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Dan O'Bannon Screenwriter Alien, Total Recall 30-Sep-1946 17-Dec-2009
Frank O'Bannon Politician Governor of Indiana, 1997-2003 30-Jan-1930 13-Sep-2003
Kate O'Beirne Columnist Conservative pundit c. 1949 -
Hugh O'Brian Actor The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp 19-Apr-1925 -
John Lord O'Brian Government Prominent antitrust lawyer 14-Oct-1874 1974
Patrick O'Brian Novelist The Aubreyad series 12-Dec-1914 02-Jan-2000
Barbara O'Brien Politician Lt. Governor of Colorado 18-Apr-1950 -
Conan O'Brien Talk Show Host Briefly hosted The Tonight Show 18-Apr-1963 -
Conor Cruise O'Brien Author Irish Parliamentarian and Scholar 03-Nov-1917 18-Dec-2008
David P. O'Brien Business Chairman, Royal Bank of Canada c. 1940 -
Ed O'Brien Guitarist Guitar, shaky things for Radiohead 15-Apr-1968 -
Edmond O'Brien Actor The Great Imposter 10-Sep-1915 09-May-1985
Edna O'Brien Novelist The Country Girls 15-Dec-1930 -
Edward I. O'Brien Business Securities Industry Association 19-Sep-1928 -
Edwin Frederick O'Brien Religion Catholic Archbishop of Baltimore 08-Apr-1939 -
Fitz-James O'Brien Author The Diamond Lens 31-Dec-1828 06-Apr-1862
Flann O'Brien Author At Swim-Two-Birds 05-Oct-1911 01-Apr-1966
George O'Brien Actor Sunrise 19-Apr-1899 04-Sep-1985
George M. O'Brien Politician Congressman from Illinois, 1973-86 17-Jun-1917 18-Jul-1986
James J. O'Brien Business CEO of Ashland 1955 -
Jane Margaret O'Brien Educator President, St. Mary's College of Maryland c. 1953 -
Jim O'Brien Basketball Head Coach of Indiana Pacers, 2007-11 11-Feb-1952 -
Joan O'Brien Actor Operation Petticoat 14-Feb-1936 -
John F. O'Brien Business CEO of Allmerica Financial, 1995-2002 c. 1943 -
John M. O'Brien Business CFO, New York Times Co., 1998-2001 c. 1943 -
Kate O'Brien Novelist The Land of Spices 03-Dec-1897 13-Aug-1974
Margaret O'Brien Actor Meet Me in St. Louis 15-Jan-1937 -
Morgan O'Brien Business Co-Founder of Nextel c. 1944 -
Parry O'Brien Track and Field Revolutionized the shot put 28-Jan-1932 21-Apr-2007
Pat O'Brien Journalist The Insider 14-Feb-1948 -
Pat O'Brien Actor Angels with Dirty Faces 11-Nov-1899 15-Oct-1983
Peter O'Brien Actor Sam Patterson on The Flying Doctors 25-Mar-1960 -
Richard O'Brien Actor The Rocky Horror Picture Show 25-Mar-1942 -
Richard T. O'Brien Business CEO of Newmont Mining c. 1954 -
Soledad O'Brien Journalist CNN newscaster 19-Sep-1966 -
Terrence L. O'Brien Judge 10th Circuit Court of Appeals 08-Aug-1943 -
Thomas C. O'Brien Business CEO of Insurance Auto Auctions c. 1954 -
Thomas H. O'Brien Business CEO of PNC Financial, 1988-2000 c. 1938 -
Thomas M. O'Brien Business CEO of Travelcenters of America c. 1966 -
Tim O'Brien Novelist Going After Cacciato 01-Oct-1946 -
Tom O'Brien Football NCSU Wolfpack Head Coach 05-Oct-1948 -
Virginia O'Brien Actor The Big Store 18-Apr-1919 16-Jan-2001
Frank E. O'Bryan Business WMC Mortgage Corporation c. 1934 -
Mike O'Callaghan Politician Governor of Nevada, 1971-79 10-Sep-1929 05-Mar-2004
Sean O'Casey Playwright Juno and the Paycock 30-Mar-1880 18-Sep-1964
Colm O'Ciosoig Drummer Drummer for My Bloody Valentine 31-Oct-1964 -
Arthur O'Connell Actor Anatomy of a Murder 29-Mar-1908 18-May-1981
Daniel O'Connell Politician Irish hero, called The Liberator 06-Aug-1775 15-May-1847
David M. O'Connell Educator President, Catholic University of America 21-Apr-1955 -
Helen O'Connell Singer Big Band singer, Green Eyes 23-May-1920 09-Sep-1993
Jerry O'Connell Actor Pete Kaczmarek in The Defenders 17-Feb-1974 -
Robert T. O'Connell Business CEO of GMAC, 1992-94 c. 1938 -
John J. O'Connor III Relative Sandra Day O'Connor's husband 10-Jan-1930 11-Nov-2009
Bob O'Connor Politician Mayor of Pittsburgh, 2006 09-Dec-1944 01-Sep-2006
Carroll O'Connor Actor Archie Bunker in All in the Family 02-Aug-1924 21-Jun-2001
Donald O'Connor Actor Singin' in the Rain 28-Aug-1925 27-Sep-2003
Edwin O'Connor Novelist The Last Hurrah 29-Jul-1918 23-Mar-1968
Flannery O'Connor Author A Good Man Is Hard To Find 25-Mar-1925 03-Aug-1964
Frances O'Connor Actor Artificial Intelligence: AI 12-Jun-1967 -
Frank O'Connor Author Guests of the Nation 17-Sep-1903 10-Mar-1966
Gavin O'Connor Film Director Tumbleweeds 1964 -
Glynnis O'Connor Actor Ode to Billy Joe 19-Nov-1956 -
Gordon O'Connor Politician Canadian Minister of Defence 18-May-1939 -
Hugh O'Connor Actor Lt. Jamison on In the Heat of the Night 07-Apr-1962 28-Mar-1995
James J. O'Connor Business CEO of Commonwealth Edison, 1980-98 15-Mar-1937 -
John Cardinal O'Connor Religion Archbishop of New York, 1984-2000 15-Jan-1920 03-May-2000
John J. O'Connor Business EVP at Hess Corporation c. 1945 -
Kevin J. O'Connor Actor Candy Mountain 15-Nov-1963 -
Maureen O'Connor Politician Mayor of San Diego, 1985-92 14-Jul-1946 -
Maureen O'Connor Judge Justice, Ohio Supreme Court 07-Aug-1951 -
Renée O'Connor Actor Gabrielle on Xena: Warrior Princess 15-Feb-1971 -
Sandra Day O'Connor Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1981-2006 26-Mar-1930 -
Sinead O'Connor Musician Pop star ripped up Pope picture 08-Dec-1966 -
Tim O'Connor Actor Elliot Carson on Peyton Place 03-Jul-1927 -
Una O'Connor Actor Googly-eyed character actress 23-Oct-1880 04-Feb-1959
Herbert O'Conor Politician Governor and Senator from Maryland 17-Nov-1896 04-Mar-1960
Anita O'Day Singer/Songwriter Feminine master of scat 18-Oct-1919 23-Nov-2006
Aubrey O'Day Singer All About Aubrey 11-Feb-1984 -
Judith O'Dea Actor Night of the Living Dead 20-Apr-1945 -
Nancy O'Dell Actor Entertainment Tonight 25-Feb-1966 -
Wally O'Dell Business CEO of Diebold, 1999-2005 c. 1945 -
Cathy O'Donnell Actor They Live by Night 06-Jul-1923 11-Apr-1970
Chris O'Donnell Actor NCIS Los Angeles 26-Jun-1970 -
Christine O'Donnell Politician 2010 candidate for US Senate, Delaware 27-Aug-1969 -
Lawrence O'Donnell Journalist MSNBC political analyst 07-Nov-1951 -
Rosie O'Donnell Talk Show Host The Rosie O'Donnell Show 21-Mar-1962 -
Terrence O'Donnell Judge Justice, Ohio Supreme Court 11-Feb-1946 -
Daniel A. O'Donohue Diplomat US Ambassador to Thailand, 1988-91 27-Oct-1931 -
Chris O'Dowd Actor Roy on The IT Crowd 09-Oct-1979 -
Martha O'Driscoll Actor Li'l Abner 04-Mar-1922 03-Nov-1998
Sean O'Faolain Novelist Come Back to Erin 22-Feb-1900 20-Apr-1991
Liam O'Flaherty Novelist Thy Neighbour's Wife 28-Aug-1896 07-Sep-1984
James A. O'Gorman Politician US Senator from New York, 1911-17 05-May-1860 17-May-1943
Gail O'Grady Actor American Dreams 23-Jan-1963 -
Lani O'Grady Actor Mary Bradford on Eight Is Enough 02-Oct-1954 25-Sep-2001
Paul O'Grady Comic British drag queen 14-Jun-1955 -
Madalyn Murray O'Hair Religion Atheist spokeswoman 13-Apr-1919 Sep-1995
Michael D. O'Halleran Business President and COO of Aon, 1999-2004 c. 1953 -
Jack O'Halloran Actor Non in Superman 08-Apr-1943 -
Michael O'Hanlon Scholar Brookings Institution c. 1958 -
Brian M. O'Hara Business CEO of XL Capital ? -
Catherine O'Hara Comic Delia in Beetlejuice 04-Mar-1954 -
David O'Hara Actor Braveheart 09-Jul-1965 -
Frank O'Hara Poet Meditations in an Emergency 27-Jun-1926 25-Jul-1966
Jenny O'Hara Actor Dixie Randazzo on My Sister Sam 24-Feb-1942 -
John O'Hara Author Appointment in Samarra 31-Jan-1905 11-Apr-1970
Maureen O'Hara Actor Miracle on 34th Street 17-Aug-1920 -
Dean R. O'Hare Business CEO of Chubb, 1988-2002 c. 1941 -
Denis O'Hare Actor Larry Harvey on American Horror Story 17-Jan-1962 -
Michael O'Hare Actor Jeffrey Sinclair on Babylon 5 06-May-1952 -
Jim O'Heir Actor Jerry Gergich on Parks and Recreation 04-Feb-1962 -
Dan O'Herlihy Actor The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe 01-May-1919 17-Feb-2005
Bernardo O'Higgins Head of State Supreme Director of Chile, 1817-23 20-Aug-1778 24-Oct-1842
John O'Hurley Actor J. Peterman on Seinfeld 09-Oct-1954 -
Dennis O'Keefe Actor Brewster's Millions 29-Mar-1908 31-Aug-1968
Eric O'Keefe Activist Sam Adams Alliance Dec-1954 -
James O'Keefe Activist ACORN, Planned Parenthood sting videos 28-Jun-1984 -
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe Actor Nash Bridges 10-Oct-1978 -
Johnny O'Keefe Musician King of Australian rock and roll 06-Jan-1935 06-Oct-1978
Michael O'Keefe Actor Caddyshack 24-Apr-1955 -
Sean O'Keefe Administrator NASA Administrator, 2001-05 27-Jan-1956 -
Georgia O'Keeffe Painter American abstract and landscape painter 15-Nov-1887 06-Mar-1986
Miles O'Keeffe Actor Tarzan, the Ape Man 20-Jun-1954 -
Christopher D. O'Leary Business COO Intl. of General Mills c. 1959 -
Denis J. O'Leary Business EVP at JP Morgan Chase, 1994-2003 1956 -
Denise M. O'Leary Business Former Partner, Menlo Ventures c. 1957 -
George O'Leary Football Head Coach, U. of Central Florida 17-Aug-1946 -
Hazel O'Leary Government US Secretary of Energy 1993-97 17-May-1937 -
Matt O'Leary Actor Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire 06-Jul-1987 -
Patrick J. O'Leary Business CFO of SPX Corporation c. 1957 -
Alex O'Loughlin Actor Hawaii Five-O 24-Aug-1975 -
Gerald S. O'Loughlin Actor Lt. Ed Ryker on The Rookies 23-Dec-1921 -
Joseph C. O'Mahoney Politician US Senator from Wyoming, 1934-61 05-Nov-1884 01-Dec-1962
David B. O'Maley Business Ohio National Financial Services c. 1945 -
J. Pat O'Malley Actor Harry Burns on My Favorite Martian 15-Mar-1904 27-Feb-1985
Martin O'Malley Politician Governor of Maryland 18-Jan-1963 -
Mike O'Malley Actor Jimmy Hughes on Yes, Dear 31-Oct-1969 -
Seán Cardinal O'Malley Religion Catholic Archbishop of Boston 29-Jun-1944 -
Shaun F. O'Malley Business Chairman of Price Waterhouse, 1987-95 c. 1937 -
Jason O'Mara Actor Jim Shannon on Terra Nova 06-Aug-1972 -
Mark O'Meara Golf Winner of 2 Majors in 1998 13-Jan-1957 -
Vicki A. O'Meara Attorney Chief Legal Officer at Pitney Bowes 13-May-1957 -
Patrice O'Neal Comic Mr. P 07-Dec-1969 29-Nov-2011
Patrick O'Neal Actor Chamber of Horrors 26-Sep-1927 09-Sep-1994
Rodney O'Neal Business CEO of Delphi c. 1954 -
Ron O'Neal Actor Youngblood Priest in Superfly 01-Sep-1937 14-Jan-2004
Ryan O'Neal Actor Paper Moon 20-Apr-1941 -
Shaquille O'Neal Basketball Shaq Attack 06-Mar-1972 -
Stanley O'Neal Business CEO of Merrill Lynch, 2002-07 07-Oct-1951 -
Tatum O'Neal Actor Paper Moon 05-Nov-1963 -
Barbara O'Neil Actor Ellen O'Hara in Gone with the Wind 17-Jul-1910 03-Sep-1980
Brendan O'Neill Business CEO of Imperial Chemical Industries, 1999-2003 c. 1948 -
C. William O'Neill Politician Governor of Ohio, 1957-59 14-Feb-1916 20-Aug-1978
Dick O'Neill Actor Charlie Cagney on Cagney and Lacey 29-Aug-1928 17-Nov-1998
Ed O'Neill Actor Al Bundy on Married with Children 12-Apr-1946 -
Eugene O'Neill Playwright Long Day's Journey Into Night 16-Oct-1888 27-Nov-1953
Harriet O'Neill Judge Justice, Texas Supreme Court 20-Apr-1957 -
Henry O'Neill Actor Anchors Aweigh 10-Aug-1891 18-May-1961
Hugh O'Neill Military Irish Rebel, 2nd Earl of Tyrone c. 1540 1616
Jennifer O'Neill Actor Summer of '42 20-Feb-1948 -
Jim O'Neill Economist Chairman, Goldman Sachs Asset Management c. 1956 -
John E. O'Neill Activist Longtime John Kerry antagonist 19-Feb-1946 -
John P. O'Neill Government Anti-Terrorism expert, died in 9/11 06-Feb-1952 11-Sep-2001
Joseph O'Neill Business O'Neill Properties c. 1945 -
Kevin O'Neill Basketball Interim Head Coach, U. of Arizona 24-Jan-1957 -
Onora O'Neill Philosopher President of the British Academy, 2005-09 23-Aug-1941 -
Paul O'Neill Government US Treasury Secretary, 2001-02 04-Dec-1935 -
Thomas C. O'Neill Business CEO of PWC Canada, 1998-2001 c. 1946 -
Thomas F. O'Neill Business Sandler O'Neill & Partners c. 1946 -
Tip O'Neill Politician Speaker of the House, 1977-87 09-Dec-1912 05-Jan-1994
William A. O'Neill Politician Governor of Connecticut, 1980-91 11-Aug-1930 24-Nov-2007
Terry O'Quinn Actor Locke on Lost 15-Jul-1952 -
Bill O'Reilly Talk Show Host The O'Reilly Factor 10-Sep-1949 -
David J. O'Reilly Business CEO of Chevron, 2005-09 1947 -
Tim O'Reilly Publisher Publisher, O'Reilly Media 06-Jun-1954 -
Heather O'Rourke Actor Carol Anne in Poltergeist 27-Dec-1975 01-Feb-1988
Jim O'Rourke Musician Rock/avant-garde composer and producer 18-Jan-1969 -
Matthew J. O'Rourke Business Former Partner, Price Waterhouse c. 1939 -
P. J. O'Rourke Author Political satirist 14-Nov-1947 -
Diarmuid F. O'Scannlain Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 28-Mar-1937 -
James O'Shea Journalist LA Times Editor, 2006-08 ? -
Michael O'Shea Actor It's a Great Life 17-Mar-1906 04-Dec-1973
Milo O'Shea Actor Ulysses 02-Jun-1926 -
Maureen O'Sullivan Actor A Day at the Races 17-May-1911 28-Jun-1998
Annette O'Toole Actor Martha Kent on Smallville 01-Apr-1952 -
Peter O'Toole Actor Lawrence of Arabia 02-Aug-1932 -
Robert J. O'Toole Business CEO of AO Smith, 1989-2005 c. 1941 -
Karen O Singer Yeah Yeah Yeahs 22-Nov-1978 -
Mary Rose Oakar Politician Congresswoman from Ohio, 1977-93 05-Mar-1940 -
Paul Oakenfold Music Producer Music producer, Perfecto Records 30-Aug-1963 -
Michael Oakeshott Philosopher Rationalism in Politics 11-Dec-1901 19-Dec-1990
Jack Oakie Actor The Great Dictator 12-Nov-1903 23-Jan-1978
Simon Oakland Actor Tony Vincenzo on Kolchak 28-Aug-1915 29-Aug-1983
Annie Oakley Performance Artist Little Sure Shot 13-Aug-1860 03-Nov-1926
Phyllis E. Oakley Government Assistant Secy. of State for Intelligence, 1997-99 1934 -
Robert B. Oakley Diplomat US Ambassador to Pakistan, 1988-91 12-Mar-1931 -
John Oates Musician Half of Hall and Oates 07-Apr-1949 -
Johnny Oates Baseball Former Orioles and Rangers manager 21-Jan-1946 24-Dec-2004
Joyce Carol Oates Author Author of over 40 novels 16-Jun-1938 -
Titus Oates Criminal Popish Plot 15-Sep-1649 12-Jul-1705
Warren Oates Actor Two-Lane Blacktop 05-Jul-1928 03-Apr-1982
Barack Obama, Sr. Relative Father of President Barack Obama 18-Jun-1936 24-Nov-1982
Barack Obama Head of State 44th President of the United States 04-Aug-1961 -
Michelle Obama First Lady Wife of Barack Obama 17-Jan-1964 -
Olusegun Obasanjo Head of State President of Nigeria, 1999-2007 05-Mar-1937 -
Ken Ober Game Show Host Remote Control, Ober and Olsen 03-Jul-1957 15-Nov-2009
Philip Ober Actor From Here to Eternity 23-Mar-1902 13-Sep-1982
Don Oberdorfer Journalist The Washington Post 28-May-1931 -
James E. Oberg Historian Space exploration historian 07-Nov-1944 -
Douglas R. Oberhelman Business CEO of Caterpillar c. 1953 -
William E. Oberndorf Business SPO Partners & Co. c. 1953 -
Vivek Oberoi Actor Kisna: The Warrior Poet 03-Sep-1976 -
Merle Oberon Actor Wuthering Heights 19-Feb-1911 23-Nov-1979
Conor Oberst Singer/Songwriter Emo cloud responsible for Bright Eyes 15-Feb-1980 -
James Oberstar Politician Congressman from Minnesota, 1975-2011 10-Sep-1934 -
Jim Oberweis Business Republican dairy magnate 1946 -
James C. Oberwetter Diplomat US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, 2004-06 03-Nov-1944 -
David Obey Politician Congressman from Wisconsin, 1969-2011 03-Oct-1938 -
Milton Obote Head of State Two-time President of Uganda 28-Dec-1924 10-Oct-2005
Candy M. Obourn Business CEO of Active Healthcare, Inc. c. 1950 -
Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Politician Mayor of Mexico City 13-Nov-1953 -
Jacqueline Obradors Actor Det. Ortiz on NYPD Blue 06-Oct-1966 -
Álvaro Obregón Head of State President of Mexico, 1920-24 19-Feb-1880 17-Jul-1928
Vincent Obsitnik Business US Ambassador to Slovakia 1938 -
Keizo Obuchi Head of State Prime Minister of Japan, 1998-2000 25-Jun-1937 14-May-2000
Abdullah Ocalan Politician Leader of the PKK 04-Apr-1948 -
Raymond L. Ocampo Business General Counsel at Oracle, 1990-96 c. 1952 -
Ric Ocasek Musician Singer for The Cars, producer 23-Mar-1949 -
Samson Occom Religion American Indian hymn writer 1723 14-Jul-1792
Billy Ocean Singer Caribbean Queen 21-Jan-1950 -
Frank Ocean Rapper OFWGKTA rapper 28-Oct-1987 -
Ellen Ochoa Astronaut First hispanic female astronaut 10-May-1958 -
Lorena Ochoa Golf Winner of 2 Majors 15-Nov-1981 -
Severo Ochoa Scientist Synthesized RNA 24-Sep-1905 01-Nov-1993
Hilda Ochoa-Brillembourg Business Strategic Investment Group c. 1944 -
Chad Ochocinco Football NFL wide receiver 09-Jan-1978 -
Adolph Ochs Publisher New York Times Publisher, 1896-1936 12-Mar-1858 08-Apr-1935
Phil Ochs Singer/Songwriter 50 Phil Ochs fans can't be wrong 19-Dec-1940 09-Apr-1976
Uwe Ochsenknecht Actor Schtonk! 07-Jan-1956 -
William of Ockham Philosopher Occam's Razor c. 1285 09-Apr-1348
Bev Oda Politician Canadian MP, Durham 27-Jul-1944 -
Shavo Odadjian Bassist Bassist, System of a Down 22-Apr-1974 -
David Oddsson Head of State Prime Minister of Iceland, 1991-2004 17-Jan-1948 -
Philip A. Odeen Business CEO of BDM International, 1992-97 c. 1935 -
Greg Oden Basketball Portland Trail Blazers 22-Jan-1988 -
Bob Odenkirk Comic Mr. Show 22-Oct-1962 -
Clifford Odets Playwright Sweet Smell of Success 18-Jul-1906 14-Aug-1963
Odetta Singer Queen of American Folk Music 31-Dec-1930 02-Dec-2008
Raymond T. Odierno Military US Army Chief of Staff 08-Sep-1954 -
Raila Odinga Head of State Prime Minister of Kenya 07-Jan-1945 -
Rodrigo Carazo Odio Head of State President of Costa Rica, 1978-82 27-Dec-1926 09-Dec-2009
Steve Odland Business CEO of Office Depot 1959 -
Odo Royalty King of France 888-898 c. 860 AD 1-Jan-898 AD
Odo of Bayeux Military Bishop of Bayeux c. 1036 1097
Odoacer Royalty First Barbarian King of Italy c. 433 AD 15-Mar-493 AD
Dave Odom Basketball Head Coach, U. of South Carolina 09-Oct-1942 -
Judy C. Odom Business Software Spectrum c. 1953 -
Lamar Odom Basketball L.A. Clippers forward 06-Nov-1979 -
William Odom Military NSA Director 1985-88 23-Jun-1932 30-May-2008
Kenzaburo Oé Author A Personal Matter 31-Jan-1935 -
Vernon E. Oechsle Business CEO of Quanex, 1996-2001 c. 1942 -
John Oecolampadius Religion German-Swiss Protestant reformer 1482 23-Nov-1531
Steve Oedekerk Film/TV Producer Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls 27-Nov-1961 -
Hans Christian Oersted Physicist Discovered electromagnetics 14-Aug-1777 09-Mar-1851
Al Oerter Track and Field Four-time Olympic discus gold medalist 19-Sep-1936 01-Oct-2007
James E. Oesterreicher Business CEO of JC Penney, 1995-2000 c. 1942 -
George W. Off Business Checkpoint Systems c. 1947 -
Offa Royalty King of Mercia, 757-96 AD ? 29-Jul-796 AD
Jacques Offenbach Composer Inventor of the the opérette 20-Jun-1819 05-Oct-1880
Nick Offerman Actor Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation 26-Jun-1970 -
Morris W. Offit Business Founder of OFFITBANK c. 1935 -
Shijuro Ogata Economist Trilateral Commission's Pacific Asia deputy ? -
David W. Ogden Attorney Deputy US Attorney General 12-Nov-1953 -
James D. P. Ogden Business First President of New York Life Insurance Company 26-Aug-1790 07-Apr-1870
John Ogilby Publisher Royal Cosmographer, printer 1600 04-Sep-1676
Richard B. Ogilvie Politician Governor of Illinois, 1969-73 22-Feb-1923 10-May-1988
Geoff Ogilvy Golf Winner, 2006 US Open 11-Jun-1977 -
Ian Ogilvy Actor Return of the Saint 30-Sep-1943 -
Charles R. Oglesby Business CEO of Asbury Automotive Group c. 1946 -
William S. Oglesby Business Managing Director, Blackstone Group c. 1959 -
James Edward Oglethorpe Government Founder of Georgia colony 22-Dec-1696 01-Jul-1785
Charles Ogletree Attorney Law professor 31-Dec-1952 -
Nivek Ogre Musician Vocals, Spooky Horn for Skinny Puppy 05-Dec-1962 -
Sadaharu Oh Baseball Japan's all-time Home Run King 20-May-1940 -
Sandra Oh Actor Grey's Anatomy 20-Jul-1971 -
Soon-Tek Oh Actor Frequently on M*A*S*H 29-Jan-1943 -
Michael Oher Football Baltimore Ravens OT 28-May-1986 -
Bertil Ohlin Economist Hecksher-Ohlin model of free trade 23-Apr-1899 03-Aug-1979
Don Ohlmeyer Business President of NBC West Coast 03-Feb-1945 -
Georg Simon Ohm Physicist Ohm's Law 16-Mar-1789 06-Jul-1854
Apolo Anton Ohno Speed Skating Olympic skater, Dancing with the Stars 22-May-1982 -
Masi Oka Actor Hiro Nakamura on Heroes 27-Dec-1974 -
Emeka Okafor Basketball Charlotte Hornets forward/center 28-Sep-1982 -
Marc D. Oken Business CFO of Bank of America, 2004-05 c. 1946 -
Sophie Okonedo Actor Hotel Rwanda 01-Jan-1969 -
Daniel Okrent Author Former public editor, New York Times 02-Apr-1948 -
Ben Okri Author The Famished Road 15-Mar-1959 -
Michel Oksenberg Scholar Leading sinologist 12-Oct-1938 22-Feb-2001
Enuka Okuma Actor Traci Nash on Rookie Blue 20-Sep-1976 -
Arthur M. Okun Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 1964-69 28-Nov-1928 23-Mar-1980
Herbert S. Okun Diplomat US Ambassador to the UN, 1985-89 27-Nov-1930 08-Nov-2011
Olaf I Tryggvason Royalty King of Norway, 995-1000 AD 969 AD 1000 AD
George A. Olah Chemist Isolated carbonium ions 22-May-1927 -
Hakeem Olajuwon Basketball Houston Rockets 21-Jan-1963 -
Warner Oland Actor Charlie Chan 03-Oct-1879 06-Aug-1938
Marvin Olasky Pundit The Tragedy of American Compassion 12-Jun-1950 -
Olaf II Haraldsson Royalty King of Norway, 1016-29 995 AD 29-Jul-1030
Olav V Royalty King of Norway, 1957-91 02-Jul-1903 17-Jan-1991
Hutham S. Olayan Business Olayan Group c. 1954 -
Lubna Olayan Business Prominent Saudi businesswoman 1955 -
José María Olazábal Golf Winner, 1994 and 1999 Masters 05-Feb-1966 -
Keith Olbermann Pundit Countdown 27-Jan-1959 -
Wilhelm Olbers Astronomer Studied asteroids, comets 11-Oct-1758 02-Mar-1840
Friedrich Olbricht Military German general, failed coup plotter 04-Oct-1888 20-Jul-1944
Sir John Oldcastle Military Lollard rebel leader c. 1378 14-Dec-1417
Claes Oldenburg Sculptor Pop-Art sculptor 28-Jan-1929 -
Anne Oldfield Actor 18th century English actress 1683 23-Oct-1730
Mike Oldfield Musician Composer, Tubular Bells 15-May-1953 -
Will Oldham Singer/Songwriter Enigmatic folk singer, actor 1970 -
Gary Oldman Actor Sid Vicious in Sid and Nancy 21-Mar-1958 -
Ransom E. Olds Business Founder of Nucor and Oldsmobile 03-Jun-1864 26-Aug-1950
Sharon Olds Poet The Dead and the Living 19-Nov-1942 -
Douglas E. Olesen Business CEO of Battelle, 1987-2001 c. 1938 -
Larisa Oleynik Actor The Secret World of Alex Mack 07-Jun-1981 -
James R. Olin Politician Congressman from Virginia, 1983-93 28-Feb-1920 29-Jul-2006
Ken Olin Actor Michael Steadman on thirtysomething 30-Jul-1954 -
Lena Olin Actor Enemies: A Love Story 22-Mar-1956 -
Laurence Oliphant Author Scientific Religion 1829 23-Dec-1888
Margaret Oliphant Novelist The Chronicles of Carlingford 04-Apr-1828 25-Jun-1897
Mark Oliphant Physicist Deuterium reactions 08-Oct-1901 14-Jul-2000
Pat Oliphant Cartoonist Editorial cartoonist, won 1967 Pulitzer 24-Jul-1935 -
Tom Oliphant Columnist Boston Globe columnist c. 1945 -
Ramon de Oliveira Business Former JP Morgan executive c. 1955 -
Barney Oliver Astronomer SETI researcher 27-May-1916 23-Nov-1995
Barret Oliver Actor The Neverending Story 14-Aug-1973 -
Edna May Oliver Actor Drums Along the Mohawk 09-Nov-1883 09-Nov-1942
George T. Oliver Politician US Senator from Pennsylvania, 1909-17 26-Jan-1848 22-Jan-1919
Gordon Oliver Actor The Spiral Staircase 27-Apr-1910 26-Jan-1995
Isaac Oliver Painter English miniature painter c. 1556 02-Oct-1617
Jamie Oliver Chef The Naked Chef 27-May-1975 -
John Oliver Comic The Daily Show 23-Apr-1977 -
King Oliver Jazz Musician King Oliver Creole Jazz Band 11-May-1885 10-Apr-1938
Mary Oliver Poet American Primitive 10-Sep-1935 -
Michael Oliver Actor Problem Child 10-Oct-1981 -
Peter Oliver Painter English miniature painter 1594 1647
Revilo P. Oliver Activist Founding member, John Birch Society 07-Jul-1908 10-Aug-1994
Susan Oliver Actor Actress-cum-Aviatrix 13-Feb-1932 10-May-1990
Walter M. Oliver Business Senior VP at General Dynamics c. 1945 -
Nick Oliveri Bassist Queens of the Stone Age 21-Oct-1971 -
Chris Olivero Actor Declan McDonough on Kyle XY 15-Oct-1979 -
Pauline Oliveros Composer Composer, Deep Listener 02-Jun-1932 -
Camillo Olivetti Business Founder of Olivetti SpA 13-Aug-1868 04-Dec-1943
Fred Olivi Military Co-pilot of Nagasaki bombing 16-Jan-1922 08-Apr-2004
Marc Olivié Business MRO Management BVBA 1954 -
Laurence Olivier Actor Shakespearean actor 22-May-1907 11-Jul-1989
Jorma Ollila Business CEO of Nokia, 1992-2006 15-Aug-1950 -
Ehud Olmert Politician Prime Minister of Israel, 2006-09 30-Sep-1945 -
Ermanno Olmi Film Director L'albero degli zoccoli 24-Jul-1931 -
Edward James Olmos Actor Battlestar Galactica 24-Feb-1947 -
Frederick Law Olmsted Architect Designed New York's Central Park 26-Apr-1822 28-Aug-1903
Richard Olney Government US Secretary of State, 1895-97 15-Sep-1835 08-Apr-1917
Warren Olney Radio Personality LA radio host, To the Point ? -
Ashley Olsen Actor Olsen Twin 13-Jun-1986 -
David A. Olsen Business CEO of Johnson & Higgins, 1990-97 c. 1937 -
Elizabeth Olsen Actor Martha Marcy May Marlene 16-Feb-1989 -
Eric Christian Olsen Actor Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd 31-May-1977 -
Ken Olsen Business Founder of Digital Equipment Corporation 20-Feb-1925 06-Feb-2011
Mary-Kate Olsen Actor Olsen Twin 13-Jun-1986 -
Merlin Olsen Football Rams defensive tackle, FTD shill 15-Sep-1940 11-Mar-2010
Moroni Olsen Actor Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 27-Jun-1889 22-Nov-1954
Susan Olsen Actor Cindy on The Brady Bunch 14-Aug-1961 -
Tillie Olsen Author Tell Me a Riddle 14-Jan-1913 01-Jan-2007
Allen I. Olson Politician Governor of North Dakota, 1981-85 05-Nov-1938 -
Barbara Olson TV Personality Conservative TV pundit 27-Dec-1955 11-Sep-2001
Charles Olson Poet The Maximus Poems 27-Dec-1910 10-Jan-1970
Clifford Olson Criminal Killed 11 youths in British Columbia 01-Jan-1940 30-Sep-2011
Culbert L. Olson Politician Governor of California, 1939-43 07-Nov-1876 13-Apr-1962
Elder Olson Critic Critics and Criticism 09-Mar-1909 25-Jul-1992
Frank A. Olson Business CEO of Hertz Corporation, 1977-99 19-Jul-1932 -
James Olson Actor Rachel, Rachel 08-Oct-1930 -
James P. Olson Business Senior VP at Pepsi, 2002-06 c. 1949 -
Jane Olson Activist Chairman, Human Rights Watch ? -
Johnny Olson Game Show Host Announcer for What's My Line, etc. 22-May-1910 12-Oct-1985
Lute Olson Basketball Head Coach, AZ Wildcats Basketball 22-Sep-1934 -
Lyndon L. Olson Diplomat US Ambassador to Sweden, 1998-2001 1947 -
Lynne Olson Author Freedom's Daughters c. 1949 -
Mark W. Olson Economist Chairman, PCAOB 17-Mar-1943 -
Nancy Olson Actor Sunset Blvd. 14-Jul-1928 -
Ole H. Olson Politician Governor of North Dakota, 1934-35 19-Sep-1872 29-Jan-1954
Pete Olson Politician Congressman, Texas 22nd 09-Dec-1962 -
Ronald L. Olson Attorney Munger Tolles & Olson 1941 -
Russell Olson Politician Lt. Governor of Wisconsin, 1979-83 19-Feb-1924 14-Apr-2010
Sara Jane Olson Criminal Symbionese Liberation Army 16-Jan-1947 -
Tagar C. Olson Business Kohlberg Kravis Roberts c. 1977 -
Ted Olson Government US Solicitor General, 2001-04 11-Sep-1940 -
Renee Olstead Actor Lauren Miller on Still Standing 18-Jun-1989 -
John Olver Politician Congressman, Massachusetts 1st 03-Sep-1936 -
Olympias Royalty Wife of Philip II of Macedon c. 375 BC 316 BC
Timothy Olyphant Actor Sheriff Bullock on Deadwood 20-May-1968 -
Omar Royalty Second Caliph, 634-44 c. 581 AD 3-Nov-644 AD
Don Omar Rapper Popular reggaeton artist 10-Feb-1978 -
Mohammed Omar Terrorist Head of the Taliban 1959 -
Omarion Musician B2K, later solo artist 12-Nov-1984 -
Gilbert S. Omenn Business Professor, University of Michigan 30-Aug-1941 -
Pierre M. Omidyar Business Founder of eBay 21-Jun-1967 -
Craig P. Omtvedt Business CFO of Fortune Brands c. 1949 -
Timothy Omundson Actor Carlton Lassiter on Psych 29-Jul-1969 -
Aristotle Onassis Business Greek shipping tycoon 15-Jan-1906 15-Mar-1975
Christina Onassis Relative Daughter of Aristotle Onassis 11-Dec-1950 19-Nov-1988
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis First Lady Wife of John F. Kennedy 28-Jul-1929 19-May-1994
Michael Ondaatje Novelist The English Patient 12-Sep-1943 -
Dose One Rapper Anticon member 1977 -
Raymond R. Oneglia Business Vice Chairman of O&G Industries, 1997-2000 c. 1948 -
John Ong Diplomat US Ambassador to Norway, 2002-05 29-Sep-1933 -
Toni Onley Painter British Columbia's flying artist 20-Nov-1928 29-Feb-2004
Jerry Only Bassist Bassist for The Misfits 21-Apr-1959 -
Seigen Ono Musician Avant-garde jazz composer, guitarist and engineer 1958 -
Yoko Ono Artist Impenetrable musician, wife of John Lennon 18-Feb-1933 -
Peter Onorati Actor Charlie Howell on Civil Wars 13-May-1954 -
Joseph A. Onorato Business CFO of Echlin, 1997-98 c. 1949 -
Lars Onsager Chemist Fourth Law of Thermodynamics 27-Nov-1903 05-Oct-1976
Chris Onstad Cartoonist Achewood 14-Jun-1975 -
Lupe Ontiveros Actor Frequently portrayed maids 17-Sep-1942 26-Jul-2012
Michael Ontkean Actor Sheriff Harry S. Truman, Twin Peaks 24-Jan-1946 -
Jan Hendrik Oort Astronomer Theory of the origin of comets 28-Apr-1900 05-Nov-1992
Carter Oosterhouse TV Personality Carpenter on Trading Spaces 19-Sep-1976 -
Louis Oosthuizen Golf Winner, 2010 British Open 19-Oct-1982 -
Marian P. Opala Judge Justice, Oklahoma Supreme Court, 1978-2010 20-Jan-1921 11-Oct-2010
David Opatoshu Actor Raid on Entebbe 30-Jan-1918 30-Apr-1996
Marcel Ophüls Film Director The Sorrow and the Pity 01-Nov-1927 -
Max Ophüls Film Director Letter from an Unknown Woman 06-May-1902 25-Mar-1957
Opie Radio Personality The Opie & Anthony Show 23-May-1963 -
John Opie Painter English portrait painter May-1761 09-Apr-1807
John D. Opie Business Vice Chairman of GE, 1995-2000 c. 1939 -
Ernst J. Öpik Astronomer Andromeda Nebula 23-Oct-1893 10-Sep-1985
George Oppen Poet Objectivist proponent and poet 24-Apr-1908 07-Jul-1984
Meret Oppenheim Artist Fur-covered teacup 06-Oct-1911 15-Nov-1985
Frank Oppenheimer Physicist Founder of the Exploratorium 14-Aug-1912 03-Feb-1985
Nicky Oppenheimer Business Chairman of De Beers 08-Jun-1945 -
Robert Oppenheimer Physicist Physicist, headed the Manhattan Project 22-Apr-1904 18-Feb-1967
William of Orange Royalty Conquered England, Scotland, Ireland 14-Nov-1650 08-Mar-1702
Manuel Orantes Tennis Winner, 1975 US Open 05-Feb-1949 -
Jerry Orbach Actor Lennie Briscoe from Law & Order 20-Oct-1935 28-Dec-2004
George P. Orban Business Orban Partners c. 1945 -
Viktor Orbán Head of State Prime Minister of Hungary 31-May-1963 -
Robert Orben Author Prolific jokewriter 04-Mar-1927 -
Roy Orbison Singer/Songwriter Pretty Woman 23-Apr-1936 06-Dec-1988
William Orbit Electronic Musician Electronic music performer and producer 15-Dec-1956 -
Gustavo Díaz Ordaz Head of State President of Mexico, 1964-70 12-Mar-1911 15-Jul-1979
John M. Ordway Diplomat US Ambassador to Kazakhstan 1950 -
Řystein Ore Mathematician Ring theorist 07-Oct-1899 13-Aug-1968
Paul Orfalea Business Founder of Kinko's 28-Nov-1947 -
Carl Orff Composer Carmina Burana 10-Jul-1895 29-Mar-1982
Orhan I Royalty Bey of Osmanli, father of the first Ottoman Sultan 1284 1359
Origen Religion Early Church Father c. 185 AD c. 254 AD
Victor Oristano Business Alda Limited Partners 10-Sep-1916 -
Felice Orlandi Actor Italian-American character actor 18-Sep-1925 21-May-2003
Tony Orlando Singer Tony Orlando and Dawn 03-Apr-1944 -
Susan Orlean Author The Orchid Thief 31-Oct-1955 -
Bernard van Orley Painter Flemish Renaissance painter 1492 06-Jan-1542
Peter Orlovsky Poet Beat poet, lover of Allen Ginsberg 08-Jul-1933 30-May-2010
Orm Author Ormulum fl. 1200 AD fl. 1200 AD
Suze Orman Author The Road to Wealth 05-Jun-1951 -
Eugene Ormandy Conductor Music Director, Philadelphia Orchestra, 1938-80 18-Nov-1899 12-Mar-1985
Julia Ormond Actor Sabrina 04-Jan-1965 -
Paul A. Ormond Business CEO of Manor Care c. 1949 -
Einar Orn Singer Singer for The Sugarcubes 29-Oct-1962 -
Norman Ornstein Author American Enterprise Institute 14-Oct-1948 -
Orosius Historian Early Christian historian fl. 415 AD fl. 415 AD
José Clemente Orozco Painter 20th c. Mexican muralist 23-Nov-1883 07-Sep-1949
Benjamin Orr Bassist Bassist for The Cars 08-Sep-1947 03-Oct-2000
Bobby Orr Hockey Hockey hall-of-famer 20-Mar-1948 -
David D. Orr Politician Cook County Clerk 04-Oct-1944 -
James F. Orr III Business CEO of UNUM Corporation, 1987-99 c. 1943 -
James F. Orr Business CEO of Convergys, 1998-2007 c. 1946 -
John Boyd Orr Scientist Nutritionist, Nobel Prize recipient 23-Sep-1880 25-Jun-1971
John L. Orr Criminal California arson investigator, arsonist 26-Apr-1949 -
Kay A. Orr Politician Governor of Nebraska, 1987-91 02-Jan-1939 -
Robert D. Orr Politician Governor of Indiana, 1989-92 17-Nov-1917 10-Mar-2004
San W. Orr, Jr. Business Wausau Paper Corporation 1941 -
Stacie Orrico Singer Christian pop/R&B singer 03-Mar-1986 -
Leland Orser Actor Dr. Lucien Dubenko on ER 06-Aug-1960 -
Mollie Orshansky Economist Orshansky Index 09-Jan-1915 18-Dec-2006
Felice Orsini Assassin Attempted assassin of Napoleon III 1819 13-Mar-1858
Peter R. Orszag Government Beltway economist 16-Dec-1968 -
Daniel Ortega Head of State President of Nicaragua 11-Nov-1945 -
Katherine D. Ortega Government Treasurer of the US, 1983-89 16-Jul-1934 -
Kenny Ortega Choreographer High School Musical 18-Apr-1950 -
Abraham Ortelius Cartographer Theatrum Orbis Terrarum atlas 14-Apr-1527 04-Jul-1598
Frank Orth Actor Insp. Faraday on Boston Blackie 21-Feb-1880 17-Mar-1962
Zak Orth Actor When Trumpets Fade 15-Oct-1970 -
Revius O. Ortique, Jr. Judge Justice, Louisiana Supreme Court 14-Jun-1924 22-Jun-2008
Ana Ortiz Actor Hilda Suarez on Ugly Betty 25-Jan-1971 -
David Ortiz Baseball Boston Red Sox 18-Nov-1975 -
Frank V. Ortiz Diplomat US Ambassador to Argentina, 1983-86 14-Mar-1926 27-Feb-2005
Solomon Ortiz Politician Congressman from Texas, 1983-2011 03-Jun-1937 -
Tito Ortiz Sports Figure UFC / mixed martial arts fighter 23-Jan-1975 -
Ulises Ruiz Ortiz Politician Disputed governor of Oaxaca 09-Apr-1958 -
Tom A. Ortolf Business President of Echostar, 1988-91 c. 1950 -
Beth Orton Singer/Songwriter Folk singer/songwriter 14-Dec-1970 -
Bill Orton Politician Congressman from Utah, 1991-97 22-Sep-1948 18-Apr-2009
Joe Orton Playwright Prick Up Your Ears 01-Jan-1933 09-Aug-1967
Randy Orton Wrestling The Legend Killer 01-Apr-1980 -
George Orwell Author 1984 and Animal Farm 25-Jun-1903 21-Jan-1950
Kid Ory Jazz Musician Trombonist, Ory's Creole Jazz Band 25-Dec-1886 23-Jan-1973
Meghan Ory Actor Red Riding Hood on Once Upon a Time 20-Aug-1982 -
Roland Orzabal Musician Co-Founder, Tears for Fears 22-Aug-1961 -
Hamaguchi Osachi Head of State Prime Minister of Japan, 1929-31 01-Apr-1870 26-Aug-1931
Albert S. Osborn Scientist Questioned Documents 1858 1946
Melissa Coors Osborn Business Daughter of Pete Coors c. 1971 -
William A. Osborn Business CEO of Northern Trust, 1995-2008 14-Oct-1947 -
Adam Osborne Business Inventor of Osborne personal computer 06-Mar-1939 18-Mar-2003
Alfred E. Osborne, Jr. Educator Management Professor, UCLA c. 1946 -
Baby Marie Osborne Actor Silent-era child star 05-Nov-1911 11-Nov-2010
Burl Osborne Publisher Dallas Morning News 25-Jun-1937 15-Aug-2012
Buzz Osborne Musician Frontman for The Melvins c. 1964 -
George Osborne Politician Conservative MP for Tatton 23-May-1971 -
Jeffrey Osborne Musician On the Wings of Love 09-Mar-1948 -
Joan Osborne Singer/Songwriter One of Us 08-Jul-1962 -
John Osborne Playwright Look Back in Anger 12-Dec-1929 24-Dec-1994
Robert Osborne TV Personality TCM host 03-May-1932 -
Super Dave Osborne Daredevil Underwhelming daredevil 20-Nov-1942 -
Tom Osborne Football Congressman from Nebraska, 2001-07 23-Feb-1937 -
Vivienne Osborne Actor The Dark Horse 10-Dec-1896 10-Jun-1961
Jack Osbourne Relative Son of Ozzy Osbourne 08-Nov-1985 -
Kelly Osbourne Relative Ozzy's daughter 27-Oct-1984 -
Ozzy Osbourne Singer Black Sabbath 03-Dec-1948 -
Sharon Osbourne TV Personality Wife of Ozzy Osbourne 09-Oct-1952 -
Oscar I Royalty King of Sweden and Norway 04-Jul-1799 08-Jul-1859
Oscar II Royalty King of Sweden and Norway 21-Jan-1829 08-Dec-1907
Osceola Military Seminole Indian chief c. 1804 30-Jan-1838
Doug Ose Politician Congressman from California, 1999-2005 27-Jun-1955 -
Charles Osgood Journalist CBS News Sunday Morning 08-Jan-1933 -
Douglas D. Osheroff Physicist Superfluidity of helium-3 01-Aug-1945 -
M. Kenneth Oshman Business CEO of Echelon, 1988-2009 09-Jul-1940 06-Aug-2011
Andreas Osiander Religion German Lutheran theologian 19-Dec-1498 17-Oct-1552
William Osler Doctor Father of psychosomatic medicine 12-Jul-1849 29-Dec-1919
K. T. Oslin Country Musician Prominent country music singer 15-May-1941 -
Osman I Royalty Founder of the Ottoman Empire 1258 1326
Sergio Osmeña Head of State 4th President of the Philippines 09-Sep-1878 19-Oct-1961
Emily Osment Actor Lilly Truscott on Hannah Montana 10-Mar-1992 -
Haley Joel Osment Actor Saw dead people in The Sixth Sense 10-Apr-1988 -
Margaret Osmer-McQuade Business Qualitas International c. 1938 -
Alan Osmond Musician One of the Osmonds 22-Jun-1949 -
Donny Osmond Musician Donny and Marie Show 09-Dec-1957 -
Humphry Osmond Doctor LSD proponent, turned on Aldous Huxley 01-Jul-1917 06-Feb-2004
Jay Osmond Musician One of the Osmonds 02-Mar-1955 -
Jimmy Osmond Musician Youngest of the Osmonds 16-Apr-1963 -
Ken Osmond Actor Eddie Haskel on Leave It To Beaver 07-Jun-1943 -
Marie Osmond Country Musician Donny and Marie Show 13-Oct-1959 -
Virl Osmond Musician One of the Osmonds 19-Oct-1945 -
Wayne Osmond Musician One of the Osmonds 28-Aug-1951 -
Joel Osteen Religion Pastor of Lakewood Church, Houston 05-Mar-1963 -
Donald E. Osterbrock Astronomer Director of Lick Observatory, 1973-81 13-Jul-1924 11-Jan-2007
Elinor Ostrom Sociologist Common-pool resources 07-Aug-1933 12-Jun-2012
Beth Ostrosky Model Wife of Howard Stern 15-Jul-1972 -
Gerald M. Ostrov Business CEO of Bausch & Lomb c. 1949 -
Hartmut Ostrowski Business CEO, Bertelsmann Arvato 25-Feb-1958 -
Peter Ostrum Actor Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory 01-Nov-1957 -
Wilhelm Ostwald Chemist Ostwald's Law of Dilution and Conductivity 02-Sep-1853 04-Apr-1932
Rafael Osuna Tennis Winner of 4 Grand Slam titles 15-Sep-1938 04-Jun-1969
St. Oswald Royalty King of Northumbria, 633-42 c. 605 AD 5-Aug-642 AD
Lee Harvey Oswald Assassin Assassin of John F. Kennedy 18-Oct-1939 24-Nov-1963
Patton Oswalt Comic Mr. Show, King of Queens 27-Jan-1969 -
Paul S. Otellini Business CEO of Intel 12-Oct-1950 -
Cheri Oteri Actor Saturday Night Live 19-Sep-1962 -
Otho Royalty Roman Emperor, 69 AD 25-Apr-32 AD 16-Apr-69 AD
Carré Otis Model Mickey Rourke's ex-wife 28-Sep-1968 -
Clarence Otis Business CEO of Darden Restaurants c. 1955 -
Elisha Otis Inventor Invented the safety elevator 03-Aug-1811 08-Apr-1861
James Otis Government Massachusetts patriot and pamphleteer 05-Feb-1725 23-May-1783
Johnny Otis Musician Harlem Nocturne 28-Dec-1921 17-Jan-2012
Mel Ott Baseball HoF New York Giants outfielder 02-Mar-1909 21-Nov-1958
Butch Otter Politician Governor of Idaho 03-May-1942 -
Rafaela Ottiano Actor Grand Hotel 04-Mar-1888 18-Aug-1942
Otto Royalty King of Greece, 1832-62 01-Jun-1815 26-Jul-1867
Otto I Royalty Holy Roman Emperor 23-Nov-912 AD 7-May-973 AD
Otto II Royalty Holy Roman Emperor, 967-83 955 AD 7-Dec-983 AD
Otto III Royalty Holy Roman Emperor, 996-1002 980 AD 23-Jan-1002
Otto of Freising Historian German chronicler and bishop c. 1114 22-Sep-1158
Otto IV Royalty Holy Roman Emperor, 1209-15 c. 1182 19-May-1218
Gustav Otto Business Founder of BMW and Flottweg AG 12-Jan-1883 28-Feb-1926
James Otto Country Musician Just Got Started Lovin' You 29-Jul-1973 -
Jim Otto Football Hall of fame center, Oakland Raiders #00 05-Jan-1938 -
Miranda Otto Actor Eowyn in The Lord of the Rings 16-Dec-1967 -
Nikolaus Otto Engineer Four-stroke internal-combustion engine 14-Jun-1832 26-Jan-1891
Thomas Otway Playwright Venice Preserved 03-Mar-1652 14-Apr-1685
William G. Ouchi Educator Theory Z 1943 -
Nicolas-Charles Oudinot Military Napoleonic General 25-Apr-1767 13-Sep-1847
William Oughtred Mathematician Inventor of the slide rule 05-Mar-1574 30-Jun-1660
Ouida Novelist Under Two Flags 01-Jan-1839 25-Jan-1908
Seyni Oumarou Head of State Prime Minister of Niger 09-Aug-1950 -
Mary M. Ourisman Diplomat US Ambassador to Barbados Feb-1946 -
Maria Ouspenskaya Actor Waterloo Bridge 29-Jul-1876 03-Dec-1949
Peter D. Ouspensky Philosopher Esoteric philosopher, Tertium Organum 05-Mar-1878 02-Oct-1947
Richard F. Outcault Cartoonist Yellow Kid 14-Jan-1863 25-Sep-1928
Denise van Outen Actor UK television celebrity 27-May-1974 -
Peter Outerbridge Actor David Sandstrom on ReGenesis 30-Jun-1966 -
Ida Rentoul Outhwaite Artist Elves and Fairies illustrator 09-Jun-1888 25-Jun-1960
Sir James Outram Military Hero of the Indian Mutiny 29-Jan-1803 11-Mar-1863
Alexander Ovechkin Hockey Washington Capitals 17-Sep-1985 -
Park Overall Actor Empty Nest 15-Mar-1957 -
Johann Friedrich Overbeck Painter German religious painter 03-Jul-1789 12-Nov-1869
Sir Thomas Overbury Poet The Wife 18-Jun-1581 15-Sep-1613
Charles L. Overby Journalist CEO of Freedom Forum, Newseum c. 1946 -
Willard J. Overlock, Jr. Business Former Partner, Goldman Sachs c. 1946 -
Lynne Overman Actor Reap the Wild Wind 19-Sep-1887 19-Feb-1943
Chord Overstreet Actor Sam Evans on Glee 17-Feb-1989 -
John H. Overton Politician US Senator from Louisiana, 1933-48 17-Sep-1875 14-May-1948
Joseph P. Overton Activist The Overton Window 04-Jan-1960 30-Jun-2003
Rick Overton Comic Earth Girls Are Easy 10-Aug-1954 -
Ovid Poet Metamorphoses 20-Mar-43 BC 17 AD
Michael Ovitz Business President of Disney, 1995-97 14-Dec-1946 -
Bill Owen Actor Last of the Summer Wine 14-Mar-1914 12-Jul-1999
Brad Owen Politician Lt. Governor of Washington 23-May-1950 -
Chris Owen Actor American Pie 25-Sep-1980 -
Clive Owen Actor The Bourne Identity assassin 03-Oct-1964 -
David Owen Politician UK Foreign Secretary, 1977-79 02-Jul-1938 -
Dorothy G. Owen Business Owen Steel Company, Inc. c. 1932 -
George Washington Owen Politician Congressman from Alabama, 1823-29 20-Oct-1796 18-Aug-1837
Henry D. Owen Diplomat US Ambassador at Large, 1977-81 26-Aug-1920 05-Nov-2011
Jake Owen Country Musician Barefoot Blue Jean Night 28-Aug-1981 -
Lloyd Owen Actor The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles 14-Apr-1966 -
Michael Owen Soccer Soccer great 14-Dec-1979 -
Priscilla Owen Judge 5th Circuit Court of Appeals 04-Oct-1954 -
Reginald Owen Actor Prolific character actor 05-Aug-1887 05-Nov-1972
Sir Richard Owen Naturalist A History of British Fossil Reptiles 20-Jul-1804 18-Dec-1892
Robert Owen Activist Founder of the Cooperative Movement 14-May-1771 17-Nov-1858
Robert Dale Owen Activist The Wrong of Slavery 09-Nov-1801 24-Jun-1877
Robert Latham Owen Politician Senator from Oklahoma, 1907-25 02-Feb-1856 19-Jul-1947
Ruth Bryan Owen Politician Congresswoman and Ambassador to Demark 02-Oct-1885 26-Jul-1954
Steve Owen Football NY Giants Head Coach, 1930-53 21-Apr-1898 17-May-1964
Wilfred Owen Poet Dulce Et Decorum Est 18-Mar-1893 04-Nov-1918
Lindsay Owen-Jones Business CEO of L'Oreal, 1988-2006 17-Mar-1946 -
Bill Owens Politician Governor of Colorado, 1999-2007 22-Oct-1950 -
Buck Owens TV Personality Hee Haw 12-Aug-1929 25-Mar-2006
Gary Owens Radio Personality Radio DJ, announcer for Laugh-In 10-May-1936 -
James W. Owens Business CEO of Caterpillar, 2004-10 c. 1946 -
Jesse Owens Track and Field Four track and field medals in 1936 Olympics 12-Sep-1913 31-Mar-1980
Major Owens Politician Congressman, New York 11th 28-Jun-1936 -
O'Dell M. Owens Doctor Coroner of Hamilton County, Ohio c. 1947 -
Patricia Owens Actor The Fly 17-Jan-1925 31-Aug-2000
Ronn Owens Radio Personality KGO radio talk show host 17-Oct-1945 -
Steve Owens Football Winner, 1969 Heisman Trophy 09-Dec-1947 -
Susan Owens Judge Justice, Washington Supreme Court c. 1949 -
Terrell Owens Football Impact Wide Receiver 07-Dec-1973 -
Wayne Owens Politician Congressman from Utah, 1987-93 02-May-1937 18-Dec-2002
William A. Owens Military Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs, 1994-96 08-May-1940 -
Catherine Oxenberg Actor Amanda Carrington on Dynasty 22-Sep-1961 -
Vayl S. Oxford Government Director, Domestic Nuclear Detection Office c. 1952 -
Michael Oxley Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1981-2007 11-Feb-1944 -
Tony Oxley Musician Free improv pioneer 15-Jun-1938 -
David W. Oxtoby Educator President, Pomona College 1951 -
Amos Oz Novelist Elsewhere, Perhaps 04-May-1939 -
Frank Oz Actor Yoda, Miss Piggy, and The Stepford Wives 25-May-1944 -
Mehmet Oz Doctor Healing from the Heart 11-Jun-1960 -
Turgut Özal Head of State 8th President of Turkey 13-Oct-1927 17-Apr-1993
Seiji Ozawa Conductor Music Director, Vienna State Opera 01-Sep-1935 -
Cynthia Ozick Author The Puttermesser Papers 17-Apr-1928 -
François Ozon Film Director Swimming Pool 15-Nov-1967 -
Ray Ozzie Computer Programmer Microsoft Chief Software Architect 20-Nov-1955 -

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