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Melanie C Singer Sporty Spice 12-Jan-1974 -
C-Murder Rapper Rapper, serving life for murder 09-Mar-1971 -
Joe C. Rapper Tiny rapping sidekick of Kid Rock 09-Nov-1974 16-Nov-2000
James Caan Actor Vegas 26-Mar-1940 -
Scott Caan Actor Hawaii Five-O 23-Aug-1976 -
Montserrat Caballé Singer Operatic soprano 12-Apr-1933 -
William J. Cabaniss Business US Ambassador to Czechia, 2004-06 c. 1942 -
Crazy Cabbie Radio Personality Part of the Howard Stern menagerie 10-Dec-1968 -
James Branch Cabell Novelist Jurgen, A Comedy of Justice 14-Apr-1879 05-May-1958
Mathis Cabiallavetta Business Chairman of UBS, 1998-99 1945 -
George W. Cable Author Old Creole Days 12-Oct-1844 31-Jan-1925
Tom Cable Football Oakland Raiders head coach, 2008-10 26-Nov-1964 -
Vincent Cable Politician British MP, Twickenham 09-May-1943 -
Bruce Cabot Actor Saved Fay Wray from King Kong 20-Apr-1904 03-May-1972
Godfrey Lowell Cabot Business Founder of Cabot Corporation 26-Feb-1861 02-Nov-1962
John Cabot Explorer Discovered North America c. 1450 1499
Meg Cabot Author The Princess Diaries 01-Feb-1967 -
Sebastian Cabot Explorer 16th century Italian/English explorer 1476 1557
Sebastian Cabot Actor The Family Jewels 06-Jul-1918 22-Aug-1977
Susan Cabot Actor The Wasp Woman 09-Jul-1927 10-Dec-1986
Thomas Dudley Cabot Business CEO of Cabot, 1922-60 01-May-1897 08-Jun-1995
José A. Cabranes Judge 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals 22-Dec-1940 -
Angel Cabrera Golf El Pato, winner of 2007 US Open 12-Sep-1969 -
Cesar B. Cabrera Business US Ambassador to Mauritius ? -
Melky Cabrera Baseball San Francisco Giants outfielder 11-Aug-1984 -
Miguel Cabrera Baseball Pro baseball outfielder and slugger 18-Apr-1983 -
Ryan Cabrera Musician On the Way Down 18-Jul-1982 -
Santiago Cabrera Actor Isaac Mendez on Heroes 05-May-1978 -
Victor Cabrera Music Producer Tunes of Luny Tunes 12-Apr-1981 -
St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Religion Missionaries of the Sacred Heart 15-Jul-1850 22-Dec-1917
Charles L. Caccia Politician Former Canadian MP, Davenport 29-Apr-1930 04-May-2008
Plato Cacheris Attorney Washington defense attorney 22-May-1929 -
Michael Cacoyannis Film Director Zorba the Greek 11-Jun-1922 25-Jul-2011
Alvise Cadamosto Explorer Discovered Cape Verde islands 1432 18-Jul-1488
John Cadbury Business Chocolatier 12-Aug-1801 11-May-1889
Frank Cady Actor Sam Drucker on Green Acres 08-Sep-1915 08-Jun-2012
Mark S. Cady Judge Justice, Iowa Supreme Court 12-Jul-1953 -
Herb Caen Columnist Long running San Francisco columnist 03-Apr-1916 01-Feb-1997
Adolph Caesar Actor A Soldier's Story 05-Dec-1933 06-Mar-1986
Germanicus Caesar Military Roman General under Tiberius 15 BC 19 AD
Irving Caesar Songwriter Tea for Two 04-Jul-1895 17-Dec-1996
Julius Caesar Head of State Roman Dictator 45 BC until 44 BC 13-Jul-100 BC 15-Mar-44 BC
Sid Caesar Comic Your Show of Shows 08-Sep-1922 -
Debra A. Cafaro Business CEO of Ventas 15-Dec-1957 -
Jack Cafferty TV Personality CNN anchor 1942 -
Pastora San Juan Cafferty Educator University of Chicago Professor c. 1941 -
Donelson Caffery Politician US Senator from Louisiana, 1892-1901 10-Sep-1835 30-Dec-1906
Jefferson Caffery Diplomat US Ambassador to Egypt, France, Brazil, Cuba 01-Dec-1886 13-Apr-1974
Patrick T. Caffery Politician Congressman from Louisiana, 1969-73 06-Jul-1932 -
Charlotte Caffey Guitarist Lead guitarist for The Go-Go's 21-Oct-1953 -
Julie Cafritz Guitarist Guitarist for Pussy Galore 05-May-1965 -
John Cage Composer Experimental composer 05-Sep-1912 12-Aug-1992
Nicolas Cage Actor Leaving Las Vegas 07-Jan-1964 -
Casey Cagle Politician Lt. Governor of Georgia 12-Jan-1966 -
James Cagney Actor New York tough guy 17-Jul-1899 30-Mar-1986
Eddie Cahill Actor Det. Don Flack on CSI: NY 15-Jan-1978 -
John T. Cahill Business CEO of Pepsi Bottling Group, 2001-06 c. 1957 -
Thomas Cahill Author How the Irish Saved Civilization 29-Mar-1940 -
Tom Cahill Football Army Head Coach, 1966-73 c. 1919 29-Oct-1992
William T. Cahill Politician Governor of New Jersey, 1970-74 25-Jun-1912 01-Jul-1996
Edward L. Cahn Film Director It! The Terror from Beyond Space 12-Feb-1899 25-Aug-1963
Sammy Cahn Songwriter Three Coins in the Fountain 18-Jun-1913 15-Jan-1993
Frank V. Cahouet Business CEO of Mellon Financial, 1987-98 25-May-1932 -
Colbie Caillat Singer/Songwriter Bubbly 28-May-1985 -
René Caillié Explorer First European to return from Timbuktu 19-Sep-1799 17-May-1838
Dean Cain Actor Superman 31-Jul-1966 -
Harry P. Cain Politician US Senator from Washington, 1946-53 10-Jan-1906 03-Mar-1979
Herman Cain Business Godfather's Pizza 13-Dec-1945 -
James M. Cain Novelist The Postman Always Rings Twice 01-Jul-1892 27-Oct-1977
James P. Cain Attorney US Ambassador to Denmark ? -
Georgia Caine Actor Broadway musical actress 30-Oct-1876 04-Apr-1964
Howard Caine Actor Maj. Hochstetter on Hogan's Heroes 02-Jan-1928 28-Dec-1993
Michael Caine Actor Get Carter 14-Mar-1933 -
John Caius Doctor Second founder of Gonville and Caius College 06-Oct-1510 29-Jul-1573
Florian Cajori Historian A History of Mathematics 28-Feb-1859 14-Aug-1930
Jonathan Cake Actor The One and Only 31-Aug-1967 -
Thomas Calabro Actor Dr. Michael Mancini on Melrose Place 03-Feb-1959 -
Jason Calacanis Business Weblogs Inc., Mahalo.com 28-Nov-1970 -
Vincent A. Calarco Business CEO of Crompton Corporation, 1985-2004 c. 1942 -
Santiago Calatrava Architect Designer of new WTC transit station 28-Jul-1951 -
Michael M. Calbert Business Kohlberg Kravis Roberts c. 1963 -
Mark Calcavecchia Golf Winner, 1989 British Open 12-Jun-1960 -
Alexander Calder Sculptor Creator of the mobile as art form 22-Jul-1898 11-Nov-1976
William M. Calder Politician US Senator from New York, 1917-23 03-Mar-1869 03-Mar-1945
Arthur Calder-Marshall Novelist Two of a Kind 19-Aug-1908 1992
Louis Caldera Government US Secretary of the Army, 1998-2001 01-Apr-1956 -
Felipe Calderón Head of State President of Mexico 18-Aug-1962 -
Sila Calderón Politician Governor of Puerto Rico 23-Sep-1942 -
Tego Calderón Rapper Reggaeton singer, rapper 01-Feb-1972 -
Mary Calderone Activist Questions and Answers about Love and Sex 01-Jul-1904 24-Oct-1998
Robert M. Calderoni Business CEO of Ariba, Inc. c. 1959 -
Helen Caldicott Activist Anti-nuclear crusader 07-Aug-1938 -
Bobby Caldwell Singer/Songwriter What You Won't Do for Love 15-Aug-1951 -
Erskine Caldwell Author Tobacco Road 17-Dec-1903 11-Apr-1987
Jim Caldwell Football Indianapolis Colts coach, 2009-12 16-Jan-1955 -
John E. Caldwell Business CEO of SMTC Corporation c. 1950 -
Kirbyjon H. Caldwell Religion Windsor Village United Methodist Church c. 1954 -
Millard F. Caldwell Politician Governor of Florida, 1945-49 06-Feb-1897 23-Oct-1984
Sarah Caldwell Conductor Opera Company of Boston 06-Mar-1924 23-Mar-2006
Zoe Caldwell Actor The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie 14-Sep-1933 -
J. J. Cale Songwriter Wrote Cocaine and After Midnight 05-Dec-1938 -
John Cale Cellist Velvet cellist and influential producer 09-Mar-1942 -
Ronald K. Calgaard Business President of Trinity University, 1979-99 1937 -
Louis Calhern Actor Duck Soup 19-Feb-1895 12-May-1956
David L. Calhoun Business CEO of The Nielsen Company c. 1957 -
Jim Calhoun Basketball UConn Head Coach 10-May-1942 -
John C. Calhoun Politician US Vice President, champion of the South 18-Mar-1782 31-Mar-1850
Lee Calhoun Track and Field Olympic hurdler 23-Feb-1933 22-Jun-1989
Monica Calhoun Actor Bagdad Café 29-Jul-1971 -
Rory Calhoun Actor Auto thief turned actor 08-Aug-1922 28-Apr-1999
Frank Caliendo Comic MADtv 19-Jan-1974 -
Joseph Califano Government Carter's HEW Secretary 15-May-1931 -
Pat Califia Author FTM transgendered sex writer 08-Mar-1954 -
Richard Caliguiri Politician Mayor of Pittsburgh, 1978-88 20-Oct-1931 06-May-1988
Caligula Royalty Roman Emperor, 37-41 AD 31-Aug-12 AD 24-Jan-41 AD
John Calipari Basketball Head Coach, University of Kentucky 10-Feb-1959 -
Hortense Calisher Novelist In the Absence of Angels 20-Dec-1911 15-Jan-2009
Mira Calix Musician Skimskitta c. 1970 -
Brandon Call Actor J.T. Lambert on Step by Step 17-Nov-1976 -
James Callaghan Head of State UK Prime Minister, 1976-79 27-Mar-1912 26-Mar-2005
Morley Callaghan Novelist Strange Fugitive 22-Sep-1903 25-Aug-1990
Bill Callahan Singer/Songwriter Smog 1966 -
Consuelo M. Callahan Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 09-Jun-1950 -
Michael J. Callahan Business CEO of Material Sciences, 2003-04 c. 1938 -
Robert F. Callahan Business CEO of Ziff-Davis Media c. 1954 -
Sonny Callahan Politician Congressman from Alabama, 1985-2003 11-Sep-1932 -
K Callan Actor Martha Kent on Lois & Clark 09-Jan-1942 -
Michael Callan Actor Husband on Occasional Wife 22-Nov-1935 -
Don Callander Novelist Pyromancer 23-Mar-1930 26-Jul-2008
Charlie Callas Comic Malcolm Argos on Switch 20-Dec-1924 27-Jan-2011
Maria Callas Singer Operatic Soprano 02-Dec-1923 16-Sep-1977
Joseph Calleia Actor Touch of Evil 04-Aug-1897 31-Oct-1975
Michael A. Callen Business Avalon Argus Associates c. 1941 -
Ernest Callenbach Author Ecotopia 03-Apr-1929 16-Apr-2012
Guy Stewart Callendar Scientist Callendar Effect 09-Feb-1898 03-Oct-1964
Donald W. Callender Business Marie Callender's restaurateur 27-Sep-1927 07-Jan-2009
Plutarco Elías Calles Head of State President of Mexico, 1924-28 25-Sep-1877 19-Oct-1945
John Calley Film/TV Producer CEO of Sony Pictures, 1996-2003 08-Jul-1930 13-Sep-2011
William Calley Military Led the My Lai Massacre 08-Jun-1943 -
Sarah Wayne Callies Actor Dr. Sara Tancredi on Prison Break 01-Jun-1977 -
Pope Callistus III Religion Posthumously vindicated Joan of Arc 31-Dec-1378 06-Aug-1458
Philip Callow Novelist A Pledge for the Earth 26-Oct-1924 22-Sep-2007
Simon Callow Actor British theatre actor 13-Jun-1949 -
Cab Calloway Jazz Musician King of Hi-De-Ho 25-Dec-1907 18-Nov-1994
Vanessa Bell Calloway Actor Coming to America 20-Mar-1957 -
Jeanne Calment Elderly Oldest recorded person, died at 122 21-Feb-1875 04-Aug-1997
Pascal F. Calogero, Jr. Judge Louisiana Chief Justice 09-Nov-1931 -
Emma Calvé Singer Operatic soprano, Carmen 15-Aug-1858 06-Jan-1942
Ken Calvert Politician Congressman, California 44th 08-Jun-1953 -
Lorne Calvert Politician Premier of Saskatchewan, 2001-07 24-Dec-1954 -
Phyllis Calvert Actor Madonna of the Seven Moons 18-Feb-1915 08-Oct-2002
Corinne Calvet Actor Sailor Beware 30-Apr-1925 23-Jun-2001
Roberto Calvi Business Vatican banker who died mysteriously 13-Apr-1920 17-Jun-1982
John Calvin Religion French Protestant Reformation 10-Jul-1509 27-May-1564
Melvin Calvin Chemist Deciphered photosynthesis 08-Apr-1911 08-Jan-1997
Italo Calvino Author Se una notte d'inverno un viaggatore 15-Oct-1923 18-Sep-1985
Cam'ron Rapper The Diplomats 04-Feb-1976 -
Corinne Camacho Actor Dr. Jeanne Bartlett on Medical Center 02-Mar-1942 15-Sep-2010
Felix Perez Camacho Politician Governor of Guam 30-Oct-1957 -
Manuel Ávila Camacho Head of State President of Mexico, 1940-46 24-Apr-1897 13-Oct-1955
James L. Camaren Business CEO of Utilities Inc., 1996-2006 c. 1955 -
Stephen Cambone Government Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence c. 1951 -
Godfrey Cambridge Actor Cotton Comes to Harlem 26-Feb-1933 29-Nov-1976
John Cambridge Drummer Drummer for The Rats and Junior's Eyes ? -
Marcus Camby Basketball NBA star 22-Mar-1974 -
Carl T. Camden Business CEO of Kelly Services c. 1954 -
William Camden Scholar Britannia 02-May-1551 09-Nov-1623
Peter Camejo Activist Persistent Green Party candidate 31-Dec-1939 13-Sep-2008
Cam Cameron Football Miami Dolphins Head Coach, 2007 06-Feb-1961 -
Candace Cameron Actor DJ Tanner on Full House 06-Apr-1976 -
Carl Cameron Journalist Fox News chief political correspondent c. 1961 -
David Cameron Politician UK Prime Minister 09-Oct-1966 -
Dean Cameron Actor Spicoli on Fast Times TV 25-Dec-1962 -
J. Donald Cameron Politician US Senator from Pennsylvania, 1877-97 14-May-1833 30-Aug-1918
James Cameron Film Director Terminator, Titanic, and Avatar 16-Aug-1954 -
John Cameron Religion Scottish Protestant theologian c. 1579 1623
Kirk Cameron Actor Mike Seaver on Growing Pains 12-Oct-1970 -
Matt Cameron Drummer Drummer for Pearl Jam and Soundgarden 28-Nov-1962 -
Rod Cameron Actor The Bounty Killer 07-Dec-1910 21-Dec-1983
Samantha Cameron First Lady Wife of David Cameron 18-Apr-1971 -
Simon Cameron Politician The Czar of Pennsylvania 08-Mar-1799 26-Jun-1889
Louis C. Camilleri Business CEO of Altria 1955 -
Dolph Camilli Baseball National League MVP, 1941 23-Apr-1907 21-Oct-1997
Ken Caminiti Baseball Former National League MVP 21-Apr-1963 10-Oct-2004
Bernard Cammarata Business Founder of TJX c. 1940 -
Donald Cammell Film Director Performance 17-Jan-1934 24-Apr-1996
Luís de Camões Poet Os Lusíadas c. 1524 10-Jun-1580
Colleen Camp Actor Police Academy 2 07-Jun-1953 -
Dave Camp Politician Congressman, Michigan 4th 09-Jul-1953 -
Hamilton Camp Actor Voice of GizmoDuck 30-Oct-1934 02-Oct-2005
Joe Camp Film Director Benji 20-Apr-1939 -
L. Sprague de Camp Author Lest Darkness Fall 27-Nov-1907 06-Nov-2000
Walter Camp Football Father of American football 07-Apr-1859 14-Mar-1925
William H. Camp Business EVP at Archer Daniels Midland, 2003-07 c. 1948 -
Frank Campanella Actor Character actor 12-Mar-1919 30-Dec-2006
Joseph Campanella Actor The Colbys 21-Nov-1933 -
Roy Campanella Baseball National League MVP 1951, 1953, and 1955 19-Nov-1921 26-Jun-1993
Tommaso Campanella Philosopher La città del Sole 05-Sep-1568 21-May-1639
Bert Campaneris Baseball Shortstop, stole 410 bases in 8 years 09-Mar-1942 -
Gaspare Campari Business Founder of Gruppo Campari 1828 1882
Ali Campbell Singer Lead singer, UB40 15-Feb-1959 -
Archie Campbell Actor Hee Haw 07-Nov-1914 29-Aug-1987
Beatrice Campbell Actor Last Holiday 31-Jul-1922 10-May-1979
Ben Nighthorse Campbell Politician US Senator from Colorado, 1993-2005 13-Apr-1933 -
Bill Campbell Business Chairman of Intuit 31-Aug-1940 -
Bill Campbell Politician Mayor of Atlanta, 1994-2002 25-May-1953 -
Billy Campbell Actor The Rocketeer 07-Jul-1959 -
Bruce Campbell Actor Evil Dead 22-Jun-1958 -
Carroll Campbell Politician Governor of South Carolina, 1987-95 24-Jul-1940 07-Dec-2005
Christian Campbell Actor All My Children 12-May-1972 -
Colin Campbell Military Commander-in-chief of India 20-Oct-1792 24-Aug-1863
Donald R. Campbell Business CEO of TEI, Inc., 1994-2000 c. 1940 -
Earl Campbell Football Oilers and Saints RB 29-Mar-1955 -
Eddie Campbell Cartoonist Deadface, From Hell 10-Aug-1955 -
Edward P. Campbell Business CEO of Nordson Corporation c. 1949 -
Edward R. Campbell Business Hibernia National Bank c. 1941 -
George Campbell, Jr. Educator President of the Cooper Union 02-Dec-1945 -
George W. Campbell Politician Senator from Tennessee, Treasury Secretary 09-Feb-1769 17-Feb-1848
Glen Campbell Country Musician Rhinestone Cowboy 22-Apr-1936 -
J. Kermit Campbell Business CEO of Herman Miller, 1992-95 c. 1939 -
Jack M. Campbell Politician Governor of New Mexico, 1963-67 10-Sep-1916 14-Jun-1999
John Campbell Politician Congressman, California 48th 19-Jul-1955 -
John Angus Campbell Activist Discovery Institute 10-Mar-1942 -
John Archibald Campbell Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1853-61 24-Jun-1811 12-Mar-1889
John F. Campbell Diplomat US Ambassador to Nigeria, 2004-07 1944 -
John W. Campbell Editor Editor of Astounding, 1938-71 08-Jun-1910 11-Jul-1971
Joseph Campbell Author The Power of Myth 26-Mar-1904 31-Oct-1987
Joseph Campbell Business Founder of Campbell Soups 15-May-1817 19-Jan-1900
Julia Campbell Actor The Tillamook Treasure 12-Mar-1963 -
Ken Campbell Actor British experimental theatre 10-Dec-1941 31-Aug-2008
Kim Campbell Head of State Prime Minister of Canada, 1993 10-Mar-1947 -
Kurt M. Campbell Government Asst. Secy. of State for East Asian Affairs 1957 -
Larry Joe Campbell Actor Andy on According to Jim 29-Nov-1970 -
Levin H. Campbell Judge 1st Circuit Court of Appeals, 1972-1992 02-Jan-1927 -
Lewis B. Campbell Business CEO of Textron 1946 -
Lloyd E. Campbell Business Managing Director, Rothschild, Inc. c. 1958 -
Louise Campbell Actor Bulldog Drummond Comes Back 30-May-1911 05-Nov-1997
Luther Campbell Rapper 2 Live Crew, Luke Records founder 22-Dec-1960 -
Maia Campbell Actor In the House 26-Nov-1976 -
Marion Campbell Novelist Lines of Flight 1948 -
Martin Campbell Film Director Casino Royale 24-Oct-1940 -
Menzies Campbell Politician Leader of the Liberal Democrats, 2006-07 22-May-1941 -
Michael Campbell Golf Winner, 2005 US Open 23-Feb-1969 -
Michael E. Campbell Business CEO of Arch Chemicals c. 1946 -
Milt Campbell Track and Field Olympic decathlete 09-Dec-1933 -
Naomi Campbell Model Black Panther 22-May-1970 -
Nell Campbell Singer Little Nell 24-May-1953 -
Neve Campbell Actor Phantom of the Opera 03-Oct-1973 -
Norman Campbell Film Director TV director, producer 04-Feb-1924 12-Apr-2004
Mrs. Patrick Campbell Actor Pygmalion 09-Feb-1865 10-Apr-1940
Phyllis J. Campbell Business CEO of Seattle Foundation c. 1951 -
Robert H. Campbell Business CEO of Sunoco, 1991-2000 c. 1937 -
Scott Michael Campbell Actor Radioland Murders 14-Aug-1971 -
Tevin Campbell Singer Always In My Heart 12-Nov-1976 -
Tisha Campbell Actor Gina on Martin 13-Oct-1968 -
Tom Campbell Politician Congressman from California, 1995-2001 14-Aug-1952 -
Vivian Campbell Guitarist Former Dio, current Def Leppard guitarist 25-Aug-1962 -
William Campbell Actor Dementia 13 30-Oct-1923 28-Apr-2011
William W. Campbell Astronomer Stellar Motions 11-Apr-1862 14-Jun-1938
Henry Campbell-Bannerman Head of State UK Prime Minister, 1905-08 07-Sep-1836 22-Apr-1908
Harold Camping Religion Keeps predicting the end of world 19-Jul-1921 -
Edmund Campion Religion Jesuit martyr, hanged at Tyburn 24-Jan-1540 01-Dec-1581
Jane Campion Film Director The Piano 30-Apr-1954 -
Thomas Campion Composer English musical poet, Bookes of Ayres 12-Feb-1567 01-Mar-1620
Tony Campolo Religion Red-Letter Christian sociologist 25-Feb-1935 -
Arsenio Martinez Campos Head of State Spanish Governor of Cuba 14-Dec-1831 23-Sep-1900
Bruno Campos Actor Dr. Quentin Costa on Nip/Tuck 03-Dec-1973 -
Roel C. Campos Government Securities and Exchange Commission 1949 -
Albert Camus Novelist French author and Nobel laureate 07-Nov-1913 04-Jan-1960
Marcel Camus Film Director Black Orpheus 21-Apr-1912 13-Jan-1982
Philippe Camus Business Partner, Groupe Lagardere 28-Jun-1948 -
Geoffrey Canada Educator Harlem Children's Zone 13-Jan-1952 -
Tony Canadeo Football The Gray Ghost of Gonzaga 05-May-1919 29-Nov-2003
Charles Canady Politician Congressman from Florida, 1993-2001 22-Jun-1954 -
Gianna Maria Canale Actor I Vampiri 12-Sep-1927 -
Stephen R. Canale Labor Leader International Association of Machinists c. 1946 -
Canaletto Painter Venetian painter of views 07-Oct-1697 19-Apr-1768
Wilhelm Canaris Military Nazi spymaster, tried to kill Hitler 01-Jan-1887 09-Apr-1945
David Canary Actor Stuart Chandler on All My Children 25-Aug-1938 -
Katherine H. Canavan Diplomat US Ambassadot to Botswana ? -
W. H. Canaway Novelist Sammy Going South 12-Jun-1925 22-May-1988
Vincent Canby Critic Film/Theater Critic, The New York Times 27-Jul-1924 15-Sep-2000
William C. Canby, Jr. Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1980-96 22-May-1931 -
John Candelaria Baseball Candyman, MLB pitcher 06-Nov-1953 -
John Candy Actor Uncle Buck 31-Oct-1950 04-Mar-1994
Guillaume Canet Actor Love Me If You Dare 10-Apr-1973 -
Elias Canetti Author Crowds and Power 25-Jul-1905 14-Aug-1994
Cass Canfield Publisher Harper & Brothers 26-Apr-1897 27-Mar-1986
William W. Canfield Business TALX Corporation c. 1938 -
Milton Caniff Cartoonist Terry and the Pirates 28-Feb-1907 03-Apr-1988
Claude R. Canizares Physicist Bruno Rossi Professor of Physics 1945 -
Joseph Canizaro Business Real estate mogul 1937 -
David Cannadine Historian Decline and Fall of the British Aristocracy 07-Sep-1950 -
Trishelle Cannatella TV Personality Real World: Las Vegas, Surreal Life 04-Nov-1979 -
Bobby Cannavale Actor Vince D'Angelo on Will & Grace 03-May-1971 -
Stephen J. Cannell Film/TV Producer Creator of The Rockford Files 02-May-1941 30-Sep-2010
John A. Canning, Jr. Business Madison Dearborn Partners ? -
Charles John Canning Government Governor-General of India 14-Dec-1812 17-Jun-1862
George Canning Politician Twice Foreign Secretary of Britain 11-Apr-1770 08-Aug-1827
Stanislao Cannizzaro Chemist Atomic vs Molecular weights 13-Jul-1826 10-May-1910
Annie Jump Cannon Astronomer Census-taker of the sky 11-Dec-1863 13-Apr-1941
Billy Cannon Football Winner, 1959 Heisman Trophy 08-Feb-1937 -
Carl Cannon Journalist RealClearPolitics c. 1953 -
Chris Cannon Politician Congressman from Utah, 1997-2009 20-Oct-1950 -
Clarence Cannon Politician Congressman from Missouri, 1923-64 11-Apr-1879 12-May-1964
Danny Cannon Film/TV Producer CSI producer 1968 -
Dyan Cannon Actor Heaven Can Wait 04-Jan-1937 -
Howard W. Cannon Politician US Senator from Nevada, 1959-83 26-Jan-1912 05-Mar-2002
Joseph Gurney Cannon Politician Speaker of the House, 1903-11 07-May-1836 12-Nov-1926
Katherine Cannon Actor Mae Woodward on Father Murphy 06-Sep-1953 -
Lawrence Cannon Politician Canadian MP, Pontiac 06-Dec-1947 -
Lou Cannon Journalist Reagan biographer 03-Jun-1933 -
Max Cannon Cartoonist Red Meat ? -
Michael R. Cannon Business Dell President of Global Operations 1953 -
Nick Cannon Actor Drumline 08-Oct-1980 -
Walter Bradford Cannon Scientist Fight or flight response 19-Oct-1871 01-Oct-1945
Robinson Cano Baseball 2nd Base, New York Yankees 22-Oct-1982 -
Antonio Canova Sculptor Rejuvenated sculpture in Italy 01-Nov-1757 13-Oct-1822
Diana Canova Actor Corinne Tate on Soap 01-Jun-1953 -
Judy Canova Actor Comic actress, vaudevillian 20-Nov-1913 05-Aug-1983
Francisco Canseco Politician Congressman, Texas 23rd 30-Jul-1949 -
Jose Canseco Baseball Troubled Oakland A's player 02-Jul-1964 -
Jim Cantalupo Business CEO of McDonald's, 2002-04 14-Nov-1943 19-Apr-2004
Bertrand Cantat Musician French rock star accused of killing girlfriend 05-Mar-1964 -
Raoul G. Cantero III Judge Justice, Florida Supreme Court 01-Aug-1960 -
Cantinflas Actor Around the World in Eighty Days 12-Aug-1911 20-Apr-1993
Mario Cantone Comic Laugh Whore 09-Dec-1959 -
Eddie Cantor Singer Banjo Eyes 31-Jan-1892 10-Oct-1964
Eric Cantor Politician House Majority Leader 06-Jun-1963 -
Georg Cantor Mathematician Founder of set theory 03-Mar-1845 06-Jan-1918
Nancy Cantor Educator Chancellor, Syracuse University c. 1952 -
Blu Cantrell Singer So Blu 01-Oct-1976 -
Jerry Cantrell Guitarist Lead guitar for Alice In Chains 18-Mar-1966 -
Maria Cantwell Politician US Senator from Washington 13-Oct-1958 -
Robert Cantwell Novelist Laugh and Lie Down 31-Jan-1908 08-Dec-1978
King Canute Royalty King of England, Denmark, Norway c. 994 AD 12-Nov-1035
Yakima Canutt Actor Legendary stuntman 29-Nov-1895 24-May-1986
Christy Canyon Pornstar Jugs and Kisses, Your Ass My Tongue 17-Jun-1966 -
Cao Cao Head of State Posthumously Emperor Wu of Wei 155 AD 15-Mar-220 AD
Joseph Cao Politician Congressman from Louisiana, 2009-11 13-Mar-1967 -
Robert Capa Photographer War photographer 22-Oct-1913 25-May-1954
Jim Capaldi Drummer Drummer/Songwriter for Traffic 24-Apr-1944 28-Jan-2005
Peter Capaldi Actor Malcolm Tucker on The Thick of It 14-Apr-1958 -
Mario Capecchi Scientist Knock-out mice 06-Oct-1937 -
Karel Capek Author R.U.R. 09-Jan-1890 25-Dec-1938
Michael D. Capellas Business CEO of First Data 19-Aug-1955 -
Richard G. Capen Publisher US Ambassador to Spain, 1992-93 c. 1935 -
Gaston Caperton Politician Governor of West Virginia, 1989-97 21-Feb-1940 -
Shelley Moore Capito Politician Congresswoman, West Virginia 2nd 26-Nov-1953 -
Wolfgang Capito Religion German Protestant reformer 1478 04-Nov-1541
Lizzy Caplan Actor Kat Warbler on The Class 30-Jun-1982 -
Mitchell Caplan Business CEO of E-Trade, 2003-07 c. 1957 -
Twink Caplan Actor Look Who's Talking 25-Dec-1947 -
Mortimer M. Caplin Business Caplin & Drysdale 11-Jul-1916 -
David N. Capobianco Business Vulcan Capital c. 1970 -
Al Capone Criminal Scarface 17-Jan-1899 25-Jan-1947
Truman Capote Novelist In Cold Blood 30-Sep-1924 25-Aug-1984
Al Capp Cartoonist Creator of L'il Abner 28-Sep-1909 05-Nov-1979
John Cappelletti Football Winner, 1973 Heisman Trophy 09-Aug-1952 -
Lois Capps Politician Congresswoman, California 23rd 10-Jan-1938 -
Steve Capps Computer Programmer Apple Newton, SoundEdit ? -
Thomas E. Capps Business CEO of Dominion Resources, 1990-2005 31-Oct-1935 -
Walter Capps Politician Congressman from California, 1997 05-May-1934 28-Oct-1997
Francis Capra Actor Weevil on Veronica Mars 22-Apr-1983 -
Frank Capra Film Director It's A Wonderful Life 18-May-1897 03-Sep-1991
Fritjof Capra Physicist The Tao of Physics 01-Feb-1939 -
Ahna Capri Actor Enter the Dragon 06-Jul-1944 19-Aug-2010
Jennifer Capriati Tennis Troubled tennis pro 29-Mar-1976 -
Leo von Caprivi Head of State Chancellor of Germany, 1890-94 24-Feb-1831 06-Feb-1899
Jessica Capshaw Actor Dr. Robbins on Grey's Anatomy 09-Aug-1976 -
Kate Capshaw Actor Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 03-Nov-1953 -
Michael E. Capuano Politician Congressman, Massachusetts 8th 09-Jan-1952 -
Capucine Actor The Pink Panther 06-Jan-1928 17-Mar-1990
Lisa M. Caputo Business EVP at The Travelers 1964 -
Philip Caputo Author A Rumor of War 10-Jun-1941 -
Irene Cara Singer Oh what a feeling 18-Mar-1959 -
Caracalla Royalty Roman Emperor, 198-217 AD 4-Apr-188 AD 8-Apr-217 AD
Demetrios James Caraley Educator President, Academy of Political Science 22-Jun-1932 -
Costas Caramanlis Head of State Prime Minister of Greece, 2004-09 14-Sep-1956 -
Gia Carangi Model Troubled supermodel, died from AIDS 29-Jan-1960 18-Nov-1986
Caravaggio Painter Temperamental painter 28-Sep-1573 18-Jul-1610
Polidoro Caldara da Caravaggio Painter Italian frieze painter 1495 1543
Hattie Wyatt Caraway Politician First female elected to US Senate 01-Feb-1878 21-Dec-1950
Leos Carax Film Director The Lovers on the Bridge 22-Nov-1960 -
Bruce A. Carbonari Business CEO of Fortune Brands c. 1955 -
Anthony J. Carbone Business Vice Chairman of Dow Chemical, 2000-05 c. 1941 -
Nestor Carbonell Actor Luis Rivera on Suddenly Susan 01-Dec-1967 -
Don Carcieri Politician Governor of Rhode Island, 2003-11 16-Dec-1942 -
Andrew Card Government White House Chief of Staff, 2001-06 10-May-1947 -
Orson Scott Card Novelist Ender's Game 24-Aug-1951 -
Wesley R. Card Business CEO of Jones Apparel Group c. 1948 -
Girolamo Cardano Doctor De Subtilitate 24-Sep-1501 21-Sep-1576
Linda Cardellini Actor Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed 25-Jun-1975 -
Ernesto Cardenal Poet Liberation theologist, important Nicaraguan poet 20-Jan-1925 -
Alberto Cardenas Government Washington lobbyist 03-Jan-1948 -
Cuauhtemoc Cardenas Politician Anti-PRI Mexican politician 01-May-1934 -
Lázaro Cárdenas Head of State President of Mexico, 1934-40 21-May-1895 19-Oct-1970
Frederick Carder Artist "Aurene" glass artist 18-Sep-1863 10-Dec-1963
Cornelius Cardew Musician Experimental composer 07-May-1936 31-Dec-1981
Jack Cardiff Cinematographer The Long Ships 18-Sep-1914 22-Apr-2009
Benjamin L. Cardin Politician US Senator from Maryland 05-Oct-1943 -
Pierre Cardin Fashion Designer Inventor of the "bubble dress" 06-Jul-1922 -
Richard W. Cardin Business Retired Partner, Arthur Andersen c. 1935 -
Claudia Cardinale Actor Once Upon a Time in the West 15-Apr-1938 -
John T. Cardis Business Former Partner, Deloitte and Touche c. 1941 -
Carlos M. Cardoso Business CEO of Kennametal c. 1958 -
Dennis Cardoza Politician Congressman, California 18th 31-Mar-1959 -
Benjamin Cardozo Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1932-38 24-May-1870 09-Jul-1938
Giosuè Carducci Poet Odi barbare 27-Jul-1835 16-Feb-1907
Steve Carell Comic Office manager at Dunder-Mifflin 16-Aug-1962 -
Julien Carette Actor The Grand Illusion 23-Dec-1897 20-Jul-1966
Rod Carew Baseball Hall of Famer 01-Oct-1945 -
Thomas Carew Poet A Rapture 1595 22-Mar-1639
Albert P. Carey Business CEO of Frito-Lay North America c. 1951 -
Chase Carey Business President and COO of News Corporation c. 1954 -
Danny Carey Drummer Drummer for Tool 10-May-1961 -
Drew Carey Comic The Drew Carey Show 23-May-1958 -
Ernestine Gilbreth Carey Author Cheaper by the Dozen 04-Apr-1908 04-Nov-2006
George L. Carey Religion Archbishop of Canterbury, 1991-2002 13-Nov-1935 -
Harry Carey, Jr. Actor The Whales of August 16-May-1921 -
Harry Carey, Sr. Actor VP in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 16-Jan-1878 21-Sep-1947
Henry C. Carey Economist The Principles of Social Science 15-Dec-1793 13-Oct-1879
Hugh L. Carey Politician Governor of New York, 1975-83 11-Apr-1919 07-Aug-2011
Joseph M. Carey Politician Governor of Wyoming, 1911-15 19-Jan-1845 05-Feb-1924
Macdonald Carey Actor Tom Horton on Days of Our Lives 15-Mar-1913 21-Mar-1994
Mariah Carey Singer/Songwriter Diva with eighteen #1 hits 27-Mar-1969 -
Mary Carey Pornstar Porn star, ran for California Governor 15-Jun-1980 -
Max Carey Baseball MLB Hall of Famer 11-Jan-1890 30-May-1976
Michele Carey Actor Live a Little, Love a Little 26-Feb-1943 -
Olive Carey Actor Billy the Kid versus Dracula 31-Jan-1896 13-Mar-1988
Peter Carey Novelist Oscar and Lucinda 07-Feb-1943 -
Philip Carey Actor One Life to Live 15-Jul-1925 06-Feb-2009
Robert D. Carey Politician Governor and Senator from Wyoming 12-Aug-1878 17-Jan-1937
Ron Carey Labor Leader Teamsters President, 1992-99 22-Mar-1936 11-Dec-2008
Ron Carey Actor Officer Levitt on Barney Miller 11-Dec-1935 16-Jan-2007
William Carey Religion English Baptist Missionary Society 17-Aug-1761 09-Jun-1834
David F. Cargo Politician Governor of New Mexico, 1967-71 13-Jan-1929 -
Timothy Carhart Actor Pink Cadillac 24-Dec-1953 -
Gia Carides Actor My Big Fat Greek Wedding 07-Jun-1964 -
Harvey Carignan Criminal The Want-Ad Killer 18-May-1927 -
Mary Carillo Sports Journalist Loquacious sports commentator 15-Mar-1957 -
Peter Carington Government UK Foreign Secretary, 1979-82 06-Jun-1919 -
Carinus Royalty Roman Emperor, 283-85 AD ? 285 AD
Len Cariou Actor Sweeney Todd 30-Sep-1939 -
Carl XVI Gustaf Royalty King of Sweden 30-Apr-1946 -
P. J. Carlesimo Basketball Former Coach, Oklahoma City Thunder 30-May-1949 -
George H. Carley Judge Justice, Georgia Supreme Court 24-Sep-1938 -
Stephen Carley Business CEO, El Pollo Loco c. 1952 -
Brandi Carlile Musician American country rock singer, The Story 01-Jun-1981 -
George Carlin Comic Seven Dirty Words 12-May-1937 22-Jun-2008
John W. Carlin Politician Governor of Kansas, 1979-87 05-Mar-1940 -
Belinda Carlisle Singer Lead vocalist for The Go-Go's 17-Aug-1958 -
John G. Carlisle Politician US Secretary of the Treasury, 1893-97 05-Sep-1834 31-Jul-1910
Kitty Carlisle Singer A Night at the Opera 03-Sep-1910 18-Apr-2007
Mary Carlisle Actor Dead Men Walk 03-Feb-1912 -
Rick Carlisle Basketball Head Coach, Dallas Mavericks 27-Oct-1959 -
Carloman Royalty King of France, 882-84 ? 12-Dec-884 AD
Roberto Carlos Singer Música Popular Brasileira 19-Apr-1941 -
Wendy Carlos Electronic Musician Switched On Bach 14-Nov-1939 -
LeRoy T. Carlson, Jr. Business CEO of Telephone and Data Systems c. 1946 -
Amy Carlson Actor Alex Taylor on Third Watch 07-Jul-1968 -
Anton J. Carlson Biologist The Machinery of the Body 29-Jan-1875 02-Sep-1956
Arne Carlson Politician Governor of Minnesota, 1991-99 24-Sep-1934 -
Brian E. Carlson Diplomat US Ambassador to Latvia, 2001-04 1947 -
Chester Carlson Inventor Invented Xerography 08-Feb-1906 19-Sep-1968
Evans F. Carlson Military Carlson's Raiders 26-Feb-1896 27-May-1947
Frank Carlson Politician Governor and Senator from Kansas 23-Jan-1893 30-May-1987
George C. Carlson, Jr. Judge Justice, Mississippi Supreme Court 23-May-1946 -
Gretchen Carlson TV Personality Fox & Friends 1966 -
Jan Carlson Business CEO of Autoliv 1960 -
Jeffrey Carlson Actor Broadway actor, transgender soap star 23-Jun-1975 -
Kelly Carlson Actor Kimber Henry on Nip/Tuck 17-Feb-1976 -
LeRoy T. Carlson Business Founder of Telephone and Data Systems 15-May-1916 -
Letitia G. Carlson Relative George Washington University Medical Center c. 1960 -
Margaret Carlson Columnist Time columnist c. 1944 -
Prudence E. Carlson Relative Daughter of LeRoy T. Carlson c. 1951 -
Richard Carlson Actor The Creature from the Black Lagoon 29-Apr-1912 24-Nov-1977
Richard W. Carlson Diplomat US Ambassador to the Seychelles, 1991-92 1941 -
Tucker Carlson Pundit Conservative pundit on Fox News 16-May-1969 -
Walter C. D. Carlson Attorney Chairman of Telephone and Data Systems c. 1953 -
Arvid Carlsson Scientist Signal transduction in the nervous system 25-Jan-1923 -
Ingvar Carlsson Head of State Twice Prime Minister of Sweden 09-Nov-1934 -
Sune Carlsson Business CEO of SKF AB, 1998-2003 1941 -
Doug Carlston Business Co-Founder, Br0derbund Software 1947 -
Dennis W. Carlton Economist Economics Professor, University of Chicago c. 1950 -
Donald M. Carlton Business President of Radian Corporation, 1969-95 c. 1936 -
Doyle E. Carlton Politician Governor of Florida, 1929-33 06-Jul-1885 25-Oct-1972
Steve Carlton Baseball Winner of four Cy Young Awards 22-Dec-1944 -
Vanessa Carlton Musician Ordinary Day 16-Aug-1980 -
David R. Carlucci Business CEO of IMS Health c. 1955 -
Frank Carlucci Government US Secretary of Defense, 1987-89 18-Oct-1930 -
Robert Carlyle Actor The Full Monty 14-Apr-1961 -
Thomas Carlyle Historian The French Revolution 04-Dec-1795 05-Feb-1881
Chris Carmack Actor Luke Ward on The O.C. 22-Dec-1980 -
John Carmack Computer Programmer Lead programmer of Doom, Quake 20-Aug-1970 -
Carman Singer Gospel singer and Christian rap artist 19-Jan-1956 -
Roger C. Carmel Actor Harcourt Fenton Mudd 27-Sep-1932 11-Nov-1986
Eric Carmen Singer/Songwriter All By Myself 11-Aug-1949 -
Gerald P. Carmen Government Carmen Group International 08-Jul-1930 -
Julie Carmen Actor Gloria 04-Apr-1954 -
Hoagy Carmichael Songwriter Star Dust 22-Nov-1899 27-Dec-1981
Ian Carmichael Actor Bertie Wooster 18-Jun-1920 05-Feb-2010
Leonard Carmichael Educator Smithsonian Chief, 1953-64 09-Nov-1898 16-Sep-1973
Stokely Carmichael Activist Black separatist, Pan-Africanist 29-Jun-1941 15-Nov-1998
António Óscar Carmona Head of State President of Portugal, 1926-51 24-Nov-1869 18-Apr-1951
Richard H. Carmona Doctor US Surgeon General, 2002-06 22-Nov-1949 -
Ellen Carnahan Business Seyen Capital Management c. 1956 -
Jean Carnahan Politician US Senator from Missouri, 2001-02 20-Dec-1933 -
Joe Carnahan Film Director Smokin' Aces 09-May-1969 -
Mel Carnahan Politician Dead man, still defeated John Ashcroft 11-Feb-1934 16-Oct-2000
Robin Carnahan Politician Missouri Secretary of State 04-Aug-1961 -
Russ Carnahan Politician Congressman, Missouri 3rd 10-Jul-1958 -
Rudolf Carnap Philosopher The Logical Syntax of Language 18-May-1891 14-Sep-1970
Judy Carne Actor Sock-it-to-me girl on Laugh-In 27-Apr-1939 -
Marcel Carné Film Director Les Enfants du Paradis 18-Aug-1909 31-Oct-1996
Andrew Carnegie Business Robber baron turned philanthropist 25-Nov-1835 11-Aug-1919
Dale Carnegie Author How to Win Friends and Influence People 24-Nov-1888 01-Nov-1955
JoAnne Carner Golf Winner, 1971 and 1976 US Women's Open 04-Apr-1939 -
Edward Earl Carnes Judge 11th Circuit Court of Appeals 03-Jun-1950 -
Kim Carnes Singer/Songwriter Bette Davis Eyes 20-Jul-1946 -
Ryan Carnes Actor Justin on Desperate Housewives 06-Dec-1982 -
Lou Carnesecca Basketball Longtime coach, St. John's University 05-Jan-1925 -
Alan Carney Actor Comedy duo, Brown & Carney 22-Dec-1909 02-May-1973
Art Carney Actor Ed Norton on The Honeymooners 04-Nov-1918 09-Nov-2003
Chris Carney Politician Congressman from Pennsylvania, 2007-11 02-Mar-1959 -
Jay Carney Government White House Press Secretary 22-May-1965 -
John Carney Politician Congressman, Delaware 20-May-1956 -
Timothy Michael Carney Diplomat US Ambassador to Haiti, 1998-99 12-Jul-1944 -
Lazare Carnot Mathematician Organizer for Victory 13-May-1753 22-Aug-1823
Sadi Carnot Physicist 2nd Law of Thermodynamics 01-Jun-1796 24-Aug-1832
Morris Carnovsky Actor Dead Reckoning 05-Sep-1897 01-Sep-1992
Alison J. Carnwath Business British investment banker c. 1953 -
Robert Caro Historian Biographer of Lyndon Johnson 30-Oct-1935 -
Martine Carol Actor Lola Montès 16-May-1920 06-Feb-1967
Princess Caroline Royalty Daughter of Prince Rainier 23-Jan-1957 -
Adam Carolla Radio Personality Loveline, The Man Show 27-May-1964 -
Leslie Caron Dancer Gigi 01-Jul-1931 -
Roger Caron Criminal Go-Boy! Memoirs of a Life Behind Bars 12-Apr-1938 11-Apr-2012
Wallace Hume Carothers Chemist Inventor of Nylon 27-Apr-1896 29-Apr-1937
Daniel A. Carp Business CEO of Kodak, 2001-05 04-May-1948 -
Walter L. Carpeneti Judge Justice, Alaska Supreme Court 01-Dec-1945 -
Amanda B. Carpenter Journalist Washington Times columnist 1984 -
Carleton Carpenter Actor Two Weeks: With Love 10-Jul-1926 -
Charisma Carpenter Actor Cordelia on Buffy 23-Jul-1970 -
Edmund M. Carpenter Business CEO of Barnes Group c. 1942 -
Jennifer Carpenter Actor The Exorcism of Emily Rose 07-Dec-1979 -
John Carpenter Film Director Escape from New York 16-Jan-1948 -
Karen Carpenter Singer The Carpenters 02-Mar-1950 04-Feb-1983
Mary Chapin Carpenter Country Musician Never Had It So Good 21-Feb-1958 -
Richard Carpenter Musician The Carpenters 15-Oct-1946 -
Scott Carpenter Astronaut Mercury astronaut 01-May-1925 -
Walter S. Carpenter, Jr. Business President of DuPont, 1940-48 08-Jan-1888 1976
Thomas Carper Politician US Senator from Delaware 23-Jan-1947 -
Bob Carr Politician Congressman from Michigan, 1975-95 27-Mar-1943 -
Caleb Carr Novelist The Alienist 02-Aug-1955 -
Cassandra C. Carr Business Public Strategies, Inc. c. 1945 -
Darleen Carr Actor The Streets of San Francisco 12-Dec-1950 -
David Carr Journalist The New York Times 08-Sep-1956 -
David Carr Football Carolina Panthers QB 21-Jul-1979 -
Eric Carr Drummer Drummer for KISS 12-Jul-1950 24-Nov-1991
Eugene Asa Carr Military Union Army General 20-Mar-1830 02-Dec-1910
Gus Carr Actor Bring It On: All or Nothing 16-Nov-1983 -
Howie Carr Columnist Boston Herald columnist, talk-radio host 17-Jan-1952 -
Joe Carr Football NFL President, 1921-39 22-Oct-1880 20-May-1939
Nicholas G. Carr Author Does IT Matter? 1959 -
Paul Carr Author Bringing Nothing to the Party 07-Dec-1979 -
Paul Carr Actor The Bat People 01-Feb-1934 17-Feb-2006
Robert Carr Politician UK Home Secretary, 1972-74 11-Nov-1916 17-Feb-2012
Vikki Carr Singer Simplemente Mujer 19-Jul-1941 -
Raffaella Carrà Singer Italian singer/entertainer 18-Jun-1943 -
Joseph A. Carrabba Business CEO of Cleveland-Cliffs c. 1953 -
Paul Carrack Musician White soul singer 22-Apr-1951 -
David Carradine Actor Grasshopper 08-Dec-1936 03-Jun-2009
John Carradine Actor In over 200 B movies 05-Feb-1906 27-Nov-1988
Keith Carradine Actor Thieves Like Us 08-Aug-1949 -
Robert Carradine Actor Revenge of the Nerds 24-Mar-1954 -
Venustiano Carranza Head of State President of Mexico, 1917-20 29-Dec-1859 21-May-1920
John Le Carré Novelist The Spy Who Came In From the Cold 19-Oct-1931 -
Alexis Carrel Doctor Sutured blood vessels 28-Jun-1873 05-Nov-1944
Dominique Carrel-Billiard Business CEO, AXA Investment Managers c. 1967 -
Asia Carrera Pornstar Mensa member, pornstar 06-Aug-1973 -
Barbara Carrera Actor Bond girl, Never Say Never Again 31-Dec-1951 -
José Carreras Singer The third tenor 05-Dec-1946 -
Tia Carrere Actor Wayne's World 02-Jan-1967 -
Jim Carrey Actor Rubber-faced fartsmith 17-Jan-1962 -
Willis Carrier Inventor Created the first air conditioning 26-Nov-1876 07-Oct-1950
John A. Carrig Business CFO of Conoco-Phillips 14-Jan-1952 -
Pete Carril Basketball Princeton Head Coach, 1967-96 10-Jul-1930 -
Luis Posada Carriles Terrorist Cuban terrorist in US custody c. 1928 -
Leo Carrillo Actor Pancho on The Cisco Kid 06-Aug-1881 10-Sep-1961
Leonora Carrington Painter Last surviving Surrealist 06-Apr-1917 25-May-2011
Rodney Carrington Comic Dear Penis 19-Oct-1968 -
Richard Carrión Business CEO of Popular, Inc. 26-Nov-1952 -
Cath Carroll Musician Miaow 25-Aug-1960 -
Cynthia Carroll Business CEO of Anglo American c. 1956 -
Diahann Carroll Singer Claudine 17-Jul-1935 -
Janet Carroll Actor Risky Business 24-Dec-1940 22-May-2012
Jim Carroll Author The Basketball Diaries 01-Aug-1950 11-Sep-2009
John Carroll Actor Flying Tigers 17-Jul-1906 24-Apr-1979
John Albert Carroll Politician US Senator from Colorado, 1957-63 30-Jul-1901 30-Aug-1983
Julian Carroll Politician Governor of Kentucky, 1974-79 16-Apr-1931 -
Leo G. Carroll Actor Waverly on The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 25-Oct-1892 16-Oct-1972
Lewis Carroll Author Alice in Wonderland 27-Jan-1832 14-Jan-1898
Loren K. Carroll Business CEO of M-I SWACO, 1994-2006 c. 1943 -
Madeleine Carroll Actor The 39 Steps 26-Feb-1906 02-Oct-1987
Michael Carroll unspecified Lottery winner, King of Chavs c. 1983 -
Milton Carroll Business Instrument Products, Inc. c. 1950 -
Nancy Carroll Actor The Devil's Holiday 19-Nov-1903 06-Aug-1965
Pat Carroll Actor Make Room for Daddy 05-May-1927 -
Pete Carroll Football Seattle Seahawks coach 15-Sep-1951 -
Rocky Carroll Actor Leon Vance on NCIS 08-Jul-1963 -
Carrot Top Comic Prop-comic recycled for commercials 25-Feb-1965 -
Hayden Carruth Poet Brothers, I Loved You All 03-Aug-1921 29-Sep-2008
Rae Carruth Football Carolina Panther murdered his girlfriend 20-Jan-1974 -
Shane Carruth Film Director Primer 1972 -
Garrey Carruthers Politician Governor of New Mexico, 1987-91 29-Aug-1939 -
Adam Carson Drummer Drummer for AFI 05-Feb-1975 -
André Carson Politician Congressman, Indiana 7th 16-Oct-1974 -
Benjamin S. Carson Doctor Pediatric neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins 18-Sep-1951 -
Brad Carson Politician Congressman from Oklahoma, 2001-05 11-Mar-1967 -
Bud Carson Football Pittsburgh Steelers DC, 1972-77 28-Apr-1931 08-Dec-2005
Frank Carson Comic Irish comedian 11-Jun-1926 22-Feb-2012
Harry Carson Football NY Giants Linebacker, Hall of Famer 26-Nov-1953 -
Jack Carson Actor Two Guys From Milwaukee 27-Oct-1910 02-Jan-1963
Jean Carson Actor Fun girl Daphne 28-Feb-1923 02-Nov-2005
Johnnie Carson Diplomat US Asst. Secy. of State for Africa 07-Apr-1943 -
Johnny Carson Talk Show Host Longtime host of Tonight Show 23-Oct-1925 23-Jan-2005
Julia Carson Politician Congresswoman from Indiana, 1997-2007 08-Jul-1938 15-Dec-2007
Kit Carson Explorer Frontiersman and Indian agent 24-Dec-1809 23-May-1868
Lisa Nicole Carson Actor Renee on Ally McBeal 12-Jul-1969 -
Rachel Carson Scientist Mother of the environmental movement 27-May-1907 14-Apr-1964
Russell L. Carson Business Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe 1943 -
Sunset Carson Actor B-Movie cowboy 12-Nov-1920 01-May-1990
T. C. Carson Actor Kyle Barker on Living Single 19-Nov-1958 -
John Paddy Carstairs Film Director The Saint in London 11-May-1910 12-Dec-1970
Peter Carsten Actor Dark of the Sun 30-Apr-1928 20-Apr-2012
Karl Carstens Head of State President of Germany, 1979-84 14-Dec-1914 30-May-1992
G. Harrold Carswell Judge Failed US Supreme Court nominee 22-Dec-1919 31-Jul-1992
Élie Cartan Mathematician Spinor groups 09-Apr-1869 06-May-1951
Henri Cartan Mathematician Leader of the math Bourbakistes 08-Jul-1904 13-Aug-2008
Richard D'Oyly Carte Theatre Producer English opera and theatre impresario 03-May-1844 03-Apr-1901
Aaron Carter Singer Backstreet boy Nick Carter's brother 07-Dec-1987 -
Amy Carter Relative Daughter of President Jimmy Carter 19-Oct-1967 -
Angela Carter Author Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman 07-May-1940 16-Feb-1992
Anthony Carter Football Former NFL wide receiver 17-Sep-1960 -
Benny Carter Jazz Musician Jazz and big bandleader 08-Aug-1907 12-Jul-2003
Betty Carter Singer Jazz vocalist 16-May-1929 26-Sep-1998
Billy Carter Relative Brother of Jimmy Carter 29-Mar-1937 25-Sep-1988
Chris Carter Film/TV Producer Creator of The X-Files, Millennium 13-Oct-1957 -
Chris Carter Electronic Musician Throbbing Gristle, Chris and Cosey 28-Jan-1953 -
Conlan Carter Actor Doc on Combat! 03-Oct-1934 -
Cris Carter Football Former NFL wide receiver 25-Nov-1965 -
Dixie Carter Actor Designing Women 25-May-1939 10-Apr-2010
Elliott Carter Composer The Defence of Corinth 11-Dec-1908 -
Emily Carter Author Glory Goes and Gets Some 1960 -
Gary Carter Baseball MLB catcher, Hall-of-Famer 08-Apr-1954 16-Feb-2012
Gene R. Carter Educator Executive Director, ASCD c. 1940 -
Graydon Carter Journalist Editor of Vanity Fair 14-Jul-1949 -
Helena Carter Actor Invaders from Mars 24-Aug-1923 11-Jan-2000
Helena Bonham Carter Actor Marla in Fight Club 26-May-1966 -
Hodding Carter III Journalist Carter Administration mouthpiece 07-Apr-1935 -
Hodding Carter Journalist Delta Democrat-Times 03-Feb-1907 04-Apr-1972
Howard Carter Archaeologist Uncovered Tutankhamun's Tomb 09-May-1874 02-Mar-1939
Hurricane Carter Boxing Boxer twice convicted of triple-murder 06-May-1937 -
Jack Carter Relative Jimmy Carter's eldest son 03-Jul-1947 -
Jack Carter Comic Stand-up comic, actor 24-Jun-1923 -
James H. Carter Judge Justice, Iowa Supreme Court, 1982-2006 18-Jan-1935 -
Janis Carter Actor B-Movie actress 10-Oct-1913 30-Jul-1994
Jason Carter Actor Marcus Cole on Babylon 5 23-Sep-1960 -
Jim Carter Actor Mr. Carson on Downton Abbey 19-Aug-1948 -
Jimmy Carter Head of State 39th US President, 1977-81 01-Oct-1924 -
Joe Carter Baseball Toronto Blue Jays 07-Mar-1960 -
John Carter Actor Lt. John Biddle on Barnaby Jones 26-Nov-1927 -
John Carter Politician Congressman, Texas 31st 06-Nov-1941 -
Jon Carter Musician Monkey Mafia c. 1973 -
Kevin Carter Photographer Wanting A Meal 13-Sep-1960 27-Jul-1994
Larry Carter Business CFO of Cisco, 1995-2003 c. 1952 -
Lynda Carter Actor Wonder Woman 24-Jul-1951 -
Mel Carter Singer Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me 22-Apr-1943 -
Mollie H. Carter Business CEO of Sunflower Bank c. 1962 -
Nell Carter Actor Housekeeper on Gimme A Break 13-Sep-1948 23-Jan-2003
Nick Carter Singer The Backstreet Boys 28-Jan-1980 -
Pamela L. Carter Business EVP at Cummins c. 1948 -
Paul R. Carter Business CFO of Wal-Mart, 1988-95 c. 1940 -
Ralph Carter Actor Michael Evans on Good Times 30-May-1961 -
Rosalynn Carter First Lady Wife of US President Jimmy Carter 18-Aug-1927 -
Sarah Carter Actor DOA: Dead or Alive 30-Oct-1980 -
Susan K. Carter Business CFO of Lennox International c. 1959 -
Thomas Carter Film Director Coach Carter 17-Jul-1953 -
Vince Carter Basketball Dallas Mavericks dunker 26-Jan-1977 -
William H. Carter Business CFO of Hexion Specialty Chemicals c. 1954 -
Zachary W. Carter Attorney Partner, Dorsey & Whitney 19-Mar-1950 -
Jocelyn Carter-Miller Business President of TechEdVentures c. 1957 -
Gabrielle Carteris Actor Beverly Hills 90210 02-Jan-1961 -
Jacques Cartier Explorer Discovered St. Lawrence river 1491 01-Sep-1557
Henri Cartier-Bresson Photographer Renowned photographer, photojournalist 22-Aug-1908 02-Aug-2004
Barbara Cartland Author Wrote way too many romance novels 09-Jul-1901 21-May-2000
Katrin Cartlidge Actor Claire Dolan 15-May-1961 07-Sep-2002
Willis Carto Activist Founder of Liberty Lobby, IHR 17-Jul-1926 -
Alexander Cartwright Baseball Original rules of baseball 17-Apr-1820 12-Jul-1892
Angela Cartwright Actor Lost in Space 09-Sep-1952 -
Bec Cartwright Actor Home and Away 23-Jul-1983 -
Carol A. Cartwright Educator President of Kent State University, 1991-2006 c. 1941 -
Edmund Cartwright Inventor Invented the power loom 24-Apr-1743 30-Oct-1823
Nancy Cartwright Actor Voice of Bart Simpson 25-Oct-1959 -
Peter Cartwright Business CEO of Calpine, 1984-2005 1930 -
Steve Cartwright Computer Programmer Barnstorming, Seaquest, Frostbite c. 1955 -
Thomas Cartwright Religion English Puritan divine c. 1535 27-Dec-1603
Veronica Cartwright Actor Alien 20-Apr-1950 -
Donald J. Carty Business CEO of American Airlines, 1998-2003 23-Jun-1946 -
Carus Royalty Roman Emperor, 282-83 ? 283 AD
Anthony Caruso Actor American character actor 07-Apr-1916 04-Apr-2003
D. J. Caruso Film Director Disturbia 17-Jan-1965 -
David Caruso Actor Lt. Horatio Caine on CSI: Miami 17-Jan-1956 -
Enrico Caruso Singer Operatic tenor nonpareil 25-Feb-1873 02-Aug-1921
Joseph A. Caruso Business Secretary of Guardian Life c. 1946 -
Elbert N. Carvel Politician Twice Governor of Delaware 09-Feb-1910 06-Feb-2005
Tom Carvel Business Fudgie The Whale, Cookie Puss 14-Jul-1906 21-Oct-1990
George Washington Carver Botanist Crop rotation and peanut butter c. 1860 05-Jan-1943
Howard L. Carver Business Former Partner, Ernst & Young c. 1944 -
Lisa Carver Author Rollerderby, Suckdog c. 1968 -
Lynne Carver Actor American character actress 13-Sep-1909 12-Aug-1955
Raymond Carver Author Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? 25-May-1938 02-Aug-1988
Steve Carver Film Director Lone Wolf McQuade 05-Apr-1945 -
Dana Carvey Comic Saturday Night Live 02-Jun-1955 -
Edward P. Carville Politician Governor of Nevada, 1939-45 14-May-1885 27-Jun-1956
James Carville Government Clinton campaign strategist 25-Oct-1944 -
Joyce Cary Novelist The Horse's Mouth 06-Dec-1888 29-Mar-1957
Julian Casablancas Musician The Strokes frontman 23-Aug-1978 -
Robert Casadesus Pianist French pianist/composer 07-Apr-1899 19-Sep-1972
Jack Casady Bassist Jefferson Airplane 13-Apr-1944 -
Gerald Casale Musician Co-Founder of DEVO 28-Jul-1948 -
Pablo Casals Cellist Spanish cellist and conductor 29-Dec-1876 22-Oct-1973
Deanna Casaluce Actor Alex Nuñez on Degrassi 07-Feb-1986 -
Giacomo Casanova Author World-renowned paramour 02-Apr-1725 04-Jun-1798
Tommy Casanova Football Former Cincinnati Bengals DB 29-Jul-1950 -
Amira Casar Actor Anatomy of Hell 01-Jul-1971 -
Adolfo Bioy Casares Author La invención de Morel 15-Sep-1914 08-Mar-1999
María Casares Actor Orpheus 21-Nov-1922 22-Nov-1996
Isaac Casaubon Scholar Leading classical scholar 18-Feb-1559 01-Jul-1614
Case Musician Swingbeat soul singer ? -
Daniel H. Case III Business Hambrecht & Quist 27-Jul-1957 27-Jun-2002
Ed Case Politician Congressman, Hawaii 2nd 27-Sep-1952 -
Gregory C. Case Business CEO of Aon c. 1963 -
Neko Case Singer/Songwriter New Pornographers 08-Sep-1970 -
Sharon Case Actor The Young and the Restless 09-Feb-1971 -
Steve Case Business CEO of AOL, 1991-2001 21-Aug-1958 -
Alfredo Casella Composer Rejuvinated Vivaldi 25-Jul-1883 05-Mar-1947
Max Casella Actor Benny Fazio on The Sopranos 06-Jun-1967 -
Gilbert F. Casellas Attorney Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky & Popeo c. 1952 -
Roger Casement Activist Irish revolutionary, gay diarist 01-Sep-1864 03-Aug-1916
Albert V. Casey Business CEO of American Airlines, 1974-85 28-Feb-1920 10-Jul-2004
Bernie Casey Football NFL wide receiver turned actor 08-Jun-1939 -
Bob Casey, Jr. Politician US Senator from Pennsylvania 13-Apr-1960 -
Dillon Casey Actor Trevor Lemonde on M.V.P. 29-Oct-1983 -
George W. Casey, Jr. Military US Army Chief of Staff, 2007-11 21-Jul-1948 -
James J. Casey Business COO of Starbucks, 1985-87 c. 1932 -
James V. Casey Religion Archbishop of Denver, 1967-86 22-Sep-1914 14-Mar-1986
John Casey Novelist Spartina 18-Jan-1939 -
Kathleen L. Casey Government Securities and Exchange Commission 12-Apr-1966 -
Mary Ann Casey Diplomat US Ambassador to Algeria, 1991-94 11-Nov-1949 -
Robert P. Casey Politician Governor of Pennsylvania, 1987-95 09-Jan-1932 30-May-2000
William Casey Spy CIA Director, 1981-87 13-Mar-1913 29-Jan-1987
James I. Cash, Jr. Educator Harvard Business School, 1976-2003 c. 1948 -
Johnny Cash Country Musician The Man in Black 26-Feb-1932 12-Sep-2003
June Carter Cash Country Musician Country singer, wife of Johnny Cash 23-Jun-1929 15-May-2003
Pat Cash Tennis Winner, 1987 Wimbledon 27-May-1965 -
Rosalind Cash Actor The Omega Man 31-Dec-1938 31-Oct-1995
Rosanne Cash Country Musician Rhythm and Romance 24-May-1955 -
Tabatha Cash Pornstar Gangbang Girl #9, Lesbomania #2 27-Dec-1973 -
W. Larry Cash Business CFO of Community Health Systems c. 1948 -
Bob Cashell Politician Mayor of Reno 1939 -
Jack Cashill Author What's The Matter With California? 15-Dec-1947 -
Brian Cashman Baseball General Manager, NY Yankees 03-Jul-1967 -
Kimberly A. Casiano Business President of Casiano Communications, 1994-2009 21-Dec-1957 -
Iker Casillas Soccer Real Madrid goalkeeper 20-May-1981 -
Casimir III Royalty King of Poland, 1333-70 1310 05-Nov-1370
Casimir IV Royalty King of Poland, 1447-92 30-Nov-1427 07-Jun-1492
Stefano Casiraghi Business Second husband of Princess Caroline 09-Aug-1960 03-Oct-1990
William Caslon Typographer English type designer 1692 23-Jan-1766
Philip Casnoff Actor Dr. Robert Jackson on Strong Medicine 03-Aug-1949 -
James C. Cason Diplomat US Ambassador to Paraguay c. 1944 -
Thomas W. Cason Business CFO of Baker Hughes, 1989-90 c. 1942 -
Billy Casper Golf Won 3 majors, plus 51 PGA Tour wins 24-Jun-1931 -
Dave Casper Football NFL Hall of Famer 02-Feb-1952 -
Gerhard Casper Educator President of Stanford University, 1992-2000 25-Dec-1937 -
Lewis Cass Military US Secretary of State, 1857-60 09-Oct-1782 17-Jun-1866
Mama Cass Singer The Mamas and the Papas 19-Sep-1941 29-Jul-1974
Peggy Cass Actor Auntie Mame 21-May-1924 08-Mar-1999
John M. Cassaday Business CEO of Corus Entertainment c. 1954 -
Carolyn Cassady Author Wife of Neal Cassady 28-Apr-1923 -
Howard "Hopalong" Cassady Football Winner, 1955 Heisman Trophy 02-Mar-1934 -
Neal Cassady Author The Holy Goof 08-Feb-1926 04-Feb-1968
Cassander Royalty King of Macedonia c. 350 BC 297 BC
George Cassander Religion Worked towards Christian unity 1513 03-Feb-1566
Mary Cassatt Painter American impressionist, lived in Paris 22-May-1843 14-Jun-1926
John Cassavetes Actor Rosemary's Baby 09-Dec-1929 03-Feb-1989
Nick Cassavetes Actor Assault of the Killer Bimbos 21-May-1959 -
Jean-Pierre Cassel Actor The Crimson Rivers 27-Oct-1932 19-Apr-2007
Seymour Cassel Actor Faces 22-Jan-1935 -
Vincent Cassel Actor Irréversible 23-Nov-1966 -
John Cassell Publisher Cassell's Magazine 23-Jan-1817 02-Apr-1865
William E. Casselman II Government White House Counsel, 1974-75 c. 1941 -
Scott L. Cassels Business EVP at Peter Kiewit Sons c. 1959 -
Cassidy Rapper "Da Problem" 1983 -
Bill Cassidy Politician Congressman, Louisiana 6th 28-Sep-1957 -
Butch Cassidy Criminal Train and bank robber 13-Apr-1866 c. 1908
David Cassidy Singer The Partridge Family 12-Apr-1950 -
Eva Cassidy Singer Eva by Heart 02-Feb-1963 02-Nov-1996
Frank Cassidy Business Public Service Enterprise Group c. 1947 -
Gerald Cassidy Government Cassidy & Associates c. 1940 -
Jack Cassidy Actor The Eiger Sanction 05-Mar-1927 12-Dec-1976
Joanna Cassidy Actor Snake-charmer in Blade Runner 02-Aug-1945 -
Katie Cassidy Model Daughter of David Cassidy 25-Nov-1986 -
Patrick Cassidy Actor Son of Jack Cassidy and Shirley Jones 04-Jan-1962 -
Shaun Cassidy Musician One-time teenage heartthrob 27-Sep-1958 -
Ted Cassidy Actor Lurch on The Addams Family 31-Jul-1932 16-Jan-1979
Cassie Singer Me & U 26-Aug-1986 -
R. V. Cassill Novelist Dr. Cobb's Game 17-May-1919 25-Mar-2002
René Cassin Government Legal scholar, Nobel Prize recipient 05-Oct-1887 20-Feb-1976
Giovanni Domenico Cassini Astronomer Italo-French astronomer 08-Jun-1625 14-Sep-1712
Jacques Dominique Cassini Astronomer Director, Observatoire de Paris 30-Jun-1748 18-Oct-1845
Oleg Cassini Fashion Designer Fashion designer 11-Apr-1913 17-Mar-2006
Ernst Cassirer Philosopher The Myth of the State 28-Jul-1874 13-Apr-1945
John L. Cassis Business Cross Atlantic Partners c. 1948 -
Cassivelaunus Royalty British chieftan fought Caesar fl 1st c. BC fl. 1st c. BC
Lionel Casson Scholar The Ancient Mariners 22-Jul-1914 18-Jul-2009
Laetitia Casta Model Yves St. Laurent supermodel 11-May-1978 -
Bruna Castagna Singer Operatic contralto/mezzo-soprano 15-Oct-1905 10-Jul-1983
Andrea del Castagno Painter Florentine painter c. 1400 19-Aug-1457
François J. Castaing Business Former EVP at Chrysler 1945 -
Carlos Castaneda Author The Teachings of Don Juan 25-Dec-1925 27-Apr-1998
John T. Casteen III Educator President, University of Virginia 11-Dec-1943 -
Edmund Castell Lexicographer Lexicon Heptaglotton 1606 1685
William Castell Business CEO of GE Healthcare 10-Apr-1947 -
Dan Castellaneta Actor Voice of Homer Simpson 29-Oct-1957 -
Lawrence P. Castellani Business CEO of Advance Auto Parts, 2000-05 c. 1945 -
Paul Castellano Criminal Gambino crime boss 20-Jun-1915 16-Dec-1985
Richard S. Castellano Actor The Godfather 04-Sep-1933 10-Dec-1988
Adriano Castellesi Religion Secretary to Pope Alexander VI c. 1460 c. 1521
Federico Castelluccio Actor Furio on The Sopranos 29-Apr-1964 -
Michel de Castelnau Military French Ambassador to Elizabeth I 1517 1592
Giovanni Battista Casti Poet Novelle Galanti 29-Aug-1724 05-Feb-1803
Baldassare Castiglione Author Il Cortegiano 06-Dec-1478 07-Feb-1529
Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione Painter Italian pastoral painter 23-Mar-1609 05-May-1664
António Feliciano de Castilho Poet A noite de Castello 18-Jan-1800 18-Jun-1875
Ronald D. Castille Judge Pennsylvania Chief Justice 16-Mar-1944 -
Cristóbal de Castillejo Poet Spanish poet, disliked Italian forms 1490 12-Jun-1556
Alonso de Castillo Solorzano Novelist Tardes Entretenidas 1584 1648
Randy Castillo Drummer Drummer for Ozzy Osbourne 18-Dec-1950 26-Mar-2002
Irene Castle Dancer Vernon & Irene Castle 17-Apr-1893 25-Jan-1969
Mike Castle Politician Congressman from Delaware, 1993-2011 02-Jul-1939 -
Nick Castle Film Director The Last Starfighter 21-Sep-1947 -
Peggie Castle Actor Lily Merrill on Lawman 22-Dec-1927 11-Aug-1973
Vernon Castle Dancer Vernon & Irene Castle 02-May-1887 15-Feb-1918
William Castle Film Director House on Haunted Hill 24-Apr-1914 31-May-1977
Keisha Castle-Hughes Actor Whale Rider 24-Mar-1990 -
Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh Politician Architected Napoleon's defeat 18-Jun-1769 12-Aug-1822
Jimmy Castor Musician Troglodyte 23-Jun-1947 16-Jan-2012
Kathy Castor Politician Congresswoman, Florida 11th 20-Aug-1966 -
Henri de Castries Business CEO of AXA c. 1954 -
Antonio Monteiro de Castro Business COO of British American Tobacco, 2002-07 c. 1946 -
Brian Castro Novelist Birds of Passage 1950 -
Fidel Castro Head of State Dictator of Cuba for almost fifty years 13-Aug-1926 -
Ida L. Castro Government Chairman of the EEOC, 1998-2001 1953 -
Raúl Castro Government President of Cuba 03-Jun-1931 -
Raúl H. Castro Politician Governor of Arizona, 1975-77 12-Jun-1916 -
Eduardo Castro-Wright Business Vice Chairman of Wal-Mart c. 1953 -
Helio Castroneves Auto Racing Winner, 2001, 2002, 2009 Indy 500 10-May-1975 -
John B. Caswell Business Omnia Group c. 1939 -
Super Cat Musician Dancehall fusion performer 1966 -
Anna C. Catalano Business Former executive at BP-Amoco c. 1959 -
Robert B. Catell Business CEO of KeySpan, 1998-2007 01-Feb-1937 -
Darlene Cates Actor Bulbous mother, What's Eating Gilbert Grape 13-Dec-1947 -
Georgina Cates Actor Clay Pigeons 14-Jan-1975 -
Gilbert Cates Film Director I Never Sang for My Father 06-Jun-1934 01-Nov-2011
Phoebe Cates Actor Fast Times at Ridgemont High 16-Jul-1963 -
Dale R. Cathell Judge Judge, Maryland Court of Appeals, 1998-2007 30-Jul-1937 -
Willa Cather Novelist O Pioneers! 07-Dec-1873 24-Apr-1947
Catherine I Royalty Empress of Russia, 1725-27 15-Apr-1684 17-May-1727
St. Catherine of Alexandria Religion Patron saint of virgins and nuns c. 3rd c. AD c. 4th c. AD
Catherine of Aragon Royalty First wife of King Henry VIII 16-Dec-1485 07-Jan-1536
Catherine of Braganza Royalty Consort of English King Charles II 25-Nov-1638 31-Dec-1705
St. Catherine of Siena Religion Patron saint of Italy 25-Mar-1347 29-Apr-1380
Catherine of Valois Royalty Consort of Henry V of England 27-Oct-1401 03-Jan-1437
Catherine the Great Royalty Tsarina of Russia, 1762-96 02-May-1729 17-Nov-1796
Dan T. Cathy Business President and COO, Chick-fil-A 01-Mar-1953 -
S. Truett Cathy Business Founder and CEO of Chick-fil-A 14-Mar-1921 -
Catiline Politician Roman conspirator c. 108 BC c. 62 BC
Turner Catledge Journalist New York Times editor 17-Mar-1901 27-Apr-1983
Big Sid Catlett Jazz Musician Jazz/swing drummer 10-Jan-1910 25-Mar-1951
Walter Catlett Actor Bringing Up Baby 04-Feb-1889 14-Nov-1960
George Catlin Painter Portraitist painted Native Americans 26-Jul-1796 23-Dec-1872
Ed Catmull Business Pixar Co-Founder, Disney Animation president 31-Mar-1945 -
Cato the Elder Politician Roman statesman, hated Carthage 234 BC 149 BC
Cato the Younger Philosopher Foe of Julius Caesar 95 BC 45 BC
Dionysius Cato Author Dionysii Catonis Disticha fl. 4th c. AD fl. 4th c. AD
William Caton Business CFO of Navistar International 31-Jan-1951 -
John Catron Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1837-65 07-Jan-1786 30-May-1865
John Catsimatidis Business Supermarket billionaire 07-Sep-1948 -
Maurizio Cattelan Sculptor La Nona Ora 21-Sep-1960 -
James McKeen Cattell Psychologist Academic freedom 24-May-1860 20-Jan-1944
Henry Catto Government US Ambassador to the UK, 1989-91 06-Dec-1930 -
Kim Cattrall Actor Samantha on Sex and the City 21-Aug-1956 -
Sidney J. Catts Politician Governor of Florida, 1917-21 31-Jul-1863 09-Mar-1936
Catullus Poet Ancient Roman poet c. 84 BC c. 54 BC
Safra A. Catz Business President & CFO of Oracle Dec-1961 -
Augustin-Louis Cauchy Mathematician Infinitesimals, theory of substitution groups 21-Aug-1789 23-May-1857
Lee Caudill Business Former Avon/Liz Claiborne executive c. 1950 -
Frank J. Caufield Business Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers c. 1940 -
Leslie Cauley Journalist End of the Line 1957 -
E. Michael Caulfield Business Former EVP, Prudential c. 1947 -
Emma Caulfield Actor Anya on Buffy 08-Apr-1973 -
Henry S. Caulfield Politician Governor of Missouri, 1929-33 09-Dec-1873 11-May-1966
Joan Caulfield Actor Dear Ruth 01-Jun-1922 18-Jun-1991
Maxwell Caulfield Actor The Real Blonde 23-Nov-1959 -
Tracy Caulkins Swimmer Olympic swimmer 11-Jan-1963 -
David Caute Author Comrade Jacob 16-Dec-1936 -
Steve Cauthen Jockey Winner of 1978 Triple Crown 01-May-1960 -
Aníbal Cavaco Silva Head of State President of Portugal 15-Jul-1939 -
Constantine P. Cavafy Poet Greek poet in Alexandria 29-Apr-1863 29-Apr-1933
Alberto Cavalcanti Film Director Went the Day Well? 06-Feb-1897 23-Aug-1982
Guido Cavalcanti Poet Canzone d'Amore c. 1250 27-Aug-1300
Max Cavalera Musician Sepultura frontman 04-Aug-1969 -
Kristin Cavallari TV Personality Laguna Beach 05-Jan-1987 -
Francesco Cavalli Composer Didone 14-Feb-1602 14-Jan-1676
Roberto Cavalli Fashion Designer Invented a technique for printing on leather 15-Nov-1940 -
Pietro Cavallini Painter Early Italian Renaissance painter c. 1250 1344
Felice Cavallotti Politician Italian radical politician 06-Oct-1842 06-Mar-1898
Jerome P. Cavanagh Politician Mayor of Detroit, 1962-70 16-Jun-1928 27-Nov-1979
John Cavanagh Economist Institute for Policy Studies ? -
Michael F. Cavanagh Judge Justice, Michigan Supreme Court 21-Oct-1940 -
Paul Cavanagh Actor The Scarlet Claw 08-Dec-1888 15-Mar-1964
Richard E. Cavanagh Government CEO of The Conference Board, 1995-2007 c. 1946 -
Thomas Cavanagh Actor Ed Stevens on Ed 26-Oct-1963 -
Hobart Cavanaugh Actor A Midsummer Night's Dream 22-Sep-1886 27-Apr-1950
Robert F. Cavanaugh Business DLJ Capital Partners c. 1959 -
Red Cavaney Business CEO, American Petroleum Institute c. 1942 -
Lauro F. Cavazos Government US Secretary of Education, 1988-90 04-Jan-1927 -
George Cave Politician Lord Chancellor of Britain, 1922-28 23-Feb-1856 29-Mar-1928
Nick Cave Singer Bad Seed 22-Sep-1957 -
Edith Cavell Victim British nurse, shot by the Germans 04-Dec-1865 12-Oct-1915
Stanley Cavell Philosopher Professor of Aesthetics, Harvard 01-Sep-1926 -
Ingrid Caven Actor In a Year of 13 Moons 03-Aug-1938 -
Andrew Cavendish Aristocrat 11th Duke of Devonshire 02-Jan-1920 03-May-2004
Henry Cavendish Chemist Discovered hydrogen 10-Oct-1731 24-Feb-1810
Peregrine Cavendish Aristocrat 12th Duke of Devonshire 12-Apr-1944 -
Thomas Cavendish Explorer Third global circumnavigator 1560 1592
Dick Cavett Talk Show Host The Dick Cavett Show 19-Nov-1936 -
James Caviezel Actor Passion 26-Sep-1968 -
Henry Cavill Actor The Tudors 05-May-1983 -
Camillo Benso di Cavour Activist Genius behind a united Italy 10-Aug-1810 06-Jun-1861
Neil Cavuto TV Personality Fox News Channel VP, news anchor 22-Sep-1958 -
Charles Cawley Business Cofounder, MBNA Corporation 1941 -
William Caxton Publisher First printer in England 1422 1491
André Cayatte Film Director Verdict 03-Feb-1909 06-Feb-1989
Edgar Cayce Paranormal Performed "paranormal" readings 18-Mar-1877 03-Jan-1945
Benjamin Cayetano Politician Governor of Hawaii, 1994-2002 14-Nov-1939 -
George Cayley Inventor Father of aeronautics 27-Dec-1773 08-Dec-1854
James E. Cayne Business CEO of Bear Stearns, 1992-2008 c. 1934 -
John Cazale Actor Fredo in The Godfather 12-Aug-1935 12-Mar-1978
Don Cazayoux Politician Congressman, Louisiana 6th 17-Jan-1964 -
Christopher Cazenove Actor English character actor 17-Dec-1945 07-Apr-2010
William Lee Cazort Politician Twice Lt. Governor of Arkansas 1888 06-Oct-1969
Jacques Cazotte Author Diable Amoureux 17-Oct-1719 25-Sep-1792
Kyle Cease Comic One Dimple 19-Sep-1977 -
Nicolae Ceausescu Head of State Dictator of Romania 26-Jan-1918 25-Dec-1989
Thomas R. Cech Chemist Proved enzyme role of RNA 08-Dec-1947 -
Lord David Cecil Author Melbourne 09-Apr-1902 01-Jan-1986
Robert Cecil Politician Diplomat, Nobel Prize recipient 14-Sep-1864 24-Nov-1958
William Cecil Government Closest advisor to Elizabeth I 13-Sep-1520 05-Aug-1598
St. Cecilia Religion Patron saint of music, the blind ? c. 180 AD
Cee-Lo Singer Goodie Mob, Gnarls Barkley 30-May-1974 -
Paul L. Cejas Business US Ambassador to Belgium, 1998-2001 1943 -
Camilo José Cela Author Spanish novelist and Nobel laureate 11-May-1916 17-Jan-2002
Paul Celan Poet Todesfuge 23-Nov-1920 20-Apr-1970
Anthony J. Celebrezze, Jr. Politician Ohio Attorney General, 1983-91 1941 04-Jul-2003
Anthony J. Celebrezze Politician Mayor of Cleveland, 1954-61 04-Sep-1910 29-Oct-1998
Adriano Celentano Singer The Taming of the Scoundrel 06-Jan-1938 -
Richard Celeste Politician Governor of Ohio, 1983-91 11-Nov-1937 -
Pope Celestine I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 422-432 AD ? 27-Jul-432 AD
Pope Celestine II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1143-44 ? 08-Mar-1144
Pope Celestine III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1191-98 c. 1106 08-Jan-1198
Pope Celestine IV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1241 ? 10-Nov-1241
Pope Celestine V Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1294 1215 19-May-1296
Adolfo Celi Actor And Then There Were None 27-Jul-1922 19-Feb-1986
Sergiu Celibidache Conductor Director, Munich Philharmonic, 1979-96 11-Jul-1912 14-Aug-1996
Louis-Ferdinand Céline Novelist Voyage au bout de la nuit 27-May-1894 01-Jul-1961
Emanuel Celler Politician Congressman from New York, 1923-73 06-May-1888 15-Jan-1981
Benvenuto Cellini Sculptor Florentine Mannerist goldsmith and sculptor 01-Nov-1500 13-Feb-1571
Paul Cellucci Politician Governor of Massachusetts, 1997-2001 24-Apr-1948 -
Anders Celsius Astronomer Astronomer, invented centigrade scale 27-Nov-1701 25-Apr-1744
Celsus Religion Opponent of Christianity fl. 2nd c. AD fl. 2nd c. AD
John Cena Wrestling WWE Champion 23-Apr-1977 -
Wyatt Cenac Comic The Daily Show 19-Apr-1976 -
Beatrice Cenci Criminal Italian beauty, murdered her father 06-Feb-1577 11-Sep-1599
Censorinus Author De Die Natali fl. 3rd c. AD fl. 3rd c. AD
50 Cent Rapper Wanksta, P.I.M.P. 06-Jul-1975 -
Juan N. Cento Business FedEx executive c. 1951 -
Orlando Cepeda Baseball MLB first baseman 17-Sep-1937 -
Michael Cera Actor George-Michael Bluth on Arrested Development 07-Jun-1988 -
Bennett Cerf Publisher Founder of Random House 25-May-1898 27-Aug-1971
Vint Cerf Scientist Co-Designed Internet's TCP-IP protocol 23-Jun-1943 -
Anton J. Cermak Politician Mayor of Chicago, assassinated in office 09-May-1873 06-Mar-1933
Gene Cernan Astronaut Last man on the moon (Apollo 17) 14-Mar-1934 -
Luis Cernuda Poet Generation of '27 21-Sep-1902 05-Nov-1963
Miguel de Cervantes Novelist Don Quixote 29-Sep-1547 22-Apr-1616
Exene Cervenka Singer Vocalist for punk band X 01-Feb-1956 -
Al Cervi Basketball NBA Hall of Famer 12-Feb-1917 09-Nov-2009
Aimé Césaire Poet Return to My Native Land 25-Jun-1913 17-Apr-2008
Raul E. Cesan Business President of Schering-Plough, 1998-2001 c. 1948 -
Patrick Cescau Business Group Chief Executive of Unilever 1948 -
Gonzalo de Céspedes y Meneses Novelist Poema trágico c. 1585 1638
Pablo de Céspedes Poet Spanish poet, painter, sculptor, etc. 1538 26-Jul-1608
Peter Cetera Singer/Songwriter Lead singer, Chicago 13-Sep-1944 -
Cetshwayo Royalty Zulu king c. 1826 08-Feb-1884
Ana María Cetto Scientist Mexican physicist 1946 -
Bill Ceverha Government Lobbyist, GOP activist c. 1936 -
Paul Cézanne Painter Post-Impressionist French painter 19-Jan-1839 22-Oct-1906
Alain Chabat Actor Night at the Museum 24-Nov-1958 -
Lacey Chabert Actor Claudia Salinger on Party of Five 30-Sep-1982 -
Michael Chabon Novelist The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay 24-May-1963 -
Steve Chabot Politician Congressman, Ohio 1st 22-Jan-1953 -
Nicholas D. Chabraja Business CEO of General Dynamics 06-Nov-1942 -
Claude Chabrol Film Director La Cérémonie 24-Jun-1930 12-Sep-2010
Malcolm Chace Business Chairman, Bancorp Rhode Island c. 1934 -
Eugene Chadbourne Musician Avant-garde guitarist, banjoist 04-Jan-1951 -
Lee A. Chaden Business Chairman of Hanesbrands, 2006-08 c. 1941 -
Lord Chadlington Business CEO of Huntsworth ? -
Henry Chadwick Journalist Father of baseball 05-Oct-1824 20-Apr-1908
James Chadwick Physicist Discovered the neutron 20-Oct-1891 24-Jul-1974
John H. Chafee Politician US Senator from Rhode Island, 1976-99 22-Oct-1922 24-Oct-1999
Lincoln Chafee Politician Governor of Rhode Island 26-Mar-1953 -
Suzy Chaffee Skier Olympic skier, ChapStick spokesperson 29-Nov-1946 -
Jason Chaffetz Politician Congressman, Utah 3rd 26-Mar-1967 -
Don Chaffey Film Director Jason and the Argonauts 05-Aug-1917 13-Nov-1990
Marc Chagall Artist I and the Village 07-Jul-1887 28-Mar-1985
Michael A. Chagares Judge 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals 1962 -
Riccardo Chailly Conductor Director, Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra 20-Feb-1953 -
Ernst B. Chain Scientist Isolated penicillin 19-Jun-1906 12-Aug-1979
John T. Chain Military C-in-C, Strategic Air Command, 1986-91 11-Dec-1934 -
Gold Chains Electronic Musician Punk Rock MC c. 1973 -
Jon F. Chait Business CEO of Hudson Highland Group c. 1950 -
Jonathan Chait Journalist Senior Editor, The New Republic 1972 -
George Chakiris Actor West Side Story 16-Sep-1934 -
Ananda M. Chakrabarty Scientist Oil-eating bacteria 04-Apr-1938 -
Ahmed Chalabi Government Prominent on the Iraqi Provisional Council 30-Oct-1944 -
Martin Chalfie Scientist Green Fluorescent Protein 1947 -
Feodor Chaliapin Singer Operatic bass 13-Feb-1873 12-Apr-1938
Garry Chalk Actor Michael Oakes on The Killing 17-Feb-1952 -
Sarah Chalke Actor Dr. Reid on Scrubs 27-Aug-1976 -
Jack L. Chalker Author SF author, wrote Well World series 17-Dec-1944 11-Feb-2005
David Chalmers Philosopher Philosopher of Consciousness 20-Apr-1966 -
Thomas Chalmers Religion Free Church of Scotland 17-Mar-1780 30-May-1847
John S. Chalsty Business CEO, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, 1986-96 c. 1933 -
Abiram Chamberlain Politician Governor of Connecticut, 1903-05 07-Dec-1837 15-May-1911
Austen Chamberlain Politician British pol, Nobel Prize recipient 16-Oct-1863 16-Mar-1937
Azaria Chamberlain Victim Reportedly eaten by dingoes 11-Jun-1980 17-Aug-1980
Joba Chamberlain Baseball Yankees pitcher 23-Sep-1985 -
Joseph Chamberlain Politician British pol revered in Birmingham 08-Jul-1836 03-Jul-1914
Neville Chamberlain Politician Architect of appeasement 18-Mar-1869 09-Nov-1940
Owen Chamberlain Physicist Co-Discoverer of the antiproton 10-Jul-1920 28-Feb-2006
Richard Chamberlain Actor Dr. Kildare and Shogun 31-Mar-1935 -
Wilt Chamberlain Basketball Wilt the Stilt 21-Aug-1936 12-Oct-1999
Guy Chamberlin Football The Champ 16-Jan-1894 04-Apr-1967
Jimmy Chamberlin Drummer Ex-Smashing Pumpkins drummer 10-Jun-1964 -
Kevin Chamberlin Actor Bertram on Jessie 25-Nov-1963 -
Lee Chamberlin Actor The Electric Company 14-Feb-1938 -
Wendy Chamberlin Diplomat US Ambassador to Pakistan, 2001-02 12-Oct-1948 -
Anne Cox Chambers Business Billionaire, former US Ambassador to Belgium 01-Dec-1919 -
Ephraim Chambers Encyclopaedist Chambers Cyclopaedia c. 1680 15-May-1740
John T. Chambers Business CEO of Cisco 23-Aug-1949 -
Justin Chambers Actor Dr. Alex Karev on Grey's Anatomy 11-Jul-1970 -
Marilyn Chambers Pornstar Behind the Green Door 22-Apr-1952 12-Apr-2009
Munro Chambers Actor Degrassi: The Next Generation 29-Jul-1990 -
Nanci Chambers Actor Lt. Loren Singer on JAG 01-Oct-1963 -
Robert Chambers Author Chambers's Book of Days 10-Jul-1802 17-Mar-1871
Tom Chambers Judge Justice, Washington Supreme Court c. 1944 -
Whitman Chambers Novelist Hard-boiled mystery novelist 08-Dec-1896 20-Jul-1968
Whittaker Chambers Author Accuser of Alger Hiss 01-Apr-1901 09-Jul-1961
Sir William Chambers Architect Treatise of Civil Architecture 1723 08-Mar-1796
William Chambers Publisher W. & R. Chambers, Ltd. 16-Apr-1800 20-May-1883
Saxby Chambliss Politician US Senator from Georgia 10-Nov-1943 -
Henri, Comte de Chambord Royalty Pretender to the French throne 29-Sep-1820 24-Aug-1883
Jean-Lou Chameau Educator President, California Institute of Technology 1953 -
Chamillionaire Rapper Mixtape Messiah 28-Nov-1979 -
Violetta Chamorro Head of State President of Nicaragua, 1990-96 18-Oct-1929 -
Philippe de Champaigne Painter Prolific French Baroque painter 26-May-1602 12-Aug-1674
Albert Champion Business ACDelco and Champion spark plugs 02-Apr-1878 26-Oct-1927
Gower Champion Theater Director Show Boat 22-Jun-1921 25-Aug-1980
Marge Champion Dancer Show Boat 02-Sep-1919 -
Sam Champion TV Personality WABC-TV Weatherman 13-Aug-1961 -
Jean-François Champollion Historian Deciphered the Rosetta Stone 23-Dec-1790 04-Mar-1832
Jackie Chan Actor Martial arts star, did his own stunts 07-Apr-1954 -
Margaret F. C. Chan Doctor WHO Director-General 1947 -
Michael Paul Chan Actor Robbery: Homicide Division 26-Jun-1950 -
James Chance Musician James Chance and the Contortions 20-Apr-1953 -
Alexander Chancellor Editor Editor of The Spectator, 1975-84 04-Jan-1940 -
Anna Chancellor Actor Juliet Shaw on Spooks 27-Apr-1965 -
John Chancellor Journalist NBC Nightly News anchor 14-Jul-1927 12-Jul-1996
Hosea Chanchez Actor Malik Wright on The Game 12-Sep-1981 -
Albert "Happy" Chandler Politician Kentucky Governor, Baseball Commissioner 14-Jul-1898 15-Jun-1991
Alfred Chandler Historian Business historian 15-Sep-1918 09-May-2007
Ben Chandler Politician Congressman, Kentucky 6th 12-Sep-1959 -
Don Chandler Football Former NFL placekicker 05-Sep-1934 11-Aug-2011
Gene Chandler Singer Duke of Earl 06-Jul-1937 -
George Chandler Actor Uncle Petrie on Lassie 30-Jun-1898 10-Jun-1985
Jeff Chandler Actor Broken Arrow 15-Dec-1918 17-Jun-1961
Jordy Chandler Victim Boy who got $15.3M from Michael Jackson 11-Jan-1980 -
Kyle Chandler Actor Friday Night Lights 17-Sep-1965 -
Lane Chandler Actor The Legion of the Condemned 04-Jun-1899 14-Sep-1972
Otis Chandler Publisher Publisher of the L.A. Times, 1960-80 23-Nov-1927 27-Feb-2006
Raymond Chandler Author Invented hard-boiled detective novel 23-Jul-1888 26-Mar-1959
Robert F. Chandler Educator International Rice Research Institute 22-Jun-1907 23-Mar-1999
Rod Chandler Politician Congressman from Washington, 1983-93 13-Jul-1942 -
Wes Chandler Football Former NFL wide receiver 22-Aug-1956 -
Chandragupta Royalty Indian emperor, established Mauryan dynasty c. 321 BC c. 298 BC
Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar Astronomer Evolutionary stages of stars 19-Oct-1910 21-Aug-1995
Coco Chanel Fashion Designer Chanel No. 5 19-Aug-1883 10-Jan-1971
Don Chaney Basketball Head Coach, New York Knicks, 2001-04 22-Mar-1946 -
John Chaney Basketball Temple Head Coach, 1982-2006 21-Jan-1932 -
Lon Chaney, Jr. Actor The Wolf Man 10-Feb-1906 12-Jul-1973
Lon Chaney Actor The Phantom of the Opera 01-Apr-1883 26-Aug-1930
Eileen Chang Author Lust, Caution 30-Sep-1920 08-Sep-1995
Iris Chang Author The Rape of Nanking 28-Mar-1968 09-Nov-2004
Michael Chang Tennis Winner, 1989 French Open 22-Feb-1972 -
Vanessa C. L. Chang Business Former partner, KPMG c. 1953 -
Carol Channing Singer All-Singing All-Dancing 31-Jan-1921 -
Edward Channing Historian A History of the United States 15-Jun-1856 07-Jan-1931
Ruth Channing Actor The Merry Widow 02-Jan-1908 -
Stockard Channing Actor The First Lady on The West Wing 13-Feb-1944 -
Elaine Chao Government US Secretary of Labor, 2001-09 26-Mar-1953 -
Manu Chao Musician Clandestino 21-Jun-1961 -
Rosalind Chao Actor Keiko on Star Trek: DS9 23-Sep-1957 -
Damian Chapa Actor Street Fighter 29-Oct-1963 -
Frederic L. Chapin Diplomat US Ambassador to Guatemala, 1981-84 13-Jul-1929 08-Sep-1989
Harry Chapin Singer/Songwriter Cat's in the Cradle 07-Dec-1942 16-Jul-1981
Lauren Chapin Actor Father Knows Best 23-May-1945 -
Roy D. Chapin, Jr. Business Former CEO of American Motors c. 1916 05-Aug-2001
Roy D. Chapin, Sr. Government US Secretary of Commerce, 1932-33 23-Feb-1880 16-Feb-1936
Selden Chapin Diplomat US Ambassador to the Netherlands, 1949-53 19-Sep-1899 26-Mar-1963
Ben Chaplin Actor The Truth About Cats & Dogs 31-Jul-1970 -
Charlie Chaplin Actor Silent film comedian 16-Apr-1889 25-Dec-1977
Geraldine Chaplin Actor Doctor Zhivago 31-Jul-1944 -
Oona Chaplin Relative Wife of Charlie Chaplin 13-May-1926 27-Sep-1991
Anna Chapman Spy Russian sleeper, Illegals Program 23-Feb-1982 -
Beth Chapman Politician Alabama Secretary of State 06-Apr-1962 -
Beth Chapman TV Personality Dog Chapman's wife 29-Oct-1967 -
Bruce Chapman Government Founder of the Discovery Institute 01-Dec-1940 -
Dog Chapman TV Personality Dog, the Bounty Hunter 01-Feb-1953 -
Don L. Chapman Business ChapCo Investments LLC c. 1939 -
Graham Chapman Comic Monty Python's King Arthur 08-Jan-1941 04-Oct-1989
Jim Chapman Politician Congressman from Texas, 1985-97 08-Mar-1945 -
John Jay Chapman Essayist Essayist, founder of The Nursery 02-Mar-1862 04-Nov-1933
Kevin Chapman Actor Det. Fusco on Person of Interest ? -
Leland Chapman TV Personality Dog the Bounty Hunter's son 14-Dec-1976 -
Lonny Chapman Actor American character actor 01-Oct-1920 12-Oct-2007
Marguerite Chapman Actor Coroner Creek 09-Mar-1918 31-Aug-1999
Mark David Chapman Assassin Assassin of Beatle John Lennon 10-May-1955 -
Michael Chapman Musician Fully Qualified Survivor 24-Jan-1941 -
Orlow W. Chapman Government US Solicitor General, 1889-90 07-Jan-1832 19-Jan-1890
Oscar L. Chapman Government US Secretary of the Interior, 1949-53 22-Oct-1896 08-Feb-1978
Ray Chapman Baseball Fatally hit by pitch 15-Jan-1891 17-Aug-1920
Sydney Chapman Mathematician Geomagnetism 29-Jan-1888 16-Jun-1970
Thomas F. Chapman Business CEO of Equifax, 1998-2005 1943 -
Tracy Chapman Singer Fast Car 30-Mar-1964 -
Buck Chapoton Government Reagan's tax guy 18-May-1936 -
Dave Chappelle Comic Chappelle's Show 24-Aug-1973 -
John Chapple Business CEO of Nextel Partners, 1998-2006 c. 1954 -
Jean-Marc Chapus Business Trust Company of the West c. 1959 -
Charles J. Chaput Religion Catholic Archbishop of Philadelphia 26-Sep-1944 -
Patricia Charbonneau Actor Desert Hearts 1959 -
Jean-Martin Charcot Doctor Father of neurology 29-Nov-1825 16-Aug-1893
Mona Charen Pundit Conservative columnist ? -
Erwin Chargaff Biologist Biochemist at Columbia University 11-Aug-1905 20-Jun-2002
Charice Singer Filipina pop singer 10-May-1992 -
Cyd Charisse Dancer Vamp dancer in Singin' in the Rain 08-Mar-1922 17-Jun-2008
Charlemagne Royalty Holy Roman Emperor c. 747 AD 28-Jan-814 AD
King Charles I Royalty King of England, Scotland, Ireland 1625-49 19-Nov-1600 30-Jan-1649
Charles II Royalty King of Spain, 1665-1700 06-Nov-1661 01-Nov-1700
King Charles II Royalty King of England 1660-85 29-May-1630 06-Feb-1685
Charles III Royalty King of Spain, 1759-88 20-Jan-1716 14-Dec-1788
Charles IV Royalty King of France, 1322-28 1294 01-Feb-1328
Charles IV Royalty King of Spain, 1788-1808 11-Nov-1748 20-Jan-1819
Charles IX Royalty King of France 1561-74 27-Jun-1550 30-May-1574
Charles the Bald Royalty King of France, Holy Roman Emperor 13-Jun-823 AD 5-Oct-877 AD
Charles the Fat Royalty King of France, Italy, Bavaria c. 832 AD 13-Jan-888 AD
Charles the Simple Royalty King of France, 898-922 17-Sep-879 AD 7-Oct-929 AD
Charles V Royalty King of France, 1364-80 31-Jan-1338 16-Sep-1380
Charles VI Royalty King of France, 1380-1422 03-Dec-1368 21-Oct-1422
Charles VII Royalty King of France, 1422-61 22-Feb-1403 22-Jul-1461
Charles VIII Royalty King of France, 1483-98 30-Jun-1470 07-Apr-1498
Charles X Royalty King of France, 1824-30 09-Oct-1757 06-Nov-1836
King Charles XII Royalty King of Sweden, 1697-1718 17-Jun-1682 30-Nov-1718
Bob Charles Golf Winner, 1963 British Open 14-Mar-1936 -
Craig Charles Actor Dave Lister on Red Dwarf 11-Jul-1964 -
Charles, duc d'Orléans Poet Medieval French courtly poet 24-Nov-1394 04-Jan-1465
Josh Charles Actor Dan Rydell on Sports Night 15-Sep-1971 -
Larry Charles Screenwriter Seinfeld writer, also directed Borat 01-Dec-1956 -
Prince Charles Royalty Heir to the throne of Britain 14-Nov-1948 -
Ray Charles Musician Georgia On My Mind 23-Sep-1930 10-Jun-2004
Tina Charles Singer Disco singer 10-Mar-1954 -
Ian Charleson Actor Chariots of Fire 11-Aug-1949 06-Jan-1990
Pierre-François-Xavier de Charlevoix Explorer Jesuit explorer of America 29-Oct-1682 01-Feb-1761
Carl Charlier Astronomer Motion and the Distribution of the Stars 01-Apr-1862 05-Nov-1934
Bobby Charlton Soccer Manchester United 11-Oct-1937 -
Dov Charney Business American Apparel CEO 31-Jan-1969 -
Jule Charney Scientist Quasi-gesotrophic theory 01-Jan-1917 16-Jun-1981
John Charnley Doctor Hip replacement surgery 29-Aug-1912 05-Aug-1982
Charo Singer Cuchi Cuchi 13-Mar-1941 -
Georges Charpak Physicist Subatomic particle detectors 01-Aug-1924 29-Sep-2010
Gustave Charpentier Composer Louise 25-Jun-1860 18-Feb-1956
Paul R. Charron Business CEO of Liz Claiborne, 1996-2006 c. 1942 -
Pierre Charron Philosopher De la Sagesse 1541 16-Nov-1603
Leslie Charteris Novelist Created Simon Templar 12-May-1907 15-Apr-1993
Spencer Charters Actor Character actor 25-Mar-1875 25-Jan-1943
Alain Chartier Poet La Belle Dame sans merci c. 1392 1449
Melanie Chartoff Actor Parker Lewis Can't Lose 15-Dec-1948 -
Michel Chartrand Labor Leader Quebec nationalist labor activist 20-Dec-1916 12-Apr-2010
David Charvet Actor Matt Brody on Baywatch 15-May-1972 -
Jerome Charyn Novelist The Good Policeman 13-May-1937 -
Barrie Chase Dancer Danced with Fred Astaire 20-Oct-1933 -
Chevy Chase Comic He is, you're not 08-Oct-1943 -
Daveigh Chase Actor Lilo & Stitch 24-Jul-1990 -
Ilka Chase Actor Now, Voyager 08-Apr-1900 15-Feb-1978
James Hadley Chase Novelist No Orchids for Miss Blandish 24-Dec-1906 06-Feb-1985
Jonathan Chase Actor Cash on One on One 26-Oct-1979 -
Mary Ellen Chase Scholar Silas Crockett 24-Feb-1887 28-Jul-1973
Rodney F. Chase Business Former BP executive c. 1943 -
Salmon P. Chase Politician Secretary of the Treasury, 1861-64 13-Jan-1808 07-May-1873
Samuel Chase Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1796-1811 17-Apr-1741 19-Jun-1811
Sylvia Chase Journalist Co-Anchor of 20/20 23-Feb-1938 -
J. C. Chasez Singer *NSYNC 08-Aug-1976 -
Brandi Chastain Soccer Pioneer of sports-bra exhibitionism 21-Jul-1968 -
Jessica Chastain Actor The Tree of Life 29-Mar-1981 -
François-René de Chateaubriand Author Génie du christianisme 04-Sep-1768 04-Jul-1848
J. David Chatham Business Chatham Holdings Corporation c. 1951 -
Rhys Chatham Composer An Angel Moves Too Fast To See 19-Sep-1952 -
Bankim Chandra Chatterji Novelist Krishna Kanta's Will 26-Jun-1838 08-Apr-1894
Ruth Chatterton Actor Madame X 24-Dec-1893 24-Nov-1961
Thomas Chatterton Poet Fabricated as Thomas Rowley 20-Nov-1752 24-Aug-1770
Bruce Chatwin Author In Patagonia 13-May-1940 18-Jan-1989
Justin Chatwin Actor War of the Worlds remake 31-Oct-1982 -
Anthony Wong Chau-Sang Actor Infernal Affairs 02-Sep-1961 -
Geoffrey Chaucer Author Canterbury Tales c. 1343 25-Oct-1400
Isaac Chauncey Military US Naval commander, War of 1812 20-Feb-1772 27-Feb-1840
Yves Chauvin Chemist Metathesis 10-Oct-1930 -
Carlos Chávez Composer Sinfonía de Antígona 13-Jun-1899 02-Aug-1978
Cesar Chavez Labor Leader Mastermind of the California grape boycott 31-Mar-1927 23-Apr-1993
Dennis Chavez Politician US Senator from New Mexico, 1935-62 08-Apr-1888 18-Nov-1962
Edward L. Chavez Judge New Mexico Chief Justice c. 1956 -
Hugo Chavez Head of State President of Venezuela 28-Jul-1954 -
Linda Chavez Activist Neoconservative activist, pundit 17-Jun-1947 -
Martin Chavez Politician Mayor of Albuquerque 1952 -
Ricardo Chavira Actor Desperate Housewives 01-Sep-1971 -
Juhi Chawla Actor Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke 13-Nov-1967 -
Chayanne Musician Puerto Rican teen idol 28-Jun-1968 -
Paddy Chayefsky Playwright Network 29-Jan-1923 01-Aug-1981
Martha Chayet Business Oxbridge Group ? -
Maury Chaykin Actor A Nero Wolfe Mystery 27-Jul-1949 27-Jul-2010
Stephen I. Chazen Business President and CFO, Occidental Petroleum c. 1946 -
Don Cheadle Actor Boogie Nights 29-Nov-1964 -
Jeremiah S. Chechik Film Director National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 1955 -
Chubby Checker Singer The Twist 03-Oct-1941 -
Checkers Socialite Namesake of 1952 Nixon speech 1952 1964
Maurice Cheeks Basketball Head Coach, Philadelphia 76ers 08-Sep-1956 -
Eddie Cheever Auto Racing Winner, 1998 Indianapolis 500 10-Jan-1958 -
John Cheever Author The Enormous Radio 27-May-1912 18-Jun-1982
Gerry Cheevers Hockey Bruins goalie, Hall of Famer 07-Dec-1940 -
Anton Chekhov Playwright Playwright and short story writer 17-Jan-1860 15-Jul-1904
Bruce S. Chelberg Business CEO of Whitman Corporation, 1992-2000 c. 1935 -
Chris Chelios Hockey Detroit Red Wings 25-Jan-1962 -
Paul W. Chellgren Business CEO of Ashland, 1996-2002 c. 1942 -
Erwin Chemerinsky Scholar Legal Scholar 14-May-1953 -
Chemical Ali Government Cousin of Saddam Hussein 1941 25-Jan-2010
Martin Chemnitz Religion Lutheran theologian in Brunswick 09-Nov-1522 08-Apr-1586
Edison Chen Actor Infernal Affairs II 07-Oct-1980 -
Joan Chen Actor The Last Emperor 26-Apr-1961 -
John S. Chen Business CEO of Sybase 01-Jul-1955 -
Julie Chen Game Show Host Host of Big Brother 06-Jan-1970 -
Kelly Chen Singer Cantopop singer, Actress 13-Sep-1973 -
Steve Chen Business Co-Founder of YouTube 1978 -
Tianqiao Chen Business Billionaire, CEO of Shanda 1973 -
Timothy Y. Chen Business Microsoft CEO Greater China Region c. 1956 -
WenChi Chen Business President and CEO, VIA Technologies ? -
Kenneth Chenault Business CEO of American Express 02-Jun-1951 -
Louis Chênevert Business President and COO of United Technologies c. 1958 -
William L. Chenevich Business Vice Chairman of Technology, US Bancorp c. 1944 -
Dick Cheney Politician US Vice President, 2001-09 30-Jan-1941 -
Liz Cheney Relative Dick Cheney's daughter 28-Jul-1966 -
Lynne Cheney First Lady Wife of US Vice President Dick Cheney 14-Aug-1941 -
Mary Cheney Relative Lesbian daughter of Dick Cheney 14-Mar-1969 -
André de Chénier Poet Greatest 18th c. French poet 30-Oct-1762 25-Jul-1794
Kristin Chenoweth Actor Annabeth Schott on The West Wing 24-Jul-1968 -
Helen Chenoweth-Hage Politician Congresswoman from Idaho, 1995-2001 27-Jan-1938 02-Oct-2006
Cher Singer Sonny and Cher 20-May-1946 -
Patrice Chéreau Film Director La Reine Margot 02-Nov-1944 -
Pavel A. Cherenkov Physicist Cherenkov radiation 15-Jul-1904 06-Jan-1990
Benjamin D. Chereskin Business Madison Dearborn Partners c. 1959 -
Michael G. Cherkasky Business CEO of Marsh & McLennan, 2004-08 02-Mar-1950 -
Nikolai Cherkasov Actor Aleksandr Nevsky 27-Jul-1903 14-Sep-1966
Konstantin Chernenko Head of State Soviet General Secretary, 1984-85 24-Sep-1911 10-Mar-1985
Peter Chernin Business President of News Corporation 29-May-1951 -
Viktor Chernomyrdin Head of State Prime Minister of Russia, 1992-98 09-Apr-1938 03-Nov-2010
Ron Chernow Author The Warburgs and Alexander Hamilton 1949 -
Gary Cherone Singer Former Extreme, Van Halen vocalist 26-Jul-1961 -
Don Cherry Jazz Musician A founder of free-jazz, pocket trumpeter 18-Nov-1936 19-Oct-1995
Don Cherry Hockey Hockey player, head coach, broadcaster 05-Feb-1934 -
Eagle-Eye Cherry Musician Desireless 07-May-1968 -
Francis Cherry Politician Governor of Arkansas, 1953-55 05-Sep-1908 15-Jul-1965
John D. Cherry Politician Lt. Governor of Michigan, 2003-11 05-May-1951 -
Neneh Cherry Musician Raw Like Sushi 10-Mar-1964 -
C. J. Cherryh Author Cyteen and Downbelow Station 01-Sep-1942 -
Michael Chertoff Government US Homeland Security Czar 28-Nov-1953 -
Luigi Cherubini Composer The Water Carrier 14-Sep-1760 15-Mar-1842
Patrick Chesnais Actor Je ne suis pas là pour être aimé 18-Mar-1947 -
Kenny Chesney Country Musician You Had Me From Hello 26-Mar-1968 -
Charles Chesnutt Novelist The Conjure Woman 20-Jun-1858 15-Nov-1932
Vic Chesnutt Singer/Songwriter Wheelchair-bound folk singer 12-Nov-1964 25-Dec-2009
Alfred Chester Novelist The Exquisite Corpse 07-Sep-1928 01-Aug-1971
Bob Chester Musician Big band leader, Sunburst 20-Mar-1904 1977
Craig Chester Actor Adam & Steve 08-Nov-1965 -
G. K. Chesterton Author The Man Who Was Thursday 29-May-1874 14-Jun-1936
Morris Chestnut Actor Two Can Play That Game 01-Jan-1969 -
Kiran Chetry Journalist CNN anchor 26-Aug-1974 -
Jacky Cheung Singer Cantopop God of Songs 10-Jul-1961 -
Leslie Cheung Singer Cantopop singer, jumped to death 12-Sep-1956 01-Apr-2003
Maggie Cheung Actor In the Mood for Love 20-Sep-1964 -
Alan Cheuse Novelist The Bohemians 23-Jan-1940 -
Maurice Chevalier Actor Love Me Tonight 12-Sep-1888 01-Jan-1972
Tracy Chevalier Novelist Girl with a Pearl Earring 1962 -
Michel-Eugène Chevreul Chemist Chemistry of fats, dyes 31-Aug-1786 09-Apr-1889
Louis Chevrolet Auto Racing Designed the first Chevrolet 25-Dec-1878 06-Jun-1941
Russell Chew Government Runs the US Air Traffic Control system 18-Jan-1953 -
Pei-Yuan Chia Business Vice Chairman of Citicorp, 1994-96 c. 1939 -
Dominic Chianese Actor Uncle Junior on The Sopranos 02-Sep-1934 -
Walter Chiari Actor Bellissima 02-Mar-1924 20-Dec-1991
Sonny Chiba Actor Martial arts movie icon 23-Jan-1939 -
Judy Chicago Artist The Birth Project 20-Jul-1939 -
Jack Chick Cartoonist Anti-Catholic comics publisher 13-Apr-1924 -
John W. Chidsey Business CEO of Burger King c. 1963 -
Ben Chifley Head of State Prime Minister of Australia, 1945-49 22-Sep-1885 13-Jun-1951
Dale Chihuly Artist Glass artist 20-Sep-1941 -
Michael Chiklis Actor The Shield 30-Aug-1963 -
Julia Child Chef Haute cuisine with a unique voice 15-Aug-1912 13-Aug-2004
Gordon Childe Archaeologist The Dawn of European Civilisation 14-Apr-1892 19-Oct-1957
Travis Childers Politician Congressman from Mississippi, 2008-11 29-Mar-1958 -
Brad Childress Football Former Head Coach, Minnesota Vikings 27-Jun-1956 -
Mark Childress Novelist Crazy in Alabama 21-Sep-1957 -
Lawton Chiles Politician Florida Governor and Senator 03-Apr-1930 12-Dec-1998
Lois Chiles Actor Moonraker 15-Apr-1947 -
Alex Chilton Singer/Songwriter Big Star 28-Dec-1950 17-Mar-2010
Frederick Chiluba Head of State President of Zambia, 1991-2002 30-Apr-1943 18-Jun-2011
Ming W. Chin Judge Justice, California Supreme Court 31-Aug-1942 -
Chiang Ching-Kuo Head of State President of Nationalist China, 1978-88 27-Apr-1910 13-Jan-1988
Chingy Musician Right Thurr 09-Mar-1980 -
Nick Chinlund Actor A Brother's Kiss 18-Nov-1961 -
Sri Chinmoy Religion Meditation guru 27-Aug-1931 11-Oct-2007
Chip E Music Producer Godfather of House 15-Mar-1966 -
Jacques Chirac Head of State President of France, 1995-2007 29-Nov-1932 -
Giorgio de Chirico Painter Metaphysical surrealist painter 10-Jul-1888 20-Nov-1978
Brock Chisholm Doctor First Director-General of World Health Organization 18-May-1896 04-Feb-1971
John Chisholm Business Chairman of QinetiQ c. 1946 -
Shirley Chisholm Politician First black woman elected to US House 30-Nov-1924 01-Jan-2005
Joaquim Chissano Head of State President of Mozambique, 1986-2005 22-Oct-1939 -
Alex Chiu Paranormal Inventor of magnetic immortality rings 08-Feb-1971 -
Bruce Chizen Business CEO of Adobe, 2000-07 1956 -
John F. Chlebowski, Jr. Business Lakeshore Operating Partners c. 1945 -
Anna Chlumsky Actor My Girl 03-Dec-1980 -
John Cho Actor Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle 16-Jun-1972 -
Margaret Cho Comic Loud-mouthed standup comic 05-Dec-1968 -
Seung-Hui Cho Criminal Virginia Tech Massacre 18-Jan-1984 16-Apr-2007
Jerry D. Choate Business CEO of Allstate, 1994-99 c. 1938 -
Joseph Choate Attorney Attorney, ambassador 24-Jan-1832 14-May-1917
Rufus Choate Attorney Attorney and Senator from Massachusetts 01-Oct-1799 13-Jul-1859
Chris Chocola Politician Congressman from Indiana, 2003-07 24-Feb-1962 -
David Chokachi Actor Cody Madison on Baywatch 16-Jan-1968 -
Mary C. Choksi Business Strategic Investment Group c. 1950 -
Paula H. J. Cholmondeley Business VP at Sappi Fine Paper, 2000-04 c. 1948 -
Lisa Cholodenko Film Director Laurel Canyon 05-Jun-1964 -
Marvin J. Chomsky Film Director Holocaust 23-May-1929 -
Noam Chomsky Linguist Linguist, dissident intellectual 07-Dec-1928 -
Annabel Chong Pornstar Former gangbang title holder 22-May-1972 -
Michael Chong Politician Canadian MP, Wellington--Halton Hills 22-Nov-1971 -
Rachelle B. Chong Government FCC Commissioner, 1994-97 1959 -
Rae Dawn Chong Actor Quest for Fire 28-Feb-1961 -
Tommy Chong Actor The stoned half of Cheech and Chong 24-May-1938 -
Frederic Chopin Composer Composer for the piano 22-Feb-1810 17-Oct-1849
Kate Chopin Novelist The Awakening 08-Feb-1851 22-Aug-1904
Rebecca S. Chopp Educator President, Colgate University c. 1952 -
Deepak Chopra Author Ageless Body, Timeless Mind 22-Oct-1946 -
Priyanka Chopra Actor Krrish 18-Jul-1982 -
Jay Chou Singer Taiwanese popstar, Kato in The Green Hornet 18-Jan-1979 -
Bikram Choudhury Business The Bad Boy of Yoga 1946 -
Sarita Choudhury Actor Mississippi Masala 18-Aug-1966 -
Yvon Chouinard Business Founder, Patagonia 09-Nov-1938 -
Stephen Chow Actor Shaolin Soccer 22-Jun-1962 -
Charles Chree Astronomer Geomagnetic phenomena 05-May-1860 12-Aug-1928
Chrétien de Troyes Poet Author of Arthurian romances fl. 1165-80 fl. 1165-80
Jean Chrétien Head of State Prime Minister of Canada, 1993-2003 11-Jan-1934 -
Raymond Chrétien Diplomat Canadian Ambassador to the US, 1995-2000 20-May-1942 -
Emmanuelle Chriqui Actor Sloan on Entourage 10-Dec-1977 -
Carol T. Christ Educator President, Smith College 21-May-1944 -
Walter Christaller Scientist Central Place Theory 21-Apr-1893 09-Mar-1969
David A. Christensen Business CEO of Raven Industries, 1971-2000 c. 1935 -
Erika Christensen Actor Caroline in Traffic 19-Aug-1982 -
Harold G. Christensen Attorney Deputy US Attorney General, 1988-89 25-Jun-1926 -
Hayden Christensen Actor Lead in Star Wars: Episode II 19-Apr-1981 -
Helena Christensen Model Danish model, dates rock stars 25-Dec-1968 -
Glenn C. Christenson Business CFO of Station Casinos, 1989-2007 c. 1949 -
Robert Christgau Critic Village Voice music critic 18-Apr-1942 -
Christian X Royalty King of Denmark, 1912-47 26-Sep-1870 20-Apr-1947
Charlie Christian Guitarist The original guitar hero 29-Jul-1916 02-Mar-1942
Claudia Christian Actor Ivanova on Babylon 5 10-Aug-1965 -
Fletcher Christian Military Led the mutiny on the Bounty 25-Sep-1764 c. 1793
Gabrielle Christian Actor Spencer Carlin on South of Nowhere 30-Jul-1984 -
George E. Christian Government LBJ's press secretary 01-Jan-1927 27-Nov-2002
Linda Christian Actor Ex-Wife of Tyrone Power 13-Nov-1923 22-Jul-2011
Roger Christian Film Director Battlefield Earth 25-Feb-1944 -
Donna M. Christian-Christensen Politician Congresswoman, US Virgin Islands 19-Sep-1945 -
Christian-Jaque Film Director Fan-Fan the Tulip 04-Aug-1904 08-Jul-1994
Jack Christiansen Football NFL Hall of Famer, coach 20-Dec-1928 29-Jun-1986
Tony J. Christianson Business Cherry Tree Companies c. 1952 -
Agatha Christie Novelist Mystery novelist 15-Sep-1890 12-Jan-1976
Christopher J. Christie Politician Governor of New Jersey 06-Sep-1962 -
H. Frederick Christie Business Southern California Edison c. 1933 -
Julie Christie Actor Darling 14-Apr-1941 -
Lou Christie Singer/Songwriter Lightning Strikes Again 19-Feb-1943 -
Ron Christie Government Former Cheney aide c. 1969 -
Warren Christie Actor Cameron Hicks on Alphas 04-Nov-1975 -
Christina of Sweden Royalty Crossdressing Queen of Sweden 1632-54 08-Dec-1626 16-Apr-1689
Christine de Pizan Poet Le Livre des trois vertus 1364 c. 1430
Virginia Christine Actor Folger Coffee's Mrs. Olson 05-Mar-1920 24-Jul-1996
Christo Artist Gift-wraps large monuments 13-Jun-1935 -
Dennis Christopher Actor It 02-Dec-1955 -
George Christopher Politician Mayor of San Francisco, 1956-64 08-Dec-1907 14-Sep-2000
Tyler Christopher Actor General Hospital 11-Nov-1972 -
Warren Christopher Government US Secretary of State, 1993-97 27-Oct-1925 18-Mar-2011
William Christopher Actor Father Mulcahy on M*A*S*H 20-Oct-1932 -
Peter Christopherson Electronic Musician Sleazy of Throbbing Gristle, Coil 27-Feb-1955 24-Nov-2010
Stoyan Christowe Author Heroes and Assassins 01-Sep-1898 28-Dec-1995
June Christy Singer Something Cool 20-Nov-1925 21-Jun-1990
Dick Chrysler Politician Congressman from Michigan, 1995-97 29-Apr-1942 -
Walter P. Chrysler Business Founder of Chrysler Corporation 02-Apr-1875 18-Aug-1940
St. John Chrysostom Religion Church Father, Archbishop of Constantinople c. 345 AD 14-Sep-407 AD
Chinh E. Chu Business Managing Director, Blackstone Group c. 1966 -
Judy Chu Politician Congresswoman, California 32nd 07-Jul-1953 -
Michael Chu Business Pegasus Capital 06-Jun-1948 -
Steven Chu Physicist US Secretary of Energy 28-Feb-1948 -
Leon Chua Scientist Hypothesized the memristor 28-Jun-1936 -
Anatoly Chubais Government Oligarch, heads Russian electric utility 16-Jun-1955 -
Christine Chubbuck Journalist Newscaster, suicided on live TV 24-Aug-1944 15-Jul-1974
Anshe Chung Business Second Life land tycoon 1973 -
Arthur Chung Head of State President of Guyana, 1970-80 10-Jan-1918 23-Jun-2008
Connie Chung Journalist NBC news anchor 20-Aug-1946 -
Alonzo Church Mathematician Lambda calculus, Church-Turing thesis 14-Jun-1903 11-Aug-1995
Charlotte Church Singer Voice of an Angel 21-Feb-1986 -
Eric Church Country Musician Drink in My Hand 03-May-1977 -
Frank Church Politician US Senator from Idaho, 1957-81 25-Jul-1924 07-Apr-1984
Frederic Edwin Church Painter American landscape painter 04-May-1826 07-Apr-1900
Sam Church Labor Leader UMW President, 1979-82 20-Sep-1936 14-Jul-2009
Thomas Haden Church Actor Lowell Mather on Wings 17-Jun-1960 -
Berton Churchill Actor Heroes for Sale 09-Dec-1876 10-Oct-1940
Caryl Churchill Playwright Having a Wonderful Time 03-Sep-1938 -
Charles Churchill Poet Rosciad 1731 04-Nov-1764
Marguerite Churchill Actor The Big Trail 25-Dec-1910 09-Jan-2000
Lord Randolph Churchill Politician Father of Winston Churchill 13-Feb-1849 24-Jan-1895
Randolph Churchill Journalist Son of Winston Churchill 28-May-1911 06-Jun-1968
Ward Churchill Activist Compared WTC victims to Adolf Eichmann 02-Oct-1947 -
Winston Churchill Novelist Early 20th century American novelist 10-Nov-1871 12-Mar-1947
Winston Churchill Head of State WWII Prime Minister of England 30-Nov-1874 24-Jan-1965
Winston S. Churchill Politician British MP, Manchester, 1970-97 10-Oct-1940 02-Mar-2010
Carolyn Chute Novelist The Beans of Egypt, Maine 14-Jun-1947 -
Chyna Wrestling Former pro wrestler 27-Dec-1969 -
Carlo Azeglio Ciampi Head of State President of Italy, 1999-2006 09-Dec-1920 -
Peter Cianchette Business US Ambassador to Costa Rica c. 1961 -
Buddy Cianci Politician Twice Mayor of Providence 30-Apr-1941 -
Eduardo Ciannelli Actor Strange Cargo 30-Aug-1889 08-Oct-1969
Ciara Singer "Crunk & B" singer 25-Oct-1985 -
John Ciardi Poet How Does a Poem Mean? 24-Jun-1916 30-Mar-1986
Colley Cibber Playwright Apology 06-Nov-1671 11-Dec-1757
Eddie Cibrian Actor Jimmy Doherty on Third Watch 18-Jun-1973 -
Cicciolina Pornstar Italian pornstar elected to parliament 26-Nov-1951 -
James W. Cicconi Attorney EVP Legislative Affairs at AT&T 1952 -
Jerry Ciccoritti Film Director The Life Before This 05-Aug-1956 -
Cicero Author Roman orator and rhetorician Jan-106 BC 7-Dec-43 BC
David N. Cicilline Politician Congressman, Rhode Island 1st 15-Jul-1961 -
Aaron Ciechanover Scientist Ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation 01-Oct-1947 -
Roman Cieslewicz Artist Polish poster artist 13-Jan-1930 21-Jan-1996
Diane Cilento Actor The Agony and the Ecstasy 05-Oct-1933 06-Oct-2011
Tansu Ciller Politician Prime Minister of Turkey, 1993-96 09-Oct-1946 -
Jonathan Cilley Politician US Congressman from Maine, 1837-38 02-Jul-1802 24-Feb-1838
Chris Cillizza Journalist Washington Post columnist c. 1976 -
Cimabue Painter Florentine painter in the Byzantine style c. 1240 1302
Domenico Cimarosa Composer Il Matrimonio segreto 17-Dec-1749 01-Jan-1801
Leonardo Cimino Actor Dune 04-Mar-1917 03-Mar-2012
Michael Cimino Film Director The Deer Hunter 03-Feb-1939 -
Cincinnatus Military Republican leader of Rome 519 BC 430 BC
Stewart Cink Golf Winner, 2009 British Open 21-May-1973 -
Maria Cino Politician Republican operative 19-Apr-1957 -
Joseph Cinqué Activist Led the Amistad slave rebellion c. 1813 c. 1879
Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick Judge Judge, NY Court of Appeals 1942 -
Gustavo Cisneros Business Billionaire Venezuelan media mogul 1945 -
Henry Cisneros Politician Secretary of HUD, 1993-97 11-Jun-1947 -
Sandra Cisneros Author The House on Mango Street 20-Dec-1954 -
André Citroën Engineer Europe's Henry Ford 05-Feb-1878 03-Jul-1935
Anthony M. Civale Business Apollo Management c. 1975 -
Benjamin R. Civiletti Attorney US Attorney General, 1979-81 17-Jul-1935 -
Richard Cizik Activist National Association of Evangelicals ? -
Willy Claes Politician Belgian minister 24-Nov-1938 -
Bruce L. Claflin Business CEO of 3Com, 2001-06 c. 1951 -
Liz Claiborne Fashion Designer Founder of Liz Claiborne, Inc. 31-Mar-1929 26-Jun-2007
René Clair Film Director Silent film director, Paris qui dort 11-Nov-1898 15-Mar-1981
Ina Claire Actor Ninotchka 15-Oct-1893 21-Feb-1985
Donald D. Clancy Politician Congressman from Ohio, 1961-77 24-Jul-1921 12-Jun-2007
Tom Clancy Novelist The Hunt for Red October 12-Apr-1947 -
David C. Clapp Business Retired Partner, Goldman Sachs c. 1938 -
Gordon Clapp Actor Det. Greg Medavoy on NYPD Blue 24-Sep-1948 -
Priscilla A. Clapp Diplomat Chief of Mission in Burma, 1999-2002 ? -
James R. Clapper Military Director of National Intelligence c. 1941 -
Eric Clapton Guitarist Slowhand 30-Mar-1945 -
Dustin Clare Actor Riley Ward on McLeod's Daughters 02-Jan-1982 -
John Clare Poet Northamptonshire Peasant Poet 13-Jul-1793 20-May-1864
St. Clare Religion Founder of the Franciscan Nuns 16-Jul-1194 11-Aug-1253
Clarence 13X Religion Nation of Gods and Earths 21-Feb-1928 13-Jun-1969
Lord Clarendon Government The Clarendon Code 18-Feb-1609 09-Dec-1674
A. J. Clark Scientist Drug responses 19-Aug-1885 30-Jul-1941
Alan Clark Politician Controversial, Conservative MP and minister 13-Apr-1928 05-Sep-1999
Alonzo M. Clark Politician Governor of Wyoming, 1931-33 13-Aug-1868 12-Oct-1952
Alvan Clark Astronomer Telescope maker 08-Mar-1804 19-Aug-1887
Anthony Clark Actor Greg Warner on Yes, Dear 04-Apr-1964 -
Blake Clark Comic Harry on Home Improvement 02-Feb-1946 -
Bob Clark Film Director A Christmas Story 05-Aug-1941 04-Apr-2007
Buddy Clark Singer How Are Things in Glocca Mora 26-Jul-1912 01-Oct-1949
Candy Clark Actor American Graffiti 20-Jun-1947 -
Champ Clark Politician Speaker of the US House, 1911-19 07-Mar-1850 02-Mar-1921
Colin Clark Film/TV Producer My Week with Marilyn 09-Oct-1932 17-Dec-2002
Dane Clark Actor Moonrise 26-Feb-1912 11-Sep-1998
Daniel Clark Actor Degrassi: The Next Generation 14-Oct-1985 -
Dave Clark Musician Lead and drummer, Dave Clark 5 15-Dec-1942 -
Dick Clark TV Personality American Bandstand 30-Nov-1929 18-Apr-2012
Dutch Clark Football NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback, Tailback 11-Oct-1906 05-Aug-1978
Ernest Clark Actor Sir Geoffrey Loftus 12-Feb-1912 11-Nov-1994
Frank M. Clark Business CEO of Commonwealth Edison c. 1946 -
Fred Clark Actor A Place in the Sun 19-Mar-1914 05-Dec-1968
Gene Clark Singer/Songwriter The Byrds, No Other 17-Nov-1944 24-May-1991
George Rogers Clark Military Kentucky frontier military leader 19-Nov-1752 13-Feb-1818
Grenville Clark Attorney World Peace Through World Law 05-Nov-1882 13-Jan-1967
Guy Clark Country Musician Old No. 1 06-Nov-1941 -
Helen Clark Head of State Prime Minister of New Zealand, 1999-2008 26-Feb-1950 -
James B. Clark Film Director Flipper 14-May-1908 19-Jul-2000
Jim Clark Business Co-Founder of SGI and Netscape 1944 -
Joan M. Clark Diplomat US Ambassador to Malta, 1979-81 27-Mar-1922 -
Joe Clark Head of State Prime Minister of Canada, 1979-80 05-Jun-1939 -
John Bates Clark Economist Philosophy of Wealth 26-Jan-1847 21-Mar-1938
John D. Clark Economist Council of Economic Advisers, 1946-53 26-Sep-1884 06-Nov-1961
Joseph Sill Clark Politician US Senator from Pennsylvania, 1956-69 21-Oct-1901 21-Jan-1990
Kenneth Clark Historian Civilisation 10-Jul-1903 21-May-1983
Kenneth B. Clark Psychologist Studied the effects of prejudice on children 14-Jul-1914 01-May-2005
Kim B. Clark Business President of BYU-Idaho 20-Mar-1949 -
Larry Clark Film Director Kids 01-Jan-1943 -
Manning Clark Historian A History of Australia 03-Mar-1915 23-May-1991
Marcia Clark Attorney Former O.J. prosecutor 31-Aug-1953 -
Mark Clark Military US Army Chief of Staff 01-May-1896 17-Apr-1984
Mary Higgins Clark Novelist A Stranger is Watching 24-Dec-1929 -
Maxine K. Clark Business CEO of Build-a-Bear Workshop 06-Mar-1949 -
Monte Clark Football Detroit Lions Head Coach, 1978-84 24-Jan-1937 16-Sep-2009
Paul N. Clark Business CEO of ICOS Corporation c. 1947 -
Petula Clark Singer Goodbye, Mr. Chips 15-Nov-1932 -
R. Kerry Clark Business CEO of Cardinal Health c. 1952 -
Ralph W. Clark Business Former VP at IBM c. 1941 -
Ramsey Clark Government US Attorney General, 1967-69 18-Dec-1927 -
Richard C. Clark Politician US Senator from Iowa, 1973-79 14-Sep-1928 -
Richard T. Clark Business CEO of Merck c. 1946 -
Robert Clark Actor The Zack Files 20-Aug-1986 -
Robert C. Clark Educator Dean of Harvard Law School, 1989-2003 c. 1944 -
Roy Clark TV Personality Hee Haw 15-Apr-1933 -
Spencer Treat Clark Actor Unbreakable 24-Sep-1987 -
Stuart J. Clark Business CEO of Interactive Data c. 1947 -
Susan Clark Actor Katherine Papadapolis on Webster 08-Mar-1940 -
Terri Clark Country Musician Better Things to Do 05-Aug-1968 -
Thomas D. Clark, Jr. Educator Professor at LSU c. 1941 -
Tom C. Clark Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1949-67 23-Sep-1899 13-Jun-1977
Vernon E. Clark Military US Chief of Naval Operations, 2000-05 07-Sep-1944 -
W. Edmund Clark Business CEO of Toronto Dominion Bank c. 1947 -
Walter E. Clark Politician Territorial Governor of Alaska, 1909-13 07-Jan-1869 04-Feb-1950
Walter van Tilburg Clark Novelist The Ox-Bow Incident 03-Aug-1909 10-Nov-1971
Wesley Clark Military Supreme Allied Commander, 1997-2000 23-Dec-1944 -
Will Clark Baseball SF Giants 1st Baseman, 1986-93 13-Mar-1964 -
William Clark Explorer Lewis and Clark expedition 01-Aug-1770 01-Sep-1838
William Clark, Jr. Diplomat US Ambassador to India, 1989-92 12-Oct-1930 -
William P. Clark Government US Secretary of the Interior, 1983-85 23-Oct-1931 -
Susan Clark-Johnson Publisher President, Newspaper Divison, Gannett c. 1947 -
Alan Clarke Film Director Scum 28-Oct-1935 24-Jul-1990
Arthur C. Clarke Novelist 2001: A Space Odyssey 16-Dec-1917 19-Mar-2008
Bobby Clarke Hockey Philadelphia Flyers, 1969-84 13-Aug-1949 -
Charles Clarke Politician UK Home Secretary, 2004-06 21-Sep-1950 -
Darren Clarke Golf Winner, 2011 British Open 14-Aug-1968 -
David L. Clarke Archaeologist Analytical Archaeology 03-Nov-1937 27-Jun-1976
Emilia Clarke Actor Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones 1987 -
Hansen Clarke Politician Congressman, Michigan 13th 03-Mar-1957 -
James Freeman Clarke Religion Ten Great Religions 04-Apr-1810 08-Jun-1888
James M. Clarke Politician Congressman from North Carolina, 1987-91 12-Jun-1917 13-Apr-1999
Janet M. Clarke Business Clarke Littlefield LLC c. 1952 -
John Clarke Physicist Superconducting quantum interference 10-Feb-1942 -
John Hessin Clarke Judge US Supreme Court Justice, 1916-22 18-Sep-1857 22-Mar-1945
Kay Knight Clarke Business Templeton, Ltd. c. 1938 -
Kenneth Clarke Politician Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1993-97 02-Jul-1940 -
Kenny Clarke Drummer Droppin' Bombs 09-Jan-1914 26-Jan-1985
Lenny Clarke Actor Uncle Teddy on Rescue Me 16-Sep-1953 -
Mae Clarke Actor Waterloo Bridge 16-Aug-1910 29-Apr-1992
Melinda Clarke Actor Julie Cooper-Nichol on The O.C. 24-Apr-1969 -
Noel Clarke Actor Mickey Smith on Doctor Who 06-Dec-1975 -
Richard A. Clarke Government Former US counter-terrorism czar 1951 -
Samuel Clarke Philosopher Newtonian theologian 11-Oct-1675 17-May-1729
Sarah Clarke Actor Nina Myers on 24 16-Feb-1972 -
Stanley Clarke Jazz Musician Jazz fusion bassist 30-Jun-1951 -
Thomas E. Clarke Business President and COO of Nike, 1994-2000 c. 1951 -
Torie Clarke Government Pentagon Spokeswoman, 2001-03 Mar-1959 -
Vince Clarke Electronic Musician Erasure 03-Jul-1960 -
Yvette Clarke Politician Congresswoman, New York 11th 21-Nov-1964 -
John S. Clarkeson Business CEO of Boston Consulting Group, 1986-97 c. 1943 -
Jeremy Clarkson TV Personality Top Gear 11-Apr-1960 -
Kelly Clarkson Singer First winner of American Idol 24-Apr-1982 -
Lana Clarkson Actor Barbarian Queen 05-Apr-1962 03-Feb-2003
Lawrence W. Clarkson Business Former Boeing Executive c. 1938 -
Patricia Clarkson Actor Pieces of April 29-Dec-1959 -
Robert Clary Actor LeBeau on Hogan's Heroes 01-Mar-1926 -
Albert Claude Scientist Microstructure of the cell 23-Aug-1899 22-May-1983
Georges Claude Chemist Neon lighting 24-Sep-1870 23-May-1960
Aurelie Claudel Model French runway and print model 07-Aug-1980 -
Camille Claudel Sculptor French sculptor, mistress of Rodin 08-Dec-1864 19-Oct-1943
Paul Claudel Poet French poet and diplomat 06-Aug-1868 23-Feb-1955
Claudius Royalty Roman Emperor, 41-54 AD 1-Aug-10 BC 13-Oct-54 AD
Hugo Claus Author The Sorrow of Belgium 05-Apr-1929 19-Mar-2008
Rudolf Clausius Physicist Second Law of Thermodynamics 02-Jan-1822 24-Aug-1888
James Clavell Novelist Shogun and The Great Escape 10-Oct-1924 07-Sep-1994
Christian Clavier Actor Les Visiteurs 06-May-1952 -
Curtis J. Clawson Business CEO of Hayes Lemmerz c. 1960 -
Patrick L. Clawson Government Washington Institute For Near East Policy 30-Mar-1951 -
Andrew Dice Clay Comic Ford Fairlane 29-Sep-1958 -
Cassius Marcellus Clay Politician Kentucky anti-slavery advocate 19-Oct-1810 22-Jul-1903
Eric L. Clay Judge 6th Circuit Court of Appeals 18-Jan-1948 -
Henry Clay Politician American statesman and orator 12-Apr-1777 29-Jun-1852
Lacy Clay Politician Congressman, Missouri 1st 27-Jul-1956 -
Phillip L. Clay Educator Chancellor, MIT 17-May-1946 -
Robert N. Clay Business Three Chimneys Farm 17-Sep-1946 -
William L. Clay Politician Congressman from Missouri, 1969-2001 30-Apr-1931 -
Joan Claybrook Activist Public Citizen 03-Aug-1938 -
Jill Clayburgh Actor Starting Over 30-Apr-1944 05-Nov-2010
Les Claypool Musician Lead singer of Primus 29-Sep-1963 -
Jane Clayson Journalist Host of The Early Show 1999-02 25-Apr-1967 -
Adam Clayton Bassist Bassist for U2 13-Mar-1960 -
Eva M. Clayton Politician Congresswoman from North Carolina, 1992-2003 16-Sep-1934 -
Jack Clayton Film Director The Great Gatsby 01-Mar-1921 26-Feb-1995
Jan Clayton Actor Ellen Miller on Lassie 26-Aug-1917 28-Aug-1983
John Middleton Clayton Politician US Senator and Secretary of State 24-Jul-1796 09-Nov-1856
Kit Clayton Electronic Musician Orthlorng Musork 1974 -
June Clayworth Actor At Sword's Point 09-Jun-1912 01-Jan-1993
Beverly Cleary Author Children's author, Ramona Quimby series 12-Apr-1916 -
Eldridge Cleaver Activist Black Panther turned Republican 31-Aug-1935 01-May-1998
Emanuel Cleaver Politician Congressman, Missouri 5th 26-Oct-1944 -
John Cleese Comic Monty Python 27-Oct-1939 -
Frank Clegg Business President of Microsoft Canada, 2000-05 c. 1955 -
Jackie M. Clegg Business Wife of Chris Dodd c. 1965 -
Nick Clegg Politician Leader of the Liberal Democrats 07-Jan-1967 -
John E. Cleghorn Business CEO of Royal Bank of Canada, 1995-2001 07-Jul-1941 -
Ellen Cleghorne Comic Saturday Night Live 29-Nov-1965 -
John Cleland Novelist Fanny Hill 24-Sep-1709 23-Jan-1789
Max Cleland Politician US Senator from Georgia, 1997-2003 24-Aug-1942 -
Georges Clemenceau Politician French Prime Minister, 1917-20 28-Sep-1841 24-Nov-1929
Roger Clemens Baseball Twice pitched 20 strikeouts 04-Aug-1962 -
Christian Clemenson Actor Dr. Tom Loman on CSI: Miami 17-Mar-1958 -
St. Clement I Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 88-97 AD fl. 1st c. AD fl. 1st c. AD
Pope Clement II Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1046-47 ? 09-Oct-1047
Pope Clement III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1187-91 ? 20-Mar-1191
Pope Clement IV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1265-68 ? 29-Nov-1268
Pope Clement IX Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1667-69 28-Jan-1600 09-Dec-1669
Clement of Alexandria Religion Early Church Father c. 150 AD c. 215 AD
Pope Clement V Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1305-14 c. 1260 20-Apr-1314
Pope Clement VI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1342-52 1291 06-Dec-1352
Pope Clement VII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1523-34 26-May-1478 25-Sep-1534
Pope Clement VIII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1592-1605 24-Feb-1536 05-Mar-1605
Pope Clement X Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1670-76 13-Jul-1590 22-Jul-1676
Pope Clement XI Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1700-21 22-Jul-1649 19-Mar-1721
Pope Clement XII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1730-40 07-Apr-1652 06-Feb-1740
Pope Clement XIII Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1758-69 07-Mar-1693 02-Feb-1769
Pope Clement XIV Religion Roman Catholic Pope, 1769-74 31-Oct-1705 22-Sep-1774
Bob Clement Politician Congressman from Tennessee, 1987-2003 23-Sep-1943 -
Edith Brown Clement Judge 5th Circuit Court of Appeals 29-Apr-1948 -
Frank G. Clement Politician Twice Governor of Tennessee 02-Jun-1920 04-Nov-1969
Hal Clement Novelist Mission of Gravity 20-May-1922 29-Oct-2003
Jemaine Clement Musician Flight of the Conchords 10-Jan-1974 -
Paul Clement Government US Solicitor General, 2005-08 24-Jun-1966 -
René Clément Film Director Is Paris Burning? 18-Mar-1913 17-Mar-1996
Tony Clement Politician Canadian Minister of Health 27-Jan-1961 -
Michael Clemente Film/TV Producer Senior VP for News, Fox News Channel 20-Feb-1956 -
Roberto Clemente Baseball Puerto Rican baseball star 18-Aug-1934 31-Dec-1972
Muzio Clementi Composer Gradus ad Parnassum 24-Jan-1752 10-Mar-1832
Bill Clements Politician Twice Governor of Texas 17-Apr-1917 29-May-2011
Dennis E. Clements Business Group VP at Toyota, 2000-05 c. 1944 -
Robert M. Clements Business Everbank Financial Corporation c. 1963 -
Ron Clements Film Director Aladdin 25-Apr-1953 -
Richard L. Clemmer Business CEO of Agere Systems ? -
Clarence Clemons Musician Bruce Springsteen's saxophonist 11-Jan-1942 18-Jun-2011
Steven C. Clemons Pundit Senior Fellow, New America Foundation 1962 -
John L. Clendenin Business CEO of Bellsouth, 1984-96 c. 1933 -
David Clennon Actor Joshua Nankin on The Agency 10-May-1943 -
Miss Cleo Paranormal Psychic fraud takes VISA, M/C 12-Aug-1962 -
Cleon Politician Opponent of Pericles ? 422 BC
Cleopatra Royalty Queen of Egypt 69 BC 30-Aug-30 BC
John A. Clerico Business CFO of Praxair, 1992-2000 c. 1941 -
Per Theodor Cleve Chemist Discovered holmium (Ho) and thulium (Tm) 10-Feb-1840 18-Jun-1905
Carol Cleveland Actor Monty Python's Flying Circus 13-Jan-1942 -
Cotton M. Cleveland Business Mather Associates c. 1953 -
Frances Cleveland First Lady Wife of US President Grover Cleveland 21-Jul-1864 29-Oct-1947
George Cleveland Actor Gramps on Lassie 17-Sep-1885 15-Jul-1957
Grover Cleveland Head of State 22nd & 24th US President, 1885-89 & 1893-97 18-Mar-1837 24-Jun-1908
Harlan Cleveland Government Futurist, diplomat 19-Jan-1918 30-May-2008
Joseph R. Cleveland Business CIO of Lockheed Martin c. 1944 -
Voltairine de Cleyre Anarchist Anarchist without an adjective 17-Nov-1866 20-Jun-1912
J. M. G. Le Clézio Novelist Nomadic novelist 13-Apr-1940 -
Van Cliburn Pianist Piano prodigy 12-Jul-1934 -
Jim Click Business Tucson car dealer ? -
Jimmy Cliff Singer/Songwriter Reggae musician 01-Apr-1948 -
Clark Clifford Government US Secretary of Defense, 1968-69 25-Dec-1906 10-Oct-1998
Graeme Clifford Film Director Gleaming the Cube 1942 -
Nathan Clifford Politician Congressman, Attorney General, Supreme Court 18-Aug-1803 25-Jul-1881
Eleanor Clift Journalist Madam President 07-Jul-1940 -
Montgomery Clift Actor From Here to Eternity 17-Oct-1920 23-Jul-1966
James K. Clifton Business CEO of The Gallup Organization ? -
Lucille Clifton Poet Good Woman 27-Jun-1936 13-Feb-2010
Matthew P. Clifton Business CEO of Holly Corporation c. 1951 -
Richard R. Clifton Judge 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 13-Nov-1950 -
Kim Clijsters Tennis Winner, 2010 US Open 08-Jun-1983 -
Edward F. Cline Film Director The Bank Dick 04-Nov-1891 22-May-1961
Patsy Cline Country Musician I Fall To Pieces 08-Sep-1932 05-Mar-1963
Rachel Cline Author What to Keep ? -
Richard G. Cline Business CEO of Nicor, 1986-95 c. 1935 -
Robert Cline Business CEO of Airborne, Inc., 1984-2002 c. 1937 -
William F. Clinger, Jr. Politician Congressman from Pennsylvania, 1979-97 04-Apr-1929 -
James F. Clingman, Jr. Business H.E. Butt Grocery Company c. 1937 -
Bill Clinton Head of State 42nd US President, 1993-2001 19-Aug-1946 -
Chelsea Clinton Relative Daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton 27-Feb-1980 -
De Witt Clinton Politician Twice Governor of New York 02-Mar-1769 11-Feb-1828
George Clinton Singer Funkadelic 22-Jul-1940 -
George Clinton Military US Vice President, 1805-12 26-Jul-1739 20-Apr-1812
Sir Henry Clinton Military C-in-C of British forces in North America c. 1738 23-Dec-1795
Hillary Clinton Politician US Secretary of State 26-Oct-1947 -
Roger Clinton Relative Black sheep in Clinton family 25-Jul-1956 -
Colin Clive Actor Frankenstein 20-Jan-1900 25-Jun-1937
E. E. Clive Actor Tenney in Bulldog Drummond 28-Aug-1879 06-Jun-1940
Robert Clive Military Conquered India for Britain 29-Sep-1725 22-Nov-1774
Art Clokey Cartoonist Creator of Gumby 12-Oct-1921 08-Jan-2010
Kriss Cloninger III Business CFO of Aflac c. 1947 -
George Clooney Actor E.R. 06-May-1961 -
Rosemary Clooney Singer Come On-a My House 23-May-1928 29-Jun-2002
Chuck Close Painter Photo-realist portrait painter, printmaker 05-Jul-1940 -
Del Close Actor The Funniest One in the Room 09-Mar-1934 04-Mar-1999
Eric Close Actor Without a Trace 24-May-1967 -
Glenn Close Actor Fatal Attraction 19-Mar-1947 -
John A. Cloud Diplomat US Ambassador to Lithuania c. 1952 -
Sanford Cloud, Jr. Business President of NCCJ, 1994-2004 27-Nov-1944 -
Charles I. Clough, Jr. Business Merrill Lynch Investment Strategist, 1987-2000 c. 1942 -
Brian Clough Soccer Renowned British soccer manager 21-Mar-1935 20-Sep-2004
G. Wayne Clough Educator Secretary of the Smithsonian c. 1942 -
Robert Clouse Film Director Enter the Dragon 06-Mar-1928 04-Feb-1997
Suzanne Cloutier Actor Othello 10-Jul-1923 02-Dec-2003
Henri-Georges Clouzot Film Director The Wages of Fear 20-Nov-1907 12-Jan-1977
Daniel Clowes Cartoonist Eightball, Ghost World, David Boring 14-Apr-1961 -
DJ Clue Disc Jockey Mixtape DJ and Desert Storm label founder 08-Jan-1975 -
Alec Clunes Actor Classical theatre actor, stage manager 17-May-1912 13-Mar-1970
Martin Clunes Actor Dr. Martin Ellingham on Doc Martin 28-Nov-1961 -
Michelle Clunie Actor Mel on Queer as Folk 07-Nov-1969 -
François Cluzet Actor 'Round Midnight 21-Sep-1955 -
Ann Clwyd Politician Welsh pol, spread Saddam shredder story 21-Mar-1937 -
Jim Clyburn Politician Congressman, South Carolina 6th 21-Jul-1940 -
Andy Clyde Actor Cully Wilson on Lassie 25-Mar-1892 18-May-1967
George D. Clyde Politician Governor of Utah, 1957-65 21-Jul-1898 02-Apr-1972
Adam Clymer Journalist The New York Times 27-Apr-1937 -
John Robert Clynes Politician UK Home Secretary, 1929-31 27-Mar-1869 23-Oct-1949
Martha Coakley Politician Attorney General of Massachusetts 14-Jul-1953 -
Ronald H. Coase Economist Transactions costs and property rights 29-Dec-1910 -
Gordon Coates Head of State Prime Minister of New Zealand, 1925-28 03-Feb-1878 27-May-1943
Kim Coates Actor Alex Trager on Sons of Anarchy 1959 -
Daniel R. Coats Politician US Senator from Indiana 16-May-1943 -
Nathan B. Coats Judge Justice, Colorado Supreme Court c. 1949 -
Frances Bean Cobain Relative Kurt and Courtney's child 18-Aug-1992 -
Garry Cobain Electronic Musician The Future Sound of London 1966 -
Kurt Cobain Musician Lead singer of Nirvana 20-Feb-1967 05-Apr-1994
Howell Cobb Politician Congressman, Governor, Treasury Secretary 07-Sep-1815 09-Oct-1868
Irvin S. Cobb Author Old Judge Priest 23-Jun-1876 10-Mar-1944
Keith Hamilton Cobb Actor Tyr Anasazi on Andromeda 28-Jan-1962 -
Lee J. Cobb Actor The Left Hand of God 08-Dec-1911 11-Feb-1976
Sue Bell Cobb Judge Alabama Chief Justice 1956 -
Sue M. Cobb Attorney Florida Secretary of State c. 1937 -
Ty Cobb Baseball Legendary Detroit Tigers hitter 18-Dec-1886 17-Jul-1961
William Cobbett Politician Difficult English politician 09-Mar-1763 16-Jun-1835
Bill Cobbs Actor Tony on The Drew Carey Show 16-Jun-1935 -
Lawrence S. Coben Business Tremisis Energy c. 1957 -
Bill Cobey Politician Congressman from North Carolina, 1985-87 13-May-1939 -
Howard Coble Politician Congressman, North Carolina 6th 18-Mar-1931 -
Hugh K. Coble Business Vice Chairman of Fluor, 1994-97 c. 1935 -
William K. Coblentz Attorney Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass 28-Jul-1922 13-Sep-2010
William W. Coblentz Astronomer Infrared spectroscopy 20-Nov-1873 15-Sep-1962
Charles Coburn Actor The More the Merrier 17-Jun-1877 30-Aug-1961
James Coburn Actor Our Man Flint 31-Aug-1928 18-Nov-2002
Tom Coburn Politician US Senator from Oklahoma 14-Mar-1948 -
Imogene Coca Actor Your Show of Shows 18-Nov-1908 02-Jun-2001
Cochise Military Native American warrior c. 1810 08-Jun-1874
Eddie Cochran Musician Summertime Blues 03-Oct-1938 17-Apr-1960
Jackie Cochran Aviator First woman to break the sound barrier 11-May-1906 09-Aug-1980
Johnnie Cochran Attorney Successfully defended O. J. Simpson 02-Oct-1937 29-Mar-2005
Phyllis E. Cochran Business Senior VP at Navistar c. 1951 -
Robert L. Cochran Politician Governor of Nebraska, 1935-41 28-Jan-1886 23-Feb-1963
Steve Cochran Actor The Damned Don't Cry 25-May-1917 15-Jun-1965
Thad Cochran Politician US Senator from Mississippi 07-Dec-1937 -
William Cochran Physicist Crystallography 30-Jul-1922 28-Aug-2003
Josephine Cochrane Inventor Invented the dishwasher 08-Mar-1839 03-Aug-1913
Mickey Cochrane Baseball Detroit Tigers catcher 06-Apr-1903 28-Jun-1962
Rory Cochrane Actor Tim Speedle on CSI: Miami 28-Feb-1972 -
Thomas Cochrane Military Rear Admiral, invented the smoke screen 14-Dec-1775 31-Oct-1860
Tom Cochrane Musician Life Is a Highway 14-May-1953 -
Alexander Cockburn Columnist The Nation, CounterPunch 06-Jun-1941 20-Jul-2012
Bruce Cockburn Singer/Songwriter Rocket Launcher 27-May-1945 -
Claud Cockburn Journalist Radical British journalist 12-Apr-1904 15-Dec-1981
John Cockcroft Physicist Split the atom 27-May-1897 18-Sep-1967
Jarvis Cocker Singer/Songwriter Frontman, Pulp 19-Sep-1963 -
Joe Cocker Singer/Songwriter Singer-slash-contortionist 20-May-1944 -
Christopher Cockerell Inventor Hovercraft 04-Jun-1910 01-Jun-1999
Harrison Cockrill Politician Kentucky State Senator, committed suicide 18-Jun-1826 22-May-1876
Jay Cocks Screenwriter Screenwriter, Gangs of New York 12-Jan-1944 -
James Coco Actor Only When I Laugh 21-Mar-1928 25-Feb-1987
Jean Cocteau Poet La Belle et la Bête 05-Jul-1889 11-Oct-1963
Lawrence R. Codey Business President of PSE&G, 1991-2000 c. 1944 -
Richard J. Codey Politician Governor of New Jersey, 2004-06 27-Nov-1946 -
Armando M. Codina Business Founder of Codina Group c. 1946 -
Andrei Codrescu Author Exquisite Corpse 20-Dec-1946 -
Derrill Cody Attorney Of Counsel, Tomlinson & O'Connell 05-Jul-1938 -
Iron Eyes Cody Actor Keep America Beautiful 03-Apr-1904 04-Jan-1999
John Cardinal Cody Religion Archbishop of Chicago, 1965-82 24-Dec-1907 25-Apr-1982
Barry Coe Actor Ben Gregory on Follow the Sun 26-Nov-1934 -
David Allan Coe Country Musician Take This Job and Shove It 06-Sep-1939 -
Doug Coe Religion The Family c. 1930 -
Jonathan Coe Novelist What a Carve Up! 19-Aug-1961 -
Sebastian Coe Track and Field Won 4 Olympic running medals 29-Sep-1956 -
Paulo Coelho Novelist The Alchemist 24-Aug-1947 -
Tony Coelho Politician Congressman from California, 1979-89 15-Jun-1942 -
Ethan Coen Film Director Half of the Coen brothers 21-Sep-1957 -
Joel Coen Film Director Half of the Coen brothers 29-Nov-1954 -
John Maxwell Coetzee Novelist Reclusive South African novelist, essayist 09-Feb-1940 -
Paul Coffey Hockey NHL Hall of Famer 01-Jun-1961 -
Frank M. Coffin Judge 1st Circuit Court of Appeals, 1965-89 11-Jul-1919 07-Dec-2009
Henry Sloane Coffin Religion Meaning of the Cross 05-Jan-1877 25-Nov-1954
Levi Coffin Activist Helped thousands of slaves to freedom 28-Oct-1798 16-Sep-1877
Robert P. Tristram Coffin Poet Strange Holiness 18-Mar-1892 20-Jan-1955
Sarah R. Coffin Business Hexion Specialty Chemicals c. 1952 -
William Sloane Coffin Activist Civilly disobedient chaplain 01-Jun-1924 12-Apr-2006
Mike Coffman Politician Congressman, Colorado 6th 27-Feb-1955 -
Vance D. Coffman Business CEO of Lockheed Martin, 1998-2004 03-Apr-1944 -
Alma Cogan Singer The Girl With the Giggle In Her Voice 19-May-1932 26-Oct-1966
Andrew B. Cogan Business CEO of Knoll c. 1963 -
Richard A. Cogdill Business CFO of Pilgrim's Pride c. 1960 -
George M. Cohan Composer Yankee Doodle Dandy 03-Jul-1878 05-Nov-1942
Lauren Cohan Actor Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead 30-Nov-1982 -
Jeffery Cohelan Politician Congressman from California, 1959-71 24-Jun-1914 15-Feb-1999
Alexander H. Cohen Theatre Producer The Homecoming 24-Jul-1920 22-Apr-2000
Andy Cohen Film/TV Producer EVP at Bravo, Watch What Happens: Live 02-Jun-1968 -
Ariel Cohen Scholar Expert on International Relations c. 1964 -
Ben Cohen Business Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc. 18-Mar-1951 -
Betsy Z. Cohen Business CEO of RAIT Investment Trust, 1997-2006 c. 1942 -
Bram Cohen Computer Programmer Creator of BitTorrent 1975 -
Claudia Cohen Columnist Gossip columnist 16-Dec-1950 15-Jun-2007
Daniel H. Cohen Business NYT VP Advertising, 1995-99 c. 1952 -
David X. Cohen Film/TV Producer Simpsons, Futurama producer c. 1966 -
Eli Cohen Spy Israel's greatest spy 26-Dec-1924 18-May-1965
Eliot A. Cohen Government Prominent neoconservative c. 1955 -
Herman Cohen Diplomat US Ambassador to Senegal, Gambia 1977-80 10-Feb-1932 -
Irwin Cohen Business Former Retail Partner, Deloitte & Touche c. 1941 -
Jared Cohen Government Children of Jihad 24-Nov-1981 -
Jeff Cohen Pundit Fox News Watch ? -
Joel J. Cohen Attorney Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette c. 1937 -
Larry Cohen Film Director The Stuff 15-Jul-1938 -
Leonard Cohen Singer/Songwriter Everybody Knows 21-Sep-1934 -
Marshall A. Cohen Business CEO of Molson, 1988-96 c. 1935 -
Matt Cohen Novelist Emotional Arithmetic 30-Dec-1942 02-Dec-1999
Morris Raphael Cohen Philosopher Reason and Nature 25-Jul-1880 28-Jan-1947
Myron Cohen Comic Borscht Belt comic 01-Jul-1902 10-Mar-1986
Peter A. Cohen Business CEO of Shearson Lehman, 1983-90 c. 1946 -
Richard Cohen Columnist Washington Post columnist 1941 -
Rob Cohen Film Director The Fast and the Furious 12-Mar-1949 -
Ronald Cohen Business British venture capitalist, Apax 1945 -
Sacha Baron Cohen Comic Boyakasha! Respec 13-Oct-1971 -
Samuel T. Cohen Physicist Neutron bomb 25-Jan-1921 28-Nov-2010
Scott Cohen Actor The 10th Kingdom 19-Dec-1961 -
Stanley Cohen Scientist Nerve and skin cell growth factors 17-Nov-1922 -
Stanley N. Cohen Biologist Recombinant DNA 17-Feb-1935 -
Stephen P. Cohen Scholar Foreign policy analyst c. 1946 -
Steve Cohen Politician Congressman, Tennessee 9th 24-May-1949 -
Steve Cohen Business Hedge fund billionaire, SAC Capital Partners c. 1956 -
Wilbur J. Cohen Government HEW Secretary, 1968-69 10-Jun-1913 17-May-1987
William Cohen Government US Secretary of Defense, 1997-01 28-Aug-1940 -
Claude Cohen-Tannoudji Physicist Trapped atoms with laser light 01-Apr-1933 -
Cindy Cohn Attorney EFF lawyer c. 1963 -
Gary D. Cohn Business Co-COO of Goldman Sachs c. 1960 -
Marc Cohn Singer/Songwriter Walking In Memphis 05-Jul-1959 -
Mindy Cohn Actor Natalie on The Facts of Life 20-May-1966 -
Roy Cohn Government Joseph McCarthy's henchman 20-Feb-1927 02-Aug-1986
Jared L. Cohon Educator President, Carnegie Mellon University c. 1947 -
Lillie Hitchcock Coit Philanthropist San Francisco eccentric 23-Aug-1843 22-Jul-1929
Steven Cojocaru Critic Entertainment Tonight fashion critic 05-Jan-1965 -
Charles W. Coker Business CEO of Sonoco Products, 1990-98 10-May-1933 -
Larry Coker Football Miami Head Coach, 2001-06 23-Jun-1948 -
S. Key Coker Business EVP at Compass Bank c. 1957 -
Enrico Colantoni Actor Elliot DiMauro on Just Shoot Me! 14-Feb-1963 -
Rocky Colavito Baseball Denies having cursed Cleveland 10-Aug-1933 -
Claudette Colbert Actor It Happened One Night 13-Sep-1903 30-Jul-1996
Jean-Baptiste Colbert Government Economic reformer under Louis XIV 29-Aug-1619 06-Sep-1683
Stephen Colbert Comic The Colbert Report 13-May-1964 -
Tom Colbert Judge Justice, Oklahoma Supreme Court 30-Dec-1949 -
Virgis W. Colbert Business EVP at Miller Brewing, 1997-2005 1939 -
Bainbridge Colby Government US Secretary of State, 1920-21 22-Dec-1869 11-Apr-1950
William Colby Spy CIA Director, 1973-75 04-Jan-1920 27-Apr-1996
Cadwallader Colden Physicist Colonial scientist and statesman 07-Feb-1689 20-Sep-1776
John P. Cole, Jr. Attorney Telecommunications attorney 12-Jan-1930 -
Cheryl Cole Singer Member, Girls Aloud 30-Jun-1983 -
Cozy Cole Jazz Musician Topsy Part 2 17-Oct-1909 29-Jan-1981
David D. Cole Attorney Professor of Constitutional Law ? -
Dennis Cole Actor Beefcake model turned actor 19-Jul-1940 15-Nov-2009
Gary Cole Actor Bill in Office Space 20-Sep-1956 -
George Cole Actor Arthur Daley on Minder 22-Apr-1925 -
George Douglas Howard Cole Economist British Labour theorist 25-Sep-1889 14-Jan-1959
J. Cole Rapper Cole World: The Sideline Story 28-Jan-1985 -
James D. Cole Business CEO of Newpark Resources, 1977-2006 c. 1941 -
Johnnetta B. Cole Educator President of Spelman College, 1987-97 19-Oct-1936 -
Juan Cole Historian Sacred Space and Holy War 1952 -
Kenneth Cole Fashion Designer Kenneth Cole Productions 23-Mar-1954 -
Keyshia Cole Singer/Songwriter The Way It Is 15-Oct-1981 -
Lester Cole Screenwriter Born Free 19-Jun-1904 15-Aug-1985
Michael Cole TV Personality WWE Announcer 08-Dec-1968 -
Michael Cole Actor Pete Cochran on The Mod Squad 03-Jul-1945 -
Nat King Cole Singer Unforgettable 17-Mar-1917 15-Feb-1965
Natalie Cole Singer Singer-daughter of Nat King Cole 06-Feb-1950 -
Paula Cole Musician Where Have All The Cowboys Gone? 05-Apr-1968 -
R. Guy Cole, Jr. Judge 6th Circuit Court of Appeals 23-May-1951 -
Taylor Cole Actor Erika Spalding on Summerland 29-Apr-1984 -
Thomas Cole Painter American landscape painter 01-Feb-1801 11-Feb-1848
Thomas W. Cole, Jr. Educator President of Clark Atlanta, 1989-2002 c. 1941 -
Tina Cole Actor Katie on My Three Sons 04-Aug-1943 -
Tom Cole Politician Congressman, Oklahoma 4th 28-Apr-1949 -
Cy Coleman Composer Hey, Big Spender 14-Jun-1929 18-Nov-2004
Dabney Coleman Actor Moustache from 9 To 5 03-Jan-1932 -
Deborah A. Coleman Business SmartForest Ventures c. 1952 -
Deborah S. Coleman Business International Business Solutions c. 1953 -
Denardo Coleman Jazz Musician Avant-jazz drummer 1956 -
Gary Coleman Actor Arnold Jackson on Diff'rent Strokes 08-Feb-1968 28-May-2010
J. P. Coleman Politician Governor of Mississippi, 1956-60 09-Jan-1914 28-Sep-1991
Jack Coleman Actor Steven Carrington on Dynasty 21-Feb-1958 -
James S. Coleman Sociologist Foundations of Social Theory 12-May-1926 25-Mar-1995
Jaz Coleman Musician Killing Joke 26-Feb-1960 -
John Coleman TV Personality Founder, The Weather Channel 15-Oct-1934 -
Leonard S. Coleman, Jr. Administrator President of MLB National League, 1994-99 17-Feb-1949 -
Lewis W. Coleman Business President, Dreamworks Animation SKG c. 1943 -
Lovida H. Coleman, Jr. Attorney Partner, Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan 21-May-1949 -
Mary Sue Coleman Educator President, University of Michigan 02-Oct-1943 -
Michael B. Coleman Politician Mayor of Columbus 18-Nov-1954 -
Monique Coleman Actor High School Musical 13-Nov-1980 -
Nancy Coleman Actor Desperate Journey 30-Dec-1912 18-Jan-2000
Norm Coleman Politician US Senator from Minnesota, 2003-09 17-Aug-1949 -
Ornette Coleman Jazz Musician Free Jazz innovator 19-Mar-1930 -
Ronald D. Coleman Politician Congressman from Texas, 1983-97 29-Nov-1941 -
Tom Coleman Politician Congressman from Missouri, 1976-93 29-May-1943 -
Vince Coleman Baseball St. Louis Cardinal, base stealer 22-Sep-1960 -
William T. Coleman III Business CEO of BEA Systems, 1995-2001 c. 1948 -
William T. Coleman, Jr. Government US Secretary of Transportation, 1975-77 07-Jul-1920 -
Nicholas Coleridge Business Managing Director, Condé Nast 1957 -
Samuel Taylor Coleridge Poet Rime of the Ancient Mariner 21-Oct-1772 25-Jul-1834
Kim Coles Actor Synclaire James on Living Single 11-Jan-1966 -
Robert Coles Psychiatrist Children of Crisis 12-Oct-1929 -
Colette Novelist Gigi 28-Jan-1873 03-Aug-1954
William A. Coley Business CEO of British Energy c. 1944 -
Richard W. Colf Business EVP at Peter Kiewit Sons c. 1944 -
Schuyler Colfax Politician US Vice President, 1869-73 23-Mar-1823 13-Jan-1885
Chris Colfer Actor Kurt Hummel on Glee 27-May-1990 -
William Colgate Business Toothpaste empirebuilder 25-Jan-1783 25-Jan-1857
Tom Colicchio Chef Head Judge, Top Chef 15-Aug-1962 -
John Colicos Actor Anne of the Thousand Days 10-Dec-1928 06-Mar-2000
Margaret Colin Actor As the World Turns 26-May-1957 -
Richard A. Collato Business President and CEO, San Diego YMCA c. 1944 -
Oscar Collazo Assassin Attempted assassin of Truman 20-Feb-1914 21-Feb-1994
Phil Collen Guitarist Guitarist for Def Leppard 08-Dec-1957 -
Lewis M. Collens Educator President of Illinois Tech, 1990-2007 c. 1938 -
Toni Collette Actor United States of Tara 01-Nov-1972 -
Stephen Colletti Actor Laguna Beach 07-Feb-1986 -
Constance Collier Actor Stage Door 22-Jan-1878 25-Apr-1955
Lois Collier Actor Mary Wesley on Boston Blackie 21-Mar-1919 27-Oct-1999
Peter Collier Publisher Encounter Books ? -
Bud Colligan Business CEO of Macromedia, 1992-97 14-Aug-1954 -
Thomas J. Colligan Business Vice Chairman of PWC, 2001-04 c. 1945 -
R. G. Collingwood Historian The Idea of History 22-Feb-1889 09-Jan-1943
Ted Collins, Jr. Business President of Enron, 1982-87 c. 1938 -
Anthony Collins Philosopher A Discourse on Freethinking 21-Jun-1676 13-Dec-1729
Arthur D. Collins, Jr. Business CEO of Medtronic, 2001-07 10-Dec-1947 -
Bootsy Collins Bassist This Boot Is Made For Fonk-N 26-Oct-1951 -
Cardiss Collins Politician Congresswoman from Illinois, 1973-97 24-Sep-1931 -
Chuck Collins Activist United for a Fair Economy 1960 -
Clifton Collins, Jr. Actor One Eight Seven 16-Jun-1970 -
Dorothy Collins Singer Your Hit Parade 18-Nov-1926 21-Jul-1994
Doug Collins Basketball Head Coach, Philadelphia 76ers 28-Jul-1951 -
Duane E. Collins Business CEO of Parker Hannifin, 1993-2001 c. 1939 -
Eddie Collins Baseball Second baseman, 1914 MVP 02-May-1887 25-Mar-1951
Francis Collins Scientist Human Genome Project 14-Apr-1950 -
Gary Collins Football Former Cleveland Browns WR 20-Aug-1940 -
Gary Collins Actor Host of The Home Show 30-Apr-1938 -
George Washington Collins Politician Congressman from Illinois, 1970-72 05-Mar-1925 08-Dec-1972
J. Barclay Collins II Business General Counsel for Hess Corporation 21-Oct-1944 -
Jackie Collins Novelist Hollywood Wives 04-Oct-1937 -
James F. Collins Diplomat US Ambassador to Russia, 1997-2001 1939 -
James M. Collins Politician Congressman from Texas, 1968-83 29-Apr-1916 21-Jul-1989
Joan Collins Actor Alexis on Dynasty 23-May-1933 -
John F. Collins Politician Mayor of Boston, 1960-68 20-Jul-1919 23-Nov-1995
John T. Collins Business CEO of The Collins Group c. 1947 -
Joseph J. Collins Business CEO of Time Warner Cable, 1989-2003 c. 1944 -
Judy Collins Singer/Songwriter Folk singer 01-May-1939 -
Lane G. Collins Educator Accounting Professor at Baylor c. 1940 -
Larry Collins Author Is Paris Burning? 14-Sep-1929 20-Jun-2005
Lauren Collins Actor Degrassi: The Next Generation 29-Aug-1986 -
LeRoy Collins Politician Governor of Florida, 1955-61 10-Mar-1909 12-Mar-1991
Lewis Collins Actor Bodie on The Professionals 27-May-1946 -
Lily Collins Actor Mirror Mirror 18-Mar-1989 -
Lyn Collins Musician Think (About It) 12-Jun-1948 13-Mar-2005
Lynn Collins Actor X-Men Origins: Wolverine 16-May-1977 -
Mac Collins Politician Congressman from Georgia, 1993-2005 15-Oct-1944 -
Marcus Collins Singer Seven Nation Army 15-May-1988 -
Martha Layne Collins Politician Governor of Kentucky, 1983-87 07-Dec-1936 -
Mel Collins Musician Active session and ex-Crimson blower 05-Sep-1947 -
Michael Collins Astronaut Apollo 11 command module pilot 31-Oct-1930 -
Michael Collins Activist Irish Nationalist, spymaster 16-Oct-1890 22-Aug-1922
Misha Collins Actor Castiel on Supernatural 20-Aug-1974 -
Mo Collins Comic Stewart's mom on MADtv 07-Jul-1965 -
Pat Collins TV Personality The Hip Hypnotist 07-May-1935 31-May-1997
Pauline Collins Actor Shirley Valentine 03-Sep-1940 -
Phil Collins Singer/Songwriter Lead singer of Genesis 30-Jan-1951 -
Ray Collins Actor Lt. Tragg on Perry Mason 10-Dec-1889 11-Jul-1965
Richard H. Collins Publisher Dallas newspaper publisher 01-Jun-1947 -
Samuel C. Collins Chemist Collins-type cryocooler 28-Dec-1898 19-Jun-1984
Stephen Collins Actor Rev. Eric Camden on 7th Heaven 01-Oct-1947 -
Susan Collins Politician US Senator from Maine 07-Dec-1952 -
Suzanne Collins Novelist The Hunger Games 11-Aug-1962 -
Thomas H. Collins Military US Coast Guard Commandant, 2002-06 c. 1946 -
Timothy C. Collins Business Private equity, Ripplewood Holdings c. 1956 -
Wilkie Collins Novelist The Moonstone 08-Jan-1824 23-Dec-1889
Bertrand P. Collomb Business CEO of Lafarge SA, 1987-2003 c. 1943 -
Steven M. Colloton Judge 8th Circuit Court of Appeals 09-Jan-1963 -
Bud Collyer Game Show Host To Tell the Truth 18-Jun-1908 08-Sep-1969
June Collyer Actor The Stu Erwin Show 19-Aug-1906 16-Mar-1968
Norman Jay Colman Government First US Secretary of Agriculture 16-May-1827 03-Nov-1911
Olivia Colman Actor Sophie Chapman on Peep Show 30-Jan-1974 -
Ronald Colman Actor A Double Life 09-Feb-1891 19-May-1958
Alan Colmes Pundit Left-leaning political pundit 24-Sep-1950 -
Alvaro Colom Head of State President of Guatemala 15-Jun-1951 -
Scott Colomby Actor Caddyshack 19-Sep-1952 -
Francesco Colonna Author Hypnerotomachia Poliphili 1433 02-Oct-1527
Jerry Colonna Radio Personality Sidekick of Bob Hope 17-Sep-1904 21-Nov-1986
Mangas Coloradas Military Apache Chief and warrior c. 1792 18-Jan-1863
Chuck Colson Government Minister, former Watergate figure 16-Oct-1931 21-Apr-2012
Samuel Colt Inventor Invented the revolver 19-Jul-1814 10-Jan-1862
Gary F. Colter Business President of CRS, Inc. c. 1946 -
Jessi Colter Singer I'm Not Lisa 25-May-1943 -
Alice Coltrane Jazz Musician Musician and widow of John Coltrane 27-Aug-1937 12-Jan-2007
John Coltrane Jazz Musician Jazz tenor saxophonist 23-Sep-1926 17-Jul-1967
Robbie Coltrane Actor Hagrid in the Harry Potter films 30-Mar-1950 -
Coluche Actor Le maître d'école 28-Oct-1944 19-Jun-1986
Padraic Colum Novelist Wild Earth 08-Dec-1881 11-Jan-1972
St. Columba Religion Converted the Picts 7-Dec-521 AD 9-Jun-597 AD
Russ Columbo Singer You Call It Madness, But I Call It Love 14-Jan-1908 02-Sep-1934
Chris Columbus Film Director Director of Harry Potter 10-Sep-1958 -
Christopher Columbus Explorer Rediscovered the New World 1451 20-May-1506
William W. Colville Business General Counsel at Owens Corning, 1984-94 c. 1935 -
Jack Colvin Actor Jack McGee on The Incredible Hulk 13-Oct-1934 01-Dec-2005
Joe F. Colvin Business Nuclear Energy Institute c. 1942 -
Shawn Colvin Singer/Songwriter Sunny Came Home 10-Jan-1956 -
Nadia Comaneci Gymnastics Olympic gymnast 12-Nov-1961 -
George Combe Paranormal Scottish phrenologist 21-Oct-1788 14-Aug-1858
Larry Combest Politician Congressman from Texas, 1985-2003 20-Mar-1945 -
Bert T. Combs Politician Governor of Kentucky, 1959-63 13-Aug-1911 04-Dec-1991
Earle Combs Baseball The Kentucky Colonel, MLB Hall of Famer 14-May-1899 21-Jul-1976
Holly Marie Combs Actor Piper Halliwell on Charmed 03-Dec-1973 -
Jeffrey Combs Actor Herbert West in Re-Animator 09-Sep-1954 -
Jesse Martin Combs Politician Congressman from Texas, 1945-53 07-Jul-1889 21-Aug-1953
Ray Combs Game Show Host Host of Family Feud 1988-94 03-Apr-1956 02-Jun-1996
Betty Comden Songwriter Singin' in the Rain 03-May-1915 23-Nov-2006
John Amos Comenius Educator Education reformer, millenarian 28-Mar-1592 15-Nov-1670
Anjanette Comer Actor The Appaloosa 07-Aug-1939 -
Aaron Cometbus Author Zine author, Cometbus 1968 -
James Comey Government Deputy US Attorney General, 2003-05 14-Dec-1960 -
Alex Comfort Doctor The Joy of Sex 10-Feb-1920 26-Mar-2000
Henry Steele Commager Historian The American Mind 25-Oct-1902 02-Mar-1998
Commodus Royalty Roman Emperor, 177-192 AD 31-Aug-161 AD 31-Dec-192 AD
Common Rapper Jazz-rap performer 13-Mar-1972 -
Barry Commoner Biologist Science and Survival 28-May-1917 -
Perry Como Singer It's Impossible 18-May-1912 12-May-2001
F. Anthony Comper Business President of Bank of Montreal, 1990-2007 24-Apr-1945 -
Arthur H. Compton Physicist Discovered the Compton Effect 10-Sep-1892 15-Mar-1962
Forrest Compton Actor Col. Edward Gray on Gomer Pyle, USMC 15-Sep-1925 -
John Compton Head of State Many-time Prime Minister of St. Lucia 29-Apr-1925 07-Sep-2007
John C. Compton Business CEO of PepsiCo Americas Foods c. 1961 -
Karl T. Compton Physicist Bikini Island atomic tests 15-Sep-1887 22-Jun-1954
Ivy Compton-Burnett Novelist Pastors and Masters 05-Jun-1884 27-Aug-1969
Anthony Comstock Activist New York Society for the Suppression of Vice 07-Mar-1844 21-Sep-1915
Barbara Comstock Government Republican opposition research expert c. 1959 -
Auguste Comte Sociologist Positivist founder of Sociology 19-Jan-1798 05-Sep-1857
Barber Conable Politician World Bank President, Congressman 02-Nov-1922 30-Nov-2003
Lionel Conacher Hockey Canadian All-Around Athlete 24-May-1900 26-May-1954
Neal Conan Radio Personality Host, Talk of the Nation 1949 -
Douglas R. Conant Business CEO of Campbell Soup c. 1951 -
James B. Conant Educator President of Harvard, 1933-53 26-Mar-1893 11-Feb-1978
Joe Conason Journalist New York Observer political columnist c. 1954 -
Jeff Conaway Actor Grease 05-Oct-1950 27-May-2011
Mike Conaway Politician Congressman, Texas 11th 11-Jun-1948 -
Cristóbal I. Conde Business CEO of SunGard c. 1959 -
Gary Condit Politician Congressman from California, 1989-2003 21-Apr-1948 -
Philip M. Condit Business CEO of Boeing, 1996-2003 02-Aug-1941 -
Bill Condon Film Director Gods and Monsters 22-Oct-1955 -
Edward Condon Physicist Quantum Mechanics 02-Mar-1902 26-Mar-1974
Marquis de Condorcet Philosopher French Enlightenment philosopher 17-Sep-1743 29-Mar-1794
Christopher M. Condron Business CEO, AXA Financial ? -
Fred P. Cone Politician Governor of Florida, 1937-41 28-Sep-1871 28-Jul-1948
Charlie Conerly Football NY Giants QB, 1948-61 19-Sep-1921 13-Feb-1996
Peter Coneway Business US Ambassador to Switzerland c. 1944 -
Confucius Religion Analects 551 BC 479 BC
Darva Conger Victim Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire? 21-Sep-1965 -
William Congreve Playwright The Way of the World 24-Jan-1670 19-Jan-1729
Tony Conigliaro Baseball Boston Red Sox 07-Jan-1945 24-Feb-1990
Peggy Conklin Actor Broadway actress, The Petrified Forest 02-Nov-1906 18-Mar-2003
Roscoe Conkling Politician US Senator from New York, 1867-81 30-Oct-1829 18-Apr-1888
Arthur Conley Musician Sweet Soul Music 04-Jan-1946 17-Nov-2003
Darlene Conley Actor The Bold and the Beautiful 18-Jul-1934 14-Jan-2007
Gene Conley Baseball NBA and MLB champion 10-Nov-1930 -
Michaela Conlin Actor Angela Montenegro on Bones 09-Jun-1978 -
Didi Conn Actor Denise on Benson 13-Jul-1951 -
Iain Conn Business CEO Refining & Marketing, BP c. 1963 -
W. Lance Conn Business Vulcan, Inc. c. 1969 -
John Connally Politician Governor of Texas, 1963-69 27-Feb-1917 15-Jun-1993
James Connaughton Government Chairman, Council on Environmental Quality ? -
Jeffrey Connaughton Attorney Lobbyist, Quinn Gillespie c. 1959 -
John Connaughton Business Bain Capital c. 1967 -
Christopher Connelly Actor Norman Harrington on Peyton Place 08-Sep-1941 07-Dec-1988
Deirdre P. Connelly Business President of US Operations, Eli Lilly c. 1961 -
Jeffrey A. Connelly Business Former EVP, Coastal Corporation c. 1943 -
Jennifer Connelly Actor Betty Ross in The Hulk 12-Dec-1970 -
Marc Connelly Playwright The Green Pastures 13-Dec-1890 21-Dec-1980
Bart Conner Gymnastics Olympic gymnast 28-Mar-1958 -
Ward Connerly Activist Connerly & Associates 15-Jun-1939 -
Jason Connery Actor Merlin 11-Jan-1963 -
Sean Connery Actor James Bond 25-Aug-1930 -
Harry Connick, Jr. Singer Golden voiced singer/actor 11-Sep-1967 -
Billy Connolly Comic Scottish comedian 24-Nov-1942 -
Cyril Connolly Critic Enemies of Promise 10-Sep-1903 26-Nov-1974
Gerry Connolly Politician Congressman, Virginia 11th 30-Mar-1950 -
James Michael Connolly Lobbyist Lobbyist, GOP activist ? -
Kevin Connolly Actor Eric Murphy on Entourage 05-Mar-1974 -
Maureen Connolly Tennis Little Mo 17-Sep-1934 21-Jun-1969
Walter Connolly Actor It Happened One Night 08-Apr-1887 28-May-1940
Bull Connor Government Birmingham Public Safety Commissioner 11-Jul-1897 10-Mar-1973
Chris Connor Singer Jazz singer, I Miss You 08-Nov-1927 29-Aug-2009
Christopher M. Connor Business CEO of Sherwin-Williams c. 1956 -
George Connor Football Chicago Bears tackle, Hall of Famer 21-Jan-1925 31-Mar-2003
John T. Connor Business CEO of Allied Chemical, 1967-79 03-Nov-1914 06-Oct-2000
Kenneth L. Connor Activist President of the Family Research Council, 2000-03 24-Apr-1947 -
Kevin Connor Film Director Motel Hell 1937 -
Ralph Connor Author Canadian pulp author, Black Rock 13-Sep-1860 31-Oct-1937
Robert C. Connor Business Dallas investor c. 1941 -
Chuck Connors Actor The Rifleman 10-Apr-1921 10-Nov-1992
Jimmy Connors Tennis '70s, '80s tennis champ 02-Sep-1952 -
John G. Connors Business CFO of Microsoft, 1999-2005 c. 1959 -
Michael P. Connors Business Information Services Group, Inc. c. 1955 -
Mike Connors Actor Mannix 15-Aug-1925 -
Con Conrad Songwriter The Continental 18-Jun-1891 28-Sep-1938
David Conrad Actor Jim Clancy on Ghost Whisperer 17-Aug-1967 -
Holmes Conrad Attorney US Solicitor General, 1895-97 31-Jan-1840 04-Sep-1915
Joseph Conrad Author Heart of Darkness 03-Dec-1857 03-Aug-1924
Kent Conrad Politician US Senator from North Dakota 12-Mar-1948 -
Lauren Conrad TV Personality Laguna Beach 01-Feb-1986 -
Michael Conrad Actor Sgt. Esterhaus on Hill Street Blues 16-Oct-1925 22-Nov-1983
Paul Conrad Cartoonist Political cartoonist 27-Jun-1924 04-Sep-2010
Pete Conrad Astronaut Apollo 12 mission commander, 3rd on moon 02-Jun-1930 08-Jul-1999
Robert Conrad Actor Wild Wild West 01-Mar-1929 -
Tony Conrad Violinist Violin, Theater of Eternal Music 1940 -
William Conrad Actor Jake and the Fatman 27-Sep-1920 11-Feb-1994
George Conrades Business CEO of Akamai, 1999-2005 c. 1939 -
Hans Conried Actor Character actor, 1930s to 1970s 15-Apr-1917 05-Jan-1982
Frances Conroy Actor Ruth Fisher on Six Feet Under 13-Nov-1953 -
Frank Conroy Actor The Ox-Bow Incident 14-Oct-1890 24-Feb-1964
Frank Conroy Author Stop-Time 15-Jan-1936 06-Apr-2005
Pat Conroy Novelist The Prince of Tides 26-Oct-1945 -
Andrew Conru Business Creator of Friendfinder 03-Feb-1968 -
Bob Considine Journalist Ghostwriter, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo 04-Nov-1906 25-Sep-1975
Jill M. Considine Business Chairman of Depository Trust Company, 1998-2006 c. 1944 -
John R. Considine Business Vice Chairman of Becton Dickinson c. 1950 -
Paddy Considine Actor Dead Man's Shoes 05-Sep-1974 -
Tim Considine Actor My Three Sons 31-Dec-1940 -
David E. Constable Business Group President at Fluor c. 1960 -
Elinor Constable Diplomat US Ambassador to Kenya, 1986-89 1934 -
John Constable Painter English landscape painter 11-Jun-1776 31-Mar-1837
Peter Dalton Constable Diplomat US Ambassador to Zaire, 1982-84 10-Apr-1932 -
Benjamin Constant Politician French political thinker 25-Oct-1767 08-Dec-1830
Paul Henri d'Estournelles de Constant Diplomat Nobel Prize recipient 22-Nov-1852 15-May-1924
Constantine the Great Royalty Roman Emperor, 306-37 27-Feb-272 AD 22-May-337 AD
Constantine I Royalty King of Greece, 1913-17 and 1920-22 02-Aug-1868 11-Jan-1923
Constantine II Royalty King of Greece, 1964-73 02-Jun-1940 -
Michael Constantine Actor My Big Fat Greek Wedding 22-May-1927 -
Emil Constantinescu Head of State President of Romania, 1996-2000 19-Nov-1939 -
Constantius II Royalty Roman Emperor, 337-361 AD 7-Aug-317 AD 3-Nov-361 AD
Mark Consuelos Actor 1-800-Missing 30-Mar-1970 -
Lansana Conté Head of State President of Guinea, 1984-2008 c. 1934 22-Dec-2008
Richard Conte Actor The Blue Gardenia 24-Mar-1910 15-Apr-1975
Silvio O. Conte Politician Congressman from Massachusetts, 1959-91 09-Nov-1921 08-Feb-1991
Albert Conti Actor American character actor 29-Jan-1887 18-Jan-1967
Fulvio Conti Business CEO of Enel 28-Oct-1947 -
Tom Conti Actor American Dreamer 22-Nov-1941 -
Frank Converse Actor Will Chandler on Movin' On 22-May-1938 -
Gary L. Convis Business Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky 22-Sep-1942 -
Bert Convy Game Show Host Host of Tattletales TV game show 23-Jul-1933 15-Jul-1991
Craig Conway Business CEO of PeopleSoft, 1999-2004 c. 1955 -
Curtis Conway Football NFL wide receiver, Laila Ali's husband 13-Mar-1971 -
Gary Conway Actor Det. Tilson on Burke's Law 04-Feb-1936 -
Jack Conway Film Director Too Hot to Handle 17-Jul-1887 11-Oct-1952
James T. Conway Military 34th USMC Commandant, 2006-10 26-Dec-1947 -
Jill Ker Conway Educator President of Smith College, 1975-85 09-Oct-1934 -
John Conway Mathematician Game of Life 26-Dec-1937 -
John W. Conway Business CEO of Crown Holdings 1945 -
Morgan Conway Actor Dick Tracy 16-Mar-1903 16-Nov-1981
Pat Conway Actor Tombstone Territory 09-Jan-1931 24-Apr-1981
Shirl Conway Actor Liz Thorpe on The Nurses 13-Jun-1916 07-May-2007
Tim Conway Actor The Carol Burnett Show 15-Dec-1933 -
Tom Conway Actor I Walked with a Zombie 15-Sep-1904 22-Apr-1967
Russell H. Conwell Educator Founder, Temple University 15-Feb-1843 06-Dec-1925
John Conyers Politician Congressman, Michigan 14th 16-May-1929 -
Ry Cooder Guitarist Blues guitarist 15-Mar-1947 -
Charles Coody Golf Winner, 1971 Masters Tournament 13-Jul-1937 -
Jackie Coogan Actor Uncle Fester in The Addams Family 26-Oct-1914 01-Mar-1984
Keith Coogan Actor Cheetah 13-Jan-1970 -
Steve Coogan Actor I'm Alan Partridge 14-Oct-1965 -
A. J. Cook Actor Jennifer Jareau on Criminal Minds 22-Jul-1978 -
Barbara Cook Singer Broadway, TV and cabaret singer and actress 25-Oct-1927 -
Carole Cook Actor The Incredible Mr. Limpet 1928 -
Charles Cook Publisher Cook Political Report ? -
Dan W. Cook III Business Conservative fundraiser c. 1941 -
Dane Cook Comic Harmful If Swallowed 18-Mar-1972 -
David Cook Singer Season 7 winner, American Idol 20-Dec-1982 -
Deborah L. Cook Judge 6th Circuit Court of Appeals 08-Feb-1952 -
Donald Cook Actor Viva Villa! 26-Sep-1901 01-Oct-1961
Donald G. Cook Military Retired USAF General 1946 -
E. Gary Cook Business CEO of Witco Corporation, 1996-99 c. 1944 -
Elisha Cook, Jr. Actor The Maltese Falcon 26-Dec-1903 18-May-1995
Errol M. Cook Business Former Partner, Warburg Pincus c. 1940 -
Fielder Cook Film Director A Big Hand for the Little Lady 09-Mar-1923 20-Jun-2003
Frances D. Cook Diplomat US Ambassador to Oman, 1996-99 07-Sep-1945 -
Ian M. Cook Business CEO of Colgate-Palmolive c. 1952 -
J. Michael Cook Business CEO of Deloitte & Touche, 1989-99 16-Sep-1942 -
James Cook Explorer Explorer of the South Pacific 27-Oct-1728 14-Feb-1779
Jason Cook Actor Days of Our Lives 13-Sep-1980 -
John Cook Politician Mayor of El Paso 27-Feb-1946 -
Joseph Cook Head of State Prime Minister of Australia, 1913-14 07-Dec-1860 30-Jul-1947
Linda Z. Cook Business Shell Oil executive 04-Jun-1958 -
Marlow W. Cook Politician US Senator from Kentucky, 1968-74 27-Jul-1926 -
Merrill Cook Politician Congressman from Utah, 1997-2001 06-May-1946 -
Nathan Cook Actor Billy Griffin on Hotel 09-Apr-1950 11-Jun-1988
Peter Cook Comic Bedazzled 19-Nov-1937 09-Jan-1995
Rachael Leigh Cook Actor She's All That 04-Oct-1979 -
Robin Cook Politician UK Foreign Secretary, 1997-2001 28-Feb-1946 06-Aug-2005
Robin Cook Novelist Coma 04-May-1940 -
Roger Cook TV Personality Landscape contractor, This Old House ? -
Scott Cook Business Co-Founder of Intuit c. 1952 -
Timothy D. Cook Business CEO of Apple 01-Nov-1960 -
Alistair Cooke Journalist Alistair Cooke's America 20-Nov-1908 29-Mar-2004
Janet Cooke Journalist Caught writing fake news 23-Jul-1954 -
Sam Cooke Singer Soul and R&B singer 22-Jan-1931 11-Dec-1964
Terence Cardinal Cooke Religion Archbishop of New York, 1968-83 01-Mar-1921 06-Oct-1983
John Cooksey Politician Congressman from Louisiana, 1997-2003 20-Aug-1941 -
Charles Cooley Educator Looking-glass self 17-Aug-1864 08-May-1929
Denton Cooley Doctor Pioneering heart surgeon 22-Aug-1920 -
Ryan Cooley Actor Degrassi: The Next Generation 18-May-1988 -
Calvin Coolidge Head of State 30th US President, 1923-29 04-Jul-1872 05-Jan-1933
Cassius Marcellus Coolidge Painter Painted dogs playing poker 18-Sep-1844 13-Jan-1934
Grace Coolidge First Lady Wife of US President Calvin Coolidge 03-Jan-1879 08-Jul-1957
Jennifer Coolidge Actor Legally Blonde 28-Aug-1961 -
Marcus A. Coolidge Politician US Senator from Massachusetts, 1931-37 06-Oct-1865 23-Jan-1947
Martha Coolidge Film Director Valley Girl 17-Aug-1946 -
Rita Coolidge Singer The Delta Lady 01-May-1944 -
Susan Coolidge Novelist What Katy Did 29-Jan-1835 09-Apr-1905
William D. Coolidge Physicist Tungsten filaments and Coolidge tubes 23-Oct-1873 04-Feb-1975
Coolio Rapper Gangsta's Paradise 01-Aug-1963 -
Robert D. Coombe Educator Chancellor, University of Denver c. 1948 -
Nugget Coombs Economist Banker, proponent of aboriginal rights 24-Feb-1906 29-Oct-1997
Pat Coombs Actor British character actress 27-Aug-1926 25-May-2002
Caroline B. Cooney Novelist Juvenile novelist, Rear View Mirror 10-May-1947 -
Gerry Cooney Boxing Fought Larry Holmes 24-Aug-1956 -
Joan Ganz Cooney Film/TV Producer Producer of Sesame Street 30-Nov-1929 -
Chris Coons Politician US Senator from Delaware 09-Sep-1963 -
Alice Cooper Musician No More Mr. Nice Guy 04-Feb-1948 -
Anderson Cooper Journalist Anderson Cooper 360 03-Jun-1967 -
Ben Cooper Actor The Last Command 30-Sep-1933 -
Bradley Cooper Actor Will Tippin on Alias 05-Jan-1975 -
Cecil Cooper Baseball Manager, Houston Astros 20-Dec-1949 -
Chris Cooper Actor American Beauty 09-Jul-1951 -
D. B. Cooper Criminal Successfully hijacked an airplane in 1971 ? ?
David J. Cooper Business Cooper/T. Smith Corporation c. 1945 -
Dominic Cooper Actor The Duchess 02-Jun-1978 -
Gary Cooper Actor High Noon 07-May-1901 14-May-1961
Gladys Cooper Actor My Fair Lady 18-Dec-1888 17-Nov-1971
Gordon Cooper Astronaut Mercury 7 and Gemini 5 astronaut 06-Mar-1927 04-Oct-2004
Helene Cooper Journalist NY Times editorial board 22-Apr-1966 -
J. Gary Cooper Business US Ambassador to Jamaica, 1994-97 02-Oct-1936 -
Jackie Cooper Actor Jackie in Our Gang 15-Sep-1922 03-May-2011
James Fenimore Cooper Novelist The Last of the Mohicans 15-Sep-1789 14-Sep-1851
Janet K. Cooper Business Senior VP and Treasurer of Qwest c. 1953 -
Jeanne Cooper Actor The Young and the Restless 25-Oct-1928 -
Jim Cooper Politician Congressman, Tennessee 5th 19-Jun-1954 -
John Cooper Football OSU Head Coach, 1988-2000 02-Jul-1937 -
John S. Cooper Politician US Senator from Kentucky 23-Aug-1901 21-Feb-1991
Kathleen B. Cooper Economist Dean, UNT Business School c. 1948 -
Kevin Cooper Criminal Hatcheted four people, awaiting execution c. 1958 -
Leon N. Cooper Physicist BCS Theory of Superconductivity 28-Feb-1930 -
Matthew Cooper Journalist Reluctant to name Plame leak source 1963 -
Melville Cooper Actor The Adventures of Robin Hood 15-Oct-1896 31-Mar-1973
Myers Y. Cooper Politician Governor of Ohio, 1929-31 25-Nov-1873 06-Dec-1958
Pat Cooper Comic Our Hero 31-Jul-1929 -
Prentice Cooper Government Governor of Tennessee, 1939-45 28-Sep-1895 18-May-1969
Ralph Cooper Actor The Dark Gable 16-Jan-1908 04-Apr-1992
Thomas P. Cooper Business Founder of Vericare, Inc. c. 1944 -
Violet Kemble Cooper Actor Our Betters 12-Dec-1886 17-Aug-1961
Leon G. Cooperman Business Omega Advisors, Inc. c. 1943 -
Adolph Coors Business Founder of Coors Brewery 04-Feb-1847 05-Jun-1929
Holly Coors Activist Ultraconservative beer baroness 25-Aug-1920 18-Jan-2009
Joseph Coors, Sr. Business Ultraconservative beer baron 12-Nov-1917 15-Mar-2003
Pete Coors Relative Coors scion 20-Sep-1946 -
Sir Eyre Coote Military British soldier, fought Hyder Ali 1726 28-Apr-1783
Robert Coote Actor My Fair Lady 04-Feb-1909 26-Nov-1982
J. Fred Coots Songwriter Santa Claus Is Coming to Town 02-May-1897 08-Apr-1985
Harry Coover Chemist Invented Super Glue 06-Mar-1919 19-Mar-2011
Edward Drinker Cope Paleontologist Potential holotype for Homo Sapiens 28-Jul-1840 12-Apr-1897
George A. Cope Business CEO of Bell Canada c. 1962 -
Jack Cope Novelist The Fair House 03-Jun-1913 Mar-1991
Julian Cope Musician World Shut Your Mouth 21-Oct-1957 -
Wendy Cope Poet If I Don't Know 21-Jul-1945 -
James E. Copeland, Jr. Business CEO of Deloitte & Touche, 1999-2003 c. 1945 -
Kenneth Copeland Religion Kenneth Copeland Ministries 06-Dec-1936 -
Miles Copeland Business Founder of IRS Records 02-May-1944 -
Royal S. Copeland Politician US Senator from New York, 1923-38 07-Nov-1868 17-Jul-1938
Stewart Copeland Drummer Drummer for The Police 16-Jul-1952 -
Rhonda Copelon Attorney Law Professor at CUNY 15-Sep-1944 -
Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomer Heliocentrist, De revolutionibus 19-Feb-1473 24-May-1543
Aaron Copland Composer Fanfare for the Common Man 14-Nov-1900 02-Dec-1990
John Singleton Copley Painter Boy with a Squirrel 03-Jul-1738 09-Sep-1815
Teri Copley Actor We Got It Made 10-May-1961 -
David Copperfield Magician Disappeared the Statue of Liberty 16-Sep-1956 -
S. James Coppersmith Business Former President, WCVB-TV Boston c. 1933 -
Sam Coppersmith Politician Congressman from Arizona, 1993-95 22-May-1955 -
Alicia Coppola Actor Mimi Clark on Jericho 12-Apr-1968 -
Francis Ford Coppola Film Director The Godfather 07-Apr-1939 -
Sofia Coppola Film Director Lost in Translation 14-May-1971 -
Michael Copps Government FCC Commissioner ? -
Sheila Copps Politician Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, 1993-97 27-Nov-1952 -
Cat Cora Chef Iron Chef America c. 1968 -
Tom Cora Cellist Avant-Garde cellist 14-Sep-1953 09-Apr-1998
Frank Coraci Film Director The Waterboy 03-Feb-1966 -
Brady Corbet Actor Thunderbirds 17-Aug-1988 -
Kathleen A. Corbet Business President of Standard & Poor's, 2004-07 c. 1960 -
Glenn Corbett Actor Lincoln Case on Route 66 17-Aug-1930 16-Jan-1993
Gretchen Corbett Actor Beth Davenport on The Rockford Files 13-Aug-1947 -
John Corbett Actor Chris the DJ on Northern Exposure 09-May-1961 -
Luke R. Corbett Business CEO of Kerr-McGee, 1997-2006 c. 1947 -
Roger C. Corbett Business CEO of Woolworths Limited, 1999-2006 c. 1942 -
Ronnie Corbett Comic The Two Ronnies 04-Dec-1930 -
Tom Corbett Politician Governor of Pennsylvania 17-Jun-1949 -
Barry Corbin Actor Maurice Minnifield on Northern Exposure 16-Oct-1940 -
Donald L. Corbin Judge Justice, Arkansas Supreme Court 29-Mar-1938 -
Drue Corbusier Business Dillard's executive c. 1946 -
Le Corbusier Architect Most influential 20th century architect 06-Oct-1887 27-Aug-1965
Ellen Corby Actor Grandma on The Waltons 03-Jun-1911 14-Apr-1999
Kevin Corcoran Actor Disney child actor 10-Jun-1949 -
Noreen Corcoran Actor Kelly Gregg on Bachelor Father 20-Oct-1943 -
Thomas A. Corcoran Business Senior Advisor, Carlyle Group c. 1945 -
Alex Cord Actor Michael Archangel on Airwolf 03-May-1933 -
Mara Corday Actor Playboy Playmate and bit actress 03-Jan-1930 -
Nathan Corddry Actor Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip 08-Sep-1977 -
Rob Corddry Comic The Daily Show 04-Feb-1971 -
Henry Corden Actor Hanna-Barbara voice actor 06-Jan-1920 19-May-2005
Frank Corder Aviator Crashed a Cessna into White House lawn 26-May-1956 12-Sep-1994
Angel Cordero Jockey Three-time Kentucky Derby winner 08-Nov-1942 -
James F. Cordes Business Former EVP, Coastal Corporation c. 1940 -
Anthony H. Cordesman Government The Lessons of Modern War 02-Aug-1938 -
Pedro de Cordoba Actor The Ghost Breakers 28-Sep-1881 16-Sep-1950
Guy Cordon Politician US Senator from Oregon, 1944-55 24-Apr-1890 08-Jun-1969
Arturo de Córdova Actor El 08-May-1907 03-Nov-1973
France A. Córdova Educator President, Purdue University 05-Aug-1947 -
Frederick De Cordova Film/TV Producer Producer of The Tonight Show 27-Oct-1910 15-Sep-2001
Richard Cordray Government Acting Director, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 03-May-1959 -
Robert J. Cordy Judge Justice, Massachusetts Supreme Court 18-May-1949 -
Chick Corea Jazz Musician Jazz keyboardist 12-Jun-1941 -
Arcangelo Corelli Violinist Concerti Grossi 17-Feb-1653 08-Jan-1713
Franco Corelli Singer Operatic tenor 08-Apr-1921 29-Oct-2003
Elias James Corey Chemist Retrosynthetic analysis 12-Jul-1928 -
Irwin Corey Comic World's Foremost Authority 29-Jul-1914 -
Jeff Corey Actor Little Big Man 10-Aug-1914 16-Aug-2002
Wendell Corey Actor Desert Fury 20-Mar-1914 08-Nov-1968
Billy Corgan Musician Lead singer of Smashing Pumpkins 17-Mar-1967 -
Carl Cori Scientist Catalytic conversion of glycogen 05-Dec-1896 20-Oct-1984
Gerty Cori Scientist Catalytic conversion of glycogen 15-Aug-1896 26-Oct-1957
Guillermo Coria Tennis Argentine top seed 13-Jan-1982 -
Gustave-Gaspard Coriolis Mathematician Coriolis force 21-May-1792 19-Sep-1843
Bob Corker Politician US Senator from Tennessee 25-Aug-1952 -
George Henry Corliss Inventor Corliss valve and steam engines 02-Jun-1817 21-Feb-1888
Michael J. Corliss Business Investco Financial Corporation c. 1960 -
Allan M. Cormack Physicist Computerized axial tomography (CAT scans) 23-Feb-1924 07-May-1998
Cid Corman Poet Founder of Origin poetry magazine 29-Jun-1924 12-Mar-2004
Roger Corman Film/TV Producer Frankenstein Unbound 05-Apr-1926 -
Robert Cormier Author I am the Cheese 17-Jan-1925 02-Nov-2000
David Corn Columnist Washington editor of The Nation Feb-1959 -
Alain Corneau Film Director Tous les matins du monde 07-Aug-1943 29-Aug-2010
Pierre Corneille Playwright Le Cid 06-Jun-1606 01-Oct-1684
Don Cornelius TV Personality Soul Train 27-Sep-1936 01-Feb-2012
James M. Cornelius Business CEO of Bristol-Myers Squibb c. 1943 -
Brian C. Cornell Business CEO of Michaels Stores c. 1960 -
Chris Cornell Musician Soundgarden frontman 20-Jul-1964 -
Don Cornell Singer Big band singer, It Isn't Fair 21-Apr-1919 23-Feb-2004
Eric A. Cornell Physicist Atomic physicist, Nobel laureate 19-Dec-1961 -
Ezra Cornell Business Founder of Cornell University 11-Jan-1807 09-Dec-1874
Joseph Cornell Sculptor Exponent of Assemblage 24-Dec-1903 29-Dec-1972
Katharine Cornell Actor The Barretts of Wimpole Street 16-Feb-1898 09-Jun-1974
Robert J. Cornell Politician Congressman from Wisconsin, 1975-79 16-Dec-1919 10-May-2009
E. J. H. Corner Botanist Durian theory 12-Jan-1906 14-Sep-1996
Mick Cornett Politician Mayor of Oklahoma City c. 1959 -
John Cornforth Chemist Stereochemistry of enzyme-catalysts 07-Sep-1917 -
Erastus Corning II Politician Mayor of Albany, New York, 1942-83 07-Oct-1909 28-May-1983
Erastus Corning Business Railroad baron, Ironmonger, Congressman 14-Dec-1794 09-Apr-1872
Abbie Cornish Actor Somersault 07-Aug-1982 -
Robert A. Cornog Business CEO of Snap-on, 1991-2001 c. 1939 -
Alfred Cornu Physicist Optics and spectroscopy 06-Mar-1841 11-Apr-1902
Charles Cornwallis Military Surrendered at Yorktown 31-Dec-1738 05-Oct-1805
Bernard Cornwell Novelist Sharpe series 1944 -
Patricia Cornwell Novelist Crime novelist, Postmortem 09-Jun-1956 -
W. Don Cornwell Business CEO of Granite Broadcasting 1948 -
John Cornyn Politician US Senator from Texas 02-Feb-1952 -
Juan Corona Criminal Serial killer serving 25 life sentences 1934 -
Francisco Vázquez de Coronado Explorer Discovered the Grand Canyon c. 1510 22-Sep-1554
Camille Corot Painter French landscape painter 16-Jul-1796 22-Feb-1875
Andrea Corr Singer Lead singer of The Corrs 17-May-1974 -
Edwin Corr Diplomat US Ambassador to El Salvador, 1985-88 06-Aug-1934 -
Rafael Correa Head of State President of Ecuador 06-Apr-1963 -
Correggio Painter Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine Aug-1494 05-Mar-1534
Alston D. Correll Business CEO of Georgia-Pacific, 1993-2005 28-Apr-1941 -
Charles J. Correll Actor Andy of Amos & Andy 02-Feb-1890 26-Sep-1972
Michael Corrente Film Director Outside Providence 06-Apr-1959 -
John D. Correnti Business CEO of Birmingham Steel, 1999-2002 c. 1947 -
Adrienne Corri Actor A Clockwork Orange 13-Nov-1931 -
Rachel Corrie Activist US activist crushed by Israeli bulldozer 10-Apr-1979 16-Mar-2003
Carol A. Corrigan Judge Justice, California Supreme Court 16-Aug-1948 -
Crash Corrigan Actor Undersea Kingdom 14-Feb-1902 10-Aug-1976
Fredric W. Corrigan Business CEO of The Mosaic Company, 2004-07 c. 1942 -
Kevin Corrigan Actor Eddie Finnerty on Grounded for Life 27-Mar-1969 -
Lloyd Corrigan Actor Arthur Manleder in Boston Blackie films 16-Oct-1900 05-Nov-1969
Mairead Corrigan Activist Nobel Prize recipient 27-Jan-1944 -
Maura D. Corrigan Judge Michigan Chief Justice, 2001-04 14-Jun-1948 -
Robert A. Corrigan Educator President, San Francisco State University 21-Apr-1935 -
Wrong Way Corrigan Aviator Flew transatlantic route "by accident" 22-Jan-1907 09-Dec-1995
Aneta Corsaut Actor The Andy Griffith Show 03-Nov-1933 06-Nov-1995
Jerome Corsi Activist Co-Author, Unfit for Command 31-Aug-1946 -
Ted de Corsia Actor The Enforcer 29-Sep-1905 11-Apr-1973
Gregory Corso Poet Beat poet, Gasoline 26-Mar-1930 17-Jan-2001
Bud Cort Actor Harold in Harold and Maude 29-Mar-1948 -
Julio Cortázar Author Argentine fantasy short story writer 26-Aug-1914 12-Feb-1984
George B. Cortelyou Politician US Treasury Secretary, 1907-09 26-Jul-1862 23-Oct-1940
Hernando Cortes Explorer Spanish Conquistador, conquered Mexico 1485 02-Dec-1547
Luis Cortes Religion Esperanza USA c. 1958 -
Dan Cortese TV Personality Hosted MTV Sports 14-Sep-1967 -
Genevieve Cortese Actor Kris Furillo on Wildfire 08-Jan-1981 -
Valentina Cortese Actor La Nuit Américaine 01-Jan-1925 -
Ricardo Cortez Actor The Torrent 19-Sep-1899 28-Apr-1977
Axel Corti Film Director Where To and Back trilogy 07-May-1933 29-Dec-1993
Adolfo Ruiz Cortines Head of State President of Mexico, 1952-58 30-Dec-1890 03-Dec-1973
Ramon C. Cortines Educator Prominent schools superintendent c. 1932 -
Jeff Corwin TV Personality Animal Planet host 11-Jul-1967 -
Thomas Corwin Politician Ohio Governor, Senator, Treasury Secretary 29-Jul-1794 18-Dec-1865
Jon Corzine Politician Governor of New Jersey, 2006-10 01-Jan-1947 -
Bill Cosby Comic Comedy fixture, pudding industry shill 12-Jul-1937 -
Rita Cosby Journalist MSNBC anchor 18-Nov-1964 -
Don Coscarelli Film Director Bubba Ho-tep 17-Feb-1954 -
Howard Cosell Sports Journalist Straight-shooting, toupee-wearing commentator 25-Mar-1918 23-Apr-1995
Daniel Cosgrove Actor Matt Durning on Beverly Hills 90210 16-Dec-1970 -
Howard E. Cosgrove Business CEO of Conectiv, 1998-2002 c. 1944 -
Miranda Cosgrove Actor Megan Parker on Drake & Josh 14-May-1993 -
Jonathan J. Coslet Business Texas Pacific Group c. 1965 -
George P. Cosmatos Film Director Tombstone 04-Jan-1941 19-Apr-2005
Francesco Cossiga Head of State President of Italy, 1985-92 26-Jul-1928 17-Aug-2010
Jay Cost Columnist Spoiled Rotten 1978 -
Albert Costa Tennis Winner, 2002 French Open 25-Jun-1975 -
Jim Costa Politician Congressman, California 20th 13-Apr-1952 -
Lùcio Costa Architect Designed the city of Brasilia 27-Feb-1902 13-Jun-1998
Ted Costa Government Drove the 2003 California recall election c. 1941 -
Costa-Gavras Film Director Z 12-Feb-1933 -
Paulo Costanzo Actor Road Trip 21-Sep-1978 -
Bob Costas Sports Journalist Sportscaster, formerly hosted Later 22-Mar-1952 -
Elvis Costello Musician My Aim Is True 25-Aug-1954 -
Jerry Costello Politician Congressman, Illinois 12th 25-Sep-1949 -
John Costello Author The Pacific War ? -
Lou Costello Actor Half of Abbott and Costello 06-Mar-1906 03-Mar-1959
Mariclare Costello Actor Let's Scare Jessica to Death 03-Feb-1936 -
Gary E. Costley Business CEO of International Multifoods, 2001-04 c. 1943 -
Kevin Costner Actor Dances with Wolves 18-Jan-1955 -
David M. Cote Business CEO of Honeywell 1952 -
Kathleen A. Cote Business CEO of Worldport Communications, 2001-03 c. 1949 -
Marion Cotillard Actor Taxi 30-Sep-1975 -
Kami Cotler Actor Elizabeth Walton on The Waltons 17-Jun-1965 -
Charles H. Cotros Business CEO of Sysco, 2000-04 c. 1938 -
Joseph Cotten Actor Jedidiah Leland in Citizen Kane 15-May-1905 06-Feb-1994
William R. Cotter Politician Congressman from Connecticut, 1971-81 18-Jul-1926 08-Sep-1981
Flavio Cotti Politician Swiss Federal Councillor, 1986-99 18-Oct-1939 -
James C. Cotting Business CEO of Navistar International, 1987-95 c. 1933 -
Tameka Cottle Singer Tiny from Xscape 14-Jul-1975 -
William T. Cottle Business STP Nuclear Operating Company c. 1945 -
Antony Cotton Actor Sean Tully on Coronation Street 05-Aug-1975 -
Charles Cotton Poet Translator of Montaigne 28-Apr-1630 16-Feb-1687
F. Albert Cotton Chemist Metal-metal bonds 09-Apr-1930 20-Feb-2007
Henry Cotton Golf Won the British Open three times 26-Jan-1907 22-Dec-1987
John Cotton Religion First Church of Boston 04-Dec-1585 23-Dec-1652
Norris Cotton Politician US Senator from New Hampshire, 1954-74 11-May-1900 24-Feb-1989
Robert Cotton Scholar Cottonian Library 22-Jan-1571 06-May-1631
Alan Cottrell Scientist Metallurgist at Cambridge 17-Jul-1919 15-Feb-2012
Frederick G. Cottrell Inventor Smokestack filters to fight pollution 10-Jan-1877 16-Nov-1948
Alain A. Couder Business CEO of Bookham, Inc. c. 1946 -
John Evander Couey Criminal Sex offender, killed Jessica Lunsford 19-Sep-1958 30-Sep-2009
Gary P. Coughlan Business CFO of Abbott Laboratories, 1990-2001 c. 1944 -
Marisa Coughlan Actor Side Order of Life 17-Mar-1974 -
Father Charles Coughlin Religion Radio opponent of FDR 25-Oct-1891 27-Oct-1979
Lawrence Coughlin Politician Congressman from Pennsylvania, 1969-93 11-Apr-1929 30-Nov-2001
Tom Coughlin Football Head Coach, New York Giants 31-Aug-1946 -
Dave Coulier Actor Joey Gladstone on Full House 21-Dec-1959 -
Charles-Augustin de Coulomb Physicist Coulomb's Law 14-Jun-1736 23-Aug-1806
Joe Coulombe Business Cofounder of Trader Joe's Market 03-Jun-1930 -
George Coulouris Actor Watch on the Rhine 01-Oct-1903 25-Apr-1989
Christian Coulson Actor Tom Riddle in Harry Potter 03-Oct-1978 -
Ann Coulter Pundit Rightwing bombthrower 08-Dec-1961 -
Bridgid Coulter Actor Actress/girlfriend of Don Cheadle 02-Aug-1968 -
David A. Coulter Business Vice Chairman of JP Morgan Chase, 2001-05 c. 1949 -
James G. Coulter Business Billionaire, Texas Pacific Group c. 1959 -
Elizabeth Counsell Actor Veronica Bainbridge on Brush Strokes 07-Jun-1942 -
Gary L. Countryman Business CEO of Liberty Mutual, 1986-98 c. 1939 -
Eliza Coupe Actor Jane Kerkovich-Williams on Happy Endings 06-Apr-1983 -
François Couperin Composer L'Art de Toucher le Clavecin 10-Nov-1668 12-Sep-1733
Douglas Coupland Novelist Generation X 30-Dec-1961 -
Fred Couples Golf Winner, 1992 Masters Tournament 03-Oct-1959 -
Gustave Courbet Painter French Realist painter 10-Jun-1819 31-Dec-1877
Katie Couric Talk Show Host CBS Evening News 07-Jan-1957 -
Jim Courier Tennis Winner of 4 Grand Slam titles 17-Aug-1970 -
André F. Cournand Scientist Cardiac catheterization 24-Sep-1895 19-Feb-1988
Yvan Cournoyer Hockey The Roadrunner 22-Nov-1943 -
Hazel Court Actor Horror Queen 10-Feb-1926 15-Apr-2008
Margaret Smith Court Tennis Won 62 Grand Slam titles 16-Jul-1942 -
Tom Courtenay Actor The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner 25-Feb-1937 -
William Courtenay Religion Archbishop of Canterbury, 1381-96 c. 1342 31-Jul-1396
Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer Biologist Ichthyologist, discovered Coelacanth 24-Feb-1907 17-May-2004
Jim Courter Politician Congressman from New Jersey, 1979-91 14-Oct-1941 -
Cicely Courtneidge Actor The Ghost Train 01-Apr-1893 26-Apr-1980
Kent H. Courtney Activist Ultraconservative activist 23-Oct-1918 12-Aug-1997
Stephanie Courtney Actor Tom Goes to the Mayor 08-Feb-1970 -
Richard W. Courts II Business Chairman of Atlantic Investment Co. c. 1936 -
Norman Cousins Author Editor of The Saturday Review 24-Jun-1912 30-Nov-1990
William Edward Cousins Religion Archbishop of Milwaukee, 1958-77 20-Aug-1902 14-Sep-1988
Desiree Cousteau Pornstar Pretty Peaches, Inside Desiree Cousteau 1956 -
Jacques Cousteau Activist Oceanographer, environmentalist 11-Jun-1910 25-Jun-1997
Bob Cousy Basketball Boston Celtics guard 09-Aug-1928 -
Robert B. Coutts Business EVP at Lockheed Martin c. 1950 -
François J. Coutu Business President, Jean Coutu Canada c. 1955 -
Michel Coutu Business CEO, Jean Coutu Group USA c. 1954 -
Randy Couture Wrestling The Natural 22-Jun-1963 -
James J. Couzens Politician US Senator from Michigan, 1922-36 26-Aug-1872 22-Oct-1936
Franklin Cover Actor Tom Willis on The Jeffersons 20-Nov-1928 05-Feb-2006
David Coverdale Musician Frontman for Whitesnake 22-Sep-1951 -
Paul Coverdell Politician US Senator from Georgia, 1993-2000 29-Jan-1939 18-Jul-2000
Allen Covert Actor Grandma's Boy 13-Oct-1964 -
Dick Covey Astronaut Shuttle astronaut 01-Aug-1946 -
Alec C. Covington Business CEO of Nash Finch c. 1956 -
Clyde Cowan Physicist Co-Discover of the neutrino 06-Dec-1919 24-May-1974
George A. Cowan Physicist Founder, Santa Fe Institute 15-Feb-1920 20-Apr-2012
Jerome Cowan Actor Miracle on 34th Street 06-Oct-1897 24-Jan-1972
Noel Coward Playwright Design for Living 16-Dec-1899 26-Mar-1973
The Legendary Stardust Cowboy Country Musician Unique outsider country performer 05-Sep-1947 -
Henry Cowell Composer New Musical Resources 11-Mar-1897 10-Dec-1965
Janet Cowell Politician State Treasurer of North Carolina 19-Jul-1968 -
Simon Cowell TV Personality Pop Idol, American Idol judge 07-Oct-1959 -
Brian Cowen Head of State Prime Minister of Ireland, 2008-11 10-Jan-1960 -
Scott S. Cowen Educator President, Tulane University c. 1946 -
Tyler Cowen Economist Mercatus Center 21-Jan-1962 -
Dave Cowens Basketball NBA Hall of Famer 25-Oct-1948 -
Bill Cowher Football Steelers Head Coach, 1992-2006 08-May-1957 -
Michael T. Cowhig Business Senior Gillette executive 23-Jan-1947 -
Judith A. Cowin Judge Justice, Massachusetts Supreme Court 29-Apr-1942 -
Kenneth E. Cowley Business News Corporation executive c. 1936 -
Malcolm Cowley Author Exile's Return 24-Aug-1898 27-Mar-1989
Thomas George Cowling Mathematician Cowling model 17-Jun-1906 16-Jun-1990
A. C. Cowlings Football O.J.'s best friend 16-Jun-1947 -
Steve Cowper Politician Governor of Alaska, 1986-90 21-Aug-1938 -
William Cowper Poet The Task 26-Nov-1731 25-Apr-1800
Howard E. Cox, Jr. Business Greylock Partners 1944 -
Alan Cox Computer Programmer Linux kernel developer 22-Jul-1968 -
Alex Cox Film Director Repo Man 15-Dec-1954 -
Ana Marie Cox Journalist Wonkette 23-Sep-1972 -
Archibald Cox Government Target of Watergate Saturday Night Massacre 17-May-1912 29-May-2004
Bobby Cox Baseball Atlanta Braves manager, 1990-2010 21-May-1941 -
Brian Cox Actor The original Hannibal Lecter 01-Jun-1946 -
C. Lee Cox Business Ex-Vice Chairman of AirTouch c. 1942 -
Carrie S. Cox Business EVP at Schering-Plough c. 1958 -
Charlie Cox Actor Stardust 21-Dec-1982 -
Christina Cox Actor Vicki Nelson on Blood Ties 31-Jul-1971 -
Christopher Cox Politician Chairman of the SEC 16-Oct-1952 -
Courteney Cox Actor Monica on Friends 15-Jun-1964 -
Edward Cox Attorney Nixon's son-in-law 02-Oct-1946 -
Glenn A. Cox Business President of Phillips Petroleum, 1985-1991 06-Aug-1929 -
James M. Cox Politician Newspaper magnate, twice Ohio Governor 31-Mar-1870 15-Jul-1957
Joshua Cox Actor Peter Riggs on Strong Medicine 09-Aug-1965 -
Nikki Cox Actor MAC and Me 02-Jun-1978 -
Paul Cox Film Director Innocence 16-Apr-1940 -
Phillip R. Cox Business Cox Financial Corporation 1947 -
Richard Cox Actor Cruising 06-May-1948 -
Ronny Cox Actor Lt. Bogomil in Beverly Hills Cop 23-Jul-1938 -
Tim Cox Activist Cofounder, Get Out of Our House c. 1960 -
Tony Cox Actor Marcus in Bad Santa 31-Mar-1958 -
Wally Cox Actor Mr. Peepers 06-Dec-1924 15-Feb-1973
Lol Coxhill Musician Sax improvisor 19-Sep-1932 -
Graham Coxon Guitarist Ex-guitarist, Blur 12-Mar-1969 -
Molly J. Coye Business Founder, Health Technology Center c. 1946 -
Brendan Coyle Actor John Bates on Downton Abbey 02-Dec-1963 -
Peter Coym Business Lehman Brothers Germany c. 1942 -
John F. Coyne Business CEO of Western Digital c. 1949 -
Wayne Coyne Musician Frontman for The Flaming Lips 13-Jan-1961 -
William J. Coyne Politician Congressman from Pennsylvania, 1981-2003 24-Aug-1936 -
Peter Coyote Actor Dennis Ryland on The 4400 10-Oct-1942 -
James Gould Cozzens Novelist Guard of Honor 19-Aug-1903 09-Aug-1978
Buster Crabbe Actor Flash Gordon 17-Feb-1907 23-Apr-1983
Loren W. Crabtree Educator Chancellor, University of Tennessee c. 1939 -
James M. Cracchiolo Business CEO of Ameriprise Financial c. 1958 -
Sarah Cracknell Singer Saint Etienne singer 12-Apr-1967 -
Shawn Crahan Drummer Drummer for Slipknot 24-Sep-1969 -
Carolyn Craig Actor House on Haunted Hill 27-Oct-1934 12-Dec-1970
Daniel Craig Actor The current James Bond 02-Mar-1968 -
George N. Craig Politician Governor of Indiana, 1953-57 06-Aug-1909 17-Dec-1992
Gregory B. Craig Attorney White House Counsel, 2009 04-Mar-1945 -
James Craig Actor Our Vines Have Tender Grapes 04-Feb-1912 28-Jun-1985
Jenny Craig Business Diet plan purveyor 07-Aug-1932 -
John B. Craig Diplomat US Ambassador to Oman, 1998-2001 13-Nov-1945 -
Larry Craig Politician US Senator from Idaho, 1990-2009 20-Jul-1945 -
Michael Craig Actor Capt. John Anderson on Triangle 27-Jan-1928 -
Roger Craig Football Former San Francisco 49ers RB 10-Jul-1960 -
Wendy Craig Actor Matron on The Royal 20-Jun-1934 -
Yvonne Craig Actor Batgirl on Batman 16-May-1937 -
Jeanne Crain Actor 20th Century Fox studio actress 25-May-1925 14-Dec-2003
Cleveland Cram Spy History of the Counterintelligence Staff 21-Dec-1917 09-Jan-1999
Donald J. Cram Chemist Synthesis of molecules 22-Apr-1919 17-Jun-2001
Charles W. Cramb Business CFO of Avon c. 1947 -
Bud Cramer Politician Congressman from Alabama, 1991-2009 22-Aug-1947 -
Floyd Cramer Country Musician Country music pianist 27-Oct-1933 31-Dec-1997
Jim Cramer TV Personality Mad Money 10-Feb-1955 -
Johann Baptist Cramer Pianist Études 24-Feb-1771 16-Apr-1858
Barbara Crampton Actor The Young and the Restless 27-Dec-1962 -
Lucas Cranach Painter German painter 1472 16-Oct-1553
L. Dale Crandall