock star, Souvenirs, Souvenirs 15-Jun-1943 -
Tarja Halonen Head of State President of Finland 24-Dec-1943 -
Billy Halop Actor Dead End Kid 11-Feb-1920 09-Nov-1976
Florence Halop Actor Florence Kleiner on Night Court 23-Jan-1923 15-Jul-1986
David M. Halperin Scholar One Hundred Years of Homosexuality 02-Apr-1952 -
Mark Halperin Journalist TIME senior political analyst 11-Jan-1965 -
Victor Halperin Film Director White Zombie 24-Aug-1895 17-May-1983
Cheryl F. Halpern Government Corporation for Public Broadcasting ? -
Luke Halpin Actor Sandy Ricks on Flipper 04-Apr-1947 -
Frans Hals Painter Dutch portraitist 1580 29-Aug-1666
Brett Halsey Actor The Young and the Restless 20-Jun-1933 -
Frederick A. Halsey Engineer Kept America safe from the metric system 12-Jul-1856 20-Oct-1935
William F. Halsey Military WWII Commander of the South Pacific 30-Oct-1882 20-Aug-1959
William Stewart Halsted Doctor Pioneer of sterile surgical technique 23-Sep-1852 07-Sep-1922
Bill Halter Politician Lt. Governor of Arkansas 30-Nov-1960 -
Charles Halton Actor Bespectacled character actor 16-Mar-1876 16-Apr-1959
Steven T. Halverson Business CEO of The Haskell Company c. 1954 -
Gail Halvorsen Military Berlin Airlift candy bomber 10-Oct-1920 -
Debbie Halvorson Politician Congresswoman from Illinois, 2009-11 01-Mar-1958 -
Greg Ham Musician Wind and keyboards for Men at Work 27-Sep-1953 19-Apr-2012
Jack Ham Football Linebacker, NFL Hall of Famer 23-Dec-1948 -
Mary Katharine Ham Journalist HamNation 05-Apr-1980 -
Johann Georg Hamann Philosopher German theological thinker 27-Aug-1730 21-Jun-1788
Ayumi Hamasaki Singer Japanese Madonna 02-Oct-1978 -
Hambali Terrorist Leader of Jemaah Islamiah 04-Apr-1966 -
Mark G. Hambley Diplomat US Ambassador to Lebanon, 1993-94 12-Feb-1948 -
William R. Hambrecht Business W.R. Hambrecht & Co. c. 1935 -
James L. Hambrick Business CEO of Lubrizol c. 1954 -
Daniel Hamburg Politician Congressman from California, 1993-95 06-Oct-1948 -
Marc D. Hamburg Business CFO of Berkshire Hathaway c. 1950 -
Margaret A. Hamburg Government FDA Commissioner 1955 -
Veronica Hamel Actor Joyce Davenport on Hill Street Blues 20-Nov-1943 -
Stefan Hamelmann Business Franz Hamelmann Baugesellschaft c. 1964 -
Fannie Lou Hamer Activist Organizer, Mississippi Freedom Summer 06-Oct-1917 14-Mar-1977
Robert Hamer Film Director Kind Hearts and Coronets 31-Mar-1911 04-Dec-1963
Rusty Hamer Actor Make Room for Daddy 15-Feb-1947 18-Jan-1990
Robert Hamerling Poet Ahasver in Rom 24-Mar-1830 13-Jul-1889
Hamilcar Military First Punic War c. 270 BC c. 228 BC
Dorothy Hamill Figure Skating Olympic figure skater, gold medal 1976 26-Jul-1956 -
John P. Hamill Business Sovereign Bank New England c. 1941 -
Mark Hamill Actor Luke Skywalker in Star Wars 25-Sep-1951 -
Pete Hamill Journalist The New York Post 24-Jun-1935 -
Alexander Hamilton Government Primary author of The Federalist Papers 11-Jan-1757 12-Jul-1804
Ashley Hamilton Socialite Son of George Hamilton 30-Sep-1974 -
Bernie Hamilton Actor Capt. Dobey on Starsky and Hutch 12-Jun-1928 30-Dec-2008
Bob Hamilton Golf Winner, 1944 PGA Championship 10-Jan-1916 06-Dec-1990
Bobby Hamilton Auto Racing NASCAR driver, 1988-2006 29-May-1957 07-Jan-2007
Edith Hamilton Educator The Greek Way 12-Aug-1867 31-May-1963
Emma Hamilton Relative Mistress of Lord Nelson 1765 15-Jan-1815
Gail E. Hamilton Business Former EVP at Symantec c. 1951 -
George Hamilton Actor Well-tanned celebrity 12-Aug-1939 -
Guy Hamilton Film Director Goldfinger 16-Sep-1922 -
John Maxwell Hamilton Author Journalism's Roving Eye 28-Mar-1947 -
John R. Hamilton Diplomat US Ambassador to Guatemala, 2003-05 1944 -
Josh Hamilton Actor Alive 09-Jun-1969 -
Judith H. Hamilton Business CEO of Classroom Connect, 1999-2002 c. 1945 -
Kim Hamilton Actor Odds Against Tomorrow 1945 -
Laurell K. Hamilton Novelist Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series 19-Feb-1963 -
Lee H. Hamilton Politician 9/11 Commission vice chairman 20-Apr-1931 -
Leonard Hamilton Basketball FSU Head Coach c. 1949 -
Lewis Hamilton Auto Racing Formula 1 Racer 07-Jan-1985 -
Linda Hamilton Actor Terminator 26-Sep-1956 -
Lisa Gay Hamilton Actor Rebecca Washington in The Practice 25-Mar-1964 -
Lynn Hamilton Actor Donna Harris on Sanford and Son 25-Apr-1930 -
Margaret Hamilton Actor Wicked Witch of the West 09-Dec-1902 16-May-1985
Murray Hamilton Actor Jaws 24-Mar-1923 01-Sep-1986
Neil Hamilton Actor Commissioner Gordon on Batman 09-Sep-1899 24-Sep-1984
Patrick Hamilton Religion Scottish Lutheran martyr 1504 29-Feb-1528
Patrick Hamilton Playwright Gaslight 17-Mar-1904 23-Sep-1962
Peter B. Hamilton Business Vice Chairman of Brunswick, 2000-07 c. 1946 -
Peter F. Hamilton Novelist Night's Dawn Trilogy 02-Mar-1960 -
Sarah Jane Hamilton Pornstar I Cum From A Land Down Under 15-Apr-1971 -
Scott Hamilton Figure Skating Olympic ice skater 28-Aug-1958 -
Thomas M. Hamilton Business CEO of EEX Corporation, 1997-2002 c. 1944 -
Todd Hamilton Golf Winner, 2004 British Open 18-Oct-1965 -
Sir William Rowan Hamilton Mathematician Inventor of Quaternions 03-Aug-1805 02-Sep-1865
Hannibal Hamlin Politician Lincoln's first Vice President 27-Aug-1809 04-Jul-1891
Harry Hamlin Actor Michael Kuzak on L.A. Law 30-Oct-1951 -
John S. Hamlin Business Former Dell VP c. 1965 -
Marvin Hamlisch Composer The Way We Were 02-Jun-1944 06-Aug-2012
Richard F. Hamm, Jr. Business Dendreon Corporation c. 1960 -
John Hamm Politician Premier of Nova Scotia, 1999-2006 08-Apr-1938 -
Jon Hamm Actor Don Draper on Mad Men 10-Mar-1971 -
Mia Hamm Soccer Top US women's soccer player 17-Mar-1972 -
Sam Hamm Screenwriter Never Cry Wolf, Batman 19-Nov-1955 -
Dag Hammarskjold Diplomat UN Secretary General, 1953-61 29-Jul-1905 18-Sep-1961
Hjalmar Hammarskjöld Head of State Prime Minister of Sweden, 1914-17 04-Feb-1862 12-Oct-1953
Armand Hammer Business Soviet agent of influence 21-May-1898 10-Dec-1990
Armie Hammer Actor Billy: The Early Years 28-Aug-1986 -
Doc Hammer Cartoonist Co-Creator of The Venture Bros. 02-Feb-1966 -
Jan Hammer Musician Wrote the theme for Miami Vice 17-Apr-1948 -
MC Hammer Singer/Songwriter Can't touch this 30-Mar-1962 -
Susan Hammer Politician Mayor of San Jose, 1991-98 21-Dec-1938 -
John H. Hammergren Business CEO of McKesson 1959 -
Stephen L. Hammerman Business Former Vice Chairman, Merrill Lynch 18-Apr-1938 -
John Paul Hammerschmidt Politician Congressman from Arkansas, 1967-93 04-May-1922 -
Oscar Hammerstein II Musician Rodgers and Hammerstein 12-Jul-1895 23-Aug-1960
Michael N. Hammes Business CEO of Sunrise Medical c. 1943 -
Dashiell Hammett Author The Maltese Falcon 27-May-1894 10-Jan-1961
Kirk Hammett Guitarist Guitarist for Metallica 18-Nov-1962 -
Patricia A. Hammick Business Former VP at Columbia Energy Group c. 1947 -
Darrell Hammond Comic Saturday Night Live 08-Oct-1960 -
Jay Hammond Politician Governor of Alaska, 1974-82 21-Jul-1922 02-Aug-2005
Joan Hammond Singer Operatic soprano 24-May-1912 26-Nov-1996
Laurens Hammond Inventor Hammond Organ 11-Jan-1895 03-Jul-1973
Nicholas Hammond Actor The Sound of Music 15-May-1950 -
Richard Hammond TV Personality Top Gear 19-Dec-1969 -
Stephen Hammond Politician British MP, Wimbledon 04-Feb-1962 -
Virginia Hammond Actor Romeo and Juliet 20-Aug-1893 06-Apr-1972
Bruce L. Hammonds Business CEO of MBNA, 2003-05 ? -
Hammurabi Royalty First to codify law c. 1810 BC c. 1750 BC
Earl Hamner, Jr. Film/TV Producer The Waltons 10-Jul-1923 -
Steven K. Hamp Business President, The Henry Ford, 1996-2005 c. 1948 -
John Hampden Politician English Parliamentarian 1594 24-Jun-1643
Walter Hampden Actor Prominent American theater actor 30-Jun-1879 11-Jun-1955
Susan Hampshire Actor The Forsyte Saga 12-May-1937 -
Christopher Hampton Playwright Dangerous Liaisons 26-Jan-1946 -
Fred Hampton, Sr. Activist Black Panther leader assassinated by police 30-Aug-1948 04-Dec-1969
James Hampton Actor Trooper Dobbs on F Troop 06-Jul-1936 -
Lionel Hampton Jazz Musician Jazz vibrophonist and bandleader 20-Apr-1908 31-Aug-2002
Wade Hampton Politician Governor of South Carolina, 1877-79 28-Mar-1818 11-Apr-1902
John J. Hamre Government Deputy Secretary of Defense, 1997-1999 03-Jul-1950 -
Jane Hamsher Blogger Firedoglake.com founder 25-Jul-1959 -
Michael S. Hamson Business McIntosh Hamson Hoare Govett c. 1940 -
Knut Hamsun Novelist Norwegian novelist, Sult 04-Aug-1859 19-Feb-1952
Colleen Hanabusa Politician Congresswoman, Hawaii 1st 04-May-1951 -
James H. Hance, Jr. Business CFO, Bank of America, 1988-2004 c. 1944 -
Kent Hance Politician Chancellor, Texas Tech University 14-Nov-1942 -
Dain M. Hancock Business EVP at Lockheed Martin, 2000-05 c. 1942 -
Ellen M. Hancock Business CEO of Exodus Communications, 1998-2001 c. 1945 -
Herbie Hancock Jazz Musician Innovative jazz/fusion composer and pianist 12-Apr-1940 -
John Hancock Politician First signer of the Declaration of Independence 23-Jan-1737 08-Oct-1793
John D. Hancock Film Director Bang the Drum Slowly 12-Feb-1939 -
Mel Hancock Politician Congressman from Missouri, 1989-97 14-Sep-1929 06-Nov-2011
Sheila Hancock Actor Bedtime 22-Feb-1933 -
Tony Hancock Radio Personality Hancock's Half Hour 12-May-1924 25-Jun-1968
Winfield Scott Hancock Military Union General, presidential candidate 14-Feb-1824 09-Feb-1886
Learned Hand Judge Influential American justice 27-Jan-1872 18-Aug-1961
Lloyd N. Hand Attorney Chief of Protocol for Johnson 31-Jan-1929 -
George Frideric Handel Composer Messiah 23-Feb-1685 14-Apr-1759
Nancy H. Handel Business CFO of Applied Materials, 2004-06 c. 1950 -
Peter Handke Novelist Insulting the Audience 06-Dec-1942 -
Irene Handl Actor Matronly British character actor 27-Dec-1901 29-Nov-1987
Chelsea Handler Comic Chelsea Lately 25-Feb-1975 -
Evan Handler Actor Taps, Ransom 10-Jan-1961 -
Harold W. Handley Politician Governor of Indiana, 1957-61 27-Nov-1909 30-Aug-1972
Taylor Handley Actor Phantom of the Megaplex 01-Jun-1984 -
Oscar Handlin Historian The Uprooted 29-Sep-1915 20-Sep-2011
F. Philip Handy Business Strategic Industries Inc. c. 1945 -
W. C. Handy Composer Father of the Blues 16-Nov-1873 29-Mar-1958
Michael Haneke Film Director Funny Games 23-Mar-1942 -
John W. Hanes Business Hosiery magnate 03-Feb-1850 22-Sep-1903
Pleasant Hanes Business Underwear magnate 16-Oct-1845 09-Jun-1925
Anne Haney Actor Mrs. Doubtfire 04-Mar-1934 26-May-2001
Carol Haney Dancer The Pajama Game 24-Dec-1924 10-May-1964
Eric Haney Military Inside Delta Force 22-Aug-1952 -
Helene Hanff Author 84, Charing Cross Road 15-Apr-1916 09-Apr-1997
Ismail Haniyeh Activist Prime Minister of Palestine, 2006-07 1962 -
Colin Hanks Actor Son of Tom Hanks 24-Nov-1977 -
Tom Hanks Actor Forrest Gump 09-Jul-1956 -
Bridget Hanley Actor Candy Pruitt on Here Come the Brides 03-Feb-1941 -
Jimmy Hanley Actor Jim's Inn 22-Oct-1918 13-Jan-1970
William Hanley Playwright Slow Dance on the Killing Ground 22-Oct-1931 25-May-2012
William L. Hanley, Jr. Business Lexington Management Group 27-Jan-1940 -
Kathleen Hanna Musician Riot Grrrl extraordinaire 12-Nov-1969 -
L. B. Hanna Politician Governor of North Dakota, 1913-17 09-Aug-1861 23-Apr-1948
Marcus Alonzo Hanna Politician Senator from Ohio, kingmaker 24-Sep-1837 15-Feb-1904
Richard Hanna Politician Congressman, New York 24th 25-Jan-1951 -
William Hanna Cartoonist Half of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon sweatshop 14-Jul-1910 22-Mar-2001
Barry Hannah Author High Lonesome 23-Apr-1942 01-Mar-2010
Daryl Hannah Actor Splash 03-Dec-1960 -
David H. Hannah Business CEO of Reliance Steel & Aluminum c. 1951 -
Jim Hannah Judge Arkansas Chief Justice c. 1945 -
John Hannah Actor Four Weddings and a Funeral 23-Apr-1962 -
John Hannah Football New England Patriots tackle 04-Apr-1951 -
Edward A. Hannegan Politician US Senator, committed suicide 25-Jun-1807 25-Feb-1859
Jeff Hanneman Guitarist Slayer lead guitarist 31-Jan-1964 -
Hannibal Military Attacked Rome with war elephants 247 BC 182 BC
Alyson Hannigan Actor Willow on Buffy the Vampire Slayer 24-Mar-1974 -
Sean Hannity TV Personality Hannity & Colmes 30-Dec-1961 -
Hanno Military Carthaginian General fl. 3rd c. BC fl. 3rd c. BC
Hanno Explorer Navigated west coast of Africa fl. 500 BC fl. 500 BC
Alex Hannum Basketball NBA Hall of Famer 19-Jul-1923 18-Jan-2002
Hanoi Hannah Radio Personality VC propagandist during Vietnam War 1931 -
Donna Hanover Radio Personality WOR Radio Morning Co-Host, NYC 13-Feb-1950 -
Paul T. Hanrahan Business CEO of AES c. 1957 -
François Hanriot Military Led French revolutionary forces 03-Dec-1759 28-Jul-1794
Luke Hansard Publisher English printer 05-Jul-1752 28-Oct-1828
Lorraine Hansberry Playwright A Raisin in the Sun 19-May-1930 12-Jan-1965
Theodor W. Hänsch Physicist Quantum optics 30-Oct-1941 -
Arthur G. Hansen Educator President of Purdue University, 1971-82 28-Feb-1925 05-Jul-2010
Bibbe Hansen Musician Mother of Beck, former Warhol protégé 1952 -
Chris Hansen Journalist To Catch A Predator 26-Mar-1959 -
Chuck Hansen Activist Nuclear historian and archivist 13-May-1947 26-Mar-2003
Clifford Hansen Politician US Senator from Wyoming, 1967-78 16-Oct-1912 20-Oct-2009
George V. Hansen Politician Congressman from Idaho 14-Sep-1930 -
Gunnar Hansen Actor Texas Chain Saw Massacre 04-Mar-1947 -
James E. Hansen Scientist Greenhouse effect and global warming 29-Mar-1941 -
James Vear Hansen Politician Congressman from Utah, 1981-2003 14-Aug-1932 -
Joseph Hansen Author Dave Brandstetter detective series 19-Jul-1923 24-Nov-2004
Mary Hansen Musician Stereolab multi-instrumentalist 01-Nov-1966 09-Dec-2002
Peter Hansen Actor Lee Baldwin on General Hospital 05-Dec-1921 -
Peter Andreas Hansen Astronomer Fundamenta nova investigationis 08-Dec-1795 28-Mar-1874
Steven Hansen Business Peter Kiewit Sons c. 1947 -
Van Hansis Actor As the World Turns 25-Sep-1981 -
Joseph Aloysius Hansom Architect Invented the Hansom Cab 26-Oct-1803 29-Jun-1882
Curtis Hanson Film Director LA Confidential 24-Mar-1945 -
Howard Hanson Composer Symphony No. 4 28-Oct-1896 26-Feb-1981
Isaac Hanson Musician Member of boy band Hanson 17-Nov-1980 -
John Hanson Politician President of the Continental Congress 03-Apr-1715 22-Nov-1783
John N. Hanson Business CEO of Joy Global, 1999-2006 c. 1942 -
Jon F. Hanson Business Hampshire Companies c. 1937 -
Taylor Hanson Musician Member of boy band Hanson 14-Mar-1983 -
Victor Davis Hanson Historian Carnage and Culture 05-Sep-1953 -
Zac Hanson Musician Member of boy band Hanson 22-Oct-1985 -
Robert Hanssen Spy Russian mole inside the FBI 18-Apr-1944 -
Christopher Hansteen Astronomer Studied terrestrial magnetism 26-Sep-1784 15-Apr-1873
William E. Hantke Business CFO of Premcor, 2002-05 c. 1947 -
Daniela Hantuchova Tennis Won Pacific Life Open in 2002 24-Apr-1983 -
Jerome Hanus Religion Catholic Archbishop of Dubuque 25-May-1940 -
H. Edward Hanway Business CEO of CIGNA 1951 -
Setsuko Hara Actor Noriko Trilogy 17-Jun-1920 -
George J. Harad Business CEO of Boise Cascade, 1995-2004 24-Apr-1944 -
Harald I Royalty King of Norway, 872 to 930 AD 850 AD 933 AD
Harald III Royalty King of Norway, 1046-66 1015 25-Sep-1066
Harald IV Royalty King of Norway ? 1136
King Harald V Royalty King of Norway 21-Feb-1937 -
Otto Harbach Songwriter Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 18-Aug-1873 24-Jan-1963
John Harbaugh Football Head Coach, Baltimore Ravens 23-Sep-1962 -
Chick Harbert Golf Winner, 1954 PGA Championship 20-Feb-1915 01-Sep-1992
John P. Harbin Business CEO of Halliburton, 1972-83 17-Jul-1917 -
Doug Harbrecht Journalist Business Week c. 1951 -
E. Y. Harburg Songwriter The Wizard of Oz 08-Apr-1896 04-Mar-1981
Harry J. Harczak, Jr. Business EVP at CDW, 2002-07 c. 1957 -
Brian Hard Business President of Penske Truck Leasing c. 1946 -
Phil Hardberger Politician Mayor of San Antonio 27-Jul-1934 -
Paul Hardcastle Musician 19 10-Dec-1957 -
Max Hardcore Pornstar Extremist pornographist 10-Aug-1956 -
Cary A. Hardee Politician Governor of Florida, 1921-25 13-Nov-1876 21-Nov-1957
Malcolm Hardee Comic I Stole Freddie Mercury's Birthday Cake 05-Jan-1950 31-Jan-2005
William Joseph Hardee Military Confederate Army General 10-Nov-1815 06-Nov-1873
Reinhard Hardegen Military German U-Boat commander 18-Mar-1913 -
Arthur Harden Chemist Enzymes of sugar fermentation 12-Oct-1865 17-Jun-1940
Ernest Harden, Jr. Actor Marcus Henderson on The Jeffersons 25-Nov-1952 -
James Harden Basketball Oklahoma City Thunder 26-Aug-1989 -
Marcia Gay Harden Actor Verna in Miller's Crossing 14-Aug-1959 -
Karl August von Hardenberg Diplomat Prussian statesman 31-May-1750 26-Nov-1822
Frank E. Hardenbergh Business LS Power Group c. 1944 -
Keir Hardie Politician Organizer of the British Labour Party 15-Aug-1856 26-Sep-1915
Joseph R. Hardiman Business CEO of NASDAQ, 1987-97 c. 1938 -
Thomas M. Hardiman Judge 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals 08-Jul-1965 -
Clifford M. Hardin Government US Secretary of Agriculture, 1969-71 09-Oct-1915 04-Apr-2010
Joseph S. Hardin, Jr. Business CEO of Kinko's, 1997-2001 c. 1945 -
Melora Hardin Actor Jan Levinson on The Office 29-Jun-1967 -
Tim Hardin Singer/Songwriter If I Were a Carpenter 23-Dec-1941 29-Dec-1980
Ty Hardin Actor Bronco 01-Jan-1930 -
Ann Harding Actor Holiday 07-Aug-1901 01-Sep-1981
Florence Harding First Lady Wife of US President Warren G. Harding 15-Aug-1860 21-Nov-1924
June Harding Actor The Trouble with Angels 07-Sep-1940 -
Tonya Harding Figure Skating Figure skater caused Olympic sized scandal 12-Nov-1969 -
Warren G. Harding Head of State 29th US President, 1921-23 02-Nov-1865 02-Aug-1923
Henry Hardinge Military Governor-General of India, 1844-48 30-Mar-1785 24-Sep-1856
Stephen Hardis Business CEO of Eaton, 1995-2000 1935 -
Kadeem Hardison Actor A Different World 24-Jul-1965 -
Lamartine G. Hardman Politician Governor of Georgia, 1927-31 14-Apr-1856 18-Feb-1937
Jean Hardouin Scholar Confused Jesuit scholar 22-Dec-1646 03-Sep-1729
Elizabeth Hardwick Critic Seduction and Betrayal 27-Jul-1916 02-Dec-2007
Thomas W. Hardwick Politician Senator and Governor from Georgia 09-Dec-1872 31-Jan-1944
Cedric Hardwicke Actor Suspicion 19-Feb-1893 06-Aug-1964
Edward Hardwicke Actor Capt. Pat Grant on Colditz 07-Aug-1932 16-May-2011
John D. Hardy, Jr. Attorney O'Melveny & Myers c. 1944 -
Françoise Hardy Singer/Songwriter The Yeh-Yeh Girl 17-Jan-1944 -
Frank Hardy Novelist Power Without Glory 21-Mar-1917 28-Mar-1994
G. H. Hardy Mathematician A Mathematician's Apology 07-Feb-1877 01-Dec-1947
Jeff Hardy Wrestling The Hardy Boyz 31-Aug-1977 -
Matt Hardy Wrestling The Hardy Boyz 23-Sep-1974 -
Oliver Hardy Actor Laurel and Hardy 18-Jan-1892 07-Aug-1957
Robert Hardy Actor All Creatures Great and Small 29-Oct-1925 -
Sam Hardy Actor King Kong 21-Mar-1883 16-Oct-1935
Thomas Hardy Novelist Far from the Madding Crowd 02-Jun-1840 11-Jan-1928
Tom Hardy Actor Layer Cake 15-Sep-1977 -
James F. Hardymon Business CEO of Textron, 1992-98 c. 1934 -
David Hare Playwright Racing Demon 05-Jun-1947 -
Phil Hare Politician Congressman from Illinois, 2007-11 21-Feb-1949 -
R. M. Hare Philosopher Moral Thinking 21-Mar-1919 29-Jan-2002
Raymond A. Hare Diplomat US Mideast Ambassador 03-Apr-1901 09-Feb-1994
Robert Hare Chemist Hydrostatic blow-pipe and spiritoscope 17-Jan-1781 15-May-1858
Isser Harel Spy Head of the Mossad, 1952-63 1912 19-Feb-2003
Mark Harelik Actor Character actor 05-Jun-1951 -
Dorian Harewood Actor Full Metal Jacket 06-Aug-1950 -
Mariska Hargitay Actor Law & Order: SVU 23-Jan-1964 -
Mickey Hargitay Actor Bloody Pit of Horror 06-Jan-1926 14-Sep-2006
Rudolph Hargrave Judge Justice, Oklahoma Supreme Court 15-Feb-1925 -
Roger Hargreaves Author Creator of Mr. Men juvenile books 09-May-1935 12-Sep-1988
Mata Hari Spy Framed by the Germans 07-Aug-1876 15-Oct-1917
Keith Haring Painter Abstract graffiti and mural artist 04-May-1958 16-Feb-1990
Sir John Harington Author The Metamorphosis of Ajax 1561 20-Nov-1612
Rafik Hariri Head of State Billionaire, Lebanese Prime Minister 01-Nov-1944 14-Feb-2005
Joy Harjo Poet The Last Song 09-May-1951 -
Patrick T. Harker Educator President, University of Delaware 19-Nov-1958 -
John D. Harkey, Jr. Business Consolidated Restaurant Operations 12-Sep-1960 -
Ruth R. Harkin Business United Technologies VP, 1997-2005 c. 1944 -
Tom Harkin Politician US Senator from Iowa 19-Nov-1939 -
Ashley Harkleroad Tennis Hot outfit at 2001 U.S. Open 02-May-1985 -
Edward Stephen Harkness Philanthropist Philanthropist 22-Jan-1874 29-Jan-1940
Stephen V. Harkness Business Co-Founder of Standard Oil 1818 1888
James Harlan Politician US Senator from Iowa, 1855-73 26-Aug-1820 05-Oct-1899
John Marshall Harlan Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1877-1911 01-Jun-1833 14-Oct-1911
John Marshall Harlan Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1955-71 20-May-1899 29-Dec-1971
Joseph E. Harlan Business Divisional EVP at 3M 05-May-1959 -
Veit Harlan Film Director Jud Süss 22-Sep-1899 13-Apr-1964
Henry Harland Novelist The Cardinal's Snuff-box 01-Mar-1861 20-Dec-1905
Buck Harless Business Coal baron, philanthropist 14-Oct-1919 -
Steve Harley Musician Frontman for Cockney Rebel 27-Feb-1951 -
Renny Harlin Film Director The Adventures of Ford Fairlane 15-Mar-1959 -
Jean Harlow Actor Bombshell 03-Mar-1911 07-Jun-1937
Shalom Harlow Model Face of Chanel's Coco fragrance 05-Dec-1973 -
Harriet Harman Politician Leader, House of Commons 30-Jul-1950 -
Jane Harman Politician Congresswoman from California, 1993-2011 28-Jun-1945 -
Sidney Harman Business Founder of Harman International 05-Aug-1918 12-Apr-2011
John L. Harmer Politician Lt. Governor of California, 1974-75 28-Apr-1934 -
Harmodius Assassin Would-be murderer of tyrants ? 514 BC
Angie Harmon Actor Ryan McBride on Baywatch Nights 10-Aug-1972 -
Claude Harmon Golf Winner, 1948 Masters Tournament 14-Jul-1916 23-Jul-1989
Deborah Harmon Actor Elizabeth Lubbock on Just the Ten of Us 08-May-1951 -
Larry Harmon Performance Artist Bozo the Clown 02-Jan-1925 03-Jul-2008
Mark Harmon Actor NCIS 02-Sep-1951 -
Tom Harmon Football Winner, 1940 Heisman Trophy 28-Sep-1919 15-Mar-1990
Arvid Harnack Spy Hanged by the Nazis for espionage 24-May-1901 22-Dec-1942
Mildred Fish Harnack Spy Guillotined by the Gestapo 16-Sep-1902 16-Feb-1943
Gordon D. Harnett Business Brush Engineered Materials c. 1942 -
Reno L. Harnish Diplomat US Ambassador to Azerbaijan, 2003-06 ? -
Elisabeth Harnois Actor Christina Nickson on Point Pleasant 26-May-1979 -
Guillermo Haro Astronomer Herbig-Haro objects 21-Mar-1913 26-Apr-1988
Harold Harefoot Royalty King of England 1037-40 c. 1016 17-Mar-1040
King Harold II Royalty King of England, 1066 c. 1022 14-Oct-1066
Gale Harold Actor Brian Kinney on Queer as Folk 10-Jul-1969 -
Arthur H. Harper Business CEO, GE Equipment Services 2002-05 03-Dec-1955 -
Ben Harper Musician Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals 28-Oct-1969 -
Bob Harper TV Personality Trainer, The Biggest Loser 1965 -
Chandler Harper Golf Winner, 1950 PGA Championship 10-Mar-1914 08-Nov-2004
Conrad K. Harper Attorney Simpson Thatcher & Bartlett c. 1940 -
David W. Harper Actor Jim-Bob Walton on The Waltons 04-Oct-1961 -
Frances E. W. Harper Poet Abolitionist, temperance activist 24-Sep-1825 22-Feb-1911
Gregg Harper Politician Congressman, Mississippi 3rd 01-Jun-1956 -
Hill Harper Actor CSI: New York 17-May-1966 -
Jessica Harper Actor Suspiria and My Favorite Year 10-Oct-1949 -
Lisa M. Harper Business CEO of Gymboree, 2001-06 c. 1960 -
Michael S. Harper Poet Nightmare Begins Responsibility 18-Mar-1938 -
Ron Harper Actor Garrison's Gorillas 12-Jan-1936 -
Roy Harper Guitarist Vocals for Have a Cigar 12-Jun-1941 -
Stephen Harper Head of State Prime Minister of Canada 30-Apr-1959 -
Tess Harper Actor Crimes of the Heart 15-Aug-1950 -
Valerie Harper Actor Rhoda on Mary Tyler Moore 22-Aug-1940 -
William F. Harrah Business Founder of Harrah's Casino 02-Sep-1911 30-Jun-1978
Glenn T. Harrell, Jr. Judge Judge, Maryland Court of Appeals 1945 -
Woody Harrelson Actor Woody from Cheers 23-Jul-1961 -
Heinrich Harrer Author Subject of biopic Seven Years in Tibet 06-Jul-1912 07-Jan-2006
Jim Harrick Basketball Former UCLA and UGA head coach 25-Jul-1938 -
Ned Harrigan Actor Harrigan & Hart 26-Oct-1844 06-Jun-1911
Nedda Harrigan Actor Devil's Island 24-Aug-1899 01-Apr-1989
Pamela Harriman Diplomat Socialite and Ambassador to France, 1993-97 20-Mar-1920 05-Feb-1997
W. Averell Harriman Diplomat Ambassador to USSR, Governor of NY 15-Nov-1891 26-Jul-1986
Laura Harring Actor Mulholland Drive 03-Mar-1964 -
Adam Harrington Actor Ethan Conant on The Secret Circle 26-Nov-1972 -
Anthony S. Harrington Diplomat US Ambassador to Brazil, 2000-01 09-Mar-1941 -
Curtis Harrington Film Director Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet 17-Dec-1922 06-May-2007
Desmond Harrington Actor Ghost Ship 19-Oct-1976 -
Donald J. Harrington Educator President, St. John's University 02-Oct-1945 -
James Harrington Philosopher Oceana 07-Jan-1611 11-Sep-1677
Joey Harrington Football Atlanta Falcons QB 21-Oct-1978 -
Michael Harrington Activist The Other America 24-Feb-1928 31-Jul-1989
Padraig Harrington Golf Winner of 3 Majors 31-Aug-1971 -
Pat Harrington Actor Duane Schneider on One Day at a Time 13-Aug-1929 -
Richard J. Harrington Business CEO of Thomson Corporation c. 1947 -
Andy Harris Politician Congressman, Maryland 1st 25-Jun-1957 -
Barbara Harris Actor Freaky Friday 25-Jul-1935 -
Bernard A. Harris, Jr. Astronaut First black astronaut to spacewalk 26-Jun-1956 -
Charles K. Harris Songwriter After The Ball 01-May-1865 22-Dec-1930
Cliff Harris Football Dallas Cowboys, 1970-79 12-Nov-1948 -
Danielle Harris Actor Halloween 4 01-Jun-1977 -
Danneel Harris Actor Rachel Gatina on One Tree Hill 18-Mar-1979 -
David Harris Criminal Copkiller in The Thin Blue Line 19-Oct-1960 30-Jun-2004
Del Harris Basketball Head Coach, LA Lakers, 1994-99 18-Jun-1937 -
Diane C. Harris Business Hypotenuse Enterprises, Inc. c. 1942 -
E. Lynn Harris Novelist Invisible Life 20-Jun-1955 23-Jul-2009
Ed Harris Actor The Rock 28-Nov-1950 -
Emmylou Harris Country Musician Pieces of the Sky 02-Apr-1947 -
Eric Harris Criminal Columbine Massacre 09-Apr-1981 20-Apr-1999
Estelle Harris Actor Estelle Costanza on Seinfeld 04-Apr-1932 -
Franco Harris Football Pittsburgh Steelers RB 07-Mar-1950 -
Frank Harris Author My Life and Loves 14-Feb-1856 26-Aug-1931
Fred R. Harris Politician US Senator from Oklahoma, 1964-73 13-Nov-1930 -
George Washington Harris Author Sut Lovingood 20-Mar-1814 11-Dec-1869
Harriet Sansom Harris Actor Thoroughly Modern Millie 08-Jan-1955 -
Isaiah Harris, Jr. Business Former BellSouth executive c. 1952 -
James B. Harris Film Director The Bedford Incident 03-Aug-1928 -
James T. Harris III Educator President, Widener University c. 1958 -
Jared Harris Actor I Shot Andy Warhol 24-Aug-1961 -
Jo Ann Harris Actor The Beguiled 27-May-1949 -
Joanne Harris Novelist Chocolat 03-Jul-1964 -
Joe Frank Harris Politician Governor of Georgia, 1983-91 16-Feb-1936 -
Joel Chandler Harris Novelist Uncle Remus 09-Dec-1848 03-Jul-1908
John F. Harris Journalist Politico editor-in-chief c. 1963 -
John W. Harris Business Lincoln Harris, LLC c. 1947 -
Jonathan Harris Actor Dr. Zachary Smith on Lost in Space 06-Nov-1914 03-Nov-2002
Joshua J. Harris Business President of Apollo Management c. 1965 -
Julie Harris Actor East of Eden 02-Dec-1925 -
Kamala Harris Attorney Attorney General of California 20-Oct-1964 -
Katherine Harris Politician Congresswoman from Florida, 2003-07 05-Apr-1957 -
Laura Harris Actor Daisy Adair in Dead Like Me 20-Nov-1976 -
Louis Harris Business Pollster, Louis Harris and Associates 06-Jan-1921 -
Mark Harris Novelist Bang the Drum Slowly 19-Nov-1922 30-May-2007
Marvin Harris Anthropologist Anthropological historian 18-Aug-1927 25-Oct-2001
Mel Harris Actor Hope Steadman on thirtysomething 12-Jul-1957 -
Mike Harris Politician Premier of Ontario, 1995-2002 23-Jan-1945 -
Naomie Harris Actor Pirates of the Caribbean 06-Sep-1976 -
Neil Patrick Harris Actor Doogie Howser 15-Jun-1973 -
Patricia Roberts Harris Government Cabinet Secretary under Jimmy Carter 31-May-1924 23-Mar-1985
Phil Harris Musician That's What I Like About the South 24-Jun-1904 11-Aug-1995
Rachael Harris Actor Notes from the Underbelly 12-Jan-1968 -
Richard Harris Actor English Bob in Unforgiven 01-Oct-1930 25-Oct-2002
Robert Harris Author Fatherland 07-Mar-1957 -
Robin Harris Comic Bébé's Kids 30-Aug-1953 18-Mar-1990
Rosemary Harris Actor Aunt May in Spider-Man 19-Sep-1927 -
Sam Harris Author The End of Faith 1967 -
Samantha Harris TV Personality Co-Host, Dancing with the Stars 27-Nov-1973 -
Steve Harris Actor The Practice 03-Dec-1965 -
Theresa Harris Actor Baby Face 31-Dec-1906 08-Oct-1985
Thomas Harris Novelist The Silence of the Lambs 11-Apr-1940 -
Todd Harris Activist Republican strategist c. 1971 -
Walt Harris Football Former NCAA coach 09-Nov-1946 -
Walter L. Harris Business CEO of Tanenbaum-Harber Co. c. 1952 -
William Snow Harris Physicist Invented a lightning rod for ships 01-Apr-1791 22-Jan-1867
William Torrey Harris Educator US Commissioner of Education 10-Sep-1835 05-Nov-1909
Wilson Harris Novelist Palace of the Peacock 04-Mar-1921 -
Wood Harris Actor Avon Barksdale in The Wire 17-Oct-1969 -
Melissa Harris-Perry Author Barbershops, Bibles, and BET c. 1972 -
Albertis S. Harrison, Jr. Politician Governor of Virginia, 1962-66 11-Jan-1907 23-Jan-1995
Anna Harrison First Lady Wife of US President William Henry Harrison 25-Jul-1775 25-Feb-1864
Benjamin Harrison Head of State 23rd President of the US, 1889-93 20-Aug-1833 13-Mar-1901
Bret Harrison Actor Grounded for Life 06-Apr-1982 -
Caroline Harrison First Lady Wife of US President Benjamin Harrison 01-Oct-1832 25-Oct-1892
David D. Harrison Business CFO of Pentair, 2000-07 c. 1947 -
Francis Burton Harrison Politician Drug prohibition 18-Dec-1873 21-Nov-1957
George Harrison Musician Beatle 25-Feb-1943 29-Nov-2001
George Russell Harrison Physicist Echelle spectrograph 14-Jul-1898 27-Jul-1979
Gregory Harrison Actor Gonzo Gates on Trapper John 31-May-1950 -
Harry Harrison Novelist Stainless Steel Rat series 12-Mar-1925 15-Aug-2012
Jenilee Harrison Actor Cindy Snow on Three's Company 12-Jun-1959 -
Jerry Harrison Musician Guitar and keyboard player for Talking Heads 21-Feb-1949 -
Jim Harrison Novelist Legends of the Fall 11-Dec-1937 -
John Harrison Inventor Inventor of a marine clock Mar-1693 24-Mar-1776
Kathleen Harrison Actor Mrs. Thursday 23-Feb-1892 07-Dec-1995
Lou Harrison Composer Musical wayfarer 14-May-1917 02-Feb-2003
Marvin Harrison Football Indianapolis Colts WR 25-Aug-1972 -
Noel Harrison Actor The Best of Enemies 29-Jan-1934 -
Patricia S. Harrison Business Corporation for Public Broadcasting ? -
Randy Harrison Actor Justin on Queer as Folk 02-Nov-1977 -
Rex Harrison Actor My Fair Lady 05-Mar-1908 02-Jun-1990
Robert Harrison Publisher Publisher of tabloid Confidential 14-Apr-1904 17-Feb-1978
Rodney Harrison Football New England Patriots 15-Dec-1972 -
Roger Gran Harrison Diplomat US Ambassador to Jordan, 1990-93 25-May-1943 -
Ross Granville Harrison Zoologist Embryology and tissue culture techniques 13-Jan-1870 30-Sep-1959
Shawn Harrison Actor Waldo Faldo on Family Matters 28-Dec-1973 -
Wilbert Harrison Musician Let's Work Together 05-Jan-1929 26-Oct-1994
William B. Harrison, Jr. Business CEO of JPMorgan Chase, 2000-05 12-Aug-1943 -
William Henry Harrison Head of State 9th US President, 1841 09-Feb-1773 04-Apr-1841
C. Lowell Harriss Economist Columbia University Economist 02-Aug-1912 14-Dec-2009
Roy Harrod Economist Towards a Dynamic Economics 13-Feb-1900 09-Mar-1978
Kathryn Harrold Actor Raw Deal 02-Aug-1950 -
Mary Harron Film Director American Psycho 12-Jan-1953 -
William Harrop Diplomat US Ambassador to Israel, 1991-93 19-Feb-1929 -
Debbie Harry Singer Blondie 01-Jul-1945 -
Jackée Harry Actor Sandra Clark on 227 14-Aug-1956 -
Prince Harry Royalty 2nd son of Princess Diana 15-Sep-1984 -
Ray Harryhausen Artist Stop-motion genius 29-Jun-1920 -
David Harsanyi Columnist Nanny State ? -
John C. Harsanyi Economist Game theory 29-May-1920 09-Aug-2000
William Harsha, Jr. Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1961-81 01-Jan-1921 12-Oct-2010
Alex W. Hart Business CEO of Advanta Corporation, 1995-97 c. 1940 -
Ann Weaver Hart Educator President, Temple University 1948 -
Basil Liddell Hart Military Military strategist 31-Oct-1895 29-Jan-1970
Bret Hart Wrestling The Hitman 02-Jul-1957 -
Carey Hart Sports Figure Motocross racer 17-Jul-1975 -
Cecilia Hart Actor Wife of James Earl Jones ? -
Corey Hart Baseball Milwaukee Brewers right fielder 24-Mar-1982 -
Corey Hart Musician Wears his sunglasses at night 31-May-1962 -
Dolores Hart Actor Where the Boys Are 20-Oct-1938 -
Gary Hart Politician US Senator from Colorado, 1975-87 28-Nov-1936 -
Ian Hart Actor Played John Lennon in Backbeat 08-Oct-1964 -
Jimmy Hart Wrestling The Mouth of the South 01-Jan-1944 -
John Hart Actor Replaced Clayton Moore as TV's Lone Ranger 13-Dec-1917 20-Sep-2009
Johnny Hart Cartoonist The Wizard of Id, B.C. 18-Feb-1931 07-Apr-2007
Josephine Hart Author Damage 01-Mar-1942 02-Jun-2011
Kevin Hart Comic Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain 06-Jul-1978 -
Leon Hart Football Winner, 1949 Heisman Trophy 02-Nov-1928 24-Sep-2002
Lorenz Hart Songwriter Lyricist, Rodgers and Hart 02-May-1895 22-Nov-1943
Mary Hart TV Personality Entertainment Tonight 08-Nov-1950 -
Matthew J. Hart Business CEO of Hilton Hotels c. 1953 -
Melissa Hart Politician Congresswoman from Pennsylvania, 2001-07 04-Apr-1962 -
Melissa Joan Hart Actor Sabrina, the Teenage Witch 18-Apr-1976 -
Michael S. Hart Curator Founder of Project Gutenberg 08-Mar-1947 06-Sep-2011
Mickey Hart Drummer Drummer for Grateful Dead 11-Sep-1943 -
Milledge A. Hart III Business President of EDS, 1970-77 c. 1934 -
Moss Hart Playwright You Can't Take It With You 24-Oct-1904 20-Dec-1961
Myra M. Hart Business Co-Founder of Staples c. 1940 -
Owen Hart Wrestling Wrestler fell to his death 07-May-1965 23-May-1999
Parker T. Hart Diplomat US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, 1961-65 28-Sep-1910 15-Oct-1997
Patti S. Hart Business CEO of Pinnacle Systems, 2004-05 c. 1956 -
Peter D. Hart Government Democratic pollster c. 1942 -
Roxanne Hart Actor Highlander 27-Jul-1952 -
Veronica Hart Pornstar Latex, Wanda Whips Wall Street 27-Oct-1956 -
William S. Hart Actor Old-time silent movie cowboy 06-Dec-1864 23-Jun-1946
Bill Hartack Jockey Five-time Kentucky Derby winner 09-Dec-1932 26-Nov-2007
Bret Harte Author Master of the western short story 25-Aug-1836 05-May-1902
Michael D. Harter Politician Congressman, committed suicide 06-Apr-1846 22-Feb-1896
King Harthacnut Royalty King of England, Denmark c. 1018 08-Jun-1042
Fred A. Hartley Politician Congressman from New Jersey, 1929-49 22-Feb-1902 11-May-1969
David Hartley Philosopher Theory of associationism 08-Aug-1705 28-Aug-1757
Hal Hartley Film Director Henry Fool 03-Nov-1959 -
Justin Hartley Actor Fox Crane on Passions 29-Jan-1977 -
L. P. Hartley Novelist The Boat 30-Dec-1895 13-Dec-1972
Lindsay Hartley Actor Theresa Crane on Passions 17-Apr-1978 -
Mariette Hartley Actor CBS Morning Program 21-Jun-1940 -
Nina Hartley Pornstar Little Bill's slutty wife in Boogie Nights 11-Mar-1959 -
Samuel Hartlib Scholar Influential German-English man of letters c. 1600 c. 1662
Haldan K. Hartline Scientist Physiology of the retina 22-Dec-1903 17-Mar-1983
Poul Hartling Head of State Prime Minister of Denmark, 1973-75 14-Aug-1914 30-Apr-2000
Arthur A. Hartman Diplomat US Ambassador to the USSR, 1981-87 12-Mar-1926 -
Dan Hartman Singer/Songwriter I Can Dream About You 08-Dec-1950 22-Mar-1994
David Hartman Talk Show Host Good Morning America 19-May-1935 -
Elizabeth Hartman Actor A Patch of Blue 23-Dec-1943 10-Jun-1987
Geoffrey Hartman Critic The Unmediated Vision 11-Aug-1929 -
Lisa Hartman Actor Knots Landing 01-Jun-1956 -
Paul Hartman Actor Emmett Clark on Mayberry R.F.D. 01-Mar-1904 02-Oct-1973
Phil Hartman Actor Lionel Hutz, Troy McClure 24-Sep-1948 28-May-1998
Steve Hartman Columnist 60 Minutes II 14-Apr-1963 -
Eduard von Hartmann Philosopher Philosophy of the Unconscious 23-Feb-1842 05-Jun-1906
Moritz Hartmann Poet German patriotic poet 15-Oct-1821 13-May-1872
Thom Hartmann Radio Personality The Thom Hartmann Program 07-May-1951 -
William Hartnell Actor The First Doctor Who 08-Jan-1908 23-Apr-1975
Gabby Hartnett Baseball Chicago Cubs catcher, Hall-of-Famer 20-Dec-1900 20-Dec-1972
Josh Hartnett Actor The Virgin Suicides 21-Jul-1978 -
Thomas F. Hartnett Politician Congressman from South Carolina, 1981-87 07-Aug-1941 -
Jan de Hartog Novelist Hollands glorie 22-Apr-1914 22-Sep-2002
Nelson T. Hartson Government Solicitor of the IRS 26-Nov-1887 ?
Leland H. Hartwell Scientist Regulators of cell cycle 30-Oct-1939 -
Douglas A. Hartwick Diplomat US Ambassador to Laos, 2001-04 1950 -
Hamilton Harty Conductor Principal Conductor, The Hallé, 1920-34 04-Dec-1879 19-Feb-1941
Linda S. Harty Business VP and Treasurer of Cardinal Health c. 1960 -
Patricia Harty Actor Greta Patterson on Occasional Wife 05-Nov-1941 -
Harris L. Hartz Judge 10th Circuit Court of Appeals 20-Jan-1947 -
Vicky Hartzler Politician Congresswoman, Missouri 4th 13-Oct-1960 -
John Harvard Religion Bequest to Harvard College 26-Nov-1607 14-Sep-1638
Domino Harvey Relative Laurence Harvey's daughter 07-Aug-1969 27-Jun-2005
Doug Harvey Hockey NHL Hall of Famer 19-Dec-1924 26-Dec-1989
E. Newton Harvey Zoologist Light-emitting organisms 25-Nov-1887 21-Jul-1959
Ethel Browne Harvey Zoologist Embryology of sea urchins 14-Dec-1885 02-Sep-1965
Gabriel Harvey Author Literary opponent of Robert Greene c. 1545 1630
J. Brett Harvey Business CEO of CONSOL Energy c. 1949 -
Larry Harvey Business Executive Director, Burning Man 1948 -
Laurence Harvey Actor Manchurian Candidate 01-Oct-1928 25-Nov-1973
P. J. Harvey Musician Alternative rock musician 09-Oct-1969 -
Paul Harvey Actor American character actor 10-Sep-1882 05-Dec-1955
Paul Harvey Radio Personality The Paul Harvey Show 04-Sep-1918 28-Feb-2009
Rodney Harvey Actor Sodapop Curtis on The Outsiders 31-Jul-1967 11-Apr-1998
Steve Harvey Comic The Steve Harvey Show 23-Nov-1956 -
William Harvey Doctor Discovered circulation of blood 01-Apr-1578 03-Jun-1657
John Harvey-Jones Business Chairman of ICI, 1982-87 16-Apr-1924 09-Jan-2008
Kevin Harvick Auto Racing Winner, 2007 Daytona 500 08-Dec-1975 -
Ernie Harwell Sports Journalist Voice of the Detroit Tigers 25-Jan-1918 04-May-2010
Martin Harwit Astronomer Helium-cooled rockets and infrared spectroscopy 09-Mar-1931 -
John Harwood Journalist Wall Street Journal political editor c. 1956 -
Nidal Malik Hasan Military Fort Hood shooting 08-Sep-1970 -
Hasdrubal Military Carthaginian general, son of Hannibal c. 245 BC 207 BC
Dominik Hasek Hockey Detroit Red Wings 29-Jan-1965 -
Jaroslav Hasek Author The Good Soldier Svejk 30-Apr-1883 03-Jan-1923
Linda S. Hasenfratz Business CEO of Linamar 1966 -
Masujiro Hashimoto Business Founder of Nissan Motor Co. 1875 Jan-1944
Ryutaro Hashimoto Head of State Prime Minister of Japan, 1996-98 29-Jul-1937 01-Jul-2006
Sheikh Hasina Head of State Prime Minister of Bangladesh, 1996-2001 28-Sep-1947 -
David Haskell Actor Godspell 04-Jun-1948 30-Aug-2000
Peter Haskell Actor Kevin Grant on Bracken's World 15-Oct-1934 12-Apr-2010
Byron Haskin Film Director The War of the Worlds 22-Apr-1899 16-Apr-1984
Dennis Haskins Actor Principal Belding on Saved by the Bell 18-Nov-1950 -
Don Haskins Basketball UTEP Head Basketball Coach, 1961-99 14-Mar-1930 07-Sep-2008
Patricia M. Haslach Diplomat US Senior Official for APEC c. 1956 -
Bill Haslam Politician Governor of Tennessee 23-Aug-1958 -
James A. Haslam III Business CEO, Pilot Corporation ? -
Jim Haslam Business Pilot Corporation 13-Dec-1930 -
Clare M. Hasler Educator Director, Robert Mondavi Institute c. 1957 -
Robert Hass Poet US Poet Laureate, 1995-97 01-Mar-1941 -
Childe Hassam Painter American impressionist, one of "The Ten" 17-Oct-1859 27-Aug-1935
Fred Hassan Business CEO of Schering-Plough 12-Nov-1945 -
Hass Hassan Business Alfalfa's Markets c. 1947 -
Kamal Hassan Actor Tamil superstar 07-Nov-1954 -
Scott Hassan Computer Programmer eGroups, Willow Garage c. 1970 -
Johann Adolph Hasse Composer Sesostrato 25-Mar-1699 16-Dec-1783
Odd Hassel Chemist Conformational analysis 17-May-1897 11-May-1981
Elisabeth Hasselbeck TV Personality The View 28-May-1977 -
Matt Hasselbeck Football Tennessee Titans quarterback 25-Sep-1975 -
Tim Hasselbeck Football Former New York Giants QB 06-Apr-1978 -
Kathryn M. Hasselblad-Pascale Business Hasselblad Machine Company c. 1948 -
David Hasselhoff Actor Knight Rider, Baywatch 17-Jul-1952 -
Gerald L. Hassell Business President of Bank of New York Mellon 1952 -
Leroy R. Hassell, Sr. Judge Virginia Chief Justice, 2003-11 17-Aug-1955 09-Feb-2011
André van Hasselt Poet Quatre Incarnations du Christ 05-Jan-1806 01-Dec-1874
Hans Daniel Hassenpflug Politician Hessian anti-constitutionalist 26-Feb-1794 10-Oct-1862
L. Patrick Hassey Business CEO of Allegheny Technologies c. 1945 -
Signe Hasso Actor A Double Life 15-Aug-1910 07-Jun-2002
Dennis Hastert Politician Speaker of the House, 1999-2006 02-Jan-1942 -
Alcee Hastings Politician Congressman, Florida 23rd 05-Sep-1936 -
Bob Hastings Actor Lt. Carpenter on McHale's Navy 18-Apr-1925 -
Doc Hastings Politician Congressman, Washington 4th 07-Feb-1941 -
Frank Abney Hastings Military Fought in Greek Revolution 1794 01-Jun-1828
Max Hastings Journalist Editor of the Daily Telegraph, 1986-95 28-Dec-1945 -
Reed Hastings Business Founder and CEO of Netflix 08-Oct-1960 -
Warren Hastings Government First Governor-General of India 06-Dec-1732 22-Aug-1818
Carl Hatch Politician Hatch Act 27-Nov-1889 15-Sep-1963
Orrin Hatch Politician US Senator from Utah 22-Mar-1934 -
Richard Hatch Actor Apollo on Battlestar Galactica 21-May-1945 -
Richard Hatch TV Personality Survivor 08-Apr-1961 -
Teri Hatcher Actor Susan Mayer on Desperate Housewives 08-Dec-1964 -
Glenda Hatchett TV Personality Judge Hatchett 14-Dec-1951 -
Bobby Hatfield Singer The Righteous Brothers 10-Aug-1940 05-Nov-2003
Hurd Hatfield Actor The Picture of Dorian Gray 07-Dec-1917 26-Dec-1998
Juliana Hatfield Musician Juliana Hatfield Three 27-Jul-1967 -
Mark Hatfield Politician US Senator from Oregon, 1967-97 12-Jul-1922 07-Aug-2011
Steven Hatfill Scientist US biowarfare researcher 24-Oct-1953 -
Anne Hathaway Actor The Princess Diaries 12-Nov-1982 -
Derek C. Hathaway Business CEO of Harsco, 1994-2007 c. 1945 -
Donny Hathaway Singer Where Is The Love? 01-Oct-1945 13-Jan-1979
Henry Hathaway Film Director The Sons of Katie Elder 13-Mar-1898 11-Feb-1985
Noah Hathaway Actor Boxey on Battlestar Galactica 13-Nov-1971 -
Stanley K. Hathaway Politician Governor of Wyoming, 1967-75 19-Jul-1924 04-Oct-2005
William Dodd Hathaway Politician US Senator from Maine, 1973-79 21-Feb-1924 -
Miho Hatori Musician Vocalist, Cibo Matto 1970 -
Shawn Hatosy Actor Nobel Son 29-Dec-1975 -
Yukio Hatoyama Politician Prime Minister of Japan, 2009-10 11-Feb-1947 -
Hatshepsut Royalty Female Pharaoh of Egypt c. 1502 BC c. 1458 BC
Sir Christopher Hatton Government Lord Chancellor of England, 1587-91 1540 1591
Rondo Hatton Actor Horror actor afflicted with acromegaly 22-Apr-1894 02-Feb-1946
Johannes Carsten Hauch Poet Valdemar Seir 12-May-1790 04-Mar-1872
Franz Ritter von Hauer Geologist Geological Map of Austro-Hungary 30-Jan-1822 20-Mar-1899
Rutger Hauer Actor Blade Runner 23-Jan-1944 -
Wilhelm Hauff Poet Phantasien im Bremer Ratskeller 29-Nov-1802 18-Nov-1827
Charles Haughey Head of State Three-time Prime Minister of Ireland 16-Sep-1925 13-Jun-2006
Matthew Haughey Blogger MetaFilter, PVRblog 10-Oct-1972 -
Christian von Haugwitz Diplomat Prussian statesman 11-Jun-1752 09-Feb-1832
Herbert A. Hauptman Mathematician X-ray diffraction studies 14-Feb-1917 23-Oct-2011
Bruno Hauptmann Criminal Lindbergh Baby kidnapper 26-Nov-1899 03-Apr-1936
Gerhart Hauptmann Playwright Die Weber 15-Nov-1862 06-Jun-1946
Harald zur Hausen Scientist Papilloma virus 11-Mar-1936 -
Cole Hauser Actor Tears of the Sun 22-Mar-1975 -
Fay Hauser Actor Roots: The Next Generations 28-Dec-1948 -
Gayelord Hauser Author Look Younger, Live Longer 1895 26-Dec-1984
Rita E. Hauser Activist Former Partner, Stroock & Stroock & Lavan 12-Jul-1934 -
Wings Hauser Actor Life Among the Cannibals 12-Dec-1947 -
Jerry A. Hausman Economist Hausman Specification Test 05-May-1946 -
Jeananne K. Hauswald Business Former VP at Seagram c. 1944 -
René-Just Haüy Geologist Founder of crystallography 28-Feb-1743 01-Jun-1822
Vaclav Havel Head of State Playwright President of Czechia 05-Oct-1936 18-Dec-2011
Sir Henry Havelock Military Hero of the Indian Mutiny 05-Apr-1795 24-Nov-1857
Annette Haven Pornstar Coming of Angels, Autobiography of a Flea 01-Dec-1954 -
James Haven Actor Brother of Angelina Jolie 11-May-1973 -
Joyce A. Haver Business Phoenix entrepreneur ? -
June Haver Actor Irish Eyes Are Smiling 10-Jun-1926 04-Jul-2005
Nigel Havers Actor Chariots of Fire 06-Nov-1949 -
John Havlicek Basketball Boston Celtic, Hall of Famer 08-Apr-1940 -
June Havoc Actor Gentleman's Agreement 08-Nov-1912 28-Mar-2010
Davey Havok Musician AFI 20-Nov-1975 -
Lord Haw-Haw Radio Personality WWII propagandist hanged in England 24-Apr-1906 03-Jan-1946
Dale Hawerchuk Hockey NHL Hall of Famer 04-Apr-1963 -
Rodney A. Hawes, Jr. Business CEO of Life Re, 1988-98 c. 1937 -
Keeley Hawes Actor Zoe Reynolds on Spooks 10-Feb-1976 -
Stephen Hawes Poet The Passetyme of Pleasure c. 1474 c. 1523
Black Hawk Military Led Indian uprisings in Illinois and Wisconsin c. 1767 03-Oct-1838
Tony Hawk Skateboarder Pro skateboarder 12-May-1968 -
Edward Hawke Military British admiral, Seven Years' War 21-Feb-1710 17-Oct-1781
Ethan Hawke Actor Dead Poets Society 06-Nov-1970 -
Robert Hawke Head of State Prime Minister of Australia, 1983-91 09-Dec-1929 -
John Hawkes Actor Bugsy in The Perfect Storm 11-Sep-1959 -
John Hawkes Novelist The Blood Oranges 17-Aug-1925 15-May-1998
John Hawkesworth Author Voyages in the Southern Hemisphere c. 1715 16-Nov-1773
Stephen Hawking Physicist Wheelchair-bound physicist 08-Jan-1942 -
Augustus F. Hawkins Politician Congressman from California, 1963-91 31-Aug-1907 10-Nov-2007
Coleman Hawkins Jazz Musician Jazz tenor saxophonist 21-Nov-1904 19-May-1969
Dale Hawkins Singer/Songwriter Susie-Q 22-Aug-1936 13-Feb-2010
Dan Hawkins Football CO Buffaloes Head Coach 10-Nov-1960 -
Jack Hawkins Actor Land of the Pharaohs 14-Sep-1910 18-Jul-1973
Jeff Hawkins Inventor Inventor of the Palm Pilot and Treo 01-Jun-1957 -
Jimmy Hawkins Actor The Donna Reed Show 13-Nov-1941 -
Sir John Hawkins Author History of Music 30-Mar-1719 21-May-1789
Sir John Hawkins Military British admiral, slave trader 1532 12-Nov-1595
Justin Hawkins Musician The Darkness frontman 17-Mar-1975 -
Michael Daly Hawkins Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 12-Feb-1945 -
Paula Hawkins Politician US Senator from Florida, 1981-87 24-Jan-1927 03-Dec-2009
Sir Richard Hawkins Military Voiage into the South Sea c. 1562 18-Apr-1622
Sally Hawkins Actor Happy-Go-Lucky 27-Apr-1976 -
Screamin' Jay Hawkins Musician I Put a Spell on You 18-Jul-1929 12-Feb-2000
Taylor Hawkins Drummer The Foo Fighters 17-Feb-1972 -
Trip Hawkins Business Founder of Electronic Arts 28-Dec-1953 -
William A. Hawkins Business CEO of Medtronic c. 1954 -
Howard Hawks Film Director Rio Bravo 30-May-1896 26-Dec-1977
Nicholas Hawksmoor Architect Worked with Wren and Vanbrugh c. 1661 25-Mar-1736
Michael Hawley Photographer Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey 18-Nov-1961 -
Michael C. Hawley Business CEO of Gillette, 1999-2000 c. 1938 13-Jun-2004
Willis C. Hawley Politician Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act 05-May-1864 24-Jul-1941
Goldie Hawn Actor Private Benjamin 21-Nov-1945 -
Jill Haworth Actor In Harm's Way 15-Aug-1946 03-Jan-2011
Norman Haworth Chemist Carbohydrates and vitamin C 19-Mar-1883 19-Mar-1950
Nathaniel Hawthorne Author The House of the Seven Gables 04-Jul-1804 19-May-1864
Nigel Hawthorne Actor The Madness of King George 05-Apr-1929 26-Dec-2001
Charles Hawtrey Actor Carry On... 30-Nov-1914 27-Oct-1988
Colin Hay Musician Men at Work frontman 29-Jun-1953 -
Harry Hay Activist Gay activist, founder The Mattachine Society 07-Apr-1912 24-Oct-2002
John Hay Government US Secretary of State, 1898-1905 08-Oct-1838 01-Jul-1905
Lewis Hay III Business CEO of FPL Group c. 1955 -
Will Hay Actor Ask a Policeman 06-Dec-1888 18-Apr-1949
S. I. Hayakawa Politician Semanticist and US Senator 19-Jul-1906 27-Feb-1992
Sessue Hayakawa Actor The Bridge on the River Kwai 10-Jun-1889 23-Nov-1973
Chushiro Hayashi Astronomer Big Bang astrophysicist 25-Jul-1920 28-Feb-2010
Carl T. Hayden Politician US Senator from Arizona, 1927-69 02-Oct-1877 25-Jan-1972
Michael V. Hayden Government Former Director of the CIA 17-Mar-1945 -
Mike Hayden Politician Governor of Kansas, 1987-91 16-Mar-1944 -
Pamela Hayden Actor Milhouse on The Simpsons 28-Nov-1953 -
Robert Hayden Poet Words in the Mourning Time 04-Aug-1913 25-Feb-1980
Sterling Hayden Actor Jack D. Ripper in Dr. Strangelove 26-Mar-1916 23-May-1986
Tom Hayden Activist Jane Fonda's ex 11-Dec-1939 -
Joseph Haydn Composer Symphony No. 102 in B-flat Major 31-Mar-1732 31-May-1809
Michael Haydn Composer Missa Hispanica 14-Sep-1737 10-Aug-1806
Richard Haydn Actor The Sound of Music 10-Mar-1905 25-Apr-1985
F. A. Hayek Economist Austrian economist 08-May-1899 23-Mar-1992
Salma Hayek Actor Frida 02-Sep-1966 -
Alice B. Hayes Educator President, University of San Diego, 1996-2003 c. 1937 -
Allison Hayes Actor Attack of the 50 Foot Woman 06-Mar-1930 27-Feb-1977
Billy Hayes Criminal Hashish smuggler, Midnight Express 03-Apr-1947 -
Bob Hayes Football Sprinter, Cowboy, NFH Hall-of-Famer 20-Dec-1942 18-Sep-2002
Charles A. Hayes Politician Congressman from Illinois, 1983-93 17-Feb-1918 08-Apr-1997
Darren Hayes Singer/Songwriter Savage Garden vocalist 08-May-1972 -
Douglas M. Hayes Business Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette c. 1944 -
Elvin Hayes Basketball NBA Hall of Famer 17-Nov-1945 -
Gabby Hayes Actor Don't Fence Me In 07-May-1885 09-Feb-1969
Helen Hayes Actor First Lady of the Theater 10-Oct-1900 17-Mar-1993
Hunter Hayes Country Musician Storm Warning 09-Sep-1991 -
Isaac Hayes Musician Theme from Shaft 20-Aug-1942 10-Aug-2008
Janet Gray Hayes Politician Mayor of San Jose, 1975-83 12-Jul-1926 -
Lucy Hayes First Lady Wife of US President Rutherford B. Hayes 28-Aug-1831 25-Jun-1889
Margaret Hayes Actor Blackboard Jungle 05-Dec-1916 26-Jan-1977
Reggie Hayes Actor William Jerome Dent on Girlfriends 15-Jul-1969 -
Robert H. Hayes Business Professor at HBS, 1966-2000 c. 1936 -
Robin Hayes Politician Congressman from North Carolina, 1999-2009 14-Aug-1945 -
Ron Hayes Actor Ben Jones on The Rounders 26-Feb-1929 01-Oct-2004
Rutherford B. Hayes Head of State 19th US President, 1877-81 04-Oct-1822 17-Jan-1893
Sean Hayes Actor Jack McFarland on Will & Grace 26-Jun-1970 -
Taylor Hayes Pornstar Udderly Ridiculous 14-Jan-1975 -
Woody Hayes Football OSU Head Coach, 1951-78 14-Feb-1913 12-Mar-1987
Michael D. Hayford Business Senior EVP at Metavante c. 1960 -
George T. Haymaker, Jr. Business CEO of Kaiser Aluminum, 1994-99 c. 1937 -
Dick Haymes Singer State Fair 13-Sep-1916 28-Mar-1980
Abner Haynes Football Football RB hall-of-famer 19-Sep-1937 -
Catharina Haynes Judge 5th Circuit Court of Appeals 09-Nov-1963 -
Gibby Haynes Singer Butthole Surfers 1957 -
Harold J. Haynes Business CEO of Standard Oil of California, 1974-81 29-Sep-1925 08-Jul-2009
Lemuel Haynes Religion Abolitionist preacher 18-Jul-1753 18-Sep-1833
Lloyd Haynes Actor Pete Dixon on Room 222 19-Sep-1934 01-Jan-1987
Todd Haynes Film Director Far From Heaven 02-Jan-1961 -
Ulric Haynes Diplomat US Ambassador to Algeria, 1977-81 08-Jun-1931 -
Victoria F. Haynes Business CEO of RTI International c. 1947 -
William J. Haynes II Government DOD General Counsel, 2001-08 30-Mar-1958 -
Sandra Haynie Golf Winner of 4 Majors 04-Jun-1943 -
Kathryn Hays Actor Kim Hughes on As the World Turns 26-Jul-1933 -
Robert Hays Actor Airplane! 24-Jul-1947 -
Wayne L. Hays Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1949-76 13-May-1911 13-Feb-1989
Will H. Hays Business The Hays Production Code 05-Nov-1879 07-Mar-1954
Dennis Haysbert Actor President David Palmer on 24 02-Jun-1954 -
David Hayter Actor Voice of Solid Snake 06-Feb-1969 -
Richard Haythornthwaite Business Chairman of Mastercard c. 1957 -
Brooke Hayward Socialite Haywire 05-Jul-1937 -
Charles Hayward Drummer This Heat 1952 -
Justin Hayward Guitarist The Moody Blues 14-Oct-1946 -
Leland Hayward Theatre Producer The Sound of Music 13-Sep-1902 18-Mar-1971
Louis Hayward Actor The Man in the Iron Mask 19-Mar-1909 21-Feb-1985
Steven Hayward Scholar Conservative environmentalism pundit c. 1958 -
Susan Hayward Actor I Want to Live! 30-Jun-1918 14-Mar-1975
Thomas B. Hayward Military Chief of Naval Operations, 1978-82 03-May-1924 -
Tony Hayward Business CEO of BP, 2007-10 c. 1957 -
Bill Haywood Labor Leader Industrial Workers of the World 04-Feb-1869 18-May-1928
Eliza Haywood Novelist Secret Histories, Novels and Poems c. 1693 25-Feb-1756
J. D. Hayworth Politician Congressman from Arizona, 1995-2007 12-Jul-1958 -
Nan Hayworth Politician Congresswoman, New York 19th 14-Dec-1959 -
Rita Hayworth Actor Gilda 17-Oct-1918 14-May-1987
Michel Hazanavicius Film Director The Artist 29-Mar-1967 -
Jenna Haze Pornstar Cum Dumpsters 22-Feb-1982 -
James Hazeldine Actor Mike "Bayleaf" Wilson on London's Burning 04-Apr-1947 17-Dec-2002
Paul Hazen Business CEO of Wells Fargo Bank, 1995-98 1941 -
Lee Hazlewood Music Producer Cowboy in Sweden 09-Jul-1929 04-Aug-2007
William Hazlitt Essayist English literary critic, essayist 10-Apr-1778 18-Sep-1830
Shirley Hazzard Novelist The Transit of Venus 30-Jan-1931 -
Walt Hazzard Basketball UCLA basketball coach 1984-88 15-Apr-1942 18-Nov-2011
H. D. Poet Imagist poet, Sea Garden 10-Sep-1886 27-Sep-1961
Anthony Head Actor Rupert Giles on Buffy 20-Feb-1954 -
Antony Head Politician UK Minister of Defence, 1956-57 1906 1983
Bessie Head Novelist A Question of Power 06-Jul-1937 17-Apr-1986
Edith Head Designer Hollywood costume designer 28-Oct-1897 24-Oct-1981
Murray Head Musician One Night in Bangkok 05-Mar-1946 -
Lena Headey Actor The Remains of the Day 03-Oct-1973 -
David Headley Terrorist American implicated in Mumbai bombing 30-Jun-1960 -
Shari Headley Actor All My Children 15-Jul-1964 -
Glenne Headly Actor Mr. Holland's Opus 13-Mar-1955 -
Roger L. Headrick Business ProtaTek International c. 1937 -
Anthony Heald Actor Scott Guber on Boston Public 25-Aug-1944 -
Denis Healey Politician Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1974-79 30-Aug-1917 -
Ed Healey Football Hall of Fame Tackle, Chicago Bears 28-Dec-1894 09-Dec-1978
Jeff Healey Guitarist The Jeff Healey Band 25-Mar-1966 02-Mar-2008
Myron Healey Actor Prolific actor in Westerns 08-Jun-1923 21-Dec-2005
Bernadine P. Healy Doctor President, American Red Cross, 1999-2001 04-Aug-1944 06-Aug-2011
Francis Healy Singer/Songwriter Frontman for Travis 23-Jul-1973 -
Ted Healy Actor Creator of The Three Stooges 01-Oct-1896 21-Dec-1937
Tan Teong Hean Business Southern Bank Berhad c. 1944 -
Seamus Heaney Poet The Spirit Level 13-Apr-1939 -
Imogen Heap Singer/Songwriter Speak for Yourself 09-Dec-1977 -
Alexander Heard Educator Chancellor of Vanderbilt University, 1963-82 14-Mar-1917 24-Jul-2009
Amber Heard Actor And Soon The Darkness 22-Apr-1986 -
John Heard Actor The Pelican Brief 07-Mar-1945 -
Marian L. Heard Business Oxen Hill Partners c. 1940 -
Chick Hearn Journalist Legendary basketball announcer 27-Nov-1916 05-Aug-2002
George Hearn Actor Broadway musical actor 18-Jun-1934 -
Lafcadio Hearn Author Japan: An Attempt at Interpretation 27-Jun-1850 26-Sep-1904
Loyola Hearn Politician Canadian MP, St. John's South--Mount Pearl 25-Mar-1943 -
Samuel Hearne Explorer Explored the Hudson Bay area 1745 Nov-1792
Thomas Hearne Historian Edited many English chronicles Jul-1678 10-Jun-1735
Warren E. Hearnes Politician Governor of Missouri, 1965-73 24-Jul-1923 16-Aug-2009
Thomas Hearns Boxing Light Heavyweight champ 18-Oct-1958 -
George Hearst Business Patriarch of Hearst family fortune 03-Sep-1820 28-Feb-1891
Patty Hearst Victim Kidnapped by SLA 20-Feb-1954 -
William R. Hearst III Business San Francisco Examiner Editor, 1984-95 c. 1950 -
William Randolph Hearst Business Newspaper magnate 29-Apr-1863 14-Aug-1951
Philip G. Heasley Business CEO of Transaction Systems Architects c. 1950 -
William Least Heat-Moon Author Blue Highways 27-Aug-1939 -
Donald R. Heath Diplomat US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, 1958-61 12-Aug-1894 15-Oct-1981
Edward Heath Head of State British Prime Minister, 1970-74 09-Jul-1916 17-Jul-2005
Derick Heathcoat-Amory Politician Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1958-60 26-Dec-1899 20-Jan-1981
Joey Heatherton Actor 1960s sex kitten 14-Sep-1944 -
Norman G. Heatley Scientist Isolated penicillin 10-Jan-1911 05-Jan-2004
Patricia Heaton Actor Wife Debra on Everybody Loves Raymond 04-Mar-1958 -
Mike G. Heavican Judge Nebraska Chief Justice c. 1947 -
Oliver Heaviside Engineer Kennelly-Heaviside layer 18-May-1850 03-Feb-1925
Friedrich Hebbel Playwright Die Niebelungen Trilogie 18-Mar-1813 13-Dec-1863
Kieran Hebden Drummer Four Tet 1980 -
F. Edward Hebert Politician Congressman from Louisiana, 1941-77 12-Oct-1901 29-Dec-1979
Jacques René Hébert Activist Revolutionary of the Paris Commune 15-Nov-1757 24-Mar-1794
Jay Hebert Golf Winner, 1960 PGA Championship 14-Feb-1923 25-May-1997
Lionel Hebert Golf Winner, 1957 PGA Championship 20-Jan-1928 30-Dec-2000
Hecataeus of Miletus Historian Periegesis and Genealogiai fl. 5th c. BC fl. 5th c. BC
Anne Heche Actor Ex-lover of Ellen DeGeneres 25-May-1969 -
Deborah S. Hechinger Business BoardSource c. 1950 -
Ken Hechler Politician Congressman from West Virginia, 1959-77 20-Sep-1914 -
Anthony Hecht Poet The Hard Hours 16-Jan-1923 20-Oct-2004
Ben Hecht Screenwriter The Front Page 28-Feb-1894 18-Apr-1964
Chic Hecht Politician US Senator from Nevada, 1983-89 30-Nov-1928 15-May-2006
Daryl L. Hecht Judge Justice, Iowa Supreme Court c. 1952 -
Jessica Hecht Actor Betsy Morgan on What About Joan 28-Jun-1965 -
Nathan L. Hecht Judge Justice, Texas Supreme Court 15-Aug-1949 -
Joe Heck Politician Congressman, Nevada 3rd 30-Oct-1961 -
Richard F. Heck Chemist Palladium-catalyzed cross couplings 1931 -
Eileen Heckart Actor Butterflies Are Free 29-Mar-1919 31-Dec-2001
Amy Heckerling Film Director Fast Times At Ridgemont High 07-May-1954 -
Margaret Heckler Politician US Secretary of HHS, 1983-85 21-Jun-1931 -
Richard E. Hecklinger Diplomat Deputy Secretary-General, OECD 1943 -
James J. Heckman Economist Statistical analysis of individual and household behavior 19-Apr-1944 -
Otto Heckmann Astronomer Investigated cosmic expansion 23-Jun-1901 13-May-1983
Richard J. Heckmann Business CEO of US Filter, 1990-99 c. 1944 -
Dan Hedaya Actor Bestubbled character actor, Blood Simple 24-Jul-1940 -
Sadeq Hedayat Author The Blind Owl 17-Feb-1903 09-Apr-1951
Mitch Hedberg Comic Stand-up comedian known for one-liners 24-Feb-1968 30-Mar-2005
Gordon S. Heddell Government US DOL Inspector General c. 1949 -
Jon Heder Actor Napoleon Dynamite 26-Oct-1977 -
Roger Hedgecock Politician Mayor of San Diego, 1983-85 02-May-1946 -
Chris Hedges Journalist War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning 18-Sep-1956 -
Alexandra Hedison Actor Ex-GF of Ellen DeGeneres 10-Jul-1969 -
David Hedison Actor Twice Felix Leiter in Bond films 20-May-1927 -
Jack Hedley Actor Lt. Col. John Preston on Colditz 28-Oct-1930 -
Garrett Hedlund Actor Four Brothers 03-Sep-1984 -
Tippi Hedren Actor The Birds 19-Jan-1930 -
W. Scott Hedrick Business InterWest Partners c. 1945 -
Park Chung Hee Head of State President of South Korea, 1961-79 30-Sep-1917 26-Oct-1979
Alan J. Heeger Physicist Metallic polymers 22-Jan-1936 -
Joachim Heel Business Senior VP at Sun Microsystems c. 1966 -
Jan Davidsz de Heem Painter 17th c. Dutch still life painter 1606 26-Apr-1684
Marvin Heemeyer Criminal Killdozer pilot 1952 04-Jun-2004
Bobby "The Brain" Heenan Wrestling Former pro wrestler, manager 01-Nov-1940 -
Johannes Heesters Actor Dutch/German film actor 05-Dec-1903 24-Dec-2011
Ray L. Heffner Educator President of Brown University, 1966-69 07-May-1925 -
John Heffron Comic Good Kid, Bad Adult 1970 -
Joel Hefley Politician Congressman from Colorado, 1987-2007 18-Apr-1935 -
Howell Heflin Politician US Senator from Alabama, 1979-97 19-Jun-1921 29-Mar-2005
Van Heflin Actor Till the Clouds Roll By 13-Dec-1910 23-Jul-1971
Christie Hefner Business CEO of Playboy, 1988-2009 08-Nov-1952 -
Hugh Hefner Publisher Founder, Playboy magazine 09-Apr-1926 -
Linda P. Hefner Business EVP at Wal-Mart c. 1960 -
W. G. Hefner Politician Congressman from North Carolina, 1975-99 11-Apr-1930 02-Sep-2009
Cecil Heftel Politician Congressman from Hawaii, 1977-86 30-Sep-1924 05-Feb-2010
Antony Hegarty Singer Antony and the Johnsons 1971 -
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Philosopher Phenomenology of Spirit 27-Aug-1770 14-Nov-1831
Frederick B. Hegi, Jr. Business Wingate Partners c. 1943 -
Robert Hegyes Actor Epstein on Welcome Back, Kotter 07-May-1951 26-Jan-2012
Tim Heidecker Comic Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! 03-Feb-1976 -
Martin Heidegger Philosopher Being and Time 26-Sep-1889 26-May-1976
Eric Heiden Speed Skating Olympic speed skater, 5 gold medals 15-Jun-1958 -
Verner von Heidenstam Author The Charles Men 06-Jul-1859 20-May-1940
Gary Heidnik Criminal Sex torturer, murderer 22-Nov-1943 06-Jul-1999
Jascha Heifetz Violinist Violin virtuoso 02-Feb-1901 10-Dec-1987
Dorothy Height Activist National Council of Negro Women 24-Mar-1912 20-Apr-2010
Katherine Heigl Actor Isobel Stevens on Grey's Anatomy 24-Nov-1978 -
Julius P. Heil Politician Governor of Wisconsin, 1939-43 24-Jul-1876 30-Nov-1949
Robert Heilbroner Economist The Worldly Philosophers 24-Mar-1919 04-Jan-2005
Carolyn Heilbrun Novelist Amanda Cross, mystery novelist 13-Jan-1926 09-Oct-2003
Jacob Heilbrunn Journalist They Knew They Were Right c. 1965 -
Morton Heilig Inventor Early virtual reality pioneer 22-Dec-1926 14-May-1997
L. William Heiligbrodt Business Former President, Service Corp. Intl. c. 1940 -
Charles A. Heimbold, Jr. Business CEO of Bristol Myers Squibb, 1994-2001 27-May-1933 -
Henry Heimlich Doctor Heimlich maneuver 03-Feb-1920 -
Mel Hein Football NY Giants, Hall of Famer 22-Aug-1909 31-Jan-1992
Heinrich Heine Poet Buch der Lieder 13-Dec-1797 17-Feb-1856
Gerard Heineken Business Founder of Heineken NV 1841 18-Mar-1893
Dave Heineman Politician Governor of Nebraska 12-May-1948 -
Fred Heineman Politician Congressman from North Carolina, 1995-97 28-Dec-1929 20-Mar-2010
Gustav Heinemann Head of State President of Germany, 1969-74 23-Jul-1899 07-Jul-1976
Amelia Heinle Actor The Young and the Restless 17-Mar-1973 -
Robert A. Heinlein Author Starship Troopers 07-Jul-1907 08-May-1988
Otto Heino Artist Master potter 20-Apr-1915 16-Jul-2009
Martin Heinrich Politician Congressman, New Mexico 1st 17-Oct-1971 -
Thorsten Heins Business CEO of Research in Motion 29-Dec-1957 -
Tom Heinsohn Basketball Boston Celtics Head Coach, 1969-78 26-Aug-1934 -
Frank O. Heintz Business Baltimore Gas and Electric Company c. 1943 -
Frank B. Heintzleman Politician Territorial Governor of Alaska, 1953-57 03-Dec-1888 24-Jun-1965
Henry J. Heinz Business Founder of Heinz Foods 11-Oct-1844 14-May-1919
John Heinz Politician US Senator from Pennsylvania, 1977-91 23-Oct-1938 04-Apr-1991
Teresa Heinz Relative Wife of John Kerry 05-Oct-1938 -
F. Augustus Heinze Business Copper baron, went broke in the Panic of 1907 1869 04-Nov-1914
Werner Heisenberg Physicist Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle 05-Dec-1901 01-Feb-1976
Robert B. Heisler, Jr. Business EVP at KeyCorp, 1994-2007 c. 1948 -
Stuart Heisler Film Director The Glass Key 05-Dec-1896 21-Aug-1979
John Heisman Football Namesake of the Heisman Trophy 23-Oct-1869 03-Oct-1936
Carol Heiss Figure Skating Figure skater, Gold Medal in 1960 Olympics 20-Jan-1940 -
Leslie S. Heisz Business Lazard Freres c. 1962 -
Jayne Heitmeyer Actor Earth: Final Conflict 30-Oct-1960 -
Gulbuddin Hekmatyar Head of State Prime Minister of Afghanistan 1947 -
Simon Helberg Actor Howard Wolowitz on The Big Bang Theory 09-Dec-1980 -
Helena Relative Mother of Constantine the Great c. 247 AD c. 327 AD
David W. Heleniak Business Vice Chairman of Morgan Stanley c. 1946 -
Tricia Helfer Actor Number Six on Battlestar Galactica 11-Apr-1974 -
David Helfgott Musician Subject of the biopic Shine 19-May-1947 -
Brian Helgeland Screenwriter A Knight's Tale 17-Jan-1961 -
Marg Helgenberger Actor Species 16-Nov-1958 -
John L. Helgerson Government CIA Inspector General 1944 -
Heliodorus Author Aethiopica fl. 3rd c. AD fl. 3rd. c. AD
Hell Rell Rapper The Diplomats 03-May-1979 -
Richard Hell Musician Blank Generation 02-Oct-1949 -
Hellanicus of Lesbos Historian 5th century historian of Lesbos fl. 5th c. BC fl. 5th c. BC
Dean Heller Politician US Senator from Nevada 10-May-1960 -
H. Robert Heller Economist Federal Reserve Governor, 1986-89 08-Jan-1940 -
Jeffrey M. Heller Business Vice Chairman of EDS c. 1946 -
Jordan Heller Business Schonbraun McCann Group c. 1961 -
Joseph Heller Author Catch-22 01-May-1923 12-Dec-1999
Randee Heller Actor Alice on Soap 10-Jun-1947 -
Walter W. Heller Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 1961-64 27-Aug-1915 15-Jun-1987
Isaias W. Hellman Business Los Angeles banker 03-Oct-1842 09-Apr-1920
Lillian Hellman Playwright Little Foxes 20-Jun-1905 30-Jun-1984
Martin Hellman Inventor Public key cryptographer 02-Oct-1945 -
Monte Hellman Film Director Two-Lane Blacktop 12-Jul-1932 -
Peter S. Hellman Business President of Nordson Corporation c. 1949 -
Warren Hellman Business Hellman & Friedman 25-Jul-1934 -
Anne Helm Actor Follow That Dream 12-Sep-1938 -
Levon Helm Drummer Drummer for The Band 26-May-1940 19-Apr-2012
Hans Helmerich Business CEO of Helmerich & Payne 04-Sep-1958 -
W. H. Helmerich III Business Chairman of Helmerich & Payne 12-Jan-1923 -
Paul Helmke Politician Mayor of Fort Wayne, IN, 1988-2000 24-Nov-1948 -
Katherine Helmond Actor Jessica Tate on Soap 05-Jul-1928 -
Jan Baptist van Helmont Chemist Recognized discrete gases 12-Jan-1580 30-Dec-1644
Tom Helmore Actor Vertigo 04-Jan-1904 12-Sep-1995
Ed Helms Comic The Daily Show 24-Jan-1974 -
Jesse Helms Politician US Senator from North Carolina, 1973-2003 18-Oct-1921 04-Jul-2008
Richard Helms Government CIA Director, 1966-73 30-Mar-1913 22-Oct-2002
Harry Helmsley Business Hotel magnate 04-Mar-1909 04-Jan-1997
Leona Helmsley Business Queen of Mean 04-Jul-1920 20-Aug-2007
Mark Helprin Author Winter's Tale 28-Jun-1947 -
Johan Helsingius Business Operated anonymous remailer (penet.fi) c. 1962 -
Percy Helton Actor Character actor 31-Jan-1894 11-Sep-1971
Sandra L. Helton Business CFO of Telephone & Data, 1998-2006 c. 1949 -
Todd Helton Baseball Colorado Rockies 20-Aug-1973 -
Carlos Slim Helu Business World's richest man, 2010 28-Jan-1940 -
Claude-Adrien Helvétius Philosopher De l'Esprit 26-Jan-1715 26-Dec-1771
Robert E. Hemenway Educator Chancellor, University of Kansas 10-Aug-1941 -
Gary R. Heminger Business EVP at Marathon Oil c. 1954 -
Sally Hemings Relative Thomas Jefferson's slave mistress 1773 1835
Ernest Hemingway Author The Old Man And The Sea 21-Jul-1899 02-Jul-1961
Margaux Hemingway Actor Troubled actress OD'd on klonopin 16-Feb-1955 02-Jul-1996
Mariel Hemingway Actor Woody Allen's Manhattan 22-Nov-1961 -
Toby Hemingway Actor The Covenant 28-May-1983 -
Bill Hemmer TV Personality Co-Host, America's Newsroom 14-Nov-1964 -
Roger R. Hemminghaus Business CEO of Ultramar Diamond Shamrock, 1996-98 c. 1936 -
David Hemmings Actor Blow-Up 18-Nov-1941 03-Dec-2003
Kathleen J. Hempel Business Former CFO of Fort Howard Corporation c. 1951 -
Shirley Hemphill Actor Shirley Wilson on What's Happening 01-Jul-1947 10-Dec-1999
Smith Hempstone, Jr. Diplomat US Ambassador to Kenya, 1989-93 01-Feb-1929 19-Nov-2006
Sherman Hemsley Actor George Jefferson on The Jeffersons 01-Feb-1938 24-Jul-2012
Stephen J. Hemsley Business CEO of UnitedHealth Group c. 1952 -
Chris Hemsworth Actor The Mighty Thor 11-Aug-1983 -
Liam Hemsworth Actor The Hunger Games 13-Jan-1990 -
John Hench Artist Disney artist, designed the Olympic torch 29-Jun-1908 05-Feb-2004
Philip S. Hench Scientist Adrenocortical hormones 28-Feb-1896 30-Mar-1965
Arthur Henderson Politician Disarmament proponent, Nobel Prize winner 13-Sep-1863 20-Oct-1935
David R. Henderson Economist The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics c. 1952 -
Fletcher Henderson Jazz Musician Pioneering swing and jazz bandleader 18-Dec-1897 29-Dec-1952
Florence Henderson Actor Carol (mom) on The Brady Bunch 14-Feb-1934 -
Fritz Henderson Business CEO of General Motors, 2009-10 29-Nov-1958 -
George W. Henderson III Business CEO of Burlington Industries, 1995-2003 c. 1948 -
James A. Henderson Business CEO of Cummins, 1994-99 c. 1934 -
Josh Henderson Actor Desperate Housewives 25-Oct-1981 -
Karen L. Henderson Judge US Court of Appeals, DC Circuit 11-Jul-1944 -
Loy W. Henderson Diplomat US Ambassador to Iran, 1951-54 28-Jun-1892 24-Mar-1986
Marcia Henderson Actor Peter Pan 22-Jul-1929 23-Nov-1987
Martin Henderson Actor The Ring 08-Oct-1974 -
Ray Henderson Songwriter The Best Things in Life Are Free 01-Dec-1896 31-Dec-1970
Rickey Henderson Baseball Man of Steal 25-Dec-1958 -
Sam Henderson Cartoonist The Magic Whistle 1969 -
Shirley Henderson Actor Trainspotting 24-Nov-1965 -
Skitch Henderson Conductor Original Tonight Show bandleader 27-Jan-1918 01-Nov-2005
Wade Henderson Activist Leadership Conference on Civil Rights 1948 -
Walter Hendl Conductor Music Director, Dallas Symphony, 1949-58 12-Jan-1917 10-Apr-2007
Lauri Hendler Actor Julie Kanisky Maxwell on Gimme a Break! 22-Apr-1965 -
Tony Hendra Comic National Lampoon 1941 -
Christina Hendricks Actor Joan Holloway on Mad Men 03-May-1975 -
Kenneth J. Hendricks Business Billionaire, ABC Supply 08-Sep-1941 21-Dec-2007
Thomas Andrews Hendricks Politician Grover Cleveland's Vice President 07-Sep-1819 25-Nov-1885
Paul Hendrickson Author Hemingway's Boat 29-Apr-1944 -
Dennis R. Hendrix Business Chairman of PanEnergy, 1990-97 08-Jan-1940 -
Elaine Hendrix Actor The Parent Trap 28-Dec-1970 -
Jimi Hendrix Guitarist Purple Haze 27-Nov-1942 18-Sep-1970
Leslie Hendrix Actor Dr. Rodgers on Law & Order: Criminal Intent 05-Jun-1960 -
Wanda Hendrix Actor Actress-wife of Audie Murphy 03-Nov-1928 01-Feb-1981
Ian Hendry Actor Get Carter 13-Jan-1931 24-Dec-1984
Nona Hendryx Singer/Songwriter Soul vocalist, Labelle songwriter 09-Oct-1944 -
Sonja Henie Figure Skating Norwegian figure skater 08-Apr-1912 12-Oct-1969
Justine Henin Tennis Winner of 7 grand slams 01-Jun-1982 -
Herbert L. Henkel Business CEO of Ingersoll-Rand c. 1948 -
Evert Henkes Business CEO of Shell Chemical, 1998-2003 c. 1943 -
Barry Shabaka Henley Actor Collateral 15-Sep-1954 -
Beth Henley Playwright Crimes of the Heart 08-May-1952 -
Don Henley Musician The Eagles 22-Jul-1947 -
Elmer Wayne Henley Criminal Kidnapped, tortured, murdered 27 boys 09-May-1956 -
Jeffrey O. Henley Business Chairman of Oracle ? -
W. E. Henley Poet Invictus 23-Aug-1849 11-Jul-1903
George Hennard Criminal Killed 22 at Luby's Cafeteria in Texas 15-Oct-1956 16-Oct-1991
Scott Hennen Radio Personality Conservative radio host 1964 -
Marilu Henner Actor Taxi 06-Apr-1952 -
Frank M. Hennessey Business Hennessey Capital, LLC c. 1937 -
Keith B. Hennessey Economist National Economic Council ? -
Jill Hennessy Actor Crossing Jordan 25-Nov-1968 -
John L. Hennessy Educator President of Stanford University c. 1953 -
John M. Hennessy Business CEO of Credit Suisse First Boston, 1989-96 ? -
Jane E. Henney Doctor FDA Commissioner, 1998-2001 c. 1947 -
Doug Henning Magician Extremely flamboyant magician 03-May-1947 07-Feb-2000
Linda Kaye Henning Actor Betty Jo Elliott on Petticoat Junction 16-Sep-1944 -
Michael A. Henning Business CEO of E&Y International, 1993-99 01-May-1940 -
Thomas C. Hennings, Jr. Politician US Senator from Missouri, 1951-60 25-Jun-1903 13-Sep-1960
Paul Henreid Actor Casablanca 10-Jan-1908 29-Mar-1992
Henri I Royalty King of France, 1031-60 04-May-1008 04-Aug-1060
Henri II Royalty King of France, 1547-59 31-Mar-1519 10-Jul-1559
Henri III Royalty King of France, Poland 19-Sep-1551 02-Aug-1589
Henri IV Royalty King of France, 1589-1610 13-Dec-1553 14-May-1610
Robert Henri Painter Art Students League of New York 25-Jun-1865 12-Jul-1929
David Henrie Actor Wizards of Waverly Place 11-Jul-1989 -
Lance Henriksen Actor Aliens, Dead Man 05-May-1940 -
C. Robert Henrikson Business CEO of MetLife c. 1947 -
King Henry I Royalty King of England, 1100-35 c. 1068 01-Dec-1135
King Henry II Royalty King of England, 1154-89 05-Mar-1133 06-Jul-1189
King Henry III Royalty King of England, 1216-72 01-Oct-1207 16-Nov-1272
King Henry IV Royalty King of England, 1399-1413 03-Apr-1367 20-Mar-1413
Henry the Navigator Royalty Spurred European global exploration 04-Mar-1394 13-Nov-1460
King Henry V Royalty King of England, 1413-22 09-Aug-1387 31-Aug-1422
King Henry VI Royalty King of England, 1422-61 06-Dec-1421 21-May-1471
King Henry VII Royalty King of England, 1485-1509 28-Jan-1457 21-Apr-1509
King Henry VIII Royalty King of England, 1509-47 28-Jun-1491 28-Jan-1547
Brad Henry Politician Governor of Oklahoma, 2003-11 10-Jun-1963 -
Buck Henry Comic Frequent SNL host 09-Dec-1930 -
Ed Henry TV Personality Fox News c. 1973 -
Emmaline Henry Actor Amanda Bellows on I Dream of Jeannie 01-Nov-1928 08-Oct-1979
Frederick B. Henry Philanthropist President of the Bohen Foundation c. 1946 -
Gregg Henry Actor The Big Brass Ring 06-May-1952 -
John W. Henry Business Majority Owner, Boston Red Sox 13-Sep-1949 -
Joseph Henry Physicist Discovered electromagnetic induction 17-Dec-1797 13-May-1878
Justin Henry Actor Kramer vs. Kramer 25-May-1971 -
Lenny Henry Comic The Lenny Henry Show 29-Aug-1958 -
Mark Henry Wrestling WWE wrestler 12-Jun-1971 -
Mike Henry Football Tarzan, 1966-68 15-Aug-1936 -
O. Henry Author The Gift of the Magi 11-Sep-1862 05-Jun-1910
Patrick Henry Politician Patriot and Governor of Virginia 29-May-1736 06-Jun-1799
Paul B. Henry Politician Congressman from Michigan, 1985-93 09-Jul-1942 31-Jul-1993
Pete Henry Football NFL Hall-of-Famer 31-Oct-1897 07-Feb-1952
Pierre Henry Composer Electronic music pioneer 09-Dec-1927 -
Robert H. Henry Judge President of Oklahoma City University 03-Apr-1953 -
Thierry Henry Soccer Barcelona FC 17-Aug-1977 -
William Henry Chemist Henry's Law 12-Dec-1775 02-Sep-1836
Jeb Hensarling Politician Congressman, Texas 5th 29-May-1957 -
Douglas Henshall Actor It's All About Love 19-Nov-1965 -
Guy R. Henshaw Business Henshaw/Vierra Management Counsel c. 1946 -
John Hensley Actor Matt McNamara on Nip/Tuck 29-Aug-1977 -
Ken Hensley Musician Former Uriah Heep keyboardist 24-Aug-1945 -
Kirby J. Hensley Religion Founder, Universal Life Church 23-Jul-1911 19-Mar-1999
Philip Henslowe Business Elizabethan theatrical manager c. 1550 06-Jan-1616
Darrin Dewitt Henson Actor Lem Van Adams on Soul Food 05-May-1972 -
Elden Henson Actor Idle Hands 30-Aug-1977 -
Jim Henson Performance Artist Creator of the Muppets 24-Sep-1936 16-May-1990
John Henson Talk Show Host Spotted Talk Soup anchor 11-Jul-1967 -
Keith Henson Victim Scientology Victim 1942 -
Matthew Henson Explorer Possibly first to reach North Pole 08-Aug-1866 09-Mar-1955
Taraji P. Henson Actor The Division 11-Sep-1970 -
Natasha Henstridge Actor Species 15-Aug-1974 -
Alex Henteloff Actor Arnold Ripner on Barney Miller 23-May-1942 -
Nat Hentoff Critic The Jazz Life 10-Jun-1925 -
John Henton Comic Obie on Living Single 23-Nov-1960 -
Louis Henyey Astronomer Henyey method 03-Feb-1910 18-Feb-1970
Hans Werner Henze Composer Boulevard Solitude 01-Jul-1926 -
Audrey Hepburn Actor My Fair Lady 04-May-1929 20-Jan-1993
Katharine Hepburn Actor The Philadelphia Story 12-May-1907 29-Jun-2003
Jeff Hephner Actor Red Raymond on Hellcats 22-Jun-1975 -
Barbara Hepworth Sculptor British abstract sculptor 10-Jan-1903 20-May-1975
Heraclides Ponticus Philosopher Perhaps an early heliocentrist c. 388 BC c. 315 BC
Heraclitus Philosopher Fire-centric theory of the universe c. 540 BC c. 480 BC
Gonzalo de Las Heras Business EVP at Grupo Santander c. 1940 -
Marvin J. Herb Business Billionaire, Herbco Enterprises c. 1937 -
Herbert of Cherbury Philosopher De Veritate 03-Mar-1583 05-Aug-1648
Bob Herbert Columnist Former New York Times columnist 07-Mar-1945 -
Don Herbert TV Personality Mr. Wizard 10-Jul-1917 12-Jun-2007
Frank Herbert Author Dune 08-Oct-1920 11-Feb-1986
Gary R. Herbert Politician Governor of Utah 07-May-1947 -
George Herbert Poet The Temple 03-Apr-1593 01-Mar-1633
Hugh Herbert Actor Hellzapoppin 10-Aug-1884 12-Mar-1952
Matthew Herbert Electronic Musician Plat du Jour 1972 -
Percy Herbert Actor The Bridge on the River Kwai 31-Jul-1920 06-Dec-1992
Thomas J. Herbert Politician Governor of Ohio, 1947-49 28-Oct-1894 26-Oct-1974
Victor Herbert Composer Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life 01-Feb-1859 24-May-1924
George Herbig Astronomer Herbig-Haro objects 02-Jan-1920 -
Herblock Cartoonist Editorial Cartoonist, The Washington Post 13-Oct-1909 07-Oct-2001
Patricia L. Herbold Diplomat US Ambassador to Singapore 24-Sep-1940 -
Robert J. Herbold Business COO of Microsoft, 1994-2001 24-Jul-1942 -
John E. Herbst Diplomat US Ambassador to Ukraine, 2003-06 12-Aug-1952 -
Josephine Herbst Novelist Pity Is Not Enough 05-Mar-1892 28-Jan-1969
Rebecca Herbst Actor General Hospital 12-May-1977 -
Johann Gottfried Herder Philosopher Sturm und Drang movement 25-Aug-1744 18-Dec-1803
José María de Heredia Poet Les Trophées 22-Nov-1842 02-Oct-1905
Wilson Jermaine Heredia Actor Rent 02-Dec-1971 -
Stephen Herek Film Director Mr. Holland's Opus 10-Nov-1958 -
Willie Herenton Politician Mayor of Memphis 23-Apr-1940 -
Jack Herer Activist Cannabis evangelist 18-Jun-1939 15-Apr-2010
Oliver Herford Poet Cupid's Encyclopedia 03-Dec-1863 05-Jul-1935
Hergé Cartoonist Tintin 23-May-1907 03-Mar-1983
Joyce Hergenhan Business Former VP at General Electric c. 1941 -
Wally Herger Politician Congressman, California 2nd 20-May-1945 -
Joseph Hergesheimer Novelist Tol'Able David 15-Feb-1880 25-Apr-1954
Charles M. Herington Business EVP at Avon c. 1959 -
John F. Herma Business Former COO of Kohl's c. 1948 -
Alexis Herman Government US Secretary of Labor, 1997-2001 16-Jul-1947 -
David Herman Actor MADtv 20-Feb-1967 -
Jerry Herman Composer Hello Dolly! 10-Jul-1931 -
Richard Herman Educator Chancellor, UI Urbana-Champaign c. 1941 -
Tom Herman Musician Founding member of Pere Ubu 1949 -
Woody Herman Jazz Musician 1940s Big Band leader, jazz clarinetist 16-May-1913 29-Oct-1987
Peter Hermann Actor Married to Mariska Hargitay 15-Aug-1967 -
Robert A. Hermes Business CEO of Purvin & Gertz, 1987-99 c. 1940 -
Enrique Hernandez, Jr. Business Inter-Con Security Systems 02-Nov-1955 -
Felisberto Hernández Author Nadie encendía las lámparas 20-Oct-1902 13-Jan-1964
Gilbert Hernandez Cartoonist Co-creator, Love & Rockets 1957 -
Jaime Hernandez Cartoonist Co-creator, Love & Rockets 1959 -
Javier Hernandez Soccer Manchester United forward 01-Jun-1988 -
Jay Hernandez Actor Crazy/Beautiful 20-Feb-1978 -
Keith Hernandez Baseball Mets first baseman 20-Oct-1953 -
Miguel Hernández Poet El rayo que no cesa 30-Oct-1910 28-Mar-1942
Richard J. Hernandez Business McKesson Corporate Solutions c. 1943 -
Robert M. Hernandez Business Vice Chairman of USX, 1994-2001 c. 1945 -
Roland A. Hernandez Business CEO of Telemundo Group, 1995-2000 c. 1958 -
Sally Hernandez Attorney Deputy Mayor of NYC, 1990-92 c. 1952 -
William H. Hernandez Business CFO of PPG Industries 1948 -
Dealey D. Herndon Business Herndon, Stauch & Associates c. 1947 -
Ty Herndon Country Musician Country music star caught in cruisy park 02-May-1962 -
James A. Herne Playwright Shore Acres 01-Feb-1839 02-Jun-1901
Robin E. Hernreich Business Co-Owner, Sacramento Kings 1945 -
Hero of Alexandria Mathematician Metrica c. 10 AD c. 70 AD
Herod the Great Royalty Roman Ruler of Palestine c. 74 BC 4 BC
Herodian Historian History from Aurelius to Gordian III c. 170 AD c. 240 AD
Herodotus Historian The Histories c. 484 BC c, 425 BC
John H. Herrell Business CAO of Mayo Foundation, 1993-2002 c. 1940 -
Scott Herren Electronic Musician Prefuse 73 1976 -
Robert T. Herres Military Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs, 1987-90 12-Jan-1932 24-Jul-2008
Myron T. Herrick Politician Governor of Ohio, 1904-06 09-Oct-1854 31-Mar-1929
Robert Herrick Poet Hesperides 1591 Oct-1674
Frank C. Herringer Business CEO of Transamerica, 1991-99 c. 1943 -
Maryellen C. Herringer Attorney Former Partner, Morrison & Foerster c. 1944 -
John S. Herrington Government US Secretary of Energy, 1985-89 31-May-1939 -
James Herriot Novelist All Creatures Great and Small 03-Oct-1916 23-Feb-1995
August Herrmann Baseball Commissioner of Baseball, 1903-20 03-May-1859 25-Apr-1931
Bernard Herrmann Composer Scored Psycho, Citizen Kane 29-Jun-1911 24-Dec-1975
Edward Herrmann Actor Richard Gilmore on Gilmore Girls 21-Jul-1943 -
Robert Hersant Publisher Le Papivore 30-Jan-1920 21-Apr-1996
Dennis S. Hersch Attorney Former Partner, Davis Polk & Wardwell c. 1945 -
Dudley R. Herschbach Chemist Crossed molecular beam experiments 18-Jun-1932 -
Caroline Herschel Astronomer Astronomer, sister of William 16-Mar-1750 09-Jan-1848
John Herschel Astronomer Discovered many moons of Saturn 07-Mar-1792 11-May-1871
William Herschel Astronomer Mapped heavens, discovered Uranus 15-Nov-1738 25-Aug-1822
Bruce Herschensohn Activist Conservative activist 10-Sep-1932 -
Ed Herschler Politician Governor of Wyoming, 1975-87 27-Oct-1918 05-Feb-1990
Ralph E. Herseth Politician Governor of South Dakota, 1959-61 02-Jul-1909 24-Jul-1969
John Hersey Novelist A Bell for Adano 17-Jun-1914 24-Mar-1993
Mayo D. Hersey Engineer Tribology 30-Aug-1886 05-Sep-1978
Kenneth A. Hersh Business Natural Gas Partners c. 1964 -
Kristin Hersh Musician Frontwoman for Throwing Muses 07-Aug-1966 -
Seymour Hersh Journalist Uncovered the My Lai Massacre 08-Apr-1937 -
Alfred D. Hershey Scientist Molecular structure of viral genes 04-Dec-1908 22-May-1997
Barbara Hershey Actor Boxcar Bertha and Mary Magdalene 05-Feb-1948 -
Lewis B. Hershey Military Director of Selective Service System 12-Sep-1893 20-May-1977
Milton Hershey Business Founder of Hershey's 13-Sep-1857 13-Oct-1945
Orel Hershiser Baseball Bulldog 16-Sep-1958 -
Avram Hershko Scientist Ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation 31-Dec-1937 -
Jean Hersholt Actor Founder, Motion Picture Relief Fund 12-Jul-1886 02-Jun-1956
Melville J. Herskovits Anthropologist The Myth of the Negro Past 10-Sep-1895 25-Feb-1963
Marshall Herskovitz Film/TV Producer Executive Producer, thirtysomething 23-Feb-1952 -
Dennis M. Hertel Politician Congressman from Michigan, 1981-93 07-Dec-1948 -
Hans H. Hertell Diplomat US Ambassador to Dominican Republic ? -
Christian Herter, Jr. Government First Chairman, New York Urban Coalition 29-Jan-1919 16-Sep-2007
Christian Herter Politician US Secretary of State, 1959-61 28-Mar-1895 30-Dec-1966
Louis Herthum Actor The Last Exorcism 05-Jul-1956 -
Roger Hertog Business Reinvented The New York Sun c. 1941 -
Gustav Hertz Physicist Franck-Hertz experiment 22-Jul-1887 30-Oct-1975
Heinrich Hertz Physicist Discoverer of electromagnetic radiation 22-Feb-1857 01-Jan-1894
Hendrik Hertzberg Publisher The New Yorker 1943 -
Andy Hertzfeld Computer Programmer Macintosh designer 06-Apr-1953 -
Ejnar Hertzsprung Astronomer Hertzsprung-Russell diagram 08-Oct-1873 21-Oct-1967
Irene Hervey Actor Destry Rides Again 11-Jul-1909 20-Dec-1998
Jason Hervey Actor Wayne Arnold on The Wonder Years 06-Apr-1972 -
Joachim Herz Business German coffee heir billionaire 1941 31-May-2008
Gerhard Herzberg Physicist Molecular spectroscopy 25-Dec-1904 03-Mar-1999
John Herzfeld Film Director 15 Minutes ? -
Eva Herzigova Model Original Wonderbra supermodel 10-Mar-1973 -
Theodor Herzl Activist Lead Zionist 02-May-1860 03-Jul-1904
Chaim Herzog Head of State President of Israel, 1983-93 17-Sep-1918 17-Apr-1997
Roman Herzog Head of State President of Germany, 1994-99 05-Apr-1934 -
Werner Herzog Film Director Fitzcarraldo 05-Sep-1942 -
Whitey Herzog Baseball The White Rat 09-Nov-1931 -
Theodore Hesburgh Educator President, University of Notre Dame, 1952-87 25-May-1917 -
Michael Heseltine Politician UK Deputy Prime Minister, 1995-97 21-Mar-1933 -
Hesiod Poet Works and Days fl. 700 BC fl. 700 BC
James L. Heskett Educator Professor at HBS c. 1934 -
Grant Heslov Actor Congo 15-May-1965 -
John B. Hess Business CEO of Amerada Hess 05-Apr-1954 -
Myra Hess Pianist Held lunchtime concerts during WWII 25-Feb-1890 26-Nov-1965
Rudolf Hess Government Deputy Fuhrer flew unauthorized to Scotland 26-Apr-1894 17-Jul-1987
Victor Francis Hess Physicist Proved cosmic origin of radiation 24-Jun-1883 17-Dec-1964
Walter Hess Scientist Brain mapping, neurophysiological methods 17-Mar-1881 12-Aug-1973
Dan Hesse Business CEO of Sprint Nextel c. 1953 -
Hermann Hesse Author Siddhartha 02-Jul-1877 09-Aug-1962
Martha O. Hesse Business Chairman of Enbridge Energy Partners 14-Aug-1942 -
Howard Hesseman Actor Dr. Johnny Fever on WKRP in Cincinnati 27-Feb-1940 -
Gordon Hessler Film Director The Golden Voyage of Sinbad 12-Dec-1930 -
Devin Hester Football Chicago Bears 04-Nov-1982 -
Earl J. Hesterberg Business CEO of Group 1 Automotive c. 1953 -
Charlton Heston Actor The Ten Commandments 04-Oct-1923 05-Apr-2008
James Hetfield Musician Metallica 03-Aug-1963 -
Jennifer Hetrick Actor Corrine Hammond on L.A. Law 12-May-1958 -
Theodor Heuss Head of State President of Germany, 1949-59 31-Jan-1884 12-Dec-1963
Johannes Hevelius Astronomer Selenographia 28-Jan-1611 28-Jan-1687
George de Hevesy Chemist Radioisotope researcher 01-Aug-1885 05-Jul-1966
Michael W. Hewatt Business Hewatt & Associates c. 1949 -
Christopher Hewett Actor Mr. Belvedere 05-Apr-1922 03-Aug-2001
Howard Hewett Singer Former Shalamar vocalist 01-Oct-1955 -
Antony Hewish Astronomer Co-Discoverer of pulsars 11-May-1924 -
Abram Stevens Hewitt Politician Mayor of New York City, 1887-88 31-Jul-1822 18-Jan-1903
Don Hewitt Film/TV Producer 60 Minutes creator 14-Dec-1922 19-Aug-2009
Hugh Hewitt Radio Personality Conservative talk radio show 22-Feb-1956 -
James Hewitt Relative Princess Diana's adulterous lover 1958 -
Jennifer Love Hewitt Actor Ghost Whisperer 21-Feb-1979 -
John Hewitt Poet No Rebel Word 28-Oct-1907 22-Jun-1987
John Hill Hewitt Songwriter The Minstrels Return'd from the War 11-Jul-1801 07-Oct-1890
Lleyton Hewitt Tennis Winner of 3 Grand Slam titles 24-Feb-1981 -
Martin Hewitt Actor Endless Love 19-Feb-1958 -
Peter Hewitt Film Director Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey 1962 -
David Hewlett Actor Dr. Rodney McKay on Stargate: Atlantis 18-Apr-1968 -
William Hewlett Business Co-Founder of Hewlett-Packard 20-May-1913 12-Jan-2001
Marillyn A. Hewson Business EVP at Lockheed Martin c. 1954 -
Jon-Erik Hexum Actor Actor accidently shot himself 05-Nov-1957 18-Oct-1984
Karl M. von der Heyden Business Vice Chairman of Pepsi, 1996-2001 ? -
Reinhard Heydrich Military Protector of Bohemia and Moravia 07-Mar-1904 04-Jun-1942
Louis Jean Heydt Actor American character actor 17-Apr-1905 29-Jan-1960
Stuart Heydt Doctor CEO of Geisinger Health System, 1991-2000 c. 1940 -
Doug Heye Government RNC Communications Director c. 1972 -
Steven J. Heyer Business CEO of Starwood Hotels, 2004-07 c. 1952 -
Thor Heyerdahl Explorer Kon-Tiki 06-Oct-1914 18-Apr-2002
Georg Heym Poet Der ewige Tag 30-Oct-1887 16-Jan-1912
Ira Michael Heyman Educator Chancellor of UC Berkeley, 1980-90 30-May-1930 19-Nov-2011
Philip Heymann Government US Deputy Attorney General, 1993-94 30-Oct-1932 -
Corneille Heymans Scientist Aortic and carotid chemoreceptors 28-Mar-1892 18-Jul-1968
Roger W. Heyns Educator Chancellor of UC Berkeley, 1965-71 27-Jan-1918 11-Sep-1995
Jaroslav Heyrovsky Chemist Polarography 20-Dec-1890 27-Mar-1967
Paul von Heyse Author L'Arrabbiata 15-Mar-1830 02-Apr-1914
Andrew Heyward Journalist President of CBS News, 1996-2005 1950 -
DuBose Heyward Novelist Porgy 31-Aug-1885 16-Jun-1940
Anne Heywood Actor The Fox 11-Dec-1932 -
John Heywood Playwright The Play of Love 1497 c. 1580
Thomas Heywood Playwright A Woman kilde with kindnesse c. 1575 16-Aug-1641
Carl Hiaasen Author Team Rodent: How Disneyland Devours the World 12-Mar-1953 -
Fred Hiatt Columnist Washington Post Editorial Page Editor 30-Apr-1955 -
John Grier Hibben Educator President, Princeton University, 1912-32 19-Apr-1861 16-May-1933
Edward Hibbert Actor Gil Chesterton on Frasier 09-Sep-1955 -
Jesse Hibbs Film Director To Hell and Back 11-Jan-1906 04-Feb-1985
Walter J. Hickel Politician Twice Governor of Alaska 18-Aug-1919 07-May-2010
Bourke B. Hickenlooper Politician Governor and Senator from Iowa 21-Jul-1896 04-Sep-1971
George Hickenlooper Film Director Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse 25-May-1963 29-Oct-2010
John Hickenlooper Politician Governor of Colorado 07-Feb-1952 -
John D. Hickerson Diplomat US Ambassador to the Philippines, 1959-61 26-Jan-1898 18-Jan-1989
Marcus R. Hickerson Business Waxahachie Community Development Corporation c. 1926 -
George Hickes Religion Provoked the Bangorian controversy 20-Jun-1642 15-Dec-1715
John Benjamin Hickey Actor Philip Stoddard on It's All Relative 25-Jun-1963 -
John J. Hickey Politician Governor of Wyoming, 1959-61 22-Aug-1911 22-Sep-1970
Kenny Hickey Guitarist Guitarist for Type O Negative 22-May-1966 -
William Hickey Actor Prizzi's Honor 19-Sep-1927 29-Jun-1997
William V. Hickey Business CEO of Sealed Air c. 1944 -
Darryl Hickman Actor The Happy Years 28-Jul-1931 -
Dwayne Hickman Actor Dobie Gillis 18-May-1934 -
Ana Hickmann Model Brazilian supermodel 01-Mar-1981 -
Wild Bill Hickok Actor Buffalo Bill's Wild West show 27-May-1837 02-Aug-1876
Anthony Hickox Film Director Waxwork 1964 -
Douglas Hickox Film Director The Hound of the Baskervilles 10-Jan-1929 25-Jul-1988
Adam Hicks Actor Luther on Zeke and Luther 28-Nov-1992 -
Bill Hicks Comic Visionary comedian, met untimely death 16-Dec-1961 26-Feb-1994
Catherine Hicks Actor Annie Camden on 7th Heaven 06-Aug-1951 -
David Hicks Military Australia's answer to John Walker Lindh 07-Aug-1975 -
Edward Hicks Painter The Peaceable Kingdom 04-Apr-1780 23-Aug-1849
Elias Hicks Religion Quaker abolitionist 19-Mar-1748 27-Feb-1830
Granville Hicks Critic Marxist critic, The Great Tradition 09-Sep-1901 18-Jun-1982
Hilly Hicks Actor Character actor 04-May-1950 -
John R. Hicks Economist Value and Capital 08-Apr-1904 20-May-1989
Ken C. Hicks Business President of JC Penney c. 1952 -
Russell Hicks Actor American character actor 04-Jun-1895 01-Jun-1957
Taylor Hicks Singer American Idol in 2006 07-Oct-1976 -
Thomas O. Hicks Business Owner of the Texas Rangers 1946 -
Weston M. Hicks Business CEO, Alleghany Corporation ? -
Joan Hickson Actor Miss Marple 05-Aug-1906 17-Oct-1998
Laurie Hickson-Smith TV Personality Interior decorator on Trading Spaces 23-May-1971 -
Miguel Hidalgo Religion Father of Mexican independence 08-May-1753 30-Jul-1811
Tom Hiddleston Actor Thor 09-Feb-1981 -
Raymond Hide Physicist Earth's rotation 17-May-1929 -
Walter Hieber Chemist Metal carbonyl chemistry 18-Dec-1895 29-Nov-1976
Edgar W. Hiestand Politician Congressman from California, 1953-63 03-Dec-1888 19-Aug-1970
Ryan Higa YouTube Personality Nigahiga 06-Jun-1990 -
A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr. Judge Chief Justice, 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals 25-Feb-1928 14-Dec-1998
J. C. Higginbotham Jazz Musician Jazz trombonist 11-May-1906 26-May-1973
Bertie Higgins Singer/Songwriter Key Largo 08-Dec-1944 -
Billy Higgins Jazz Musician Leading free-jazz and bop drummer 11-Oct-1936 03-May-2001
Brian Higgins Politician Congressman, New York 27th 06-Oct-1959 -
George V. Higgins Novelist The Friends of Eddie Coyle 13-Nov-1939 06-Nov-1999
Heather R. Higgins Activist Chairman, Independent Women's Forum 1959 -
John Michael Higgins Actor The Late Shift 12-Feb-1963 -
John W. Higgins Business Higgins Development Partners c. 1947 -
Patricia L. Higgins Business CEO of Switch and Data, 2000-04 c. 1949 -
Torri Higginson Actor Dr. Elizabeth Weir on Stargate: Atlantis 06-Dec-1969 -
Peter Higgs Physicist Higgs boson and Higgs field 29-May-1929 -
Freddie Highmore Actor Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 14-Feb-1992 -
Patricia Highsmith Novelist Strangers on a Train 19-Jan-1921 04-Feb-1995
Jim Hightower Radio Personality Texan, radio voice, author 11-Jan-1943 -
Michael Hightower Business Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida c. 1950 -
William A. Higinbotham Physicist Physicist, Tennis for Two 25-Oct-1910 10-Nov-1994
Oscar Hijuelos Novelist The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love 24-Aug-1951 -
Utada Hikaru Singer J-Pop crossover singer 19-Jan-1983 -
David Hilbert Mathematician Hilbert Space 23-Jan-1862 14-Feb-1943
Hildegard von Bingen Religion Scivias seu Visiones 16-Sep-1098 17-Sep-1179
John P. Hiler Politician Congressman from Indiana, 1981-91 24-Apr-1953 -
Ally Hilfiger Actor MTV's Rich Girls 26-Feb-1985 -
Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Designer Fashion designer 24-Mar-1951 -
A. P. Hill Military Confederate General 09-Nov-1825 02-Apr-1865
Aaron Hill Playwright The Progress of Wit 10-Feb-1685 08-Feb-1750
Allen M. Hill Business CEO of DPL, 1996-2002 c. 1945 -
Anita Hill Victim Former colleague of Clarence Thomas 30-Jul-1956 -
Archibald V. Hill Scientist Studied muscles and nerves 26-Sep-1886 03-Jun-1977
Arthur Hill Actor Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law 01-Aug-1922 26-Oct-2006
Barney Hill Hoaxer Self-proclaimed UFO abductee 20-Jul-1922 25-Feb-1969
Baron Hill Politician Congressman from Indiana, 1999-2005 and 2007-11 23-Jun-1953 -
Benny Hill Comic The Benny Hill Show 21-Jan-1924 19-Apr-1992
Bernard Hill Actor Boys from the Blackstuff 17-Dec-1944 -
Betty Hill Hoaxer Self-proclaimed UFO abductee 28-Jun-1919 17-Oct-2004
Bonnie G. Hill Business VP of Times Mirror Co., 1997-2001 30-Oct-1941 -
Christopher Hill Diplomat US Ambassador to Iraq, 2009-10 1952 -
Craig Hill Actor P. T. Moore on Whirlybirds 05-Mar-1926 -
Dan Hill Singer/Songwriter Sometimes When We Touch 03-Jun-1954 -
Dana Hill Actor Audrey Griswold in European Vacation 06-May-1964 15-Jul-1996
Dulé Hill Actor Charlie on The West Wing 03-May-1975 -
Dusty Hill Bassist ZZ Top 19-May-1949 -
Faith Hill Country Musician Take Me as I Am 21-Sep-1967 -
George Roy Hill Film Director Slaughterhouse Five 20-Dec-1921 27-Dec-2002
George W. Hill Film Director The Big House 25-Apr-1895 10-Aug-1934
George W. Hill Astronomer A New Theorie of Jupiter and Saturn 03-Mar-1838 16-Apr-1914
Grant Hill Basketball Orlando Magic 05-Oct-1972 -
Harry Hill Comic The Harry Hill Show 01-Oct-1964 -
Henry Hill Criminal Mobster inspired Goodfellas 11-Jun-1943 12-Jun-2012
J. Tomilson Hill Business Vice Chairman of Blackstone Group c. 1948 -
James Hill Film Director Born Free 01-Aug-1919 07-Oct-1994
Jay Hill Politician Canadian MP, Prince George/Peace River 27-Dec-1952 -
Joe Hill Labor Leader Labor leader, convicted of murder 07-Oct-1879 19-Nov-1915
John A. Hill Publisher Co-Founder of the McGraw-Hill Companies 22-Feb-1858 24-Jan-1916
John A. Hill Business First Reserve Corporation c. 1941 -
Jonah Hill Actor Superbad 20-Dec-1983 -
Julie A. Hill Business CEO of Costain Homes, 1991-98 c. 1947 -
Lauryn Hill Singer Soul/hip hop singer and producer 26-May-1975 -
Linda A. Hill Educator Harvard Business School c. 1957 -
Lister Hill Politician US Senator from Alabama, 1938-69 29-Dec-1894 21-Dec-1984
Richard S. Hill Business CEO of Novellus Systems c. 1952 -
Rick Hill Politician Congressman from Montana, 1997-2001 30-Dec-1946 -
Robert Hill Government Australian Minister for Defence, 2001-06 25-Sep-1946 -
Robert C. Hill Diplomat US Ambassador to Argentina, 1974-77 30-Sep-1917 28-Nov-1978
Rowland Hill Inventor Invented the postage stamp 03-Dec-1795 27-Aug-1879
Steven Hill Actor Adam Schiff on Law & Order 24-Feb-1922 -
Terence Hill Actor They Call Me Trinity 29-Mar-1939 -
V. Janet Hill Business Alexander & Associates c. 1948 -
Walter Hill Film Director 48 Hrs. 10-Jan-1942 -
William U. Hill Judge Justice, Wyoming Supreme Court c. 1948 -
Steve Hillage Guitarist Gong guitarist 02-Aug-1951 -
Edmund Hillary Explorer First to summit Mt. Everest 20-Jul-1919 11-Jan-2008
Roger S. Hillas Business Former Chairman of PNC Financial c. 1928 -
Larry Hillblom Business DHL billionaire 12-May-1943 21-May-1995
Van Hilleary Politician Congressman from Tennessee, 1995-2003 20-Jun-1959 -
Laura Hillenbrand Author Seabiscuit 15-May-1967 -
Martin J. Hillenbrand Diplomat US Ambassador to Germany, 1972-76 01-Aug-1915 02-Feb-2005
Stephen Hillenburg Cartoonist Creator of SpongeBob SquarePants 21-Aug-1961 -
Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter Military CIA Director, 1947-50 08-May-1897 18-Jun-1982
Arthur Hiller Film Director An Alan Smithee Film 22-Nov-1923 -
David D. Hiller Publisher LA Times publisher, 2006-08 12-Jun-1953 -
Stanley Hiller, Jr. Inventor Helicopter designer 15-Nov-1924 20-Apr-2006
Wendy Hiller Actor Separate Tables 15-Aug-1912 14-May-2003
John Hillerman Actor Higgins on Magnum, P.I. 20-Dec-1932 -
Tony Hillerman Novelist Mystery novels set at Navajo reservation 27-May-1925 26-Oct-2008
Patrick Hillery Head of State President of Ireland, 1976-90 02-May-1923 12-Apr-2008
Earl Hilliard Politician Congressman from Alabama, 1993-2003 09-Apr-1942 -
Harriet Hilliard Actor The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet 18-Jul-1909 02-Oct-1994
Landon Hilliard Business Partner, Brown Brothers Harriman c. 1940 -
R. Glenn Hilliard Business CEO of ING Americas, 1999-2003 18-Jan-1943 -
James Hillier Physicist Electron microscope 22-Aug-1915 15-Jan-2007
Danny Hillis Business Co-Founder, Thinking Machines 25-Sep-1956 -
Elwood Hillis Politician Congressman from Indiana, 1971-87 06-Mar-1926 -
Trey Hillman Baseball Manager, Kansas City Royals 04-Jan-1963 -
Carla Hills Diplomat US Trade Representative, 1989-93 03-Jan-1934 -
Roderick M. Hills Politician SEC Chairman, 1975-77 09-Mar-1931 -
Lambert Hillyer Film Director Dracula's Daughter 08-Jul-1889 05-Jul-1969
Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson Composer Icelandic film composer 23-Apr-1958 -
Keri Hilson Singer/Songwriter The Way I Are 27-Oct-1982 -
Barron Hilton Business Chairman of Hilton Hotels 23-Oct-1927 -
Conrad Hilton Business Founder, Hilton Hotels 25-Dec-1887 03-Jan-1979
Francesca Hilton Relative Daughter of Conrad Hilton and Zsa Zsa 10-Mar-1947 -
James Hilton Novelist Goodbye, Mr. Chips 09-Sep-1900 20-Dec-1954
Kathy Hilton Socialite Mother of Paris and Nicky Hilton 13-Mar-1959 -
Nicky Hilton Socialite Heiress, handbag designer 05-Oct-1983 -
Paris Hilton Socialite The Simple Life 17-Feb-1981 -
Perez Hilton Columnist Gossip columnist 23-Mar-1978 -
Rick Hilton Business Father of Paris and Nicky Hilton 17-Aug-1955 -
Tyler Hilton Singer When It Comes 22-Nov-1983 -
Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs Actor Welcome Back, Kotter 04-Sep-1953 -
Megan Hilty Actor Ivy Lynn on Smash 29-Mar-1981 -
Nichole Hiltz Actor Brandi Shannon on In Plain Sight 03-Sep-1978 -
Starr Roxanne Hiltz Sociologist Mother of on-line education c. 1943 -
Michael Hiltzik Columnist Los Angeles Times columnist 09-Nov-1952 -
Kurt J. Hilzinger Business President of Amerisource Bergen, 2002-07 c. 1961 -
Chester Himes Author Lonely Crusade 19-Jul-1909 12-Nov-1984
Jim Himes Politician Congressman, Connecticut 4th 05-Jul-1966 -
Joseph H. Himes Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1921-23 15-Aug-1885 09-Sep-1960
Gertrude Himmelfarb Historian Victorian Minds 08-Aug-1922 -
Heinrich Himmler Government Leader of the SS 07-Oct-1900 23-May-1945
Raab Himself Actor Jackass and Viva La Bam 21-May-1980 -
Maurice Hinchey Politician Congressman, New York 22nd 27-Oct-1938 -
Warren Hinckle Journalist Former editor of Ramparts ? -
Gordon Hinckley Religion President of the Mormon Church, 1995-2008 23-Jun-1910 27-Jan-2008
John Hinckley Assassin Took a shot at President Reagan 29-May-1955 -
Robert C. Hinckley Business Former General Counsel, Xilinx c. 1948 -
Hincmar Religion Archbishop of Reims c. 805 AD 21-Dec-882 AD
Paul Hindemith Composer Mathis der Maler 16-Nov-1895 28-Dec-1963
John Hinderaker Blogger Power Line blog Sep-1950 -
Art Hindle Actor Paradise Falls 21-Jul-1948 -
Myra Hindley Criminal The Moors Murders 23-Jul-1942 15-Nov-2002
Earl Hindman Actor Elusive neighbor on Home Improvement 20-Oct-1943 29-Dec-2003
Ciarán Hinds Actor Munich 09-Feb-1953 -
Sam Hinds Head of State Prime Minister of Guyana 27-Dec-1943 -
Samuel S. Hinds Actor It's a Wonderful Life 04-Apr-1875 13-Oct-1948
Glen H. Hiner Business CEO of Owens Corning, 1992-2002 c. 1935 -
Cheryl Hines Actor Curb Your Enthusiasm 21-Sep-1965 -
Connie Hines Actor Carol Post on Mister Ed 24-Mar-1931 18-Dec-2009
Duncan Hines Business Roadside gourmet 26-Mar-1880 15-Mar-1959
Earl Hines Jazz Musician Everything Depends on You 28-Dec-1903 22-Apr-1983
Gregory Hines Dancer Tap dancer 14-Feb-1946 09-Aug-2003
Jerome Hines Singer Operatic bass, NY Metropolitan Opera 08-Nov-1921 04-Feb-2003
Johnny Hines Actor Silent film comedian 25-Jul-1895 24-Oct-1970
P. Harris Hines Judge Justice, Georgia Supreme Court c. 1943 -
Martina Hingis Tennis The Swiss Miss 30-Sep-1980 -
Pat Hingle Actor Commissioner Gordon in Batman films 19-Jul-1924 03-Jan-2009
Clarke Hinkle Football NFL Hall of Fame Fullback, Green Bay Packers 10-Apr-1909 09-Nov-1988
Marin Hinkle Actor Judy Brooks on Once and Again 23-Mar-1966 -
Benny Hinn Religion Faith healing televangelist 03-Dec-1952 -
Maria Hinojosa Journalist CNN, NPR journalist 1961 -
Rubén Hinojosa Politician Congressman, Texas 15th 20-Aug-1940 -
Juanita H. Hinshaw Business CFO of Graybar Electric, 2000-05 c. 1945 -
Sir Cyril Hinshelwood Chemist The Kinetics of Chemical Change 19-Jun-1897 09-Oct-1967
Arthur Cardinal Hinsley Religion Archbishop of Westminster, 1935-43 25-Aug-1865 17-Mar-1943
Deane R. Hinton Diplomat US Ambassador to Panama, 1990-94 12-Mar-1923 -
S. E. Hinton Author The Outsiders 22-Jul-1948 -
Donald C. Hintz Business President of Entergy, 1999-2004 c. 1944 -
W. Hayne Hipp Business CEO of Liberty Corp., 1979-2006 c. 1940 -
Hipparchus Astronomer Cataloguer of stars, trigonometrist c. 190 BC c. 120 BC
Eric Hippeau Business CEO of Ziff-Davis, 1993-2000 c. 1952 -
Hippias of Elis Philosopher Greek sophist fl. 5th c. BC fl. 5th c. BC
Hippocrates Doctor Father of Medicine c. 460 BC c. 377 BC
Hippolytus Religion Writer of the early church c. 170 AD 235 AD
Thora Hird Actor Talking Heads 28-May-1911 15-Mar-2003
Charles Hires Business Root beer 19-Aug-1851 31-Jul-1937
Emperor Hirohito Royalty Emperor of Japan 1926-89 29-Apr-1901 07-Jan-1989
Mazie Hirono Politician Congresswoman, Hawaii 2nd 03-Nov-1947 -
Hiroshige Artist Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido 1797 12-Oct-1858
Douglas A. Hirsch Business Seneca Capital Management c. 1963 -
Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch Football LA Rams halfback 1949-57 17-Jun-1923 28-Jan-2004
Emile Hirsch Actor The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys 13-Mar-1985 -
Judd Hirsch Actor Taxi 15-Mar-1935 -
Peter B. Hirsch Scientist Electron microscopy in metallurgy 16-Jan-1925 -
A. Barry Hirschfeld Business AB Hirschfeld Press Inc. c. 1943 -
Al Hirschfeld Artist Pen and ink caricaturist 21-Jun-1903 20-Jan-2003
James Hirsen Columnist The Left Coast Report c. 1950 -
Hallee Hirsh Actor Daley on Flight 29 Down 16-Dec-1987 -
Jerry Hirshberg Designer Nissan's design chief, 1980-2000 1939 -
Damien Hirst Artist Animal slices in formalin as art 1965 -
Al Hirt Jazz Musician Dixieland trumpet player 07-Nov-1922 27-Apr-1999
Gary Hirte Criminal Eagle Scout, convicted murderer 1986 -
Alger Hiss Government Accused spy for the Soviet Union 11-Nov-1904 15-Nov-1996
Prince Hitachi Royalty Brother of Emperor Akihito 28-Nov-1935 -
Alfred Hitchcock Film Director Master of Suspense 13-Aug-1899 29-Apr-1980
Ethan A. Hitchcock Business US Interior Secretary, 1899-1907 19-Sep-1835 09-Apr-1909
Jane Stanton Hitchcock Author Trick of the Eye ? -
Michael Hitchcock Actor MadTV 28-Jul-1958 -
Robyn Hitchcock Singer/Songwriter The Soft Boys 03-Mar-1953 -
Russell Hitchcock Musician Lead singer for Air Supply 15-Jun-1949 -
Christopher Hitchens Journalist Agent provocateur 13-Apr-1949 15-Dec-2011
George H. Hitchings Scientist Developed medicines for leukemia, herpes, arthritis 18-Apr-1905 27-Feb-1998
Shere Hite Author The Hite Report on sexuality 02-Nov-1942 -
Adolf Hitler Head of State Chancellor of Germany, 1933-45 20-Apr-1889 30-Apr-1945
Alois Hitler Relative Father of Adolf Hitler 07-Jun-1837 03-Jan-1903
Johann Hittorf Physicist Fluorescence in vacuum tubes 27-Mar-1824 28-Nov-1914
Frederick P. Hitz Government CIA Inspector General, 1990-98 14-Oct-1939 -
Thomas R. Hix Business CFO of Cooper Cameron, 1995-2002 c. 1948 -
Iben Hjejle Actor High Fidelity 22-Mar-1971 -
James D. Hlavacek Business Market Driven Management c. 1944 -
David Ho Doctor AIDS researcher 03-Nov-1952 -
Don Ho Singer Hawaiian crooner, Tiny Bubbles 13-Aug-1930 14-Apr-2007
Lew Hoad Tennis Winner of 13 Grand Slam titles 23-Nov-1934 03-Jul-1994
Benjamin Hoadly Religion Anglican Bishop and controversialist 14-Nov-1676 17-Apr-1761
Mitzi Hoag Actor Liz Platt on We'll Get By 25-Sep-1932 -
Edward Hoagland Essayist The Courage of Turtles 21-Dec-1932 -
Jim Hoagland Journalist The Washington Post 22-Jan-1940 -
Peter Hoagland Politician Congressman from Nebraska, 1989-95 17-Nov-1941 30-Oct-2007
Richard E. Hoagland Diplomat US Ambassador to Tajikistan, 2003-06 ? -
Thomas E. Hoaglin Business CEO of Huntington Bancshares c. 1950 -
George F. Hoar Politician US Senator from Massachusetts, 1877-1904 29-Aug-1826 30-Sep-1904
Samuel Hoare Politician UK Home Secretary, 1937-39 24-Feb-1880 07-May-1959
James Hoban Architect Architect of the White House c. 1758 08-Dec-1831
Garret A. Hobart Politician Vice President under McKinley 03-Jun-1844 21-Nov-1899
Rose Hobart Actor East of Borneo 01-May-1906 29-Aug-2000
Meindert Hobbema Painter Dutch landscape master 1638 07-Dec-1709
Halliwell Hobbes Actor British-American character actor 16-Nov-1877 20-Feb-1962
Thomas Hobbes Philosopher Leviathan 05-Apr-1588 04-Dec-1679
Caspar Hobbs Business Mergermarket Group 1969 -
Franklin W. Hobbs Business Warburg Dillon Read c. 1947 -
Gregory J. Hobbs, Jr. Judge Justice, Colorado Supreme Court 15-Dec-1944 -
Oveta Culp Hobby Publisher Houston Post President, 1955-83 19-Jan-1905 16-Aug-1995
Paul W. Hobby Business Genesis Park LP c. 1960 -
Chuck Hoberman Inventor Creator of unfolding structures 1956 -
Gregory Hoblit Film Director Untraceable 27-Nov-1944 -
David Hobson Politician Congressman, Ohio 7th 17-Oct-1936 -
Laura Z. Hobson Novelist Gentleman's Agreement 19-Jun-1900 28-Feb-1986
Mellody Hobson Business President of Ariel Capital Management 03-Apr-1969 -
Richmond Pearson Hobson Military Spanish-American War hero 17-Aug-1870 16-Mar-1937
Valerie Hobson Actor Kind Hearts and Coronets 14-Apr-1917 13-Nov-1998
Faith S. Hochberg Attorney US District Court Judge, New Jersey 1950 -
Lazare Hoche Military French General 24-Jun-1768 18-Sep-1797
Richard H. Hochman Business Regent Capital Management c. 1946 -
Kathy Hochul Politician Congresswoman from New York c. 1958 -
Irvine O. Hockaday, Jr. Business CEO of Hallmark, 1986-2001 12-Aug-1936 -
Susan Hockfield Educator President of MIT 24-Mar-1951 -
William E. Hocking Philosopher The Meaning of God in Human Experience 10-Aug-1873 12-Jun-1966
Wayne T. Hockmeyer Business MedImmune c. 1944 -
David Hockney Painter Paintings of LA swimming pools 09-Jul-1937 -
Kane Hodder Actor Friday the 13th franchise 08-Apr-1955 -
Donald Hodel Government Reagan's Secretary of Energy & Interior 23-May-1935 -
Paul Hodes Politician Congressman from New Hampshire, 2007-11 21-Mar-1951 -
Aldis Hodge Actor Alec Hardison on Leverage 20-Sep-1986 -
David C. Hodge Educator President, Miami University of Ohio 27-Sep-1948 -
Patricia Hodge Actor Betrayal 29-Sep-1946 -
Kaneaster Hodges, Jr. Politician US Senator from Arkansas, 1977-79 20-Aug-1938 -
Gil Hodges Baseball Eight-time All-Star 04-Apr-1924 02-Apr-1972
Jim Hodges Politician Governor of South Carolina, 1999-2003 19-Nov-1956 -
Johnny Hodges Jazz Musician Jazz alto saxophonist 25-Jul-1907 11-May-1970
Luther H. Hodges Politician Governor of North Carolina, 1954-61 09-Mar-1898 06-Oct-1974
Mike Hodges Film Director Get Carter 29-Jul-1932 -
Alan L. Hodgkin Scientist Electrical impulses in nerves 05-Feb-1914 20-Dec-1998
Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Chemist Determined structure of Vitamin B12 12-May-1910 29-Jul-1994
John Hodgman Author The Areas of My Expertise 03-Jun-1971 -
James D. Hodgson Government US Secretary of Labor, 1970-73 03-Dec-1915 -
Joel Hodgson Comic Created Mystery Science Theater 3000 20-Feb-1960 -
Ralph Hodgson Poet The Skylark 09-Sep-1871 03-Nov-1962
Thomas R. Hodgson Business President of Abbott Laboratories, 1990-98 c. 1941 -
John Hodiak Actor Lifeboat 14-Apr-1914 19-Oct-1955
David F. Hodnik Business CEO of Ace Hardware, 1996-2005 1947 -
David Hodo Musician Construction worker, The Village People 07-Jul-1957 -
Tyler Hoechlin Actor Martin Brewer on 7th Heaven 11-Sep-1987 -
Joseph Hoeffel Politician Congressman from Pensylvania, 1999-2005 03-Sep-1950 -
Steven Hoefflin Doctor Michael Jackson's former plastic surgeon 07-Feb-1946 -
Leo A. Hoegh Politician Governor of Iowa, 1955-57 30-Mar-1908 15-Jul-2000
Pete Hoekstra Politician Congressman from Michigan, 1993-2011 30-Oct-1953 -
Thomas M. Hoenig Economist President and CEO, Kansas City Fed 06-Sep-1946 -
Helen E. Hoens Judge Justice, New Jersey Supreme Court 31-Jul-1954 -
Terry Hoeppner Football Hoosiers Head Coach, 2005-07 19-Aug-1947 19-Jun-2007
John Hoeven Politician US Senator from North Dakota 13-Mar-1957 -
Dennis Hoey Actor Inspector Lestrade 30-Mar-1893 25-Jul-1960
Dennis Hof Business Moonlite Bunny Ranch owner c. 1946 -
Andreas Hofer Military Tirolese patriot, insurgent 22-Nov-1767 20-Feb-1810
Jacobus H. van 't Hoff Chemist Three-dimensional molecular properties 30-Aug-1852 01-Mar-1911
Nicholas J. Hoff Engineer Aluminum in aircraft design 03-Jan-1906 04-Aug-1997
Philip H. Hoff Politician Governor of Vermont, 1963-69 29-Jun-1924 -
Syd Hoff Author Danny and the Dinosaur 04-Sep-1912 12-May-2004
James P. Hoffa Labor Leader Jimmy Hoffa's son 19-May-1941 -
Jimmy Hoffa Labor Leader International Brotherhood of Teamsters 14-Feb-1913 30-Jul-1975
Eric Hoffer Author The True Believer 25-Jul-1902 21-May-1983
Daniel A. Hoffler Business Armada Hoffler c. 1948 -
Abbie Hoffman Activist Steal This Book 30-Nov-1936 12-Apr-1989
Alfred Hoffman, Jr. Business US Ambassador to Portugal, 2005-07 ? -
Alice Hoffman Novelist Property Of 16-Mar-1952 -
Dustin Hoffman Actor The Graduate 08-Aug-1937 -
Isabella Hoffman Actor Capt. Russert on Homicide 11-Dec-1958 -
Jerzy Hoffman Film Director With Fire and Sword 15-Mar-1932 -
Michael Hoffman Film Director One Fine Day 30-Nov-1956 -
Philip J. Hoffman Business EVP Corporate Finance of Pearson c. 1956 -
Philip Seymour Hoffman Actor Character actor 23-Jul-1967 -
Reid Hoffman Business Co-Founder of LinkedIn 05-Aug-1967 -
Rick Hoffman Actor Jake in Progress 12-Jun-1970 -
Ronald L. Hoffman Business CEO of Dover Corporation c. 1949 -
Trevor Hoffman Baseball Baseball's all-time saves leader 13-Oct-1967 -
E. T. A. Hoffmann Author Das Fräulein van Scuderi 24-Jan-1776 25-Jun-1822
Felix Hoffmann Chemist Aspirin and heroin 21-Jan-1868 08-Feb-1946
Gaby Hoffmann Actor Field of Dreams 08-Jan-1982 -
Josef Hoffmann Architect Vienna Secession architect 15-Dec-1870 07-May-1956
Jules A. Hoffmann Biologist Innate immunity 02-Aug-1941 -
Roald Hoffmann Chemist Woodward-Hoffmann reaction 18-Jul-1937 -
David F. Hoffmeister Business CFO of Invitrogen c. 1954 -
Susanna Hoffs Musician Lead singer of The Bangles 17-Jan-1959 -
Albert Hofmann Chemist Discovered LSD 11-Jan-1906 29-Apr-2008
August Wilhelm von Hofmann Chemist Organic chemist, researched aniline 08-Apr-1818 02-May-1892
Hans Hofmann Painter Abstract expressionist, art teacher 21-Mar-1880 17-Feb-1966
Mark W. Hofmann Criminal Forger, murderer 07-Dec-1954 -
Melchior Hofmann Religion German Anabaptist mystic c. 1495 c. 1543
Wilhelm Hofmeister Botanist Alternation of generations in plants 18-May-1824 12-Jan-1877
Douglas Hofstadter Author Godel, Escher, Bach 15-Feb-1945 -
Richard Hofstadter Historian Anti-Intellectualism in American Life 06-Aug-1916 24-Oct-1970
Robert Hofstadter Physicist Size, shape, and structure of neutrons and protons 05-Feb-1915 17-Nov-1990
Ben Hogan Golf Won 63 golf tournaments 13-Aug-1912 25-Jul-1997
Brian J. Hogan Business Hogan Motor Leasing c. 1961 -
Brooke Hogan Relative Daughter of Hulk Hogan 05-May-1988 -
Gabriel Hogan Actor Ian Farnham on Traders 1973 -
Hulk Hogan Wrestling Hogan Knows Best 11-Aug-1953 -
James P. Hogan Film Director Bulldog Drummond films 21-Sep-1890 04-Nov-1943
Linda Hogan TV Personality Ex-wife of Hulk Hogan 24-Aug-1959 -
Michael Hogan Actor Col. Saul Tigh on Battlestar Galactica c. 1949 -
Michael J. Hogan Educator President, University of Connecticut 1943 -
Nick Hogan Relative Son of Hulk Hogan 27-Jul-1990 -
P. J. Hogan Film Director Muriel's Wedding 30-Nov-1962 -
Paul Hogan Actor Crocodile Dundee 08-Oct-1939 -
William Hogarth Engraver A Rake's Progress 10-Nov-1697 26-Oct-1764
Kenneth C. Hogate Publisher President of Dow Jones, 1931-45 27-Jul-1897 11-Feb-1947
James F. Hoge, Jr. Editor Editor of Foreign Affairs 25-Dec-1935 -
Drake Hogestyn Actor Days of Our Lives 29-Sep-1953 -
James Hogg Poet The Queen's Wake 1770 21-Nov-1835
Wilford B. Hoggatt Politician Territorial Governor of Alaska, 1906-09 11-Sep-1865 26-Feb-1938
Chlodwig zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsfurst Head of State German Chancellor, 1894-1900 31-Mar-1819 06-Jul-1901
Arthur Hohl Actor Character actor 21-May-1889 10-Mar-1964
Martin Hoke Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1993-97 18-May-1952 -
Helen Hokinson Cartoonist Cartoonist for The New Yorker 29-Jun-1893 01-Nov-1949
Hoku Musician Another Dumb Blonde 10-Jun-1981 -
Hokusai Artist Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji Oct-1760 10-May-1849
Hans Holbein the Elder Painter Painter of the Augsburg school c. 1460 1524
Hans Holbein the Younger Painter Northern Renaissance portraitist c. 1497 1543
Ludvig Holberg Author Founder of Danish literature 03-Dec-1684 28-Jan-1754
Hal Holbrook Actor Mark Twain Tonight 17-Feb-1925 -
Richard C. Holbrooke Diplomat US Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan 24-Apr-1941 13-Dec-2010
Marcus H. Holcomb Politician Governor of Connecticut, 1915-21 28-Nov-1844 05-Mar-1932
Thomas Holcroft Playwright The Road to Ruin 10-Dec-1745 23-Mar-1809
Amanda Holden Actor Mia Bevan on Cutting It 16-Feb-1971 -
Betsy D. Holden Business CEO of Kraft Foods, 2001-03 1956 -
Bob Holden Politician Governor of Missouri, 2001-05 24-Aug-1949 -
Fay Holden Actor Played Andy Hardy's mother 26-Sep-1893 23-Jun-1973
Glen A. Holden Business US Ambassador to Jamaica, 1989-93 02-Jul-1927 -
Gloria Holden Actor Dracula's Daughter 05-Sep-1908 22-Mar-1991
Laurie Holden Actor Silent Hill 17-Dec-1972 -
Tim Holden Politician Congressman, Pennsylvania 17th 05-Mar-1957 -
William Holden Actor Stalag 17 17-Apr-1918 16-Nov-1981
Eric H. Holder, Jr. Government US Attorney General 21-Jan-1951 -
William Holder Musicologist Music theorist 1616 24-Jan-1698
Friedrich Hölderlin Poet Hyperion 20-Mar-1770 07-Jun-1843
John H. Holdridge Diplomat US Ambassador to Indonesia, 1983-86 21-Aug-1924 12-Jul-2001
Robert Holdstock Novelist Mythago Wood 1948 -
Billie Holiday Singer Lady Sings the Blues 07-Apr-1915 17-Jul-1959
Edith E. Holiday Attorney Attorney, former US Treasury official 14-Feb-1952 -
J. Holiday Singer Bed 22-Nov-1984 -
Raphael Holinshed Historian Chronicles c. 1520 c. 1580
Tom Holkenborg Musician Junkie XL 08-Dec-1967 -
Agnieszka Holland Film Director Europa, Europa 28-Nov-1948 -
Clifford Holland Architect Chief engineer, Holland Tunnel 13-Mar-1883 27-Oct-1924
Deidre Holland Pornstar Shaved and Dangerous 27-Feb-1966 -
Dexter Holland Singer The Offspring frontman 29-Dec-1965 -
Eddie Holland Musician R&B songwriter, producer and performer 30-Oct-1939 -
Jools Holland Musician Former Squeeze keyboardist 24-Jan-1958 -
Mark Holland Politician Canadian MP, Ajax-Pickering 16-Oct-1974 -
Randy J. Holland Judge Justice, Delaware Supreme Court c. 1947 -
Robert Holland, Jr. Business CEO of Ben & Jerry's, 1995-96 c. 1940 -
Sidney Holland Head of State Prime Minister of New Zealand, 1949-57 18-Oct-1893 05-Aug-1961
Spessard Holland Politician Governor and Senator from Florida 10-Jul-1892 06-Nov-1971
Willa Holland Actor Kaitlin Cooper on The OC 18-Jun-1991 -
William R. Holland Business CEO of United Dominion, 1986-2000 c. 1938 -
François Hollande Politician President of France 12-Aug-1954 -
John Hollander Poet Powers of Thirteen 28-Oct-1929 -
Tom Hollander Actor Gosford Park 25-Aug-1967 -
Xaviera Hollander Author The Happy Hooker 15-Jun-1943 -
Wenzel Hollar Engraver Bohemian-English etcher 13-Jul-1607 28-Mar-1677
Bert Hölldobler Zoologist Social organizations in insects 25-Jun-1936 -
Christopher Van Hollen Diplomat US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, 1972-76 23-Sep-1922 -
Herman Hollerith Inventor Invented the punchcard 29-Feb-1860 17-Nov-1929
Alexander Lyman Holley Business Designed steel foundries 20-Jul-1832 29-Jan-1882
Robert W. Holley Scientist RNA's role in protein synthesis 28-Jan-1922 11-Feb-1993
Clive R. Hollick Business CEO of United Business Media, 1996-2005 19-May-1945 -
Charles O. Holliday, Jr. Business CEO of DuPont, 1998-2008 1948 -
Doc Holliday Doctor Wyatt Earp's reliable friend 14-Aug-1851 08-Nov-1887
Judy Holliday Actor Born Yesterday 21-Jun-1921 07-Jun-1965
Kene Holliday Actor Tyler Hudson on Matlock 25-Jun-1949 -
Polly Holliday Actor Somebody, kiss her grits already 02-Jul-1937 -
Steve Holliday Business CEO of National Grid c. 1957 -
Earl Holliman Actor The Rainmaker 11-Sep-1928 -
Fritz Hollings Politician US Senator from South Carolina, 1967-2005 01-Jan-1922 -
Peter Hollingworth Religion Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane 10-Apr-1935 -
Nancy Hollister Politician Governor of Ohio, 1998-99 22-May-1949 -
Laurel Holloman Actor Tina Kennard on The L Word 23-May-1971 -
Brenda Holloway Musician You've Made Me So Happy 21-Jun-1946 -
Clyde C. Holloway Politician Congressman from Louisiana, 1987-93 28-Nov-1943 -
James L. Holloway III Military Chief of Naval Operations, 1974-78 23-Feb-1922 -
Josh Holloway Actor Sawyer on Lost 20-Jul-1969 -
Natalee Holloway Victim Disappeared in Aruba 21-Oct-1986 30-May-2005
Stanley Holloway Actor Passport to Pimlico 01-Oct-1890 30-Jan-1982
Sterling Holloway Actor Voice of Winnie the Pooh 04-Jan-1905 22-Nov-1992
William J. Holloway, Jr. Judge 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1968-92 23-Jun-1923 -
Buddy Holly Musician Buddy Holly and The Crickets 07-Sep-1936 03-Feb-1959
Lauren Holly Actor Pavement 28-Oct-1963 -
Celeste Holm Actor Gentleman's Agreement 29-Apr-1917 15-Jul-2012
Ian Holm Actor Time Bandits 12-Sep-1931 -
Edwin J. Holman Business CEO of Macy's Central c. 1947 -
Marshall Holman Bowling Professional bowler, mostly retired 29-Sep-1954 -
Rufus C. Holman Politician US Senator from Oregon, 1939-45 14-Oct-1877 27-Nov-1959
Tomlinson Holman Engineer THX sound system 07-Jun-1946 -
Amy Holmes Columnist BET host, conservative commentator 1973 -
Arthur Holmes Geologist Father of the geological timescale 14-Jan-1890 20-Sep-1965
Ashton Holmes Actor Tyler Barrol on Revenge 17-Feb-1978 -
Dennis Holmes Actor Mike Williams on Laramie 03-Oct-1950 -
Genta Hawkins Holmes Diplomat US Ambassador to Australia, 1997-2000 03-Sep-1940 -
H. Allen Holmes Diplomat US Ambassador to Portugal, 1982-85 31-Jan-1933 -
H. H. Holmes Criminal The Devil in the White City 16-May-1860 07-May-1896
James Holmes Criminal Defendant 2012 Aurora theater shooting 13-Dec-1987 -
Jerome A. Holmes Judge 10th Circuit Court of Appeals 18-Nov-1961 -
John Holmes Pornstar Life-support system for a 10-inch penis 08-Aug-1944 13-Mar-1988
John Holmes Diplomat UN Under Sec. Gen. for Humanitarian Affairs 29-Apr-1951 -
Julius C. Holmes Diplomat US Ambassador to Iran, 1961-65 24-Apr-1899 15-Jul-1968
Katie Holmes Actor Joey Potter on Dawson's Creek 18-Dec-1978 -
Larry Holmes Boxing Heavyweight champ 03-Nov-1949 -
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1902-32 08-Mar-1841 06-Mar-1935
Oliver Wendell Holmes Author The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table 29-Aug-1809 07-Oct-1894
Phillips Holmes Actor The Criminal Code 22-Jul-1907 12-Aug-1942
Robert D. Holmes Politician Governor of Oregon, 1957-59 11-May-1909 06-Jun-1976
Rupert Holmes Singer/Songwriter The Piña Colada Song 24-Feb-1947 -
Santonio Holmes Football New York Jets WR 30-Mar-1984 -
Taylor Holmes Actor Nightmare Alley 16-May-1878 30-Sep-1959
Janet L. Holmgren Educator President, Mills College c. 1946 -
Mike Holmgren Football President, Cleveland Browns 15-Jun-1948 -
Tom Holmoe Football BYU Athletic Director 07-Mar-1960 -
Matthew Holness Comic Garth Marenghi's Darkplace ? -
Nicole Holofcener Film Director Friends with Money 22-Mar-1960 -
Nick Holonyak Physicist Light-emitting diodes 03-Nov-1928 -
Todd Holoubek Actor The State 10-Sep-1969 -
Mike Holovak Football NFL Head Coach, General Manager 19-Sep-1919 27-Jan-2008
James Holshouser Politician Governor of North Carolina, 1973-77 08-Oct-1934 -
Gustav Holst Composer The Planets 21-Sep-1874 25-May-1934
Luc Holste Scholar German humanist and librarian 27-Sep-1596 02-Feb-1661
Friedrich von Holstein Politician Ran the German foreign office 24-Apr-1837 08-May-1909
Claire Holt Actor Rebekah on The Vampire Diaries 11-Jun-1988 -
Harold Holt Head of State Prime Minister of Australia, 1966-67 05-Aug-1908 17-Dec-1967
Jack Holt Actor They Were Expendable 31-May-1888 18-Jan-1951
Jennifer Holt Actor Stage to Mesa City 10-Nov-1920 21-Sep-1997
John Holt Singer/Songwriter Reggae singer, lead vocalist for The Paragons 11-Jul-1947 -
Lester Holt Journalist NBC Reporter, Weekend Anchor 08-Mar-1959 -
Rush Holt Politician Congressman, New Jersey 12th 15-Oct-1948 -
Sandrine Holt Actor Black Robe 19-Nov-1972 -
Seth Holt Film Director The Nanny 1923 14-Feb-1971
Tim Holt Actor The Treasure of the Sierra Madre 05-Feb-1918 15-Feb-1973
Karl von Holtei Poet German proto-Vaudevillian 24-Jan-1798 12-Feb-1880
Johannes Holtfreter Zoologist Chemotaxis 09-Jan-1901 13-Nov-1992
A. Linwood Holton, Jr. Politician Governor of Virginia, 1970-74 21-Sep-1923 -
DeShaun Holton Rapper D-12 02-Oct-1975 11-Apr-2006
Dennis H. Holtschneider Educator President, DePaul University 14-Jan-1965 -
Lou Holtz Football Head Coach, South Carolina, 1999-2004 06-Jan-1937 -
Douglas Holtz-Eakin Economist McCain chief economic advisor 03-Feb-1958 -
Elizabeth Holtzman Politician Congresswoman from New York, 1973-81 11-Aug-1941 -
Miroslav Holub Poet Immunologist, important Czech poet 13-Sep-1923 14-Jul-1998
Evander Holyfield Boxing Ear chewed by Mike Tyson 19-Oct-1962 -
Keith Holyoake Head of State Prime Minister of New Zealand, 1960-72 11-Feb-1904 08-Dec-1983
Red Holzman Basketball NY Knicks Head Coach, 1957-82 10-Aug-1920 13-Nov-1998
John Home Playwright Douglas 21-Sep-1722 05-Sep-1808
Skip Homeier Actor Halls of Montezuma 05-Oct-1930 -
Homer Poet Iliad and the Odyssey fl. 8th c. BC fl. 8th c. BC
Louise Homer Singer Operatic contralto 30-Apr-1871 06-May-1947
Winslow Homer Painter Maritime painter, Eight Bells 24-Feb-1836 30-Sep-1910
Josh Homme Guitarist Guitarist for Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age 17-May-1973 -
Karla Homolka Criminal Husband/wife serial killer team 04-May-1970 -
Oskar Homolka Actor Sabotage 12-Aug-1898 27-Jan-1978
Ishirô Honda Film Director Godzilla 07-May-1911 28-Feb-1993
Mike Honda Politician Congressman, California 15th 27-Jun-1941 -
Soichiro Honda Business Founder of Honda Motor Company 17-Nov-1906 05-Aug-1991
William Hone Author The Every-Day Book 03-Jun-1780 06-Nov-1842
Manfred Honeck Conductor Music Director, Pittsburgh Symphony 17-Sep-1958 -
Erich Honecker Head of State East German leader, 1971-89 25-Aug-1912 29-May-1994
Arthur Honegger Composer Pacific 231 10-Mar-1892 27-Nov-1955
Van B. Honeycutt Business CEO of Computer Sciences, 1995-2007 1945 -
James Hong Actor Indeed! 22-Feb-1929 -
Li Hongzhi Religion Founder of Falun Gong 13-May-1951 -
Jeffrey A. Honickman Business Pepsi-Cola and National Brand Beverages c. 1957 -
Gottlob Honold Engineer Invented the spark plug 26-Aug-1876 17-Mar-1923
Russel Honore Military Three-star general 1947 -
Honorius Royalty Western Roman Emperor, 395-423 AD 9-Sep-384 AD 27-Aug-423 AD
Pope Honorius I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 625-638 AD ? 12-Oct-638 AD
Pope Honorius II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1124-30 ? 13-Feb-1130
Pope Honorius III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1216-27 ? 18-Mar-1227
Pope Honorius IV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1285-87 c. 1210 03-Apr-1287
Johann Nikolaus von Hontheim Historian Febronius 27-Jan-1701 02-Sep-1790
Gerrit van Honthorst Painter Dutch painter at Utrecht 04-Nov-1590 27-Apr-1656
Pieter de Hooch Painter Dutch painter, Delft school 1629 c. 1684
Warren A. Hood, Jr. Business Hood Companies c. 1952 -
Darla Hood Actor The Little Rascals 08-Nov-1931 13-Jun-1979
Glenda Hood Government Florida Secretary of State 2003-05 c. 1950 -
John Bell Hood Military Confederate General 29-Jun-1831 30-Aug-1879
Leroy Hood Biologist Systems biology and Human Genome Project 10-Oct-1938 -
Raymond Hood Architect Chicago Tribune Tower 29-Mar-1881 14-Aug-1934
Samuel Hood Military British Admiral 12-Dec-1724 27-Jan-1816
Thomas Hood Poet Odes and Addresses to Great People 23-May-1799 03-May-1845
Gerardus 't Hooft Physicist Quantum physicist 05-Jul-1946 -
Pieter Corneliszoon Hooft Poet Dutch History 16-Mar-1581 21-May-1647
Peter Hook Bassist Bassist for Joy Division and New Order 13-Feb-1956 -
Sidney Hook Philosopher Pragmatist 20-Dec-1902 12-Jul-1989
Robert Hooke Scientist Law of Elasticity, microscopist 18-Jul-1635 03-Mar-1703
John Lee Hooker Musician Prominent blues musician 22-Aug-1917 21-Jun-2001
Joseph Hooker Military Union Army General 13-Nov-1814 31-Oct-1879
Joseph Dalton Hooker Botanist Genera Plantarum 30-Jun-1817 10-Dec-1911
Richard Hooker Religion Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity c. 1553 02-Nov-1600
Thomas Hooker Religion American colonial Puritan leader 07-Jul-1586 07-Jul-1647
William Jackson Hooker Botanist British Jungermanniae 06-Jul-1785 12-Aug-1865
David Hookes Cricket Australian cricket's great white hope 03-May-1955 19-Jan-2004
Aubrey Hooks Diplomat US Ambassador to Ivory Coast 18-May-1948 -
bell hooks Sociologist Ain't I A Woman 09-Sep-1952 -
Benjamin Hooks Activist NAACP Director, 1977-92 31-Jan-1925 15-Apr-2010
Jan Hooks Comic Saturday Night Live 23-Apr-1957 -
Kevin Hooks Film Director Passenger 57 19-Sep-1958 -
Robert Hooks Actor Trouble Man 18-Apr-1937 -
Darlene Hooley Politician Congresswoman from Oregon, 1997-2009 04-Apr-1939 -
Geoff Hoon Politician UK Minister of Defence, 1999-2005 06-Dec-1953 -
Shannon Hoon Musician Frontman for Blind Melon 26-Sep-1967 21-Oct-1995
Harry Hooper Baseball MLB Hall of Famer 24-Aug-1887 18-Dec-1974
John Hooper Religion Zwinglian bishop of Gloucester c. 1495 09-Feb-1555
Michele J. Hooper Business Co-Founder, The Directors' Council c. 1951 -
Nellee Hooper Music Producer Dance music producer and remixer ? -
Tobe Hooper Film Director Texas Chainsaw Massacre 25-Jan-1943 -
Tom Hooper Film Director The King's Speech 1972 -
Herbert Hoover Head of State 31st US President, 1929-33 10-Aug-1874 20-Oct-1964
J. Edgar Hoover Government Director of the FBI, 1924-72 01-Jan-1895 02-May-1972
Larry Hoover Criminal Gangster Disciples 30-Nov-1950 -
Lou Hoover First Lady Wife of US President Herbert Hoover 29-Mar-1874 07-Jan-1944
R. David Hoover Business CEO of Ball Corporation, 2001-11 21-Jun-1945 -
Anthony Hope Novelist The Prisoner of Zenda 09-Feb-1863 08-Jul-1933
Bob Hope Comic Centenarian comic 29-May-1903 27-Jul-2003
Dolores Hope Musician Widow of Bob Hope 27-May-1909 19-Sep-2011
Judith Richards Hope Attorney Pinstripes and Pearls c. 1940 -
Leslie Hope Actor Teri Bauer on 24 06-May-1965 -
Nicholas Hope Actor Bad Boy Bubby 25-Dec-1958 -
Thomas Hope Designer Anastasius 30-Aug-1769 03-Feb-1830
Mary Hopkin Singer Those Were the Days 05-May-1950 -
Anthony Hopkins Actor Hannibal Lecter 31-Dec-1937 -
Bo Hopkins Actor Matthew Blaisdel on Dynasty 02-Feb-1942 -
Frederick Hopkins Scientist Discovered vitamins 20-Jun-1861 16-May-1947
Gerard Manley Hopkins Poet Defeated the tyranny of poetic meter 28-Jul-1844 08-Jun-1889
Harry Lloyd Hopkins Government US Secretary of Commerce, 1938-40 17-Aug-1890 29-Jan-1946
Johns Hopkins Philanthropist Johns Hopkins University and Hospital 19-May-1795 24-Dec-1873
Josh Hopkins Actor Grayson Ellis on Cougar Town 12-Sep-1970 -
Larry J. Hopkins Politician Congressman from Kentucky, 1979-93 25-Oct-1933 -
Lightnin' Hopkins Guitarist Mojo Hand 15-Mar-1912 30-Jan-1982
Miriam Hopkins Actor The Story of Temple Drake 18-Oct-1902 09-Oct-1972
Samuel Hopkins Religion Hopkinsian, opponent of slavery 17-Sep-1721 20-Dec-1803
Stephen Hopkins Film Director Lost in Space 1958 -
Telma Hopkins Actor Rachel Crawford on Family Matters 28-Oct-1948 -
Francis Hopkinson Author The Ballad of the Kegs 02-Oct-1737 09-May-1791
John Hopkinson Engineer English electrical engineer 27-Jul-1849 27-Aug-1898
Dennis Hopper Actor Apocalypse Now 17-May-1936 29-May-2010
Edward Hopper Painter American realist painter, Nighthawks 22-Jul-1882 15-May-1967
Grace Murray Hopper Computer Programmer Computer programming pioneer 09-Dec-1906 01-Jan-1992
Hedda Hopper Actor Queen of the Quickies 02-May-1885 01-Feb-1966
Hugh Hopper Bassist Soft Machine bassist 29-Apr-1945 07-Jun-2009
Jerry Hopper Film Director The Private War of Major Benson 29-Jul-1907 17-Dec-1988
William Hopper Actor Paul Drake on Perry Mason 26-Jan-1915 06-Mar-1970
John Hoppner Painter English portrait painter 04-Apr-1758 23-Jan-1810
Mark Hoppus Bassist Blink-182 15-Mar-1972 -
Ralph Hopton Military Royalist commander, English Civil War 1596 Sep-1652
Avery Hopwood Playwright The Bat 28-May-1882 01-Jul-1928
Horace Poet Satirae 65 BC 27-Nov-8 BC
Hume Alexander Horan Diplomat US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, 1988 13-Aug-1934 22-Jul-2004
Monica Horan Actor Everybody Loves Raymond 29-Jan-1963 -
Niall Horan Singer One Direction 13-Sep-1993 -
Horapollon Author Hieroglyphics fl. 4th c. AD fl. 4th c. AD
Paul Hörbiger Actor Liebelei 29-Apr-1894 05-Mar-1981
August Horch Engineer Founder of Audi 12-Oct-1868 03-Feb-1951
Michael Hordern Actor The Slipper and the Rose 03-Oct-1911 02-May-1995
Paul Horgan Author Great River: The Rio Grande 01-Aug-1903 08-Mar-1995
Lon Horiuchi Government Sniper who killed Vicki Weaver 09-Jun-1954 -
Jack Horkheimer Astronomer Naked-eye astronomer 11-Jun-1938 20-Aug-2010
George A. Hormel Business Founder of Hormel Foods Corporation 04-Dec-1860 05-Jun-1946
James C. Hormel Diplomat US Ambassador to Luxembourg, 1999-2001 01-Jan-1933 -
Smokey Hormel Guitarist Session guitarist, Beck, Tom Waits 1959 -
Pope Hormisdas Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 514-23 ? 6-Aug-523 AD
Gyula Horn Head of State Prime Minister of Hungary, 1994-98 05-Jul-1932 -
Karen N. Horn Business CEO of Bank One, 1987-96 c. 1944 -
Roy Horn Magician Siegfried and Roy 03-Oct-1944 -
Shirley Horn Musician Here's To Life 01-May-1934 20-Oct-2005
Stephen Horn Politician Congressman from California, 1993-2003 31-May-1931 17-Feb-2011
Trevor Horn Music Producer ZTT co-founder 15-Jul-1949 -
William Temple Hornaday Activist Defender of the American bison 01-Dec-1854 06-Mar-1937
Renée J. Hornbaker Business CFO of Flowserve, 1997-2004 c. 1952 -
Nick Hornby Author High Fidelity 17-Apr-1957 -
Lena Horne Singer Stormy Weather 30-Jun-1917 09-May-2010
Marilyn Horne Singer Operatic mezzo soprano 16-Jan-1934 -
Friederich Konrad Hornemann Explorer First European to cross Sahara 1772 1801
Christopher C. Horner Activist Competitive Enterprise Institute ? -
Constance J. Horner Government Former Civil Rights Commissioner 24-Feb-1942 -
Francis Horner Economist Bullion Report 12-Aug-1778 08-Feb-1817
Henry Horner Politician Governor of Illinois, 1933-40 30-Nov-1878 06-Oct-1940
James Horner Composer Scored Titanic 14-Aug-1953 -
Leonard Horner Geologist Scottish geologist, educator 17-Jan-1785 05-Mar-1864
Karen Horney Psychologist Disputed Freud's concept of "penis envy" 16-Sep-1885 04-Dec-1952
Donald F. Hornig Educator President of Brown University, 1970-76 17-Mar-1920 -
Sam Hornish, Jr. Auto Racing Winner, 2006 Indianapolis 500 02-Jul-1979 -
Bruce Hornsby Musician Bruce Hornsby and the Range 23-Nov-1954 -
Rogers Hornsby Baseball The Raj 27-Apr-1896 05-Jan-1963
Paul Hornung Football Green Bay Packer, Heisman winner 23-Dec-1935 -
David Horowitz Activist Conservative activist 10-Jan-1939 -
Vladimir Horowitz Pianist Virtuoso pianist 01-Oct-1903 05-Nov-1989
Jane Horrocks Actor Deadly Advice 18-Jan-1964 -
Jeremiah Horrocks Astronomer Observed transit of Venus 1619 03-Jan-1641
John Horrocks Business British cotton manufacturer 1768 01-Mar-1804
Outerbridge Horsey Politician US Senator from Delaware, 1810-21 05-Mar-1777 09-Jun-1842
Outerbridge Horsey Diplomat US Ambassador to Czechoslovakia, 1963-66 01-Oct-1910 18-Aug-1983
Anna Maria Horsford Actor Dee on The Wayans Bros. 06-Mar-1948 -
John Callcott Horsley Painter Designed first Christmas card 29-Jan-1817 18-Oct-1903
Lee Horsley Actor Matt Houston 15-May-1955 -
William Horsley Composer English composer of glees 15-Nov-1774 12-Jun-1858
Edward Horsman Politician Scottish parliamentarian 1807 30-Nov-1876
Mieczyslaw Horszowski Pianist Polish-American pianist 23-Jun-1892 22-May-1993
Fenton J. A. Hort Religion Translator of the New Testament 23-Apr-1828 30-Nov-1892
José Ramos Horta Politician President of East Timor, Nobel laureate 26-Dec-1949 -
Victor Horta Architect Art Nouveau architect 06-Jan-1861 09-Sep-1947
Quintus Hortensius Attorney Roman orator and advocate 114 BC 50 BC
Donald R. Horton Business Founder of D. R. Horton c. 1950 -
Edward Everett Horton Actor Prolific 1930s comedic actor 18-Mar-1886 29-Sep-1970
Frank J. Horton Politician Congressman from New York, 1963-93 12-Dec-1919 30-Aug-2004
George Moses Horton Poet The Hope of Liberty c. 1797 c. 1883
Peter Horton Actor thirtysomething 20-Aug-1953 -
Robert Horton Actor Flint McCullough on Wagon Train 29-Jul-1924 -
Robert B. Horton Business CEO of BP, 1989-92 18-Aug-1939 -
Scott Horton Attorney Human rights attorney 11-Aug-1955 -
Willie Horton Criminal Prison furlough poster child 12-Aug-1951 -
Les Horvath Football Winner, 1944 Heisman Trophy 12-Oct-1921 14-Nov-1995
H. Robert Horvitz Scientist Genetic regulation of organ development 08-May-1947 -
Tony Horwitz Journalist Confederates in the Attic 1959 -
Bob Hoskins Actor Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 26-Oct-1942 -
Craig Hosmer Politician Congressman from California, 1953-74 06-May-1915 11-Oct-1982
Harriet Goodhue Hosmer Sculptor 19th c. American sculptor in Rome 09-Oct-1830 21-Feb-1908
John Hospers Politician First Libertarian presidential candidate 09-Jun-1918 12-Jun-2011
Robert Hossein Actor Cemetery Without Crosses 30-Dec-1927 -
Khaled Hosseini Novelist The Kite Runner 04-Mar-1965 -
William Hoste Military British naval captain 26-Aug-1780 06-Dec-1828
Amos B. Hostetter, Jr. Business Billionaire, Continental Cablevision c. 1936 -
John Hostettler Politician Congressman from Indiana, 1995-2007 19-Jul-1961 -
Charles W. Hostler Diplomat US Ambassador to Bahrain, 1989-93 12-Dec-1919 -
Joan Hotchkis Actor Ellen Monroe on My World and Welcome to It 21-Sep-1927 -
Sir John Hotham Politician English parliamentarian ? 03-Jan-1645
William Hotham Military British Admiral 1736 1813
François Hotman Scholar Franco-Gallia 23-Aug-1524 12-Feb-1590
Robert H. Hotz Business Houlihan Lokey c. 1944 -
Harry Houdini Magician Best-known magician and debunker 24-Mar-1874 31-Oct-1926
Jean-Antoine Houdon Sculptor French Rococo sculptor 20-Mar-1741 15-Jul-1828
Derek Hough Dancer Dancing with the Stars 17-May-1985 -
John Hough Film Director The Legend of Hell House 21-Nov-1941 -
Julianne Hough Dancer Dancing with the Stars 20-Jul-1988 -
Alanson B. Houghton Diplomat US Ambassador to the UK, 1925-29 10-Oct-1863 15-Sep-1941
Amo Houghton Politician Congressman from New York, 1987-2005 07-Aug-1926 -
James R. Houghton Business CEO of Corning, 2002-05 06-Apr-1936 -
Katharine Houghton Actor Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 10-Mar-1945 -
Ralph Houk Baseball Former NY Yankees Manager 09-Aug-1919 21-Jul-2010
Nicholas Hoult Actor About A Boy 07-Dec-1989 -
Ehud Houminer Business CEO of Philip Morris USA, 1988-90 c. 1940 -
Godfrey N. Hounsfield Engineer Computerized axial tomography (CAT scans) 28-Aug-1919 12-Aug-2004
Djimon Hounsou Actor In America 24-Apr-1964 -
Edward M. House Diplomat Advisor to Woodrow Wilson 26-Jul-1858 28-Mar-1938
Karen Elliott House Journalist Publisher, Wall Street Journal, 2002-06 07-Dec-1947 -
N. Gerry House Educator Institute for Student Achievement c. 1947 -
Geoffrey Household Novelist Rogue Male 30-Nov-1900 04-Oct-1988
John Houseman Actor The Paper Chase 22-Sep-1902 31-Oct-1988
Douglas G. Houser Attorney Partner, Bullivant Houser Bailey 11-Jul-1935 -
A. E. Housman Poet A Shropshire Lad 26-Mar-1859 30-Apr-1936
Bernardo Houssay Scientist Pituitary hormones in sugar metabolism 10-Apr-1887 21-Sep-1971
Cissy Houston Singer Gospel singer, Mother of Whitney Houston 30-Sep-1933 -
David F. Houston Government US Secretary of Agriculture, 1913-20 17-Feb-1866 02-Sep-1940
Edwin J. Houston Inventor Thomson-Houston Electric Company 09-Jul-1847 01-Mar-1914
J. Gorman Houston, Jr. Judge Justice, AL Supreme Court, 1985-2005 11-Mar-1933 -
Marques Houston Singer Immature/IMx 04-Aug-1981 -
Sam Houston Head of State President of Texas, 1836-38 and 1841-44 02-Mar-1793 26-Jul-1863
Thelma Houston Singer Don't Leave Me This Way 07-May-1946 -
Whitney Houston Singer Diva and cautionary tale 09-Aug-1963 11-Feb-2012
Hendrik S. Houthakker Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 1969-71 31-Dec-1924 15-Apr-2008
Frank L. Houx Politician Governor of Wyoming, 1917-19 12-Dec-1854 03-Apr-1941
Andrew C. Hove, Jr. Government Vice Chairman of FDIC, 1990-2001 c. 1934 -
Kent Hovind Religion Creation Science evangelist 15-Jan-1953 -
Larry Hovis Actor Sgt. Carter on Hogan's Heroes 20-Feb-1936 09-Sep-2003
Ara K. Hovnanian Business CEO of Hovnanian Enterprises c. 1957 -
Kevork S. Hovnanian Business Founder of Hovnanian Enterprises 16-May-1923 24-Sep-2009
Ronald W. Hovsepian Business CEO of Novell c. 1961 -
Arliss Howard Actor Plain Clothes 18-Oct-1954 -
Bryce Dallas Howard Actor The Village 02-Mar-1981 -
Catherine Howard Royalty Fifth wife of Henry VIII c. 1520 13-Feb-1542
Clark Howard Radio Personality The Clark Howard Show 20-Jun-1955 -
Clint Howard Actor Ice Cream Man 20-Apr-1959 -
Curly Howard Actor Highest pitched Stooge 22-Oct-1903 18-Jan-1952
Desmond Howard Football Winner, 1991 Heisman Trophy 15-May-1970 -
Dwight Howard Basketball Los Angeles Lakers center 08-Dec-1985 -
Gary S. Howard Business COO of Liberty Media, 1998-2004 c. 1957 -
James J. Howard Politician Congressman from New Jersey, 1965-88 24-Jul-1927 25-Mar-1988
James J. Howard Business CEO of Northern States Power, 1987-2000 01-Jul-1935 -
Jeffrey R. Howard Judge 1st Circuit Court of Appeals 05-Nov-1955 -
Jeph Howard Bassist Bassist for The Used 04-Jan-1979 -
John Howard Head of State Prime Minister of Australia, 1996-2007 26-Jul-1939 -
John Howard Actor Bulldog Drummond 14-Apr-1913 19-Feb-1995
John Howard Activist The State of Prisons 02-Sep-1726 20-Jan-1790
Ken Howard Actor The White Shadow 28-Mar-1944 -
Kyle Howard Actor Bobby Newman on My Boys 13-Apr-1978 -
Leslie Howard Actor Pygmalion 03-Apr-1893 01-Jun-1943
Leslie Ann Howard Administrator President, Dane County United Way c. 1954 -
Michael Howard Politician UK Home Secretary, 1993-97 07-Jul-1941 -
Moe Howard Actor Boss Stooge 19-Jun-1897 04-May-1975
Oliver O. Howard Military Headed the Freedmen's Bureau 08-Nov-1830 26-Oct-1909
Rance Howard Actor Father of Ron Howard, Clint Howard 17-Nov-1928 -
Richard Howard Poet Untitled Subjects 13-Oct-1929 -
Sir Robert Howard Playwright The Committee 1626 03-Sep-1698
Robert E. Howard Author Original Conan series 24-Jan-1906 11-Jun-1936
Robert L. Howard Business Retired VP at Shell Oil c. 1937 -
Ron Howard Actor Richie Cunningham on Happy Days 01-Mar-1954 -
Ronald Howard Actor Sherlock Holmes 07-Apr-1918 19-Dec-1996
Ryan Howard Baseball First Baseman, Philadelphia Phillies 19-Nov-1979 -
Shemp Howard Actor Stooge who replaced Curly 04-Mar-1895 22-Nov-1955
Sidney Coe Howard Playwright They Knew What They Wanted 26-Jun-1891 23-Aug-1939
Susan Howard Actor Donna Krebbs on Dallas 28-Jan-1944 -
Terrence Howard Actor Hustle & Flow 11-Mar-1969 -
Traylor Howard Actor Natalie Teeger on Monk 14-Jun-1966 -
Trevor Howard Actor Sons and Lovers 29-Sep-1913 07-Jan-1988
William K. Howard Film Director Fire Over England 16-Jun-1899 21-Feb-1954
Elias Howe Inventor Inventor of the sewing machine 09-Jul-1819 03-Oct-1867
Geoffrey Howe Politician UK Foreign Secretary, 1983-89 20-Dec-1926 -
Gordie Howe Hockey Has held nearly every hockey award title 31-Mar-1928 -
Irving Howe Critic Editor of Dissent 11-Jun-1920 05-May-1993
John Howe Religion The Living Temple 17-May-1630 02-Apr-1706
Joseph Howe Government Premier of Nova Scotia, 1860-63 13-Dec-1804 01-Jun-1873
Julia Ward Howe Activist Battle Hymn of the Republic 27-May-1819 17-Oct-1910
Louis McHenry Howe Government Close advisor to FDR 14-Jan-1871 18-Apr-1936
Richard Howe Military First Lord of the Admiralty 08-Mar-1726 05-Aug-1799
Roger L. Howe Business CEO of US Precision Lens, 1970-86 c. 1935 -
Samuel Gridley Howe Educator Founder of Perkins Institution 10-Nov-1801 09-Jan-1876
Steve Howe Guitarist Guitarist for Yes 08-Apr-1947 -
Steve Howe Baseball MLB pitcher 10-Mar-1958 28-Apr-2006
Walter Howe Diplomat US Ambassador to Chile, 1958-61 10-Jun-1907 08-Apr-1966
William Howe Military Commander-in-Chief in America 10-Aug-1729 12-Jul-1814
C. Thomas Howell Actor The Outsiders 07-Dec-1966 -
David Howell Politician Former MP, Guildford 18-Jan-1936 -
W. Nathaniel Howell Diplomat US Ambassador to Kuwait, 1987-90 14-Sep-1939 -
William R. Howell Business CEO of JC Penney, 1983-97 c. 1936 -
Jeffery P. Howells Business CFO of Tech Data c. 1956 -
William Dean Howells Author The Rise of Silas Lapham 01-Mar-1837 11-May-1920
Frankie Howerd Actor Up Pompeii 06-Mar-1917 19-Apr-1992
Billy Howerdel Guitarist Guitarist for A Perfect Circle 18-May-1970 -
Glenn Howerton Actor Dennis Reynolds on It's Always Sunny 13-Apr-1976 -
Paul L. Howes Business CEO of Newpark Resources c. 1955 -
Sally Ann Howes Actor Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 20-Jul-1930 -
Steve Howey Actor Van Montgomery on Reba 12-Jul-1977 -
William Howitt Author The Book of the Seasons 18-Dec-1792 03-Mar-1879
Ben Howland Basketball Head Coach, UCLA 28-May-1957 -
Beth Howland Actor Vera Louise Gorman on Alice 28-May-1941 -
Liam Howlett Electronic Musician The Prodigy 21-Aug-1971 -
Huell Howser TV Personality California's Gold 18-Oct-1945 -
Enver Hoxha Head of State Ruler of Albania, 1944-85 16-Oct-1908 11-Apr-1985
Oscar De La Hoya Boxing Mexican-American boxer 04-Feb-1973 -
Steny Hoyer Politician Congressman, Maryland 5th 14-Jun-1939 -
David W. Hoyle Politician North Carolina State Senator c. 1939 -
Edmond Hoyle Author According to Hoyle 1672 29-Aug-1769
Fred Hoyle Astronomer Opposed the Big Bang but named it 24-Jun-1915 20-Aug-2001
Henry M. Hoyt Attorney US Solicitor General, 1903-09 05-Dec-1856 20-Nov-1910
John Hoyt Actor Attack of the Puppet People 05-Oct-1905 15-Sep-1991
Desmond Hoyte Head of State President of Guyana, 1985-92 09-Mar-1929 22-Dec-2002
Bohumil Hrabal Author Closely Watched Trains 28-Mar-1914 03-Feb-1997
Freeman A. Hrabowski Educator President, University of Maryland Baltimore 13-Aug-1950 -
Donna Hrinak Diplomat US Ambassador, Latin America c. 1950 -
Hrosvitha Playwright Female medieval dramatist c. 935 AD c. 1000 AD
Roman Hruska Politician US Senator from Nebraska, 1954-76 16-Aug-1904 25-Apr-1999
Norman Hsu Philanthropist Notorious Democratic donor Oct-1951 -
Tsien Hsue-shen Scientist Founder of Chinese space program 11-Dec-1911 31-Oct-2009
Lloyd Carr Football UMich Football Coach, 1995-2007 30-Jul-1945 -
Evelyn Hu Physicist Nanoscale device fabrication c. 1947 -
Kelly Hu Actor Cradle 2 the Grave 13-Feb-1968 -
Jen-Hsun Huang Business CEO of NVIDIA 17-Feb-1963 -
Robert T. Huang Business CEO of Synnex c. 1945 -
John Huarte Football Winner, 1964 Heisman Trophy 06-Apr-1944 -
Allan Hubbard Economist George W. Bush economist 08-Sep-1947 -
Cal Hubbard Football NFL Hall of Famer, Baseball umpire 31-Oct-1900 17-Oct-1977
Carroll Hubbard, Jr. Politician Congressman from Kentucky, 1975-93 07-Jul-1937 -
Elbert Hubbard Author Founder of Roycroft Press 19-Jun-1856 07-May-1915
Erica Hubbard Actor Lincoln Heights 02-Jan-1979 -
Freddie Hubbard Jazz Musician Hard-bop jazz trumpet soloist 07-Apr-1938 29-Dec-2008
Glenn Hubbard Economist George W. Bush economist 04-Sep-1958 -
John Hubbard Actor Dramatic School 14-Apr-1914 06-Nov-1988
John R. Hubbard Educator President of USC, 1970-80 03-Dec-1918 21-Aug-2011
Kathy Hubbard Activist GOP activist ? -
Kin Hubbard Cartoonist Abe Martin of Brown County 01-Sep-1868 26-Dec-1930
L. Ron Hubbard Religion Perpetrated Dianetics, Scientology 13-Mar-1911 24-Jan-1986
Stan E. Hubbard Business Hubbard Broadcasting Inc. c. 1961 -
Thomas C. Hubbard Diplomat US Ambassador to South Korea, 2001-04 1943 -
Carl Hubbell Baseball New York Giants pitcher 22-Jun-1903 21-Nov-1988
Webb Hubbell Criminal Whitewater casualty 18-Jan-1948 -
Edwin Hubble Astronomer Hubble Space Telescope, Hubble's Law 20-Nov-1889 28-Sep-1953
David H. Hubel Scientist Neurophysiology of vision 27-Feb-1926 -
Robert Huber Chemist Proteins of photosynthesis 20-Feb-1937 -
Bronislaw Huberman Violinist Polish violin prodigy, Pan-Europeanist 19-Dec-1882 16-Jun-1947
Conrad Hubert Business Flashlights 15-Apr-1856 12-Mar-1928
Season Hubley Actor Actress/Ex-Wife of Kurt Russell 14-Mar-1951 -
Whip Hubley Actor Russkies 28-Aug-1958 -
Mike Huckabee Politician Governor of Arkansas, 1996-2007 24-Aug-1955 -
Jerry Huckaby Politician Congressman from Louisiana, 1977-93 19-Jul-1941 -
Mick Hucknall Singer Lead singer, Simply Red 08-Jun-1960 -
Roy Hudd Actor The News Headlines 16-May-1936 -
Franklin P. Huddle Diplomat US Ambassador to Tajikistan, 2001-03 09-May-1943 -
David Huddleston Actor The Big Lebowski 17-Sep-1930 -
Mark W. Huddleston Educator President, University of New Hampshire c. 1950 -
Trevor Huddleston Religion Anti-Apartheid activist 15-Jun-1913 20-Apr-1998
Walter D. Huddleston Politician US Senator from Kentucky, 1973-85 15-Apr-1926 -
Vanessa Anne Hudgens Actor High School Musical 14-Dec-1988 -
Reginald Hudlin Film Director Boomerang 15-Dec-1961 -
William H. Hudnut III Politician Mayor of Indianapolis, 1976-91 17-Oct-1932 -
Lester A. Hudson, Jr. Business Wunda Weve Carpets c. 1939 -
Dawn E. Hudson Business CEO of Pepsi-Cola North America c. 1958 -
Deal Hudson Religion Karl Rove's favorite Catholic 30-Nov-1949 -
Elizabeth J. Hudson Business National Geographic Society c. 1950 -
Ernie Hudson Actor Warden Glenn on Oz 17-Dec-1945 -
Garth Hudson Musician The Band 02-Aug-1937 -
Henry Hudson Explorer Sought a Northeast Passage c. 1570 22-Jun-1611
Jennifer Hudson Actor Dreamgirls 12-Sep-1981 -
Kate Hudson Actor Almost Famous 19-Apr-1979 -
Oliver Hudson Actor New Best Friend 07-Sep-1976 -
Robin E. Hudson Judge Justice, North Carolina Supreme Court 20-Feb-1952 -
Rock Hudson Actor Ice Station Zebra 17-Nov-1925 02-Oct-1985
Sherrill W. Hudson Business CEO of TECO Energy c. 1943 -
Thomas R. Hudson, Jr. Business Pirate Capital LLC c. 1966 -
Tim Hudson Baseball Atlanta Braves starting pitcher 14-Jul-1975 -
W. H. Hudson Author Green Mansions 04-Aug-1841 18-Aug-1922
William J. Hudson Diplomat US Ambassador to Tunisia, 2004-06 ? -
William J. Hudson, Jr. Business CEO of AMP Inc, 1993-98 c. 1934 -
Rob Huebel Actor Human Giant 04-Jun-1969 -
Tim Huelskamp Politician Congressman, Kansas 1st 11-Nov-1968 -
Douglas W. Huemme Business CEO of Lilly Industries, 1995-2000 c. 1942 -
Terry A. Hueneke Business Former Manpower EVP c. 1943 -
Paz de la Huerta Actor Lucy Danziger on Boardwalk Empire 03-Sep-1984 -
Victoriano Huerta Head of State El chacal President of Mexico, 1913-14 23-Mar-1854 13-Jan-1916
Pierre-Daniel Huet Religion Bishop of Avranches 08-Feb-1630 26-Jan-1721
Baby Huey Musician Hard Times 1946 28-Oct-1970
Danny W. Huff Business CFO of Georgia Pacific, 1999-2005 c. 1951 -
John R. Huff Business CEO of Oceaneering International, 1986-2006 c. 1946 -
Sam Huff Football NFL Hall of Famer 04-Oct-1934 -
William R. Huff Business W. R. Huff Asset Management c. 1950 -
James R. Huffines Business PlainsCapital c. 1951 -
Arianna Huffington Columnist The Huffington Post 15-Jul-1950 -
Michael Huffington Government Congressman from California, 1993-95 03-Sep-1947 -
Roy M. Huffington Business Texas Oilman 04-Oct-1917 11-Jul-2008
Felicity Huffman Actor Desperate Housewives 09-Dec-1962 -
Walter B. Huffman Attorney Dean, Texas Tech School of Law 08-Oct-1944 -
Billy Hufsey Actor Christopher Donlon on Fame 08-Dec-1958 -
Shirley Hufstedler Judge US Secretary of Education, 1979-81 24-Aug-1925 -
Procter Hug, Jr. Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1977-2002 11-Mar-1931 -
Richard Hug Business Environmental Elements Corporation c. 1934 -
Charles B. Huggins Scientist Hormonal treatment of prostate and breast cancers 22-Sep-1901 12-Jan-1997
Miller Huggins Baseball Yankees Manager, 1918-29 27-Mar-1879 25-Sep-1929
William Huggins Astronomer Spectrographic astronomy pioneer 07-Feb-1824 12-May-1910
Hugh Capet Royalty King of France 987-96 AD 938 AD 24-Oct-996 AD
Albert Hughes Film Director A Hughes Brother 01-Apr-1972 -
Alfred C. Hughes Religion Catholic Archbishop of New Orleans 02-Dec-1932 -
Allen Hughes Film Director A Hughes Brother 01-Apr-1972 -
Arthur Hayden Hughes Diplomat US Ambassador to Yemen, 1991-94 25-Sep-1939 -
B. Wayne Hughes Business CEO of Public Storage, 1991-2002 28-Sep-1933 -
Barnard Hughes Actor High priest in TRON 16-Jul-1915 11-Jul-2006
Billy Hughes Head of State Prime Minister of Australia, 1915-23 25-Sep-1862 28-Oct-1952
Charles Evans Hughes Politician US Chief Justice, Presidential Candidate 11-Apr-1862 27-Aug-1948
Charles Evans Hughes, Jr. Government US Solicitor General, 1929-30 30-Nov-1889 21-Jan-1950
Dave Hughes Journalist Electronic bulletin boards c. 1928 -
David Hughes Inventor Inventor of the microphone 16-May-1831 22-Jan-1900
David H. Hughes Business CEO of Hughes Supply, 1986-2003 c. 1944 -
Denis M. Hughes Labor Leader President of New York State AFL-CIO c. 1951 -
Sir Edward Hughes Military British Admiral, service in India c. 1720 1794
Finola Hughes Actor General Hospital 29-Oct-1960 -
Geoffrey Hughes Actor Vernon Scripps on Heartbeat 02-Feb-1944 27-Jul-2012
Harold Hughes Politician Governor and Senator from Iowa 10-Feb-1922 23-Oct-1996
Harry Hughes Politician Governor of Maryland, 1979-87 13-Nov-1926 -
Howard Hughes Business Insane billionaire 24-Sep-1905 05-Apr-1976
John Hughes Film Director Ferris Bueller's Day Off 18-Feb-1950 06-Aug-2009
Karen Hughes Government Counselor to George W. Bush 27-Dec-1956 -
Kay Hughes Actor Dick Tracy 16-Jan-1914 04-Apr-1998
Keith W. Hughes Business Vice Chairman of Citigroup, 2000-01 c. 1946 -
Ken Hughes Film Director Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 19-Jan-1922 28-Apr-2001
Langston Hughes Poet The Negro Speaks of Rivers 01-Feb-1902 22-May-1967
Lisa Bobbie Schreiber Hughes Diplomat US Ambassador to Suriname 1958 -
Mark R. Hughes Business Herbalife founder 1956 21-May-2000
Mary Beth Hughes Actor The Ox-Bow Incident 13-Nov-1919 27-Aug-1995
Miko Hughes Actor Mercury Rising 22-Feb-1986 -
Patrick M. Hughes Military Director of the DIA, 1996-99 19-Sep-1942 -
Penelope L. Hughes Business Former Coca-Cola executive c. 1960 -
Richard Hughes Author A High Wind in Jamaica 19-Apr-1900 28-Aug-1976
Richard J. Hughes Politician Governor of New Jersey, 1962-70 10-Aug-1909 07-Dec-1992
Sarah Hughes Figure Skating Figure skater, won gold in 2002 Olympics 02-May-1985 -
Shirley Hughes Author Alfie's Feet 16-Jul-1927 -
Ted Hughes Poet Crow 16-Aug-1930 28-Oct-1998
Thomas Hughes Author Tom Brown's School Days 20-Oct-1822 22-Mar-1896
Thomas L. Hughes Government Carnegie Endowment for Int'l Peace ? -
Vernon W. Hughes Physicist Muons 28-May-1921 25-Mar-2003
Wendy Hughes Actor Careful, He Might Hear You 29-Jul-1952 -
William J. Hughes Politician Congressman from New Jersey, 1975-95 17-Oct-1932 -
Gaylord Hughey Lobbyist Lobbyist ? -
D. L. Hughley Comic The Original Kings of Comedy 06-Mar-1963 -
Chad Hugo Music Producer The Neptunes 1974 -
Victor Hugo Author Les Miserables 26-Feb-1802 23-May-1885
Marie T. Huhtala Diplomat US Ambassador to Malaysia, 2001-04 ? -
Bill Huizenga Politician Congressman, Michigan 2nd 31-Jan-1969 -
H. Wayne Huizenga Business Waste Management, Blockbuster 29-Dec-1937 -
Tom Hulce Actor Amadeus 06-Dec-1953 -
Albert Wallace Hull Physicist Inventor of the magnetron tube 19-Apr-1880 22-Jan-1966
Bobby Hull Hockey Led NHL in scoring three years 03-Jan-1939 -
Brett Hull Hockey Third all-time NHL scorer 09-Aug-1964 -
Clark L. Hull Psychologist Principles of Behavior 24-May-1884 10-May-1952
Cordell Hull Government US Secretary of State, 1933-44 02-Oct-1871 23-Jul-1955
Edmund J. Hull Diplomat US Ambassador to Yemen, 2001-04 1949 -
Frank M. Hull Judge 11th Circuit Court of Appeals 09-Dec-1948 -
Henry Hull Actor Werewolf of London 03-Oct-1890 08-Mar-1977
Jane Dee Hull Politician Governor of Arizona, 1997-2003 08-Aug-1935 -
Josephine Hull Actor Harvey 03-Jan-1886 12-Mar-1957
William R. Hull, Jr. Government Congressman from Missouri, 1955-73 17-Apr-1906 15-Aug-1977
T. E. Hulme Poet Modernist poet and critic 16-Sep-1883 28-Sep-1917
Russell A. Hulse Physicist Co-Discovered first binary pulsar 28-Nov-1950 -
Kenny Hulshof Politician Congressman from Missouri, 1997-2009 22-May-1958 -
Randy Hultgren Politician Congressman, Illinois 14th 01-Mar-1966 -
L. Phillip Humann Business CEO of SunTrust Banks, 1998-2006 1946 -
Rex Humbard Religion Televangelist 13-Aug-1919 21-Sep-2007
H. Bruce Humberstone Film Director Directed several Charlie Chan films 18-Nov-1901 11-Oct-1984
Wilhelm von Humboldt Scholar Diplomat turned philologist 22-Jun-1767 08-Apr-1835
Basil Cardinal Hume Religion Archbishop of Westminster, 1976-99 02-Mar-1923 17-Jun-1999
Brit Hume Journalist Fox News DC correspondent 22-Jun-1943 -
Cameron R. Hume Diplomat US Ambassador to Indonesia 1947 -
David Hume Philosopher Empiricist nonpareil 07-May-1711 25-Aug-1776
John Hume Politician Northern Ireland pol, Nobel recipient 18-Jan-1937 -
Sandy Hume Journalist The Hill Correspondent, 1996-98 c. 1969 22-Feb-1998
Franz Humer Business Chairman of Roche 01-Jul-1946 -
James C. Humes Government Speechwriter to five Presidents 31-Oct-1934 -
Mary-Margaret Humes Actor Gail Leery on Dawson's Creek 04-Apr-1954 -
Arthur W. Hummel, Jr. Diplomat US Ambassador to China, 1981-85 01-Jun-1920 06-Feb-2001
Maria Innocentia Hummel Painter Catholic nun, painter 21-May-1909 06-Nov-1946
Cláudio Hummes Religion Archbishop of São Paulo 08-Aug-1934 -
Engelbert Humperdinck Singer The Last Waltz 02-May-1936 -
George M. Humphrey Government US Secretary of the Treasury, 1953-57 08-Mar-1890 20-Jan-1970
Gordon Humphrey Politician US Senator from New Hampshire, 1979-90 09-Oct-1940 -
Hubert Humphrey Politician US Vice President, 1965-69 27-May-1911 13-Jan-1978
Donald D. Humphreys Business Senior VP at Exxon Mobil c. 1949 -
Josephine Humphreys Author Rich in Love 02-Feb-1945 -
Barry Humphries Actor Dame Edna 17-Feb-1934 -
Frederick S. Humphries Business Former President, Florida A&M University c. 1935 -
Kris Humphries Basketball Brooklyn Nets, married a Kardashian 06-Feb-1985 -
Friedrich Hund Physicist Quantum tunneling 04-Feb-1896 31-Mar-1997
Reed E. Hundt Business FCC Chairman, 1993-97 03-Mar-1948 -
Sammo Hung Actor Once Upon a Time in China and America 07-Jan-1952 -
William Hung Singer Hong Kong Ricky Martin on American Idol 13-Jan-1983 -
William L. Hungate Politician Congressman from Missouri, 1964-77 14-Dec-1922 22-Jun-2007
David Hunke Publisher Newspaper publisher c. 1952 -
Charlie Hunnam Actor Sons of Anarchy 10-Apr-1980 -
Arthur Hunnicutt Actor The Big Sky 17-Feb-1910 26-Sep-1979
Gayle Hunnicutt Actor The Legend of Hell House 06-Feb-1943 -
Carol W. Hunstein Judge Justice, Georgia Supreme Court 16-Aug-1944 -
Al Hunt Journalist Wall Street Journal editor 01-Jan-1942 -
Bonnie Hunt Actor Life with Bonnie 22-Sep-1961 -
David Hunt Politician Former MP, The Wirral 21-May-1942 -
David K. Hunt Business PlanSoft Corporation c. 1946 -
E. Howard Hunt Criminal Coordinated Watergate break-in 09-Oct-1918 23-Jan-2007
Gareth Hunt Actor The New Avengers 07-Feb-1942 14-Mar-2007
H. Guy Hunt Politician Governor of Alabama, 1987-93 17-Jun-1933 30-Jan-2009
H. L. Hunt Business Founder of Hunt Oil 17-Feb-1889 29-Nov-1974
Helen Hunt Actor As Good As It Gets 15-Jun-1963 -
James B. Hunt Politician Twice Governor of North Carolina 16-May-1937 -
James K. Hunt Business THL Credit Group c. 1950 -
Lamar Hunt Football Founder of the American Football League 02-Aug-1932 13-Dec-2006
Leigh Hunt Poet Story of Rimini 19-Oct-1784 28-Aug-1859
Lester C. Hunt Politician US Senator, committed suicide 08-Jul-1892 19-Jun-1954
Linda Hunt Actor The Year of Living Dangerously 02-Apr-1945 -
Lorraine Hunt Politician Lieutenant Governor of Nevada 11-Mar-1939 -
Marsha Hunt Actor Johnny Got His Gun 17-Oct-1917 -
Martita Hunt Actor Great Expectations 30-Jan-1899 13-Jun-1969
Nelson Bunker Hunt Business Tried to corner the silver market 22-Feb-1926 -
Ray L. Hunt Business Chairman of Hunt Oil 06-Apr-1943 -
Robert F. Hunt Business Former General Counsel, Sallie Mae c. 1943 -
Swanee Hunt Diplomat US Ambassador to Austria, 1993-97 01-May-1950 -
Thomas M. Hunt Business President of Hunt Oil, 1955-90 27-May-1923 11-Nov-2008
Tim Hunt Scientist Regulators of cell cycle 19-Feb-1943 -
Ward Hunt Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1873-82 14-Jun-1810 24-Mar-1886
William Holman Hunt Painter British Pre-Raphaelite painter 02-Apr-1827 07-Sep-1910
Alberta Hunter Singer Downhearted Blues 01-Apr-1895 17-Oct-1984
Caroline C. Hunter Government US FEC Commissioner c. 1976 -
Catfish Hunter Baseball Pitched a perfect game in 1968 08-Apr-1946 09-Sep-1999
Charlie Hunter Jazz Musician 8-string jazz guitar virtuoso 23-May-1967 -
David R. Hunter Administrator Progressive fund advisor 17-May-1916 25-Nov-2000
Duncan Hunter Politician Congressman from California, 1981-2009 31-May-1948 -
Duncan D. Hunter Politician Congressman, California 52nd 07-Dec-1976 -
Evan Hunter Novelist The Blackboard Jungle 15-Oct-1926 07-Jul-2005
Harold Hunter Skateboarder Skateboarder in "Kids" 02-Apr-1974 17-Feb-2006
Heather Hunter Pornstar Too Big For His Bitches 01-Oct-1969 -
Holly Hunter Actor The Piano 20-Mar-1958 -
Ian Hunter Musician Mott the Hoople frontman 03-Jun-1939 -
Ian Hunter Actor The Adventures of Robin Hood 13-Jun-1900 23-Sep-1975
Jeffrey Hunter Actor King of Kings 25-Nov-1926 27-May-1969
John Hunter Doctor English pathologist 13-Feb-1728 16-Oct-1793
John C. Hunter III Business CEO of Solutia, 1999-2004 c. 1947 -
Kim Hunter Actor Stella in A Streetcar Named Desire 12-Nov-1922 11-Sep-2002
Rachel Hunter Model Mrs. Rod Stewart 09-Sep-1969 -
Rielle Hunter Relative Mistress of John Edwards 20-Mar-1964 -
Robert E. Hunter Diplomat US Ambassador to NATO, 1993-98 c. 1940 -
Robert P. Hunter Activist Mackinac Center for Public Policy 23-Aug-1940 -
Ross Hunter Film/TV Producer Imitation of Life 06-May-1920 10-Mar-1996
Russell Hunter Actor Scottish actor 18-Feb-1925 25-Feb-2004
Tab Hunter Actor Damn Yankees 11-Jul-1931 -
William Hunter Doctor English anatomist and obstetrician 23-May-1718 30-Mar-1783
William Curt Hunter Educator Dean of Business, University of Iowa c. 1948 -
Charlayne Hunter-Gault TV Personality NPR, NewsHour reporter 27-Feb-1942 -
Sam Huntington Actor Superman Returns 01-Apr-1982 -
Samuel P. Huntington Author The Clash of Civilizations 18-Apr-1927 24-Dec-2008
Chet Huntley Journalist The Huntley-Brinkley Report 10-Dec-1911 20-Mar-1974
Ian Huntley Criminal Jailed for double murder 31-Jan-1974 -
Raymond Huntley Actor Passport to Pimlico 23-Apr-1904 19-Oct-1990
Robert E. R. Huntley Business CEO of Best Products, 1983-88 13-Jun-1929 -
Eppa Hunton Politician Representative and Senator from Virginia 24-Sep-1822 11-Oct-1908
Jon Huntsman, Jr. Politician US Ambassador to China, 2009-11 26-Mar-1960 -
Jon M. Huntsman Business Founder of Huntsman Corporation 21-Jun-1937 -
Peter R. Huntsman Business CEO of Huntsman c. 1963 -
Erich Hunziker Business CFO of Roche Group 15-Sep-1953 -
Isabelle Huppert Actor La Pianiste 16-Mar-1953 -
Douglas Hurd Politician Former UK Home, Foreign Secretary 08-Mar-1930 -
Mark Hurd Business President of Oracle 1957 -
Michelle Hurd Actor Colleen Manus on The Glades 21-Dec-1966 -
Nick Hurd Politician British MP, Ruislip-Northwood 13-May-1962 -
Rachel Hurd-Wood Actor Wendy Darling 17-Aug-1990 -
Clint Hurdle Baseball Manager, Pittsburgh Pirates 30-Jul-1957 -
Heather F. Hurlburt Activist Executive Director, National Security Network c. 1967 -
Andy Hurley Drummer Drummer for Fall Out Boy 31-May-1980 -
Chad Hurley Business Co-Founder of YouTube 1977 -
Elizabeth Hurley Actor Vanessa Kensington in Austin Powers 10-Jun-1965 -
Patrick J. Hurley Military US Secretary of War, 1929-33 08-Jan-1883 30-Jul-1963
Robert A. Hurley Politician Governor of Connecticut, 1941-43 25-Aug-1895 03-May-1968
Sol Hurok Theatre Producer American impresario 09-Apr-1888 05-Mar-1974
Hurricane Chris Rapper A Bay Bay 27-Feb-1989 -
Jackson Hurst Actor Grayson Kent on Drop Dead Diva 17-Feb-1979 -
Rick Hurst Actor Cletus Hogg on Dukes 01-Jan-1946 -
Robert J. Hurst Business Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs, 1999-2004 1945 -
Ryan Hurst Actor Remember the Titans 19-Jun-1976 -
Zora Neale Hurston Novelist Their Eyes Were Watching God 07-Jan-1891 28-Jan-1960
John Hurt Actor Alien 22-Jan-1940 -
Mary Beth Hurt Actor The World According to Garp 26-Sep-1946 -
Robert Hurt Politician Congressman, Virginia 5th 16-Jun-1969 -
William Hurt Actor Altered States, Broadcast News 20-Mar-1950 -
Leonid Hurwicz Economist Mechanism design theory 21-Aug-1917